Putting off a punishment has consequences. A slightly revised story that was previously published as ‘School Rules’

by Kenny Walters

“It’s an automatic slippering offence, Alison. My hands are tied.” Samantha Haynes continued along the corridor, despite having her progress interrupted. Several other girls passed them by, all curtailing their own, giggly, conversations at the sight of the tall girl with her long blonde hair draped down her back.

“But Samantha, I’m a sixth former for goodness sakes! Sixth formers simply do not get slippered!” The shorter girl with long wavy dark hair protested as they walked together.

“It’s no good shouting at me, Alison. I didn’t make the rules.”

“But you are Head Girl, Samantha. Surely there’s something you can do.”

“Alison, the only thing I can do for you is give you your punishment. If you want, I can do it in my room or yours so at least it’ll be done in private, except for the witness of course. And you can even choose your own witness. How about that?”

“Witness? Oh come on, Samantha! I don’t want a bloody witness to the act as well!”

“School rules, Alison. School rules, I’m afraid.”

“Stuff the school rules!”

“It’s that attitude that got you into this predicament, Alison.”

“Actually, Samantha, I don’t think being out of one’s room after ‘lights out’ should be any sort of an offence, especially when they’re eighteen years old.”

“But it is an offence, whether you like it or not.”


“Anyway, do you want me to do your punishment or not? Whilst I’d just love to spend all afternoon chatting to you about it, I’m afraid I’ve got other things to do.”

“No bloody fear! I’ll get a teacher to do it, thanks very much!”

“Who are you going to choose?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t thought about it.”

“Fine. Just remember, it has to be done by tomorrow night at the latest.”

“Thank you for reminding me, Samantha! Much appreciated!”

Choosing to ignore the sarcasm, Samantha Haynes watched the shapely sixth form girl flounce away down the corridor, her long dark hair bouncing as much as her hips. When Alison Peters finally disappeared from view round the corner of the corridor, the Head Girl turned and continued on her way to her next class.

*          *          *

“Penny for them, Alison!”

“What?” As Alison turned, she recognised the owner of the friendly voice. “Oh! Sorry, Miss Clark.”

“Something I can do for you, Alison?” The young history teacher entered the classroom outside which Alison had been waiting and left the door ajar for the eighteen year old to follow.

“No. Well, yes. Sort of.” Alison struggled with her words as she followed the pretty young teacher in.

“No. Yes. Sort of.” Miss Clark repeated the words with a smile. “That’s cleared that up, then. Want to tell me about it?”

“It’s difficult.”

“Can’t help you if I don’t know what it’s about, Alison.” Miss Clark sat down at her desk and looked up at the sixth former.

“I was caught out of my room after lights out.”


“It’s against school rules.”

“So it is.”

“Well, that’s my predicament.”

“Sorry, Alison. Am I missing the point here?” Now the young teacher was genuinely puzzled. “You were caught out of your room after lights out. That’s hardly the crime of the century is it? Who caught you, anyway?”

“Jennifer Albright. Bloody cow! She’s only just been made a prefect, for Heavens sakes! And she’s four months younger than me!”

“Right.” Helen Clark reflected for a moment over the situation of a sixth form girl being caught by a newly promoted and slightly younger prefect. “I can see how that must be somewhat humiliating for you. So, what did Jennifer do about it?”

“Put me down in the book for a slippering.”

“Does she not do that straight away?”

“She did. She had the book with her and wrote it down then and there.”

“No, I meant didn’t she, you know…?”

“Slipper me last night? No way! She’s younger than me! Anyway, I’ve got until tomorrow evening to have it carried out by any prefect or member of staff. Up to forty-eight hours from the time of the offence. School rules.”

“Oh, I see.” The young teacher bit her lip as she thought over what she had just been told. “So, how can I help you, Alison?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” The eighteen year old sixth form girl looked despairingly at Helen Clark, hoping she wouldn’t have to humiliate herself even more by stating exactly the reason for her visit. Seeing the penny still hadn’t dropped with Miss Clark, she added as an extra clue: “Any member of staff.”

“Oh! Oh my gosh!” Helen Clark put her hand to her mouth as she realised exactly what Alison Peters wanted. “Alison, really, I don’t punish girls that way. You know that.”

