A school inspector visits

By Paul S

One year on from gaining their CP licence an official review looms

The headmistress, Mrs Chapman, called Amanda, her assistant and chief disciplinarian, into her office to discuss the progress made since the ‘Queens Chase’ private girls’ school had gained a special licence to carry out limited corporal punishment in the formerly all-girls school and 6th form following Brexit.

As part of their licence agreement, the school had to open its doors to a limited number of boys who wanted to study at the exclusive private girls’ school, although this had caused some raised eyebrows initially amongst staff and students alike.

In theory, one of the few recent 6th form senior boys could choose to take a spanking like the girls after 3 warnings, but so far that had not happened to date, as that could have been a little awkward for Amanda.

Instead, the headmistress asked Amanda how things had been over the last year on the discipline front.

Amanda replied, “Yes, so far, so good. I know we were caught out initially by the speed the licence was introduced and unexpectedly stronger support than expected from both lower school parents and 6th formers. Despite this, Mike and I have worked hard to introduce a workable new disciplinary system. The strong support from the 6th form girls was a little surprising, as we thought they may be a little prudish or rebellious about receiving a spanking.

The headmistress said the schools’ inspector would be coming to visit before the end of the summer term and wanted to review the new system and to interview both myself, yourself, plus several girls who have received discipline, for their feedback to the department.

The headmistress said, “Amanda, what’s the state of play this year to date?”

Amanda said, “Mike procured a light strap for the lower-school girls, plus a heavier strap for the 6th form girls.”

“How have the girls responded to this?”

Amanda said, “The lower-school girls tend to take discipline in their stride, as a part of their routine. Of the 400 or so lower school, so far 33 girls have received 3 strokes with the strap with few complaints.”

The headmistress asked, “Do you get any persistent offenders?”

Amanda replied, “No, not once the girls have received a smarting bottom. They tend to remember it. We get the odd ones who are forgetful, and when it gets to 3 warnings, they tend to prefer the strap rather than detentions or suspensions, which can be tedious for them.”

“For the 6th formers, it is a different situation. We now have 60 6th formers, 30 in each year, but we have had 11 strappings, with several repeat offenders Lauren and Amy, plus the American girl, Jessie, who has had the most with 3 so far. 6th formers tend to get hormonal at times and can get very stroppy and mouthy sometimes.

The headmistress said, “Tell me about Jessie.”

Amanda said, “She is a big girl and daughter of an American business mogul in Florida. She was sent here to learn to be more of a lady than a tart, but she still receives regular uniform and behaviour infractions, and treats the 6th form like a paid holiday, rather than preparation for going to a top International University.

The headmistress said, “Tell me about her punishments.”

Amanda said, “She started out well at first, but started dressing with high heels, open bras and unbuttoned shirts showing her ample cleavage, hold-ups and G-strings which are banned, despite our relaxed 6th form dress code of smart casual. Her behaviour is loud, and she thinks she is here to holiday, not work.

“She has run up a number of warnings, but did not want to be suspended or have detentions, as she could be sent home to face the wrath of her dad, as she is something of a daddy’s girl. By all accounts though, her dad’s leather belt was no stranger to Jessie’s backside back in Florida before she came here, as she pushes her luck too far sometimes.”

The headmistress said, “Hmm, that’s interesting.”

Amanda said, “Yes, she chose to receive the strap several times for 3 warnings, but complained it really stung, but I warned her that if she can’t get the message between her ears, then it has to be printed in red across that ample American backside of hers.

“Her last strapping was for 3 infractions and I warned her that the teachers were losing patience with her constant tantrums. She chose to take 3 strokes each for uniform, behaviour, and late submission of work infractions. So, she bent over the desk, skirt raised and received 9 strokes across her skimpy knickered bottom, which is the highest awarded to date.

“Mike though witnessed it and said that it been coming for a long time, and he actually congratulated me. He said was impressed by the way I had handled her, taking no nonsense, and giving her a sound thrashing.”

The headmistress said, “The inspector will probably want to interview you, Mike, some staff, and several girls, so play a straight bat and concentrate on the clear improvement in discipline and academic performance throughout the school. I will also have a quiet word with Jessie, Leah and Amy before the visit.”

She went on to say, “I gather it will be a female inspector who is very ‘old school’, so she may want to look at the punishment room, implements and punishment records, so make sure they are all up to date.”

The day of the inspection finally arrived, and the inspector was a middle-aged lady, incredibly ‘old school’, and she liked things done properly. Firstly, she was ushered in by the headmistress and spent an hour in discussions in her office whilst the rest of the school waited anxiously for any news.

The inspector and headmistress then emerged after coffee and toured the school and were introduced to all the key teachers and support staff, before inspecting the schools proud academic record.

The inspector then went to the assistant headmistress’s room to check the school’s disciplinary arrangements and was briefed on the traffic light system of 3 warnings. The inspector had a brief chat with Lauren who had volunteered to give a brief demonstration of what happens to girls who get 3 warnings and did not want a week’s suspension. She inspected the room, the implements and the electronic records, and looked at some interesting old black and white pictures on the wall from the1960s when the current school was founded.

She took a particular interest in a girl kneeling on an old wooden desk, with her skirt up with a cane across her knickered backside.

The inspector said rather candidly, “I remember being in that position one lunchtime and couldn’t sit down all afternoon,” much to the surprise of Amanda and Lauren. She went on to say, “Amanda and Lauren, can you give me a brief demonstration on your procedure as I have to report back to the department.”

Amanda said, “I can, because Lauren has recently accrued 3 warnings and agreed to be physically disciplined today rather than take a suspension. Her details are entered on the computer record with the requisite number of strokes, age, form, details of infractions and any previous discipline.”

The inspector asked Lauren for her views.

“I only have myself to blame,” Lauren replied grimly.

“Why would you choose a spanking over suspension? Surely that would be preferable, wouldn’t it?”

Lauren said, “A suspension gets your parents involved, which is embarrassing for a teenager and can lead to further discipline or loss of privileges at home.”

Amanda intervened and said, “Shall we get on with the demonstration?”

Everyone agreed.

Amanda said, “I have entered Lauren’s details on the computer, so the next step, Lauren, is if you would like to raise your skirt and bend over the desk, please.”

Lauren complied, slowly exposing a pair of small white cotton knickers over her pale skinned, firm and curvaceous white bottom.

Amanda picked up the leather strap, flexing it in her hands whilst explaining to the inspector that Lauren had 3 warnings and was to receive 3 strokes, which was standard.

Amanda then brought the heavy strap down across Lauren’s bottom three times, producing some gasps and squirming across the desk.

Amanda then said, “Lauren, you can stand up now and answer any questions the inspector may have before returning to the 6th form suite.”

Lauren rubbed one cheek with her hand and shifted her weight from one foot to the other, whilst replacing her skirt.

The inspector asked Lauren how the experience was for her.

Lauren replied, “I was naughty and deserved it. Suspensions and detentions are boring, whereas a sore bottom is what I call a proper punishment for girls like me.”

The inspector said, “That’s very useful information. Thank you.”

She then also thanked Amanda and the headmistress before leaving to report her findings. She gave the school an ‘outstanding’ rating on leaving.

The End

© Paul S 2021