A holiday in the USA leads an English girl and her American friend into a painful and humiliating experience

by Kenny Walters

The wizened old man gently rocking himself to and fro in the ancient cane-seated armchair put down his newspaper and watched as the dust-spotted red and white ’57 Chevrolet Bel-Air two-door hardtop drew up by the pumps. He staggered to his feet, flipped the filler-cap and thrust in the gas hose.

“Fill her up, please.” The young girl with the blonde wavy hair opened the driver’s door and stepped out. The old man’s eyes lingered on the pale blue jeans cut so short that not one inch of the girl’s long tanned legs was concealed. Her tight white top stretched across young firm breasts, and showed her tanned mid-riff off to perfection.

“That ain’t noLouisianaaccent you got there, miss.” The old man commented.

The blonde-haired girl smiled. “No, I’m fromLondon,England. I’m on holiday with my friend. She’s fromBoston,Massachusetts. We bought this old car to spend six months touring the States.”

The fuel flow clicked itself off and the old man withdrew the hose and placed it back in its cradle.

“Check your hood and glass?”

“I’m sorry? Oh, yes, please.”

She followed the old man round to the front of the car where he sprung the catch and raised the hood. He pulled the dipstick, wiped it, replaced it and drew it again.

“Oil’s okay.”

He checked the water in the radiator, and found that was satisfactory too. Pushing down the hood, he grabbed a sponge from a bucket of water and sloshed it on the front screen. Then, with a wiper blade fastened to a stick, he dragged the water off until the glass was sparkling.

The old man couldn’t help noticing the friend fromBostonin the passenger side of the front seat. About the same height as the English girl, he reckoned, but dark brown straight hair. Good figure too, in those short, short white cotton shorts. The red top stretched across more young firm breasts, and showed another well-tanned mid-riff.

“That’s eighteen dollars, thirty-two, miss.”

Rachel Collins handed himtwo tendollar bills, and told him to keep the change.

“Thanks miss, have a nice day,” he called after her, as the blonde girl gunned the gas pedal.

“According to the map, another forty minutes and we’ll be out ofClayCounty.”


Rachel and her friend, Fay Parker, had spent the night at a motel about thirty miles back. It was one of the typicalLouisianatourist motels with its small separate log cabins together with parking-space by the side, and the large central block comprising office, restaurant and shower rooms.

They’d had a leisurely breakfast, stopped off at a couple of shops, and now they’d filled up with gas, they were on the road again.

Rachel looked in the driving mirror. She couldn’t see anyone behind them.

“What’s up?” Fay asked.

“Thought I heard a siren.”

Fay looked over at the speedometer.

“We’re doing forty-five, ten under the limit. Should be okay.”

Fay looked over her shoulder through the large wrap-around rear window.

“Black and white, coming up fast. Must be a sheriff’s car. Keep over to the right, Rachel. Maybe he’ll go past.”

Rachel looked again in the rear-view mirror. Now she saw the black and white car with the flashing red lights and the siren blaring. The patrol car tucked in behind them and Rachel could see the single uniformed occupant waving for her to pull over.

Ahead, she could see a lay-by formed when at some time in the past they’d straightened this stretch of country back road. She switched on the right indicator and pulled in.

“What’s wrong, officer?” Rachel asked politely as the young, extremely tall and extremely thin deputy sheriff came up to the open driver’s door window.

“G’morning ladies. May I see your driver permit, please?”

Rachel handed him her documents.

“English, eh? How about your friend?”

“I’m fromBoston,Massachusetts.” Fay spoke for herself.

“You got I.D.?”

Fay handed him her driving licence too. He checked all the documents, folded them together and put them in one of his breast pockets.

“We have a little difficulty, back atDawsonCity. Have you passed through there?”

“Yes,” Rachel replied. “We spent the night just outsideDawsonCity, in a motel.”

“That right? Guess I’m going to have to take you ladies in for questioning. Would you step out of the car, please?”

“Are you arresting us, officer?” Rachel was shocked, and her heart was pounding.

“Just step out of the car, please.”

The tall thin deputy sheriff opened the car door and Rachel climbed out. Fay slid across from the passenger side of the front seat and exited from the same door. The deputy now had his right hand on the butt of his revolver, secured in a leather holster hanging from his belt.

“Would you ladies go stand by the front of my car, please?”

The two girls nervously went and stood between the two cars, the deputy just a few steps behind them.

“Now I sure am sorry about this, ladies.” He was leering at them, they were sure of it. “But regulations say I have to pat you down. Bend over the hood of my car, please.”

“I beg your pardon!” Rachel exclaimed.

“Rachel, just do it.” Fay took her arm.

“What!” Rachel felt her arm being released, and saw Fay placing her hands palm down on the car’s hood, lowering herself down until her bottom was sticking out in the brief tight white shorts.

“Oh, for goodness sakes!” Rachel kept on.

“Rachel, do it. Now!” Fay sounded definite.

“I don’t believe this!” Rachel made a play of placing her hands one at a time onto the flat surface of the car’s bonnet, then bending over in exaggerated fashion and sticking her own bottom out.

The deputy searched Rachel first, passing his hands through her blonde wavy hair, down her back to her waist, under her arms, around her breasts, down the front of her short jeans, and around her bottom. She felt the fingers linger on her bottom.

Next, the deputy took hold of her left wrist, pulled it away from the bonnet of the car, and twisted it up behind her back. Rachel felt metal handcuffs being locked in place around her wrist. Soon, her right wrist was taken in similar fashion so that both her arms were manacled behind her back.

“Stay put. Right there.” Rachel felt a smack land on the seat of her cut-down jeans.

Fay was searched in like manner, and then her arms were secured behind her back by a second pair of handcuffs. She, too, received a smack on the seat of her white shorts.

The deputy took Rachel’s and Fay’s luggage from the trunk of the old Chevrolet and stowed them in his patrol car. Then he locked their car and pocketed the keys. Taking them each by an arm, he led the two girls to the back of his patrol car and pushed them in.

The thirty minute drive back toDawsonCitywas made in mostly strained silence. The deputy made a few comments, most trying to be friendly, but he was coldly ignored by the two girls. Eventually, he pulled up outside the police station and Rachel and Fay were led inside.

With the handcuffs removed, the two girls were seated in the main office; cups of coffee were set in front of them, and they waited. After three quarters of an hour had passed, they were told the sheriff would see them now.

