The fourth instalment of the “Girls of St Mary’s” series

By Penny Morton

“It’s really nice to be at home isn’t it Angela?” Julie Spencer said sleepily looking at her twin sister in the neighbouring bed.

“M’m. Yes,” replied Angela peeping out from under her duvet. “It’s so much nicer than waking up at St Mary’s. No bossy prefects banging on the door and ordering you out of bed or to stop talking.”

“Yes, and that horrid cold bathroom with its vinyl floor and no hot water.”

It was great to be at home from St Mary’s with the four week Easter holiday stretching ahead. Their twin bedded room was luxurious compared with the spartan room they shared at school. Mummy had come up with a cup of tea and said that breakfast would be ready in an hour. The girls could have a lie in – a luxury never available at school.

“I wonder if the boys next door are home yet, and if they’ve got a date for their party?” pondered Angela thinking of Anthony and James, the boys who were their neighbours. It would be nice to see them again and their parties were fun. Both girls had been kissed and cuddled by the boys and would like to repeat the pleasant experience. There had also been some illicit email contact between them, although private emails were strictly forbidden at St Mary’s.

“Do you think Miss Gregory has phoned Mummy yet?” asked Angela anxiously.

“I think Mummy would have said something when she brought the tea up a few minutes ago.” replied Julie.

“She and Daddy will hit the roof when Miss Gregory phones.” Angela sat up in bed with a worried look on her face.

“Perhaps she was only trying to frighten us yesterday. Perhaps she won’t really phone at all.” commented Julie.

“She certainly frightened me,” said Angela with a shiver as both girls remembered being summoned to the headmistress’ study just before the end of afternoon school yesterday.

Miss Gregory had made them stand in front of her desk while she signed some letters. Angela’s hand had brushed Julie’s and both girls would like to have held hands as they always did when they were worried or anticipating punishment. Their hair was in bunches held in place by white ribbons, and they were wearing their school uniform.

“Oh yes, the Spencer twins,” began Miss Gregory with a cross voice looking at the two anxious girls standing before her. “Do you know why I have asked you to see me this afternoon?”

“No Madam,” replied both girls. Visits to the headmistress at St Mary’s were usually either for congratulations on good work or more commonly to receive punishment for serious offences for which a caning might be given.

“I want to discuss your end of term results,” said the headmistress picking up a list of marks and frowning at what she saw. “What can you tell me about your results?” asked Miss Gregory.

“Er, they weren’t very good, Madam?” suggested Julie.

“That is a gross understatement, girl.” said the headmistress getting to her feet and walking round the girls. “You both failed abysmally in almost every subject except art, and your 20 per cent for Latin was nothing short of disgraceful, wasn’t it Angela?”

“Yes Madam.” Angela’s voice sounded croaky.

“Your mathematics results at 15 per cent were even worse, weren’t they Julie?”

“Yes Madam,” replied Julie with a tremor in her voice.

“In fact,” continued Miss Gregory. “I have never known girls, especially girls hoping to go to university, get such poor marks in mathematics shortly before their ‘A’ level examinations.”

“No Madam.”

“Stand up properly both of you!” snapped the headmistress. “Your posture is as poor as your exam results.”

“Sorry Madam,” whispered the girls as they quickly stood up straight, pulled their shoulders back and put their feet close together.

“Angela, have you any explanation for your poor results when your previous work has been good?” asked Miss Gregory walking across to the wall cabinet where she kept her canes.

“Er, well Madam, it’s been a very busy term and we’ve had lots of matches – er hockey and rugby too. Sometimes that and the practices we have to attend make us too tired to do our homework in the evenings.”

Miss Gregory selected the junior cane, which she believed actually stung more than the thicker senior cane.

“Nonsense girl,” snapped Miss Gregory placing the pale yellow and slender cane on her desk. “I am seriously thinking of reinstating the old dormitory system so there can be no illicit chatting, listening to records or sending private emails when you should be studying.”

“I think the girls really prefer the new study bedrooms Madam,” said Angela bravely.

“I didn’t ask your opinion girl,” snapped the headmistress.

