One twin gets the other into trouble

By Jill Waterhouse

Roberta and Pam Walker were 16-year-old non-identical twins studying for their O levels at a mixed grammar school just outside London in 1979. It was late April and the exams were only a few weeks away. All the staff were working as hard as they could to make sure all their pupils achieved the best grades they could. This was way before league tables and targets. The teachers were doing it because that is what they needed to do for the kids’ sake, not the local education board’s reputation.

The school had a good discipline record, but as was very much the norm in those days, if you stepped out of line, minor infractions were swiftly dealt with by the dishing out of lines or detentions, which were enforced after school the following day. More serious cases would result in a smacked bottom from the class teacher. They were all authorised to spank both male and female pupils. Female teachers used their hand or slipper on the pupils’ bottoms. Male teachers could use the same on the boys, but with the girls could use the slipper on their bottoms or a ruler across their hands. They were not allowed to make direct contact with a teenager’s bottom.

Roberta and Pam were doing more or less all the same subjects and sat together in the lessons they shared. On the whole, they were good students who would expect to be starting A levels next year, and then go on to university. This was the path 60% of the school’s pupils followed on average, but their year was an exceptional one so 80+% should be on this progression path, the head teacher had predicted.

Whilst Roberta was fully engaged with the revision programme which had started when they came back after the Easter break, Pam was starting to struggle. It was not that the courses were too difficult for her, she just did not like covering the same ground again and again as the teachers worked to cram every last mark’s worth of information into their long term memories.

The days and weeks dragged by as the revision lessons became more and more intense. Roberta and most of her classmates were hoovering up the knowledge, but Pam was becoming more and more detached. In art, the only subject that she did not share with Roberta, she had two detentions and then had been put across Mrs Fairbanks’ knee and soundly spanked for her lack of application in the last couple of weeks.

When Roberta found out after the lesson, she found this most amusing and told Pam to learn her lesson, pull her socks up and it would all be done in 3 or 4 weeks.

“That’s easy for you to say, Roberta,” Pam scolded her. “You are a natural learner and you’ll do loads better than I will this summer.”

“Not so, and how many times do you think you will get a sore bottom before the penny drops, sis? You were lucky. Fairbanks can’t be more than 5 stones ringing wet and I doubt she could spank her way out of a paper bag. Next time, it could be much worse.”

“For your information, she is an excellent spanker, thank you very much. Not quite at mum’s level, but not far behind. Talking of behinds, mine is still smarting, no matter what you say!” Pam responded.

The bell rang and the next class was due to start. Maths Uggh! Both were in the top set and this was the one lesson where Pam was more engaged than Roberta. Words and symbols were her thing, not numbers. That said, she still hit a good B grade in her mocks, Pam getting an A. Mrs Matthews suffered fools badly. During the lesson, Peter was fidgeting and had generally been irritating to Nicola who was sat next to him.

“Peter, stop that at once or you will be in big trouble!” Mrs Matthews barked earnestly. Sadly, it went in one ear and out of the other as, within 10 minutes, Nicola was almost in tears at not being able to work.

“That’s it, Peter. You have had your warning. Come here, now!” Mrs Matthews said in her finest teacher voice which she had perfected over the 25 years she had been at the school.

Peter grudgingly rose from his seat near the back of the class and slowly walked between the desks with 25 pairs of eyes burning into him. He eventually reached Mrs Matthews’ desk.

“How many times do I have to repeat myself before an instruction sinks into that thick skull of yours, Peter?”

Before he could draw breath, she commented, “Clearly too many. The whole class is suffering because of you. Now it is your turn to suffer.”

With that she reached into her drawer and pulled out a plimsoll which had probably once been white but was now an aged dull grey, and Mrs Matthews had probably been using that since she started teaching. The heel had plenty of tread on it but the front portion was worn thin by use over the years. One could only imagine how many boys and girls had felt the touch of the slipper across their bottoms over the last 25 years, and it was about to claim it’s next victim.

Peter was expecting to be touching his toes any moment now, but to his surprise and horror, instead he heard the scraping of a chair and she pulled it out and sat down. He suddenly realised he was going to get the ultimate humiliation; to be slippered over her knee.

“Bend over, please,” she said, tapping her lap with her left hand as she held the slipper in her right.

Peter slowly complied and within a couple of seconds of him being in position with Mrs Matthews’ left hand holding him in place, the slipper made first contact with a resounding thud, the suddenness of which made him jump. Five more such thuds later, he was allowed to get up, warned of his future behaviour and left in no doubt she was more than happy to apply the slipper again if he needed it. Needless to say, she did not need to again.

The walk of shame was probably as painful in other ways as the slippering had been, but at least that pain would quickly fade.

It was now Friday afternoon, and the last lesson of the week was English Literature. Today’s revision was the poet, Thomas Larkin. A collective groan greeted Mrs Jenkins’ announcement. That said, the pupils read well and answered her questions on the meaning of important lines and the context of the poems. Pam, though, was getting very bored by this point and had been spoken to sternly by Mrs Jenkins to pay attention, who then firing questions at her for a while.

