The pros and cons of living next door to your teacher

By Jo Green

Olivia, or Liv as she was universally known, was a bright 18-year-old, usually top of her classes and the oldest in her year, having been born on the 5th September. She attended the local grammar school which was mixed and took pupils from the age of 11 right through to upper sixth, which is where Liv was now in her school career. In her A-level year, she was a studious pupil and completed tasks to time and to a good standard and wanted to study biological sciences at Leicester University next year.

Liv’s biology teacher was a very slim and attractive 29-year-old, Miss Jody Piper. Miss Piper was also Liv’s form teacher. Most of the older boys had crushes on her, but she just ignored their stares and made sure not to offer any encouragement of that sort whatsoever. Always dressed very modestly, she had the respect of staff very much older than her for the way she controlled her charges. The pupils used teachers’ first names in the sixth form and Jody was how she was known. Jody had gone to Leicester University and it was partly this that prompted Liv’s enthusiasm for the place. Jody had moved back to her home town after teacher training to help her dad look after her ailing mum. When she died 2 years ago, her father was admitted to a nursing home. As an only child, Jody now effectively lived alone.

Next door to Jody lived Paul and Janice, Liv’s mum and dad, so they had known each other since Liv was very young. Jody often used to babysit Liv when she was younger, and Liv had spent frequent sleepovers at Jody’s house when her dad took her mum on his business trips.

Having her teacher living next door was never an issue. Jody was a consummate professional and by and large left her work at the school gates, other than marking. In school, Jody was Liv’s teacher, not her babysitter, and more lately more of a friend. It was a strange relationship really. Totally platonic, more like close cousins but with an air of formality about it. Both were totally comfortable with each other. If Liv’s mum and dad had friends or relatives around, Liv would go next door to Jody’s to get her studying done. She still occasionally slept over in Jody’s spare room if her mum and dad were away, just to have a bit of company. Liv’s parents trusted Jody totally.

Although fairly modern in their parenting approach, Liv’s parents did occasionally spank Liv when warranted. Jody only became aware when Janice brought a red-eyed Liv, aged maybe 13 or 14, around after a major teenage strop, which had resulted in a trip over her mum’s knee and a very sore bottom. Janice told Jody to feel free to spank her again if Liv didn’t behave. That wasn’t necessary then, and Jody hoped she would never have to resort to such measures.

Christmas was fast approaching, with the sixth form Christmas party and disco to be held on a Friday. It would be an alcohol-free affair, with food and soft drinks being provided by the school as part of the £5 ticket price.

Whilst Liv had never had a proper boyfriend to speak of, she was very keen on a lad called Simon. She did biology and chemistry with him and she was sure he felt similarly, so she was going to try and get off with him at the party.

The school had good disciplinary protocols in place. Long after spanking and caning were outlawed, they had a robust series of sanctions that ranged from lines and extra work to detention, suspension and, ultimately, exclusion. Suspension and Exclusion were rarely used, and certainly not at sixth form level. Detention was used most commonly.

On Thursday, the day before the party, Liv looked at her bedside clock and saw the time was 8.20 am. She’d been trying on several outfits for the party and got distracted. There were now only 10 minutes until school started, and it was a 20 minute walk. Liv threw on her school uniform and jogged all the way to the school gates.

Mrs Fairfax stood at the school gates with her trusty clipboard as she looked out for late-comers.

“I shall inform Miss Piper as to your tardiness,” said Mrs Fairfax with no warmth at all.

That meant a warning, nothing more, so Liv wasn’t particularly worried. She walked into her form-room and was greeted slightly coldly by Jody, as she would greet anyone else coming in after the second bell.

“A little late, aren’t we Liv?” Jody said pointedly, looking at the clock on the wall.

“Sorry, I was distracted with trying on clothes for tomorrow. It won’t happen again, Jody,” Liv said apologetically, enough to get a smile from Jody. As she did, the bell rang and it was the first lesson, biology, so Liv just stayed put for the lesson. As she waited, Mrs Fairfax came in with a slip saying Liv now had one warning. One more, and she would be placed in detention.

“Now, if you can hand in your homework books before we start please,” Jody begand when the class was seated. “Today we are continuing with the process of photosynthesis.”

A loud groan went up from some as they had done a lot of work on this to a higher than GCSE standard just over a year ago.

“Settle down at the back,” Jody smiled gently.

“Oh shit!” a voice called out.

Jody looked around the class, trying to determine whose voice it was.

Liv’s hand shot to her mouth in shock at what she had just said. “I am so sorry, Jody, so sorry!”

“Please enlighten the rest of the class as to the meaning of your outburst. Liv. I am sure we can spare 2 minutes as a distraction of the lesson to come,” Jody said, this time without the smile.

