A Head girl is assigned to deal with an inquisitive newspaper reporter, then finds herself in trouble.

By Kenny Walters

“You wanted to see me, headmaster?”

“Yes, Veronica.” Mr Davies waved the tall dark haired girl to a comfortable chair in front of his desk. “We’ve got some damn woman from the local newspaper coming to the school tomorrow. She wants to spend the day here, have a look around, chat to a few people, that sort of thing.”

“Oh, that should be interesting, headmaster.”

“I’m glad you think so.” The headmaster, a grey haired man in his early sixties, reached behind and took a tobacco jar from a low cabinet, then began filling his pipe. “I’ve managed to occupy most of her day here, but there’s an hour after three o’clock when I’ve got nobody free. I was wondering whether you, being our Head Girl, wouldn’t mind helping out.”

“Yes, I’d love to, headmaster.”

“Good! That’s settled then. I’ll have Mrs Willoughby dump her on you at three.”

Veronica Hamilton-Myles left Mr Davies’ office in high spirits. She’d never met a newspaper reporter before and the coming opportunity was something she was really looking forward to. Unfortunately, Veronica decided to celebrate her good fortune with spirits of another kind, as provided by a bottle of best London Gin that she had concealed in her room. Hiding it away quickly when the duty teacher that evening just happened to look in for a chat fooled nobody. The smell of alcohol and Veronica’s inebriated state were simply too obvious.

Thus, when the school secretary, Mrs Willoughby, approached her with an attractive young blonde woman in tow just before three o’clock the following day, Veronica was having to think up some delicate manoeuvres.

“Ah Veronica!” The dumpy Mrs Willoughby greeted her. “This is Janice Williams from the local paper. I hear you’ve offered to take over.”

“That’s right, Mrs Willoughby.”

“Janice Williams. How do you do?” The blonde girl stuck out a hand and Veronica shook it graciously.

“Veronica Hamilton-Myles. Pleased to meet you.”

“I’ll leave you two girls to it.” Mrs Willoughby smiled with relief and quickly left.

“I’ve never done anything like this before, Janice.” Veronica said stiffly.

“Done anything like what?”

“Spoken to someone from the press.”

“We don’t bite. Well, I don’t anyway.” Janice smiled reassuringly. “Tell me, you’re the Head Girl, aren’t you?”

“That’s right. I’m like a senior prefect. I get some extra responsibilities like supervising the other prefects, helping members of staff and that sort of thing. It means I’m excused wearing the school blazer and I can wear black trousers or skirt rather than the normal dark green. A bit more grown-up.” Veronica flushed. “Would you like to see the prefects’ common room? I’ll make you a cup of coffee if you like.”

“Great! I’m dying of thirst. No chance of anything stronger, I suppose?”

“Stronger? I couldn’t! I mean…” Veronica stopped dead in her tracks, having escorted the press reporter only three paces towards their destination.

“I was only joking!” Janice Williams was stunned by the Head Girl’s sudden loss of composure. “I’m sure alcohol is extremely unwelcome in a place like this.”

“Unwelcome? Er, yes. I mean…”

“And a girl would be in really serious trouble, I suppose, if she were caught drinking.” Janice Williams took the initiative and continued along the corridor.

“Trouble? Yes.” Veronica looked at the young woman suspiciously. “I mean, has someone told you something?”

“Told me something? No. Why? Has something happened?”

“No. No, nothing.”

“Come on, Veronica. I’ve been doing this job long enough to recognise a good story when I see one.”

Veronica remained silent for the final few steps until they reached the prefects’ common room. She opened the door, checked no-one was inside and ushered the newspaper reporter inside.

“I’ll get the kettle on.”

“Come on, what’s been going on?” Janice Williams pressed, by now much less interested in coffee. “I can always ask the headmaster or Mrs Willoughby.”

“Look, this is extremely embarrassing.” Veronica placed two coffee mugs on the counter and added the coffee powder. “Sugar?”

“Sweet enough, thanks.” Janice answered with a grin. “Come on, give!”

