A young university lecturer receives a letter authorising him to use corporal punishment on one of his students, but how should he deal with it?

By Joanna Jones

Dr Lightowler read the letter again before his tutee, Dawn Knowles, arrived. He pondered once again on how exactly he was going to raise the issue with her. A few minutes later the light tap on the door of his rooms announced Dawn’s arrival.

As usual she was wearing a short skirt and tights, rather than the standard student garb of jeans. It was difficult not to admire the shapely legs she had been blessed with. However, he determined to put that to one side. As a new lecturer he needed to keep things professional, to say nothing of what his long-time girlfriend might think if he did otherwise.

After a few preliminaries the first part of the session was spent reviewing her progress and some discussion on her latest tutorials. He normally met his four students together, but had come up with a reason to do so individually, being halfway through the first term for the students; a time to assess how they were settling in.

Satisfied with her progress, and having answered the questions she had had, he finally brought out the letter. He noticed an odd look and wondered what she was thinking as he did so.

“I have just received a letter from your mother.” He said.

“Oh!” replied Dawn and suddenly looked nervous. “Nothing serious is it?”

“I’ll read it to you:

Dear Dr Lightowler,

I believe you have been appointed as tutor to my daughter, Dawn. Thank you in advance for all the help I know you will give her in the next few years.

Regarding Dawn, I should say that she can be a rather impetuous and at times immature girl. Both at school and home these tendencies were curbed with the use of a cane when required. Personally I believe that she will need that structure at University also if she is to get the most out of it and not get ‘distracted’ from her studies.

Thus, although I know it is not normal, I was wondering if you would be able support her in such a manner. So as to not put you to any trouble I have taken the liberty of enclosing in the attached parcel a suitable implement. A typical punishment would be six strokes on her bottom. I hope you will not consider my request unacceptable.

As you know a good education involves considerable sacrifice from parents and it would be reassuring to know that Dawn has all the necessary incentives to succeed in her studies. Thank you in advance for your help and understanding.

Best regards,

Alice Knowles

As he put down the letter he reached behind him to get the thin long package that had come with the letter. Placing it on the desk he put his hand inside and slid the cane slightly out to reveal the crook handle. Dawn said nothing other than looking nervously at the cane poking out of the parcel.

After a long silence she eventually spoke. “My mother said she was going to do this. I was hoping she wouldn’t, though.”

Dr Lightowler noticed the rather disarming crooked smile as she replied, and again had to viciously remind himself of his role.

“And you personal view is?” He asked.

Dawn blushed. “I only get the minimum grant, so I need my mother’s support, so I don’t have any choice really but to agree, and in any case she is probably right in that I can need some encouragement to work hard.”

“You know you are an adult, so your mother really has no jurisdiction over you now, I cannot therefore agree to the request, even if I felt so inclined.”

Dawn immediately went to her bag and fished out a piece of paper. “I thought this might help.” She replied.

Dr Lightowler started to read the letter. As he more or less expected it was a letter formally indicating that she was happy for her tutor to administer CP if her performance merited it, consistent with that requested by her mother.

As he was reading there was a knock at the door, and Dawn looked surprised as Professor Murphy entered. She was a grey haired lady in her fifties who rather scared Dawn. She wondered what she was doing here and whether her presence had anything to do with the two letters. She rather hoped not.

However, she soon realised that was a futile hope as Dr Lightowler said: “Come in, Professor, Dawn here has just given me this letter.

As Prof Murphy took a seat near Dawn to read, Dr Lightowler turned to the young student again.

“Dawn, I think the time has come to be honest with each other. The truth is I contacted your mother immediately last week when I got the parcel.”

Dawn’s face showed a spasm of shock and panic as he paused.

“Your mother said she knew nothing of the letter she was supposed to have sent, nor indeed of the proposal that you be caned.”

Dawn stared at her tutor’s desk, unable to look at him, for what seemed an age. She wished that Professor Murphy was not sitting next to her. The woman was intimidating enough at the best of times!

Finally she whispered: “I sent the parcel when I was home for the weekend. The thing is I know what I need to make me study but I was scared to ask myself.”

It was Prof Murphy who spoke next. “So you still want to go through with this proposal?” She asked.

Dawn took a deep breath. “Yes.” She replied.

“You do know that this can only apply to encouragement to work harder. It cannot be used instead of a bad mark or instead of the normal penalty for a late submission or whatever that any other student would receive?” Asked Dr Lightowler.

“Though a caning could be given by your tutor in addition,” mused Prof Murphy.

Dawn glanced at the Professor before again quietly replying in the affirmative.

“Your mother has sent me a real letter, Dawn.” Dr Lightowler continued as he produced it and passed it over. “In it you will find that she has indicated she is happy for you to be caned if that is what you wish. I am afraid she also says that she will be dealing with your deception when you are next at home. Apparently that is for this letter you sent me and, after having apparently checked with your old school and seen in the punishment book, for the canings there that you ‘forgot’ to tell her about.”