Mrs Jenkins moved onto the next poem and this time it was Tammy at the back who bore the brunt of the questions, and Pam’s attention waned again.

Roberta felt a nudge, then another nudge from Pam.

“What?” she hissed sharply under her breath, and saw a note appear from under Pam’s hand.

Against her better judgement, while Mrs Jenkins was looking towards the other side of the class room, she quickly looked at it and passed it back to her sister, just as Mrs Jenkin’s bat-like hearing heard the shuffle of the slip of paper.

Roberta was praying she wouldn’t ask to see it as it was a cartoon of Mrs Jenkins that Pam had drawn and passed to her. Now it would look like she was to blame.

“Give me that, Roberta. I am surprised at you messing about like that. Pam, you are also partly to blame, I am sure,” Mrs Jenkins said, taking the note which she then opened. “Ok, now, you two stay behind after the lesson. I should punish you now, but you have disrupted the class enough today.”

Mrs Jenkins screwed up the note and tossed it into the waste paper bin, and then continued with the last 15 minutes or so of the lesson.

Seconds before the bell rang for the end of the lesson, Mrs Jenkins said, “Thank you class, or most of it. That was a very productive lesson. Before Tuesday’s lesson, I want you to re-read the first 40 pages of Macbeth and we will go through the points on which the examiners are likely to test you.”

The bell rang.

“Class dismissed. Roberta, Pam, come over here please.”

As the classroom emptied, the twins looked at each other, wondering what their punishment would be. Both hoped for lines or detention, but Mrs Jenkins had said she ‘wouldn’t punish them now’, so both were fearing they would be getting a sore bottom or palms of their hands. They now stood next to the teacher’s desk as she cleaned the blackboard, deliberately keeping them waiting. Pam was fidgeting, wishing she hadn’t passed that stupid note in the first place.

Mrs Jenkins turned to face the twins. “Roberta, I am surprised and bitterly disappointed at you distracting Pam like that. She struggles to concentrate at the best of times, never mind at this critical time in your education journey. Pam, you need to get your head around how important these next few weeks are,” she lectured.

“Please Miss, it wasn’t Roberta that drew the cartoon. It was me, Miss. I am the one studying art. She can’t draw for toffee.” Pam tried to explain.

“Is this true, Roberta? Was it your sister who drew the cartoon?” enquired Mrs Jenkins.

Roberta was torn. Should she protect his sister who was, to be honest, getting a reputation around school as a slacker, and take the blame herself? Should she agree with her confession. On reflection, she decided that taking responsibility might just help Pam along.

“Yes Miss, Pam passed me the note and you saw me trying to pass it back, Miss.”

“Very well. For disrupting the class, you are both to be punished, but one more than the other as only one of you could have been responsible for starting the disruption. I will therefore reverse the punishments I had intended to give to you both. Roberta, you will be punished first. Come here, please. I am going to tan your behind whilst you lay across my lap, so get over my knee and let’s get this over with,” instructed Mrs Jenkins.

The teacher sat on one of the seats just vacated by the dismissed class. Roberta had only been punished once at school, by Miss Smith in the 1st year when about half the class had their bottoms smacked for messing about when she had to pop to get some more chalk from the stationery cupboard down the corridor. This was far worse; a young lady of 16-years-old getting her bottom smacked by a teacher in front of her own sister. She couldn’t think of anything worse.

As Roberta settled into place, her hands supporting her weight, Mrs Jenkins wasted little time starting the spanking, her palm smacking into Roberta’s tightly stretched school skirt which hugged her bum very snuggly. She spanked both buttocks sharply and firmly for about a minute, and landed some 20 spanks in total. Whilst it was enough to cause two very sore areas on her backside, it was nothing too serious. It was more the embarrassment factor that Roberta was concerned about, but at least there were only the three of them in the room, not like Peter’s slippering earlier in the week.

“I hope that has taught you a lesson, Roberta. I do not take any pleasure in punishing anyone, let alone someone as far through the school as you two are,” explained Mrs Jenkins. “Pam, you are next,” she said, standing and taking her slipper from her drawer.

This was a black plimsoll with plenty of tread still on it, and clearly not used as often as the one used by Mrs Matthews.

“Bend over my lap, please.”

Pam dutifully draped herself across the teacher’s lap, toes on the floor, hands in front, and her mid-length hair hanging limply in front of her face. She braced herself for what she knew was to come. Her skirt was very tight on her bottom normally, more so laid across Mrs Jenkin’s lap, her two orbs clearly visible and inviting the punishment that was about to come.

Mrs Jenkins tapped the sole of the slipper on Pam’s bottom a couple of times, then raised it and brought it whopping down on her right buttock. Pam let out a half-contained yelp of pain. Seconds later, her left buttock exploded in pain as the second smack of the slipper bit into her skirt and her bottom beneath. Two more on the right, then two to the left, had Pam sobbing softly and whimpering as each hit home. Finally, one more stroke on each buttock and Mrs Jenkins was finished.

