A young woman deals with guilt from her past

By Toastywarm

The glass, on its way from the dishwasher rack to the cupboard, slipped from her hand. It may have been that her hand was a little wet, or she may have been distracted by something moving outside the kitchen window. At any rate it fell onto the granite countertop, where most of the damage was done, and then to the floor where it exploded into a million shards.

Barefooted, Millie stood very still among the glass that surrounded her. The shock of the exploding glass was quickly replaced by other feelings. Fear, shame and dread moved quickly into her head as she tiptoed away from the glass and moved to a low cupboard drawer where she would find the tool that she needed.

In that drawer sat a large spatula for a grill that Millie didn’t own. She had seen it at a home goods store years ago and knew that she had to have it. The instrument had a long, heavy-duty, hard plastic handle, meant to keep one’s hands away from the heat, and led to a wide metal blade that would easily pick up a large steak.

Millie went through her usual ritual for times like this. She grabbed the spatula and her phone, then closed the shades which opened her first floor condo to the world. She went into her small dining room, placed the phone and the spatula gently on the table, and moved a chair out of the way. She then stood facing the table.

There was always a voice in Millie’s head when she did this. It was an older man’s voice and always gentle but firm. It reminded her that she had done wrong and had to be punished; that she was a very bad girl. With tears forming at the edge of her eyes, Millie pulled down her pants, baring her bottom, and leaned over the table. With one hand she picked up the metal spatula and placed the blade across her bottom. She grimaced as she pulled it back and then slammed it down into the very same place. She felt the cold metal hitting her bottom, leaving a sting and most likely a red marking. She continued this exercise twenty-five times, making sure that she hit both butt cheeks as well as the top of each leg.

With her pants still down below her knees, Millie placed the spatula back on the table before grabbing her phone and opening an app that she had downloaded just for occasions like this. She would rather be rubbing her sore bottom, but the voice told her to set the random timer app to run for anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. She placed the phone face down next to the spatula and waddled to the corner, where she placed her hands on her head and waited for the timer to go off.

The voice was usually quiet during corner time. It left her alone to think about what she had done wrong, but she knew it would reappear with further punishment if she turned away from the corner. She had once walked away before the alarm. Her own, rational, voice said this was a sickness and that she shouldn’t do it. Within moments, however, the voice had placed her back on the table for more whacks, followed by a restart of her timer.

Millie’s arms and shoulders became tight during her corner time. She wanted to pull them down but knew she couldn’t, so she tried to think about other things. She thought about the glass in the kitchen that would need to be picked up, and about the things she should be doing right now. She was supposed to meet up with her friend for Saturday brunch and she probably would now be late. She could leave the mess on the floor, but that would probably result in the voice giving her another punishment when she returned home later in the day. She was trying to decide between cleaning or getting ready to meet her friend when her phone started beeping to let her know her punishment was over.

Millie turned from the corner and pulled up her pants. The pain from the paddling was still there, but it was now barely a sting. She picked up the spatula and placed it back in the drawer. Although she knew that it would make her even later, she decided she needed to clean up the broken glass.


Emma sat at a high table at their usual restaurant called ‘The Breakfast Bar’ or just ‘The ‘Bar’ as it was called by people in the neighborhood. She drank coffee and watched two girls come in out of the cool fall air, look for a table and then remove their coats, allowing Emma to see more of their cute little bodies. She wondered if they were a couple and imagined them in bed together, waking, dressing and running down to The Bar together. Millie decided they didn’t have a lover’s look between them and her eyes went off to watch others.

Millie was always running late and Emma had known this about her ever since their days in college, not too many years ago. The two had been roommates in their first year, had been best friends ever since, and had even looked for jobs in the same city so they could continue to hang out together. When they moved here they rented an apartment in a crappy part of town. It was during this time that Emma came out, first to Millie and then to her friends and family.

Millie was there for her the same way she was back in college when her parents went through a horrible break-up after her father ran off with a neighbor who was also the mother of her very best friend in high school. It was a horrendous scandal and in the end, when the two married, her friend had turned into a step-sister.

While they were much alike, Emma was much more sexually active than Millie. After coming out to Millie, Emma went full-force into hooking up with girls, often bringing strangers into their apartment. This bothered Millie. She was concerned for her friend and didn’t want to see her get hurt physically or emotionally. After they were robbed by a goth girl who disappeared in the night with both their wallets, Millie decided it was time to move.

In the end, they both moved. Neither liked the old apartment or the part of the city where they lived and now, with more income, the girls could each afford a small condo in a neighborhood that was created specifically for young professionals. It was a five-minute walk between their condos, and this gave them the privacy that they needed while still allowing them to hang out together.

At the table, Emma continued her people-watching when the chair across to her suddenly scraped the floor as it was pulled back. She looked up to see Millie settling into the table.

“You scared me.”

“You were so busy staring at that girl, you didn’t see me come in.” Millie said, pointing with her eyes at a young girl sitting alone at a nearby table.

“No way!” Emma responded. “You know how I feel about redheads. No, I was looking at her,” she continued, turning her head toward another table. “Now, you know, she is hot, hot, hot!”

“Disagree. But the guy she is with…” Millie couldn’t finish her sentence before her friend jumped in. Emma had a bad habit of talking on and on, always interrupting. Millie was used to this and let her continue.

“You are always looking at the guys. What is there in that? I will tell you. There is nothing in a guy except a big dumb penis that takes over every part of him. You really need to come over to my side.”

The girls laughed. They had this discussion often, and it always was rather silly. Emma and Millie were each very comfortable with their own sexuality and fully understanding of each other. There had been a little tension when Emma first came out. Millie was concerned that Emma might be attracted to her. It made her wonder what it would be like to have sex with Emma, or any other girl for that matter. In the end, Emma’s coming out strengthened Millie’s understanding of her own sexuality.


Back at home, Millie relished in the quiet. She enjoyed the freedom of a Saturday afternoon by herself. She read for a while and then picked up her iPad and wandered around the internet. There was a song she heard recently and wanted to hear again, a video to watch and some shopping to be done. She went through her usual sites which almost always led her to some spanking sites. That afternoon, she read a couple of stories and then moved on to some videos. A lengthy video about a girl going to some sort of government punishment center caught her attention. She had seen others like it, and always was turned on by these plots.

In the video, the girl was served some papers at her home and was instructed to go to a building where a woman at a desk gave her a choice of spending some amazingly long prison sentence or receive 50 strokes with a strap. Of course, she chose the strapping and had to strip down right there in the office. Millie had bought into the story and felt badly for the pretty blonde girl as she stood naked in front of the fully-dressed secretary-type person. She felt the fear as the girl was tied down on a wooden table and the added humiliation when a well-built man came in with a long strap to deliver the punishment.

Millie always liked looking at girls’ faces during these punishments. The videographers liked showing the girls’ bottoms and always included some frontal shots. She knew this turned on the many guys who were watching the videos, but she got more turned on watching the girl’s face as she moved from humiliation to pain and finally to all-out sobbing. This video was no different. By the end, the girl was screaming in pain and pulling at the clasps on her wrists to get away from the horrid strap.

