To Give You First Have to Receive

A young female teacher in an all boys school learns about traditional punishment

By Pat Greenham

Jane Wilson was in the second term at St Brads College, an all boys school based in the North West, as the only female teacher in the school. Jane had gained a first in Modern History at Oxford and had impressed the Headmaster very much when she had come for an interview the previous summer. As such he had persuaded his senior colleagues and the governors that for the first time in the history of the college it should appoint a female to the teaching staff.

Things had gone quite well and she had settled in well to the common room, with some of the male teachers very much appreciating the company of the attractive twenty-four year old. Jane was five foot seven tall with a lovely figure which she liked to show off, often wearing a tight pencil skirt or tight trousers that left nobody in any imagination about her tight round bottom. However being the only female teacher had its problems, in particular the attitude of some of the boys in the middle and senior school, who occasionally made quite sexist remarks. There was a lot of cheek directed at Jane, and after a particular lesson during that second term she was particularly upset and felt she was losing control.

Jane decided to seek the advice of one of her older colleagues, who listened and was sensitive to her problem. His solution, however, shocked Jane when he suggested that she seek an appointment with the Head to get clearance to use corporal punishment. Jane knew that some teachers used the cane but did not know that each had gained formal clearance from the Head to use such punishment.

After another couple of bad lessons where again Jane had felt she was losing control she decided to take her colleague’s advice and seek a meeting with the Head.

The next day Jane found herself explaining the situation to Brian Glover, the Headmaster. She told him about her conversation with her colleague and asked him if he thought it was good advice and whether being able to threaten a caning to individual pupils would allow her to regain control.

Brian Glover leant back in his chair and told Jane that generally it was only his most senior members of staff who had the necessary clearance, but that he also understood the merit in her suggestion.

The Head went on to ask Jane if she had ever been caned at school or at home, to which she replied she had not. Brian Glover told Jane that he was not going to make a decision there and then and suggested that he take a couple of days to think about it. They agreed to meet after school two days later.

Jane gave a great deal of thought to the conversation and even started to think about her ability to deliver such punishments should the Head agree.

The two days passed quickly and Jane was again sitting opposite the Head in his study. Glover told her he had come to a conclusion but was going to impose some conditions. However before he discussed his decision, he asked Jane if she knew about the school’s policy regarding the use of the cane. Jane said she did not and asked to know more.

The Head went onto to explain that there are three levels of punishment based on the seriousness of the offence or if the punishment was a repeat for the same offence. He explained that the first level known as an ‘induction caning’ was given for such behaviour as consistently not concentrating or being disruptive and was six moderate strokes with the light cane applied to the pupils backside whilst touching their toes. The second level, known as a ‘house caning’ is given to pupils who had seriously broken school rules or had received an induction caning but had continued to misbehave. A house caning involved six hard strokes applied to the pupil across their backside with the senior cane. The Head stressed that although both the ‘induction’ and ‘house’ canings involved six strokes, there was a considerable difference in the level of severity. For this level he always advised giving the pupil something to bend over so that they could hold onto to something to prevent them jumping up. Brian Glover then outlined the third level punishment, known as ‘school caning’ that was always given to anyone found guilty of theft, bullying and truancy or any other very serious offence. He went on to explain that for this most serious level the pupil would receive six severe strokes with their lower clothing completely removed. Glover added that few ever came back once they had received a level three caning.

The Head told Jane that all teachers that had caning clearance could go up to level two, but that only three teachers could go to level three. In all cases, the teacher would give the pupil a punishment slip with either a time to report to his study or if they had clearance to administer punishment themselves, details of the caning given, adding that a copy always goes to the school secretary. Every week the secretary posts a list on the notice board of boys who had been caned.

He then said: “So lets return to your request.”

He said that he had decided to include Jane on the list of teachers that had clearance to use the cane but there were two conditions, the second of which was likely be unacceptable.

First he told her that he would want to witness any punishment she administered for an initial period to ensure she learnt how to use the cane effectively.

He then shocked Jane with his second condition when he told her that he believed it essential that if you are going to apply the cane you must know what it is like to receive it. He added that all the male teachers that had caning clearance had assured him that they had received the cane during their own schooling.

So, he said: “Here is the problem in that you have never been caned, so I have decided that you can have clearance to whatever level you think appropriate providing you are willing to experience the cane for yourself.”

Jane could not quite believe what the Head had said and asked if he was seriously suggesting that he actually cane her, and asked which type of caning he had in mind. Brian Glover said that they would start with a level one caning, after which she would be free to administer punishment at this level. He added that you can even experience an induction caning right here and now if you so wish. He went to tell her that if she wanted clearance to administer a house caning, she must again experience it for herself in due course. He then mentioned a level three or school caning, and suggested that he understood she would be unlikely to submit to such a caning. However, he went on to say, it is imperative that if you are going to administer the cane you must know at first hand about the experience and the pain that you will inflict.

