A normally well behaved girl gets the slipper and her friend gets the cane

By Brian Melville

Oak Hill Secondary School was a school for boys and girls in the far north of England where both boys and girls were subjected to corporal punishment when they misbehaved. The deputy headmaster was the only member of staff that was allowed to administer up to twelve strokes of the slipper and eight strokes of the cane. All punishments were administered across the seats of the girls’ school skirts or trousers, as well as the seats of the boys’ short or long trousers.

Oak Hill had a very traditional school uniform for the boys, which was grey school trousers, white shirt, black blazer, grey socks and black school shoes. During winter, a black pullover could be worn under the black blazer. Sixth form boys wore a special sixth form maroon blazer and tie.

For the girls in first to fifth form, it was a grey skirt, white blouse, white knee socks, black blazer and black school shoes with a low heel with the strap and buckle across the top of the foot.  During winter, the girls had a choice of the skirt with thick black pantyhose or grey trousers with grey knee socks. Sixth form girls, however, were allowed to wear the grey trousers or skirt all year round with the special sixth form maroon blazer and their shoes could have a slightly higher heel.

Eighteen year old Hayleigh Hughes was an A level student who stood first in not only her class but also in her form and the entire school. Hayleigh was a very well behaved girl and had never been in trouble since she started her schooling eleven years previously. That was until a fairly cold spring day during the spring of 1984.

Hayleigh sat next to her best friend, eighteen year old Bianca Green, who was no stranger to the slipper or cane. The two friends sat listening to Miss Boucher, their history teacher, during the second period of the day, with Bianca not really interested in history. She drew funny pictures of some of their classmates and the teacher.

Bianca showed Hayleigh the picture she drew of Miss Boucher, which caused Hayleigh to burst out in a loud, almost hysterical, laugh to the annoyance of the history teacher.

“Hayleigh Hughes!” The teacher snapped.

Hayleigh couldn’t stop laughing immediately, but Bianca immediately stopped her giggling.

“Hayleigh! Stop that laughing! Immediately!” The teacher snapped loudly.

Hearing this, the girl realised what she was doing and swallowed her laugh very quickly.

“Sorry miss!” A blushing Hayleigh replied meekly.

“What is so funny, girl?” The teacher asked as she made her way towards the two friends’ desks.

Hayleigh didn’t know how to answer the teacher and Bianca realised too late that the teacher was approaching their desk. As Miss Boucher came to Bianca’s side of the desk she immediately saw the drawing with ‘Old Boucher’ written above it with an arrow pointing to the picture. The sight of the picture was enough to really infuriate the fifty-two year old teacher.

“You find that funny, girl?” The teacher snapped.

“Ye-ye-yes miss! Sorry miss!” Hayleigh replied in a whisper, staring at her open textbook in front of her.

Miss Boucher took the exercise book from the desk in front of Bianca and, after a quick glance at the front cover, she snapped: “You’re quite an artist, miss Green!”

After a full minute of just staring at the two girls, the teacher continued: “I wonder what Mr Aston will have to say about your handiwork, girl.”

Just hearing the name of the deputy headmaster made Bianca squirm on the hard wooden seat of her desk, as she knew just how much her bottom hurt after her last visit to his study, when she got three strokes of
the cane across the seat of her skirt for not paying attention in a geography class two weeks ago.

Mrs Boucher gave her words a few seconds to sink in, then she snapped: “Take your exercise book and go show the deputy headmaster your new history summaries, Green!”

Hearing the history teacher telling Bianca to go to the deputy headmaster caused Hayleigh’s stomach to do a double summersault as she prayed for the teacher not to send her to Mr Aston, as well. With a sigh, Bianca got to her feet,   exercise book in hand, and headed for the door.

The teacher snapped: “Hughes, you are not going to get away with this. You can go with Green to the deputy headmaster and explain to him what you found so funny about that ridiculous picture of me!”

