A girl feels she has been treated unfairly by her teacher.

By Stinger Sam

“It is time to go Miss Bitch’s class,” Tammra told Rachael, her best friend, closing her locker.

“Unfortunately, we must, Tammy,” replied Rachael. “We might as well face the music now and get it over with.”

With dread and fear running through their bodies, the two ladies proceeded to go to Miss Scott’s class. Miss Scott was the youngest member of the teaching staff. Being the age of twenty–four, she was older than Tammra and Rachael by only six years. She had long wavy red hair, green eyes, and a medium complexion. Miss Scott habitually wore her hair down, which was an unusual custom at Sunshine High because most female teachers with a generous length of hair styled it in buns or in ponytails. Miss Scott was on the thin side but she still had a nice round bottom and medium perky breasts. The seniors on the basketball team loved checking out Miss Scott because of her youthful and attractive appearance as well as the way her butt jiggled when she walked. She didn’t mind the extra attention and even caught them looking down her shirt on numerous occasions while talking with her.

But under her beautiful looks lied a personality that rivaled that of a demon. Miss Scott pulled no punches; she would stop the class in a moment’s notice, place her small wooden stool outside in the hallway, and greet the unfortunate bottom with her terrifying wooden paddle. Eighteen year old Tammra Murphy had already been on the receiving end of two of Miss Scott’s calamitous paddlings. Despite a spanking by Miss Scott occurring between the timeframe of 1:00 to 2:00 during fifth period, Tammra’s backside would still be red as an apple when her mother examined it around 7:00 after finishing dinner.

To Mrs Murphy’s dismay, her daughter had already been paddled twice since the new school year began two months ago, with both spankings administered by Miss Scott. She found that odd considering that Tammra excelled in school and had not been spanked by any member of the school faculty in years, except only recently by Miss Scott. Nevertheless, it was just three weeks ago that Miss Scott dragged both Tammra and Rachael out in the hallway and blistered both of their bottoms with her ruthless paddle. Wondering about what was going to transpire today as they made their way to Miss Scott’s classroom caused much anxiety for Tammra and Rachael.

“Ms Murphy, Ms Anderson, did you complete the two hundred sentences that I assigned you two misfits yesterday?” Asked Miss Scott. “If not, you know what the consequences will be, but considering that it seems like you two ladies are trying real hard to get more spankings, I wouldn’t be surprised if you chose not to do it.”

Tammra and Rachael handed Miss Scott the papers containing the sentences.

Retrieving the papers, Miss Scott said: “Good girls. I may yet smack you two into submission and transform you two deviant brats into fine young ladies that your mothers can finally be proud of. Do you remember what I said yesterday about this assignment?”

Rachael turned, looked at Tammra and back to Miss Scott, and answered: “To write 200 sentences that state:

Since I am a mischievous, defiant, spoiled brat who freely and willingly chooses to deliberately disobey the teachers that I am truly blessed to have teaching my ungrateful and unworthy self, I acknowledge on own freewill that Miss Scott should and very often use her lovely and worthy of respect paddle that is in her possession to spank my butt whenever and wherever needed since my parents have totally failed to provide me with the much demanded discipline that I so very often needed in order to become a fine young lady that might be able to somehow better my community.”

“And what would happen if you cut corners?” Asked Miss Scott.

“You would paddle us,” replied Tammra.

“That is correct. If I find that you failed to correctly write the sentences, even just one, you will have some explaining to do with my paddle. And unfortunately my paddle is not a good listener.”

After being threatened by Miss Scott, Tammra and Rachael sat down at their desks. Tammra looked up at the chalkboard where Miss Scott wrote the class assignments and of course, as usual, saw Miss’s paddle hanging on the wall beside of it. It was kind of difficult not to notice it hanging there. Miss Scott’s paddle was 18 inches long, 3 inches wide, and had a 1/2 inch thick blade. On the blade, the name ‘Amber’ was deeply engraved, which happened to be Miss Scott’s first name. Tammra despised that paddle, knowing the untold misery that it had caused and the fact of not enjoying having the impression ‘Amber’ across her rear end after being spanked with it.

Tammra began to read the lengthy reading assignment that Miss Scott assigned the class. As the class was occupied, Miss Scott took the opportunity to check the accuracy of the sentences that Tammra and Rachael turned in. During the middle of the class period, Tammra looked up and saw Miss Scott coldly staring at her with what was perceived as an evil grin. She then signaled Tammra to come to her desk.

“Yes, Miss Scott?” Asked Tammra, trying not to shake.

Turning Tammra’s assignment in her direction, which had a large circle with red ink around a group of words in sentence fifty, Miss Scott said: “Do you notice something wrong in this sentence?”

Tammra carefully read the sentence and noticed that she accidentally excluded the article ‘the’ from the sentence.

“The article ‘the’ is missing.”

“Correct. And why was that?” Asked Miss Scott.

“I suppose that I was careless and accidentally excluded it.”

“When I assigned you those sentences yesterday, I specifically said that if you cut any corners that there would be consequences,” said Miss Scott, refreshing Tammra’s memory. “Your deviant attitude is getting rather old. Why can’t you follow directions? Do you enjoy getting spanked?”

Tammra, in an attempt to defend herself, looked down and answered: “Miss Scott, I promise you that I did not do that on purpose. I would not deliberately do it because, quite frankly, your paddlings hurt like hell and I really don’t enjoy having a sore bottom for a few days. Please believe me. If you would like, I could rewrite the sentences tonight and turn them in tomorrow.”

“Sorry, young lady,” answered Miss Scott. “But you had your chance and you decided to blow it. Now grab the stool and go in the hallway.”

Tammra’s felt like her heart dropped when those words exited Miss Scott’s mouth. She turned around, trying not to cry in front of her peers, grabbed the wooden stool, left the classroom, and closed the classroom door behind her. Miss Scott continued sitting at her desk and was examining Rachael’s work.

‘Oh shit,’ Rachael thought. ‘Tammra is getting the board again. She got paddled by Miss Scott just three weeks ago!’

Rachael, being paranoid that she would be joining her friend in the hallway, was closely watching Miss Scott’s movements. Miss Scott quickly looked up from reading Rachael’s sentences and stared intentionally at Rachael, giving her a cold look. Rachael instantly quivered, thinking that she too would be getting paddled by Miss Scott. Miss Scott signaled Rachael to come to her desk with her index finger. Rachael thought the worst. Her heart was racing and her hands were trembling. She just knew that she was going to be paddled with Tammra again, just as she was three weeks ago. She mustered up the strength and entered the lion’s den.