“Couldn’t you make an exception just this once?”

“Sorry. Anyway, you’re bigger than me.”

“I’m taller.” Alison looked down from her five feet five inches to the seated five feet one inch of Helen Clark. “But that doesn’t make any difference.”

“Sorry, Alison, you’ll have to find someone else, and my class will be arriving soon.” Helen Clark showed Alison the time from her wristwatch, as though trying to prove her excuse was genuine.

“Thanks anyway.” Alison said grudgingly as she turned to leave.

“Try Mrs Brookes, I’m sure she’ll be able to help you.”

Alison was already through the door. ‘Mrs Brookes?’ She thought, picturing in her mind the strongly built gym mistress. ‘No chance!’

*          *          *

Lessons and other school activities occupied Alison’s time during the remainder of the afternoon, and it was a quarter past six when she returned to the combined bedroom and study room she shared with her friend, Katie Jakes.

“Hi’ Katie.” Alison called a cheery greeting to the petite blonde girl lying face down on her bed and reading a cheap paperback book.

“Hi’ Ali.” Katie turned a page. “Had your bum smacked yet?”

“Not yet, thank you for asking.”

“Wouldn’t it be better to get it over with?”

“There’s plenty of time yet.” Alison sat down on a chair by her small study desk and toyed idly with a pencil.

“Who’s going to be the lucky party?”

“I’m sorry?”

“Which teacher is going to have the honour of smacking your shapely bottom?” Katie seemed quite engrossed in her book as she questioned her room mate. “Or are you going for a prefect?”

“A teacher, I reckon.” Alison became rather grim. “Haven’t found anyone yet.”

“Mr. Jefferson is rather gorgeous, in a mature sort of way. I imagine he’d quite enjoy the opportunity.”

“Katie! I am not selecting someone to carry out my most humiliating punishment just for their perverse enjoyment!”

“Oh, right.” Katie’s voice sounded surprised. “Oh well, if you just want to get it over with, I’d choose either a prefect or Samantha Haynes. She’s always pretty fair.”

“A prefect? They’re the same age as us!”

“So? They tend not to hit as hard.” Katie turned another page. “Unless that’s what you want, of course. In which case, try Mrs Brookes.”

“It most certainly is not what I want, thank you! And rest assured, Mrs Brookes will not be applying her slipper to my backside!”

“I should go for Samantha Haynes, then.”

“We’ll see.”

*          *          *

In fact, Alison Peters spent the rest of that evening and most of the following day keeping her head down and avoiding anyone who might raise the subject of her impending punishment. The following evening, when she returned to the bedroom and study room she shared with Katie Jakes, she was still quite withdrawn.

“Alison? You okay?” Katie looked up from writing at her small study desk.

“Fine, thanks.”

“Alison! You haven’t still got this stupid business hanging over you, have you?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, you have had some obliging teacher or prefect take you into some little private room and smack your bottom, haven’t you?”

“Not yet.”

“Not yet? Alison, you’re crazy! It’s a quarter to eight, for Heaven sakes. If you haven’t had it by nine o’clock they’ll be coming for you.”


“So it will hardly make it any easier, will it?” Katie looked at her friend with genuine concern. “In fact, they’ll probably make it worse for you.”

“How can it be any worse?”

“I don’t know, but they’ll think of something.”

“Oh, I don’t care. I’m going for a walk.”


While Alison enjoyed some solitude walking around the school grounds, and keeping to those areas she knew to be well within the bounds allowed, Katie returned to her studies. By the time Alison returned, Katie had completed her work for the day and was lying back on her bed.

“You okay?” Katie looked up as Alison slipped quietly into the room.

“Sort of.”

“You have had it, haven’t you? Tell me you have had it.”

“Had what?”

“Alison! Don’t be stupid! You know exactly what I mean.”

“Not yet. If they want me, they’ll have to come and get me.”

“That’s stupid. They will come, you know!”


“Not probably. Certainly!”

“I expect you’re right.”

“Let me get Samantha Haynes. She’ll do it for you right here.” Katie swivelled round and sat on the edge of her bed.

“What difference does it make where it’s done? Anyway, I’d better get ready for my ordeal.”

“Well, that’s the first sensible thing you’ve said! Shall I go and get Samantha?”