Sheriff Dan Briggs was an impressive man. Six feet five inches tall, twenty stone in weight, in his late forties, his short hair appeared artificially black and greased to lie flat against the huge frame of his head.

The two girls stood in front of the desk while Sheriff Briggs leaned back in his chair, leisurely reading through a handful of report forms.

“Sheriff! I wish to protest at the treatment we have received.” Rachel wished she didn’t sound so ‘English’ when she complained.

“Rachel, steady girl.” Fay cautioned.

Sheriff Dan Briggs smiled at Rachel’s outburst.

“Honey,” He addressed Rachel. “How old are you?”


“And you?” He turned his black eyes towards Fay.

“Just turned nineteen, sir.”

“Uh-huh. Ladies, I’ve got daughters of my own coming up on your ages, and I’m telling you, if I found any of them cavorting around the county in those little bitty shorts, why, I’d take those shorts right down and paddle their behinds.”

“Paddle?” Rachel queried.

“He means ‘spank’ us,” Fay informed her. Rachel blushed visibly, and the sheriff grinned broadly.

“How dare you!” Rachel protested. “You’re not our father, and anyway, if we choose to be fashionable, that’s our business. And you still haven’t told us why we’ve been brought here!”

“Well, missie, it seems they got around to cleaning out that log cabin you stayed in last night. Let me show you exhibit A.” The sheriff opened a drawer in his desk and placed a small block of a brown resinous substance on the work surface.

“I see by the looks on your faces, that ain’t no stranger to you girls.”

Rachel was noticeably silent, and Fay stared at the little lump of resin, a worried expression on her face.

“Don’t either of you have anything to say now?”

“It was for our own use, we weren’t dealing.” Fay declared. Rachel looked at her friend, surprised she had been so spontaneous with the confession.

“I can believe that.” The sheriff nodded thoughtfully.

“So it is a minor misdemeanour.” Fay went on.

“Well, it ain’t no federal offence, anyhow. Then again, there’s minor and there’s minor. Kids like you messing around with drugs ain’t so popular with folks around these parts.”

“But it isn’t like we’ve hurt anyone.” Rachel took up the argument.

“Ah, but how am I to know that? You might have invited a load of local kids around to that cosy little old log cabin you rented. They may have got a taste for this stuff.”

“Oh, for goodness sakes! We were tired after a long day on the road. We had a meal and went to bed. We hardly saw a soul.”

“Can you prove that?”

“Sheriff,” Fay took over again. “What do you propose to do with us?”

Sheriff Dan Briggs drew a deep breath.

“Well, there’s one or two ways we can go on this. Now, I could charge you with possession of cannabis. Of course, we’d have to get this stuff analysed. That’d take a week to ten days, at least. Have to keep you locked up here until the results come through.”

“What if we admit it’s cannabis?”

“Still has to be analysed. We’d still have to keep you here.”

“And then?”

“Then we’d have a court case.”

“How long would that take?”

“Not long. Get it organised in just a week or two.”

“So we could be stuck here for at least three weeks!”

“Hey honey, that’s just ’til the court case. Then you’d have to serve your sentences.”

“Sentences!” Rachel exploded. “Surely a little thing like this would be a fine at most?”

“I don’t think you ought to be too sure about that, honey. My experience is, you’re liable to get a few months onClayCounty’s Prison Farm.”

“A few months!”

“Not less than three, I’d guess, not more than twelve.”

“But sheriff, that’s our vacation gone, and more!”

“Should have thought of that before you misbehaved, honey.” Rachel looked at Fay, who looked worried. The sheriff carried on speaking. “Now you being English, honey, you probably wouldn’t have heard aboutLouisianaprison farms.”

“No, you’re right; I’ve never heard of them, sheriff.”

“Well, they ain’t nice places, honey. Hard work in the hot sun, seven days a week. Locked up with some not very nice ladies. Ladies who’d take quite a fancy to your butts in them tiny shorts of yours, if you catch my drift.”


“And the guards ain’t too friendly neither. Why, you get into any trouble in there, and they’d be taking down them shorts to leather your asses. And I ain’t never known anyone not get into some kind of trouble in there.”

Rachel sat with her mouth open, not able to find words to express herself.

“It’s true, they’re awful places,” Fay confirmed.

It all became too much for Rachel, and as the tears began to flow, she covered her face with her hands.

“Hey now, honey, don’t you all go getting upset now. Heck, this is a business, ain’t it just? And you two, you know, you so remind me of my own two daughters.” The sheriff leaned back in his chair, obviously deep in thought. Then he continued. “Course, if you were my own two daughters, well I’d do anything to keep you out of that prison farm. That’s such a terrible, terrible, place. And I can see you’re basically nice good girls, just like my own.”

“That doesn’t seem to be doing us much good right now, does it sheriff?” Fay placed her hand on Rachel’s arm.

“It could. Like I was saying, I wouldn’t let my daughters go to that awful place, no matter what. Why, I’d just tan their backsides so they didn’t sit down for a month. One of the perks of being a daughter of the sheriff, I guess you could say.” Sheriff Dan Briggs chuckled to himself.

“But we’re not your daughters, sheriff.” Fay pointed out.

“No, but you’re like them. You’re nice and you’re polite and you’re respectful, just like them. Now if your parents were here, maybe we could do something.”

“But they’re not here, sheriff.”

“No. No, they’re not. But maybe I could kind of stand in for them. Act on their behalf, so to speak.”

“What exactly are you saying, sheriff?” Fay already had a good idea where this conversation was leading.

“Well, I probably shouldn’t be doing this, but that prison farm sure is one hell of a place.”

“Yes, sheriff, we catch your drift.”

“I really wouldn’t like to see two nice girls like you going there. It would not rest easy on my conscience.”

“So we understand,” Fay’s voice showed her impatience, “But what exactly are you offering us?”

“Okay. What say we keep you here overnight? We’ll feed you and take care of your car and other property. Then in the morning, you can say to me, okay we did it, we have to stand trial and take our chances down on the prison farm. Or, you can say, sheriff, we want you to treat us just like your own daughters. We’ve misbehaved, now you do to us just what you’d do to your own kin.”

“And that means just what, exactly?” Rachel found her voice.

Sheriff Dan Briggs merely grinned back at her.

“Take a guess!” Fay’s sarcasm was fired by her loathing of this large man who held all the power.