“Yes, Miss Scott?” Rachel asked, holding her breath.

Miss Scott remained silent and continued to stare at Rachael in her eyes.

After not responding for a minute, Miss Scott finally said: “I wanted to tell you that you did a good job on your sentences. Keep up the great work.”

Rachael, now relieved, exhaled deeply and returned to her desk. Miss Scott left her seat and removed the paddle from its home.

After finally calming down, knowing that she dodged a bullet, Rachael noticed Miss Scott’s attire. She had on a green sleeveless blouse with white straight leg trousers and brown dress shoes. Rachael found it strange that someone who had such an ugly personality could have a wonderful taste for fashion. However, it didn’t matter. Miss Scott exited the classroom and, with her paddle gripped with her right hand, she was on a mission to teach Tammra a lesson.

After what seemed like an eternity for Tammra, Miss Scott finally appeared. But before Miss Scott decided to show up, Tammra’s boyfriend, Robert, saw Tammra in the hallway as he was going to the restroom.

“What are you doing here?” Asked Robert. “Are you in trouble again?”

“If you must know, I am waiting to get paddled by that bitch, Miss Scott.” Answered Tammra.

“Damn, again,” Robert said, shaking his head in disbelief. “If this keeps up, I may have to buy some cream so your butt can at least heal before getting spanked again.” Robert said, trying to make a joke.

“Asshole,” Tammra replied, letting out a laugh and punching Robert in his right arm.

“Ouch,” said Robert, laughing. “Maybe I should kiss Miss Scott’s ass so she will let me use the board on you,” Robert said, teasing Tammra. “Would you prefer that instead of Miss Scott always spanking you?”

“I don’t think so. I’ll use it on you,” Tammra retorted. “Hey, are you still coming over for dinner tonight?”

“Yeah, I’ll be there around 4:30.”

“That should give us plenty of time to have some fun and to prepare dinner for my mom, since she gets off work around 6:30,” Tammra replied with a smile on her face. “Okay, you better get out of here before you get in trouble too.”

“See you tonight,” Robert said, walking away. “And try not to get anymore spankings, Tammra.”

Tammra rolled her eyes and laughed. She felt better after briefly talking with her boyfriend. Tammra and Robert had been dating for three years. He had a way about him that cheered Tammra up, even in the worst circumstances. The joy and excitement that she felt after visiting with him was about to be killed as the classroom door crept open with Miss Scott and her paddle emerging. Tammra fixed her eyes on the paddle. Miss Scott took a glance at Tammra and passed two classrooms before knocking on a door.

“Yes?” Tammra heard a male voice ask.

‘Wait, that is Mr Sutherland’s classroom! He is a total creeper and Miss Scott wants him to witness her spank me? No way!’ Tammra thought.

“Sure, I’ll be glad to be a witness. Let’s turn up the heat,” answered Mr Sutherland, shutting the door.

As they approached Tammra, Tammra swung her arm and said: “Hold on a minute. Instead of Mr Sutherland witnessing my paddling, can I have a female witness instead?”

“You wanted a female witness?” asked Miss Scott. “I’m sorry, I must have forgotten about Mrs Miles or Mrs Johnson and skipped their classrooms and went to Mr Sutherland’s classroom. He is already here and they are not, so let’s get to business.”


“No buts. The Student Handbook says any faculty member can administer corporal punishment and serve as a witness. So get in position.”

Tammra was not thrilled about Mr Sutherland being there. All of Tammra’s friends in her grade chatted about Mr Sutherland’s behavior. Whenever an attractive female senior had a question about the class material, Mr Sutherland approached the student at the desk and answered her question with wandering eyes. For punishment, Mr Sutherland usually made the female students bend over in the corner or run laps outside after school as he watched on with binoculars. When questioned by the principal about the binoculars, due to concerns raised by parents, he said that he was an avid birdwatcher. He did not often administer corporal punishment but when he did, he only spanked female students and it occurred in his classroom in front of the other students.

To make her situation worse, Tammra chose to wear her pleated light blue skirt. School policy stated that skirts must be raised when corporal punishment is administered to female students who were wearing skirts. So not only was Mr Sutherland going to witness Miss Scott paddle her bottom, but he was also going to get a chance to see her underwear.

“How many swats am I getting?” asked Tammra.

“How about five? Sounds fair, right? Now bend over or I will ask Mr Sutherland to do the honors,” Miss Scott said, threatening Tammra.

Not wanting the renowned school creeper to have the pleasure of spanking her, Tammra bent over, and spread her legs shoulder length apart. Once bent over, she pushed her long brown hair to the right side of her face. She grabbed the seat of the stool and braced herself for the licking that she was about to receive.

“Mr Sutherland,” said Miss Scott, passing the paddle to him.

“Is she going to let him spank me?” Tammra asked, turning her head around to assure that this was not case.

“Turn back around and look straight ahead,” demanded Miss Scott. “Or you will be getting extra swats!”

Tammra turned back around and focused on a large picture frame that she was able to view. Inside the picture frame was a group picture from last year of Superintendent Blake, herself, and three other students who made the Superintendent’s Honor Roll. Now here she was, wearing a short sleeve white blouse, white dress shoes, and about to get her pleated light blue skirt raised by Miss Scott just so Mr Sutherland could possibly paddle her panty covered rear end.

Miss Scott lifted Tammra’s skirt, thus exposing her toasted almond cheeky panties that served as the last line of defense against Miss Scott’s paddle.

“Stick out your butt a little further,” Miss Scott ordered. ”Mr Sutherland, do you think Ms Murphy’s posture is appropriate for a paddling?”

Mr Sutherland replied: “Let me see.”

He stood directly behind her and examined her exposed bottom. Next, he moved in front of her and viewed her stance. During that moment, he and Tammra made eye contact. She looked away and saw that he was carrying Miss Scott’s paddle in his right hand. He then walked behind Tammra and parked by her left side. He placed his left palm firmly on her lower back, almost touching her panties. He then positioned the paddle on her raised bottom.

‘Oh my gosh, I am going to be spanked by the creeper,’ Tammra thought, trying to fight off the tears.

Mr Sutherland patted Tammra’s backside three times with the paddle and rubbed it sideways one time. He clutched the paddle’s handle as hard as he could and drew back the paddle. Tammra no longer felt the cold and dreadful presence of Miss Scott’s paddle.