“If you want.”

“Christ! We’ve only got ten minutes! I’d better run.”

When Katie returned with Samantha, the Head Girl, Alison was sitting at her small study desk still dressed in the charcoal pin stripe skirt and white blouse that she’d worn for the school day. Samantha Haynes, looking particularly lanky in tight fitting faded blue jeans and white top with her long blonde hair flowing down her back, practically filled the doorway.

“This really won’t do, Alison. What sort of an example does it set for the other girls?”

“Sorry?” Alison looked up, a little surprised.

“Alison, you got yourself into trouble and then you leave it to the very last moment before you’re willing to take your punishment. And why did you send Katie along to fetch me? Because you thought I’d go easy on you? Probably thought I wouldn’t hit quite so hard as some and I’d be nice and discreet and do it in your room with just your room mate to see you get your bottom spanked!”

Alison chewed over the hostile outburst for some seconds before responding. “Sounds like you’ve already made your mind up, Samantha. All right! I’ll take my punishment! Do with me what you will!”

“Okay.” Samantha nodded thoughtfully. “Okay. Stand up.”

Alison got to her feet, feeling suddenly awkward standing before the tall Head Girl.

“Okay.” Samantha repeated, looking the dark haired eighteen year old up and down. “Katie, you might like to help your room mate get ready.”

Alison looked at her friend, pleased that it might still be only the Head Girl and her room mate who would be present for her humiliation. “Do you want this chair?” She asked Katie, expecting her to take it and position it as the item of furniture over which she would be required to bend for her punishment.

Katie, though, flashed her a guilty anxious look and turned away. Samantha Haynes moved further into the room, leaving the door open for Jennifer Albright, the prefect who had first reported Alison, to enter.

“Oh, I get it.” Alison glared at the new arrival, a shortish plain girl with collar length mousey coloured hair. “Going for maximum humiliation are we?”

“You brought this on yourself, Alison.” Samantha Haynes reminded her. “Perhaps you needed to treat Jennifer’s authority with a little more respect.”

“Whatever, Samantha. Shall we just get on with it?”

“You just don’t learn, do you Alison?” Samantha shook her head at the attractive dark haired girl. “Might be an idea to change out of those smart clothes, Alison. We wouldn’t want them to get damaged, would we?”

With Katie, Alison’s room mate, looking extremely anxious for her friend, Alison pondered the implications of the Head Girl’s last remark. “Okay.” She said doubtfully, and began removing her white blouse. With the blouse thrown casually onto her bed, Alison considered the removal of her white bra, but decided against it for the moment. Instead she took a white T-shirt from a drawer.

“Should I put this on?” Alison asked, half expecting to be told to strip naked.

“I should.” Samantha answered. “We don’t want you to catch cold in the corridors, do we?”

‘Not being done here, then,’ Alison thought to herself. A quick glance around the other three girls confirmed they were all in on the act.

Any thought of self-consciousness seemed pointless as Katie, Samantha and Jennifer all stood watching Alison’s every move. Without further hesitation, Alison unzipped her charcoal pin stripe skirt and slid it down her shapely legs, followed by a white slip with elasticated waistband. After removing her tights, brief white panties that moulded themselves tightly to Alison’s curvaceous soft firm bottom were soon covered by the eighteen year old pulling the hem of the T-shirt hastily down.

Reaching into another drawer, Alison tossed aside black track-suit bottoms and chose instead a pair of brief black athletics shorts with two white stripes down each side. She quickly stepped into them and pulled them up around her waist, finally tucking the white T-shirt into the elastic waistband.

Seating herself on the edge of her bed, Alison slipped on a pair of white ankle socks before methodically sorting out the laces of a pair of thick-soled white trainers.

“Take your time.” Samantha said quietly and sarcastically.

“In a rush to get it over with, are you?” Alison retorted.

“We can wait.”

With the white trainers on her feet and the laces secure, Alison got to her feet.

“After you.” Samantha stood aside from the doorway and, by a brief wave of her hand, beckoned for Alison to leave the room.

“Where exactly are you taking her?” Katie asked anxiously.

“The gym.” Samantha gave Alison a shove. “Come along!”

“I…, I’ll wait here.” Katie called after the small group now heading along the corridor.