“I am so sorry. In my dash to try not to be late, I didn’t pick up my biology homework. I picked up chemistry by mistake. I will bring it in first thing tomorrow, I promise,” Liv offered.

“Sorry Liv, you know the rules. I have to give you a warning. Since you already have one warning for lateness, I have to put you in detention tomorrow,” Jody said with a hint of regret.

Liv sat silently for a few seconds and then burst into tears. If Liv was given detention, she would be grounded that night and the night following by her parents, and that would mean missing the party, and missing any chance of chatting with Simon.

Jody was taken aback by this reaction, and tried to calm Liv, but with limited success.

She whispered in Liv’s ear, “I don’t see what the problem is, but why don’t you come and see me at lunchtime and we will try and sort this out. Okay?”

“Okay Jody,” sniffled the teenager, trying to dry her eyes.

“Right class, listen up. Last time we were half way through the chain of chemical reactions which produce photosynthesis in all green plants,” Jody started the lesson.

The day passed very slowly for Liv. She hardly touched lunch and was moping about hardly speaking with her friends.

“Sorry guys, I have to go and have a word with Jody,” Liv said, standing and putting her untouched meal in the bin.

“Oh, someone is out of sorts,” Liv heard Nikki say.

“I have got to get out of this detention somehow,” Liv said over her shoulder. “Otherwise I won’t get to the party.”

Live hovered outside Jody’s classroom door, then knocked gently.

“Come in Liv, no need to knock. Now, what on earth set off that reaction earlier? It’s not like it is your first detention. You know the drill. It’s just an hour after school doing your homework.”

“I know, Jody. Any other time it wouldn’t be an issue, but tomorrow is the Christmas sixth form party and I don’t want to miss it.”

“Miss it? It doesn’t kick off until 7.30. You’ll have loads of time to get your glad rags on and make yourself look stunning,” Jody joked, trying to cheer Liv up. It was not working.

Liv sat there with a dreadfully sad expression, which tugged at Jody’s heart strings.  She knew Liv so well. She’d dressed her grazed knees and read bedtime stories to her. This despair was something new.

“Come on, what is the problem here, Liv?”

“Any other day the detention wouldn’t be an issue, but I will have to take a slip home and get mum or dad to sign it,” Liv said.

“That’s right, that’s the procedure. And?”

“My parents have this stupid rule. When I get a detention, I am grounded for 2 nights and can’t go out and meet friends. So, thanks to messing about this morning trying on clothes for the party, I look like missing the bloody thing all together.” Liv cut off.

“And missing, what? Or is it a whom? Were you hoping to meet someone there, perhaps?” Jody asked with a knowing look.

“Simon, Simon Hicks, yes. I was hoping we might hook up, you know? I’ve fancied him for ages and this, well, seemed like the opportunity,” Liv explained, starting to cry once again.

“Oh, young love!” Jody smiled to herself. “But those are the school rules. You know that, and of all people, you would be the last I could make an exception for as everyone knows our background.”

“I am not after special treatment. Just punish me in another way, please,” Liv begged. “I really don’t want to miss the party tomorrow.”

“Sorry, love. There isn’t much wriggle room, I am afraid,” Jody consoled the teenager as best she could.

“Why not? Surely you have some discretion!” Liv was getting angry, not with Jody, but with the whole situation which was all of her own making. “Please! Anything!”

“Well, you could sit detention tonight, but you would still have to get a signed form back, or the secretary would have to ring home.”

“Perfect!” Liv exclaimed to a very puzzled Jody. “Yes, that could work!”

“Eh, pardon, what do you mean?” Jody still didn’t get where this was going.

“Simple. My friends will be expecting me to have to do detention. All I have to do is tell them I got special permission to sit detention tonight, not tomorrow. They don’t know about my parents’ stupid grounding rule, so I will be free tomorrow. Job done!” Liv beamed back at Jody.

“Sorry Liv, something doesn’t sound right.”

“In the morning, you ask me in registration whether I brought the slip in for last night’s detention. I give you an empty envelope and we are both in the clear,” Liv explained.

“I thought you didn’t want any special treatment. But you expect me to lie about the detention, and you get off without punishment. I don’t think so, Liv. That is not fair on everyone else in the school, is it?”

“No, I still get punished. I just don’t get the detention. I checked. I am not on the list for tomorrow, which means you haven’t put me on the list yet. So don’t.”

“So hang on, what exactly are you saying?” Jody took a swig from her water bottle.

“It’s quite simple. You punish me some other way, like you used to do when you were my baby-sitter. You can even give me a spanking if you want. Then we can both draw a line under this whole sorry matter,” Liv explained.

Jody suddenly choked on the water she was drinking, and took a couple of minutes to get her breath.

“Sorry, you want me to spank you?” croaked Jody. “I can’t do that. Don’t you know it’s illegal and I could lose my job, or worse?”