‘Shit! Here it comes!’ Tammra thought, seizing the stool even harder and closing her eyes.

“Miss Scott, she is all yours,” Mr Sutherland said after a short pause, returning the paddle to its rightful owner.

“Thank you for your great analysis, Mr Sutherland,” replied Miss Scott, dawdling to Tammra’s left side.

Tammra let out a deep breath, relieved that at least Mr Sutherland would not be administering the paddling. However, he was still going to be the witness. Mr Sutherland positioned himself seven feet directly behind Tammra’s exposed bottom, ceaselessly gazing at it.

“You have five swats coming,” Miss Scott reminded Tammra. “Stay in position at all times and count each swat. Failure to perform either task will result in penalty swats. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Miss Scott.” Answered Tammra.

Miss Scott laid her left palm on Tammra’s lower back, placed her paddle on Tammra’s rear end, and took aim. Although Tammra was wearing underwear, the cheeky panties that she had on miserably failed to adequately cover her entire bottom. Since a substantial portion of her cheeks were uncovered, Miss Scott and Mr Sutherland were to going see a variety of red shades as Miss Scott punished her bottom. She was certain Mr Sutherland was excited about seeing her partially covered backside getting spanked. Miss Scott drew back her paddle and struck Tammra’s bottom.


“One,” Tammra stammered, barely managing to say it without crying.

It sounded like an explosion went off in the hallway. With cheeks already slightly red, Miss Scott lined up her paddle with Tammra’s butt, tapped it once, and swung hard.


“Ouch!” Tammra yelped, now with a flushed face and streams of tears. “Two!”

“Looky there, Ms Murphy’s bottom is already a nice rosy color,” Mr Sutherland pointed out.

Tammra felt the eerie presence of the paddle again. She closed her eyes, fully knowing that she would lose her composure after the next swat.


“Three!” Tammra stuttered, standing up and burying her face in a nearby locker while crying.

Being unmoved by the distress that Tammra was experiencing, Miss Scott ordered Tammra to reassume the position. Once Tammra was in the position again, Miss Scott lifted her skirted and took aim with the paddle.

“For getting out of position, you have earned yourself a penalty swat,” announced Miss Scott, proceeding to smack Tammra’s butt again.


Tammra gasped and with great difficulty said: “Three!”

Miss Scott tapped her paddle against Tammra’s roasted bottom and said: “Wrong answer. The correct answer was four. For your incompetence, you have merited another penalty swat.”


Sniveling, Tammra let out a loud howl and said: “Five!”

“Mr Sutherland, can you believe the idiocy of some of the students, especially Ms Murphy?” Sarcastically asked Miss Scott, placing the paddle on Tammra’s blistering red bottom. “Your mother should be ashamed of you, Tammra. You can’t even count.”


“Six,” Tammra sobbingly said, hearing Mr Sutherland laughing behind her.

“You need so much guidance that it is ridiculous. You are a very lucky girl since you are not my daughter,” informed Miss Scott, rubbing her paddle across Tammra’s sore bottom. “Or your bottom would be getting tanned every morning before you started your day. But as long as I am your teacher and you are under my authority, I will provide you with the proper guidance and correction you need whenever I see fit because I know your lousy mother won’t.”


“Seven!” Blubbered Tammra, remaining bent over and weeping in agony.

“Well I do have to admit that I like your art, Miss Scott,” Mr Sutherland said, examining the aftermath of the paddling. “Just look at her bottom, it is crimson red. That rump is bound to be bruised. She should not be forgetting this lesson anytime soon.”

“Mr Sutherland, thank you for your time. Maybe you can do the honors next time,” replied Miss Scott.

The remainder of the class period was not a pleasant experience for Tammra. It was painfully obvious to her fellow peers that she was in a lot of pain. The shade of red from her face matched the color of her bloodshot eyes. It was a challenging task for Tammra to remain seated as she was forced to reposition her bottom every few minutes. As the period was drawing to a close, Miss Scott signaled Tammra to come to her desk. She passed Tammra a corporal punishment notice and told her to sign it, acknowledging that she received corporal punishment today at the hands of Miss Scott. Tammra was then given a copy of the same notice for her own personal records. After class, Tammra and Rachael met in the girls’ restroom.

“Are you okay?” Asked Rachael, attempting to comfort her friend.

Tammra passed Rachael the corporal punishment notice and examined her facial appearance in the mirror.

“Yeah, I am okay, besides having a sore bottom. That bitch really did a number on my backside,” Tammra answered, reapplying mascara. “Do you have any BB cream on you?”

“Here you go, baby,” Rachael replied, passing her BB cream to Tammra. “So I read on the notice that pervert, Mr Sutherland, witnessed you getting paddled?”

“He did. By the way Miss Scott was acting, I thought she was going to let Mr Sutherland spank me.”

“Gross,” answered Rachael. “He probably enjoyed watching you get spanked. Did I tell you about him making me run laps last week? He was outside watching me with a pair of binoculars. I’m pretty sure that he was checking me out. Let’s look at the damage.”

“You did tell me,” Tammra said, lowering her panties and lifting up her skirt. “That creep probably did enjoy witnessing Miss Scott paddle my ass. So how does my butt look?”

“She tore up your booty pretty good,” Rachael responded. “Red as an apple with the impression ‘Amber’ on it. Look on the bright side; at least everybody in gym and swimming class will know who spanked you,” Rachael said, trying to make a joke.

“That was hilarious,” replied Tammra, rolling her eyes. “It was so funny that I forgot to laugh.”

Tammra retrieved her compact mirror from her purse, turned around, and examined her bottom in the bathroom mirror.

“My poor butt will be sore for a week,” confirmed Tammra. “Let’s go.”

That night, Robert came over to Tammra’s home to help prepare dinner for Tammra’s mother as well as to get some action from Tammra. Tammra earlier planned on at least making out with Robert but she changed her plans since she felt sore from the paddling that Miss Scott gave her that day. She kissed Robert on the cheek and told him next time.

Across town, Amy, Tammra’s mother, worked at a mall as the head of loss prevention. Sometimes her job required her to work late hours such as tonight. On those occasions her daughter tried to ease the burden for her mother by cooking supper. Amy took a swig of her coffee and looked up at one of monitors just in time to notice Miss Scott in the cosmetic department. She zoomed in on her and observed Miss Scott’s behavior ever so carefully. Miss Scott took a hold of a package of perfume and inconspicuously slid it into her purse and then exited the store. Amy grabbed the phone but quickly hung it up.