Hayleigh almost fainted at the teacher’s dooming words, but didn’t dare to argue and just stood and followed Bianca out of the class and down the corridor towards the deputy headmasters study.

“Bianca, what do you think Mr Aston will do to us?” Hayleigh asked nervously.

“He will surely whack your bottom with his slipper, but I have a very bad feeling that I might not be so lucky and might be getting the cane, today!” Bianca replied.

“Really? Will he really go so far to slipper me? It’s only my first offence!” Hayleigh replied loudly.

“Keep it down! Or do you want us both to get caned?!” Bianca snapped at her friend.

Her friend mentioning the cane was enough to let Hayleigh keep her thoughts to herself, as she followed her friend to their awaiting fate. The girls came around a corner and a few steps in front of them there it was, the oak door clearly marked; Mr Aston – Deputy Headmaster.

Bianca stopped about three steps from the door and turned to her now very nervous friend, then she whispered: “Is my tie in the centre?”

“Yes!” Hayleigh replied softly.

“Great! Your tie is perfect too! Make sure your blouse is tucked neatly tucked into your trousers and your shoes are clean, Hayleigh!” Bianca replied.

“Why, do we have to do this?” Hayleigh asked.

Bianca sighed as she replied: “Because, Mr Aston would think nothing about giving you extra strokes if your uniform is not perfect, Hayleigh!”

Both girls made sure their uniforms were perfect, then the girls took the last step to the door and Bianca knocked on the door.

After a few seconds, a deep voice came from inside: “ENTER!”

Bianca opened the door and they entered the rather small, minimalistically furnished study with its white walls, wooden floor. To the left there was a rather large oak desk, comfortable black leather office chair where the deputy head was seated, and two comfortable black armchairs in front of the desk for visiting parents of friendly visiting students. Behind the deputy headmaster were two filing cabinets, a chest of drawers and two lockable cabinets.

Against the wall on the right of the two friends were four evenly spaced, oak shelves fitted to the wall, with a golden brown, three foot long, crook handled cane, half an inch thick, hanging from a hook from the top shelf, and a black size thirteen plimsoll sitting on the second shelf next to it.

Hayleigh closed the door and went to join her friend who was now standing with her hands behind her back behind the two arm chairs, facing the deputy headmaster in the middle of the space between the shelves and the backs of the chairs. Hayleigh stood to the left of her friend with her hands clasped together in front of her.

Mr Aston seemed as if he didn’t even notice the two girls in front of him for a few minutes, before he snapped without looking up from the paperwork he was busy with. “Place the book on my desk, then both of you can take two steps back, turn around and face the shelves!”

A confused Hayleigh looked at Bianca, as if she did not know why they had to turn around, but did as instructed.

“Put your hands on your heads, stand up straight and face the shelves! Don’t move or talk, till I tell you to!” Mr Aston snapped.

Hayleigh couldn’t help but feel rather silly standing like that with her nose so close to the cane, still hanging from its hook. Both Hayleigh and Bianca were now very nervous as they couldn’t help but think about what their respective fates might be. Five minutes later, which felt like two hours for Hayleigh, the deputy headmaster addressed them again.

“You can turn and face me but keep your hands on your heads!” Mr Aston snapped sternly.

Once the two girls were in position, he continued; “So, what brings you two ladies to my study today? I presume it has something to do with your book, Bianca Green?”

Bianca decided to come clean as she replied meekly: “Yes sir, I drew a cartoon picture of Miss Boucher which caused Hayleigh to laugh and Miss Boucher to send us here for it, sir!”

The deputy headmaster looked at both girls for a moment before he opened the exercise book, turning to the last page. It took the deputy headmaster only one quick glance at the drawing, which was rather funny and he had to contain himself not to laugh, before closing the book and placing it back on his desk. Then he first looked at the familiar figure of the tall, skinny Bianca with her shoulder length dark blonde hair and brown eyes, smartly dressed in her sixth form special blazer and tie with the trousers, before turning his attention to the tall, slender, Hayleigh with her straight, long, ash blonde hair and blue eyes.