“You mean….?”

“Yes, Rachel, he means he’d thrash our backsides. As a kindness for letting us off the prison farm, of course.” Fay’s continued sarcasm seemed to make no impression on Sheriff Briggs. Rachel stared at her, taking time to absorb her friend’s words.

“Anyway girls, you don’t have to decide right now. My deputy’ll show you to your accommodation, then you two can have a chat and a think about it, and let me know in the morning.” The sheriff turned away to indicate the conversation was at an end, and soon the two girls were taken down some stairs to the cell block.

The rows of cells seemed to occupy most of the basement of the building, and the whole area was empty, so when they were ushered into separate cells, each containing two bench seats that doubled as beds, because of the bar construction, they could see each other and converse quite freely. Once they’d settled into their new surroundings, they lay down on neighbouring bunk beds.

“You know, I’m sure I checked we’d packed the stuff.” Rachel said, thoughtfully.

“I’m sure we did too.” Fay agreed.

“Then how did the cleaning staff find it?”

“I’m pretty sure that stuff wasn’t ours, Rachel.”

“So how come we’re stuck here?”

“I think they must have guessed. Perhaps they smelled it. Perhaps we just looked the type.”

“But that means we’ve effectively been framed!” Rachel sounded horrified at the injustice.

“Not exactly. We did have some stuff, remember. They just made damn sure they had a good case against us.”


“Does it matter? Maybe someone wanted the sheriff to have some fun at our expense.”

“Fun, Fay?”

“Yes. I certainly got the feeling he wouldn’t find the task of paddling our behinds too onerous, didn’t you?”

“Well, yes, but I’m certainly not letting him paddle, er, spank me, that’s for sure!”

“Don’t be too hasty, Rachel, these prison farms really are no joke. He’s right when he says we could get exactly the same, or worse even, and we’d be there some time. At least his way means we’d get it just the once.”

“Hold on, Fay, you’re surely not suggesting we should take him up on his offer?”

“I think we should at least think seriously about it, yes.”

“It would be just so utterly humiliating, Fay. We’re both over eighteen, for goodness sakes.”

“It would be extremely painful too, Rachel. Don’t forget that.”

“I was thinking the humiliation could be the worst part.”

“Don’t count on it, Rachel; he did say he would paddle us. Traditionally that’s a long strip of solid wood, maybe eighteen inches long and four or five inches wide, on a handle. It’s made of solid wood and, believe me, it can really hurt. On the other hand, he might use a leather strap, or perhaps a hickory switch. That’s a thin branch cut off a young hickory tree; it’s very springy and it surely does sting.”

“It all sounds just too horrendous to contemplate. Certainly not my idea of a spanking.”

“You were thinking he would just put us across his knee and pat our behinds a few times, huh? I’m afraid not, Rachel. I think that’s very unlikely. Given a choice, I’d go for the leather strap.”

“Yes, but hold on, surely we could appeal to a higher court, or something. That is, if we were tried and sent to this prison farm.”

“True. But it would take time. Meanwhile, we’d be at the prison farm.”

“Would that really be as bad as he says it is?”

“Count on it! They really do have a bad reputation. Like he says, they work you long and hard under a blazing sun. Step out of line and you get a beating, even for something absolutely trivial. At night, we’d be fair game for the butch dikes.”



“Fair game?”

“They could have a lot of fun at our expense, and that wouldn’t be very pleasant for us. You can count on that, Rachel.”

“Are you really saying a spanking from the sheriff is the best option we’ve got, Fay? You can’t be serious?”

“‘Fraid so.”

At aroundfour o’clock, they heard banging noises and someone coming down the stairs to the cell area. The outer door was unlocked and opened, and they saw a deputy sheriff bringing two mugs of steaming coffee on a tray.

“Thought you girls might be getting thirsty.” He smiled.

Deputy Gary Gates was a blonde-haired man going to grey, and had a warm friendly way about him. He held the tray near to the cell bars while the girls helped themselves to cream.

“Anything you girls want, you just holler.”

“Out of here?” The deputy continued smiling at Rachel’s attempted humour, and pulled a chair from next to the outer door. He sat down near to the girls’ adjoining cells.

“The way I heard it, the sheriff has given you a way out.” The smile turned to a broad grin. The two girls weren’t so amused.

“Deputy, what are our chances if we go for a trial?” Rachel became quite serious.

“Aw honey, you call me Gary. This is a real friendly place.”

“Really? Not from where we’re sitting, it isn’t. So,Gary, what are our chances?”

“Trouble is, honey, when you get right down to it, you are guilty, aren’t you?”

Fay and Rachel both nodded.

“We think the evidence against us was helped on a little, though.” Rachel informed him.

Deputy Gates chuckled and stroked his chin.

“Yes, well, you might just have a point there, honey. Don’t go getting the wrong idea, though. Dan Briggs is basically an honest man. He’s a damn good sheriff. ‘Bout the best we’ve ever had. Trouble is, with all these new-fangled offenders’ rights laws and all that kind of thing, folks around here were seeing too many people they knowed was guilty getting off because of some technicality or other.

“Dan Briggs stopped all that. Okay, he might occasionally doctor the evidence a trifle here and there, but he would be the last to try and convict an innocent party.” Deputy Gates nodded thoughtfully to himself as he reflected on his own words.

“So, if we opt for a trial and plead guilty, say we’re sorry and so on, what are the chances of getting a fine each?” Rachel asked.

“‘Bout zero. Folks around here don’t like youngsters fooling around with drugs. You’d be for the prison farm. No doubt about it.”

“It doesn’t sound a very nice place.”

“It ain’t. Wasn’t designed to be. It’s a hell-hole and no mistake.”

“So what do you think we should do?”

“You’re Rachel, ain’t you? Well, Rachel, the chances of you serving even a couple of months on that prison farm without getting some kind of a hiding are nigh on non-existent, never mind the other horrors there, so I reckon you might as well take it from the sheriff and get on with your vacation.”

“Does the sheriff really have daughters of his own, like he says?” Fay asked.

“Yep, got four of ’em. Oldest is about twenty-two.”

“And would he really treat them like he’s proposing to treat us?” Rachel wanted to know.