“I have a better idea, you little bitch,” Amy muttered to herself, ejecting the disk from the security monitor and putting it in a case.

Within twenty minutes, Amy left work and returned home. Once home, she was greeted by the pleasant aroma of chicken pasta and garlic bread. Once they ate dinner and Robert left, Tammra gave her mother the corporal punishment notice. Amy slowly read it over.

“So according to the notice, you were paddled for being defiant to Miss Scott,” said Amy. “So how exactly were you being defiant?”

“She assigned me 200 paragraph sentences to write and I forgot to include the article ‘the’ in one sentence,” Tammra explained.

“Are you joking?” Amy asked, having a disgusted expression on her face. “She gave you five swats and two penalty swats for that? Pull down your britches.”

Tammra lowered her panties so her mother could examine her sore rear end. As with the previous spankings that Tammra received from Miss Scott, her plump bottom had massive bruising on both cheeks.

“Hold that position for just a moment,” Amy said, removing a camera from her purse.

She took two pictures of her daughter’s backside; one close up and one regular shot.

“She walloped your butt good. Tomorrow we are going to have a meeting with her after school because there was no reason why she should have beaten you for something so stupid,” Amy informed her daughter. “I believe this meeting is going to be beneficial.”

Later on, Amy made a copy of the disc she took from work that clearly showed Miss Scott shoplifting. She then removed the SD memory card from her camera and inserted it in her computer. She looked over the two pictures once more and aggressively clicked ‘print’. The next day, she went to the high school at 4 o’clock. She located her daughter and the two entered Miss Scott’s classroom, with Amy carrying a yellow file folder in her right hand.

“Can I help you with something, Mrs Murphy?” Asked Miss Scott.

“As a matter of fact you can,” responded Amy, closing the classroom door behind her. “I want to discuss your excessive and abusive use of corporal punishment on my daughter.”

“Okay, let’s talk. Pull up a chair to my desk.”

Amy and her daughter each pulled up a chair across from Miss Scott and sat down.

Amy looked up and saw Miss Scott’s paddle hanging up on the wall and said: “That is quite the paddle you have. I see that your name is engraved on the blade. That’s nice.”

“I had my named engraved on it so my students will be reminded of who spanked them, just in case they decided to engage in mischief again. I’m beginning to have doubts about it working on your daughter,” replied Miss Scott, smirking at Amy.

Amy glared at Miss Scott and said: “First off, I want to make it clear that I am not against corporal punishment. Whenever my daughter’s butt needs to be spanked, I’m all for it. Tammra, please tell Miss Scott my policy on spanking in regards to age?”

Embarrassed and starting to blush, Tammra answered: “As long as I am living under your roof or visiting the family while on your property, I am perfectly eligible to be spanked at your sole discretion.”

“When was the last time that I gave you a spanking?” Amy asked.

“Last July, just two days after I turned 18,” replied Tammra, feeling resentful about answering her mother’s questions.

“Please describe that spanking to Miss Scott,” requested Amy.

Looking irritable, Tammra said: “You told me to do the dishes that night before and I didn’t do them. After dinner the next day, you told me to take a shower and afterwards join the rest of the family in the family room. After I cleaned up, I went to my room to get dressed. Once I entered the room, I saw that you had laid out a white cotton sleep shirt and a pair of aqua blue panties. I got dressed and then went to the family room.

“You turned off the television and instructed me to have a seat on the sofa beside you and my step sister. After I sat down, you lectured me about not doing the dishes and reminded me that I would never be too old for you to spank. You told my step sister to move to the sofa with father and told me to bend over your lap. I bent over your lap and my bottom was propped up by your knees. You then lifted up my white sleep shirt and lowered my panties to my lower thighs. After I was situated to your approval, you grabbed your wooden hair brush, the one with the large paddle, from the end table. You placed your left arm over my waist, clutching my right thigh with your hand, and smacked my right cheek. Each of my cheeks were struck ten times; one cheek was slapped and then the other cheek was smacked until the spanking ended.

“After you finished spanking my bottom, you pulled up my panties, lowered my sleep shirt, and told me to stand in a corner with my hands on my head until further notice. It was humiliating to stand in a corner with my bottom on fire while you guys were lounging and watching television. After about 30 minutes, you informed me to leave the corner and to go to bed.”

“Thank you for reciting that story, Tammra.” Amy said.

Miss Scott, turning her head in Amy’s direction, glared at her and said: “So what does this have to do me?”

Amy opened the file folder, put it on Miss Scott’s desk and pulled out a corporal punishment notice that was paper clipped to two pictures displaying immense bruising on Tammra’s bottom.

“Have a look at what a spanking is like from you,” Amy said, passing the first corporal punishment notice to Miss Scott. “According to this corporal punishment notice, this paddling was warranted because Tammra was interrupting class. What the notice failed to state was that by ‘interrupting’ you meant she asked you if she could go to the restroom.”

Miss Scott did not respond and passed the corporal punishment notice back. Amy removed a second corporal punishment notice, which had two pictures of Tammra’s beaten backslide attached, and slid it to Miss Scott.

“This paddling that you once again administered to my daughter occurred three weeks ago. Like the first paddling, this one also resulted in bruising. The offense? Being tardy by one minute since another student thought it would be funny if she hid Tammra’s school clothes during gym class.”

Miss Scott, not being remotely interested, glanced at the corporal punishment notice and returned it to Amy.

“And this thrashing occurred yesterday,” Amy said, handing Miss Scott a third corporal punishment notice, once again containing photographs of the damage. “The notice said Tammra was paddled for being defiant. Funny how ‘by defiant’ really meant that out of two hundred paragraph sentences she carelessly excluded the article ‘the’ in one sentence. How the hell can you justify beating a student to a pulp for accidentally forgetting to write one word? What is the matter with you?”

Miss Scott took a deep breath and responded: “Mrs Murphy, per the Student Handbook, any faculty member can administer corporal punishment to any student for any reason. If you actually disciplined your daughter when she needed it, maybe I wouldn’t have to.”

“You bitch!” Shouted Amy, wanting to punch Miss Scott in the face.

“I think this meeting is over with, Mrs Murphy. Tammra, I’ll see you in class tomorrow. I hope that your class presentation tomorrow is up to par.” Said Miss Scott as she stood up and retrieved her paddle. “Or I will put on a class presentation for the entire class to view that will involve you. Now get out.”

“Not so fast, Miss Scott. I have something that you may like to watch,” retorted Amy, unzipping her purse and pulling out a single CD case.