“No you won’t!” Samantha replied. “You can be Alison’s witness.”

As the small party walked along the corridor, dormitory doors opened for excited faces to risk a quick peep before shutting hastily lest the occupants incurred the wrath of the Head Girl and her prefect and were maybe invited to join the condemned girlon her way to the place of punishment.

Soon the small group arrived at the large blue painted door that heralded their arrival at the school’s gymnasium.

“Go in!” Samantha prompted, and Alison slowly pushed open the door.

“Good evening, Alison.” Mrs Brookes’ brusque voice boomed across the empty wooden floored gymnasium.

“Hello Alison.” The quieter, gentler sound of Helen Clark’s voice appeared quite timid in comparison.

Alison grimaced, then slowly walked towards the two teachers and the low vaulting horse they stood beside. Unfortunately for Alison, it was Mrs Brookes who held the large white rubber soled plimsoll.

“You’ve not made yourself very popular with our Head Girl and the prefects, so I hear, Alison.” Mrs Brookes looked up at the taller eighteen year old.

“Apparently not.” Alison murmured.

“You were caught out of your room after lights out, is that correct?”

“Yes miss.”

“Right, that’s six whacks of the slipper!” Mrs Brookes turned her attention from Alison and directed her next question to the Head Girl and the prefect, Jennifer Albright. “Is that it, or is there anything else to be considered?”

“Other than sending her room mate to me at the very last moment before her forty-eight hours were up, no.” Samantha replied for both of them, adding for good measure: “I think she resented being awarded a punishment by a prefect of similar age to herself. If she’d been sensible, she’d have taken her slippering from Jennifer on the spot.”

“Did you allow Alison the opportunity of being punished by you immediately after you caught her, Jennifer?” Mrs Brookes asked the mousey haired prefect.

“Yes miss.” Jennifer answered in all honesty. “But she refused.”

“Why did you do that, Alison?” Mrs Brookes turned back to the dark haired girl.

“The school rules allow me forty-eight hours to receive my punishment, miss. I was going to get a member of staff to do it.”

“So why didn’t you?”

“I couldn’t find anyone who would do it, miss.” Alison looked pointedly towards Helen Clark, who quickly glanced down guiltily.

“You couldn’t find me?” Mrs Brookes continued. “I would have done it, Alison.”

“Yes miss.” Alison replied miserably.

“Perhaps you were a little wary of the strength of my right arm, were you Alison?”

“Possibly miss.”

“Well, I fear you are going to discover its effectiveness anyway now, aren’t you Alison?”

“Yes miss.”

“Anyway, Samantha, it seems the only charge we can level against Alison is being caught out of her room after lights out. So we can only give her the traditional six of the best, can’t we?”

“Yes miss.” The Head Girl sounded quite disappointed.

“Don’t worry, Samantha. I shall let you have a little fun.” Mrs Brookes looked up at the tall Head Girl with a glint in her eye. “I’m going to pop out for a cigarette. When I get back, have Alison ready and prepared across this vaulting horse, will you?”

“Yes miss.” Samantha replied, the disappointment having turned to some relish.

“Miss Clark, you’d better remain here and make sure these two don’t get too carried away.” Mrs Brookes addressed the young teacher and handed her the large white plimsoll. “I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

They all waited for the stocky gym mistress to leave the gymnasium before turning their attention to the unfortunate eighteen year old, her room mate Katie Jakes looking particular concerned about what the two senior girls had in mind for her friend. Katie, though, was surprised to see her friend smiling cheekily back at Samantha and Jennifer.

“Okay, what are you going to do to me?”

“First, Alison, I think we’ll have you across the horse.” Samantha too was glowing with anticipation. “Give me a hand, Jennifer.”

The Head Girl took hold of Alison’s left arm and waited while Alison surrendered her other arm to Jennifer’s clutches. Together, they led Alison towards the vaulting horse.

“Don’t try to resist, Alison.” Samantha cautioned.

“I wasn’t going to.” Alison answered as she allowed herself to be bent along the length of the padded top of the vaulting horse.

“What we have to do, Jennifer,” Samantha explained. “Is prepare Alison so that when Mrs Brookes returns this wretched girl gets the very best spanking that only six strokes of the slipper can provide. Isn’t that right Alison?”