And then the scene ended. Millie was disappointed. She wanted more. What happened to the girl after the paddling? Did she continue crying as she traveled home? Was she in pain for a long time? The videos never covered that part of the story. Millie knew why. These stories were built for guys, and once they saw the naked butt being slammed they were done. Guys turned off too fast. Millie wanted more.

After tiring of the iPad, Millie wandered back to the kitchen where she saw a single piece of broken glass on the floor. As she picked it up, she expected to hear the voice telling her that she had done a poor job of cleaning and assigning her some punishment, but the voice wasn’t there. She tossed the sharp piece of glass into the trash can and a sadness came on to her.

Millie knew she needed more in her life. Her self-punishments weren’t enough. She wanted, no she actually needed, someone to tie her down and give her a punishment that she really deserved.


Dale and Sadie had been together for ten years. There was no anniversary, because they never married. They had often argued about an anniversary date. Was it the day they met, or when they first had sex? Or maybe it was when she moved in with him that same year. Dale didn’t care, but Sadie wished there was a date that she could tie to the start of their relationship.

Their anniversary date could have been when they made ‘The Final Rose’, their first film together. Sadie was an actress, or was trying to be one. Jobs weren’t coming to her and she was literally starving, living on one meal a day in a semi-finished basement room. Dale had inherited a film studio. Living above it in a small apartment, he wrote a one-woman script that he planned to direct and produce. His eyes were set on one day winning an Oscar for best short film, and he told this to Sadie, the young actress that he found to play the part in his new movie.

The movie was a bust. Sadie and Dale knew as they were making it that it wasn’t going to go anywhere, and in fact it never was finished. However, with their failed movie behind them, the two continued in business together. They spent most of their years together making adult films in his small studio. They named their studio and productions after the unfinished movie. Final Rose Productions had no sign on the door or any sort of advertising, other than some paid notices on porn sites. It was a quiet business that had been lucrative.

Sadie recruited the models and was great at it. She made them feel comfortable and especially liked working with those who were new to the industry. She helped them to understand the importance of this type of work and was great at admiring their bodies and telling them how they would one day be super stars. Sadie knew it was all a lie. Few porn actresses would find stardom, and in fact the videos they made would hurt them in the long run. But she didn’t care. She got her actresses and made her videos.

Dale managed the technical side of productions and also handled the advertising and web site. He loved tinkering with the equipment and moving the furniture props around to get the best shots.

Over the past year, however, the finances weren’t looking good. Aging equipment, increasing actress fees, along with new government regulations, were taking a hit on Final Rose Productions. Dale and Sadie knew they had to do something different. It was Dale who came up with the idea of bringing their customers in for live action encounters. At first, they talked about giving guys the night of their life by letting them star in their own sex video, but that became too much like prostitution, so they made some adjustments. The videos that had made the most money for them were spanking films. They quickly adjusted their business model to offer spankings, paddlings and whippings to people who wanted to be spanked, paddled or whipped. They tried it out with a couple of local ads under the new name, The Rose, in the city’s kink magazines and websites and soon had men, and some women, lined up to get themselves punished.

Since most of the customers were men who wanted to be beaten by a woman, Sadie often found herself in the role of punisher. She loved the work. It was like she was acting again, but now for an audience of one. She did everything she could to make a realistic scene for her customers.

Sadie and Dale usually met with their customers in the small room that had once been the editing studio and now had turned into a conference room with the old editing equipment hidden behind a curtain against one wall. Sadie led the meetings, making sure she understood the fantasy that was to be enacted, and making the guys feel as comfortable as possible. She also set out all the ground rules. And there was a whole list. There would be no stopping unless the agreed-upon safe word was used. Payment was up front and would not be refunded, even if the guy chickened out. And finally, there was to be no sex involved in the shoot. That last item on the list was added after some of the guys got so worked up that they went after Sadie at the end of the scene. And that was also the reason that Dale was there at the meeting and was lurking around during the scene. He was eager to let them know he would stop any shenanigans that might occur.

Bob Buford had been one of their early customers. The first time he came in, he was so nervous. It took a lot of cajoling, but Sadie finally pulled it out of him that he fantasized about a teacher paddling him in class. That was an easy one. They had a good schoolroom set and were able to pull it together quickly as he wanted to do it right away. By the time Bob and Sadie worked out all the details, Dale had the stage set for them.

They had agreed that the scene would be an over-the-pants paddling, and in her best teacher voice Sadie called Bob to the front of the room, yelled at him for not doing his homework, and told him to bend over the teacher’s desk. Sadie was smart enough to start up with a few lighter strokes which served to get his attention. After three light strokes, she put her left hand firmly on the small of his back, touched his butt with the paddle then pulled back and gave it to him full force. She felt the pressure of him trying to push up against her hand as soon as she hit him. She heard him cry out and felt him tense as she lightly touched the paddle to another part of his butt.

She held him down and gave him six more hard swats that day, and when she let him up she saw his wet eyes and the look of pain on his face. He had tried to hold in the tears but was unable to do so. Sadie wondered if she had been too hard on him. She realized that she hadn’t when he called back for another session a few weeks later.

Bob came back at least four more times, and each time he wanted a little bit more. They moved to bare-bottom paddlings, and in the most recent session he paid extra to have the class filled with students watching his painful humiliation.

That last session took some planning. Dale was able to round up eight very pretty women who were willing to sit at desks acting like students for an hour. All eight were already at their desks and Sadie was standing at the front when Dale brought Bob in and sat him in the second row.

Once he was settled, Sadie called on him to stand. She held up what was supposed to be his paper but really was just a blank sheet. “Did you copy this from another student?” she asked sternly.

Bob looked at the floor, “Yes Ma’am.”

“You know the punishment for cheating. To the front of the room. Now.”

Bob had to squeeze between the two girls sitting in front of him as he stumbled to the front of the room. As much as he wanted the girls there, he couldn’t bring himself to look out at them. Their presence was humiliating enough.

Sadie made him face the students as she announced the sentence. “Your punishment will be 12 strokes with the paddle on your naked bottom.”

Bob grimaced. They hadn’t discussed the number of strokes or the status of his clothing this time but he felt an urge to simply obey. He unbuckled his pants and pulled them down, along with his underwear. This brought on unscripted giggles from the hired audience.

Sadie didn’t warm him up this time. She went in full force from the beginning and, after three strokes, she felt him begin to blubber. By eight, he was in full-force sobbing, and needed help standing when she was done.

When she was done, Sadie had him stand facing the girls with his very limp dick fully on display. She asked him to apologize to them for wasting their class time. Between sobs, he managed to get enough words out that Sadie let him pull up his pants and leave the room.

Even after the girls were paid, Dale and Sadie made a good profit for their work. It was that session that made them realize they could and should go out of their way to make fantasies really work for their clientele.


Millie found an ad for The Rose on a site about kink in her town. It was a bit cryptic, but Millie could tell that these people would, for an unknown price, ‘make her fantasies come true’. There was a list of adventures, as the advertisement called them, and the third bullet caught her eye. ‘Judicial Corporal Punishment.’ The three words strung together gave her a chill. Her fantasies almost always involved being caught and punished for doing something bad; a light left on, a parking ticket, even a broken glass in the kitchen. She wanted to call the number at the bottom of the screen but knew she shouldn’t. The what-ifs kept going through her mind. What if they were crazy people? What if they really hurt me? What if they filmed and blackmailed me? What if. What if, what if. She couldn’t let herself do this, but she kept going back to the site.

