An over zealous traffic warden and a motorist come into conflict.

By Katherine Jones

It was 5.50pm and Jake Short was pleased to have finally left the boredom of his work for the day and was looking forward to his take-away chicken meal. He pulled up his aging Volvo estate in a side street near to the fried chicken shop and took a quick look at the instructions on the parking meter. He spotted that the charging regime expired at 6pm so felt he was perfectly safe to decline the invitation to feed the machine, with only ten minutes to go until the end of restrictions.

It had been a boring day. Not at all like Saturday and his encounter with a young Australian woman called Grace Steenburg. Jake worked as the security guard at the local branch of a major clothing retailer and Grace, a 23 year old Queenslander, was taking her chances as she travelled through Europe following University in Australia. She had made the mistake of trying to leave the store without paying for half a dozen items of clothing she had put into her basket. Jake was quickly on the spot as the door sensor was activated and, spotting an attractive dark haired woman potentially in trouble, whisked her away to his office to deal with her situation.

Jake was 33 years old and had lived an unhappy life for the last 18 months separated from his wife Dawn and their two children. The unhappiness was, Jake recognised, in many ways of his own creation as his short affair with a 19 year old former member of staff at the store had caused the initial split with Dawn. In addition his lack of engagement with his children during the marriage made things particularly difficult now that he no longer lived with them or seemed to be at all relevant to their lives.

Following his separation, Jake reluctantly moved back into his parents’ house. He now spent much of his spare time in his childhood bedroom on the internet checking out his old interest in the corporal punishment of women. However his day job had provided a number of opportunities for him to live out his fantasies in real life as young women had who tried to breach the security of the store and had been confronted by the large frame of the bearded Jake found out to their cost.

The store manager left Jake with a fairly free hand to deal with shoplifting and he had developed a unique approach when young women were the culprits. Grace now fell within his control and Jake intended to make the most of his opportunity. Her guilt was crystal clear and Grace was keen to avoid any Police involvement so quite willingly opted for Jake’s local solution to her problem which was ten strokes on her bare bottom applied with his brown leather belt.

Grace, who was keen to move on from this incident, lifted her skirt and dropped her tiny blue knickers to the floor without much complaint. Jake made her stand and touch her toes as he inflicted the ten strokes across a slim, firm and tanned bottom. In pain but glad to get away, Grace left the store through the back gate of the compound and Jake went to sit in the privacy of his office to savour this wonderful experience.

Despite the boredom of his current working day, the memory of this eventful Saturday was still strong in Jake’s mind as, eight minutes after parking his car, he returned from the take-away to see a Traffic Warden putting the finishing touches to a penalty notice sheet which she then stuck to the windscreen of the Volvo. Jake was furious both with himself for not putting 50p in the meter but also with the Warden who had clearly not made allowances for the lateness of the hour.

Jake’s initially instincts were to chase after the Traffic Warden, confront her and plead his case, then suddenly he realised he had another far more interesting option for redressing the situation and decided to hold his tongue. Two days later as another summer afternoon dragged on at work Jake spotted the opportunity he had been waiting for to get his revenge.

Juliet Cooper was the Traffic Warden who had issued the penalty notice and she had just walked into the shop. When Jake saw Juliet issuing the parking ticket he instantly recognized her as a regular customer at the store. He had always been attracted to her both in her shapeless black Traffic Warden uniform but particularly when she dressed in her tight jeans on her days off from work.

Juliet was 24 years old. She had moved to the town from Reading to study Politics and History at the local University but had decided to stay on in the local area at the conclusion of her degree to try to achieve her ambition of entry into the Police Force. Working as a Traffic Warden for the local Council paid Juliet’s bills and gave her useful experience of enforcing the law and dealing with the public.

Having recently begun a relationship with Sarah, the new partner she had met via her work at the Council, Juliet was enthusiastically looking forward to an hour’s shopping after leaving work and before meeting up with Sarah in a nearby branch of Costa.

However Jake now moved quickly, putting into action a well-rehearsed and occasionally implemented plan. He went out to his office at the back of the store to pick up an expensive watch which was boxed and security tagged and kept in his desk drawer for just this kind of event.

Juliet, relaxing at the end of her work shift and looking forward to her date with Sarah, made her way through the lingerie section of the store, selecting a couple of black thong and bra sets to place in her basket and then moving on to look at jeans.

Jake moved towards Juliet as she examined the sizes of jeans, then, without breaking stride, he expertly dropped the watch into Juliet’s open Ola Kiely handbag as he passed by. All he needed to do now was observe and wait. Juliet paid for her underwear and also for two pairs of jeans and then made her way to the front door of the store.