“Sorry Madam,” whispered Angela, blushing with embarrassment and anxiety.

“I really should cane you both now for these dreadful results.” Miss Gregory flexed the supple cane and continued: “I have had to cane more girls this term than ever before. I have been warned that because of my caning activities I might soon suffer from repetitive strain injury.”

“I’m sorry to hear that Madam.” Angela said sympathetically.

Miss Gregory smiled grimly. “It’s my fault really because of my blitz on enforcement of the school rules earlier in the term. There has also been a welcome increase in the use of the slipper in the prefects’ study too.”

Julie moved closer to her sister and their hands touched and their fingers entwined as they awaited their fate. The twins had been victims of the ‘welcome increase in the use of the slipper.’ Prefect Jilly Hicks had slippered them both twice during the term, the first time for being late for rugby practice and the second for attending the illegal sixth form party organized by Penny Bates. They had never been caned but knew from other girls how much more it hurt than the slipper.

Miss Gregory looked at the girls but neither could bring herself to look fully at her face.

“I really think I have no alternative but to cane you both now to make clear how disappointed I am at your performance this term and that I will not tolerate such bad work in future.”

Miss Gregory flexed the cane and winced.

“H’m it still hurts my right arm when I flex the cane,” she said. “But I think I can manage to give you six strokes each. However, the idea of caning a girl is to cause her discomfort and not to cause me discomfort.”

“Please Madam we’re really sorry about our results and we’ll try much harder from now on.” said Angela.

“We wouldn’t want you to make your arm worse by caning us Madam,” added Julie.

“That’s very thoughtful of you Julie,” the Head smiled grimly. “But I suspect you are thinking about the comfort of your bottom and not the welfare of my arm.”

“Oh no Madam,” said Julie blushing deeply. “Yes, I am very worried about my bottom, er, I mean our bottoms, but, er, with respect Madam perhaps you should check with the doctor that it’s alright for you to cane girls with your bad arm.”

Angela nodded in agreement with her sister.

“Well at least you deserve credit for originality, Julie. Girls have given me all sorts of reasons why they shouldn’t be caned, but never one claiming to be in my interest.”

Angela and Julie linked fingers again as the Head pondered their fate.

“Face the front, Angela, and stop fidgeting!” ordered Miss Gregory. “Both of you put your hands on your heads.”

The movement caused the hems of their skirts to rise and expose a little more of their thighs. The headmistress tapped the back of their knees with her cane, causing them both to shiver and experience goose pimples on their bare legs. Were they were going to be caned or not? The tension and suspense was horrible. Miss Gregory was carrying her cane and by tapping their legs seemed to indicate that she was going to cane them very shortly.

Miss Gregory suddenly announced her decision: “I have decided to give you a choice of punishment. You may either have six strokes each across your knickers now or, alternatively, I will postpone your caning until the beginning of next term. I will test you both then by a comprehensive three-hour written test in your weak subjects. There will be a pass mark of 70 per cent. If you pass you will not be caned, but if you fail you will each have eight strokes on your bare bottoms. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, I think so Madam.” replied Angela after glancing at her sister who tearfully nodded in agreement. The second option would mean that they wouldn’t have to be caned now. If they really worked hard during the holidays they would pass Miss Gregory’s special test and would avoid a caning.

“Please could we take your special test next term Madam?” asked Julie.

“Yes if you both agree but there will be conditions.”

“Yes Madam?”

“You will have to do remedial work in the holidays.”

“Yes of course, Madam.”

“I will have to telephone your parents about your poor results and talk about the extra work and coaching you will have to undertake.”

‘Must you tell Mummy, Madam?” Asked Julie.

“But of course. Your parents will have to pay for extra tuition.”

“Yes Madam,” replied the twins, greatly relieved that they were not going to be caned now. Next term seemed a comfortingly long way ahead.

“Breakfast is on the table girls, come down in your pyjamas,” called Mrs Spencer, and the twins ran to the bathroom to wash.

“Would it have been better if we had asked to be caned yesterday?” whispered Julie, running her hands over her plump but shapely bottom. “It would be over by now and we wouldn’t have to do extra holiday study.”