Dawn felt rather sick as she read her mother’s letter to her tutor. This was somewhat more than she had bargained for, to say the least. Her visit home in a couple of weeks time had been something she was looking forward to, but not any more. At least though it would get her parents’ ire over before she went back for Christmas, she supposed.

Prof Murphy suddenly interrupted her reverie. “Dawn, before we discuss this further, there is one question we need an honest answer to.”

Dawn’s guard was immediately up as she reluctantly looked at the steely grey-blue eyes.

“My question is, do you really want this ‘schoolgirl’ discipline approach purely as part of a plan to help your studies, or is there an element that you find Dr Lightowler in someway attractive and the thought of being punished by him, well, stimulating?”

Dawn blushed slightly and rather gulped at the question. The truth was very much the latter. Since starting, she had found herself with a ‘crush’ on her tutor and the idea of him ‘dealing’ with her had been part of her dreams for much of the past few weeks as well as being a way to gain his full attention. However, to admit that would, she was sure, put him beyond her reach to say nothing of the embarrassment.

She decided to lie and forced a smile as she said: “While doctor, you are very handsome, my overriding desire is to have the encouragement I need to work hard.”

It was Dr Lightowler who, after a pause to glance at the professor, replied: “Prof Murphy and I had discussed this at length, and have decided to help you.”

Dawn felt the nerves rise at the prospect, along with an excitement that this handsome man was going to do it.

“However, we both agree it would be inappropriate for a younger man such as myself to be involved, as it could lead to misunderstandings, especially for my girlfriend. So we have decided that Prof Murphy will tutor you from now. She was meant to have a year off, given her role in college, but she is prepared to make an exception for a student who really wants to push herself to excel as you clearly do. It also means she can tutor you individually, and her house on the grounds will be more private, for when, well, for when you need that extra encouragement.”

Dawn’s excitement turned to horror as she realised the consequences of what he had said. However, it was too late. Forcing a sick smile she said: “Thank you.”

It was Prof Murphy who spoke next. “There are a couple of other advantages too.”

Dawn turned to look inquisitively, though she could see no advantage for her.

The Prof continued. “First I have two grown up sons, both of whom I caned as teenagers when necessary, so I have plenty experience to draw on to ensure you are encouraged properly, and second as a female we won’t need to worry about any embarrassment in ensuring the cane can be properly felt!”

Dawn nodded seriously, inwardly horrified. Being thrashed by an experienced severe woman, with she guessed her skirt up (God forbid she would ask her to take her knickers down) was not at all what she had imagined or desired.

“So, Miss Knowles, shall we cross over to my residence and we can arrange your tutorial sessions. I also think maybe an introduction the regime you want might be in order, given the embarrassment you caused to Dr Lightowler in phoning your mum.”

Dawn felt sick as she stood to follow the strict matronly woman out of the office.

“Dawn! Aren’t you forgetting something?” Called the young lecturer as he held the long package up and slid the cane inside out of sight.

“Th…Thank you,” she stuttered and then slipped out of the room, leaving the relieved young man behind.

As Dawn followed her new tutor across the grounds to the residence the college had provided her, she was beginning to panic, wondering how she had got herself into this mess. This was far from the few whacks from the handsome attractive Dr Lightowler, and now she would not even have him as her tutor. What a fool she had been!


About an hour later Dawn lay face down in her room, still trying to come to terms with the caning she had received. Prof Murphy had awarded her a six-of-the-best, and made her strip her bottom bare. It was safer, she said, as she would be able to see what she was doing. As she reluctantly complied with the instruction the Professor had drawn the curtains and extracted Dawn’s carefully chosen cane from the package.

Dawn had then been bent over the back of her settee, with her legs straight behind her. What happened next had been the worst surprise, as after a few preparatory taps the Professor had launched the cane into her bare flesh with an almighty Thwack!

Despite the shocking pain, she had resolved to take her caning bravely and silently and did manage to hold in the scream for the first blow, and indeed the second, which arrived after a good thirty second pause.

However her stoicism had seemingly led to Prof Murphy using even more force and by the fourth she found that she could not restrain herself anymore, and she let out a loud scream. As for the final two, they had been worse still, certainly worse than any punishment she had had before, either at school, or from her mother. She was indeed a ‘pro’ with the rod.

By the end, she had found tears wetting her eyes as she danced on the spot in her tutor’s sitting room, with six vivid, and very painful stripes decorating her hindquarters.

However her new tutor was not finished with her at that. She had made her stand bare bottomed in a corner for over half an hour till she had calmed down enough to go to her bathroom and wash her face. Only when she returned from that was she allowed to relieve her humiliation and put her skirt, tights and knickers back on.

Now she had three years to go with regular whackings if her work was not perfect, or so she had been promised. As she miserably thought about all that had occurred, the probability that her bottom was potentially going to be very tender all too often during that time scared her. The only small consolation was maybe, just maybe, the extra effort she would now need to put in would lead to an ultimately better degree, although that was a long, long way off.

However, just after her punishment all she could really consider was the short-to-medium term prospect. She wondered once again: What had she done?

The End