The next in the series. More spanking adventures, including when the twins return to their old school and find their headmistress hasn’t forgotten they avoided punishment on their last day there.

By Penny Morton

Part 1

“Can you believe we’re really here at University, Julie?” Angela Spencer asked her twin sister as they sat outside their hostel in the warm autumn sunshine. “You don’t think this is all a dream and we are going to discover we haven’t really left St Mary’s School after all?”

“Yes it’s really true.” Julie replied patting her sister’s arm. “We have definitely left St Mary’s, we are definitely at Uni and what’s more, darling, we’re going to have lots of fun!”

“God that’s really a relief.” Smiled Angela. “I suppose we were quite lucky to get here after that last horrible term at school.”

The girls lapsed into silence as they remembered the time the mock A level results had come out, just before the Easter Holiday. They had been summoned to the headmistress’s study to explain their dreadful marks. Their excuses were dismissed and Miss Gregory had decided they should both be caned. The caning was temporarily postponed, to the twins’ great relief. They would sit further tests at the beginning of the summer term and would be caned then if they failed to get at least 70 per cent in all subjects.

Miss Gregory had phoned their mother who was furious that they had done so badly. Mummy had spanked them both soundly with her little leather-soled slipper. The girls had hoped to meet James and Anthony, the boys next door, but Mrs Gregory had insisted they go for three weeks intensive coaching from Miss Cameron.

Miss Cameron was strict and ferocious. The twins were spanked across her knee at the beginning of their first session for failing to stand when she entered the schoolroom. They were soon introduced to Miss Cameron’s helpers, Sandy the strap and Percy the paddle.

Miss Cameron believed in ‘A healthy mind in a healthy body.’  This required a session of vigorous PE before breakfast every morning and a two mile run each afternoon, both supervised by Miss Cameron and encouraged by her little riding crop. Revision in this strict environment went well and the girls were confident that they would pass Miss Gregory’s tests when they returned to school.

They took the tests in Miss Gregory’s room. The headmistress had hung a crook-handled cane from a hook near their desks to remind them of the penalty waiting if they failed. She had also caned a girl for smoking during the twins’ test. They could hear the bare bottomed caning but couldn’t see the girl being punished. They redoubled their efforts to do well and avoid their first ever caning. When the results of their tests came, both girls had failed to gain the 70% pass mark. Angela had scored 64 and Julie 65 and despite pleas for leniency they both received eight strokes of the cane on their bare bottoms.  Luckily they gained their required A levels and were offered places to study English and History at University.

“Although it was horrible, Miss Gregory’s caning probably helped us get here.” Commented Angela.

“Yes, and Miss Cameron’s beastly strap and her paddle probably helped too.  We had neglected our revision before the mocks.” Said Julie thoughtfully.

“Let’s change the subject.” Said Angela glancing at her watch. “It’s time to go in for tea and then we have a talk from our Hostel warden, er, Dr Mortimer this evening.”

“Well at least there won’t be anybody here looking for excuses to smack our dear little botties like they did at school will there?” Said Julie.

“No you’re right,” replied her sister. “But we promised Mummy and Miss Gregory that we would be sensible and work hard.”

As the girls walked to the hostel they heard a wolf whistle. After a second whistle they looked round. Two young men a few years older than the girls and wearing jeans and T-shirts were smiling at them.

“Welcome to uni girls,” said the taller of the boys. “You must be freshers?”

“Yes, we’ve just started here. I’m Angela and this is my sister Julie.”

“Hi. I’m Rob and this is Ben. We’re third years. If you are typical of the new girls, things are looking up!”

The girls realised they were blushing and their blushes deepened as the boys eyed them slowly up and down.

“Yes, very nice too.” Added Ben, winking at Rob. “I hope you’re going to the Freshers’ pub crawls next week?”

“Yes, I think so, if we’ve got time with our work,” said Angela, remembering her mother’s warning.

“Hope to see you next week and get to know you much better, girls.” Grinned Bob.