“We’d have had jolly sore bottoms this morning.” said Angela. “I think we’ve made the right decision and with luck we won’t be caned at all. We better get downstairs and keep Mummy in a good mood.”

“At least we’re too old for Mummy to spank us like she did at one time.” whispered Julie as the girls entered the kitchen.

The girls were tucking into scrambled eggs on toast when the phone went and their mother walked through to the hall to answer it. Angela ran to the kitchen door to hear who was on the phone. As soon as she heard her mother say brightly: “Oh Hullo, Miss Gregory, how are you?” Angela ran back to the table saying: “It’s her, Julie,” and from then on neither girl felt very hungry.

Mrs Spencer was on the phone for quite a long time and she came back with a face like thunder.

“You didn’t tell me Miss Gregory was going to phone this morning, girls.” She said.

“Gosh, sorry Mummy. Er, we sort of forgot,” began Julie “We didn’t really think she would phone you although she was rather cross yesterday.”

“Yes, and apparently you very nearly had to be caned.”

“Yes Mummy,” replied Angela. “Thank goodness she didn’t cane us. That would have been horrible.”

“Perhaps you deserved a caning for your appalling exam marks.”

“Oh please, Mummy, that would have been awful.” replied Angela.

“Well I haven’t decided what I shall do with you,” said Mrs Spencer quietly. “It’s all been rather a shock to get Miss Gregory’s call when I thought you were doing so well at school.”

“Mummy, we’re really, really sorry and we promise to get down to revision from tomorrow morning.” said Angela, and Julie nodded her agreement.

“I’m going to have to punish you. I just can’t let you get away with such dreadful results,” said Mrs Spencer in a serious voice. “I’ll ring Miss Cameron the coaching lady Miss Gregory has recommended this morning to see if she can take you.”

“Oh please no, Mummy. We really have learned our lesson.”

“You two can get on with the washing up while I give Daddy a ring at the office.”

Mrs Spencer came back from the phone with a frown on her face.

“Daddy is very cross. He won’t be home this weekend but thinks I should use my little friend in the dresser.”

“Your little friend Mummy?” asked Julie. “Who’s your little friend?”

“You have a very short memory, Julie.” Mrs Spencer gave a grim smile. “My little friend is my little slipper and you must remember fetching him for me the last time I used him a year or so back.”

“You don’t mean you are going to spank us, Mummy?”

Mrs Spencer had just said: “I most certainly do,” when the back door bell rang.

“Answer the door Julie” ordered her mother.

“But Mummy, I’m still in my pyjamas.”

“You may soon find yourself out of your pyjamas, Julie.” Replied her mother ominously. “I’ll go myself.”

“Oh hullo James,” Mrs Spencer greeted one of the boys from next door. “Come in.”

The girls blushed with pleasure and embarrassment as James came forwards, shook their hands and planted a kiss on their cheeks.”

“Er, I just came to ask the girls if they would like to come to the party Anthony and I are giving on Saturday evening? Er, I did mention the party to the girls in the last email I sent them.”

“I am sure they would love to go, wouldn’t you girls?”

“Oh yes please, Mummy,” came the reply.

“But I am afraid they are both in disgrace,” said Mrs Spencer. “They are about to be punished.”

“Please Mummy, no.” Pleaded Angela.

“Have they been naughty?” asked James interestedly. “What are you going to do with them?” He added, looking at the girls as they stood anxiously in their pyjamas.

“They’ve done very badly at school and have been very naughty girls and are just about to have their bottoms spanked.”

‘Mummy please!” pleaded Julie and reached out to hold Angela’s hand.

“I would normally have offered you some coffee, James.” explained Mrs Spencer. “But I must deal with these girls immediately.”

“Oh I understand,” replied James, wishing secretly he could watch these luscious eighteen year old girls being spanked. “Good luck girls.”

“I’ll let you know about the party later James,” said Mrs Spencer. “Their attendance is unlikely as they will be busy working.”

“Thank you, Mrs Spencer,” said James as he left.