“I know he would. His oldest wrecked a new Corvette he’d given her, ’bout four months back. We pulled her out of the wreck. Oh, she was okay, but she’d been drinking. Sheriff told us to keep her in the cells overnight, then, come morning, he tanned her backside good, right here in the cells. To my way of thinking, that did her a whole lot more good than if we’d charged her for drink-driving and she’d lost her licence and all. Saves on the paperwork too.”

“Does he do this often? To other girls, I mean.” Fay asked.

“Now and again, yes. Folks around here know if their daughters get into trouble they won’t come to any real harm. They’ll be back home the day after, even if sitting down ain’t the first thing on their mind when they get there. Folks kind of like it that way.”


“You’re welcome girls. I’ll be back to see you again later.” He collected the empty coffee mugs and went back out of the cell area and up the stairs.

The two girls remained silent for a while, deep in their own thoughts. Eventually Rachel broke the silence.

“Fay, all these stories about the prison farm, they could be an exaggeration, couldn’t they? I mean, maybe they do it just to frighten people. Perhaps it really isn’t as bad as all that.”

“I really wouldn’t like to bet on it, Rachel.”

“I’m sort of tempted.”

“You shouldn’t be, Rachel. Here in the States, they’re renown for being tough, just exactly like they’re saying.”

“I suppose what’s really going through my mind, what I’m really trying to say is, I can’t bear the thought of being spanked, and I particularly can’t bear the thought of being spanked by that man.”

“Maybe you just have to look at it as being the best of a pretty awful deal. I guess being spanked doesn’t bother me that much, although I could think of preferable options. As for Sheriff Briggs, well, I guess it’ll hurt much the same whoever does it.”

“Yes, but you sort of reckoned he’d enjoy doing it, didn’t you? Do you really think he gets something out of spanking girls’ bottoms?”

“I’m sure of it!”

“That’s awful!”

“At the end of the day, Rachel, does it really make any difference? Our backsides will be just as sore!”

Atseven o’clock, a small slim attractive woman in her mid to late thirties, with shoulder-length dark hair, pushed a trolley into the cell block, aided by a deputy, who stayed outside.

“‘Evening girls, I’m Loretta. I’ve brought you your evening meal.”

The two girls sat up on their makeshift beds.

“Watercress soup to start with, okay?”

Both girls readily accepted and were handed bowls of delicious-smelling soup from the heated food trolley. Loretta sat down on the chair left by Deputy Gary Gates.

“You the two druggies, then?” Loretta’s tone belied her pleasant friendly appearance.

“We were found in possession of a very small quantity of cannabis, yes.” Fay retorted.

“Aw, that’s enough to condemn you ’round here. Never know where that stuff can lead.”

The two girls ignored her.

“So y’all gonna take a lickin’ from the sheriff, then?” Loretta persisted in making conversation.

“Maybe.” Fay spoke between spoonfuls of soup.

“Maybe not.” Rachel contradicted.

“Oh, I’d advise it.” Loretta said. “Better to drive out of here of your own accord rather than get taken to that prison farm. Even if you are sitting on a three-high pile of cushions!” Loretta giggled at her own humour.

“Actually, we don’t find it all that amusing.” Rachel said stuffily, sounding very English. “Anyway, we have until tomorrow to decide. At the moment, we’re not sure about taking any particular course of action.” Rachel looked sternly at Fay.

The two girls finished their soup, and Loretta handed them plates of a fried turkey concoction with rice and peppers and sweet corn. It was superb. As the two girls tucked in, Loretta carried on talking.

“Honey,” The woman addressed Rachel, let me tell you something. Compared to all the kinds of trouble two young girls like you could get themselves into in this harsh ol’ world, a couple of spankings ain’t nothing. So come tomorrow, you just bend over and let them pull down them little bitty shorts of yours. And when ol’ Dan Briggs has finished tannin’ your behinds, you just thank him kindly for his trouble and get on with enjoying your vacation. You hear me?”

“Yes, we hear you.” Rachel said reluctantly.

The meal was rounded off with portions of apple pie and cream and ice cream, followed by hot coffee. Afterwards, Loretta packed away the crockery and began to wheel the trolley out. As she passed through the door, she looked back over her shoulder.

“Mind you girls heed what I been saying to you, now. Come tomorrow, I want to see both of you bending over ready to take your spankings. I’ll bring your breakfast around eight-thirty. ‘Night.”

As the two girls lay back on their beds, they both silently thought things over.

“Rachel, we really only have one option, you know.”

“No, that’s not actually correct, Fay.”

“Rachel, it is! Think about it. Even if we were really, really lucky in court, if everything went our way, the very least we could expect would be, what? Four weeks on the prison farm.”

Rachel sighed. “Yes, I suppose that would be about as good as we could expect.”

“Right, so that’s four weeks out of our vacation. Four weeks of absolute misery. On the other hand, this time tomorrow night we could be tucked up in a nice comfortable motel room somewhere, miles from here.”

“Yes Fay, but how would we be feeling?”

“Sore, I guess!” Fay smiled with embarrassment. “But then, how would we be feeling on our first night in the prison farm?”

“Not great, I suppose,” Rachel admitted.

“I think we should take the spanking, Rachel.”

“I’d already got that impression, Fay. But it would be all so…… so humiliating, that’s all.”

“Humiliation can’t hurt you, Rachel.”

“I think the spanking will though, Fay.”

“The thing is, Rachel, we could spend all night tearing ourselves apart, looking for some nice easy way out of this mess, when there just isn’t one. Why don’t we simply accept we’re going to get spanked in the morning, stop worrying about it, and get a good night’s sleep?”

“Perhaps you’ve got a point there, Fay.” Rachel sighed deeply. “Okay, let’s do it.” After the English girl had laid down on the hard flat bed, she continued the conversation. “You know when that lady who brought us our supper was talking, what did she mean about taking our shorts down? I’m certainly not bending over in front of Sheriff Briggs with just my knickers on.”

Fay laughed out loud.

“What’s so funny?” Rachel demanded.

“What makes you think they’ll let you keep your panties on, Rachel?”


Fay laughed again, louder.

“You don’t mean….?”

“Glad to see you’re not letting all this get you down, girls.”

The two girls jumped as they realised they had been joined by the tall thin deputy that had arrested them, out on the country road.

“I’m Clint Easterman, by the way.” He introduced himself. “So what’s so amusing, then?”

