The fifth instalment of the “Girls of St Mary’s” series

By Penny Morton

To Angela Spencer and her twin sister Julie the present situation seemed like a bad dream. The eighteen year olds were shivering as they waited in their gym shorts and T-shirts in the back garden for their special tutor Miss Cameron. They had only arrived yesterday, and this was their first early morning daily session of PE with Miss Cameron. They had both been spanked by Miss Cameron yesterday for failing to stand when she entered the schoolroom. They had also been whacked with Miss Cameron’s leather strap ‘Sandy’ for producing substandard essays. ‘Sandy’ had dealt with them again in the afternoon for failing their Latin test.

The girls had been looking forward to the four weeks of the Easter Vacation with great anticipation. A few weeks away from the strict discipline of St Mary’s boarding school, and hopefully a chance to get to know the boys next door better. Some revision would be necessary as they had ‘A’-levels in the summer and were hoping to gain a university place. Having fun in the vacation was very important, as was a break from the slipper wielding prefects at St Mary’s. How nice it would be to have a whole month without being punished!

Their plans had come to a sudden halt on the last day of the spring term when they received an unexpected summons to the Headmistress’ study. Miss Gregory was most displeased with their end of term exam results and decided that she should cane them both. She had gone to her cupboard and got her flexible cane out to show the twins. The girls were given a choice of either six of the best immediately over their knickers or their caning could be postponed until the beginning of the summer term. In this case they would sit a comprehensive three hour test. If they achieved the 70 per cent pass mark they would not be caned but if they failed they would receive eight strokes on their bare bottoms. Avoiding an immediate caning seemed the sensible thing to do and four weeks to get ready for Miss Gregory’s test seemed attainable.

Mummy had been furious when Miss Gregory phoned on the first day of the holidays to tell her about the exam results. The headmistress suggested that the twins should be sent to Miss Cameron for special coaching. Miss Cameron was very strict and other girls who had been sent to her said it was like a boot camp: very hard work, faultless behaviour, physical punishments and plenty of exercise. She claimed to have never had a failure. Mummy was very pleased when Miss Cameron found she could take the girls for a residential course of three weeks coaching and revision.

“Right girls,” Miss Cameron said giving them a wintry smile. “Let’s see how fit you are. Come forward and stand in front of me, heads up, shoulders back, arms behind your backs quickly!”

The girls noticed Miss Cameron, who was wearing a tracksuit, was carrying a short and very flexible riding crop. She walked around her two pupils noting that their gym shorts were close fitting and rather like hot pants.

“Now I’m going to start getting you both into shape! Running on the spot, commence! Get those knees higher! Higher still Julie!”

Julie was given a flick with the riding crop on her bottom. Her knees were immediately lifted higher. Other exercises followed and the girls were soon panting and had pink faces.

“Now, to finish off, get down and give me five quickly,” ordered Miss Cameron giving each girl a flick with the riding crop.

“Ouch! Gosh that stings,” observed Angela rubbing her bottom. “Sorry Miss what do you mean?”

“It means five press-ups,” explained Miss Cameron. “Now get down on the grass.”

Although quite fit through playing rugby and hockey, press-ups were not something the twins had done before. Miss Cameron skilfully demonstrated five herself but the girls could only manage two or three each despite encouraging flicks from the crop.

“Before you leave you will both be able to give me ten,” promised Miss Cameron. “We’ll also go for a run after lunch.”

The girls showered, changed into their blue gingham school dresses and then went down for breakfast in the kitchen with Miss Cameron. They were to be in the schoolroom by eight-thirty. They quickly got to their feet as Miss Cameron, now wearing a white blouse and a short black skirt, entered the schoolroom. The morning passed uneventfully and Miss Cameron seemed quite pleased with their latest essays.

After lunch the girls changed into their rugby shorts, T-shirts and trainers ready for their run. Just as they were leaving Miss Cameron had a phone call and the girls were told to wait for her in the front garden. The twins were suddenly aware of wolf whistles. Across the road a group of muscular young men were putting up scaffolding. Angela and Julie were slightly embarrassed by the whistles but also rather flattered.

“Come a bit closer darling,” called one young man. “Very nice! Just look at that bum, and what about those….”

“Give us a twirl darling!” shouted another young man. “Just look at those legs! Come over here and I’ll tell you a secret.”

“We’ll get into trouble if we talk to you,” said Angela conscious that she was blushing.

“No you won’t darlin’. We’ll look after you. What’s yer name love?”