“Go and get my little friend, Julie.” ordered her mother. “He’s in the right hand drawer of the dresser. You can help her, Angela.”

The twins found ‘Mummy’s little friend’ as the little leather soled slipper was traditionally known in the family.

”I thought Mummy had disposed of this horrible little beast,” said Angela. “Do you remember how much he stings?”

“Yes and I hate him,” replied Julie, experiencing a sudden flush of goose pimples on her bottom.

When the girls returned, their mother was sitting on a chair near the kitchen table.

“Give me the slipper.” She ordered, holding out her hand. “Come and stand here.” She indicated a spot just in front of her.

“Angela, bend over my knee.” ordered Mrs Spencer. “Julie, stand just there so you can see what is happening, knowing it will soon happen to you.”

“Please Mummy, we’re too old to be spanked like this.”

“Girls are never too old to be spanked! Get over my knee at once.”

Angela, whose face was very pink, bent over her Mummy’s knee and remembered doing this on many occasions in the past.

Mrs Spencer adjusted her daughter’s position and then, slipper in hand, pulled Angela’s pyjama trousers down to her knees, exposing her bare bottom. The intense sting of the little slipper took Angela’s breath away.

In the middle of Angela’s spanking there was a gentle tap on the back door which was quickly opened. Into the kitchen came Mrs Hammond, the Spencer’s middle-aged daily help.

“Good morning everyone,” she said brightly. “It’s nice to see you girls.”

She suddenly realised that Angela was being spanked and apologised for coming in at the wrong moment.

“Don’t worry Mrs Hammond, please carry on as normal.” said Mrs Spencer. “I am afraid I have two very naughty girls with very bad school reports.”

“You haven’t spanked them for ages,” commented Mrs Hammond. “I am not sure which is the pinkest, Angela’s face or her bottom!”

Angela wriggled and tried to cover her bare bottom with her right hand but was rewarded with a hard whack with the slipper on her hand, which she quickly removed with an: “Ouch Mummy.”

Mrs Spencer balanced the cool sole of the slipper on Angela’s burning bottom and reached down for a handful of the girl’s hair and gently pulled to expose Angela’s face.

“H’m, well I think her bottom is winning the pinkness race, Mrs H.” she said grimly. “It certainly will be by the time I have finished with her!” Mrs Spencer retrieved the slipper and continued the spanking.

“Please Mummy, could you stop? It’s so embarrassing and it hurts like anything.” Angela’s voice came from near her mother’s feet. Julie looked on with increasing anxiety.

After a few more minutes Angela was allowed to stand and replace her pyjamas. Julie took her place. Mrs Spencer, now fully in spanking mode, pulled Julie’s pyjama bottoms down and prepared to spank her. Julie was ordered to get further over her mother’s knees and was then pulled by her waist a little closer to Mrs Spencer. The leather slipper went into action landing hard loud whacks on alternate sides of Julie’s bare bottom. Both Julie and her mother realised she was still very skilful at using the slipper.

“Right you two, up you go to bed for an hour and think about how naughty you have been and all the hard work you are going to be doing!”

The girls went up to their room still feeling embarrassed that James knew they were going to be spanked and that Mrs Hammond had actually seen it happening. They got into bed and decided to lie on their tummies for comfort, wishing they had worked harder last term.

“Miss Cameron has agreed to take you for extra work starting on Monday,” announced Mrs Spencer later. “She will have you for three weeks and so there will be just a week’s holiday before you go back to school. Fortunately she’s had a cancellation as the boy and girl she was expecting have flu.”

“Please Mummy, I’m sure it’s not necessary,” pleaded Angela.

“Oh but it is very necessary – on Miss Gregory’s orders. Miss Cameron will have you as day girls to start with. You will work very hard. Miss Cameron sounds quite young but says she has a reputation as a disciplinarian. She said she was very strict and will not tolerate laziness, bad manners or inattention.”

The girls felt increasingly down-hearted.

“I have told her she has a free hand to do anything necessary to make sure you both work hard. She is sending two titles for you to write essays on, fifty Latin words to revise and ten maths problems for you to solve, all by Monday.”

