Two girls punished at the hands of the Head Girl and the Headmaster

by PG

(A Sequel to New Headmaster)

“You, as the eldest and in the Upper Sixth, will be seen by the Headmaster.”

Helen Brown, as the new Head Girl, was dealing with the first serious incident of the year and had before her a seventeen year old and her older sister who was eighteen. Susan and Fiona Williams had chosen to take a day out of school without any kind of permission to attend a pop concert.

At Archdean Lodge House, a prestigious all girls school, all transgressions were dealt with by corporal punishment. The Prefecture was all-powerful and it was a tradition of the school that only serious offenders would be given the ultimate sanction of a caning from the Headmaster. Helen Brown, as Head Girl, was in her first few weeks of office and was pleased there had been very few incidents of rules being broken. So far the Prefecture had administered four Level One punishments which involved a dose of the slipper, which at Archdean was used in the place of detentions, always six strokes across a girl’s knickers whilst bent over a stool. In reality, the slipper was actually a small selection of plimsolls ranging from a size 5 girls shoe used on juniors to a size 9 mens shoe used on sixth formers, all of which certainly gave a painful experience. Nothing had yet merited a Level Two punishment which involved the cane from the Head Girl, again bent over the stool after their skirt had been removed. Truancy, however, was a different matter and there was no alternative but for these two sisters to be sentenced to the cane.

Helen, along with her Senior Prefect colleagues, had discussed the matter and had decided the younger girl could be dealt with by the Prefecture as a Level Two punishment but that the older girl would be sent to the Headmaster for the ultimate sanction, or Level 3 punishment which was always a bare-bottom caning together with a good dose of humiliation. In any case Helen was not comfortable with the Prefecture administering corporal punishment to pupils in the Upper Sixth, as they were the same age.

Susan and Fiona Williams stood before Helen and two other senior prefects and knew they were in for a painful experience. Susan, being the younger, was told she should return immediately after school finished at 4pm for her caning and Fiona was told that she should witness her younger sister’s punishment which would be six strokes with her skirt removed. She was also told that once Helen had spoken to the Headmaster she would be informed of the time of her appointment.

Both girls were sent on their way as Helen went to the Head’s office to arrange a time to brief James Simmonds, the headmaster, on the issue and establish a time for him to administer his first ever punishment caning to Fiona Williams. The Headmaster was talking to his secretary when Helen arrived and invited her to come into his study. As Helen told him of the issue, James completely agreed with the decisions made and a time for Fiona’s appointment with the Headmaster was set at 4.15, immediately after Susan’s caning. Over lunch Helen found Fiona and gave her the note prepared by the Headmaster’s secretary confirming her appointment.

Neither Susan or Fiona had ever been caned before and they were both dreading what lay ahead of them, but knew they had taken a big risk and that they were now going to pay a heavy price.

For Susan, the end of school came all too quickly as she made her way to the Prefects Common Room together with her older sister. Helen and two other prefects were waiting for them and as they entered the room, out of respect Helen bolted the door to prevent them being disturbed. She knew Susan Williams was going to suffer an ordeal and that being disturbed would only add to the embarrassment, but there was a job to do and truancy was a very serious matter. This was also a big day for Helen as although she had witnessed several canings given by her predecessor, this was the first time she was going administer the cane in her capacity of Head Girl.

Addressing Fiona, Helen told her she regarded her as the main culprit and she was certain she had been the instigator. As part of her punishment she would have to witness her younger sister’s ordeal.

Turning to Susan, Helen told her that she understood she had never been caned before, but whilst she had some sympathy knowing that her older sister was the main perpetrator she had gone along with the plan and had played truant. As such, she had known the almost certain punishment if caught and therefore she would very soon be receiving six strokes of the cane.

Helen told her to remove her blazer and then to take off her skirt. Removing her blazer, Susan knew she had made a poor choice of underwear, which was revealed to all when she slid her skirt down before stepping out of it. Her knickers were extremely skimpy and certainly not regulation.

The prefects common room had a stool very similar to the one in the Headmaster’s study and Susan was told to bend over it and reach right down to grip the crossbar that was near the floor. The two prefects and Fiona were standing behind Susan and were treated to a view of Susan’s trim and round bottom. As Helen picked up the cane, she told the girl now bending over the stool that it would be normal to add a stroke as an additional punishment for not wearing regulation knickers, but she would not be doing so as her chosen underwear would make the punishment considerably worse as the strokes to her lower bottom would effectively be across the bare. To ensure that was actually the case, Helen stepped forward and pulled her knickers upwards to make them tight which effectively meant that Susan’s bottom was mostly unprotected.