Jane felt in a corner, but could see the sense in what he was telling her. She thought about her control over some of the classes she taught, and thought having the power to use the cane to regain her authority was the only way forward.

She did not want to leave the study without a resolution, as she knew thinking it over the next few days would end up with the same conclusion. In such mood she told Glover that she would accept his conditions, and suggested that he go ahead and show her the first level induction caning.

Brian Glover was secretly delighted as he quite fancied the idea of caning this very attractive twenty-four year old teacher. He stood up and asked Jane to remove her jacket. She was wearing a tight skirt which hugged her hips in an almost seductive way. Moments later he told her to go the middle of the room and bend over and either touch her toes or hold onto the back of her ankles with her feet slightly apart.

As she reached down her skirt stretched across her bottom making it even tighter, and the Head admired the view. Whilst she was in position he produced the light three-foot cane and told her that he would aim at the centre of her bottom with the tip of the cane striking no further over than the centre of her right cheek. He added that as this was a light caning, the backswing would be no further back than ninety degrees. After tapping her bottom a few times, he gave Jane her first ever taste of the cane, which caused her to jump slightly as she absorbed the sting but stayed in position. Over the next minute she received five further strokes, which whilst painful, were also not awful and Jane could understand the Head’s earlier comments about this first level being moderate.

As Jane stood up, the Head asked her what she thought about being caned – to which Jane replied that she had benefited from the experience and appreciated why he had insisted. She then asked the Head if he thought this level alone would be sufficient, and Glover knew his answer would dictate the prospects of giving his young teacher another caning. He told her that if she was going to gain proper control she should at least go to the next level and that she should let him know if and when she wanted to experience a ‘house caning’.

Jane left his study and over the next few days decided that she did indeed need to experience the next level. In addition some rather strange feelings were going through her head, almost as if she had enjoyed bending over for the cane – not that she enjoyed the pain, but had certainly liked the feeling that she was in his power and that once bent over there was no going back. Additionally that in a strange personal way, the Headmaster for the period of the caning was concentrating on nothing but her bottom – a part of her anatomy she was quite proud of and hoped he had had liked what he had seen. During moments when she was having these slightly dark thoughts, she decided she was certainly going to try the next level.

Jane also decided to tell her boyfriend about her caning and he found the idea of his girlfriend submitting to the Headmaster quite a turn on. He even suggested that for her next session she should wear a particular pair of trousers that were exceptionally tight and he had jokingly once remarked when she was wearing them that you could easily park your bike in the crease when she leaned forward.

Seven days after her first caning, Jane woke in the morning and decided that this was the day she was once more going to experience the cane, albeit at the more serious level. Initially she chose a sensible pair of trousers, but before leaving she decided to take her boyfriend’s advice and changed to her tight black trousers, again in a strange way wanting the Headmaster to appreciate her bottom. The disadvantage was that, to avoid a VPL, she would have to wear very modest knickers, taking away a small amount of additional protection. Jane saw the Head in the morning and mentioned that she was ready, to be told to see him at the end of the day. At just after four-fifteen, Jane was once again in position for the cane, this time bent over the back of a low chair with her legs stretched out at forty-five degrees behind her and her upper body similarly at forty-five degrees as she was instructed to reach as far down as possible and hold onto the front legs of the chair. The tight trousers fitted like a glove, but bent right over the back of the chair gave the Head the most marvellous derriere to view with very little left to the imagination.

Again the Head explained that the technique was exactly the same in terms of aiming, but he was now using the senior cane, which he was going to use with full-arm strokes. Suffice to say that moments later Jane experienced a completely different level of pain as the Head delivered a devastating six-of-the-best. Jane could not believe the ‘step-up’ in pain compared with her earlier caning and was truly struggling to stay in position as her beating continued over a two-minute period. After he had given her the sixth and final stroke, she was told to stand up and take a seat. Jane took a couple of minutes to recover before telling the Head that she was shocked, despite his earlier comments, about the difference between the two punishments.

Unlike her induction caning which had hardly left a mark, this time when she got home the mirror in her bedroom showed six magnificent cane weals all parallel across her bottom. Later that night Jane’s boyfriend was most impressed and the predictable took place very quickly indeed.

Over the following few days Jane threatened the cane to a number of her more badly behaved pupils and administered her first punishment to a particularly awful individual. Under the watchful eye of the Head, she administered a level one caning and felt she had started well and had impressed the Head.