“Yes, er, probably,” replied Angela feeling tongue-tied. “We’d better go Julie.”

The boys walked off saying: “Cor, what a pair of little smashers!”

Feeling self-conscious, the girls went up to the bedroom they shared on the first floor. It wasn’t as luxurious as their bedroom at home but it was much more comfortable than their Spartan bedroom at St Mary’s. The beds were quite comfy and each girl had a desk, a chest of drawers and a wardrobe.

They paused by the full-length mirror and looked at their reflections. Although not identical twins, the girls were recognisable as sisters; both were about five feet six inches tall, had brown eyes and light brown shoulder length hair. They were both wearing quite close fitting flowery summer dresses which accentuated their moderately well developed busts, their slim waists and their beautifully rounded hips. The dresses were quite short with hems about five inches above the girls’ knees. Their legs were both shapely and strong, aided by exercise at St Mary’s.

“Do we look old enough to be students, Julie?” Asked Angela.

“Don’t forget we’re adults now we’re nineteen!” Replied Julie.

“Those boys were quite dishy weren’t they?” Commented Angela. “I wonder if we’ll see them next week?”

Later that evening Dr Mortimer welcomed the new students. Angela and Julie exchanged shy smiles with some of the other new girls.

“First of all may I welcome you ladies to Beaufort Hall.” Said Dr Mortimer. “It’s good to have you with us and we hope you will be happy here. There are sixty of you freshers this year and so we are about 180 ladies altogether.”

Dr Mortimer emphasized the importance of starting university work immediately and having fun but in moderation.

“We only have a few rules here because you are no longer schoolgirls. The rules we have are really common sense and about consideration for others. As first years you must be in the hostel by 10.00 pm at night. No boys or alcohol in your rooms under any circumstances.”

Several girls, not happy with these restrictions, made tutting noises and frowned.

Dr Mortimer continued. “Details of your university classes are on the official notice boards. Advertisements about the various freshers’ activities are on the students’ notice board. There are some freshers’ pub crawls which I do not approve of but I hope you will be sensible and well behaved.”

There were a few more notices and then Dr Mortimer said: “My door is open to anyone at anytime. Please see me if you have any worries. Beaufort Hall is self-governing and three girls, Lucy French, Nicola Fairbairn and Siobhan Smith, make up the Student Law and Order Senate. They keep an eye on behaviour and can either impose sanctions on anyone who really steps out of line or refer them to me. Now let’s all have some squash and crisps and say hullo and find out about sports clubs and other societies. Good luck to you all.”

“Julie,” said Angela quietly. “Did Dr Mortimer say a girl called Nicola Fairbairn was on the student senate?”

“Yes, I think so. Her name sounds familiar.” Replied Julie.

“She was head girl at St Mary’s three years ago, before Vicky Scott. Don’t you remember? She was jolly bossy and very handy with a slipper too.” Said Angela. “That’s her there, isn’t it?”

“Our Nicola had long hair; it can’t be her.” Replied Julie.

The twins crept a little closer to Nicola who was chatting to a new girl about the ladies rugby club.

“Golly it is her. Her hair’s very short now, but it’s definitely her.” Angela said, conscious of a tingle in her spine which ran down to her bottom.

‘”Don’t worry sweetheart, I’m sure she’s not allowed to slipper us here,” replied Julie, experiencing a similar tingle.

The girls decided to avoid Nicola and looked at the notice board for freshers’ events.

They decided to go on the Fresher’s pub crawl on the Saturday evening and met up with a crowd of young people at the Rose and Crown, close to the hostel. They bought vodka and tonics and gulped them down before moving on with the crowd to the next pub.

“Hullo girls,” said a voice, and the twins recognized Rob and Ben from the previous afternoon. “What would you like to drink?”

“Vodka and tonics please.” Said Angela feeling very grown up.

Several more drinks followed at other pubs and eventually the twins ended up back at the Rose and Crown with Rob and Ben.