“Don’t be silly. Of course you won’t lose your job. Who is going to find out? I’m not going to tell anyone, and I am sure you’re not either,” Liv said coolly.

“And if someone hears or happens to come in? No way!”

Jody was clearly stunned, not by the request but the consequences that obviously Liv hadn’t thought of. There had been times when Jody would have loved to give a mouthy schoolgirl a smacked bottom, but sadly these days that wasn’t allowed.

“I wasn’t expecting you to do it here, was I? I could come round to your place after school and you can do it there if you like. I really don’t mind. The alternatives, from my standpoint, are far worse, really they are,” Liv said with tears welling in her eyes again.

Jody wiped some splashes of water from her desk, using this as thinking time. Liv’s mum had given her carte blanche permission to spank their daughter’s bottom if ever she thought it necessary when she was babysitting, so was this really any different? It would sort Liv’s problem out.

“Alright, hand this envelope to me at registration tomorrow morning without fail, when I ask for yesterday’s detention slip back.”

Liv took the envelope.

“Then,” Jody continued. “That part of the subterfuge is out of the way.” She was oddly surprised by herself with the ease at which the next sentence came out. “As for the other part, a spanking does seem like an expedient solution to your, well, our little problem. So this is what I am willing to do, take it or leave it.

“After school today, I will get home at about 5.30-ish. You will come around at 6.00 pm sharp, and I will spank your bottom for you instead of detention. You will never divulge this to another living soul. Do you understand and agree to those terms?”

Liv threw her hands around her teacher’s neck and gave her a massive hug.

“Thank you, thank you! You won’t regret this, I promise you, and I will not get into trouble again, I promise!” beamed Liv.

After Liv had gone to tell her friends Jody had agreed to her serving her detention that evening, not tomorrow, Jody was left musing if that was the first time a teacher had told a student she was going to be spanking her bottom later and the student had been so pleased and hugged the teacher in that way.

Meanwhile, Jody found herself strangely looking forward to 6.00 pm when Liv would present herself for her spanking.

Liv indeed told her friends that she was doing detention that night as a special favour from Jody. They knew Liv and Jody were close, so that sounded very plausible. When the final bell rang at 3.45, Liv said goodbye to her friends and made her way to the detention room, a large classroom on the second floor. She wasted a bit of time, then went home via the park, thus approaching her house from the opposite direction, so as not to risk bumping into anyone before she arrived. The smell of cooking hit her as she opened the door. Her mum was working the early shift at the hospital, therefore her dinner would be ready at about 5.30.

“Hey mum, that smells good. I’ll do the dishes later, mum if that is okay. I forgot you were on early shifts this week, only I have asked Jody to go over something we have been studying that I haven’t really understood. She’s going to beat it into me if she has to!”

They both laughed at the joke.

“I said I’d be over at 6.00 next door, because she’s having someone over later. Leave the dishes in the sink and I’ll sort them. Oh, I’ve chosen the outfit for tomorrow night’s party. Jody is going and said she’ll give me a lift there.”

“Okay love, go and get changed. Have you got any homework? Don’t forget tomorrow dad and I are out for the night. It’s his Christmas do. I have just spoken to Jody and she is happy if you want to stay with her tomorrow night after your party.”

“I’ve got just a small amount of chemistry homework, mum. I’m going to do that now, then I’ll do the biology homework with Jody,” Liv said over her shoulder as she went upstairs to her room. “I’ll pack a small bag for tomorrow as well.”

Liz stripped off her uniform and slipped into her snuggly warm dressing gown. She started the chemistry homework, but her mind wandered every few minutes as she wondered, half in dread, half in curiosity, what she had let herself in for. Her mum’s spankings were always short and sharp, and rather more painful as she grew older, but always fair. Jody was an unknown factor and she wondered whether just how severe her spanking would be. Would Jody go easy on her? Did Jody even have any experience?

“Dinner is ready, Liv,” her mum called, just as Liv finished the last question of the chemistry worksheet.

“Coming mum!” Liv called back. She sounded like a herd of elephants coming down the stairs.

“I hope you’re not going to Jody’s wearing that thing?” her mum joked, looking at Liv’s dressing gown.

‘It might be an idea,’ Liv thought to herself. The dressing gown was thick and might offer some protection.

Mother and daughter ate mainly in silence, because her mum was listening to the news on the radio. Soon, Liv had finished and cleared her plate into the sink. She ran some water to allow everything to soak. Dad’s dinner was in the microwave. He was on the train home, but wouldn’t be back for another couple of hours.

“Have you seen the time, Liv? You don’t want to be late for Jody, love,” her mum reminded her.