“That’s absolutely right, Samantha.” The dark haired girl replied from the top of the vaulting horse.

“I’m so glad you agree, Alison.” The Head Girl, followed by the prefect, both released their grip on Alison’s arms and allowed her to lie along the length of the vaulting horse. “Now, how can we do that, Jennifer? Any ideas?”

“Pull her shorts down?”

“Pull her shorts down! Good idea, Jennifer!” Samantha feigned surprise at the mousey haired prefect’s obvious answer. “Unless you feel you’d prefer to keep your shorts on, Alison. Only I wouldn’t want to cause a nice girl like you any extra humiliation.”

Alison giggled. “I always prefer to have my shorts pulled down for a slippering, Samantha. It will help me feel the ribbed sole of the plimsoll on my bottom.”

“Absolutely! Down they come then.” Samantha stepped directly behind the girl bent across the horse, gripped the lower hems of the shorts and yanked them down in one swift abrupt movement. “There!”

Alison felt the flimsy material of the shorts catch around her knees, so she shook her hips until the garment fell to around her ankles, knowing only too well how this would make her bottom wriggle in front of the others.

“Thank you for pulling my shorts down, Samantha. That feels so much better!”

“Think nothing of it, Alison. Now, you’re not too warm are you?”

“Well, actually, I am a bit.” Alison said, fearing she knew what would be coming next.

“I thought you might be.” Samantha ran her hand slowly up Alison’s left thigh, her fingers dancing across the skimpy white cotton that formed the seat of the girl’s brief knickers and came to rest over the elastic top.

As Alison braced herself, suddenly the hand grabbed the hem of Alison’s white T-shirt, hauling it right up the girl’s suntanned back and tucking it carefully up between her shoulder blades.

“There! Is that more comfortable, Alison?”

“Sort of.”

“Still too warm?”

“A bit.”

“Oh dear.” Samantha turned to the others. “Anyone any idea what we can do about that?”

“Pull her knickers down?” Suggested Jennifer.

“I really don’t think you should do that.” Helen Clark decided to exercise a little authority, much to Katie Jakes’ relief.

Samantha seemed quite disappointed.

“It’s all right, Miss Clark. I really don’t mind.” Alison said, much to everyone’s surprise.

“Don’t be silly, Alison. Of course you mind.”

“It’s, um, sort of traditional, miss.”


“Yes, when someone has overstepped the mark.”

“To be whacked on the bare bottom?”

“Yes, miss.”

The Head Girl looked towards the young teacher for permission. Helen Clark sighed. “Okay.”

“Did you hear that, Alison?” Samantha’s tall figure hovered over the girl lying along the vaulting horse. “Miss Clark says you’re to have your knickers pulled down!”

Alison glanced across at the young teacher and grinned. Miss Clark seemed to take the matter rather more seriously.

Once again, Samantha’s hand brushed teasingly up Alison’s left thigh, then the palm stayed on the seat of the girl’s white knicker clad bottom, moved in a circular motion for some long seconds, and then suddenly gripped the elastic top of the underwear and wrenched the knickers roughly down.

As Alison felt the cool draught of the lofty room across the cheeks of her naked bottom, she wrapped her arms around the vaulting horse and held herself pinned to its padded top.

“You okay?” Katie whispered as she sprang forward and stood by the end of the horse, close to her room mate’s face.

“Perfectly, thank you.”

“Alison! You shouldn’t have to put up with this!” Her friend gasped.

“Just let them do what they want to me.” Alison answered quietly. “Then there won’t be any hard feelings afterwards.”


“Of course, Jennifer.” Samantha’s voice interrupted the two friends. “Mrs Brookes does lay the slipper on very, very hard. Doesn’t she, Alison?”

“So I believe, Samantha.” Alison spoke to the voice behind her.

“So, I wonder whether we ought to try a couple of practice strokes, just to make sure your bottom is correctly positioned to enjoy the maximum force for when Mrs Brookes gives you your very hard whacking. What do you think, Alison?”

“That might be very helpful, Samantha.”

“I say, girls.” Helen Clark finally couldn’t contain herself any longer. “I really do think the punishment should be left to Mrs Brookes.”