“What is that? Asked Miss Scott.

“Why don’t you put it in that DVD player over there and let’s watch it,” answered Amy, having a malicious grin on her face.

Miss Scott reluctantly grabbed the disc, turned on the TV, and put it in the media player. Miss Scott shrieked with fear when she clearly saw her face as the camera zoomed in. To her horror, she watched herself looking around and then placing an expensive bottle of perfume in her purse and leaving the store without paying for it.

Miss Scott ejected the DVD and said: “All I have to do is snap this disc in half and you will have nothing on me.”

Amy chuckled and said: “Go ahead and do whatever you wish with it. After all, it is your copy.”

“My copy?”

“I’m sorry. Is your comprehension level below average? Allow me to explain. I have another copy at home that I am more than willing to turn over to the authorities unless I have your full cooperation involving a few manners.”

“What do you want?” Miss Scott asked with a fearful look in her eyes.

“For starters, the abuse you that you have caused my daughter is going to stop. No more lame excuses for spanking her. I am not saying you can’t paddle her, but only do so when she truly deserves it. You have my full consent to administer corporal punishment when she needs to have her butt spanked for acting up. Understood?”

“Yes, answered Miss Scott. “What else?”

“I figure that my daughter was unjustly paddled by you on three occasions. Seeing that you spanked her three times without having any merit, it is only fair that you get spanked three times by her. In return, you get to keep your job, as well as your deceptive reputation, and avoid indictment.”

“So this will stay only between us?” Asked Miss Scott.

“No police will have to get involved if you play along. Do we have deal?”

“Yes, we have a deal.” Answered Miss Scott.

“Good. You can expect your first spanking tomorrow after school around four o’clock,” said Amy. “And Miss Scott?”


“I want you to be wearing a nice looking skirt. I’m sure you have one around somewhere since you are quite the expert in shoplifting. Well, we must be leaving. We have a few things to take care of. Enjoy the rest the rest of your day and we will see you tomorrow.”

After saying that, Tammra and her mother left the school and drove to a nearby souvenir shop that specialized in wood craft products.

“What are we doing here?” Tammra asked, being clueless.

“Come in and you will see.”

Amy and her daughter exited the car and went in the store. Amy parted paths from her mother and was admiring the wooden bear sculptures.

“Tammra, come here,” instructed Amy. “I want you to see something.”

Tammra walked over to her mother and saw that she was wielding a small 14 inch wooden paddle that had a heart engraved on the blade.

“What do you think?” Asked Amy.

“Think about what?”

“Using this on Miss Scott, silly. Oh, I know what is wrong. You need a bigger paddle,” Amy replied, grabbing an 18 inch maple paddle. “This one?”

Tammra turned around to look at the other paddles and her mother playfully swatted her butt.

“Hey!” Tammra said, sprinting away from her mother.

“You can run, little girl, but you can’t hide,” Amy said, chasing her daughter.

Tammra stopped dead in her tracks when she saw one particular paddle that stood out from all the others. She continued gazing at it like a deer would to oncoming headlights. Beholding it made her heart stop.

“What is it, sweetie?” Her mother asked, not yet knowing what got into her daughter. “Whoa!”

Tammra reached out and retrieved it from the wall display that this monster called home. It was big, solid, and much more frightening than Miss Scott’s paddle or any spanking implement she had ever seen. This paddle was made of oak and was varnished to perfection that resulted in a stunning pecan appearance. It was 24 inches long, 4 inches wide, a 1/2 inch thick blade, with seven holes on the end of the blade that formed a pattern of two large diamonds. There was also a small black leather cord in the handle that allowed it to be hung up for display.

“This is the Stinger Sam Paddle. Perfectly crafted for busting asses. The mother’s best friend, the deviant’s worst nightmare,” Tammra said, reading the product description that was enclosed on the hand tag. “This is the one. It is perfect.”

“Sweetie,” Amy said. “Are you wanting to paddle Miss Scott’s butt or utterly annihilate it? Just joking. This paddle is perfect.”

At they were at the checkout paying, a male cashier, grinning ear to ear, said to Amy: “It looks like you have some important business to tend to, ma’am. Does it involve that young lady with you?”

Laughing, Amy replied: “I do have some important business to take care of, but it does not pertain to my daughter, at least not yet.”

Tammra looked at her mother’s eyes, having eyes full of fear.

“Let me assure you, madam, this particular piece is more than capable of solving your disciplinary problems. Enjoy.”

Amy and her daughter returned home. Once at home, they sat at the kitchen table and enjoyed a cup of coffee. Amy told her daughter that to give Miss Scott the thrashing she deserved, she needed some practice with the paddle.

“And are you going to teach me?” Asked Tammra. “You don’t know anything about a paddle except for what a bottom looks like when a professor spanker like Miss Scott applies it to one.”

“Wait right there,” Amy said.

Amy went to her bedroom closet and came back with a paddle in her right hand. The paddle was 16 inches long, three and a quarter inches wide, with a 3/8 inch thick blade. The paddle had a beautiful image engraved on the blade of a nude winged female angel on all fours, sideways, with her head turned, exposing a seductive smile with her breasts and bottom being partially visible.

“Cool!” Tammra exclaimed, snatching the paddle from her mother’s hand. “Time for practice. Bend over, mother dear.”

Laughing, Amy replied: “I don’t think so, sweetie. I already got my full share of paddlings in college. If you think spankings stop in high school, you better think again. My bottom got blistered on several occasions while I was attending college.”

“You got paddled by the dean?”

“No, dear, I was a member of a sorority. As a pledge, new members find themselves bent over and spanked by their superiors, their big sisters. Do you see what you have to look forward to next year?”

“Yay, lucky me,” Tammra answered, being sarcastic. “So where did you get this paddle?”

“My big sorority sister gave it to me. Normally the pledge makes her big sister a paddle and receives a gift of some sort from her big sister. My big sister broke tradition and presented me with this paddle. Lucky for you, I later became a big sister and mastered my spanking technique by paddling a lot of butts. In return, I can pass my technique on to you. Grab your paddle and let’s go outside.”

They went in the backyard and approached a large foam archery target.

“Watch me. Take the paddle with only your right hand,” instructed Amy. “Stand about a half of a foot to the left of the spankee. Take aim by lining up the paddle, tapping the bottom if needed. Once you are locked on your target, draw back the paddle and swing like it is a tennis racket. Understand? I’ll give you a demonstration.”