She knew that Emma would know what to do. This wasn’t a topic they had talked about together, and she felt like she had to come out of the spanking closet with Emma. Emma knew her better than anyone.

The following Saturday, the two girls lounged at Millie’s condo, each looking at their iPads. They did this often, and regularly shared funny videos or interesting events in the city. At a point when they were both quiet, Millie brought up the advertisement for The Rose and showed it to Emma.

“Look at this!” she said, feigning that she just happened to come across it. “OMG, these guys get paid for giving people spankings right here in the city.”

Emma barely looked up from her device. “Yea, you really should do that,” she replied.

“What! Are you kidding? Yuck!”

“Don’t yuck me,” Emma replied, still looking at her iPad. “We both know you are a spanko. Come on, we used to live together. You think I never heard the smacking noises in your bathroom? You think I didn’t wonder why we’ve watched ‘50 Shades of Grey’ so many times? Duh!” Emma put down her iPad and looked Millie in the eye. “Look, I understand needs like this. I lived most of my life having needs that I couldn’t fulfil. If you really need this, you should do it.” She paused. “But do it smart. Let’s not get you in any trouble.”

While she was embarrassed about how much Emma apparently knew about her secret life, Millie felt good that it was Emma and not someone else. Emma was always open-minded and never seemed to judge her. It was like a giant weight was lifted from Millie.

“So, should I call them?”


Dale and Sadie were sitting in the office when their phone rang. They had just finished meeting with the typical client, a nervous young man who became so taken with Sadie that he paid the usual high fee in order to come back later in the week for an over-the-knee hand-spanking. Hand-spankings weren’t Sadie’s favorite, as they were too personal. Something about having a stranger leaning against her legs and her bare hand on his bottom was uncomfortable for her. But a lot of guys like that, and Sadie knew it was good money, so she continued doing it.

Dale picked up the phone. “Hi this is The Rose, can I help you?”

There was silence. Either a nervous guy would start talking or there would be a disconnect. Dale always waited until one or the other occurred.

Finally, there was a sound from the other end of the call. It was a very scared girl. “Are you the people who do…” Dale knew the hesitation well. They never wanted to say the next word.

“Spankings?” he replied.

Sadie listened to Dale’s side of the conversation with interest. He was great at getting people out of their shell and talking. Within minutes, he was busy setting up an appointment for an exploratory visit.

When he hung up the phone, he looked at Sadie, smiled and said, “We got a girl!”


Since Millie had her speaker on, Emma had heard the whole conversation. Both girls liked how calm and reassuring the guy on the phone had been. After only a few minutes, Millie felt comfortable telling him secrets that she had kept for so long. She was now out to Emma and to this guy she had never met. The sense of relief was balanced by a fear of what she was getting herself into.

Even though she had often spanked herself, Millie had rarely had anyone else do this to her. Her parents weren’t spankers and when she dared bring it up with a guy, it was usually a turn-off. She had talked her last boyfriend into spanking her, but he was so nervous about hurting her that his whacks were less powerful than her self-spankings. He broke up with her soon after.

With the phone still in Millie’s hand, the two girls stared at each other. It was obvious that fear was overcoming the relief that she had earlier. “Have you ever been paddled?” Millie asked weakly.

“Nope, but they paddled in my high school. Lots of kids got it. In fact,” she continued, “and don’t tell anyone I told you this, my step-sister, Jaime, got the paddle there.”

Millie’s eyes widened. She had met Jaime many times and she couldn’t believe that she would ever do anything that would put her in that kind of situation. A warmth came over her as she pictured Jaime leaning over a desk being spanked with a large paddle.

“Oh, and by the way, Jaime and her brother, Billy, are coming up at the end of the month. Billy has a game here on that Sunday and we figured we would spend the long weekend together. You’ve never met Billy, right? Of course you haven’t. Well, he was my friend’s brother and now he’s my step-brother. Geez, how weird is that?”

Millie was barely listening to Emma’s rambling, but she did pick up that her step-siblings were coming to the city. She had never met Billy. About all she knew about him was that he had been a baseball player in high school who got picked up by the professional league and now was playing minor league baseball in his hometown.

She did know Jaime pretty well. In their early years of college, Millie would often spend breaks at Emma’s house because her family lived up north and getting home wasn’t an option. She and Jaime shared one thing and that was their crush on Emma’s father. Mason Marshal was a tall handsome man who looked too young to have a college-aged daughter. And aside from being handsome, he loved talking with Emma’s friends, most of whom melted in front of him. Jaime and Millie were no different. Millie often remembered the time that she had let Emma and her mother go off on a mother-daughter shopping day. Millie put on her skimpiest bikini and hoped that Mason would come out the pool, talk with her, and maybe even stare at her body.

Millie needed to change the subject back to the phone call she had just made. “Will you come with me?”

“With you? Where?”

“To the meeting, with the guy.” She was suddenly nervous again. “I need you there, you know, to save me from being drugged and raped.”

The first visit was to be what Dale called an exploratory meeting. Dale and Sadie would meet with Millie to determine what kind of spanking she wanted. “To set the scene,” were the words he used. He had explained to her that there were lots of ways to do this, and he wanted to make sure that he gave her everything that she wanted.

The meeting had been set for Wednesday night at 7.00 pm. This gave the girls time to get home from work, change and walk to the address that Millie had dutifully placed in her phone. When they reached the address and looked at the building, they both stared at the door for a moment.

“Do you really want to do this?” Emma asked of her friend.

Millie thought for a moment before responding. “Yes. I want this more than anything I have wanted in a long time. I need this.”

“Then here we go, baby!” Emma looked at the bank of buttons near the door. There was one with a crooked plastic strip that read ‘#104 – The Rose’. She held her finger up to it. “You sure?” Millie nodded her head and Emma’s finger pushed against the button.


When she went out to the door, Sadie was surprised to find herself staring at not one but two girls standing on the step. The girls stared back. They were expecting a man, not a tall woman with long red hair.

“Is one of you Millie?” Sadie asked.

“That would be me. Is this The Rose?” Millie responded hesitantly. It felt like The Rose was a code word and that if the woman didn’t respond properly they would simply run off.

Feeling all the tension, Emma blurted out nervously, “I’m here for moral support. You see, she’s never done anything like this before and, ah, we thought it would be safest if we, you know, came here together.” Emma only stopped when she felt Millie grab her shoulder to shut her up. “Oh, I’m Emma, by the way, and I am not into this stuff. I’m here for moral support only.”

“It’s nice to meet both of you. My name is Sadie and I am one of the owners of The Rose. Please come in.”

As the three women walked down the hall toward the office, Millie felt a sense of calm. She had expected a pervy old man. The fact that a woman was there made it feel safe. And Sadie had a calming aura about her.

Once inside the offices, the girls met Dale and immediately liked him as much as Sadie. Aside from being young, just a little older than the girls, he was also amazingly handsome.

Dale ushered everyone into the conference room where they all found chairs. Sadie offered drinks and the girls declined. They knew enough to never take drinks from strangers. Once they were settled, Dale looked Millie in the eye and asked the question that he always opened with. “Millie, why are you here?”