“I think Jennifer and I are entitled to a couple, Miss Clark.” Samantha protested. “At least just a couple.”

“Well okay, but just your hands. Not the slipper.”

“Our hands? She’ll hardly feel it!”

“Okay, you can have two each. But just your hands, mind!”

“Oh, all right.” Samantha once again did not conceal her disappointment. “I’ll show you how it’s done, Jennifer.”

The Head Girl stood behind the bending figure of Alison and hovered the palm of her right hand over the area of the girl’s naked left buttock. Drawing her arm all the way back, she almost leapt forward to propel a resounding smack against the waiting flesh. Alison jerked as she felt the blow.

Shuffling her feet, Samantha lined up a similar assault on Alison’s right buttock, swinging her arm back as far as it would stretch and lurching forward into the stroke until the loud crack of hand meeting soft bottom flesh echoed round the large lofty gymnasium. Alison snatched forward a second time.

“Your turn.” Samantha stood back for the mousey haired prefect to approach the rear end of the girl lying prone along the top of the vaulting horse.

Jennifer Albright glowed as she stood behind Alison and planted both feet firmly on the wooden floor. Swinging her whole body round, she swung her stiffened arm down so the palm of her hand caught Alison sharply across the right buttock. The lesser sound confirmed it was a gentler stroke than either of the two administered by the Head Girl.

“Put a bit more effort into it, Jennifer!” Samantha encouraged.

Somewhat chastened, the prefect swung her arm back again and grunted noisily as she hurled her whole body into the swing. Her palm landed across Alison’s left buttock with a sharp crack and made the bending girl jerk noticeably.

“Better!” Samantha commented. “Anyone else? Miss Clark?”

“No thank you.” Alison looked across at the young teacher, who stood with her arms folded looking quite uncomfortable.

“You might as well, Miss Clark.” Alison called over.

“No thank you.” Miss Clark replied firmly.

“I will!” Katie Jakes spoke up, much to everyone’s surprise.

Alison looked at her in astonishment.

“You deserve it!” Katie answered her friend’s unspoken question.


Ignoring her friend’s protest, Katie moved round and stood looking down at the curvaceous naked backside. “Only two?” Katie looked across at Miss Clark.

“Only two.”
“Katie!” Alison wailed.

“You just hold your bum still!” Katie demanded.

The petite blonde girl checked that Alison was indeed resting motionless along the length of the vaulting horse before raising her arm back and delivering a sharp smack to her friend’s left buttock.

“Ouch!” Alison called, although the firmness of the blow seemed less forceful than any of those supplied by the Head Girl or the prefect.

“Keep quiet and hold still!” Katie ordered.

Taking a few moments to relish the scene, Katie finally drew her arm back again and let fly with another sharp smack, this time to Alison’s right buttock.

“Ow!” Alison moaned quietly to herself. As Katie went back to stand near to her friend’s face, she ruffled Alison’s hair. “Satisfied?” Alison asked of her room mate.

“Yes thank you.” Katie answered, a smile of self-satisfaction on her face.

“I presume you are all ready for me now!” A loud voice echoed round the gymnasium. “Only some of us want to get to bed tonight.”

“Me included.” Helen Clark said with feeling as she handed the large white plimsoll back to Mrs Brookes.

“Thank you, Helen.” Mrs Brookes took firm hold of the slipper and went over to Alison, where she stood behind the bending girl. “Girls who are not prefects take orders from girls who are! Is that clear, Alison?”

“Yes miss.” Alison replied meekly.

“I’m sure it will be something you will remember for a very long time after I’ve finished with you, Alison!”

“Yes miss.” Alison murmured miserably.

“Right! Samantha! Jennifer!”

The Head Girl and the prefect stood either side of the vaulting horse and took hold of Alison’s wrists, twisting both her arms behind her back and leaning down on them so the girl was securely held down.

“This really isn’t necessary!” Alison protested. “I’ll take my punishment.”

“Too right you will!” Samantha told her.

“Ready!” Mrs Brookes bellowed.

For a few brief moments, the large lofty gymnasium fell silent. Then a shuffling of feet upon the wooden flooring eerily warned as thunder comes before lightning until the large white plimsoll impacted loudly against the soft firm curves of Alison’s naked bottom.