Liv glanced at the clock. It was 5.55pm. Being late is what got her into this situation in the first place! She dashed upstairs, threw off her dressing gown and slipped on a tee-shirt, jumper and a thigh length, thick woollen skirt. Thinking on her feet, she picked up her biology folder as she was supposed to be doing some work, dashed downstairs, gave her mum a quick peck on the cheek and headed out of the front door. She ran to the next door house and rang Jody’s doorbell spot on 6.00 pm. The hall light clicked on and a shadow approached, casting its image on the glass panel in the door. The lock on the door turned and the door slowly swung open, revealing Jody standing there in a dark blue tracksuit and, oddly in contrast, a pair of slingback slippers with pink fluffy trims.

Looking at her watch, Jody commented, “You like cutting it close, don’t you?”

Whilst Jody’s voice was friendly, it had something of an edge that Liv wasn’t used to.

Jody noticed the file Liv was carrying. “What is with the folder?”

“Oh that? I had to think on my feet. Dinner was early with mum being on early shifts this week, so I said you were working me through something as an excuse for coming around so early. I thought it best to bring a prop,” Liv explained.

“Good thinking. Don’t stand there letting all of the heat out. Come in and go through to the lounge.” Jody sounded more like the friendly next door neighbour.

“So, are we, err? How are you going to, you know?” Suddenly tongue-tied, Liv couldn’t get her words out in any coherent fashion and her mouth was dry.

“Are you asking how and when am I going to administer you punishment, Liv?” Jody cut straight to the chase.

“Yes, I suppose I am,” Liv said nervously, moving her weight from foot to foot and fiddling with the folder.

Jody took the folder and placed it carefully on the coffee table.

“That is partly up to you. Would like a cup of tea to calm down a little? Or,” Jody deliberately paused for a couple of seconds. “Or, I can spank you now and get it out of the way. It’s up to you.”

“May I get a drink of water quickly, and then get it out of the way? If it is all the same to you, Jody?”

“Sure, help yourself,” Jody replied.

Liv went to the kitchen, got a mug from the drying rack and filled it from the cold tap. She took a quick drink, washed the mug and returned it to dry. She then turned and slowly made her way back to the lounge. She was greeted by Jody, standing next to a wooden straight-backed chair which normally sat as part of a pair in one corner of the lounge, and which were only used for occasional extra seating.

Jody looked perfectly calm and under control, and it made Liv wonder if Jody had in fact done something like this before. If so, would that mean the spanking would be more professional, harder? Her mind was racing now.

Unknown to Liv, Jody’s heart was racing at the same pace. What had she agreed to? She was maintaining an air of confidence and control like any experienced teacher would, but her palms were damp and cold. Jody decided to make the first move, but Liv had the same idea.

“Shall I? Would you?” was mixed up into one phrase, but said by the two of them over each other.

Jody jumped back in first. “As you know, Liv, this is not actually allowed at school, but as you have requested me to do this, and you are of the age of 18, I have agreed, on reflection, to punish you as you requested so that you may attend the school party tomorrow night.”

“Correct!” Liv responded when Jody paused to take a breath.

“Do you still want me to punish you, Liv? We could go through your folder and you could then attend detention tomorrow instead.”

“Oh, I really don’t want detention, Jody! I’m not sure exactly what you have in mind for me, but I asked for this and I want to see it through.”

“Very well, Liv.”

Jody moved the chair slightly more towards the centre of the room and pushed the coffee table a little closer to the sofa to make a little more space. She then noticed a chink in the curtains so she pulled them tightly together in case anyone should catch a glimpse of what was about to happen. She then slowly sat down on the chair and got comfortable.

“Okay, Liv, come over here, would you?” she requested firmly, yet kindly. She saw no point making this any more difficult than it perhaps already was for the pair of them.

Liv bowed her head and walked the eight or so paces to stand in front of Jody, who looked up and asked one more time, “Are you 100% sure about this, Liv?”

Jody’s feelings were mixed, with part of her hoping Liv would say ‘no’ and take detention, whilst another part wanted to have the experience of spanking her long-time neighbour’s small but firm-looking bottom.

Liv did not say anything. Instead, she shuffled around to Jody’s right hand side. Her mother had always spanked right-handed and she assumed without thinking that Jody would do the same. Slowly and gently, Liv bent herself over Jody’s waiting lap. Her palms lay flat on the floor and her toes were just touching the carpet.

Suddenly, in this position, Liv felt very exposed and helpless, and wondered what would happen next.

Jody felt Liv’s weight settle over her lap and was surprised by how light she felt, probably her hands and feet on the floor were taking her weight, in part at least. Jody placed her left hand on Liv’s back. She wasn’t thinking about holding her down in case she jumped about, she just didn’t know what else to do with it. Liv slightly turned her head to look back up at Jody, and gave her a half smile. Was that a signal to start, or was Liv just confirming she was okay? One thing Jody did know was she couldn’t just sit there and do nothing. Apart from anything else, it wouldn’t be fair to Liv to draw this out more than she needed to.