He addressed the blonde girl. “Hayleigh Hughes! I never thought I would ever see you in front of me for misbehaviour!”

Hayleigh replied: “I am sorry, sir! It will never happen again, promise, sir!”

Mr Aston leaned back in his chair as he continued:  “It is not your first time Bianca, and you both know the rules! So I will get straight to the point! Green, you will bend over for four strokes of the cane!”

Pausing to give his words time to sink in, he turned to the other girl. “As for you, Hughes! I should give you the cane as well, but I will give you a good dose of my slipper, instead, seeing that it is your first time. You will be bending over for six strokes of the old plimsoll across your bottom, girl!”

Hearing her fate, Hayleigh was nervous about getting the slipper as Bianca had told her just how badly it stung, but she was relieved she had been spared the cane as she had seen girls who got the cane and in particular the marks on their bums.

The deputy headmaster then took a book with a red cover from the left side of his desk and opened it at the last entries. Right at the top of the left page Hayleigh saw the entry of her friend two weeks ago.

Green Bianca, 6A, Not paying attention in class, three strokes with
cane across the seat of school skirt, bent over desk.

The last entry on the right page read as follows:

Steward Annebelle, 6A, Truancy and rudeness to member of staff, eight
strokes with cane across seat of trousers, touching toes

This was very intriguing as  Annebelle Steward was the deputy Head Girl and she never thought that prefects or head prefects ever got the slipper or cane, but they were obviously very wrong as Annebelle got her caning after school the day before.

Mr Aston made the entries into the punishment book:

Hughes Hayleigh, 6C, Disruptive behaviour during class, six strokes
of slipper, across seat of trousers touching toes.

Green Bianca, 6C, Drawing offensive pictures in exercise book, four
strokes of cane, across seat of trousers, touching toes.

Mr Aston stood up and walked around his desk, taking the slipper off the shelf before addressing the two girls again.

“Right, Green, over there by the door, facing me with your hands on your head!”

Bianca did as she was told without hesitation and once she was in position the deputy headmaster continued.

“Remove your blazer and hang it over the back of that chair, Hughes!”

Hayleigh complied.

“Now, turn around so you are facing that corner and take two steps towards it, then bend over and touch your toes, without bending your knees, girl!” The deputy headmaster continued.

Hayleigh looked at Mr Aston for a moment then took a deep breath and assumed the prescribed position. Her long blonde hair covered her face and her trousers tightened across her relatively small, firm but fleshy round bottom. She was rather relieved that she wore her trousers and not her skirt which was rather short and, in her current position, Mr Aston would have had a good view of at least a third of her bottom, barely covered in her skimpy, white lace knickers.

“Right Hughes, you will remain in this position until I tell you to move!” Snapped Mr Aston.

“Yes sir!’ Came a muffled reply from Hayleigh’s hair covered face.

“Six it is!” Mr Aston said as he tapped the girl’s bottom a few times with the slipper.

Then, without warning, whack, the first stroke fell right across the centre of Hayleigh’s bottom, causing both cheeks to sting like crazy. She bent her knees as she let out a rather loud: “Oww!”

“That was only the first stroke, young lady! Get those legs straight and stick your bottom right out, girl! Five more to come! Now keep still and don’t yell like that, again!” The deputy headmaster snapped.As s

on as Hayleigh was in the prefered position, whack, whack, the second and third strokes landed firmly on her left and right bum cheeks respectively, causing the girl to breathe loudly and to sway her hips from side to side in an attempt to soothe the sting.

The deputy headmaster waited a full minute before, without warning, he swung the slipper with full force in quick succession, down across the up-turned target. The force of the two strokes caused Hayleigh to leap up and cover her now sore and stinging bottom.

As she hopped from foot to foot, she muttered: “Ouch sir, it stings!”

Mr Aston gave the girl a few seconds before he snapped: “That’s enough of that stupid dancing, now touch your toes, Hughes!”