As Juliet passed through the security barriers inevitable the alarm was activated. She turned momentarily in surprise then carried on her way. Jake stepped quickly out of the front door and confronted her within a couple of strides of leaving the store. He asked her to return to the outside door and open up her bags for him to examine. Jake took particular relish in pulling out the black thong and bra sets and with a great flourish running them past the outer door alarm. When all other options were exhausted he asked to look inside Juliet’s handbag and triumphantly picked out the watch. As he ran it by the scanner it dutifully activated the alarm and Jake knew he had the control of the situation.

Juliet was suddenly plunged into a state of shock. She was keen to follow Jake’s instructions to go back inside the store and move to a less public place. She followed him through the well-presented bright lights of the store to a door at the back marked ‘Staff Only’ and then into a rather dark and grubby loading bay. Jake then manoeuvred Juliet through this room and opened a door which led into his office, a dark place in which he dispensed his own version of justice.

Sitting Juliet in the chair opposite his desk, he began to get a measure of the young woman who seemed to now be within his control. She was more attractive than he had expected and had a confidence and self-possession which momentarily set him onto the back foot. However he knew that he had control of the situation and placed the watch onto the table between them.

Juliet protested her innocence and argued that she had never seen the watch before and had no idea how it had ended up in her bag. Jake kept on asserting that she must have stolen it and in the end resorted to picking up the phone to call the Police.

This brought an immediate response from Juliet of: “No, no don’t do that!”

With Juliet cornered Jake felt that he could now put his offer on the table.

“If you want to avoid me calling the Police you will have to accept a caning from me as an unofficial punishment; eight strokes on the bare bottom and after that you can go.”

Juliet was shocked and appalled in equal measure. How could she be in this situation? How had that watch got into her handbag? This man was a clearly a monster and how could he have this power over her? She was completely innocent but seemed to have no way of proving it. The reality was, though, that he did have this power and she needed to make a decision of taking the caning or let him call the Police. Any Police involvement seemed to Juliet to be the end of her hopes of joining the force. What should she do?

Juliet began to cry and sobbed and sobbed as she railed against the unfairness of her position. Then running her hands through her short wavy black hair she raised her eyes and looked at Jake to say: “OK, have it your way. If the only way to get out of here is let you have your perverted way, I have no choice.”

Juliet was now fully compliant. Jake asked her to take off her padded black traffic warden jacket and move over towards his desk and stretch out across it, reaching out for the far edge. Slowly Juliet complied and was now bent over and completely vulnerable. Jake moved towards her and began to put his hands around her waist and reached forward to unbuttoned her trousers. Juliet pushed him away firmly and got up to begin herself to open her black uniform trousers and drop them to the floor.

Jake was caught suddenly breathless by the sight of Juliet now standing in her black thong which she began to ease down her thighs to join her trousers in a pool on the floor. Now naked from the waist down she bent over the desk and reached her hands out to grasp the outer edge.

In this highly vulnerable position she called out to Jake: “Please get on with it!”

Jake went to the cupboard on the left hand side of the desk and pulled out a rattan cane about two feet long. A couple of practice strokes followed then, sensing that he needed to get on with it or he might have further trouble from Juliet, he raised his arm and struck a powerful blow across the middle of her bottom. He lashed again in a similar place seconds later and then stood back to admire the two red lines which were forming on Juliet’s taught but pale skinned buttocks.

Juliet struggled to hold herself in position as the pain began to bite but Jake, conscious of the promise of six more strokes, went to his work with a passion.  The third and fourth stroke caused more red lines at the top of Juliet’s bottom but the fifth and sixth stroke were far more painful, aimed at the lower parts of the exposed buttocks and causing Juliet to cry out in pain.

Having found a weak spot, Jake concentrated the final two strokes on the lower parts of Juliet’s bottom and, after the eighth was completed, threw in an unexpected ninth stroke right in to the crease between Juliet’s thighs and buttocks. Juliet burst off the table and grabbed her bottom, the fire seeming to be uncontrollable. She jumped and hopped around with her eyes closed, shouting, swearing and cursing.

Ten minutes later, Jake opened the back gate of the store’s compound to let a now fully dressed and reasonably composed Juliet out into the bright light of the mid-summer afternoon. They exchanged no conversation. Jake was happy with his revenge and had the sight of a bending and punished bare bottom to add to his memories. Juliet was angry and determined to find a way to expose Jake and bring him to justice. This fight would go on.

The End

© Katherine Jones 2014