The question flustered Millie and she felt her face redden. For a moment, she wanted to say that she shouldn’t be here. She thought about getting up and walking out the door instead of answering the question. Finally, she responded looking down at the table. “I need to be punished.”


Millie raised her head and looked Dale in the eye before responding. “I honestly don’t know why. I just need it really badly.” She felt strong saying the words out loud.

“OK, that is good. We can help you. Let’s talk about what this punishment would look like.”

This started a conversation that was refreshing for Millie. She talked about her voices and her self-spanking sessions and her fantasies. Sadie asked if she watched porn and, even in front of Emma, Millie had no trouble admitting that she did. That had been a secret she never really shared with anyone.

Sadie asked Millie to describe her most favorite punishment video, and Millie had no problem responding. She described in great detail the story of a girl getting a notice that she had been sentenced to receive corporal punishment. As she described the story, Millie felt herself getting tense. She stopped and turned to her friend.

“Emma, would you mind stepping out for a few minutes?”

Emma was hurt at first. She was enjoying the conversation, but she understood Millie’s need for a little privacy. As she closed the door behind her, she heard Millie boldly say. “OK, I know what I want to do.”

Emma sat in a small hallway chair, wanting desperately to know what was going on with her best friend. When the three finally came out, Emma jumped up and rejoined the group. Millie hugged both Sadie and Dale and thanked them. Sadie also hugged Emma and said she was a good friend to come with her, and that she would be in good hands.

As the two girls left the building, Millie was beaming. And Emma could not have been more curious to learn what was going on.

“Tell me, tell me, tell me! What’s happening? Are you going to do it? When? How is it going to happen?”

“Too many questions all at once, Emma. Slow down!”

“But there is so much I need to know. I’m dying here! You’re glowing. Why are you glowing?”

Millie responded calmly, hoping that it would also calm her friend. “There is a coffee shop across the street. Let’s go get something.”


Once they were situated in a booth, Millie was ready to tell her friend the plan. Millie explained that it was going to be a judicial paddling scene. She would be locked onto a special bench which would hold her steady while she received a paddling. As she described the scene to her friend, the excitement started to drain and fear was taking over.

“Oh, and did I tell you? I will also be stark naked.”

“Naked?” Emma responded much too loudly, causing other diners to look her way. Both girls blushed and leaned toward each other. “You are going to be naked and tied down? Are you crazy?”

“Um, maybe I am,” Millie responded weakly. “Did I make a mistake?”

“If you did, you don’t have to go.”

“Well, I sorta paid for it already.”

“How much?”

“You know my mortgage? About half of that,” she said sheepishly. And they were pretty clear that there would be no refunds if I chickened out.

“So when is this supposed to happen?”

Uhh, that’s the other thing. I don’t know. Sometime in the next four weeks I am supposed to get a delivery with all the details. They said it could be as early as tomorrow or as late as a month. Oh my God,” she said slowly as she came to the realization that her life was now in turmoil. “Emma, I’m scared.”


Across the street at The Rose, Dale and Sadie were excited. They had a customer who was willing to pay top dollar and who also paid extra to have a messenger deliver her instructions. They put the date they had it planned for on their calendar with a reminder to write up the notice that the messenger would deliver to her a few days before. With that done, they began planning out the scene. They decided they would make use of the small spanking bench and the portable prison they had in their properties closet.

“How about handcuffs?” Dale asked.

Sadie didn’t have to think about it. “Definitely. That girl will look hot standing naked in a pair of cuffs!”


That evening, Millie was home alone and found herself staring at the front door of her condo. What if it came tonight? she wondered. She knew it could happen at any time, day or night. She didn’t know if it was right or wrong, but she did give them both her home and work addresses. The message could appear in either place at any time.

The next week was hell for Millie and she made sure it was hell for her best friend as well. She called Emma many times a day to tell her that nothing had happened. Emma worried with her the first week, but got tired of it by the second. Besides, she was getting her condo ready for her step-sister and step-brother to come to town that weekend. She was especially excited to see Jaime, her former high school best friend and current step-sister. It would be good to see Billy as well, but she never really had a relationship with him. He was a jock and that wasn’t her thing.

By Thursday of the third week, Emma was sure the whole thing was a scam and that she had been robbed by the overly nice couple. After work, she dragged Emma to the coffee shop where they sat at the window watching for activity coming from the building opposite. All was too quiet, so Emma ran across the street to look at the door buzzers. She half expected the name to be gone from #104. It was still there, so she pressed the button hard and then ran around the corner as Millie watched from her secluded spot in the coffee shop. The door opened and she saw it was Dale. She wanted to run outside and yell at him. “When are you going to come get me?”

Instead she just sat there. They hadn’t run off with her money, and she guessed that the scene was still on.

It was the next day at work when it happened. Millie was working with her team on a new project. Conversations moved from the project to the long weekend plans. Some members of the team were standing over her shoulder looking at the graphics on her computer. Suddenly it beeped and there was an Instant Message. ‘Messenger for you at Reception.’

One of the other girls in the group guessed she was getting flowers and made a sly remark about a secret lover. Millie knew that wasn’t it. Her heart stopped. She knew what the messenger had for her.

When she walked down the steps to the reception desk, she saw a guy with a bike helmet in one hand and a large envelope in the other. He saw her coming and looked at the writing on the envelope. “Millie Sowton?” He asked.

Millie could barely breathe. “Yes, that would be me,” she mumbled, looking at the floor.

Millie knew better than to open the envelope at reception so she hurried back to her desk. The others had wandered away, so she had some privacy as she pulled the official looking 8×10 sheet out.

In large letters at the top it said: DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS, and below that, SUMMONS TO APPEAR. 

She looked around to see if anyone was watching before reading on.

Dear Ms. Sowton,  

 Your case has been reviewed by the court and a sentence has been determined. You are to surrender yourself for punishment on SUNDAY MAY 24TH. Please arrive at 1415 Salve Street, Suite 104, no later than 3.00 pm. There will be no appeals to this decision. 

Punishment: 18 strokes

Instrument: State approved wooden paddle. 

You are to bring nothing in with you other than this document, which you will surrender upon entry to the building. You are advised not to bring jewelry or any other valuables to the office and cell phones are strictly prohibited. 


Jacqueline Matters

Clerk of Court

Below the signature was another note in italics:

At any point during the punishment you may use the safe phrase RED FIRE ENGINE. This will immediately end the scene.

Her stomach dropped. This was really happening and it was happening this weekend. The timing couldn’t be worse. Emma’s siblings were coming tomorrow and the plan was to attend Billy’s game on Sunday. That wasn’t going to happen now. Could she ask them to move the punishment? The voice in her head suddenly appeared and told her that the answer was, no. She knew she had no control over this matter. The only other option would be to not show up at all. She would lose her money and would most likely never fulfil her deep need. She texted her friend, Emma.

Millie: It is happening.

Emma knew exactly what that meant.

Emma: When?

Millie: Sunday afternoon. No game for me.

Emma sent back a crying face, which Millie took as both Emma’s sadness over the timing, but it also represented what she thought she would be doing on Sunday afternoon.