“But it hurts, sir!” Hayleigh replied with pleading eyes as she fiercely rubbed her bottom.

“I am not done with you, girl. Now, touch your toes and present your bottom for the final stroke, or do you want me to start all over again? With the cane, this time!”

As soon as Hayleigh heard the deputy headmaster mentioning the cane, she quickly turned and assumed the position, thrusting her scorched bottom out as far as she could.  Mr Aston tapped her bottom with the slipper a few times as he placed his hand on her back, pushing her down a bit more, while saying: “Get right down, girl! Fingers on the tips of your shoes! That’s better!”

Then the tapping stopped and ten seconds later, whack,  the final stroke fell dead centre across both cheeks, causing the poor teenager to gasp for breath, taking all her will power not to leap into the air again, gritting her teeth and tightly, shutting her eyes as she tried to deal with the immense stinging pain covering her entire bottom.

After a few seconds, which felt like an hour to Hayleigh, the deputy headmaster addressed her again.

“You may get up and go stand next to your friend over there with your hands on your head, miss Hughes!”

Hayleigh leaped up and gave her intensely stinging bottom a quick rub as she took up her position next to Bianca. The deputy headmaster then placed the slipper back on the shelf and took the cane from its hook, flexing it between his hands a few times, while addressing Bianca, sternly.

“Green, remove your blazer and hang it over the back of the chair!”

Bianca did as she was told without hesitation.

“Right, over here, girl! You know the drill, young lady!” Mr Aston continued as he pointed with the business end of the cane to the spot Hayleigh was standing in for her slippering.

“Come on, Green, touch your toes, girl! I haven’t got all day!”

As Bianca bent over and placed the tips of her fingers firmly on the tips of her shoes, the deputy headmaster took the opportunity to give miss Hughes a firm warning.

“Stand up straight and keep still, Hughes!”

Hayleigh replied: “Yes sir! Sorry sir!”

“You better pay attention to what is about to happen to miss Green here, as I intend to cane your bottom if you ever return to my study again!” Mr Aston snapped.

“Yes sir!” Hayleigh replied.

“Right Green, four strokes for you. Keep still!” Barked the deputy headmaster, as he lightly tapped the girl’s small, firm, round bottom, covered in her tightly stretched grey trousers, with the cane.

An apprehensive Bianca knew what to expect as she was no stranger to getting her bum caned by Mr Aston. She was relieved it was only four strokes and not six of the best as she remembered just how much
that hurt back in fifth form. She knew that with her tightly stretched trousers covering her bottom, over the pink thong she was wearing, that it was going to hurt quite a bit more than  the previous time when she wore her school skirt.

The tapping stopped and ten seconds later, swish, thwack, the first stroke fell across the centre of Bianca’s bottom. Hayleigh could see a clear line across her friends trousers where the cane had struck, and she was surprised at her friend taking that stroke without any reaction.

Ten seconds passed and, swish, thwack, the second stroke fell just below the first, causing Bianca to gasp for air as she shifted her weight from foot to foot a few times, to try and deal with the stinging, throbbing pain.

Ten seconds went by, then swisshh, thhwacck, the third and hardest stroke of them all so far found its spot just above the area where bottom
meets thigh, causing Bianca’s head to jerk back and her left leg kicked back, stomping her feet on the floor, in agony while she moaned loudly: “Ow ow ow, it hurts!”

Mr Aston gave the girl a few seconds to compose herself, before he placed the cane firmly against the up turned bottom and said: “Stop that, Green, or do I need to add two penalty strokes?”

“Uh oh, no penalty strokes, please sir! Sorry sir!’ Bianca muttered.

“Then stop acting like a first form girl and take your punishment like a sixth form girl, without a fuss and without making a spectacle of yourself, Green!” The deputy headmaster continued, while holding the cane in place.

He then tapped the cane across the well presented, familiar target in front of him while taking a look at what the young miss Hughes was doing. Fortunately, Hayleigh was standing at attention with her hands firmly pressed on top of her head, staring at what her friend was enduring in front of her.