“Rachel.” Fay replied. “We were talking about being spanked. Rachel was somewhat shocked when I suggested it might not be just her shorts that get pulled down tomorrow.” Fay grinned broadly, and Clint Easterman’s face cracked into a broad smile.

“Does that mean you’ve decided to take the spankings, then?”

“It gets my vote,” Fay answered. “I think my friend feels the same way.” Fay looked towards the other girl.

“I don’t know how you two can laugh about it.” Rachel seemed a little angry at her friend joking with the deputy.

“Aw honey, round here lots of girls get a lickin’. T’aint nothing.”

“Well they don’t where I come from! And I would hardly call being stripped and beaten ‘nothing’, especially when it’s done by a man!”

“Oh, they got women who’ll gladly tan your hides down on that prison farm. Oh yessirree Bob! Take it from me, Rachel, you’ll get a better deal from Sheriff Briggs than any of them prison warder bitches. They are not nice people!”

“Yes, well, we’ve both said we’ll take the spankings, haven’t we? No doubt you’ll be able to have your little bit of fun at our expense tomorrow.” Rachel sounded extremely indignant.

“Hey honey! What do you want me to say? You’ve got a cute bottom. ‘Course I’ll enjoy watching you get your little panties taken down and your bare bottom tanned, what man wouldn’t? But what difference does it make?”

“What!” Rachel turned away in disgust, leaving Deputy Easterman bewildered. He left the room soon afterwards, and the two girls settled down for the night.

The bright morning light streamed into the cell block through a pair of barred windows high up on the wall. As the girls rubbed the sleep from their eyes, they heard the rattling and crashing of the food trolley.

“What time is it?” Rachel asked drowsily, of no-one in particular.

“Eight-fifteen, honey. Here’s your orange juice.” Rachel took the glass of fresh juice and started sipping at it.

“Hear you two decided to take the spankings, then?” Loretta asked, sitting down while the girls drank.

“Yes.” Fay answered.

“Good. Glad to hear you’re being sensible at last.”

“Do you know when it’s going to be done?” Rachel asked.

“Oh, the sheriff was up late chasing a pair of car thieves. ‘Doubt he’ll be in much before ten. You’ve plenty of time yet, honey.” Loretta smiled, and that annoyed Rachel. Everyone seemed to regard their spankings as some sort of entertainment. Soon, the glasses were empty, and replaced with bowls of cornflakes.

“I’ll be around all morning,” Loretta seemed not to notice Rachel’s displeasure. “Only, we don’t have a female deputy at the present time, and Dan Briggs likes there to be a woman around at such times.”

“You mean….” Rachel hesitated.

“Yes, I’ll be watching you get your pretty little backsides spanked. Any objections?”

“Fine by me.” Fay shrugged her shoulders.

“Would it make any difference if we did?” Rachel asked.


With the cornflakes finished, Loretta collected the bowls and offered the girls a selection from fried bacon, eggs, tomatoes, sausages and waffles. Loretta continued talking as they ate.

“You all okay, honey?” She asked Rachel.

“Yes, a bit nervous, I suppose. This is a whole new experience for me. I’ll be glad when it’s over.”

“What’s a new experience?”

“Being spanked.”

“It is? You mean your parents never….?”

“No, never.” Rachel smiled at the thought of either of her parents spanking her. “They didn’t believe in that sort of thing, you see.”

“Well, I never did! How about you honey?” Loretta spoke to Fay.

“Couple of times. Back home.”

“Uh-huh. Did they use their hand, or something firmer?”

“My mother. Used the back of a hairbrush.”

“While she dangled you across her knee, I bet.” Loretta grinned as she spoke.

Fay nodded thoughtfully, a wistful smile on her face.

“Did she lift your skirt up and take your panties down?”

“No!” Fay blushed.

“Well she should have. Only way to give a good spanking.”

“So you agree with what Sheriff Briggs is going to do to us then, Loretta?” Rachel broke in.

“Yes I do, honey. Now, I’ll sit here all morning talking to you if that’s what you want. I’ll sympathise and lend you a shoulder to cry on too. But I still want to see you suffer the hidings you so richly deserve. Do you understand that?”

“No.” Rachel’s expression confirmed her bafflement.

When the girls had finished their breakfast, Loretta packed the used crockery on the trolley and pushed it out of the cell block, allowing the girls to have some time on their own. At five minutes beforeten o’clock, they heard fresh banging and clattering from outside the cell block door.

“Coffee?” Suggested Rachel.

Fay shrugged her shoulders.

The door to the cell block was pushed open, and Deputy Gary Gates entered carrying a small pine table which he placed on the floor just beyond the girls’ cells. Fay and Rachel were a little surprised to see him scuttle back out the door without saying a word.

“Why are they giving us a table to eat off?” Rachel asked. “I thought we’d be getting out of here soon.”

Fay looked at her uncertainly. “I’m not sure that’s there for us to eat off, Rachel.”

Minutes passed, and the tension rose in both girls. Then fresh clatterings were heard. Suddenly, the door to the cell block area burst open and Sheriff Dan Briggs strode in, followed by Gary Gates and Clint Easterman, with little Loretta bringing up the rear. Sheriff Briggs carried a polished wooden blade fully eighteen inches long with a round handle at one end. He stopped in front of the girls’ cells.

“Morning girls. Hope you had a good night’s sleep.” He grinned. “I hear you’ve decided you’d like me to paddle your behinds. Is that right?”

“If that means an end to it, like no court case and no prison farm, then yes, you’ve got a deal.” Fay answered with a grim expression on her face.

“Oh yes sirree, you needn’t have no worries on that score. Take your spankings and you’re free to go.”

“Then we’ll take the spankings.”

“Both of you?” The sheriff looked uncertainly at Rachel.

“Both of us.” Rachel confirmed in a nervous voice.

“Okay. Well, I guess we’d better get to it.Gary, you want to open up the cells?” The deputy soon had both cell doors unlocked and pushed wide open. “Now, I’m going to let you two girls decide who goes first.” Sheriff Briggs grinned as he stood patting the tip of the heavy looking paddle against the palm of his hand.

The two girls exchanged worried glances. Fay’s dark eyes were wide open and looked startled and panicky. Rachel’s emerald green eyes too looked scared as she focused on the polished wooden blade of the paddle.

“Come on girls, let’s get this thing over with.” Sheriff Briggs said in his own style of encouragement. “It’s going to hurt just the same whether you go first or second.”