“If you disrupt my class again, Pam, it will not be the sole of my slipper spanking your bottom, but the headmistress’s cane. Do I make myself clear, girl?” threatened Mrs Jenkins ominously.

Wiping away her tears with her hanky, Pam turned her red eyes to Mrs Jenkins and said, “Yes, Miss,” in a soft voice as she rubbed her burning bottom with both her hands.

“Very well, get off home the pair of you, and don’t forget 40 pages of Macbeth for Tuesday, or there will be trouble,” smiled Mrs Jenkins as she slipped her slipper back into the drawer and picked up her bag before switching off the lights.

The twins walked home in relative silence after asking each other how it was for them. Roberta had said her spanking was okay, but she thought Mrs Jenkins had been harsh on Pam. Sadly for Pam, her eyes were still red when she got home and of course their mum noticed straight away.

“Why have you been crying, Pam? Have you been fighting? Are you in trouble or something?” their mum asked.

“Mrs Jenkins spanked us both. Pam passed me a note and it had a cartoon of her on it. Pam got the slipper, she used her hand on my bum,” explained Roberta, hoping Pam would not get in more bother now she was home.

“Pam, I am disappointed in you. You have exams in one month and you are messing about and even getting Roberta into trouble. Come here, girl!” shouted mum as she grabbed Pam’s wrist and dragged her struggling over her knee.

Pulling and struggling, she managed to pull Pam’s tight skirt up over her bottom, exposing her white school knickers and a huge red splodgy mark on her bottom spilling from beneath, courtesy of Mrs Jenkin’s slipper. Mum paused for a moment to look at the damage.

“Looks like Mrs Jenkins meant business, and so do I,” said their mum as she unleashed a volley of 25 or 30  smacks with her hand all over the white knickers Pam was wearing.

Roberta would rather not have been present, but realised partly this was for getting her into trouble and her getting spanked when she was trying to study. She could see the red spots becoming an even more angry shade of red, and once again the tears flooded from her sister’s eyes as she sobbed openly and heavily.

“Get up, get upstairs and don’t come down until I put dinner on the table,” mum shouted at Pam.

Pam ran upstairs, skirt still around her waist, and slammed her bedroom door shut.

“She didn’t mean any harm, mum. She’s struggling with all this revision. She knows her stuff, it is just the classes getting her down. I bet she’d do better staying home and revising by herself, you know,” Roberta said, trying to protect her sibling.

“I don’t say you are wrong, but I don’t want the school inspector banging on my door, thank you very much,” her mum said, squeezing Roberta’s hand. “Go and get changed, and look in on Pam. I suspect I am persona non grata with her at present.”

“Yes, I was going to do anyway,” said Roberta softly.

As Roberta passed her sister’s room, she could make out quiet sobbing and so she went into her own room, quietly closing the door and getting changed.  She left it 5 minutes before tip-toeing back to Pam’s room and listening. Silence. She waited a few seconds just to be sure, and then gently rapped on the door with her knuckles. Still silence.

She rapped again, but this time said in a low voice, “It’s only me, Pam. Can I come in, please?”

“Okay,” Pam replied in a croaky voice.

Roberta quietly opened the door and saw Pam laid face down on the bed covered with her bed sheet. She could clearly see the shape of her body beneath and her uniform scattered around the room.

“How are you? Are you okay? Is there anything you need?”

“I’m fine, thank you. Thanks for checking. I expected to be in trouble, but not another spanking me like that,” said Pam, trying not to cry again. “My bum has never hurt so much. Do you want to take a look?”

“I thought you’d never ask!” Roberta laughed.

Gingerly, Roberta lifted the edge of the sheet and glanced underneath, seeing Pam’s long slender white legs which contrasted vividly with the bright red bottom peeping out from beneath her school knickers.

“Ow! That looks really bad. You should let me put something on that later,” she said.

Reaching down, Pam hooked her fingers in the sides of her panties and gently lowered them.

“Could you put some cream on them now, please Roberta?”

Of course, Roberta was very happy to do so.  She noticed how hot Pam’s delicate skin felt to the touch, and she could only imagine how much that second spanking must have hurt her sister.

“Thank you, Roberta,” Pam said. “Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to wallow in self-pity for a little longer,” she said with a warm, grateful smile.

Their mum never mentioned the spanking when they had dinner. Pam sitting down carefully at the table was enough of a clue for their mum.

In the end, Pam’s concentration seemed to improve, and she did not get into any further trouble. The exams came and went, and they worked very hard to get their grades. In August, when the results came back, Roberta received 5 grade As and 3 grade Bs, the second highest in the year.

Pam also did exceptionally well, gaining 4 As, 3 Bs and one C. Their mum was ecstatic and presumed her intervention had a part in the outcome, which maybe it did. The hours and hours of study she put in at home may have helped too. Both went on to do their A levels at the same school. Roberta went on to read law at Oxford, and Pam decided not to go to university but went to an art college instead where she met her future husband and they opened an art gallery together in later years.

The End

© Jill Waterhouse 2021