“Oh Mummy, that’s dreadful,” said Julie with tears forming in her eyes. It seemed that all their plans for fun and relaxation had been cancelled. The gloomy news continued as Mrs Spencer spelled out details of their extra study.

“Miss Cameron wants you in school uniform, either winter or summer outfits. Oh, and blouses and PE shorts to wear for exercise. Miss Cameron said she believed in that and said something in Latin I didn’t understand. You will have homework each evening and more at weekends.”

“Mummy that’s going to be dreadful! It won’t seem like a holiday at all! It will be just like being at school.” Angela sounded tearful.

“I agree Mummy,” said Julie gloomily.

“Well you have only yourselves to blame.” Mrs Spencer was unsympathetic. “If you work hard and pass your test you may just avoid having to be caned at the beginning of term.”

“Can we go to the boys’ party on Saturday before we’re sent to purgatory?” asked Julie.

“Don’t be dramatic, darling” replied Mrs Spencer. “If you work really hard on Miss Cameron’s school work today and tomorrow I may let you go, but subject to strict conditions.”

“What do you mean Mummy?” asked Julie.

“Home by 9.30 pm, no alcohol or smoking, and I’m going to employ preventive chastisement to help you remember to behave.”

“What’s preventive er, chastisement, Mummy?” asked Angela anxiously.

“You’ll have three whacks with my slipper just before you go to the party to remind you that if you break any of my rules you will get six whacks when you get home.”

“Please Mummy, that’s not fair.” protested Julie.

”I agree with Julie, Mummy.” said Angela.

“Those are my terms. They are very fair and there will be no further discussion on the matter.”

Just before they set off for the party the twins found themselves bending over the kitchen table to receive three hard whacks from their mother’s slipper on their bare bottoms. They finally had to agree to her terms because they were really keen to have some Saturday evening fun at the party after spending Friday and Saturday attempting to do all Miss Cameron’s difficult work. The essay topics she set were horrible. One was on the place of Shakespeare in the school curriculum and the other was on the European Community. They couldn’t do the maths questions and had left the Latin words until Sunday.

The girls looked really attractive, each with her light brown hair in a ponytail tied with a multi-coloured ribbon to match their party dresses. These had short sleeves, quite low fronts and their hems were about five inches above their knees.

Mrs Spencer kissed them goodbye and reminded them of her conditions. The girls set off with their bottoms warm and glowing under their pants and dresses.

There were several other girls and quite a lot of boys at the party. Anthony and James’s parents had gone out and the music was very loud.

“How did your spankings go, girls?” asked James, aware of the girls’ shapely bottoms accentuated by their dresses.

“It was jolly painful and embarrassing, wasn’t it Julie?” said Angela.

“Yes it was.” replied Julie, wrinkling her nose and grinning. “Mummy spanked us both again with her slipper this evening as a sort of warning to make sure we behaved here.” Julie gently rubbed her glowing bottom through her dress. “And if we are naughty she’ll spank us again when we get home,” She added with a giggle.

The girls were very popular and the boys crowded round teasing them and chatting. They danced almost all the time and were plied with some rather nice punch which Anthony promised was definitely non-alcoholic.

“We’d like to show you some things in our room, girls. Wouldn’t we James?” Said Anthony with a smile.

“Oh yes, we would.” replied James, taking Angela’s arm. “You two are our special guests. It would be nice to have a quiet chat with you.”

Armed with fresh glasses of punch, Angela and Julie went up to the boys’ bedroom. James asked Angela to sit on his bed and Anthony indicated that Julie should sit on his bed. Both girls sat rather carefully on their tender bottoms and tried to get into a comfortable position.

“How’s your bum, Julie?” asked Anthony. “Does it still sting?”

“Yes, it’s still stings a bit, but not quite so bad as it was earlier. How’s yours, Angela?”

“The same.” grinned Angela.

“Do you get spanked at school?” asked James.