“Well, like you said, having alcohol in school is totally forbidden and…”

“Someone got caught?” Janice couldn’t resist butting in.


“Who? Anyone significant?”

“Well, yes, actually.”

“Not you?”

Veronica nodded.

“Gosh! This is a pretty strict school too, isn’t it? Are you in big trouble?”

“Yes.” Veronica glumly poured the boiling water into their mugs.

“What’s going to happen? You won’t be expelled, will you?”



“No, I’m not being expelled.”

“Will you lose your Head Girl’s role?”

“No, not that either.”

“I can’t imagine Mr Davies letting you off. He seems far too strict for that. What’s going to happen to you?”

“If you must know, I’m to be caned.”

“Caned? A girl your age? Are you serious? How come?”

“Well, I was caught yesterday evening by the duty teacher and she reported me to Mr Davies. I had to go and see him this morning.”

“And he sentenced you to a caning? Is that usual?”

“For something serious like that? Yes. I’m lucky not to be expelled really.”

“This is really amazing!”

“You’re not going to put this in your article, are you?” Veronica panicked. “I mean, I really don’t want this getting out.”

“Don’t worry. This is an advertising piece I’m writing. Telling readers their daughters could well get whacked with a big stick if they send them here probably isn’t the best idea.”

“No.” Veronica agreed.

“So when are you getting it then?”

“Four o’clock today.”

Janice Williams checked her watch. “In twenty-five minutes time. Could I come in with you and see what happens? Perhaps take a couple of photographs?”

“Absolutely not!” Veronica stormed. “You’ve got to be kidding!”

“Yes! Joking!” Janice smiled. “I’ll happily come with you and offer a little moral support though, if you want.”

“Perhaps as far as Mrs Willoughby’s office?”


The following minutes were taken up by Veronica taking Janice Williams on a quick tour of the gymnasium and sports equipment, and they reached Mrs Willoughby’s office at four minutes to four. The school secretary invited them both to sit down and used the intercom system to alert Mr Davies to Veronica’s presence.

“Have you seen all you need for your article, Ms Williams?”

“Yes, thank you. Everyone has been just marvellous.”

“Do you wish to see Mr Davies before you leave?”

“Yes, I’d like to just thank him for his assistance if I may?”

“Of course.” Mrs Willoughby smiled uneasily. “Perhaps we could get you in before he deals, er, sees Veronica.”

 “Oh no, I’m quite happy to wait.”

Mrs Willoughby looked awkwardly in Veronica’s direction.

“She knows.” Veronica said succinctly. “It’s okay.”

Before the school secretary could respond, a buzzer sounded and she simply nodded sympathetically to Veronica who immediately got up and headed towards the door to the headmaster’s study.

“Good luck.” Janice Williams called after the eighteen year old as she knocked softly and opened the door.

Inside, Mr Davies immediately stood up as he saw Veronica enter.

“Veronica, I’m sorry we have to meet like this.”

“Yes, headmaster. I’m sorry too.”

“Have you managed to lose that wretched reporter woman?”

“She’s outside, headmaster. She just wants to have a few words with you.”

“Oh dear!” Mr Davies was quite perturbed. “I’d better see if Mrs Willoughby can do something with her for a few minutes.”

“Don’t worry, headmaster. She knows.”

“She knows? Oh, I see.” The headmaster appeared perplexed. “Oh dear, I wonder whether that’s such a good idea.”

“She won’t be mentioning it in her article, headmaster. I’ve spoken to her about it.”

“Oh. Oh, I see. Good. Yes, that’s fine then.”

“Should we perhaps get on, headmaster?” Veronica prompted as Mr Davies’ seemed more interested in pondering the merits of Janice Williams presence just outside the study.

“Get on? Oh, yes. Yes, of course. Um, yes.”

Mr Davies’ study comprised a large room, even having its own small blackboard on one wall for when he taught small groups himself. While his large paper strewn desk was centred along one wall, another smaller desk was placed against the opposite wall and it was towards this desk that Veronica moved when Mr Davies finally went to his tall cabinet.