Amy struck the bull’s-eye in the archery target two times.

“Now you try it.”

Tammra swatted the target.

“Very good, but draw the paddle back further. Try again.”

Tammra swatted the target a second time.


Tammra swatted the target a third time, this time damaging the target.

“Oops!” Exclaimed Tammra, observing the damage and giggling. “Will dad get angry?”

“Don’t worry about your father,” Amy said, comforting her daughter. ”Only about tearing up Miss Scott’s rear end. Here are a few tips. When paddling somebody, you can spank like you did with your left hand free or you can place your left palm on his or her lower back. This technique will provide you with more control and also let the spankee know that the paddling is more personal. Before swinging the paddle, make sure their legs are a shoulder length apart and their butt is sticking out. It not, be sure to instruct them to do so.

“With skirts and dresses, they can easily complicate the paddling. If you hit the spankee too high or too low, you could injure them. This is why it is often protocol in schools to lift up a student’s skirt before administering corporal punishment. So for the spankee’s best interest, you need to raise her skirt or dress so you can properly view your target and not have to guess where to swing. Understand?”

“Yes, mother.”

“As for positions, although I think the ‘bent over and grab the ankles’ is the most suitable spanking position for using a paddle, not every spanker uses this position. Many spankers use the ‘bent over an object’ spanking position. If you use that position, order the spankee to bend over and grab the object with both hands or rest their elbows on it or place their hands flat on it, such as with a desk. With a chair, you could have them bend over the back and grab the arms.”

“Miss Scott uses a small wooden stool.”

“In that case, order her to bend over, stick out her butt, and to clutch the seat for dear life as you demolish her bottom,“ said Amy, causing her daughter to laugh.

“One more thing. It is vital that you instruct the spankee to stay in position at all times during the spanking and to look straight ahead. Failure to follow these safety precautions could result in injury. Now I am going to bend over but do not strike me. Instead, I want you to examine my posture and instruct me to reposition my body as needed.”

Amy bent over and grabbed her ankles. Her jeans slightly slid down and stretched tightly across her bottom.

“Wow, mom. You sure don’t have a pancake ass. I bet your backside was an easy target to paddle in college,” Tammra mumbled, examining her mother’s posture.

“What was that, sweetie? Did you have a question?” Amy asked, not hearing what her daughter said.

“No, I am fine.”

“Okay, sweetie. If you have any questions, let me know. Now focus and take charge.”

“First off, I don’t need to raise your skirt because you are wearing jeans. Secondly, spread your legs further.”

“Great! What else?”

“You need to stick out your butt.”

“Perfect! I knew you could do it. Now that I am in my position, try to get in the spanker’s position.”

Tammra stood to the left of her mother and placed her left palm on her mother’s lower back. As she was positioning herself and measuring her mother’s round bottom, she couldn’t help but notice her mother’s black floral satin panties. She took aim at her mother’s bottom, tapping it a few times, drew back the paddle and gently swatted her mother.

Getting up, Amy said: “Absolutely perfect. No doubt about it, if you would have swung the paddle, my butt would be on fire right now. It looks like you are ready for a live target and I have the perfect one in mind.”

“Who?” Asked Tammra.

“There is no chance in hell that I am getting spanked, especially by my younger step sister,” protested Stacy, Amy’s step daughter. “For Christ sake, I am 20 years old and she is 18. There is no way this is right!”

“It doesn’t matter if you think it is right. What does matter is that you are still living under my roof and what you did was wrong. I simply asked you to complete a small list of chores but you chose not to.” Retorted Amy.

“I don’t care. You cannot make me get spanked by my younger step sister.”

“I can’t? Think again. Do you care to explain this?” Amy asked, pulling a half-empty pint of whisky out of her purse. “I came in your room this morning to drop off your clean laundry and I looked down and saw this bottle under the edge of your bed. So you have two choices: I can call the police and they decide your fate; or you can be a big girl, bend over your bed, and take five licks with the paddle from your sister. Your choice.”

“Fine, I’ll take the whipping. But just to let you know, this is bullshit. I am too old to get spanked,” Stacy said, slightly leaning over her bed.

Tammra took a hard look at her older step sister. Stacy was wearing a light blue denim mini skirt and a white edged laced cami. Unlike Tammra, Stacy preferred to keep the length of her hair to the middle of her back and she had light brown curly hair with caramel highlights. Although she was shorter than her step sister, Stacy had more curves. Her bottom was more rounded than that her step sister.

“Stacy,” Tammra said. “Bend over correctly. Lower your upper body and place your hands flat on your bed.”

Stacy complied with step sister’s orders and said: “Happy? Can we now get this over with? Mark is supposed to be picking me up in 30 minutes and we are going to the drive-in.”

“Not until you are in position,” Tammra said. “Now spread your legs shoulder length apart and stick out your butt.”

Remembering her mother’s advice on skirts, Tammra raised Stacy’s skirt, revealing the black silk panties.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” Protested Stacy.

“Safety precautions. Since your skirt was in the way, I had to remove it so I can adequately see your butt. I don’t want to strike you the wrong place and injury you. That is all.” Said Tammra.

“Very impressive, sweetie,” Amy said, surprised by how quick her daughter caught on.

Tammra walked to Stacy’s left side, placed her left palm on Stacy’s lower back and positioned her new diabolical paddle over her step sister’s rear end. Being nervous, Tammra started shaking. She took a deep breath and patted her step sister’s bottom three times.

“Hurry up and get this damn thing over with!” Shouted Stacy.

No sooner than she spit out those words, Tammra drew back her paddle and smacked Stacy’s backside, resulting in ghastly explosion throughout the entire home, similar to that of a violent thunderclap.


That cocky smile that Stacy had on her face as she was impatiently waiting for her little step sister to spank her quickly disappeared. She saw what appeared to be stars. She opened her mouth, dropped her jaw, and panted like an overheated dog that was outside on a hot summer day.

“Ouch!” Screamed Stacy, trying to hold back the tears but unable to do so.

With Stacy’s backside already sore, Tammra took aim and crashed the paddle against her bottom.


Stacy bellowed, having rivers of tears rushing down her face.

Amy, watching her daughter in action, couldn’t be more pleased with Tammra’s performance. She was confident that she taught her daughter well and that Miss Scott would be getting what she deserved.


Stacy howled in agonizing pain and said: “I can’t take anymore, damn you!”