“Yes, worst luck. It seems everybody can whack you at St Mary’s.” replied Julie. “The prefects and some of the mistresses use the slipper. You know, the gym shoe. Miss Mackenzie from Scotland has a strap and if you’re really in trouble Miss Gregory the headmistress has a cane. What happens at your school?”

“More or less the same. The prefects and masters use the slipper very frequently and old man Harris, sorry, the headmaster, is very handy with his cane.”

The group chatted about their schools for a bit and Angela mentioned the threat of the cane hanging over the twins if they failed Miss Gregory’s test.

“I’ll just run down for some more punch, James, if you could dim the lights and put a record on.” said Anthony.

Anthony was soon back with four large glasses of punch. Angela and Julie thought the punch was really nice and felt quite thirsty.

They chatted away and it seemed natural to kiss and do a bit of cuddling. They felt quite hot and the boys brought some more punch.

“What’s the time Julie?” asked Angela suddenly. “We should have worn our watches. I guess it’s about 9.15?”

“No, I’m afraid it’s just after ten-thirty.” said James.

“What?” Squeaked Angela. “It’s past our curfew and Mummy will kill us.”

Both girls jumped to their feet and smoothed their dresses.

“I feel a bit woosy.” said Julie, grabbing the dressing table to steady herself. “Are you sure there’s no alcohol in the punch?”

“Well there’s only a tiny drop. I put it in myself.” said James.

“Oh I didn’t know you had done that so I put some in too.” said Anthony. “Sorry.”

“Come on Julie, we had better go straight away. I dread to think what Mummy will say.” said Angela.

“Or do,” said her sister. “Thanks for a great party, boys.”

Mrs Spencer was extremely angry when her twin daughters arrived home over an hour late, slightly drunk, and with hot faces and their lipstick smudged. It seemed that the preventive chastisement had not been very effective and further chastisement was now inevitable. After cups of coffee the girls were sent upstairs to shower and put their pyjama tops and a pair of pants on. They would then bend over the end of their beds and await the arrival of their mother with her little friend the slipper.

“We’re really sorry, Mummy. We thought the punch was non-alcoholic,” began Angela as her mother entered the room.

“And we’d forgotten our watches and didn’t know it was late,” added Julie.

“No excuses accepted.” snapped Mrs Spencer. “You’re getting twelve each with my little friend.”

“Twelve, Mummy?” queried Julie. “You said we would get six.”

“Let’s say it’s twelve at the moment, and I am seriously considering putting it up to eighteen. In fact I think I will because of your smudged lipstick.”

“We only had about one little kiss each,” pleaded Julie.

“Rubbish.” commented Mrs Spencer.

Pants were taken down and the punishment began.

“I’m going to give you two whacks each and then start with the first girl again.

You’d better count the strokes for me so I don’t leave any out.”

“Ouch! One, Mummy. Ow! Two, Mummy.” squeaked Angela.

“One, Mummy. Gosh, please not so hard. Ow! Two, Mummy.” protested Julie.

The spanking continued slowly and efficiently and the little slipper landed with a loud crack each time it met a plump bare bottom.”

“Ow! Ow! Twelve, thank you Mummy. Please stop now.” pleaded Julie.

“You’re getting eighteen, or do you want twenty four?”

“No Mummy. Oww! Thirteen, thank you Mummy. Oww! Fourteen, thank you Mummy.” Angela’s voice was a whisper.

“Right, that’s it.” Said Mrs Spencer after both girls had received eighteen strokes. “Put your pyjama bottoms on, get into bed, lights out and no talking. Oh and by the way, we’re going to eight o’clock church tomorrow.”

Good night kisses were exchanged and the girls, both with tear-stained faces apologised again to their mother.

Lying on their tummies the girls held a brief whispered conversation.

Their bottoms were stinging and burning hot but the party had been fun. Mummy’s slipper didn’t hurt quite as much as Jilly’s gym shoe at school but getting eighteen strokes made it worse in a way.

Sunday was a miserable day for the twins. They woke with headaches and tender bottoms and after church they got on with the Latin and their essays. They still couldn’t do the maths.