“Uuuh!” Alison gasped as her back arched and she strained against the securing strength of Samantha and Jennifer.

“One!” The Head Girl whispered delightedly in Alison’s ear.

Even as Alison breathed heavily and tried to come to terms with the sudden soreness that had spread like wildfire across her whole bottom, she sensed that Mrs Brookes was already taking aim.

Moments later, after the briefest sound of feet shuffling on the wooden floor, another loud crack exploded into the silence of the gymnasium.

“Aaaah!” Alison gasped for air again as another bout of searing soreness spread across her naked backside. and she felt the hands of Samantha and Jennifer gripping her wrists tightly and holding her down onto the top of the vaulting horse.

“Two!” Samantha whispered.

Seeing a tear stained with dark mascara trickle down her room mates cheek, Katie looked away until her eyes fell upon Mrs Brookes stepping back a couple of paces and already lining up the next stroke. The powerfully built gym mistress shuffled forwards in a kind of run up at the waiting target, hurled the slipper back over her right shoulder, then swung it down with ever increasing force until it cracked across poor Alison’s bottom.

“Sheeesh!” Alison cried out, and struggled again against the two senior girls who were holding her down.

“Three!” Samantha counted.

Helen Clark looked across at the scene being enacted just a few feet in front of her. She could see Alison’s face, now becoming ever more blotchy as the tears continued to meander down the side of her cheek, and she could see the pale white bare bottom in profile, round and firm, held frozen in waiting for the next swing of the slipper.

Mrs Brookes quickly obliged and another loud crack echoed around the lofty gymnasium as the large white plimsoll impacted again with Alison’s sore bottom.

“Uuuurgh!” A muffled voice came from below the leaning figures of Samantha and Jennifer as they struggled to keep the writhing eighteen year old pinned to the top of the vaulting horse.

“Four!” The Head Girl announced, her tone suggesting she was more keeping a formal tally now rather than deriving any pleasure from Alison’s suffering.

As Samantha, Jennifer and Katie all turned their heads to observe Mrs Brookes’ preparations, the shuffle had already commenced and in a split second the next stroke came hurtling down to explode across Alison’s now very tender bottom.

“Oooooch! That hurt!”

“Keep still!” Samantha urged rather than cautioned. “That’s five. Just one more to go.”

Helen Clark had an inkling, and her eyes confirmed her thoughts, as Mrs Brookes took more than her usual steps back as she prepared for the final stroke of punishment. Sighing, the teacher folded her arms tightly and braced herself.

Suddenly, there was no shuffle, just the hard pounding on the wooden floor as Mrs Brookes began her run forward. With even more determination, the robust gym teacher swung her arm back and launched it forward for the final assault on this hapless girl’s naked backside. It struck its soft round target with resounding success.

“Oooooooooh, grief that hurts!!”

For long moments, Samantha and Jennifer struggled to hold Alison down on the top of the vaulting horse while the dark haired girl came to terms with the searing scorching soreness that now spread across her entire backside. Finally, Alison was able to relax her straining muscles until she lay slumped over the padded surface.

“Right! That’s your lot, Alison. Let that be a lesson to you.” Mrs Brookes voice bellowed from behind the girl bent over the vaulting horse once she had seen the girl settle down.

“Yes miss.” Came the stifled voice.

“Come along, Helen. Let’s leave these girls to it.” The two teachers left the gymnasium, Mrs Brookes still holding the large white plimsoll. “So, what did you think to that, Helen?” The gym teacher asked when they were out in the corridor and safely out of earshot.

“It…, it seemed a bit harsh.” The younger woman suggested.

“She should have taken her punishment from Jennifer when she was first caught, Helen. That’s the way things are done traditionally around here.”

“I know Alison felt rather awkward about taking it from a girl of her own age.”

“Then she should have got one of us to do it, shouldn’t she?”

Helen Clark didn’t answer.

Back in the gymnasium, Samantha and Jennifer had released their grip on Alison’s wrists and were now standing back from the vaulting horse, allowing Katie Jakes to administer any solace to the punished girl.

“Christ, that hurt!” Alison exclaimed as she eased herself up from the vaulting horse.

“I told you!” Katie reproved her room mate. “I said you should have got someone to do it to you earlier.”