Amy looked over at Tammra and said: “Sweetie, I forgot to teach you one thing. If the spankee manifests any misbehavior during the spanking, you, the disciplinarian, are more than welcome to administer penalty swats. The rule of thumb for penalty swats is one per an offence. Seeing how your sister just used vulgar language to attack you, I think she has one coming. Go ahead and try it.”

“You got to be shitting me,” said Stacy, turning around and looking at her step mother with a look of disbelief in her bloodshot eyes.

“Now you have earned two,” Tammra said, informing Stacy of her grave errors. “Turn around and look straight ahead unless you want to make it three!”

Not wanting to add another extra lick to the two that she had coming, Stacy turned around, closed her eyes, and prayed that this nightmare would soon end.



Stacy expected a small pause between each swat, like with the previous three she had already received, but her step sister surprised her by delivering two swats without a break. Stacy let out a loud cry and was bawling like a restless baby. She was reconsidering the choice she made; agreeing to a paddling by her little step sister instead or being turned over to the authorities for possession of alcohol. As she was in deep reflection, her bottom was greeted by another atrocious swat.


Stacy was breathless and her rear end was throbbing. She had never experienced anything so painful in her life as to what she was now trying to survive for dear life.

Feeling calm and no longer tense, Tammra said: “Mom, I actually enjoy spanking people. If you believe that Stacy needs a whooping, I’ll be thrilled to free you of that burden.”

“We will see, sweetie,” Amy responded.

Tammra placed the paddle on Stacy’s bottom. She paused for a few seconds, having a sadistic grin on her face, drew back her new Stinger Sam Paddle and struck her step sister’s rear end one last time.


Stacy buried her face in her bed and sobbed as Tammra and her mother watched on.

“Stacy, now that your spanking is over with, do you have anything you wish to say to me?” Asked Amy, wanting to test her step daughter.

“I am sorry for not doing my chores and I will do them whenever you tell me,” replied Stacy, now sitting on her bed and wiping her eyes.

“It appears that you learned your lesson. You may get ready for your date. Your boyfriend should be here in 20 minutes to pick you up,” responded Amy.

After Amy and Tammra left her bedroom, Stacy removed her skirt, lowered her panties, and examined her spanked bottom in the dresser mirror using a large makeup mirror. She was horrified when she saw her plump behind. Seeing it reminded her of a cherry red barn that she once saw on a fieldtrip as a little girl. She raised her panties, put on her skirt again, and considered if she still wanted to go on a date with her boyfriend. After much deliberation, she decided against going and returned a small handful of condoms to her dresser drawer that she had earlier placed in her purse.

“There is no way that Mark is going to see me like this,” mumbled Stacy.

She called Mark with her cell phone and lied to him saying that she did not want to go out because she didn’t feel good. She then went to the kitchen where her mother and step sister were at and told her mother that she had decided to stay home for the night. After informing her mother of the recent change of plans, Stacy returned to her bedroom, shut the door, and laid down on her bed.

“I guess the paddle is true to its name. ‘The Stinger Sam’, what an appropriate name for such a paddle as this beast is,” said Tammra, holding her paddle horizontally in both hands while looking intently at it.

“You are ready,” said Amy, satisfied with her daughter’s training.

The next day at school was awkward for Tammra. She couldn’t stop thinking that today she would finally have the opportunity to confront her nemesis. Although she longed for this day for so long, now that it was finding fulfillment caused Tammra great stress and her stomach to cramp. During Miss Scott’s class, she constantly caught Miss Scott staring at her. Despite Miss Scott not speaking one word to her during the entire class period, she could feel the great tension in the classroom between her and Miss Scott.

By the time when her mother was expected to arrive, Tammra was in such a distressed state that she was convinced she could not go through with her mother’s plan. She fully accepted that she was not able to continue on and to allow Miss Scott to punish her bottom whenever she saw fit for the last three remaining semesters of her high school career. She heard footsteps and turned around and saw her mother carrying the Stinger Sam Paddle that she purchased for her exclusively for this event.

“Mom, I can’t do this. Let’s get in the car and go home,” Tammra said, pleading to her mother. “Please?”

“And do what? Allow Miss Scott to continue abusing you? No way! This bitch is going to get what she deserves today!” Said Amy in a firm tone.

“Mother, I can’t do it! Now please, let’s go home,” begged Tammra, now with tears in her eyes.

Amy took a deep breath, stared in her daughter’s eyes and said: “Listen to me and listen to me good. If you don’t take this paddle and bust your teacher’s ass, I will use it on your ass instead. Understood? So which ass is it going to be? Miss Scott’s or yours? Decide now.”

Remembering the spanking that she gave her step sister yesterday with the Stinger Sam Paddle, Tammra reluctantly agreed to carry out her mother’s plan.

“Smart girl. Let’s go,” instructed Amy.

They walked to Miss Scott’s classroom and entered without knocking. They saw Miss Scott sitting at her desk grading completed assignments.

Looking up and seeing Amy holding an unfamiliar but frightening paddle in her right hand and Tammra hiding behind her, Miss Scott said: “Usually people knock before coming in. I now know where Tammra inherited her barbaric and uneducated traits from. I guess the apple does not fall too far from the tree. Does’t it, Mrs Murphy?”

Amy bit her tongue, knowing what was about to transpire with Miss Scott, and replied: “Miss Scott, using the words that you have frequently told the students that we parents have entrusted in your care: ‘Grab the stool and go in the hallway.’”

Miss Scott sneered at Amy. She turned her head to see Tammra standing behind Amy. Miss Scott noticed how petrified Tammra appeared. She then reasoned to herself that being paddled by Tammra, even with that monster of a paddle that Amy was holding, should not be an issue of concern.

“Okay. You want to paint your teacher’s back porch red, little Tammra? Then let’s go,” Miss Scott sarcastically said while giggling.

“I see you are wearing a skirt as I have requested of you,” said Amy.

“Yeah,” answered Miss Scott, “It is not difficult to follow simple directions no matter how challenging your daughter persistently thinks it is.”

Miss Scott had followed Amy’s instructions to the letter. She was wearing a white/black printed A-line sweater skirt and a long sleeve black cashmere cowl-neck poncho sweater. When the three ladies went to the hallway, loud clunking noises could be heard from Miss Scott’s black over-the-knee boots. Tammra dressed for comfort this day on account of spanking Miss Scott. She was wearing a pair of mira flared wash jeans, a coral dawn roll-tab-sleeve Henley top, and white sneakers. Once in the hallway, Amy handed Tammra the paddle and Miss Scott placed the small wooden stool in the middle of the hallway. After she positioned the stool in the hallway, Miss Scott turned around and made eye contact with the girl that she fervently enjoyed unjustly administering corporal punishment to on three occasions.