“Are you still paying attention, Hughes?” Mr Aston snapped at Hayleigh.

“Yes sir! I am paying attention, sir!’ Hayleigh replied, meekly.

“Good!” Mr Aston snapped as he turned his attention to the waiting bottom in front of him. Tapping the cane a few more times, he sternly addressed the bent over girl, again: “Straighten those legs, and stick your bottom right out, Green! You know the last stroke is always the…?”

“Hardest sir!” Bianca replied meekly.

“That’s right! Get right down, girl! I want to see you press dents in the tips of your shoes!” Mr Aston continued, still tapping the well presented bottom with the cane.

Then, without prior warning, the tapping stopped and for a full minute the cane did not touch Bianca’s throbbing bottom. Suddenly, there was a loud hissing sound as the deputy headmaster swung his cane with full force down towards the waiting target, sswwiisshh, followed by a very loud, echoing thhwwacckk, as the cane fell diagonally across the girl’s bottom, effectively slicing the previous three strokes in half.

The effects was instant, causing poor Bianca Green to howl in pain as her  knees buckled and her head jerked back. The deputy headmaster grinned slightly as he got what he intended with that last stroke. He then looked at Hayleigh who stood there in total horror, after what she has just witnessed, totally forgetting to soothe her own sore bottom.

The deputy headmaster waited another thirty seconds before addressing the still bent over girl.

“You may get up, Green!”

Bianca leaped up as both her hands flew to her throbbing bottom, rubbing it vigorously for a few seconds as she hopped around, while Mr Aston placed the cane back on its hook.

As he got back to his seat, he snapped: “That’s enough now, Green! Stand still and place your hands on your head, facing me!”

Pausing as he waited for the girl to comply, he continued: “Hughes, stand next to Green!”

Once the girls were standing next to each other, the deputy headmaster continued: “It is fifteen minutes till first break, so I will not send you back to your classes now. You will remain here, facing the shelves behind you, with your hands on your heads, till the start of first break!”

Pausing to let his words sink in, he added: “So, turn around girls, facing the shelves and take three steps forward, feet together, hands on your heads!”

The two friends did as they were instructed, Bianca still shifting her weight from foot to foot as she attempted to deal with her sore bottom. Then, after about three minutes, the deputy headmaster snapped: “Stop that, Green! Stand up straight, both of you! And keep still! Or do you both want more?”

The girls immediately complied as they did not want anymore pain added to their already sore bums. Five minutes before the bell rang for first break, there was a knock on the door. Both girls blushed bright red as they knew someone would be seeing them standing there.

“ENTER!” The deputy headmaster said sternly.

The door opened and, as the person entered, the girls turned their heads slightly to see who it was. To Hayleigh’s horror, it was the prefect, Nathan O’Connol, from 6A, the first team rugby captain, who Hayleigh found very attractive. She’d had a crush on him since first form, but Nathan always seemed to ignore her, and was now in a relationship with Heather O’Brian, the busy body, head girl of the school, who always spread stories of others across the entire school.

Hayleigh immediately faced the shelves again, trying to avoid eye contact with the boy. Nathan recognised both girls immediately.

“Nathan, how can I help you today, boy?” The deputy headmaster snapped.

“Morning sir, Mr Westbury sent me to collect the history tests of 6A, sir!” The boy replied.

Mr Aston opened a drawer on the right of the desk and took out a bundle of papers. Handing them to the boy, he sternly said: “Here you go, O’Connol.”

Nathan stuttered: “Thank you sir!”

The bell for first break rang a few minutes later and the deputy headmaster stood and opened the door of his study as he addressed the two girls.

“Right, you are dismissed!”

The girls turned and made their way out the study and down the now empty corridors towards their previous class to collect their bags. Then they made a bee-line for the bathrooms. There, they took their time to rub their bottoms and have a good look at the damage caused to each other’s bottoms.

The End

© Brian Melville 2018