Curiosity can be painful!

By Lisamum

Nick and Amanda were watching a documentary programme on TV about education. Suddenly there was a flashback to the 1960s and a reference to corporal punishment.

After the programme ended Amanda asked Nick: “Do you think girls really got smacked in those days?”

“Course they did,” replied Nick. “I remember my mum saying that she got whacked with a plimsoll, they called it the slipper.”

“My mum’s never mentioned it. I’ll have to ask her when I next see her.”

Nothing more was said. A couple of days later Amanda spoke to her mum on the telephone and asked her about the slipper.

“No, nothing like that at my school but I know that it happened in other schools.”

Amanda was unable to get the idea of girls being smacked out of her mind. Next day she got home before Nick and went straight to the computer. She went in and soon found references to girls being caned and slippered at school.

One particularly fascinated her. It read:

I only got the cane once at St Mary’s and that was when I was spotted along with my friend, Jane Clarke, smoking on our way home from school one Friday afternoon. First thing Monday morning we were summoned to Miss Robert’s office and caned for bringing the school’s name into disrepute, by smoking in public in our school uniforms. June went first and got three-of-the-best. Then it was my turn. Well, I was so scared and the first stroke hurt so much, that as the second one came down, I pulled my hand away and she hit her own leg. Naturally, she was most displeased with this and I was told in no uncertain terms that not only did that stroke not count, but that I would be getting an extra one for my troubles. OUCH! My poor hand was still sore when I went to bed that night.

Amanda read it over and over, fascinated by how a girl could hold her hand out and take the pain of a caning.

Amanda found this quite exciting and continued her search. Suddenly she found something that really excited her, a girl actually caned on her bottom, which said:

Miss Fox, How could you forget her! She gave me the cane – I had two red stripes across my bum for a week!

Unfortunately, Nick arrived home and Amanda had to stop, but she had seen enough to whet her appetite. Now, she could think of nothing else but school discipline, so her next plan of campaign was to visit her mother-in-law and find out first-hand about what it was like to feel the slipper. The following Saturday she made an excuse to go see mother-in-law.

“Come in Amanda, how lovely to see you.”

“Hello Mum, nice to see you as well.”

Mum invited Amanda in and they sat chatting over a cup of tea. Somehow, Amanda managed to get the conversation round to school.

“Nick was saying the other day that you said you had the slipper at school, is that right?”

“It certainly is, and the cane as well,” replied Mum, rather proudly.

“The cane? Really?” Gasped Amanda. This was even better than she had hoped for.

“Yes, the cane.”

“What was it like?”

“It was about two feet long and slightly bent.”

“Amanda laughed. “No, I didn’t mean that. I mean, how did it feel?”

“Well, believe it or not, it hurt like hell,” said mother-in-law.

“I can imagine, how many whacks did you get?” Asked Amanda.

“We didn’t get whacks. That was the slipper; you got strokes of the cane. Why they call them strokes, I can’t imagine.”

“So how many did you get?”

“Two on each hand.”

“What for?”

“Being cheeky to a teacher.”

“Just for that?” Said Amanda.

“You could get the cane for the least little thing.”

“Was it on your hand or your bottom?”

“Mostly on the hand. It was awful if they caught you across the finger tips. If you went to the head for it, it was on your bum.”

“I can’t begin to imagine what it was like,” said Amanda.

“You need to experience it. The slipper hurt much less, although it could be quite painful.

“Wish I could try it, I’d love to know what it felt like.”

“How many whacks would you like?” Asked mother-in-law.

“Eh,” gasped Amanda.

“I’ve got an old school plimsoll upstairs if you’d care to try it.”

“Are you serious?” Asked Amanda, a thrill of excitement running through her.

“Of course I’m serious, I’m more than happy to give you a slippering.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” said Amanda, suddenly feeling not quite so enthusiastic.

“Don’t be shy; it’s over in a matter of seconds.”

“But it’ll hurt won’t it?” said Amanda nervously.

“Of course it will. It was meant as a punishment for what you’d done and a deterrent against doing it again.”

“So did you get it very often?” asked Amanda.

