An Interesting Discussion at Work

By Lisamum

Three women were on their lunch break at work in the late 1970s; Janice, aged 33, Linda, aged 27 and Jackie, aged 17. The conversation over the table as they ate their lunch turned to school.

“So how does work compare with school?” Linda asked Jackie.

“No comparison. At least at work you’re treated like an adult, no rules, no discipline and best of all no punishments,” said Jackie.

“I’ll agree with you there,” said Janice.

“You’re the oldest one here, Jan, what sort of punishments did you get?” Asked Linda.

“I went to a grammar school where most girls were well behaved. The headmistress had a cane, but it was rarely used. Very few of the teachers used corporal punishment; those that did used a slipper. The one that did use it the most was the games mistress. The least little thing and out it came.”

“How many whacks did she give?” Asked Jackie.

Janice shrugged her shoulders. “It depended what you had done wrong. Over the time I was there she slippered several girls for swearing. That was an automatic six. It was rumoured that once she gave it to a girl on her bare bottom, but nobody knew for sure. How about you two?”

“Our PE teacher used to slap the back of your legs. Sounds pretty harmless, but with leathery hands like hers it stung like crazy,” said Linda.

“I got that at junior school,” added Jackie. The worst was when you got it with a ruler. There was one teacher who used to make you stand on your chair, push your socks down, and then slapped away on your calves. If you were on the ground you could move to try and dodge it, but on a chair you daren’t move. The marks used to last all day, and your legs felt all prickly. You daren’t rub them in her class otherwise you got more. We all said that she made you get onto a chair because she was too lazy to bend down.”

“I think we all suffered leg slapping in junior school,” suggested Linda.

“Yes, I did; we got it on the upper part of our legs, the worst was across the back of the knees. We even had one teacher who would make us bend our knees because it hurt more. She was an evil old cow,” said Janice.

“I felt sorry for the boys,” said Jackie. “We got the ruler on our legs or hand, but the boys always got it on the bum. There was one particular young teacher used to put the boys over her lap and pull their trousers down before giving them a real roasting with her hand. She took the top class one year. It must have been so embarrassing for boys of eleven to go over a woman’s lap.”

“Talking of going over a teachers lap, I did once,” said Janice. “I still laugh about it although I didn’t think it was funny at the time.”

“What happened then?” Asked Linda.

“I didn’t stop talking, so the teacher, she seemed ancient at the time, called me out to the front and told me to bend over her lap. As I did so, I felt her suspenders under her dress which made me giggle, I was only about eight at the time. She was so mad, she pulled my dress up, pulled my knickers down and gave my little bare botty a damn good walloping. I wasn’t giggling when she’d finished, I was bawling my eyes out,” laughed Janice.

“I’d forgotten about the stockings, you’re too young to remember them, aren’t you Jackie?”

“I can just about remember some people wearing them, mostly older women. When I started school a lot of teachers were already going over to tights and mini-skirts.”

“Of course, I wore stockings all the way through school,” said Janice. “Our favourite pastime was to flash our stocking tops at the men teachers, if we had one, which wasn’t often.

“I went to a mixed school, so we did it to the boys; that really used to get them going,” said Linda.

“Were you disciplined in front of boys?” Asked Jackie.

“Oh yes, we used to get the slipper in front of the class. The boys used to say it was so disappointing because we always had to face the class for a slippering, so they couldn’t see our knickers.”

“Was it a case of touching your toes?” Asked Janice.

“Depended on the teacher. Some had you over their desk, others touching toes, although that was a figure of speech, because we never actually touched our toes. You either held your ankles, or the front of your legs below the knee.”

“I suppose the men whacked harder than the women?” Asked Janice.

“Not for us girls, it was probably about the same. The women tried as hard as they could with the boys but most of the time they just laughed afterwards. They had competitions to see who could get the most whacks off the women. I must say it was good entertainment when a boy got whacked. You wouldn’t believe how many times a boy was whacked and dust flew out of his trousers,” laughed Linda.

“Was it only the slipper at your school?” Asked Jackie.

“No, the head had a cane and so did the heads of year,” replied Linda.

“I suppose that was on your hand was it?” Asked Janice.

“It was, and I can tell you it hurt, especially if it caught you across the end of your fingers,” said Linda, looking at her hand.

“Did you get it then?” Asked Jackie.

“I knew you’d ask that,” grinned Linda. “Yes, I did.”

“Go on, tell us about it,” said Jackie.

“Okay. I had it twice. First time was when I was twelve. I was walking down the corridor with a friend and we were talking about a certain teacher, and I called her a rude word. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that there was another teacher right behind me, so she heard what I said. She dragged me off to the head and I got six across my left hand. You wouldn’t believe the pain. I cried for ages afterwards, and my poor hand swelled up and the marks were there for ages. I got no sympathy from my mum, she just said: ‘Serves you right.’ The next time was when I was fourteen. A mate and I decided to skip a boring lesson. Like a couple of idiots, we got caught by our head of year. She took us straight to her room and gave us two each across both hands,” said Linda.

“Fascinating,” said Janice. “We haven’t heard from Jackie about her senior school.”

“Not much to tell really. I got slippered a couple of times for talking in class. We were always slippered in private after the lesson. I really got into hot water once though.”

“Come on, we’re all ears,” said Linda.

“It was in hockey one afternoon. This girl gave me a real crack on the ankle with her stick. I screamed and said a very rude word. The games teacher sent me to wait outside her room and when she got back, I got six with her slipper. She hit me so hard I nearly toppled over a couple of times. I was in tears for ages after,” said Jackie.

“And on that note, it’s time to go back to work,” said Janice, looking at her watch.

“Yes, you never know, our beloved head of department might have a slipper in her drawer,” laughed Linda.

The End

© Lisamum 2015