“I feel hot and queasy.” Said Julie, her face flushed and perspiring.

“Let’s go and get some fresh air outside.” Suggested Ben.

“I’m a bit drunk too.” Admitted Angela. “Whatever will Mummy say?”

“Your mum will never know. Now come here for a little slap and tickle.” Said Ben.

“What’s slap and tickle?” Said Julie innocently, coming forward towards Ben.

“Well it starts with a slap,” began Ben, giving Julie quite a hard spank on her bottom. “Followed by a tickle,” added Ben, digging his fingers into Julie’s ribs. “And that’s followed by a kiss,” said Ben, pulling Julie forward and giving her quite a passionate kiss.

“I’m felling better now.” Said Angela. “Can I have some slap and tickle too please?”

Rob was happy to oblige.

After more drinks, slaps, tickles and kisses, Julie thought they ought to go back to the hostel. The boys walked with them and, after several very juicy goodnight kisses and playful spanks, left the girls at the hostel gate. Angela tried the front door.

“I think it’s locked, Julie. You try.” Said Angela with a giggle.

Julie was also unsuccessful. Her watch showed it was after midnight.

“Golly, we were supposed to be home by ten! We can’t stay out all night, can we? Let’s ring the bell and see who comes.”

Both girls dissolved into fits of giggles as they gave the bell several long, loud rings. After several minutes and more rings the door was opened by Nicola Fairbairn.

“You’re over two hours late girls. I demand an explanation, especially after Dr Mortimer’s warning!” Nicola looked crossly at the girls with her penetrating eyes.

They remembered being told off by her at school before being sentenced to the slipper or some lines.

“Wait a minute, I know you don’t I?” Said Nicola. “You were pupils at St Mary’s. Turn round. Yes, I recognize you by your bottoms. That’s how I remember St Mary’s naughty girls!  Remind me of your names?”

“We’re Angela and Julie Spencer, Nicola.” Said Angela quietly, managing to suppress a giggle.

“We’re sorry we were late Nicola.” Said Julie.

“You’re in a disgusting state.” Said Nicola, scowling. “You have obviously been drinking excessively and your lipstick is smudged as if you have been snogging all evening!”

“Sorry Nicola.” Chorused the girls.

“It’s late and you’re in no fit state to discuss your disgraceful behaviour now.  Come to my study tomorrow morning after breakfast. I’m on the second floor, Room 22. Come at ten o’clock.”

“Not a very good start to our university careers.” Said Julie, after the girls, still feeling woozy and slightly sick, had tumbled into bed.

“I don’t fancy reporting to Nicola tomorrow. What do you think she’ll do to us?” 

“Hopefully nothing. She isn’t a prefect here and we’re not schoolgirls anymore.” Said Angela.

“What a night we had. I really like vodka and tonics, don’t you Julie?”

“Yes and I’m looking forward to our next night out and seeing some more boys!” Replied Julie adding: “I really think it’s time to go to sleep. Night night.”

“Night Night,” replied Angela, blowing her sister a kiss.

The girls reached out and touched each other’s hands and were soon asleep.

Nicola came up to the twins’ table at breakfast. She was wearing tight fitting blue jeans and a brown jersey.

“You’ve made it to breakfast, girls.” She said sarcastically. “How do you feel?”

“Not too bad, thanks Nicola; a bit heavy headed.”

“Remember your appointment in my room at ten.”

“Yes, Nicola.”

“Do you remember getting the slipper from Nicola at school?” Asked Angela when the former head girl had gone.

“Yes I do. She was just like that horrible Jilly Hicks and made your sit upon sting like anything.” Replied Julie sleepily.

“We haven’t had the slipper for over three months, have we?” Said Angela thoughtfully. “It happened so often at school your bottom felt warm and glowing a lot of the time, didn’t it?”

“Yes, and if you had six of the slipper at break it stung like mad and sitting down for the next lesson was really uncomfortable.” Recalled Julie. “But by the second lesson in the afternoon you had a warm glow in your bottom making you feel rather horny, especially on dancing class nights!”