“I’m Julie and that’s my sister Angela but we mustn’t talk to you,” explained Julie. “You see we’re sort of at college.”

“If you won’t come to us darling, we’ll come to you.” The young men sauntered across the road and one shouted again: “Give us a twirl.”

The girls glanced round to check Miss Cameron wasn’t coming and then giggled as they pirouetted near the garden gate and bravely did as they were asked.

As they were giving the boys another dramatic twirl they were suddenly aware of Miss Cameron coming round the side of her house with her bicycle with the little riding crop in the bicycle basket.

“Oh heavens now we are for it!” whispered Angela.

“Come here at once you two.” snapped Miss Cameron. “What on earth is going on?”

The girls quickly came to stand in front of Miss Cameron worried by the angry look on her face.

“How dare you behave like this?” she asked and then, looking over the girls’ shoulders, she advised the men to get back to work immediately before she reported them.

The men shrugged and went back across the road one muttering: “Alright missus keep you hair on.”

“I’m waiting for an explanation.”

“We’re really sorry Miss,” began Angela. “Aren’t we Julie?”

“Yes we really are sorry Miss,” replied her sister.

“I can assure you that you will be very sorry indeed by the time I have dealt with you shortly,” said Miss Cameron ominously. “Now we’ll start our run. I think two miles will be sufficient today.”

Miss Cameron rode along on her bicycle as the twins ran just in front of her. Once they were outside the village boundary Miss Cameron encouraged them to go a little faster and gave them several little flicks with the riding crop. She was still very annoyed about the dalliance with the young men and decided that the owners of the two plump bottoms in front of her would soon be bending over in the schoolroom being severely punished.

The girls were puffing when they got back to Miss Cameron’s house. The men were still working across the road, but the girls wisely decided not to look in their direction.

“Go and wait for me in the schoolroom,” ordered Miss Cameron. “I’ll deal with you shortly.”

“What do you think we’ll get Julie?” whispered Angela. “She seems very cross.”

“I think she’ll whack us, possibly with that nasty leather strap – er Sandy,” replied Julie running her hands over her rugby shorts and feeling her bottom not very well protected underneath them.

“Come and stand in front of my desk while I decide what to do with you.” ordered Miss Cameron. “Why were you talking to those rude young men?”

“Well Miss, we weren’t actually talking to them er they were talking to us and it seemed rude to ignore them,” explained Angela.

“But I saw you both twirling round near the gate to let them have a better look at you.”

“We’re really sorry Miss. We thought it would be rude to say no when they had asked us to do that,” explained Angela. “They wanted us to go across the road to see them but we said we weren’t allowed.”

“And that is your excuse for your disgraceful behaviour?”

“Yes Miss and we are still very sorry, aren’t we Julie?”

“Yes we are Miss.” replied her sister.

“Well I think I’ll ask Sandy what I should do with you.”

Miss Cameron opened the cupboard door to the right of the blackboard.

“What do you think Sandy? Unladylike behaviour? A good strapping?” She called out. “No? You suggest we should ask Percy to deal with them? OK it’s Percy then.”

Miss Cameron reached into the cupboard and brought out a flat piece of wood with a handle. It looked a bit like a small flat cricket bat but had a number of small holes in it.

“You haven’t met Percy yet, have you girls?”

“No Miss”

“Well this is Percy the paddle. He is made of maple wood and he has been varnished. He comes from America where he was used for smacking bottoms, especially the plump bottoms of naughty girls.”

The paddle was about five inches wide and twenty inches long, and had a rounded handle at one end. It made quite a loud noise when Miss Cameron patted it against her palm.

“Right Julie, we’ll start with you. Bend over the table and you, Angela, hold her hands tightly from in front of her.”

Julie felt very vulnerable as she felt her shorts tighten over her bottom and thighs.

“I warn you this is going to sting,” said Miss Cameron as she patted the paddle against Julie’s bottom.

Julie’s bottom stirred anxiously as she waited for the first stroke. Miss Cameron swung the paddle down and it landed with a bang across Julie’s bottom. The second stroke landed equally noisily on the right side of Julie’s bottom and the third on the left.

Julie gasped a quiet ‘Ow’ at the sting of each stroke and she looked up to her sister standing in front of her for sympathy. Angela looked both sympathetic and anxious as she clasped Julie’s hands knowing that she would soon be paddled too.

“I hope this will help you remember not to talk to boys without permission?” asked Miss Cameron.

“Yes Miss, I definitely won’t be doing it again.”

“Well just to be sure you’re getting three more whacks, but harder this time.”