Jaime met up with her brother on Saturday morning. Billy had received permission from his coach to travel on his own and not take the bus with the other players. The coach was always good about things like this. He liked his Billy and did whatever he could to keep him around. He knew that Billy, as well as most of the other players, would never really make it in professional ball. One by one, they would drop out and become high school coaches, car salesmen or real estate agents. The options weren’t great for minor league players.

They both lived in apartments in the town they grew up in. Jaime was a guidance counselor at the high school where she had attended many years before. She still remembered her days there, both the good ones and the bad ones. Most were good memories but whenever she went into the office she still felt the chill of being there one Friday afternoon near the end of the school year. Even after all the years that had gone by, she couldn’t seem to shake the memory whenever she entered the office.

Years earlier, Jaime had stepped into that same office to receive the only punishment she had received in high school. She was brought into an office where she received a paddling that she would never forget. Although many of the details had faded over time, the one person that she remembered from that day was Alice Doverman. Alice had been a secretary at the time and had both ushered her into the punishment room and helped her after it was over. She remembered Alice because Alice was the Assistant Principal when she started work. In fact, Jaime almost didn’t apply for the job when she learned Alice would be her interviewer, but her friend Emma told her to put on her big girl pants and go for it. Through the interview and hiring process, Alice never mentioned anything about that day, but it was obvious to Jaime that the memory was shared. Jaime thanked Emma many times for pushing her into applying. She loved her job at the school.

Jaime and her brother, Billy, hadn’t spent a lot of time together since their parents split up a number of years ago. They were both in college at the time and each took different sides in the split up. Billy was angry with his mother for running off with Emma’s father. His sister had a different view of the whole thing. She had always liked Mason and even had a crush on him through her high school years. In fact, it was Mason who consoled her after her school paddling by telling her how he had been paddled at the same school many years before. Jaime had always loved her father but felt he was weak and wouldn’t ever stand up for himself. It was obvious her mom needed something more, and Mason Marshall was good for her.

It was a three hour trip to the city, and the two talked about a number of things. Billy loved talking baseball and Jaime put up with it. She had little interest in the game, but had learned many details and strategies from her brother over the years. As a high school student, Jaime was forced to attend almost every game with her family and, while she mostly waited for the 9th inning to end, she did pick up enough to have a decent conversation with her brother.

After a bit of silence, Billy said, “I’m not sure how I feel about seeing Emma.”

From the driver’s seat Jaime glanced at him. She knew what he was going to say.

“I mean I’m still sort of angry with her.” He paused, hoping his sister would say something. When she didn’t, he corrected himself. “Well, maybe not her, but her family. They really messed us up.” Another pause. Jaime was good at talk. She was a guidance counselor after all. She knew when to stay quiet and let the truth come out. “OK, I am not mad at Emma or the family, but I am mad at Mr Marshall. He stole our mother from us. I just don’t know how I am going to deal with seeing Emma, knowing what her dad did.”

It was now time for Jaime to jump in. “OK, Billy, let’s remember that it wasn’t all Mr Marshall. Mom was in on this too, and you know that. You remember how they always looked at each other when we had those pool parties. It was obvious they belonged together. We just didn’t know it at the time.” Now it was her turn to pause. “And you cannot be mad at Emma. Remember she is my life-long friend and now she is also our sister.”


That same Saturday morning, Millie was alone in her condo worrying. Had she made a bit mistake with this plan to get herself punished? It sounded so stupid right now. She had paid someone, someone she didn’t know, to hurt her. She tried to conjure up that voice in her head, but it was not coming. Maybe she should cancel and just lose the money. She could go to the game with Emma and her step sister. She could chalk this up to a giant mistake. She did what she always did when there was a big decision to be made. She called Emma.

As soon as Emma answered the phone, Millie dove right in. “I don’t know what to do. I think I need to cancel. Why am I so stupid? Emma, I’m so scared!”

Emma had been cleaning her condo in preparation for her guests, but when she heard her friend’s anxiety she stopped and plopped down on the sofa. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down, honey. Take a breath. Look, when we went over there you told me that you really needed this. It was deep down in your soul. Do you still feel this way?”

Millie was crying now. “Yes, bu-but.”

“But you’re scared. That is OK. You are supposed to be scared right now. It is part of the whole thing. Why do you think you had them deliver the news to you that way? It was to scare you. Enjoy it. It is what you want, what you need.” After hearing Millie calm a bit, she went on. “Look, Billy and Jaime will be arriving this afternoon. Let’s all plan to get together at The Sauce for dinner and drinks. It will get your mind off of this.”

“You won’t tell them about this will you?”

“Of course not! I would never do that. This is your thing. You own it and I am proud of you for owning it.”

After talking with Emma, Millie was calmer. The idea of a plan for the evening helped. It gave her something to think about. When her mind did go back to the impending punishment, she embraced it. This was what she wanted. She wanted to be scared. When she realized this, she found the voice coming back into her head. ‘You deserve this and you know why.’ At the voice’s command, she pulled out the punishment document and read it again. Her heart beat quickly as she placed it on the refrigerator and put a magnet on each corner. And there it sat, a grim reminder of tomorrow’s punishment to be seen every time she walked into the kitchen.


The Sauce was a restaurant and bar that Millie and Emma frequented often. In fact, the last time Jaime was in town, the three girls got bombed there. They ended up walking to Emma’s and crashing on the floor, even though there were plenty of beds. The Sauce had good food and a casual atmosphere. The servers were good about letting you hang out at the table after dinner. Of course, they would always keep the drinks coming and would quietly run up a good sized tab for the table. The young professionals who spent time there could afford it.

As always, Millie was late. She immediately saw Emma and Jaime sitting together in a booth on the side wall. As she walked up, she also saw a guy sitting across from them. Her first thought was that he was gorgeous. His dark hair was just a bit long and his shirt a bit tight, but mostly she noticed his deep blue eyes as he looked up to her. Millie almost melted right there on the floor.

Jaime and Emma noticed this right away and, before Millie had a chance to introduce them, Billy said, “Hi, you must be Emma. I’m Billy. Come. Sit.”

Millie did what she was told and sat down next to him. The two started talking, ignoring those around them. And by the end of dinner she had told herself that she was madly in love.

When Billy got up to hit the men’s room, the two girls across from Millie leaned forward in unison.

“Hi! Remember us?” whispered Emma.

“I think someone likes my brother,” sang Jaime.

Millie blushed and looked down at the table. She had no words to respond.

After dinner, Emma and Jaime slid away from the table. Millie saw them up at the bar. She knew they were giving her and Billy space to get together and she appreciated that they left them alone. The two talked about everything from movies to sports. When they got to baseball, she thought perhaps Billy might not ever leave the topic. She didn’t know much about baseball but decided she wanted to learn as much as she could as fast as she could.

Billy couldn’t drink the night before a game, so he was limited to seltzer. Millie nursed a glass of white wine knowing that she didn’t want to end up drunk in front of this handsome and sober guy. When he finished his seltzer, he started to get up, asking her if she wanted another wine.

“You know I have seltzer at my house. And wine.”

“Is it as good as this seltzer?” he asked jokingly.

“Oh. I bet it has more fizz to it.”

“Fizz it izz,” he said, getting up out of his seat.