“Would you please approach the small desk, please Veronica.” Mr Davies turned, holding a slender rattan cane with crook handle. “Oh, I see you already have.”

“Yes, headmaster. I know the drill.”

“Of course you do, Veronica.”

“I presume you want me to bend over, headmaster.”

“If you please, Veronica. If you please.”

Veronica dutifully assumed the correct position, bending across this small desk. Her black trousers, tight anyway, now really strained across her shapely bottom.

“Let’s see now.” Mr Davies held the cane horizontally, lining up with its inviting target. “Six strokes, Veronica?”

“Yes, headmaster.” The eighteen year old briefly wondered what the result would have been had she suggested four would be sufficient, but preferred to accept six and get it over with.

“Very good.”

Veronica had but a brief moment to brace herself before the first stroke hit home.

“Ooh!” She squealed as the searing pain spread across her backside.

“It seems a while since I’ve had to do this, Veronica.”

“Yes, headmaster.” The Head Girl answered painfully. “At least eighteen months.”

A second stroke whooshed down.


“Yes, nice whippy little number, isn’t it? This cane, I mean.”

“It certainly stings, headmaster.” Veronica replied breathlessly.

Within seconds, the headmaster brought the cane down sharply and whacked it against the tight seat of the girl’s trousers with a crack that echoed round the room.


“There’s nothing like a good caning to deal with a girl’s misbehaviour, don’t you think Veronica?”

“Ab..absolutely, headmaster.”

Mr Davies hesitated, checking out the next part of the girl’s bottom to feel the benefits of his cane. Low down seemed a good idea.

“Yeeeouch!!” Veronica cried out as the cane struck her just barely above the backs of her legs.

“Getting the message, eh Veronica?”

“Yes, sir. Headmaster.”

Mercifully, the headmaster turned his attention back to the attractive curves of the girl’s bottom and dealt another stinging stroke that whooshed down and landed with a loud crack.


“Nice and still now, Veronica. Let’s give you a real cracker to end your thrashing so you remember your lesson, eh?”

“If you must, headmaster.” Veronica murmured under her breath.

If Mr Davies heard, he took no notice. With all his concentration centred on getting a long hard swing at the girl’s bottom while still maintaining a degree of accuracy, he waited until he was entirely satisfied his desired result would be achieved.

Veronica was beginning to wonder what was happening and, just as she was about to look round, she heard the long swish that could mean only one thing.

“Aaaaaaaaahhh!!! Oh my God!!” Veronica’s back arched as the cane cut into her backside sending the most devastating sear of pain right across her already sore bottom.

“Bang on target, I think you’ll agree Veronica.” The headmaster ignored the writhing girl and went to sit back down at his desk, balancing the cane on top of the piles of paperwork.

Veronica eased herself upright and rubbed her bottom through her tight trousers to try and soothe the throbbing agony. A look around confirmed the headmaster was watching her antics with some interest but, such was the pain, Veronica paid no heed. Only after some minutes of tending to her bottom did she feel able to turn to face Mr Davies.

“If that’s it, may I go now Headmaster?”

“Of course, Veronica.” Mr Davies smiled. “Oh, and could you pop in and see me some time tomorrow? I need to have a chat with you about the sixth form away hockey match on Saturday.”

“Certainly, headmaster.” Veronica said between clenched teeth.

When Veronica left the headmaster’s study, she went straight through Mrs Willoughby’s office ignoring both the school secretary and the journalist, Janice Williams. She turned right and headed towards the prefects’ common room which she reckoned would be empty at this time of day.

“You okay?” Janice Williams caught up with the Head Girl just yards into the corridor.

“I probably won’t sit down for a week. Other than that? Yes, I’m fine thanks.”

“Was it awfully bad?”

“I thought you were waiting to see Mr Davies. Why don’t you ask him to give you a few whacks? Then you’ll know just what it feels like.”

“That’s a good idea. Yes, I’ll do that.”

“You’re joking!”

“Er, yes!”

The End

© Kenny Walters 2010