“Thanks for the sympathy!” Alison replied as she leant with one hand on the vaulting horse while she explored her sore bottom with the other. “What does my bottom look like?”

Katie dutifully obliged by moving behind her friend and looking down at the expanse of red blotchy nakedness. “Sore.” Came the simple answer.

“I already knew that!” Alison declared, trying to untangle her white T-shirt from her shoulder blades. “Ouch!” She exclaimed when the soft cotton material finally fell down and the hem bounced onto the rounds of her backside.

“Just get your knickers on!” Katie gave a gentlest of pats to Alison’s bottom.

“Eeech! Don’t do that!” Despite the obvious discomfort, Alison reached down and pulled both her white underwear and the brief black shorts up her legs, sorting through the mess of material before pulling first her white knickers back into place and then the shorts with the two white stripes down each side. With a few more gasps, Alison looked around.

“Are we finished?” Alison looked Samantha in the eye.

“We’re finished.”

“Thank you, Samantha.” Alison held her hand out.

“Well done, Alison.” Samantha took Alison’s hand and shook it.

“Sorry, Jennifer.” Alison offered the prefect her hand.

“That’s okay.” Jennifer shook hands, adding: “Sorry about the spanking.”

As Alison and Katie approached their shared bed and study room, they found Mrs Brookes and Helen Clark waiting for them, four mugs of hot cocoa being supported on a tray by the younger teacher.

“Miss Clark was worried about you, Alison.”

“Oh, I’m okay.”

“Might be an idea to invite us in, girls.” Mrs Brookes nodded towards the corridor behind them, where ears would undoubtedly be pressed against the closed doors.

“Perhaps if Miss Clark and I take the chairs you two can sit on the beds.” Mrs Brookes suggested as the four steaming mugs were handed out.

“I think I prefer to stand.” Alison said coyly, raising a smile from the other three.

“Miss Clark thinks I was too hard on you, Alison.” Mrs Brookes began.

Alison shrugged, unable to find suitable words to reply.

“I…, I was just worried it might be too painful for you, that’s all.” Helen Clark stuttered.

Alison raised an eyebrow and took a sip of her cocoa.

“As these girls know, Helen, I always hit hard. That way, they know better than to come back for a second dose.” Mrs Brookes, too, seemed to be enjoying her cocoa. “Mind you, Alison, you should have come to me sooner.”

Alison shrugged again. “I just never got around to it, somehow.”

“I’m sorry, Alison. I let you down.” Helen Clark spoke nervously.

“That’s all right, miss.” Alison murmured.

“Am I missing something here?” Mrs Brookes looked round at the younger teacher.

“Alison came to see me because she wanted me to slipper her.” Helen Clark looked anxiously down at the carpet. “I knew she was finding it very difficult to come right out and say that, but I knew what she wanted and I didn’t make it any easier for her. And then I told her I didn’t use corporal punishment on girls.”

“Any particular reason for that, Helen?” Mrs Brookes spoke informally for once.

“No experience, I suppose. You see, we didn’t have corporal punishment at the school I went to.”

“Take my advice, Helen. Get yourself a good size twelve plimsoll and keep it in the bottom drawer of your desk. The girls will respect you all the more for it. Isn’t that right, girls?”

“Yes miss.” Alison and Katie murmured in unison, giving each other a knowing grin.

“Well, I suppose at least I could have saved poor Alison something of her ordeal.” Helen Clark spoke thoughtfully.

“Poor Alison, my foot!” Mrs Brookes exclaimed. “She brought all her troubles on herself. Isn’t that right, girl?”

“Yes miss.” Alison replied.

“Right, we’d all better hit the sack! Are you ready, Helen?”

When the two teachers had left the room, Alison stripped off her brief black shorts and underwear, and laid face down on her bed. “Do you think Miss Clark really will get herself a slipper?”

“I hope so.” Katie began undressing for bed.

“Might be a welcome relief from Mrs Brookes.”

“Precisely!” Katie answered. “And I’m up for three demerits tomorrow. I can be her first victim!”

“Don’t fancy a session with our beloved gym teacher then?”

Katie took a long hard look at Alison’s naked bottom, still a mass of angry red soreness. “No thanks!”

The End

© Kenny Walters 1997

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