Word spread that the new female teacher had joined the list of those that had clearance to use the cane, so much so that the behaviour of the pupils in her classes immediately improved. However there was one particularly unpleasant boy in the lower-sixth, Martin Willis, who had continuously been less than courteous, and on one occasion had threatened that he would never allow himself to be caned by Jane. He was also capable of making nasty sexist remarks that Jane found both horrible and upsetting.

Over the next few days, Jane decided on a radical plan to get her revenge on this sixth former. Put simply, she decided that she would ask Brian Glover to take her to the next and final level, after which she would take the next opportunity of a rude or sexist remark to give Willis a punishment slip and ensure that he received the most serious caning in front of the Head. She already had quite a dossier of his unacceptable remarks!

In her mind, she wanted to hatch the plan over the next week, but the very next morning Willis asked Jane in front of the whole class how she was getting on now she was allowed to use the cane, and asked her how she thought she could possibly apply any sort of meaningful punishment with her being so petite. He was goading her with another sexist remark. This was the final straw, and Jane simply sat down at her desk and wrote out a punishment slip instructing him to report to the Headmasters office at five past four. For the first time Willis shut up, never thinking that it could actually happen to him.

Things for Jane had moved quicker expected, and she knew that if she was going to succeed with her plan she had to see Brian Glover at lunchtime. She was also conscious that she was wearing a dress, which was not ideal.

At just after twelve-thirty, Jane was talking to the Headmaster and to his incredible surprise asked him if he remembered that he had said she could have caning clearance to any level providing she first experienced an equivalent punishment herself. Jane explained that she had a candidate for a level three caning and told the Head about the constant dreadful behaviour of Martin Willis and in particular about his comment made earlier. She also shared the dossier of remarks he had made and added that she had given the boy a punishment slip telling him to report to the Head at five past four. She told the Head that if she was to ever get some respect from this individual, she felt it was important that she be the one that administered his punishment.

However, Jane added that she knew the deal and if the Head was still of his original view, she knew that she would have to experience a level three caning for herself. Whilst Jane was scared about what was to come, as before there was a piece of her that wanted to again be dominated and if the real truth be known, as a side agenda that she wanted him to see her bottom in the flesh.

Brian Glover had listened to Jane’s speech and told her that she could simply bring Willis to him to be caned as she directed, and in so doing avoid taking the level three caning herself. Jane replied that, no, she wanted Willis to understand the gravity of his actions and suffer the humiliation of getting the cane across his bare bottom from the teacher he so tormented.

Brian Glover could see that Jane was very determined and could not be talked out of her plan, and indeed why should he be offering an alternative when he had the delightful prospect of caning this very attractive teacher on the bare bottom? As such he asked her when she would want to experience a level three caning for herself. Jane told him she was happy if he had the time to find out right there and now.

The Head stood up and went to his cupboard and took out a senior cane and placed it on his desk. He reminded her that the only difference between a house and school caning is that the latter is given without the protection of any clothing below the waist, and that if she was serious she should remove her jacket and everything below the waist, which included her dress. Jane was shocked by this order as she had expected to simply pull up her dress and drop her knickers. However that is what she had been told and she knew not to question the instruction. Off came her jacket, followed by her shoes, before she unzipped her dress and let it fall to the ground. Jane was wearing tights which were the next to come off, one leg at a time. She stood in the middle of the Heads study for a moment in just her underwear before slowly pushing her knickers down her legs. Jane was now almost completely naked with just a bra to cover her modesty, but she made no effort to cover herself.

Brian Glover could only appreciate the view, which was absolutely stunning. Jane was an attractive woman clothed but now, almost naked, it was any man’s dream. Glover told her that essentially there is not a huge amount of difference on the pain between level two and level three, but the big difference is the humiliation.

At this stage he always instructed any boy in this position to first face the wall for a short while before approaching his desk for a two or three minute conversation about their misdemeanour and how stupid they had been to earn the most serious punishment available other than being suspended or expelled. He said this increases the humiliation as well as gives them a very uncomfortable time of reflection before the actual punishment is administered.

He added that she should experience the level three caning for real and should now spend a moment facing the wall. For Jane this was dreadful, but again there was a confusing thought going through her brain about him looking at her bare bottom and hoping he liked what he saw. She should not have worried for Brian Glover was fully enjoying the view, with her trim waist, superbly rounded bottom and the honed legs of a girl who had clearly enjoyed a great deal of sport!

A minute later Jane was told to turn and put her hands behind her head. As she stood with her legs slightly parted, she could feel his gaze at her pubic area and her nicely trimmed golden triangle. With just the two of them in the room, she felt a strange combination of extreme embarrassment and fear as well as a feeling that she was completely under his spell and there was nothing she could do about what was to happen next.