On Monday morning, wearing their blue gingham short summer dresses and their hair in bunches, Mrs Spencer delivered them to Miss Cameron for their extra tuition. Miss Cameron was tall, thin and unsmiling. She was wearing a short black skirt with a white blouse and a thin navy tie.

Miss Cameron told the girls to go into the schoolroom and sit in the front row while she spoke to their mother. There were six desks in the grim schoolroom with a raised teacher’s platform with desk at the front and doors on either side of the blackboard.

“So you have no manners besides being idle, lazy and ignorant girls?” asked Miss Campbell in a high voice as she swept into her classroom.

“What do you mean Miss?” asked Angela nervously.

“Even comprehensive girls stand when a mistress enters the classroom.”

“Sorry Miss.” chorused the twins as they got quickly to their feet.

“What do you think Sandy?” Miss Cameron asked as she opened the door to the right of the blackboard and looked behind it. “A spanking? OK?”

“Come out both of you. I’ll teach you to stand when I come in.” Miss Cameron sat on a wooden chair and pulled Angela across her knees. Angela’s dress was folded up and her pants were taken down and the spanking began. Miss Cameron raised her right hand high above her head and brought it down with a loud meaty smack on Angela’s bare bottom. After about twenty similar smacks, Angela was allowed to stand and Julie was given a similar punishment.

“I hope that’s taught you a lesson. Now give me your essays.” snapped Miss Cameron. “Revise your Latin words while I mark them.”

Miss Cameron got busy with her red pen as the twins sat on burning bottoms trying to concentrate on their Latin. Miss Cameron made cross noises and made crosses with her red pen as she marked.

“These are not essays girls – they are rubbish! How dare you give me such poor work.” she declared.

Miss Cameron stood up. She opened the door by the blackboard and said to her unseen colleague: “Not essays but rubbish, Sandy? What do you think? OK, it’ll be the strap then.”

Miss Cameron reached behind the door and produced a strap made of dark flexible leather which was about thirty inches long, four inches wide and split into two tongues at one end. The name ‘Sandy’ was imprinted on one side.

“This, girls, is Sandy Strap. He’s quite an old, but very wise gentleman who has years of experience in dealing with the bottoms of lazy, impertinent or silly girls, and girls who dare to give me rubbish instead of essays.”

Miss Cameron took Angela by an ear and led her up to a rectangular table at the side of the schoolroom.

“Bend over the table, girl!” ordered Miss Cameron. “You girl. Julie. Hold her hands tightly from the other end.”

Angela’s dress was folded up and her pants were taken down to her knees.

“Been strapped before girl?”

“No Miss”

Miss Cameron ran the strap lightly across Angela’s bare bottom before lifting it high in both hands, releasing the end with tails and lashing it across Angela’s bottom with a loud crack.

“Ow! Please Miss, that hurts,” protested Angela as a band of fire extended across her bottom. She wriggled to disperse the sting but was held firmly in place by her sister.

“Keep that bottom still girl. You’re getting six each. Extra if you move.”

Five more strokes were given and the sting in Angela’s bottom became deeper with each stroke.

“Pants up girl and hold your sister.” snapped Miss Cameron. “Bend over Julie.”

Julie was punished in the same way as Angela.

“Go and sit down,” ordered Miss Cameron. “Sit up properly and pay attention.”

Sitting still on roasting bottoms was difficult but the girls were careful to pay attention. Miss Cameron discussed how to plan and write proper essays and set the girls to work rewriting them.

The second attempt at essay writing was much more successful.

“You may have a ten minute break for squash and biscuits in the kitchen, girls.” said Miss Cameron with a wintery smile. “After that we’ll have a Latin test. I think we’ll keep Sandy handy, as I think we may need him again if you have the impertinence to fail the test. After lunch we’ll go for a run before afternoon classes. Mens sana in corpore sano.”

“What a dreadful lady.” whispered Julie rubbing her bottom during break. “To think we’ve got three whole weeks like this!”

“Perhaps we should have asked Miss Gregory for the cane last week,” replied her sister also rubbing her bottom.

The immediate future looked rather grim, but if they worked hard they just might pass Miss Gregory’s test and avoid being caned.

The End