Another seasonal tale from another writer.

By Lorna Brand

Kirsty and Kelly were best of friends. They had known each other through collage and decided to share there first home together. They bought a cute little flat just big enough for them in the centre of town so they were close to the pubs, clubs and night life they both loved so much. It was also convenient for Kelly’s boyfriend to drop in most mornings as he worked nights, not that Kirsty minded; they all got on really well and enjoyed spending time together.

On this particular Saturday night, it happened to be Halloween. Kelly was putting the finishing touches to the last pumpkin to put outside the door and Kirsty had made provisions for their first year of trick or treaters. The girls couldn’t wait to scare all the kids coming to the door ‘guising’, and were getting more excited as the night got closer.

“Wow, did you clean out the sweet shop?” Kelly laughed when she caught sight of Kirsty unloading bags of sweets into her pretend cauldron.

“Well I didn’t forget us.” Kirsty proudly held up a couple bottles of wine, shaking them in the air with glee.

“Mmmm, looks like it will be a good night for sure and I picked up a game for us to play later that will go well with a chilled bottle of white, if you want?”

“Game? Really Kelly, how old are you?”

“Oh come on, Kirsty, it’s Halloween so we are supposed to act daft. Wait and see what I got.” Kelly dashed of to her room and came back to triumphantly present Kirsty with her find.

“Is this a Ouija board? Oh I have always wanted to try this.” Kirsty beamed.

“I know, me too.”

The girls happily jumped up and down, screeching together in the kitchen like naughty children planning on doing something they shouldn’t.

“God, what a noise you two are making!”

The girls spun around in the direction of the kitchen door, relieved to see who it was.

“Conner! We didn’t hear you come in. You bloody scared us; we jumped out of our skin, you twit.”

“Ah, sorry babe, I just wanted to say ‘hi’ on the way to work,” he said giving Kirsty a kiss on the cheek. “I was going to drop by in the morning if that’s OK?”

“Since when did you ask?” Mocked Kelly, rolling her eyes at the love birds affections.

“Well, it’s Halloween, so I thought you might not want to leave the door open with all the odd people going about.”

“Odd people like you, you mean.” Kelly laughed.

“So what are you two girls planning for this evening? Getting the coven together? You look like you were plotting something.”

“Just scaring some kids and playing a game with my good old friends, Mrs chardonnay and Mr Shiraz,” Kirsty said in her flirty way.

“Well don’t drink too much. You know how you get and I will never wake you in the morning.”

“And if I do?” Kirsty smiled.

With that remark, Conner gave her pert behind a little swat.

“Try it and see!”

“OK. I will be good.” Kirsty smiled back before kissing her man goodbye.

The night started off very slowly despite all the sweets and decorations. There was a distinct lack of ‘guisers’ coming to the flat door. Kelly was getting more restless and although they didn’t want to be the ‘strange drunk people trying to petrify little kids’ that every parent warns their children about, the waiting got the better of them and it wasn’t long before the first bottle was open, followed quickly by the second.

“OK, we have waited long enough. It’s been hours, lets get the board out.” Kelly demanded.

Kirsty couldn’t argue with the logic. It was well into the evening and apart from the kids in the block there hadn’t been a soul.

“OK! But let’s do it properly.”

Kirsty gathered up the pumpkins and lit a few more candles around the living room before clearing the coffee table to make space for the main attraction, while Kelly opened the third bottle to top off their glasses.

“Here you go, Kirs’, thought you might like a top up,” she said as she thrust the glass into Kirsty’s hand and dropped to the floor on top of the big sofa cushions that had been moved next to the table for them to sit on.

“I don’t think I should. I’ve had a bit too much already and I told Conner I wouldn’t.”

“Don’t be a party proper! It’s been ages since we had a proper drink. Anyway you are going to need it once we start playing with this.”

Kelly started to open up the box and unpack the Ouija board. It was a wooden board with all the letters from the alphabet, numbers zero to nine, and the words ‘yes / no’ carved in to it. The only other thing in the box was a triangle pointer and a small piece of paper with a few words on it.

‘Be respectful. Be serious. Always say goodbye at the end.’

“Is that it? Is that all the instructions say?” Kirsty blurted.

“Well it’s not rocket science! I am sure we will figure it out.”

The girls settled down, making sure the ambiance was just right and they had enough Dutch courage. The girls started tentatively asking basic questions like: ‘Is someone there?’ to watch the pointer move around the board.

“You’re moving it!”

“No, you are!”

They giggled as they spelled out the answers letter by letter. It didn’t take long before the girls had polished off the last bottle of wine, and safe questions had made way for ‘anything goes’ questions despite not getting an answer to them.

They asked things like: “Do ghosts like to spy on people in the bathroom?” “Why can’t Elvis sing to us now?”

“Then the girls got even more carried away, escalating to shouting out of windows at passers-by while throwing sweets at them and even trying to jump in to the Ouija board. Eventually Kirsty made it as far as her bedroom, not quite making it into bed, but dropping like a stone on to it she laid sprawled out across the bottom of her bed on top of her sheets, face down.

Sound asleep, Kirsty didn’t move as the floor boards creaked just outside her room. It wasn’t until she felt her short black skirt being lifted slowly over her bottom as it sat, prompt upright, over the edge of her bed. She gave a little moan to acknowledge the soft slow touch as she felt a tug on her panties. She even raised her hips slightly to aid their removal, allowing them to fall to her ankles.

Kirsty stayed in position in a idyllic state of bliss, still half asleep and completely relaxed, waiting for her treat she hoped was coming her way. A cold firm pressure was felt on the small of her back, making moving impossible. She made a weak attempt to wriggle around in a mock protest, all the time enjoying her early wake up call and making satisfying noises.

A light slap landed firmly on her round orb-like bum, making her giggle slightly. This was followed by a few more slaps that rained down getting a little harder with each stroke. Kirsty started to roll her hips and lift herself up to meet the cool feeling hand as each slap hit until she was stinging and sore.

The slapping sound from her bottom being struck echoed off the walls, followed by her muffled yelps. Kirsty was starting to get uncomfortable as she found herself trying to escape from the blows, but to no avail. There was no let-up as every part of her bum was methodically covered. Then the realization that this was no treat dawned on Kirsty.

Her yelps turned to cries as she panicked that it might never end, struggling against the cold firm grasp that was holding her down. Finally, Kirsty was sobbing uncontrollably and begging for it to stop. Then the strikes ended abruptly.

Kirsty stayed in place, crying out loud into her bed covers until she could slowly get up to pull down her skirt, but in the dark, through the tears, she could see no-one.

Kirsty didn’t understand what had happened. She stood in her quiet, cold-feeling room scanning every corner. The boyfriend she expected to see, that she was so angry with just moments before, wasn’t there. Was it a cruel trick? Or was it a fitting punishment for her disrespectful behaviour?

The End

© Lorna Brand 2015