A senior girl is punished at school and again at home.

By Gillian Howard

My Name is Wendy Harrison and I had just received my A level results which were not been as good as expected. I was therefore given permission to retake my final year again.

I attended a mixed grammar school in the west country. The year was 1967 and I had completed 7 years at the school, where corporal punishment was administered for any deviation of the rules. Along with my 3 best friends, I had gone through my entire school life without any physical punishment.

At the time, you were considered to be a child until you were 21, and I was informed that I could return to school but would still be eligible to be punished and I would also have to wear sixth form uniform. I had to see the Headmaster on my first morning and was told in no uncertain terms that any slacking on my behalf would not be tolerated.

On Monday of our third week, I overslept and arrived 10 minutes late. I reported to the school office and was given a note to hand to my teacher. The teacher then informed me that I would be in detention for 1 hour that night after school. This would only be my third ever detention.

There were mainly 1st to 4th years in detention with the exception of Grace Hardy from my Maths class, and we sat together. Mr Mackenzie, the sports master, was in charge of detention and, 10 minutes in, he was walking around the class when I felt him take hold of my right ear and pull me up. Without saying a word, he lifted my dress and gave me 4 hard smacks to the top of my right thigh. I was then told to stop daydreaming. As I sat, my hand shot to my leg which was really smarting. I turned out to have been lucky, as 7 others, including Grace, received 6 with his slipper over the bottom for various offences.

After detention, I got the bus but had to stand as there were no seats and I could see people pointing at me and smirking.

As I was getting off the bus, one elderly lady said: “I see you have been a naughty girl, then.”

I got home and gave mum my notice that I had served a 1 hour detention.

As I got myself a glass of lemonade, she said: “I see you got your leg smacked as well, Wendy. Was that your first taste of corporal punishment at school?”

I just nodded and told her that Mr Mackenzie thought I had been daydreaming, so he smacked me and really hurt me. As I went upstairs, mum followed and, as I took off my green gingham dress, she saw that I had 4 large hand prints on my thigh. She then went to the bathroom as I slowly felt the heat still emanating from my thigh.

I heard her come back into my room. She grabbed my arm and, as she sat at my dressing table chair, she pulled me over her knee. I shouted at her but she had me trapped across her knee and she just yanked my school knickers down before giving me my first taste of her hairbrush across my bare bottom.

I was soon screaming in pain as the blows rained down, and she told me this would happen whenever I got punished at school. She finally released me and I dropped to the floor sobbing like a baby with both my hands clasped to my bottom as I unsuccessfully tried to rub away the pain. She then helped me up and gave me a hug as she apologised, but said she was determined that I would not fail my exams again through lack of effort.

At school the following morning, I saw Grace walking around the quadrangle being jibed by a few of the boys and girls. Then they started laughing at me and I realised that the detention list and punishment list must already be on the notice board, and our names were at the top.

I buckled down to work and was doing very well and getting good reports. I also escaped any classroom punishments, but by the week before half term several boys had been sent to the headmaster and had come back rubbing very sore bottoms. It transpired that Mr Bowden, our new Headmaster, caned boys with trousers lowered and over underpants.

On the Monday of our last week before half term, mum had gone to work early and I had gone back to sleep. Consequently, I overslept and arrived at school 30 minutes late. I reported to the school office to collect my late slip but was told to wait a minute. Then the headmaster’s door opened and a fifth year boy came out rubbing his bottom with tears in his eyes. I recognised him as my cousin, Graham.

The secretary then spoke to me and told me to follow her. She led me into the Headmaster’s office. I couldn’t understand what I had done wrong but was told to stand next to an upright chair. On the desk I saw a 4′ 0” crook handled cane which had just been used on my cousin.

As the Headmaster looked up at me, I tried to apologise for being late.

He put his hand up for me to be quiet and said: “You are not in here for being late. The secretary will issue you a detention slip afterwards for 1 hour tonight. No, you are here for making a lot of noise on the school bus home on Friday when four of you were using bad language. The other three have all received the same punishment, so now it is your turn.

“There is no use arguing. You have all been identified and so, Harrison, you will now receive 6 strokes of the senior cane across your bottom. Bend over that chair back and the secretary will roll up your skirt and pull your knickers tight.”

I started to bend over the chair back and could not believe that I was to be caned. I felt my dress being rolled up and then pinned just below my bra. Then my knickers were pulled right up leaving a vast majority of my bottom exposed. I then felt the cane rest across my bottom before moving away. Then I heard a hiss as it started its descent, culminating in a loud bang as it reached my bottom. At first, there was no feeling. Then the pain started and a scream came out as I leaped up in complete shock. As I danced around, I felt somebody grab my arm and I was led back to the chair and pulled over it by the secretary, who took a strong hold onto my wrists.

Five more strokes followed in quick succession, mainly on the lower part of my bottom and therefore mostly on bare skin. I was given some tissues as my dress was released and, as I stood, it dropped down. My hands shot up my dress to my knickers although I wished I hadn’t as the elastic in my knicker legs immediately rubbed against the raised welts.

I saw that both Vera Graham and Brian had also received 6 of the best when I was told to sign the punishment book. I was then handed a letter to take home and a late slip to give to my teacher who would be giving me a detention for tonight. All day, I had trouble sitting and in detention was punished twice, but I was smacked on my legs instead of getting the slipper, and the class was told it was because I had been caned earlier.

I got home and gave mum my two letters. She was furious but, when she saw the cane marks and how painful they obviously were she said my spanking would take place later in the week.

The End

© Gillian Howard 2019