Angela could see tears in her sister’s eyes and squeezed her hands in sympathy.

“I think Percy is enjoying himself.” Miss Cameron grinned “Now this is how American moms use the paddle.”

She grasped the handle of the paddle in both hands and landed a hard whack on either side of Julie’s bottom and a final one in the middle.

“You can stand up girl,” said Miss Cameron. Julie got to her feet and her hands immediately massaged her bottom desperately trying to disperse the sting.

“Gosh it really stings Miss,” squeaked Julie as she did a little dance at the front of the schoolroom.

“I ought to have made you take your shorts down. I won’t be so generous next time. Angela, get in position. Julie, hold your sister’s hands.”

With two quiet: “Yes Miss’s” the girls obeyed Miss Cameron’s orders.

Angela got quickly into position bending over the table.

“Push your bottom out further Angela,” ordered Miss Cameron. “More,” she ordered as Angela did her best to obey.

“I think I’ll suggest to your Mom that she gets an American paddle too.” Miss Cameron was patting the paddle against her hand.

“Do you know why this paddle has holes in it?”

“No Miss.”

“Well it reduces the wind resistance as I whack it down so it hits you harder and stings your bottoms more.”

Angela moved, anxiously aware that her bottom would soon be a victim of the paddle.

“Keep still girl,” warned Miss Cameron. “If you move again I’ll give you extra.”

Angela received six whacks from the paddle which, from her reaction, gave her a very sore bottom.

The girls were sent up to shower and change into their school dresses.

“Gosh that horrible Percy really stings doesn’t he?” whispered Angela as she looked at her red spanked bottom in the bathroom mirror.

“I hope Miss Cameron won’t try to persuade Mummy to get a paddle,” said Julie. “We must be very careful never to smile at those boys again.”

“Yes but that John was rather nice wasn’t he?” whispered Angela.

The discussion was halted by Miss Cameron calling: “Hurry up girls I want you back in the school room for your maths revision.”

The twins with burning bottoms sat carefully on their hard wooden seats and Miss Cameron went over a number of maths equations. The lesson went well and no punishments were given.

“I think you are beginning to work harder and I hope we can get you up to standard and possibly avoid you having to be caned by Miss Gregory,” reflected Miss Cameron at the end of the lesson.

“Yes thank you Miss”

“I take it you would like to avoid a caning?”

“Oh definitely yes Miss,” replied Angela, and Julie nodded her agreement.

“On the other hand I was very unhappy with your disgusting behaviour this afternoon but I think Percy showed his, and my, displeasure.”

“Yes Miss,” both girls replied wondering anxiously where the conversation was leading.

“I’m going to take you to see an old friend of mine, a former headmistress Dr Mary Benstead, to seek her advice about your behaviour and whether you need further punishment.”

Angela raised her hand.

“Yes Angela.”

Angela got quickly to her feet conscious of her bottom still burning after her paddling.

“Please Miss, we would like to apologise again for what happened with those men this afternoon. We deserved to be punished and it definitely won’t happen again will it Julie?”

Julie got quickly to her feet and agreed with her sister.

“Sit down and I will tell you a little bit about Dr Benstead.”

“Thank you Miss.” Angela’s voice was quiet and anxious.

“She was headmistress of St Mary’s before Miss Gregory and she is a tartar, and has a reputation for being a disciplinarian. Do you know what a tartar is Julie?”

“I’m not really sure Miss. Somebody who is strict?” replied Julie standing up.

“Angela look it up in your dictionary.”

“Yes Miss.”

“Hurry up girl. Read out what it says.”

“It says ‘A tartar is a fearsome and formidable person’ Miss.”

“Yes, that description could be aptly applied to Dr Benstead and I think it would be good for her to see you. I would value her opinion of you based on her long experience of naughty girls like you.”

Two days later wearing their short blue school dresses, their straw boaters and their light brown hair in bunches, the twins were taken to visit Dr Benstead. She was thin and austere and looked disapprovingly at the twins. She certainly looked ‘fearsome and formidable’ as she led her visitors into the sitting room. Dr Benstead and Miss Cameron sat down in armchairs, but the twins were left standing and feeling very embarrassed.

Miss Cameron recounted how the girls had done badly in their exams and had been sent to her for coaching, and for guidance with their manners and fitness. She also mentioned the disgraceful behaviour with the scaffolders earlier in the week. The threat of a caning from Miss Gregory was mentioned and discussed.

Dr Benstead tutted as the list of offences and bad behaviour was unravelled.