“I’ll go first.” Fay’s nervous voice broke the tense silence between the two girls, although she looked towards Rachel for any hint of objection on her friend’s part. Rachel, though, sat down on her bed, seemingly quite content that the American girl should suffer her punishment first.

As Fay hesitated about leaving the relative safety of her cell, Loretta came over to her and held her hand, gently but firmly pulling her through the doorway towards one end of the table.

“Time to bend over, honey.”

With a final despairing look into Loretta’s eyes Fay lunged across the table, causing her firm young buttocks to swell against the thin white cotton material of her shorts. Within moments of Fay’s body resting on the solid wooden surface, she felt Loretta’s warm hands gripping the lower edges of her shorts. Then came the firm downward tugging until the elastic waistband slid down Fay’s stomach and left her with just her brief white panties protecting her firm young bottom from everyone’s gaze.

Immediately, Loretta turned her attention to the flimsy waistband of Fay’s white cotton panties. Using some care this time, so as not to damage the underwear, she eased the panties down off the girl’s hips and bottom, and slid them along her legs until both shorts and panties were around the girl’s ankles.

Fay kept her eyes focused on the cold stone floor beneath her and thus did not see Loretta standing behind her, looking down at the soft pale flesh of her bare round buttocks. She felt it, though, when Loretta gave her a hard sharp slap across her bottom.

“There you go, honey. Now we can all see your nice pert little bottom.”

Sheriff Dan Briggs nodded and the two deputies, Gary Gates and Clint Easterman, moved to either side of the small table. Each took one of Fay’s arms and twisted it up behind her back so that the American teenager was firmly held I position across the table.

“You don’t need to do that!” Fay said, grimacing from the pain of the tight grip the deputies had on her wrists. “I’ll take my paddling.”

“Okay boys, let her go.” Sheriff Briggs ordered. “But honey, you’d better grip hard on the edge of that table there, ‘cos if you so much as move that butt of yours an inch, I’ll begin the spanking again. You hear me?”

“Yes sir, I hear you.” Fay carefully unfolded her arms as they were released. “I won’t move.”

Rachel watched, terrified, as Sheriff Dan Briggs carefully hovered the solid wooden paddle barely half an inch over the delicate pale surface of Fay’s bottom. Pausing barely for a moment, he swung his right arm back up fully four feet before hurling it down so the paddle crashed across Fay’s bottom with a deafening crack.

Fay gasped then breathed out heavily before gasping again. Her fingers squeezed the edge of the table like powerful vices as the girl struggled to remain still as the pain spread across her entire backside.

A broad red mark was already forming across the centre of Fay’s bottom as Rachel saw the powerfully built sheriff draw the paddle back again. In an instant, the wooden blade was swung quickly down until it landed with another mighty crack across Fay’s bare bottom.

“Un!” Fay grunted as she closed her eyes against the smarting pain spreading across her firm round bottom. When a third stroke from the paddle cracked across her naked backside, those same eyes snapped open and revealed a stunned surprise as a fresh dose of scorching pain seared across both buttocks.

“Un!” Fay grunted again after the fourth stroke was whacked across her waiting posterior.

Moments later, Rachel watched as the polished wooden paddle was swung way back again. For some seconds, it remained still, then down it came with ever increasing speed to crash across poor Fay’s defenceless backside.

“Aaah!” Softer, but longer, Fay cried out again. Rachel focused on her friend’s naked bottom, and saw the redness spreading ever further across the pale creamy flesh, showing clearly where the paddle had delivered its punishment.

Fay’s knuckles were white now as she gripped the edges of the table for all she was worth. The nineteen year old was in no doubt the big, burly sheriff meant it when he told her he’d begin the spanking again if she dared move. With her bottom feeling like it was on fire, holding still while the paddle rained down on her backside was going to be no easy task.

“Aaaaargh!” Fay cried out as the heavy wooden paddle struck her across her naked bottom yet again.

As her friend’s spanking progressed, Rachel was torn between placing her hands over her eyes so she did not have to continue watching Fay’s ordeal and peeking between her fingers so she could see what was happening. As well as looking at the paddle swinging down on Fay’s backside, Rachel also observed with some consternation the enthralled expressions on the faces of Gary Gates and Clint Easterman as they gloated on Fay’s misfortune. Even Loretta seemed pleased with the scene that was being enacted in front of her.

“Uuuuuuuuuhhh!!” Fay cried out again as yet another stroke of the heavy wooden paddle slammed across her naked bottom. She reckoned she’d received more than fifteen whacks from the burly sheriff as she hung on to the edges of the table for all she was worth, and her bottom ached so much she wondered just how much longer she could endure this punishment.

As Fay waited for the next stroke, Rachel’s heart missed a beat as she saw the big sheriff take a step back to admire his handiwork. Then the eighteen year old heard Sheriff Briggs speak the words she hoped she’d never hear, but knew had to come at some time.

“Okay, Honey. Guess that’ll do for you. I don’t reckon you’ll be forgetting that li’l ole lesson in a while.”

Rachel watched as Fay pressed the palms of her hand firmly on the table and pushed herself up. Loretta moved forward and placed a comforting hand on Fay’s shoulder as the nineteen year old gently massaged her aching backside. After a few moments, Fay reached down for her underwear, and Loretta assisted her in securing the white cotton panties back into place. When Fay reached down again for her white shorts, Loretta beat her to it and pulled the garment up Fay’s shapely young legs, allowing the nineteen year old to ease the shorts over her own hips and allow the elastic waistband to spring back around her waist.

Now Loretta was leading Fay back towards the cell, and Rachel began to panic.

“Your turn now, honey.” Loretta addressed the English girl, letting go of Fay’s arm and collecting Rachel’s in its place.

“Okay! Okay! I’m coming!” Rachel cried as she found herself being pulled towards the small wooden table.

In no time at all, Rachel found herself facing the table, its hard edge pushing into the tops of her thighs.

“Don’t you want me to take my shorts down?” Rachel wailed as she felt Loretta pushing her forward across the table.

“Not going to deprive me of my pleasure, are you honey?” Loretta spoke with a broad grin on her face. “Why don’t you just unfasten the front and let me do the rest?”

“Alright.” Rachel was already practically in tears as she felt the eyes of the three men watching her every move. Nervously, she unfastened the button at the top and slid down the zip so the pale blue denim material sagged loose against her hips.