Jody carefully placed her right hand on Liv’s bottom and could feel the warmth of her own hand on the woollen skirt, but not much else. After a matter of only a few seconds, but a time which seemed like minutes to both parties, Jody gave Liv’s bottom a gentle rub before lifting her hand, palm side down, up to around elbow height, and bringing it down firmly across Liv’s defenceless bottom.

“Yikes!” Liv shrieked, not so much in pain as she felt very little, but just at the shock of her teacher and next door neighbour landing the first spank without warning. After around five seconds, Jody repeated the process and this time her hand thudded onto Liv’s bottom, making a dull thud sound but yielding no response from Liv. Two more spanks landed one after the other, both low down on each buttock. Again, both made a dull thud but got little reaction from the recipient. Jody realised she was probably not spanking hard enough, so she spanked harder for the next few spanks, alternating sides and moving the target to a fresh spot with each spank.

Whilst Liv gave the odd grunt, and Jody’s hand was getting a mild stinging tingle with each impact, she did not think the spanking was really hitting home as it should. Thinking back to her occasional childhood trips across her mum’s or grandmother’s knee, she knew she would have been in pain and crying well before now. Besides, invariably her mum would have pulled her skirt up or trousers down around her knees and spanked her directly on her knickers.

“Hold still, Liv.”

Jody removed her left hand from the lower part of Liv’s back and used both hands to grip the hem Liv’s woollen skirt and try to pull it up over her legs and thighs, but the material was too thick and too tight for this to happen with Liv laying across her lap.

“Sorry Liv, this just isn’t working. Can you please stand up for me?” Jody asked with a note of frustration in her voice.

Whilst she didn’t want to drag this out longer than needed, she also wanted the spanking to mean something. If it wasn’t being felt, the whole action was pointless.

Liv stood up.

“What’s wrong, Jody? Would you like me to bend over a chair or a sofa arm or something?” Liv asked, presuming the issue was the position in which Jody had chosen to administer the spanking.

“No, thank you. Across my knee will do just fine. Your skirt is the problem, Liv. I cannot feel your bottom properly as I am spanking it, so I am sure my spanking is not hitting your bottom properly.”

Remaining seated, Jody instructed Liv, “Please remove your skirt and place it on the sofa. Come back over my lap and I will resume your punishment.”

Jody watched as Liv reached behind her back and unfastened the button on her skirt waistband. She then carefully lowered the zip, allowing the skirt to fall to the ground. Stepping out of it, she bent over and picked it up. Jody had a good view of Liv’s small yet firm bottom, now clad in just a pair of sheer black satin panties which covered about 3/4 of her bottom. With no marks visible to show any sign of having been spanked, Jody was quite right about the skirt protecting Liv’s bottom too much.

Having carefully folded the skirt, Liv draped it over the back of the sofa and returned to Jody’s side. Jody held her arms out of the way so Liv could resume her position and the spanking could recommence. Just before Liv bent herself back over Jody’s lap, she ran her fingers inside the leg elastic of her panties and pulled them out slightly to cover as much of her bottom as possible. Clearly Liv felt very exposed at this point. She lowered herself down, now feeling the warmth of the dark blue brushed cotton tracksuit bottoms covering Jody’s thighs.

“That’s much better, Liv. I can see what I’m doing now.”

Once again, she placed her left hand on the small of Liv’s back and gently rubbed her right hand in circles on top of Liv’s panties before drawing it to elbow height and bringing it down, firmly, onto the right buttock.

“Ouch!” exclaimed Liv as her bottom vibrated under the impact which landed with a loud ‘smack’ noise. “That really hurt, Jody!”

“That is sort of the point, Liv,” Jody responded as the left buttock took the full force of the next spank.

“Oww!” moaned Liv as she started to wriggle across Jody’s knees and genuine tears cascaded down her cheeks and onto the carpet below.

Jody tightened her grip with her left hand as her right hand continued to spank.

“Oww! Ouch! Stop, please!” begged Liv after around a dozen spanks landed in quick succession, making the circle of skin outside the cover of her panties turn rapidly from lily white to pale pink, then dark pink and increasingly to blotchy red. “Please Jody, I think I have paid for my crimes! Oww! Ouch!”

Jody thought otherwise. Whilst spanking the bottom of a teenager had never really been an ambition of hers, she knew another chance might never come along. On one level, she regretted having to punish Liv. On another level, she was enjoying the experience even though feeling slightly uncomfortable at the same time.

“OK, Liv, I think that is enough for now, but any repeat of your tardiness and forgetfulness will either get you a detention, or a more hands-on punishment, depending on the crime!” said Jody, her right hand gently rubbing the sore bottom of the young woman who still lay prostrate across her lap. “Come on, let’s get those tears dried and get you dressed again.”