Angela felt she had to say something in their defence.

“Excuse me Ma’am,” she began. “Can I just say we have been working hard with Miss Cameron and our work is improving…”

“Silence girl! How dare you speak without permission?” snapped Dr Benstead. “You both failed to curtsey when you were introduced to me and you, er it’s Angela isn’t it, are guilty of gross impertinence.”

“Should I punish them now Dr Benstead?” asked Miss Cameron.

“Angela should be soundly spanked and Julie given a final warning.”

“Shall I take Angela into the kitchen?”

“No, spank her here. Angela, bring that chair for Miss Cameron to sit on.”

“Please Miss,” Angela pleaded in a whisper to Miss Cameron. “Please don’t spank me here. Couldn’t we wait ‘till we get home Miss?”

“Come and stand here Angela. Get over my knee. Julie, go and stand in the corner.”

Angela was pulled into position, her dress was lifted up and her pants pulled quickly down. Miss Cameron spanked her as she had when the girls arrived and failed to stand up when she entered the classroom. After about twenty hard spanks Miss Cameron allowed her to rise.

“Go and curtsey properly to Dr Benstead, and apologise for your impertinence.”

Angela obeyed and with a very red, tearful face apologized profusely. Julie was given a warning about her future behaviour.

A few minutes later the girls were told to go into the kitchen to make tea for the ladies. They would be allowed squash themselves. It was nice to escape briefly to the safety of the kitchen and the girls hugged each other.

“Dr Benstead really is a tartar isn’t she?” whispered Julie. “How’s does your bottom feel Angela.”

“It really stings,” replied Angela tearfully as she rubbed her bottom carefully. “It was so embarrassing being spanked in public like that.”

“I am sorry it happened, darling,” said Julie, giving Angela another hug and a kiss.

A tray was laid out ready for tea and the girls put the kettle on, made the tea and prepared their squash.

“Hurry up girls.” Miss Cameron’s voice came from the sitting room.

“Just coming Miss.” Julie replied picking up the tray as Angela opened the door.

“Watch out, there’s a little dog under the table!” warned Angela.

Suddenly everything went wrong. Julie tripped over the dog who yelped in pain before limping into the sitting room. The tray fell to the floor spilling the squash glasses and breaking the two cups. Angela tried to rescue Julie and the tray but both girls fell to the floor.

“What on earth is going on here?” asked Miss Cameron, storming into the kitchen.

“Sorry Miss I tripped over the dog. I didn’t know he was there.” pleaded Julie getting to her feet.

“You’re both careless hussies and Dr Benstead will rightly insist on you being punished for this,” warned Miss Cameron.

Dr Benstead conducted an inquiry as the girls stood anxiously in front of her. The girls would apologise to the dog for treading on him and to Dr Benstead for their damage. Julie was sentenced to have her hands strapped for dropping the tray. Fresh cups of tea were prepared and served to the ladies with a curtsey.

Dr Benstead produced a short leather strap which she said came from Scotland where it was known as a belt, or tawse. Julie was made to stand in front of her holding her right hand out. Angela watched anxiously with a stinging bottom as her sister was punished.

“I can understand Miss Gregory being concerned about you. You are both very badly behaved, careless and lazy. If I was headmistress now I would birch you. I still have my birching block.”

“Hold out your right hand, Julie, and don’t move. Three on each hand.”

Dr Benstead lashed the strap down from over her shoulder and it landed with a loud crack on Julie’s soft hand.

“Ow!” She gasped as she shook her hand and blew on it frantically to disperse the sting before presenting it for another whack. “Please Miss not so hard that’s my writing hand.”

“Silence girl!” snapped the doctor lashing the strap down again.

The six strokes, three on each hand, were given all equally hard despite Julie’s pleading.


As the days went by it was clear to Miss Cameron that the twins were making progress, and the use of the strap and paddle decreased. There was no more trouble with the men across the road, and both girls finally managed ten press-ups.

At last it was time to leave and Miss Cameron had a final word.

“Although you still have many weaknesses I think you are as well prepared for Miss Gregory’s tests as you can be and I am going to submit quite a favourable report.”

“Thank you Miss,” replied the relieved twins.

“But should you fail, Miss Gregory will cane you and you will then come back here to be punished by me for letting me down. Is that clear?”

“Yes Miss.”

“Now you mother should be here in 30 minutes and before you leave Sandy and Percy, my two helpers, wish to say goodbye.”

Miss Cameron retrieved her strap and her paddle from their cupboard.

