A woman misuses her husband’s credit card

By Helena Danielle Alexander

Summer night was descending on a small town placed comfortably on the Danube River. A light summer breeze made curtains swing and bring much needed freshness into the room. Alexandra was lying on the bed rubbing her red, well punished bottom. Tears were still running down her face. Her husband had just spanked her but, after all, he also forgave her for making the same stupid mistake again.

She wasn’t crying because he spanked her. No, she was crying because she felt stupid, and guilty, for letting herself do the same thing again.

Alexandra was a beautiful, twenty-nine year old woman. Her long, red hair tumbled over her thin shoulders all the way down to her firm breasts. She was tall, her body was perfectly shaped. She had a good heart and was a very nice, warm and kind person. But  she was born naughty and stubborn, and her husband had no other choice but to discipline her because she would often push his temper over the edge of tolerance, especially when she was borrowed his credit card without permission. On this occasion she had gone too far.

Her husband, Daniel, was on a business trip. She was very lonely, and felt a strong need for shopping therapy. She took her wallet, went to an ATM, and tried to take some money from her credit card, but she couldn’t because she was beyond her spending limit. She felt particularly disappointed because an expensive luxury nightdress made of silk was calling her from a nearby shop window.

The nightdress was so sexy, and she decided to buy it no matter what. She then took out one of Daniel’s credit cards and took some money from it.

“He will not notice, he has a few different cards anyway,” she thought.

Oh boy, she was so wrong.

She returned to the shop, bought the nightdress and went home to wait for Daniel to return from his trip. Than she prepared a special dinner for her him, took a shower and got her special bedtime surprise ready for him.

He came home, and she could see that he was not in a good mood. She gave him a warm hug and kissed him, but he did not kiss her back.

“How was your trip, honey?” she asked.

“All right, I guess. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I would like to take a shower, and then we will talk,” he told her, and left her alone in the dinning room.

Alexandra felt something was not right, so she decided to surprise him. She went to the bedroom and put on her new nightdress. She didn’t wear panties or bra underneath, which made her feel quite sexy. She came back downstairs and he saw her. He stood for a few moments and looked at her. He was breathless. She was so beautiful, so sexy, but he remembered that he was supposed to be angry, and that she deserved punishment.

“Is there anything you would like to tell me, love?” he asked.

“Um, no darling,” she said, looking at him and acting surprised, although she knew that somehow he had found out about her shopping.

“Are you sure? Could you explain this to me, please?” he asked, and showed her one of his credit card statements.

“You took one my credit cards and used it for shopping again, even though I have told you several times that you must tell me every time when you borrow my credit card. I don’t want to know what happened with your credit card, and why you don’t have enough money on your account. But, I am so disappointed you did this again. I have to tell you, you are in big trouble, young lady.

“What you did deserves hard, very hard punishment, and I am going to punish you; right here, right now. You will get twenty-five very hard smacks as a warm up spanking. You can stay in your nightdress for that. That spanking is going to hurt so you remember I am not your private ATM. Then you will take off that nightdress, go to our bedroom and get me the cane. You’ll get six strokes. Is that clear, young lady?”

“Yes, it’s very clear,” she said rather reluctantly.

He sat in the middle of the couch and told her: “Come on, love, over my lap.”

“Yes, darling,” she said, “And if I may say so, I am very sorry for using your credit card without permission.”

“I know you are, honey. Now, I want you to be a good girl and take this punishment. Can you do that for me? Can you show me how much you love me, darling?”

“If that is what it takes to forgive me for everything I have done, I am happy to do it to make you happy.”

“I will be very happy because I will know that you learned your lesson,” he said and tapped her but with his hand. “Ready, honey?”

“Yes, I’m ready,” she said.

He began spanking her. He was alternating cheeks, trying to spank her bottom properly.

She tried to keep her position, only crying softly after every strike. Her bottom started to become blushing pink.

Although he’d said that Alexandra’s punishment would be extra hard, he started with lighter strokes so he didn’t scare her. He also needed to calm down since he was so mad when he found out that she tried to steal money from him.

After giving her a short rest, he started spanking her again. This second series of spanks was harder, and tears now lined her face. He spanked the curve of her buttocks, her upper thighs and again across her bottom cheeks.

Her bottom was now red, hot and sore. It was a wonderful sight. He was sure that she would learn her lesson.

“Come on, honey, up on your feet. Take off this beautiful silk nightdress, go to the bedroom and bring me the cane. I will give you six of the best with cane, and then it will be all over.”

Knowing she had been extremely naughty and that he was still angry and disappointed with her behaviour, she obeyed without protesting. Deep in her heart, she knew she deserved it.

She went to the bedroom, opened the drawer and took out the thin, long rattan cane. She returned to the dinning room and handed it to him.

“I want you to bend over the cushions, darling. Come on, bottom up, honey. I want you to count every stroke,” he said.

He gave her the first and second strokes in the middle of her bottom very hard. The third and fourth hit the round curve of her backside, the fifth hit her lower bottom close to her upper thighs, and the last one hit her in the very middle of her bottom.

She counted out loud, but she lost count and couldn’t stop the tears, so he told her she would get two extra. He gave those two strokes extra hard, hitting her already sore bottom. She was crying like a little girl who was being punished by her daddy. He then took her into the bedroom, put her on the bed and started caressing her to calm her down.

“I really hope you learned your lesson and that you’ll never again take my credit card without asking. You are a good wife and you deserve everything that a man can give you, honey, you have no need to steal from me. You know that you can always ask me to buy you anything you want.”

She smiled because she now knew all was forgiven.

The End

© Helena Danielle Alexander 2018