“Thank you, Jody,” Liv sniffed as she threw her arms around Jody’s neck and gave her a long, firm hug.

‘At least we are still friends,’ thought Jody to herself, with great relief.

After a long hug, Liv got herself back together and put her skirt back on. She stood holding her bottom for a few minutes.

“You know, I didn’t think you would spank me that hard. I knew it was your first time spanking someone, but that was much worse than one of mum’s spankings, I can tell you!”

“You’d better make sure you behave yourself then, eh?” joked Jody. “Coffee?”

“Lucky you didn’t have a slipper to hand,” remarked Liv.

“What, like this one?”  Jody slipped one of the pink fluffy ones off her foot and gently smacked it across Jody bum. “Yes, that fits nicely across your bottom, young lady!”

Liv stayed for about an hour whilst her eyes lost their redness and the soreness in her bottom faded to a residual glow. At about 7.00 pm, the two hugged again and Liv went home and watched TV for a while with her mother before she turned in for the night.

As she got undressed, she took off her skirt and panties and looked at her bottom in the mirror. Both buttocks were bright pink and in places she was sure she could make out Jody’s finger marks.

‘She sure can spank hard!’ thought Liv.

The next day flew past and it was time for the party. Liv was staying at Jody’s that night while her parents were away for the weekend. Liv got a ride with Jody, and they both looked like a million dollars when they arrived. Jody went to talk to Diana, her colleague in the biology department, and they were having a laugh and joke when someone brushed Diana’s arm, sending her lemonade spilling down the front of Jody’s dress.

“Hey! Come here, girl! Now!” screeched Diana, more in surprise than anger.

Jody spun around and realised it was Liv that was responsible.

“Liv, come back!”

“Here, let me deal with this. She has had a few things going on behind the scenes. Can you hold my drink? I may be a while,” Jody explained.

“Sure. Sorry about the dress.”

“Liv! Liv!” shouted Jody as she followed Liv out the door. She soon found her crouching down and sobbing her heart out.

“There you are. Look at me, I am soaked to the knickers with sticky lemonade,” Jody said. “Whatever is the matter?” She put her arms around Liv to comfort her.

After a few minutes, Liv started to make a bit more sense as her sobbing subsided.

“It’s that bastard, Simon!” she explained.

“Simon? Why? What has he said to you? I thought you were sweet on him, Liv,” Jody asked with concern.

“What has he done? What has he done?” Liv replied. “I’ll tell you what he’s done! I went over to him for a dance and found him with his hands all over Jenny Briggs down by the fire exit. He knew I fancied him. Why the hell couldn’t he just tell me he wasn’t interested?” Liv sobbed.

“Maybe she got her offer in the quickest, I don’t know. This is probably why I am still single; a lack of trust after getting my fingers burned more than once. Come on, let’s go home,” Jody offered. “I just need to see Diana and let her know.”

“Don’t feel you have to leave on my account. I can get a cab, Jody. I don’t mind,” Liv offered.

“And stand here in a dress wet with lemonade? No thank you! I’ll meet you at my car,” Jody said as she went back inside.

As Jody came out again, she noticed Jenny Briggs crying by the door and holding her face. When she caught up with Liv, now standing by Jody’s car, she asked, “What is wrong with Jenny? Did she and Simon have a row?”

“I’ll tell you when we get back to your place,” Liv said sheepishly.

The journey home took little more than ten minutes, and they travelled mostly in silence. Liv looked very nervous.

“I am so sorry, Jody, about ruining your evening. It was an accident. I was just so upset,” Liv said as they arrived in Jody’s driveway.

“Don’t worry. You stick the kettle on and make us some tea. I’ll get out of this wet dress,” said Jody as she opened the front door and headed up to her bedroom.

Jody decided a shower was needed to get rid of the sticky residue properly and 10 minutes later, now dressed in a mid-thigh length nighty and a silk dressing-gown, she descended the stairs and went into the kitchen, expecting a cup of tea to be waiting for her. But there was something else that she hadn’t been expecting. One of her pink fluffy slippers was on the kitchen work top.

Jody looked at it, confused. “What’s that doing there?”

“I am so sorry for my actions and for spoiling your night and no doubt Diana’s as well. I know you two are good mates,” Liv said sadly.

“Yes, she is my friend. She’s just broken up with her fiancé, or rather he’s dumped her for another, younger model. Imagine hearing that when you are only 29,” Jody explained.

“That just makes this situation even worse, doesn’t it? That’s why I thought you might be needing the slipper. Remember what you said last night before I went home.” Liv said apologetically.

“I was only joking, Liv.”