The two walked up to Emma and Jaime who were still sitting at the bar. Millie talked to Emma while Billy talked to his sister. There was a round of teasing which ended with the couple walking away hearing Emma yell, way too loud, “Don’t forget to use protection you two!” This drew stares and a few hoots from the others at the bar.

Millie became quiet during the walk home. She was thinking about the next day. She really wanted to go to the baseball game and watch Billy play. Thinking about why she couldn’t go made her stomach start to churn again. While the other girls were in the stands watching Billy play, she would be receiving a punishment that she herself had asked for.

Neither Millie nor Billy thought about wine or seltzer when they arrived at her condo. This was a good thing because Millie had neither. She had been aware of that when she talked him into leaving he bar, but she didn’t care. They bypassed the kitchen and went straight to the bedroom where they furiously undressed each other and fell onto the bed, not bothering to pull down the covers or push off the multitude of pillows that Millie had gently placed there in the morning.

Later that night, Billy awoke to find them both under the covers. He was thirsty and wandered into the kitchen while Millie slept. He found a glass in the cupboard and went to the freezer to look for ice. It was there that he saw the summons from the Department of Corrections magnetically attached to the fridge. The words ‘18 strokes’ and ‘wooden paddle’ jumped out at him. He couldn’t believe that this was true. No place in America allowed for this type of punishment. At least he had never heard of it. He remembered long ago seeing his sister’s bruised bottom after she was paddled. Leaving his unused glass behind, Billy went back to Millie and crawled in next to the sleeping girl. He lay awake wondering what the hell was going on with her until finally he drifted off.

When they both awoke in the morning, Billy was ready to go again. When they were done, Billy tried to find a way to ask her about the notice on her refrigerator and Millie tried to balance the warmth and comfort of being in bed with Billy with her fears as to what was ahead for the day.

Billy broke the silence with, “Emma said you can’t come to the game today. I was hoping to see you in the stands.”

“Yea, I got something,” was all Millie could respond with.

“So, you’re going on a date?”

“Nope. No dates today,” she replied with a smile. “Well, unless you want to go out tonight?” After having said that she wished she could pull it back. She didn’t know whether she would be able to go out tonight. Would she be in too much pain?

“Maybe. I would like to see you again.” Looking at the clock, Billy realized that he would have to get moving in order to be at the stadium on time. The other players would all be arriving from the hotel shortly and he didn’t want to anger the coach by being late, especially when he had been given special permission to travel alone.

As they were dressing, Emma asked if he wanted some breakfast before he left.

“No, we usually have a team breakfast before a game,” he responded. As soon as he was dressed, they kissed as if they were an old married couple and he headed for the door. Millie was still in the bedroom when he went by the kitchen and took a quick picture of the summons on the fridge.

Billy really wanted to stop at Emma’s and ask her what this summons was all about. He wanted to ask if Millie was in trouble? Was it some sort of a joke? He would have had time to stop but something kept him from doing so. Instead, he headed straight to the stadium to meet up with his team, still wondering what was going on with this beautiful girl that he had just met.


Millie was in heaven. She didn’t let herself think about the punishment that was to take place later in the day. Instead she thought about Billy and what a wonderful time they had last night. She continued in her dreamy state until she arrived at the kitchen and saw the summons standing at attention on the door. Her heart stopped. Had he seen it? Oh God, what would he think? Why would she be so stupid as to leave that on the refrigerator? It should have been hidden away somewhere where no one could see it. What was she thinking?

She did the only thing she knew how to do in situations like this. She retrieved her phone from her room and then went back into the kitchen where she pulled the spatula from the drawer then went to the dining room and closed the shades. Leaning over the table, she gave herself 12 slaps across her bottom as hard as she could. When she finished she heard the voice in her head say she deserved more and took another dozen. When she waddled into the corner, her bottom was bright red and she started to cry, not just for her sore bottom but because of how she had been so stupid as to leave that piece of paper out for anyone to see.

After her self-spanking and corner time, Millie realized she had absolutely nothing to do until her appointment later in the afternoon. She didn’t want to spend the day worrying about her punishment, but could think of nothing else. Because she had worked with Dale and Sadie to set the scene, she pretty much knew what was going to happen. What she didn’t know was how she would feel going through it and how much 18 strokes of a wooden panel would hurt when being applied by someone other than herself.

She tried reading, but that didn’t help, and browsing the internet landed her on spanking sites which scared her even more. At 1.00 pm she went to the city’s online sports site and started following the game. She could see that Billy was starting at first base and imagined him standing there in his uniform. Of course, she had no idea what his team uniform looked like and didn’t know enough about baseball to even imagine being there. She noted to herself that she needed to go to a professional baseball game sometime soon. She smiled as she imagined herself sitting in the front row cheering for Billy and seeing him wave back to her in the stands.

Then her smile faded. She could have been there today had it not been for this self-imposed punishment. Without knowing it, she had put her kinky inner voice ahead of her real life. Tears came to her eyes as she thought about it. She needed to be punished for this and determined that this afternoon’s punishment was for just that.

The baseball website told her they were in the seventh inning stretch when it was time for her to leave. Billy’s team was losing and there was something on the site about Billy having had two errors. Millie wasn’t sure what that meant but errors couldn’t be a good thing. She grabbed the summons which was still hanging in its place and went out the door, dressed in loose sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Normally, she wouldn’t be seen like this, but today she needed to be comfortable, especially for the walk home.

As instructed, she wore no jewelry and didn’t carry her phone. The jewelry was no problem but she felt nervous being out on the street without a phone. What if something happened? What if she needed Emma? She told herself she could do this. There was a time before cell phones, but she barely remembered it. She would be OK.

As she walked, she thought about how she looked forward to seeing Sadie again. Dale was nice too, but she had a special feeling about Sadie. Her mind wandered back to her visit earlier where she was so encouraging and loving. The voice was also with her on the walk. ‘You know you need this and you know why you need this. Take your punishment.’


Sadie and Dale were well prepped for the afternoon session. They were dressed for their parts, Sadie with a slightly tired uniform that managed to make her look official, and Dale simply in a white shirt and khaki pants. They had the little prison cell set up in the corner with a folding chair in it.

“Do you think she’s gonna show?” Dale asked his partner.

“I think so. She sounded like she really wanted it.”

“Yea, but we have had more girl no-shows than guys.” As he said it, they both heard the door chime ring.

“OK, places! Let’s do this!” said Sadie, getting herself into her role.

Sadie pulled open the door and saw Millie standing in front of her. Sadie looked happy to see her, which was not what Sadie wanted. Before Millie even had a chance to say hello, Sadie grunted. “Are you Miss Sowton?”

Millie giggled, “Yes, of course I am.”

Millie’s smile suddenly disappeared as Sadie grabbed her by the arm and roughly walked her down the hall. The grip on Millie’s arm hurt and she struggled to get away, which only made Sadie hold her tighter.

Once they were in the office, Sadie made her stand, back to the wall. “Your summons?” she asked.

Millie pulled it from her pocket, unfolded it and handed it to her. Sadie reviewed it as if she had never seen it before. “Do you understand about the safe phrase at the bottom of this notice?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Millie responded, feeling a sudden need to be polite and formal, even though Sadie was close to her same age.

