A game at a party has painful consequences

By Gillian Howard

My name is Joyce Carr and I have just finished my GCE ‘A’ Level exams at our local mixed Grammar school. I have a very close group of 6 friends and a group of 12 others, mainly boys, who always hang around together.

Our school has always used corporal punishment and girls can be caned by the Headmistress over their knickers or the boys by the Deputy Headmaster over their underpants. Jennifer is the only girl in our group to have been caned and, while she said it stung at the time, she was only left with faint stripes on her bottom. After school and at gym the following day you could not see any marks. On the other hand, the boys said that Mr Rowlands really laid it on and the marks could still be seen after a week or more.

I have always tried to avoid any punishments and, apart from having my hand smacked in year one, have avoided any physical punishments. I am 5′ 3″ tall, slim with fair hair which when brushed out reaches my waist, and 32B bust. Due to my studies I have never had a boyfriend but have been invited to the end of year dance by Peter, the school cricket captain, who I have fancied for 2 years.

On the Saturday after the last exam Peter’s mum and dad had laid on a big party for us all and they would not be in. At this party Claire arranged for us all to play Truth or Dare.

My first truth was that I had to admit I was still a virgin; 6 of the other girls admitted the same. Then, as the dare came, Peter was dared to draw a name out of a bag containing the names of the 7 virgins and to take them to his bedroom for 30 minutes. I had butterflies in my stomach as my name was drawn out and he took my hand and led me upstairs. I already knew that he had been to bed with three other girls.

As we lay down on his bed and he started to kiss me, he started to fondle me. As his hand went onto my knee I jumped up and ran downstairs to the cheers of everybody. Claire said that I would have to draw a forfeit at the end of the night. I nodded, then nipped into the kitchen to fix my bra. As the night progressed, Michelle failed with her dare of letting all the boys give her a love bite.

I was sat outside having a Babycham when a couple of the boys and some of the girls came out. We were talking about various things and Barbara said: “Joyce, we know you have never had a boyfriend from choice, but is it also true you have never been punished either?”

“Well no, not really. I have had my hand smacked, but that is all, unlike most of you who have had the slipper or similar. I do believe that apart from Jennifer I think there are only Susan and Alice who have been caned. Is that right?”

They all nodded.

Peter shouted through: “Joyce, your turn for a dare.”

I went back inside, plucked a card out of the bag and had to read it out.

“A week on Monday, you will attend school in non uniform knickers and, just before assembly, you will go to the toilet and you will pull your knickers up making sure your skirt is caught in them, and then walk into assembly.”

“If one of the teachers sees me I will be sent to the Headmistress for the cane.”

Peter said: “It will only be 2 strokes and she doesn’t hurt. Do you accept the dare or are you taking another forfeit?”

I thought for a minute and Susan said: “You won’t really feel it, you know.”

“Ok, I will agree to it and if I get the cane, so be it.”

I went back outside and Peter came out. He apologised for picking my name out and expected me to follow him upstairs. I told him it wasn’t his fault, it was just my luck and it wasn’t that I didn’t fancy him or want to, it was just the fact that there was everybody downstairs waiting for us to perform like a circus and I wasn’t like that. He gently kissed me and asked if I would still be going to the dance with him. I smiled and nodded, and then kissed him.

At the end of the night, there was only Robert who had refused to run around the block outside naked. Michelle and myself had a forfeit to do, so we all lined up and I was asked to draw out of the bag. I was first and as I put my hand into the bag I said: “There is only 1 slip of paper.”

I was told we would all do the same forfeit. I then read the note.

“On Monday morning, you will not wear school knickers but the briefest and thinnest knickers you possess, and you will walk the 100yards from the bus stop to school smoking.”

Michelle said: “No, I have never been caned and I don’t intend to start now with 4 for smoking and 2 for not wearing school knickers.”

Jennifer said: “If none of you do the forfeit you will be set up to be caned.”

I was fuming and said: “Because I refused to have sex with Peter, I now have to get 6 of the best as well as getting 2 the following Monday as well.”

Everybody said they were sorry but we had all agreed to play.

Monday morning came and I put on a pair of tanga briefs in green satin. I set of for school early. Peter was already on the bus and I sat next to him. As I got off the bus I took a cigarette and match out of my bag and lit up. Then I walked to school with Peter. I noticed two teacher’s cars go past but didn’t see them looking over at me.

I got to school and threw the rest of the cigarette away, then started to suck a mint imperial. As I went into school I made my way to the upper sixth common room. Susan was there and Peter told her I had smoked a cigarette.

She went behind me, lifted my skirt and said: “Well, they won’t give any protection, will they?”

I just blushed.

Robert was next to arrive and Claire said she had followed him from the bus stop.

Finally Michelle arrived. She had come with Jennifer and had already showed her white briefs.

At assembly I was shaking like a leaf thinking I was certain to be sent to the Headmistress for the cane. Mr Rowlands took Assembly and, as he finished, he apologised for the absence of Miss Roberts. Her mother had fallen over during the weekend and broken her ankle, so she would not be in school till Thursday. I breathed a sigh of relief at this.