“Yes, I know, but look at what I have selfishly done. I am truly sorry, you know that, but I think you will need to punish me. Mum would have grounded me as well as put me over her knee, even at 18. Yes, she does still occasionally whack my backside when she thinks I deserve it. And yes, she is not a stranger to getting her slipper out either! You can’t ground me as a punishment and I know this probably sounds weird, but I do think I need you to spank me again. In particular for what I have done to Jenny.”

“What did you do to Jenny?” Jody enquired. “She looked like she may have been crying.”

“While you were saying goodbye to Diana, Jenny came out for some air. Simon had gone to the loo or something. She came up to me and asked me sarcastically, ‘Oh, have you not got a date for tonight, Olivia?’ It was the Olivia bit that finally made me snap,” said Liv. ” I was so wound up and angry, that I just lashed out and slapped her with all my might on the left hand side of her face. Her expression as it landed was worth any punishment I get as a result, and I do not regret it. She had it coming, the cow!” Liv explained.

“I don’t think that was a very wise thing to be doing at a party on school grounds and with members of staff present, do you?” Jody asked sternly.

“I don’t care. No one saw it. We were the only students outside and I don’t think Jenny would dare tell anyone. Being slapped by the class model student? What would be the benefit in that being known, eh?” Liv paused to catch her breath. “Come on, wouldn’t you have done the same? Be honest!”

“No Liv, I don’t think I would actually.” Jody could not believe she was lying to her 18-year-old charge. “That sort of behaviour is not acceptable and is certainly not going to get my blessing or congratulations, if that is what you are after. If no one else knows about it, I’d say that is one of the biggest strokes of luck you have had in your short life. If our headmistress, Mrs Bonnet, was to find out, star pupil or not, you would face an immediate suspension from school. Things like that are recorded on your official school record and may be picked up by admissions tutors at university. Who knows the effect that could have on your chances of getting on the course you want? I don’t know what has gotten into you these last few days, Liv, but it needs to stop, and stop now!”

“I’m sorry, Jody, truly I am. Put it down to the stress of the A-levels, hormones and well, you know, being a teenager. You were one once, you know,” Liv replied with her head slightly bowed.

“Indeed I was, and if I had done what you did, I would most likely be across my mum’s knee with my skirt around my waist and my panties around my knees getting my backside well and truly roasted.”

There was genuine anger in Jody’s voice, something Liv had rarely heard before. This had happened when Liv’s mum and dad had left her in charge, and it looked bad on her.

“I know, I know, I am a bad girl,” Liv said without any hint of sarcasm or back chat. She truly meant it. “As I said, I brought out your slipper because I genuinely thought you would be wanting to put it across my bottom.”

Now Jody was in a real dilemma. She had agreed to spank Liv’s bottom yesterday so the teenager could avoid being grounded for getting detention at school. It meant she was able to go to the party which is where the incident tonight occurred. If she hadn’t spanked Liv yesterday, she wouldn’t have been at the party and she wouldn’t have hit Jenny. However, she did enable Liv to go to the party, and Liv had hit Jenny. Now what should she do? Should she let it go? That wasn’t really an option.

Should she tell Liv’s mum tomorrow and allow her to decide how best to punish Liv? That would mean a spanking for Liv almost certainly. But then she would look bad for allowing this to happen on her watch, and a teacher’s watch to boot. What other alternative was there?

Jenny wasn’t going to say anything, so it was between the three of them. Yesterday, she had crossed a line. She herself had breached school rules to get Liv out of the detention she deserved, and everything had unravelled from there. She had, for the first time in her life, given another person a spanking. She had to make a decision, and soon.

“Liv, I am in a large part responsible for what had happened tonight. Had I not broken the school’s rules, you would have had detention, and none of this would have happened. I cannot really tell your parents. It would look bad on me and you will get a spanking, I have no doubt. Part of me feels like it should be me being punished as I set the ball rolling,” Jody said, tapping the slipper in the palm of her left hand. “However, I didn’t hit Jenny tonight, and I am sorry, that cannot go unpunished, Liv. So yes, I am afraid I am going to have to spank you, again.” Jody passed sentence with her teacher’s authoritative voice.

“I am totally fine with that, Jody. I did get your slipper out ready.” As she spoke, Liv’s mind lingered on Jody’s suggestion she should be punished instead. She imagined the 29-year-old laying across someone’s knee, silk dressing gown and nighty pulled up. Snapping back into reality, she then asked Jody, “Where would you like me?”

Jody picked up the slipper and walked with it into the lounge. She sat mid-way along her huge, 4 seater dark brown leather sofa which was designed to virtually fill one wall of the lounge. Liv had followed without a word needing to be said. Jody sat well back and Liv knelt on the sofa and lowered herself across Jody’s lap, her head and feet fitting comfortably within the arms at either end of the sofa. This was much more comfortable for both women than the chair had been yesterday. Jody had put the pink slipper to her left hand side out of the way but within easy reach.