“That’s fine, now bend it, honey!” Loretta gave Rachel a firm pat across her bottom and the eighteen year old English girl leaned forward until her whole upper body rested on the hard wooden table. As soon as Rachel’s nose met the wooden surface, she felt her high cut denim shorts being tugged down her legs until they flopped around her ankles.

“Pink knickers! I do like pink knickers!” Loretta exclaimed as she folded Rachel’s white top right up her back. Another pat on the bottom followed, and then Rachel felt her underwear following the path of her denim shorts down her legs until the warm material surrounded her ankles. Some time back, Rachel had entertained the remotest possibility she might be allowed to keep her knickers on, but she couldn’t find any reason she should be treated differently to Fay, thus she was already resigned to having her bottom bared.

“Now Honey, this ain’t going to be easy.” Rachel heard the gruff voice of Sheriff Briggs bellowing behind her. “I’m going to give you the same warning I gave your friend. Move your butt and I’ll begin the spanking all over again. Okay?”

“Okay.” Rachel still had her nose pressed to the table, so her voice was rather muffled.

“You want the boys here to hold your arms so you can’t move?”

“No, it’s okay.” Rachel gripped the edges of the table as she had seen Fay do in an attempt to convince the sheriff and his confederates she could take her punishment just as well as her friend.

“Well if you’re sure…….” Sheriff Briggs seemed unconvinced. Nonetheless, he swung the heavy wooden paddle back as he took aim at Rachel’s naked bottom.

“I’m sure.” Rachel answered, oblivious to the imminent arrival of the first stroke of the paddle across her bottom. Her wavy blonde hair suddenly decided to flop uncomfortably around her face, and the eighteen year old released her grip on the table to attend to it. “Just a moment.” Rachel collected her hair into a single ponytail and thrust it down the back of her white top to keep it in place, before returning her hands to the edges of the table.

“Whenever you’re ready, honey.” Sheriff Briggs called sarcastically.

“I’m ready.” Rachel responded, totally unaware the sheriff had already begun swinging the polished wooden paddle firmly down towards her bare bottom. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!” Rachel cried out, the sudden bolt of pain that shot right across her bottom catching her completely by surprise. “Oh no!”

“Oh yes, honey.” Sheriff Briggs answered, taking aim with the paddle firmly gripped in his large right hand.

“Aaaaaaarrrgh!! Noooo!!” Rachel cried out again as the paddle crashed across her naked bottom, momentarily squashing the soft mounds of her buttocks and imparting a deep reddening on the pale creamy flesh.

“Keep still, darlin’. This is going to hurt!” Sheriff Briggs spoke as he sent the heavy wooden paddle hurtling down again.

“It already does!” Rachel was just able to utter the words before the next stroke took her breath away. “Aaaaaaaahh!!” She called out, a little belatedly.

Fay had been standing in the cell with her back to the proceedings as she gently tended her own sore bottom. By now, though, she had recovered sufficiently from her own ordeal to become inquisitive about what was happening to Rachel. As she turned, Fay was just in time to see another heavy blow from the paddle smack into Rachel’s bare bottom, and to see the look of absolute agony crease her friend’s face.

“Oooooohh!!” Rachel moaned as if to confirm her misery.

For the first time, Fay could see the look of grim determination on Sheriff Briggs’ face as he applied the next stroke to Rachel’s naked bottom, and Fay pictured him acting in just the same fashion when he had administered her own spanking.

“Uuuuuuuuhhh!!” Rachel’s cry of pain took Fay’s attention away from Sheriff Briggs and onto the tears now flowing down the sides of Rachel’s face. When Fay looked back towards the group surrounding her friend, she found herself focusing on Loretta who was staring down at Rachel’s red sore marked bottom with amused fascination.

“Nooooooooooo…..!!” Another cry from Rachel marked yet another stroke of the paddle, but for the moment Fay’s attention wandered briefly to the gloating features of the two male deputies, then back to Loretta. Loretta seemed to be enjoying every moment of Rachel’s torment.

“Aaaaaarrgh!!” Another cry from Rachel, confirming her continuing pain and anguish, swung Fay’s attention back to her friend. Her eyes stained red from the tears, her cheeks smudged with dampened make-up, Rachel clearly was experiencing a horror such as she had never had to endure in her previous eighteen years.

“Aaaaaaahh!! Aaaaaaaahhh!!” As yet more spanks from the heavy paddle rained down, Fay could not bear to relive her own punishment through Rachel’s tormented expressions, so she shuffled a little to her right where she could focus her eyes on her friend’s naked bottom. That too was now red and sore, still more confirmation of the efficacy of Sheriff Briggs’ use of the paddle.

“Yeeeeeooouuch!!” Already, Rachel had lost count of the number of spanks she’d received, and hence had even less idea of how many there were yet to come. With each stroke of the heavy wooden paddle, there came the temptation to leap up off the table and soothe her aching backside, but the fear of having to endure this punishment again, right from the beginning, was more than sufficient to persuade her to grip the edges of the table as tightly as she could and hold on and take whatever spanking Sheriff Briggs decided she needed.


As more strokes rained down on Rachel’s unprotected backside, Fay finally turned away. A few more brisk rubs across the seat of her white shorts and Fay knew she was recovering rapidly from her own ordeal, not that sitting down even entered her mind for the present.

Then, suddenly, there was silence. Fay remained standing with her back to the group behind her, her mind hastily checking whether it seemed Rachel had now received about the same number of strokes that she had taken. Yes, she reckoned Rachel’s punishment was just about over.

“Okay, Rachel.” Sheriff Briggs’ booming voice echoed round the concrete walls. “I surely hope you’ve learned a good lesson here, honey.”

“Yes.” Rachel’s weak, croaky voice struggled to respond. “Yes, I’ve learned my lesson, thank you Mr Briggs.”

“Good. Okay honey, you can get up when you want. You and Fay are free to go.”

Heavy footsteps left an eerie quiet about the place, and Fay slowly turned to look down at her friend, still bent across the little wooden table.

“Come on, honey, up you get.” Fay watched as Loretta placed a reassuring hand on the naked small of Rachel’s back and rubbed gently up and down in a comforting manner.

“I…….. can’t. It hurts too much” Rachel made an effort to lift herself up from the table, found it too much for her, and flopped back down again.