We all went to our classroom and were told that for the first two periods we would be given a lot of leaflets on university life to read. About 15 minutes before break time the school secretary, Miss Johnson, knocked on the door and requested that Robert Shaw was required to report to the Deputy Headmaster immediately. I was sat next to him and he was shaking as he stood and made his way out of the classroom, knowing that he was to receive only his second ever caning.

About ten minutes later, Robert returned. His eyes were watering and, as he sat down, he winced. Everybody was told to continue reading the information. He whispered that the Deputy Headmaster had really laid it on. He had been to the washroom and he had six raised and parallel weals.

The bell sounded for break and I could not believe that I had not been sent for. I was getting really worried. Michelle said we may have to see the Headmistress on Thursday.

By lunch time, we had not been sent for so, I thought that Michelle was probably right. After lunch, we all went to the common room as we were being allowed some free time. Michelle made us a cup of coffee.

I had just sat down when the school secretary came and said: “Could Joyce Carr please got to the Deputy Headmaster’s office immediately?”

I was in total shock and almost screamed: “No!”

I got up with my eyes already starting to water. I followed Miss Johnson out and along the corridor. I was told to wait while she went into his office. The door opened and I was called in.

“Carr, you may have finished you exams and be 18 years old, but you still attend this school and anybody seen smoking in uniform is automatically sent for the cane. You were spotted by 2 teachers this morning walking to school brazenly smoking. I have been in touch with Miss Roberts to see if we should await her return to cane you, but she has asked me to do the honours. Now, normally I would give the boys 6 of the best, but I have been told girls only get 4 of the best. As you will soon be asked to remove your skirt, Miss Johnson will act as chaperone and witness.”

“Please Sir, I have never been in trouble before. Do you have to cane me?”

“You know the rules. If caught smoking, an automatic caning follows, so please remove your skirt and bend over the back of the chair behind you. Hold onto the lowest rail you can. If you move, you will get extra. If you would like, Miss Johnson can hold you to save you getting extra.”

“Yes please, Sir.”

I unzipped my skirt and took it down before bending over the back of the chair. Tears were already streaming down my face.

Miss Johnson then said: “Deputy Headmaster, she is wearing tights. Should I lower them to her thighs? She is not wearing school knickers; that is an automatic 2 strokes as well, sir, so Miss Roberts would give her 6 strokes.”

“Yes please, Miss Johnson, finish getting her ready. Carr, you will now receive 6 strokes. Those briefs will not provide much, if any, protection.”

I saw him walk over to a cupboard behind his desk and take out a 4 foot cane from a rail. He walked to my left side behind me and, without warning, I heard a swoosh and then felt a thud before my bottom exploded in pain. I had never imagined such pain before. The second landed and the pain increased. I was screaming for him to stop but the third and fourth followed quickly.

By now I was screaming unashamedly and stamping both feet to ease the pain, but nothing worked. The fifth soon followed and I heard something about ‘last one’. As it landed low down, I felt myself released and stood up jumping, but fell over as my tights were around my knees.

I was handed some tissues and helped to my feet and told to get dressed. I tried pulling my tights over my bottom but the pain was horrendous. Eventually I coped and stood in my skirt and pulled it up, but as my bottom stretched another feeling of pain erupted. I was the told to sign the punishment book before being told to return immediately to the common room.

I staggered to the common room and as soon as I was inside I started crying uncontrollable again. Claire rushed over to me and hugged me as she asked if Mr Rowland had caned me.

I nodded and told her: “I had to take my skirt off and Miss Johnson pulled my tights down. Then she held me down so I could not escape the cane and he gave me 4 of the best for smoking and 2 for not wearing school knickers, all with the senior cane.”

Claire guided me to the wash room at the back of the common room and gently pulled my tights down, followed by my knickers. I applied cold water with tissues to try to ease the pain. After 20 minutes I was able to get dressed again and returned to the common room. Michelle came over and she was trembling with fear, wondering if she was going to be next, but I told her that her name had not been mentioned, just mine and Robert’s who was caned this morning.

When I got home mum could see I was still in pain and took me to the bathroom after I told her what had happened. After getting me to remove my tights and knickers, she applied plenty of cold cream to my welts and said I was going to be bruised for some time.

After tea I went up to my room to lie on the bed on my tummy. I heard the door bell go, then mum came upstairs and pulled the sheets over me as she said that Peter had come to see me. He came up and apologised as he blamed himself for picking me out of the hat. I told him it was my own fault. I lifted the bedding and let him see the marks and he said that was the worst he had ever seen.

On the following Monday I arrived at school and waited in the toilets till the bell sounded. As I heard all the footsteps start to stop, I came out caught up to the back of the girls. I walked into assembly knowing that my dress was caught on my lime green Tanga briefs. As I went to enter the hall, I felt a tap on my should and turned to see Miss Roberts.

“Carr, go and stand outside my office facing the wall with your hands on your head. As soon as Assembly has cleared you will receive 2 strokes of the cane for flashing your underwear, and a further 2 for non regulation underwear. I see you were one of the girls that Mr Rowland caned last week.”

“Yes, miss.”

As Miss Roberts arrived, I was taken into her office and told to touch my toes. My dress was raised and tucked into my bra. Then I received 4 really hard strokes which really hurt, before being sent on my way.

I later learned she had started to cane harder after Mr Rowland had spoken to her.

The End

© Gill Howard 2017