“Do you need me to take my dress off first?” Liv enquired.

Her dress was a knee-length affair with a wide flowing skirt made of quite thin material which would not give a huge amount of protection. It would not take much effort to pull up and out of the way, when needed.

“No, that will not be necessary, Liv. Thank you, though,” she replied kindly. “I hate having to do this again, especially so soon after your first spanking, but I really have little other option. I will be using the slipper this time, so this is going to sting.”

Liv craned her neck to look around at Jody as she replied, “That is cool, Jody. We both know it is deserved, if not really that welcome right now.”

“Very well, try to hold still.”

Holding Liv tightly with her left arm, Jody started spanking Liv’s bottom with the slipper in her right hand. At first, she was quite gentle, almost apologetic, in the way the smacks landed. All the same they sounded quite sharp and were making a good contact through Liv’s dress. Slowly, the force of the spanking gradually increased and the effects became more noticeable by Liv as her bottom started to smart and sting. She started to move about more.

“Ouch, ouch!” she began to cry as the repeated spanks began to take their toll on her buttocks.

At that point, Jody stopped briefly and slowly and gently pulled Liv’s dress up over her thighs and over her bottom, securing it in place with the left arm she was also using to keep Liv still. Liv was wearing black French knickers and a black suspender belt holding up black stockings with a lace trim at the top.

Liv sensed Jody looking at her underwear and commented, ” See what Simon could have seen? He was a fool hooking up with Jenny. Look what he’s missed out on.”

Her words were met with a sharp slap on her bottom.

“Oww! That really hurt!”

“Of course it did, and there is more where that came from, young lady.”

Jody’s spanking, although only the second she had administered, skilfully worked its way around the edge of Liv’s black panties and the contrast between the remaining white bottom, red patches, and the black of her panties was quite striking. The sound of the spanks landing bounced loudly from the walls of the fairly small lounge, as did the yelps, grunts and other noises coming from Liv’s mouth.

Jody paused once again, and Liv gently pushed herself up, expecting Jody to pull her panties down so she could then spank her bare behind. That is what her mum would do at this stage. Jody put her hand on Liv’s bottom and pressed her back down, she was not going to embarrass either of them by doing that.

“Hold still, I will only give you six spanks on your panties,” Jody said reassuringly.

“Only? Ouch! God, that hurts!” was about all Liv could muster as the slipper thudded into her panties several times.

And then the spanking stopped.

“Hopefully, that was something to remember this spanking by, Liv. Stay out of trouble! I know teenage years are difficult, but you can make some bad life choices at your age which can have long standing consequences.” Jody paused the lecture. “Come on, up you get. Let’s get those tears dried.”

Liv scrambled up to her knees on the sofa, almost losing balance for a second. Her dress dropped back down to cover her exposed bottom as she got up and off the sofa. Unlike yesterday, there was no immediate hug for Jody, something Jody felt deeply. Fearing she had perhaps gone too far, she let Liv sort herself out and find a tissue to dry her face and blow her nose a couple of times. As she stood with her back to Jody, Liv rubbed her bottom furiously, hoping to quell the stinging pain that felt like a swarm of bees had stung her bottom. Jody stood with the slipper in her hand as Liv turned slowly around to look at her.  Liv’s eyes were immediately fixed on the pink furry slipper in her hand. Jody quickly put it out of sight next to the edge of the sofa.

“You won’t be needing that again tonight, I can assure you!” Liv said. “Though it might be an idea to hide it in case I whack your bum with it!” she continued, now with a twinkle back in her eye and a calmer voice.

“I am sorry if I hurt you, Liv.”

“Don’t apologise. I told you I needed you to spank me even before I told you what I had done.” Liv rubbed her bottom once again, for effect mostly. “You certainly carried out my request! You didn’t have to put in so much effort!”

Stepping forward, Liv hugged Jody.


“Yes, most certainly friends, Liv. Yes, friends indeed.”

“Good! So what does a girl need to do to get a proper drink around here?” Liv asked with renewed cheerfulness.

“A proper drink? What do you mean?”

“After that, I think I deserve a glass of wine, don’t you? I don’t drink much as a rule, even though I am of legal age, but I think I have earned a glass of merlot, don’t you?”

“Okay, this once, I suppose. But don’t tell your mother!” Jody smiled.

“Oh, she’s fine. I am 18 after all. Besides, I have the odd glass with Sunday dinner or on social occasions. Never more than two. Are you afraid I’ll tell mum? Are you worried it will be you that my mum puts over her knee for a spanking next time?”

Liv giggled.

Jody did not reply, but poured them both a glass of merlot.  As she did so, her face was as red as the wine she was pouring.

The End

© Jo Green 2022