“Lots of times, I was a bit of a rebel. My friend Katie and I even had competitions to see who could get the most whacks in a week.”

“You must have been mad,” exclaimed Amanda.

Mother-in-law smiled and shook her head. “Oh no, as I got older I enjoyed it, in fact we both found it to be a real turn on.”

Amanda looked shocked. “How could anyone enjoy that?”

“Quite easy, people get turned on by all sorts of different things. Like you are now,” smiled mother-in-law.

“Me!” Gasped Amanda.

“Yes, you! I can tell by all the questions you’re asking and by your body language.”

“Oh dear, is it that obvious?”

“It is to someone like me. I know you’re just aching to get the slipper.”

Amanda blushed. “Alright, I am.”

“I’ll go and fetch it.”

Mother-in-law went off and Amanda sat experiencing a mixture of excitement and apprehension. Mother-in-law soon returned, smacking her hand with an old tatty white plimsoll.

“Six of the best for you, my girl.”

Amanda shuddered at the prospect. Suddenly, she wondered if all of this wasn’t getting out of hand.

“Are you ready?” Asked mother-in-law.

“Er, I suppose so,” replied Amanda.

“No need to be nervous, it’s going to hurt, but I can tell you you’ll love the warm glow in your bum afterwards. Come on, stand up.”

Amanda rose hesitantly.

“Now drop those jeans and bend over.”

Amanda fumbled with the button and zip on her jeans and after they had fallen round her ankles, she leaned forward.

“Not like that, right over and hold your ankles,” said mother-in-law.

“Is this how you used to get it?” Asked Amanda.

“Sometimes. Other times it was bending over a desk or a chair. This was the worst because if you were hit really hard you nearly toppled forward.”

“You won’t hit me that hard will you?” asked Amanda.

“If I don’t, you won’t appreciate what it was like.”

“Go on then, I’ll try it.”


“Owch,” cried Amanda, jumping up and clasping her bottom.

“Doing that would earn you extra in my day,” said mother-in-law. “You just had to be brave and take it.”

“I’ll try,” replied Amanda, bending over again.

WHAAPP!! Oooowww,” cried Amanda, bending at the knees.

Well, Amanda did manage to stay down for six. “I didn’t realize how much it would hurt,” exclaimed Amanda.

“I see it’s made your eyes water, “chuckled mother-in-law.

Amanda eased her jeans back over her burning bottom. “Did many girls cry?”

“Not when they got it, it was a mark of honour not to cry out, but when they sat down a lot started crying, or if it was in private they cried when they got outside.” “Did you cry very much?”Asked Amanda.

“I did when I was younger but when I got to mid-teens I managed to take it okay.”

“So what was the cane like?” Asked Amanda.

“It hurt like hell, it was worse on the hands I think.”

“You got it on your bum as well?”

“I got it on both at different times. It hurt less on the bum but the marks lasted a lot longer.”

“How long?” Asked Amanda.

“I’ll show you,” said mother-in-law.

Before Amanda could say anything, mother-in-law had whipped up her skirt pulled down her tights and bent over.

Amanda gasped as she looked at the six parallel dark lines across her mother-in-law’s bottom.

“Who did that?” She asked.

“My friend Katie, last night. She’s my friend from school.”

“Wow, that must have hurt.”

“Stung rather than hurt. They’ll have gone by Monday.”

“When did she do that?”

“Last night.”

“Doesn’t Dad see them when you get undressed?”

“Of course he does.”

“And he doesn’t mind?”

“No, he knows I get pleasure from it, it doesn’t bother him.”

“You’re lucky to have such an understanding husband,” said Amanda.

“Yes, I know.”

“Does Nick know about this?”

“Good heavens no. Don’t you go saying anything.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t,” replied Amanda. “After all, I don’t want him knowing that I enjoy getting the slipper.”

“Oh, so you did enjoy it then?” Said mother-in-law.

“Yes, and I’m just beginning to feel that warm glow you were talking about.”

“I suppose you’ll be wanting the cane next.”

“Yes, I’d love to try it.” Replied an enthusiastic Amanda.

The End

© Lisamum 2016