Jane was then told to bend right over the same chair as before. As she complied, the Head, having previously enjoyed caning her bottom encased in very tight trousers, now had the unbelievable sight of her naked bottom in front of him as she bent over the chair and reached right down to take hold of the legs. Her long hair fell forward and touched the floor whilst her legs were stretched out behind her with her bottom at the highest point and perfectly presented to Brian Glover and his cane.

It was a magnificent sight, her bottom slim but peach like in its roundness, and the Head told himself that he was going to make this caning last. He told Jane to hold on firmly as he touched her bottom with the cane before taking it right back over his shoulder and delivering a mighty first stroke right across the centre of the target.

Jane knew this was going to be painful, but had not expected the sheer intensity of fire generated by the three-foot senior cane. The second stroke came about thirty seconds later and caused Jane to gasp out loudly, as she stayed in position right across the chair. It was hard for Jane to say how much more painful this was compared to the House caning she had received a few weeks earlier. It was certainly more intense and there was the added factor of being almost completely naked with her bare bottom the focus of his attention.

The third stroke was lower, about an inch above the crease between bottom and thigh and again caused Jane to gasp. She knew she was half way through and Brian Glover put the cane down and stepped back to admire the view of Jane’s wonderful bottom now with three parallel cane weals. He would have loved a picture of the sight in front of him, but knew it would have to be a picture that he would file in his mind.

For Jane something extraordinary happened as she felt a stirring and a real ‘want’ for the next stroke. She had taken three hard strokes and there was a definite combination of pain and pleasure. Glover picked up the cane again and gave Jane her fourth stroke, which was the first she took without a gasp. He decided the last two were going to be especially hard, and he did not disappoint himself with the fifth being the hardest stroke yet and after a sixty second wait the last stroke an absolute ‘corker’ right across the centre and very close to the very first stroke. It caused a load groan from Jane as she absorbed the sheer and unique pain that only the cane can deliver.

Jane now had six perfectly symmetrical stripes across her bottom and he told her to stand and face him as he went to again sit behind his desk. He asked her what she had thought about a level three caning and was she pleased that she had requested such a painful and humiliating experience. Jane told him that she was pleased that she now knew exactly what was involved and felt it would make her a better teacher.

Secretly, she was delighted to have taken such a severe caning and knew that already she was feeling some pleasure from the fire in her bottom and knew that the feeling would continue for a number of hours. Whilst still in conversation, Jane remained almost completely naked and eventually the Head suggested she should put her clothes back on and added that he would see her again just after four when Willis is due to report for his caning.

Later that day an unprecedented event took place. Martin Willis reported to the Headmaster’s office on time and was not expecting Jane to be present for what promised to be an unpleasant experience. The Head gave him a huge dressing down and told him that he had seen the list of comments and sexist remarks he had made to Jane over the previous few weeks. He also told Willis that he had spoken to his father and, to the sixth-former’s shock, had even considered a period of suspension.

He then said that Miss Wilson had suggested that suspension would be too severe, which left him with the only option of a caning of the most severe nature. Willis was told to remove his jacket and all his clothes below the waist which he had not anticipated, and he immediately pleaded with the Head not to beat him in front of Miss Wilson.

The Head told him to get on with it unless he wanted to earn a second caning. As Jane watched, she knew that revenge was going to be sweet as Martin Willis had no choice but to strip off in front of her. After the period of delay and reflection, Willis was told to bend over the very same chair Jane had been across a few hours earlier. The Headmaster then told him that would receive six strokes and passed the cane to Jane asking her to ‘do the honours’.

Willis was again very shocked at the realisation that he was going to be thrashed on the bare bottom by the school’s only female teacher. Willis was in for another shock when Jane delivered the first stroke. It was the most painful cane stroke he had ever received, and as his caning progressed he was to learn that far from being unable to deliver a sound caning as he had rudely commented earlier, Jane having been the University Squash Champion knew exactly how to swing a cane.

Martin Willis was in agony after Jane delivered the sixth stroke, at least realising that it was over, only for the Head to compliment Jane on a very sound caning and inviting her to give the hapless Willis two extra strokes for luck.

Two things happened. Never again did Jane have any further problems from this particular pupil, or indeed any others. And Jane had learnt something about herself.

It had been a strange day for all. Jane had not expected to either take or give a bare bottomed caning. And she had certainly not expected to be aroused whilst being caned.

The Headmaster had also not expected circumstances that would lead him to be asked by his attractive teacher to administer the cane to her bare bottom. He had very much enjoyed the experience and had never expected the opportunity to thrash Jane’s bare bottom.

And Martin Willis had been utterly humiliated and had suffered an extreme caning, more painful than anything experienced before. It was to get worse when news spread that he had in fact been caned by Jane Wilson and over the following week, whenever he changed for sport or PE and the evidence of his caning was there for all to see, his fellow pupils made his life even worse.

The End