The dread of waiting to be punished

 By Paul Tecres

Lindsey nervously paced back and forth in the living room. She had the entire house to herself as both parents were on a trip out of town. It was a Thursday, and they weren’t due back until the following Tuesday night. As she paced back and forth, Lindsey found herself involuntarily glancing at the coffee table. On the table was the object she tried not to think about. A dark brown leather belt, folded into a loop with the two ends duct-taped together. It was a belt that her dad hadn’t actually worn in years, and now it served the sole purpose of correcting inappropriate behavior. Lindsey had taken the liberty of getting it out of the closet and bringing it to the living room to have it ready for her impending punishment.

She’d gotten into trouble at school earlier that day. She was sent to the principal’s office for using foul language. The derogatory remark she had leveled at a classmate during an argument surprised even Lindsey herself. She also found the word she’d used quite offensive and couldn’t believe that she’d actually called another female that. Her poor choice of words earned her a half day of detention for the forthcoming Saturday. Lindsey didn’t mind that so much as she found the other consequence more worrisome.

Her parents had a clearly defined rule that if she got in trouble at school, regardless of her age at the time, she could expect a spanking at home. Her visit to the principal earlier that day had automatically resulted in an email from the school sent to her father’s phone. Dad then called her up to discuss the situation. She was offered two options. Either she could wait until her parents returned home, or they would call her older brother, Brian, and see if he would be willing to come over and carry out the punishment on their behalf.

After a brief deliberation, Lindsey chose the second option. Brian called her a short while later. He said that he needed to finish some errands and then he would come over. That call was at 5.15 pm. Brian lived across town, so she knew that it was a somewhat long drive. It was now 5.45, though, and she was growing more anxious by the minute.

Her parents had another rule that she tried not to think about. The number of licks she’d get was equal to her age, plus three. She had stayed out of trouble and managed to avoid getting spanked since she was nine years old. The twelve licks she got that time were awful, but now she was much older and she’d be facing twenty licks with that belt. Just the thought was enough to induce a cringe. The uncertainty nagged at her as well. Brian was eight years her senior, and she had never been spanked by him before. She didn’t know quite what to expect and had many questions. How would Brian have her positioned for the spanking? How hard was he going to spank, compared to mom or dad?

She had made a couple of preparations; changing into her denim jeans would provide little protection from the sting, but it was better than nothing. She also put her long blond hair into a ponytail so as to keep it out of her face while she was bent over. She continued pacing as the minutes dragged along. Finally, at 6.05 pm, the doorbell rang and she nearly jumped out of her skin.

Lindsey answered the door and invited Brian in. She then closed and locked it behind him as they talked.

“Sorry I’m late. The traffic was backed up on the interstate, so I had to take the long way around.”

“I understand,” Lindsey replied shakily.

“So, I spoke with mom and dad, and they told me what happened. Are you doing okay?”

“I’m alright, considering the circumstances, I guess.”

“Yeah, I understand.”

Brian decided to try and lighten the mood with a little humor.

“You’re not wearing five pairs of underwear are you?” he said with a slight grin.

“No, I seem to remember a story you told me about trying that a long time ago.”

“Yeah, the extra licks were not worth it.” They both chuckled just a bit at that one before returning to the matter at hand.

“I wish I could go a little easy on you, but mom and dad specifically said not to. The best thing I can do is make this quick.”

Brian glanced at the coffee table.

“I see you’ve already got it out. Are you ready to get this over with?”

“Yeah,” Lindsey replied nervously.

“Alright, do you want me to do it here or in your room?”

“Um, here is fine. How do you want to do this?”

Brian looked around the room for a moment before settling on the overstuffed sofa.

“Just bend over the arm of the couch, and put your hands down on one of the cushions.”

Lindsey followed his instructions, and watched as he picked up the belt and walked around behind her.

Brian took a deep breath and exhaled, before giving her the warning that he was about to begin.

“Okay Lindsey, here it comes.”

With that statement, Brian drew back and landed the first lick with a resounding ‘Crack!’

Lindsey gasped at the sting. It turned out that Brian could deliver it just as hard as her parents. Lindsey whimpered as the second lick landed shortly thereafter. She didn’t want to cry in front of her brother as it would make the situation even more embarrassing to her.

Brian continued the spanking, and if there was one small consolation it was that he went quickly. Her dad was the worst about spanking at a slow pace. Sometimes waiting as much as ten seconds between licks. Brian, on the other hand, was delivering them with only a two to three second pause in between.

Despite Lindsey’s best efforts, her eyes were filled with tears by the sixth lick. The belting continued as Lindsey cried. Number fifteen hit an especially tender spot very hard, and she screamed out loud in response. Brian paused out of concern for her well-being.

“Let’s just take a moment,” he said.

Lindsey wiped away tears from her face during the short break. Brian wished he could just stop there, but he’d told their parents that he would give her the full twenty. After Lindsey caught her breath, Brian decided that they’d better finish.

“Okay Lindsey, we’ve got five left. Just tell me when you’re ready.”

“I’m ready,” Lindsey croaked out.

Brian then landed the sixteenth lick and Lindsey groaned loudly. The seventeenth lick was met with the same response. Out of a strong sense of compassion, Brian decided that this spanking needed to end quickly. He delivered the last three in rapid succession. He told her they were finished and set the belt back down on the coffee table.

Lindsey slowly pushed herself up from the couch and into a standing position. Her bottom felt like it was on fire, and she was certain it would still be sore for her detention on Saturday. Brian hugged her and told her that he was sorry it had to hurt so much. After a minute or so, Lindsey pulled back and looked at her brother, simply saying, “Thank you.”

“For the spanking?” Brian asked, slightly perplexed.

“For coming over and taking care of it, so I wouldn’t have to wait.”

“Well, I’m glad I could help. Is there anything else you need?”

“I’m okay. I’m gonna go put this belt back in mom and dad’s closet. Do you want to stick around and watch a movie or something?”

Brain realized that they hadn’t spent much time together lately, and decided to take her up on the offer.

“Yeah, that sounds great.”

“Okay, I’m gonna go put this away first,” Lindsey replied as she picked up the belt.

As she started to walk away, she stopped and turned around to look at Brian once again.

“You know, Brian, you are way too good at using this thing. I feel bad for my future nieces and nephews.”

They both laughed.

The End

© Paul Tecres 2022