“They would like you to kiss them and thank them for helping you behave and learn.”

Soft, gentle and respectful kisses and whispered thanks were imparted to the instruments of punishment. The girls were pleased to be leaving them but Miss Cameron’s next words took them by surprise.

“Now, both of you bend over the table for my friends to warn you of the consequences if you fail.”

“Oh Miss do we have to?”

“Bend over!”

The girls bent side by side and were able to hold hands. They felt Miss Cameron fold their dresses up and were relieved that she didn’t take their pants down.

Each girl received three whacks from Sandy and then three two–handed whacks from Percy. Mummy arrived shortly after the goodbye ceremony and the relieved girls said goodbye to Miss Cameron.

“Don’t forget my warning girls!”

“No Miss.” Replied the girls as they struggled to get comfortable in the cramped back seat of Mummy’s car.


The final week of the vacation raced by and it was back to school and the officious prefects. The twins talked about Miss Howarth’s new dress in assembly on the second day of term. Prefect Jilly Hicks ordered them to report to her at break wearing their gym shorts and no pants. They were going to be used by Jilly to show a new prefect how best to use a slipper on naughty girls.

There was a note in the twins’ pigeonhole ordering them to report to Miss Gregory on Friday afternoon at two for their tests.

“You have three hours girls to complete the three papers. I suggest you spend an hour on each,” began Miss Gregory. “There is a 70% pass mark on each paper and they cover Maths, English and Latin respectively. You will sit in those desks by the window. You must pass all the tests. If you fail in any of them I shall cane you on your bare bottoms. Is that clear?”

“Yes Madam.”

“Julie I think you were concerned about my right arm last term?”

“Yes Madam?”

“I’m pleased to report that it is now completely back to normal. Four weeks vacation with no girls to cane has worked wonders.”

“Oh.” Julie shivered.

“Sit down and get on with your work. No talking.”

Miss Gregory hung her crook handled cane on a hook by the window where both girls could easily see it from their desks.

“Seeing the cane will remind you of what is waiting if you fail.” Said the headmistress as she returned to her desk.

“Yes Madam,” replied the twins as they opened the first paper.

Miss Gregory informed them when the first hour was over and noted they should be moving on to the second test paper. She also had a surprise announcement.

“I’m going to cane a naughty girl shortly whilst you are taking your tests. She was caught smoking behind the cycle sheds this morning and this was her second offence. You will listen to the caning but not witness the caning as I forbid you to turn round while the girl is being punished. Hearing me cane a girl will I hope encourage you to do your very best in these tests because if you fail or if you turn round you will be soundly caned like she is going to be soundly caned. Is that clear?”

“Yes Madam,” replied the twins in unison and they got on with their second paper.

Half an hour later there was a knock on Miss Gregory’s door.

“Come in girl, and stand in front of my desk.” ordered the headmistress. “I understand you were caught smoking at break this morning?”

“Yes Madam,” came the quiet reply. The twins wondered who the naughty girl behind them was. Her voice sounded slightly familiar.

“You know that smoking is forbidden in this school and furthermore I caned you and another girl for smoking last term did I not?”

“Yes Madam.”

“It seems I didn’t cane you with sufficient severity doesn’t it girl?”

“No Madam. It was a very severe caning, but I am eighteen now Madam and old enough to smoke.”

“Are you being impertinent girl?” asked Miss Gregory. “Smoking is not permitted in my school irrespective of your age. So I am going to cane you again but harder this time, six strokes for smoking and two for being impertinent making a total of eight strokes on your bare bottom.”

Angela and Julie listening carefully realised that this was the punishment they would get if they failed their tests. They wriggled on the hard seats of their desks and listened carefully. Miss Gregory walked in front of the twins to collect her cane which she swished through the air.

“Please only give me six Madam and don’t make me take my knickers down,” pleaded the unidentified naughty girl.

“Silence girl! Dress up, knickers down, and bend over this chair. Head down, bottom up, you know how I like girls when I cane them.”

Miss Gregory swished her cane through the air making a horrible chilling sound. The twins could hear her tapping the cane on the naughty girl’s bottom before releasing a hard whack.

The girl gasped and said: “Ow, Ow Ow,” and the twins could hear her breathing heavily.

The strokes continued relentlessly as the girl, who was pleading and weeping, learned her lesson and promised she would never smoke in school again. The twins listened to every stroke and the effect it was having on the girl. After she had been dismissed they redoubled their efforts to get the best possible marks in their tests.