Outwardly Helen was showing supreme confidence, but inwardly her heart was racing. This was her inaugural caning and she was determined that it be both effective and accurate. Her predecessor had proved to be an expert and Helen wanted to follow in her footsteps. Taking the cane back for the first time, Helen took aim and brought the cane down at speed and struck her bottom right in the middle below the line of her knickers. Susan literally shook and leapt to her feet letting out a loud ‘arhhhhh’ with her hands reaching round to rub her injured bottom. Helen knew her first ever cane stroke had been more than effective, but she could not allow this lack of discipline. Part of the tradition of Archdean Lodge was that girls undergoing a caning had to take their punishment with dignity.

Allowing Susan a moment or two to compose herself, Helen said: “Normally any girl failing to remain in position would be awarded an extra stroke, and you should immediately get back into position. If you remain bent over for the remaining five strokes there would be no extra strokes. However if you find it necessary to leap up again, not only would you incur an extra stroke but I will ask the two prefects present to hold you down.”

Susan immediately bent over the stool once more and Helen lined up the cane just above the red weal caused by the first stroke. She thrashed her for the second time just above the line of her knickers, causing another loud gasp, but this time she stayed in position. Leaving Susan in position for thirty seconds Helen took the cane back and gave her the third stroke below the first and effectively on her bare bottom. For Susan the embarrassment of bending over with her bottom so cruelly exposed had gone and she was simply engrossed in the unbelievable pain the cane was inflicting.

Helen delivered the fourth higher up on part of her bottom protected by her knickers, but in reality they were of little use and everyone could see the new red stripe through her semi-see through pants. Helen decided to deliver the last two across the middle of her bottom and as she thrashed Susan for the fifth time, the unfortunate girl let out an even loader ‘arhhhhhh’. Everyone in the room knew there was only one stroke left and Helen made Susan wait for over a minute before taking the cane back and giving her the hardest stroke of all, again in accordance with tradition.

It had been a new experience for both Helen and Susan. Susan was staggered by how painful the caning had been. She had been afraid and more than concerned as she waited during the day for her appointment with the Head Girl, but not in her worst dreams did she imaging that being caned was quite so painful. As she remained over the stool, Helen looked with satisfaction at the clear six stripes, four of which were below the line of Susan’s knickers. She knew she had carried out her first caning as Head Girl effectively and doubted that this particular fifth former would ever commit truancy again.

Susan was told to stand and her hands immediately went to her bottom as she stood in front of the three prefects and her older sister with her skimpy pants not doing a very good job of protecting her modesty. Helen told her to replace her skirt and leave. She then turned to Fiona, telling her it was time to visit the Headmaster for her turn.

Helen asked one of the other prefects to accompany her as Fiona was taken to the Headmaster’s study. On arrival, the three of them had to wait in the secretary’s office for a couple of minutes before the door opened and the Headmaster summoned them in.

Helen noticed the caning stool was already in place in the middle of his study.

The Head Girl and the other prefect went to one side as Fiona was told to stand in front of his desk while he went to sit behind his desk.

“So, you decided that a pop concert was preferable to school and in the process you have caused your younger sister to be caned. How do you feel now?”

Fiona did not know what to say to the Head’s opening remark other than to say that she was sorry and if she could reverse time she would not have gone.

The Head continued: “Well, we can’t do that and it now time for your own punishment. I have been made aware of the traditions of this school and in particular how a caning from the Headmaster is expected to be carried out, so would you please remove your blazer and all your clothes below the waist.”

For Fiona, who was quite a shy girl, this was awful, knowing that the Head would watch her every move. Putting her blazer on the chair, she unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor. Next she removed her shoes and then, one leg at a time, took off her tights which left her standing with just her knickers retained. Helen noted they were considerably more appropriate than those worn by her younger sister. However, they had to come off and Fiona was terribly embarrassed as she peeled off her last item of clothing below the waist. She stood before the Headmaster with her light coloured triangle of pubic hair on full view before being instructed to get into position over the stool. Like her younger sister, Fiona had a very nice bottom and the Headmaster certainly appreciated the view. However, there was a job to done and it was his job to uphold the authority of the prefecture.