“If you use this phrase, everything stops and you leave immediately. Understood?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Sadie wasn’t the same person she had remembered. Sadie had been so nice before and now she was being a bitch. She knew Sadie was playing a role but she hadn’t expected her to be so mean.

Sadie looked over the summons again. “OK 18 strokes; wooden paddle. Turn and face the wall, Ms Sowton.”

Millie turned and immediately felt Sadie’s hands patting her down all over her body. Sadie then pulled Millie’s arms behind her back and, before she realized what had happened, Millie was handcuffed. She hadn’t expected that.

After Millie being told to sit, Sadie left the room without another word. The room was quiet and empty, and after a few minutes Millie started feeling nervous. She wanted to yell out, “Is anyone there? Sadie? Someone?” but she remained quiet.

Millie had never been in handcuffs before. It was amazingly painful in that she felt she had no control over her body. All her defenses had been taken away from her.

It was ten minutes before Sadie reappeared with a plastic bin. Sadie knew it had been exactly ten minutes, because she had timed it. She and Dale thought it was the right amount of time to make the girl really nervous.


And Milly stood, arms still clasped behind her. Sadie turned her toward the wall, undid the cuffs and then turned her around again.

“OK let’s lose the clothes.”

“You want me to undress?” Millie knew she would be naked for the punishment. It was part of her plan, but it still didn’t make sense the way Sadie said it.

“Yes,” Sadie replied bluntly. “Get all those clothes off and put them in this bucket.”

Millie looked around the room. “Here?”

“Yes here! Right now. You should know that I am authorized to provide additional punishment if you cause any trouble.”

Millie had thought she would be going into a bathroom or a changing room to undress privately. She realized she had no choice and pulled her shirt up over her head. She then kicked her shoes off and then pulled off her pants. Before going any further, she looked around the room again, half expecting to see someone else watching her. She was breathing hard and beginning to feel hot as she removed her bra and panties, leaving her totally and completely naked with Sadie looking up and down her body.

Without saying a word, Sadie turned Millie back toward the wall. At that point, she saw the red on her ass from the morning’s self-flagellation. “Looks like you are already warmed up. Nice red butt you got there. Do it yourself?”

Sadie was suddenly more embarrassed than she had been earlier when undressing. She didn’t know what to say and mumbled something incomprehensible.

Sadie didn’t need to hear any more about what had happened earlier. “Whatever. Guess we don’t need any warm-up swats for you. We can give you 18 really good ones.” With that, she grabbed both of Millie’s arms and again clasped the handcuffs behind her back.

If Millie had felt defenseless before, it was nothing compared to being naked with her hands tied behind her. There was no way to protect herself from roaming eyes, hands, or even a hard punch.

Sadie held Millie’s arm as they walked down a hallway. Millie recognized the conference room as they walked by. Sadie had been so warm when she and Emma had visited before. And for the first time, she wondered about Dale. Was he here? Would the handsome man suddenly appear and find her naked and in cuffs?

At the end of the hallway there was a large door. Sadie opened it and led Millie into a cavernous studio. The two walked to the back where Millie saw the small jail cell with a folding chair. Sadie opened the door and gave Millie a rough push to get her inside. Millie watched as Sadie locked the door, turned and walked away.

Again, she was alone, cuffed and now locked up, naked and very scared. She was also cold. With her hands secured behind her back, she was unable to make any effort to warm herself. She tried sitting on the folding chair, but the metal was cold on her butt and she couldn’t sit back because her arms were stuck behind her. She stood and jumped up and down, trying to keep the blood moving through her body. It was while she was doing this she noticed a mirror on the wall opposite her. Seeing her boobs bouncing as she jumped sent a new level of embarrassment through her.

Again, she was in a situation of not knowing how long she had been there or how long it would before Sadie came back for her. She had no control over anything. All she could do was stand there and think about the fact that she was standing naked in a cage and about to be punished. She wasn’t sure if she was shaking because she was cold or because she was scared.

Finally, she heard movement off to the side of the studio. Then she saw him. It was Dale and he was walking around like he didn’t know she was there. Without even thinking, she got on her knees to make herself small. Millie had never been really comfortable with her body and the idea of being naked, not to mention cuffed and in a cage, was a total humiliation. The words Red Fire Engine were on her lips. If she could just say that now, she could go home, wrap herself in a nice warm blanket and forget about this whole thing.


Billy felt horrible. His team had been wiped out in the game. It was a loss like they hadn’t seen in months, and he knew that he was partially responsible for it. He also knew why he had played so poorly. It was all about Millie. His mind was on her and not the game. Memories of their night together stuck with him as the game fell apart around him. And then there was that damn piece of paper on her refrigerator. What the hell was that about? He wished he had come up on the bus with the rest of the team and not been pulled into this. Or did he? He knew that more than anything else he wanted to see Millie again.

Emma and Jaime were waiting for him outside the locker rooms, and tried to smile when they saw him coming out. They knew how poorly he had played and tried to cheer him up with hugs and talk of plans for the evening.

“Dinner and lots of drinks at my house tonight!” Emma said, trying to cheer him up.

“And Millie will be there!” Jaime sung in a teasing way. Emma wasn’t so sure about Millie. She might be in the mood to want to socialize.

“Uh, yea, sounds good. Listen, I got something I gotta do first. I’ll meet you there in a bit.”

Jaime and Emma looked at each other confused. What would he be doing?

Billy ran off looking at his phone. ‘1415 Salva Street, Suite 104,’ he said to himself.


Millie watched as Dale tinkered around the studio. He moved some furniture around and then went to the closet and pulled out a strange looking piece of furniture. It looked like a square leather foot rest of sorts, but it had legs longer than the usual foot stool; too high for anyone to put their feet up, but just the right height for someone like her to lean over with her butt pushed up in the air. Millie also noticed that straps were connected to each of its four legs. She immediately knew that those straps were to be used to tie her down on the stool.

Another wait. How long had she been here? Had it been minutes or hours? All she knew was that she was scared. There were too many new things for her at this moment. She had never been handcuffed, never been in a jail cell, and most certainly had never been naked in either of these situations. In fact, Millie had rarely been naked in front of anyone. She had a few boyfriends with whom she slept and there was an occasional one-nighter. And of course there was Billy, who may or may not be a one-nighter. As she sat on the floor, she remembered playing strip poker once in college. She remembered the fear of having to strip in front of the guys and girls in the game. She lost only her shoes in that game, but there was another girl she didn’t know, a cute little blonde girl, who obviously didn’t know how to play poker. After almost every hand she was removing a piece of clothing and, when it came time to remove the last piece, her panties, she burst into tears. Totally humiliated, she stood naked in front of the group of mostly dressed classmates and cried. Millie thought of that girl and tried not to cry herself.

Suddenly they were there, Sadie and Dale, both standing on the other side of the metal bars. Her legs wouldn’t let her get up on her own. In fact, if there had been enough room she would have laid flat on the floor hiding her body from the two fully clothed people. Instead, she knelt on the floor looking up at them.

“OK Sadie, it’s time,” Dale said as he unlocked the door.

“I don’t think I can do this.” Millie said from her position kneeling on the floor.

“Do you remember the safe phrase?”