“Oh, do you know how use that big toy, little girl? Or do you want me to show you how to use it?” Miss Scott sarcastically asked, pointing at the paddle that Tammra was nervously holding in her right hand.

“Clear your head and focus,” Amy instructed her daughter. “Remember your practice from yesterday.”

Tammra was terrified of Miss Scott. After all the mental, emotional, and physical abuse that she received from Miss Scott, a fear instinct of Miss Scott was thriving in Tammra’s being. She had never had a bully in her life, that is until she found one in the person and teacher, Miss Scott.

Tammra took a deep breath and said: “Bend over and grab the seat of the stool.”

Miss Scott continued to stare at Tammra in her eyes with a sinister smile on her face. Tammra didn’t flinch and stared right back at her sadistic bully. Miss Scott burst out laughing and complied with Tammra’s order.

“So the teacher is going to get spanked by her student,” said Miss Scott while still laughing. “How comical! Do you next want to teach class?”

Tammra did not take to heart what Miss Scott said. She focused her attention on Miss Scott’s posture, discerning if she was correctly positioned.

“Spread your legs further apart and stick out your butt.” Ordered Tammra.

Miss Scott did as was commanded by her student. Tammra then approached Miss Scott’s left side. She lifted Miss Scott’s skirt, thus exposing her black bikini panties with ivory lace trim. Tammra placed her left palm on Miss Scott’s lower back and placed the paddle on her rear end that was insufficiently concealed by her panties. Miss Scott turned her head and made eye contact with her student, having a grin across her face.

“Turn around and look straight ahead,” Tammra demanded. “If you look back or fail to stay in position in anyway at all times, you will receive penalty swats. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand. You see, I have this thing that is a big word to you, that is called ‘comprehension,’ something you totally lack and with good cause, seeing that you came from a pool of dead genes that you inherited from your worthless mother. It is a shame, it really is. I suppose I could talk to the principal on your behalf about enrolling you in special education. Would you like that?”

Steaming mad, Tammra thought: ‘You bitch! Today you get a reality check!’

Miss Scott intentionally yawned in an attempt to mock Tammra.

“You have five swats coming today. I want you to count each swat. Failure to do so will result in penalty swats. Understand?” Tammra asked.

“Sure thing, junior,” replied Miss Scott.

Tammra rubbed her paddle across Miss Scott’s panty protected bottom, drew back her paddle and crashed it hard against her adversary’s backside.


Miss Scott’s ever present contemptuous look and malevolent attitude abruptly vanished with the first swat. Miss Scott left out a gasp. With her mouth wide open, she turned her head and made eye contact with Tammra, having eyes full of tears.

After a short pause of staring at each other, Tammra tapped her left palm with the blade of the paddle and asked: “You are forgetting something, Miss Scott?”

“What am I forgetting,” whispered Miss Scott, in a tortuous and confused state.

“That is what I thought but I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt. You have earned one penalty swat for failure to count the first swat and an additional one for moving out of position.”


“Shut up and turn back around, unless you would like another extra lick!” Tammra angrily said, hastily interrupting Miss Scott.

After Miss Scott got back in position, Tammra reapplied the paddle to Miss Scott’s seat.

‘You have so much to answer for, you bitch from hell. I’m going to enjoy this,’ Tammra thought, soundly smacking Miss Scott’s rear end.


“Two!” Stammered Miss Scott.

Miss Scott couldn’t believe she was taking swats from one of her own students, whom she thoroughly spanked just two days ago. She was a teacher; the one who was supposed to administer corporal punishment. Now here she was getting her bottom tore up by a student.


A squeal escaped Miss Scott’s lips before she lost her composure and broke down crying.


Amy, standing to the right side of Miss Scott, looked over at her daughter with a look of satisfaction on her face. Tammra lined up the paddle to Miss Scott’s sore backside and delivered another swift and brutal swat.


Miss Scott let out a violent scream that could be heard throughout the hallways in the entire high school. Tammra placed her paddle on Miss Scott’s bottom and noticed that Miss Scott’s knees began to tremble.

“Four!” Stuttered Miss Scott.

“You better stay in position,” warned Tammra. “Or you know what the consequences will be.”

Miss Scott, being terrified and in excruciating pain, clinched the stool harder in order to stop trembling. Tammra patted Miss Scott’s rump and swung her paddle with every ounce of strength that she could muster.


“Five! Please, no more,” Miss Scott pleaded, standing up, placing her hands on her sore bottom, and sobbing like she was a student getting her butt perfectly blistered by her teacher.

“Your spanking would be over if you had, what was the big word again? Oh, comprehension! But you are dumb as a mule and have incompetence residing in every pore of your body. You got another penalty swat coming. Now bend over!”

Miss Scott bent back over and raised her well spanked bottom high. Tammra lifted up Miss Scott’s skirt once again, revealing her inadequately covered rear end, this time displaying a red glow. As she looked straight ahead and felt the gloomy presence of the paddle touching her bottom, she noticed that group photo of Superintendent Blake and Tammra hanging on the wall that Tammra was staring at as Miss Scott was punishing her backside two days ago.


Miss let out a sharp howl and shouted: “Six!”

‘Look at my daughter; being a bitch to a bitch,’ Amy thought. ‘This is priceless.’


Another swat was perfectly executed, resulting in Miss Scott bawling uncontrollably.


“You know, Miss Scott, I must confess something. I understand you. It feels good to blister the ass of a person that you naturally despise.” Tammra said.

“Yes, yes it does,” whispered Miss Scott, having rivers of tears flowing from her bloodshot eyes.

Tammra lined up the paddle one last time to Miss Scott’s inevitably soon to be bruised bottom and said: “And unfortunately for you, the person I despise right now is you.”


“Eight,” screamed Miss Scott, dropping to the floor on her knees and bawling like a spanked little brat in front of Tammra and her mother.

For Tammra and her mother, justice felt good, but it was incomplete.

“So are we even now?” Miss Scott asked, looking down at the floor.

“Not yet,” replied Amy, watching Miss Scott cry.

Miss Scott’s eyes widened as she asked: “Not yet?”

“You paddled Tammra three times. So how many more spankings does she owe you after today?”

With a petrified look in her eyes, Miss Scott answered: “Two.”

The End

© Stinger Sam 2016