“It’s meant to hurt, honey.” Loretta’s voice appeared less sympathetic than the hand that now stroked Rachel gently up her naked back. “That’s what teaches you to be a good girl in the future. C’mon now, why don’t you stand up and let’s get your panties back on.”

“Okay.” Reluctantly, Rachel made another attempt at getting up off the table and, with Loretta’s help, finally made it. Immediately, Loretta crouched down and sorted the eighteen year old’s pink brief panties from the pale blue denim shorts.

“Ouch!!” Rachel cried out as Loretta slipped the pink knickers back into place around the girl’s hips and bottom.

“It’s all right, honey.” Loretta cooed, as she reached down for the short cut denim shorts and began pulling them up Rachel’s shapely legs. “Heck! Guess that cute little bottom of yours has kind of swelled up with that paddling, honey.” Loretta commented as she struggled to fasten the shorts.

“You can leave them undone for a bit, can’t you?” Rachel almost pleaded not to have her shorts fastened tightly around her bottom.

“I guess so, honey.” Loretta gave up the struggle. “Hey, why don’t I just go and get us some coffee, huh?”

“That would be good.” Fay finally spoke. Then, after Loretta had disappeared, she enquired: “Are you okay, Rachel?”

“I’ll live, I think.” Rachel managed a weak smile. “Boy! That was some spanking, wasn’t it?”

“It certainly was.” Fay answered. Then, watching as Rachel inserted a hand between the loose shorts and her pink underwear, she added: “Go on, Rachel. Give it a good rub. It will hurt to begin with, but then you’ll feel the benefit.”

Rachel cautiously took her friend’s advice and grimaced when her bottom seemed to ache even more as her warm hand gently massaged her even warmer sore bottom. Soon, though, the fierce burning pain began to ease. A chink of cups heralded Loretta’s return and Rachel withdrew her hand and quickly fastened the front of her shorts, despite the uncomfortable tightness she felt as the denim encompassed her swollen backside.

Loretta placed the tray she was carrying down on the table and handed the two girls mugs of steaming black coffee.

“There’s cream and sugar if you want it. help yourselves.” Both girls declined.

“You girls feeling better now?” Loretta took her own mug and sipped the boiling liquid.

“A bit.” Fay conceded.

“I don’t think I’ll be sitting down for a while.” Fay gave her bottom another rub, causing Loretta to chuckle.

“Well, you two girls can rest awhile down here. There’s showers along the corridor down there. Towels are on a chair just outside.” Loretta pointed the way to the shower room. “Then again, you can get on your way whenever you want, or you can come up to the office and spend awhile with me and the deputies. It’s up to you.”

“I guess a shower sounds appealing.” Fay looked hopefully at Rachel.

“Sounds good to me.”

“Okay. Well, I’ll leave you two girls to get yourselves cooled off. Like I say, I’ll be up in the office.”

Fay took another mouthful of coffee, then placed her mug down on the little table. “I’m heading for the shower.”

“I’ll be along in a minute.” Fay answered, then continued sipping her coffee as she savoured a few moments in her own company. Soon, though, she too put her mug down and sought out the shower room.

The small communal shower room had just three fountains of water sprouting from the ceiling and a low tiled wall to keep the water within. The lack of a shower curtain revealed Fay standing naked below the fountain on the right standing stock still and allowing the water to pour down her attractive body. Rachel quickly stripped off her clothes and took the centre shower fountain.

“Jeez!! That’s cold!” The English girl exclaimed as she felt the icy water pouring down onto her blonde hair, down over her shoulders and finally, thankfully, down onto her hot sore backside.

For fully ten minutes, the two girls enjoyed the cooling water until Rachel decided she’d had enough and stepped over the low wall. Fay reached out and turned the single tap off and the water reduced to a trickle and then finally stopped. The two girls stood looking at each other’s naked bodies.

“Feel better?” Fay asked.

“Much.” Rachel answered briefly.

“Thought you girls might like a change of clothing.”

The new voice caused the two teenagers to look round suddenly to find Loretta peering round the corner into the shower room.

“I’ve left a couple of your cases back in the cell. There’s some apple pie and ice cream there too.”

“Thanks.” the two girls spoke in unison.

When Loretta turned and walked away, Rachel and Fay left the shower room, picked up a towel each and hastily dried themselves off. Then, wrapping the towels around themselves, they went back to their cell where they found their suitcases and the portions of apple pie.

Diving into the contents of their suitcases, Fay found some cold cream and, after taking a goodly portion for herself, handed the jar to Rachel.

“Thanks.” Rachel, too, dug her finger into the greasy contents and pulled out a large ball of cream which she delicately applied to her sore buttocks. “Aaaahh!! That’s simply heavenly!”

When both their bottoms had been adequately soothed by the cream, they wiped the excess off with the towels and began dressing, Rachel in dark blue brief knickers and a white bra, Fay in bright red high cut panties and a matching red bra. Where Rachel opted for a simple white shift dress, Fay wore a blue blouse and white pleated skirt.

“Ready?” Fay asked as she completed repacking her suitcase.

“I think so.” Rachel looked around to make sure nothing had been forgotten.

“Okay, let’s go.” Fay led the way up the stairs to the main office, where they found Loretta talking to Gary Gates.

“You two all ready to hit the road, girls?” Loretta smiled a friendly greeting.

“We certainly are.” Fay answered.

“Well, mind how you go and have a good vacation, honeys.” Loretta held the door open for them. “Your car’s parked just outside, all gassed up and ready to go.”

“And make sure you behave yourselves.” Gary Gates added. “Especially while you’re still inClayCounty.” His broad grin suggested rather more than a simple friendly piece of advice.

Their bags safely stowed in the trunk of the big old Chevrolet, Fay got in behind the wheel and Rachel sat in the passenger seat, although both girls were extremely cautious as they lowered themselves onto the hard plastic upholstery. As they left the outskirts ofDawsonCity, and green forest replaced the timber faced houses, Fay undid the zip on her white pleated skirt. As the garment fell loose, she pulled a small plastic envelope held in place by her bright red panties.

“Here! Roll us a joint, Rachel. It’s the best cure I know for a well tanned backside.”

“Fay!” Rachel exclaimed. “I just can’t believe you!” Snatching the envelope from the American girl’s hand, Rachel immediately threw it out of the open window.


“Just shut up and drive, Fay!”

Moments later, they heard a wailing siren coming up from behind.

The End