Millie indicated she did with a nod of her head. Dale paused, waiting to hear her say it. When there was no response, he reached down to her. Millie gasped as she felt the palm of his hands brush against the side of her breasts. He pulled her up gently into a standing position, not wanting to put a strain on her handcuffed arms.

“Are you ready?”

Again, Millie couldn’t speak, but she was able to look straight into his blue eyes and she nodded.

“You need to speak, Millie. Do you remember the safe phrase?”

There was a barely audible, “yes,” as Millie looked at the floor in total fear and humiliation.

“Are you ready to start?”

Again, a quiet, “yes.”

Suddenly an alarm went off. At least, Millie thought it was an alarm. She started to panic.

“Don’t worry, Millie. It’s just the doorbell.”

“Sadie’s going to get you set up, then I will be back to take care of you. Don’t worry. I am going to give you exactly what you need.” With that, he handed the scared shaking girl to Sadie and walked away.

Sadie, still dressed in her ill-fitting uniform, said nothing as she walked Millie over to the overly tall foot stool, undid her cuffs and leaned her over the soft leather top.


Not being totally familiar with the city, Billy didn’t know which way to turn when he hit Salve Street. He crossed the street and started going left, but the numbers were going up and not down. He turned around and headed the other way. He had run most of the way and was tired, but kept pushing to get to her.

When he got to 1415 Salve Street, he stood back and looked at the building. Was she inside? Was she hurt? He looked at the bank of door bells and found #104. It was a place called The Rose. He couldn’t bring himself to push the button. ‘This was her life,’ he said to himself, and he shouldn’t be imposing on it. But what if she was hurt? With that thought, he pressed the doorbell.

At first, there was no answer, and Billy was trying to determine if he should start banging on the door. And then he heard the door rattle. A young man about his age opened the door. “May I help you?” he asked.

Billy wasn’t sure what to say. He hadn’t made his plan other than to come here and ring the door. “Uh, I’m looking for a friend.”

“A friend?”

“Um, yea, her name is Millie. Is she here?”

Dale was cautious about saying too much. He had been in situations where he almost outed people for their spanking kinks before and didn’t want to unduly expose Millie. But this kid was obviously scared and nervous.

“Millie may or may not be here.”

“Uh, not helpful.”

Dale felt bad for him. “Look, why don’t you go to that coffee shop over there,” he said, pointing across the street. Keep an eye on the door. If this person is here, she will probably be out in about an hour. If you don’t see her then, well, she’s not here.” With that, he closed the door.


Millie had seen enough punishment porn videos to know the drill. But it had always been some unknown actress on her screen. This time, she was living it as Sadie tied her hands and feet to the oversized foot rest. She wished Sadie would at least talk to her. She felt they had really connected when she first visited The Rose, but now she was like a robot.

Once she was locked in place, Millie looked around to see what she could see in the room. She still had a view of the mirror and it still was reflecting her naked body. She could also see Sadie standing behind her staring at her naked and still slightly red butt.

As soon as she heard Dale come back in the room she tensed. He was the one who was going to punish her. Millie listened as the voice in her head started up again. ‘You deserve this, Millie. You know you do, and you know why you do. Take this punishment and maybe, someday, you will be forgiven.’ Millie stared at the floor. She was determined not to cry as she lay over the bench waiting for the paddle to slap down on her naked bottom.

She felt the paddle touch against her and she looked up. Sadie was standing in front of her, watching. In the mirror, she could see Dale with the paddle leaning directly on her butt. She felt and saw him pull back and she closed her eyes.

The first whack took her breath away, and she immediately wondered if she could do 17 more. And then the second came down, right in the same place. But it wasn’t until the third that she let out a grunt, and by the sixth tears were forming in her eyes and she was losing control. The voice was back. ‘Tell me why you need this punishment, Millie. You deserve this paddling.’

It was so much worse than when she did it to herself. When she paddled herself, she controlled how hard she hit. She pretended that she didn’t, but in reality she had the power to stop at any time or at least to lighten up.

Dale stopped when the first 12 were done. Millie was full scale crying now, pulling her arms and legs and trying to get away from the painful slaps with the wooden paddle. She felt Sadie’s hand under her chin. Lifting her up to look her in the eyes. Through her tears, Millie saw she was evaluating whether or not she could take more. She tried to use the safe phrase, but couldn’t get it out. It was the voice that was keeping her from saying anything. She saw Sadie look up to Dale and nod. Then the paddle came down harder than ever before.

It was somewhere in that second set where she totally lost it. Her sobs turned into screams, her arms and legs pulled at their straps. She needed to run away from this pain and from her own guilt. Dale stopped, and again Sadie leaned down in front of her and pulled up her chin, forcing their eyes to meet.

“Are you all right, Millie?” She said in that soft pleasant voice that Millie remembered from her earlier visit.

Millie looked up at her, wanting to say the three words, Red Fire Engine, that would end this whole thing. Instead, between her sobs, she said the words that she knew she needed to say. “I did it,” she sobbed.

Sadie was concerned and motioned Dale to step back. She let Millie continue.

“I-I-I I let Emma’s father take me at his house,” she cried. “I am being punished for breaking up Emma’s family.”

That day that she and Emma’s father were alone together had started out innocently enough, but then when she went out by the pool in her bikini, things changed. He sat close to her as they talked, and then he was gently rubbing her back. She led him inside and once they reached the master bedroom there was no turning back. Thoughts of Emma, her mother, or even her own dignity were out the door. It was less than a month later that Emma came to her in tears saying her parents were splitting. She had never told Emma a word about what happened with her father.

“Do you want to go on? Sadie asked gently. “Say the words if you want to stop.”

“How-how many more?” she asked between sobs.

“There’s three more, but if you are done?”

“No, keep going. This needs to be finished.”

Millie did her best to hold it together when Dale started up again. Millie continued to cry, both for her sore bottom and for what she had done, as the last swats poured down onto her bottom.

And then there was silence. Millie’s sobs had turned to whimpers, and the loud slapping that had been echoing around the studio was gone. Millie’s naked body lay across the bench in total defeat.

After a few moments, both Dale and Sadie started unhooking her. Then Dale lifted her to her feet where she had to work to keep herself from falling into a puddle on the floor. Millie no longer cared that she was the only naked person in the room. She hugged both Dale and Sadie and, when she was ready, Sadie walked her to a small cot which had been set up in advance just for her. She lay Millie face down on the cot and gently rubbed her back and her butt and turned the lights down low.

“You did a great job,” said Sadie in a gentle whisper. I’m really proud of you. Millie was happy that the old Sadie was back. She knew Sadie cared about her.

Sadie sat with her for ten minutes before Millie said she was ready to go. She rolled over and immediately felt the burn on her bottom. “That will be with you for a few days,” Sadie said. “But it will get better every day.”

Millie dressed and went to the washroom where she cleaned up a little more. Then, when she was ready, she hugged both Dale and Sadie again and walked gingerly out the front door. As she headed up the street toward home, she again heard the voice. “Millie, are you all right?”

The voice was somehow different. It was disconnected from her. The second time it said her name, she turned and saw Billy behind her. He came up next to her and put his arm around her to walk her home.

Maybe someday Billy and the others would know the whole story, but for now having him hold her and walk her home was all she cared about.

The End

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