“I shall mark your tests over the next few days and send for you to discuss the results and, if you have failed, punish you. I hope the caning I gave the girl this afternoon was a warning of what will happen if you fail.”

“Yes, thank you Madam,” replied both girls.

“You may go.”

“Thank you Madam.”


‘Miss Gregory will see you at four this afternoon.’ The note appeared in Angela’s pigeonhole on Friday morning. The twins’ friends were very sympathetic, especially girls like Jane Menzies, who had been caned themselves.

“It’s going to be dreadful wondering whether you have passed or not.” said Jane.

They reported to the headmistress’ office and were told by Miss Frost, her secretary, that the Head was delayed.

“She’s been delayed at the Governors’ meeting, and she’s not a happy bunny.”

“Did she say anything about us?”

“I think she’s going to thrash one or both of you. She likes to thrash girls on Friday afternoons. She asked me to get her favourite cane out – the one that’s very flexible and stings the most,” Miss Frost said casually. “You are to wait in her office and stand in front of her desk until she comes. No talking.”

The twins’ exam papers were upside down on the desk and lying by them was the cane they had seen and heard before. A low backed chair stood near the desk.

Miss Gregory entered her office after telling Miss Frost she was not to be disturbed. The girls stood to attention awaiting their fate.

“Miss Cameron has told me you worked hard with her and she was pleased with your progress. Dr Benstead has telephoned me about your lack of manners and she thinks you should be birched. You failed to reach my 70% pass mark. Julie, your overall mark was 65%. Angela, yours was 64% and so you both failed. I promised you eight strokes on your bare bottoms. Miss Cameron’s good report reduces that to six strokes each, but Dr Benstead’s comments restores your total to eight strokes each.”

“If you please, Madam, we have been punished for our offences at Dr Benstead’s. I got a spanking and Julie had a strapping, so perhaps, er, with respect we might not need the two extra strokes Madam?”

“Dr Benstead said you were impertinent and you are, Angela. I really ought to make your punishment ten strokes.”

Both the girls felt tears in their eyes. All their extra work and punishments had come to nothing and they were now going to be caned on their bare bottoms.

“I’ll deal with you first Angela. Come and stand behind this chair and now bend over and hold the seat.”

Miss Gregory lowered Angela’s pants saying: “I am just in the mood for caning. It’s therapeutic for me – and it’s good for you.”

Angela was conscious of Miss Gregory tapping her bottom with the cane and then with a whoosh the first stroke landed.

“Eeeek!” squealed Angela, realising that the cane hurt much more than a spanking, the slipper, the strap or the paddle. “Gosh that hurts!”

Miss Gregory continued the punishment slowly to be sure Angela really felt the full effect of each stroke before the next was given. Tears came after the third stroke and Angela struggled to hold onto the chair seat. She lost count of the strokes and when told she could stand she leapt to her feet and both her hands desperately tried to relieve the pain in her bottom.

“Julie, bend over the chair.” Julie’s punishment began and it was clear that Miss Gregory’s right arm was fully restored to health.

Julie gasped: “Owwwch!” and wriggled to try to disperse the sting after each stroke.

“The school car will take you to Miss Cameron’s on Monday. I think she is going to punish you for letting her down and not passing your tests. I shall be following your marks closely and if you do not do well in the mocks I shall cane you again later in the term.”

The girls were dismissed and looked after by Jane Menzies who was waiting for them outside the Head’s office.


Miss Cameron greeted the twins with a kiss when they arrived at her home.

“Come into the school room. I’ll punish you there. Sandy and Percy are waiting for you.”

Two blonde girls in blue school uniform scrambled to their feet as Miss Cameron, Angela and Julie entered.

“These are Polly and Anita,” explained Miss Cameron. “They have just started a coaching course with me. I thought it would be good for them to see how I punish girls who fail their exams, flirt with men or are lacking in manners. Didn’t I girls?”

“Yes Miss,” whispered the two new schoolgirls anxiously.

“Right. Angela and Julie, come and stand by the table. Ah, and here is Dr Benstead who has come to see you dealt with. She still thinks Miss Gregory should bring back the birch.”

The twins curtsied to Dr Benstead and then heard the ominous words from Miss Cameron: “Pants down and bend over the table!”

Angela and Julie got quickly into position.

“You can still see the marks of your recent caning,” observed Miss Cameron.

Sandy and Percy showed their disapproval, and the new students Polly and Anita resolved to do all they could to avoid punishment as their three-week course loomed ahead. Angela and Julie resolved to work very hard for the rest of the term.

The End