Fiona had never been caned before and it was indeed unusual for a ‘cane virgin’ to go straight to the ultimate caning, a bare bottomed thrashing from the Headmaster. Having watched her sister get the cane ten minutes earlier, she was very scared about how undoubtedly painful the next few minutes were going to be.

Only James Simmons and Helen knew this was only the second caning he had ever delivered, the first being in extraordinary circumstances to the Head Girl herself when she put herself forward for him to practice.

The Head made Fiona wait as he eventually picked up the 36 inch sixth form cane and approached Fiona from the left hand side telling her that she must remain in position throughout and confirmed that she was to receive six strokes at thirty-second intervals.

He touched her bottom with the cane for the first time before delivering a devastating whack low down about an inch above the crease. Fiona had been right to be scared as she let out a muffled scream at the cane’s sting. She had been slippered before but it was nothing like this. She held onto the crossbar low down near the floor.

Thirty seconds later, the Head once more took the cane slowly back and struck Fiona’s bottom with a significant blow above the first stroke, causing another muffled scream. The Head stood back to admire the two perfect cane stripes. He had planned to start low and simply work his way up her bottom.

The third stroke was just below the centre of Fiona’s bottom and created another loud gasp as she wondered exactly how she was going cope with another three strokes. Helen, looking on, was pleased the Headmaster was proving to be an excellent caner and knew that the fine traditions of Archdean Lodge House were in good hands.

Thirty seconds later the Head gave her the fourth stroke right across the centre of her bottom, causing another loud ‘arhhhhh’ and it was clear to Helen he was simply working his way up her bottom. Fiona was experiencing a caning of immense severity and as Helen looked on she could not help remember her own caning a few weeks previously when she had volunteered to let the new Head practice on her. There was a small bit of her that envied the position Fiona found herself in. However, the fact that Helen had a secret love hate relationship with the cane did not distract from the fact that Fiona was being given a very deserving punishment.

James Simmons lined up the fifth stroke and thrashed Fiona for the penultimate time again just above the previous stroke. His accuracy was excellent and obviously his tennis and golf had been useful in his clear ability to hit her bottom exactly in the chosen spot every time.

Everyone knew there was only one left and the Head did not disappoint with a stroke of maximum severity, causing Fiona to let out another long ‘arhhhhhh’. Stepping back James looked with a certain pride at Fiona’s bare bottom, now with six perfect stripes.

As he replaced the cane to his cupboard, he told her to stand and face him. He remembered Helen’s step by step instructions and that she should face him as he spoke to her about why she had been caned and how to behave in future during a moment of final humiliation. Predictably Fiona went to cover her pubic region and was told immediately to put her hands by her side.

Before Fiona’s caning the Head had been brief in his remarks, but now he wanted to make a bigger statement.

“I hope you now regret your decision to commit truancy, one of the few school rules that when broken lead to an automatic beating. Truancy is considered in this school as serious as bullying, theft and any act of violence. Not only have you been caned today, but you have caused your younger sister to also be beaten. As you are in the Upper Sixth, your Head Girl deemed it right that you should be referred to me for punishment and be in no doubt that we will be watching you and that if you transgress in any way during the rest of your last year, we will have no hesitation in bringing you back here for a repeat caning. I will also be writing to your parents to inform them of the actions taken today.”

The Head turned to Helen and asked if she wanted to add anything. Helen simply added that she hoped that she would learn from what had happened and ensure she keeps her nose clean for the rest of the year.

For more than a few minutes, Fiona was standing in front of the Head naked from the waist down with her pubic triangle on full view, desperate to rub her wounded bottom which so far she had not been able to touch. To say it felt red hot to Fiona would be an under-statement.

The Head asked her if she wanted to say anything. She simply said she was sorry and surprisingly said she felt that she had deserved to be caned. The Head told her that her response was a good one and that she should now replace her clothes. And that marked the end of the meeting. Both the Head Girl and the Headmaster had carried out their first official canings and both felt that they had been successful.

Ten months later in mid July, Helen looked back at her year in charge. She had delivered 44 doses of the slipper in place of detentions. She had delivered twenty-four further canings and had sent thirteen girls to the Headmaster to be caned, including Susan and Fiona Williams. With about 700 girls in the school meant that around 5% had been caned. When she compared this with previous years it was extraordinary how similar the numbers were.

There had only been one real crisis for Helen to deal with, which had involved the police, but the school had managed to deal with the problem internally. That, though, is another story!

The End

© PG 2016