“Anyway, darling, that was at school and we’re at Uni now.” Said Angela, feeling rather worried about their coming appointment with Nicola.

At five to ten the girls went up to Room 22. Nicola was sitting at her desk and another girl, a slim girl with a ponytail, was in an armchair reading a book.

“Come in you two.” Ordered Nicola. “This is my room mate, Siobhan Smith.”

“Hullo Siobhan.” Said Angela politely holding out her hand, but Siobhan just grunted, ignoring Angela’s hand.

“Right you two, please explain why you were so late home and in an inebriated state yesterday evening?” Asked Nicola as the twins stood anxiously in front of her.

“I think we had a little bit too much to drink, Nicola.” Admitted Julie, and Angela nodded her agreement.

“What were you drinking?” Queried Nicola.

“Vodka and tonic.” Said Julie. “We’re not really used to drinking much at all and it went to our heads.”

“When you came in last night you were in a disgusting state.” Said Nicola, looking down her nose at the twins. “I dread to think what Dr Mortimer will say when I report your conduct to her. I hardly dare tell her. She may decide you should leave Beaufort Hall immediately.”

“Must you tell her, Nicola?” Asked Angela, glancing at her sister and feeling very worried.

“I think I have no alternative.” Replied Nicola grimly. If she was still a prefect at school these foolish girls would soon be bending over for a good whacking.

“Could Julie and I have a word in private, please Nicola?” Asked Angela.

“Go into the corridor, but be quick about it. I have an essay to finish.”

“Shall we ask her if she will punish us herself, possibly like she used to do at school?” Asked Angela. “It might be better to have something like the slipper than be made to leave. What would Mummy say if we were tipped out in our first week at Uni?”

“Let’s ask Nicola.” Replied Julie, running her hands over her bottom anxiously.

The girls tapped on the door and went nervously in again.

“Nicola we’re really sorry about last night. Could you deal with us, er, punish us yourself and not tell Dr Mortimer?” Asked Angela.

“Well if that’s what you would prefer, I’ll consider it.”

“Thanks very much, Nicola.” Gushed the relieved twins.

“The question is, what shall I do with you? If we were all back at school Miss Gregory would cane you severely or possibly cane you and expel you.”

“Er, what about the slipper, Nicola? Could you give us that?” Asked Julie, thinking Nicola might even decide to send for Miss Gregory to cane them.

“OK, I’ll slipper the pair of you.” Decided Nicola, opening a drawer in her desk and taking out a large, elderly looking gymshoe which she flexed thoughtfully between her hands.

“This old slipper has spanked a few bottoms in its time and I think it can still give a good account of itself and induce repentance in those it deals with.” Mused Nicola with a slight smile. “I’m a bit out of practice but I’ll do my best to teach you a lesson.”

“Thank you, Nicola,” whispered the twins, each conscious of a tingle in her bottom. In a way they hoped Nicola really was out of practice and that the slippering they were about to receive wouldn’t be too severe.

“Now, have you got your gym things with you?” Asked Nicola and the girls nodded.

“Go to your room and change into them so I can slipper you St Mary’s style.  Be quick about it!” Said Nicola. “And don’t forget it’s no pants underneath.”

“No, Nicola.”

The girls ran back to Nicola’s study after changing.

“Siobhan.” Said Nicola. “Will I disturb you if I deal with these girls here in our study?”

Siobhan looked up disinterestedly. “What are you going to do with them?” She asked.

“I’m going to smack their bottoms for their dreadful behaviour yesterday.” Replied Nicola.

“Aren’t they a bit big to have their bottoms smacked?” Queried Siobhan, stifling a yawn.

“Yes, but there are some girls, these two being prime examples, who need their bottoms smacked at regular intervals to punish any naughtiness and to remind them frequently what is waiting for them if they step out of line.”

Angela was ordered to bend across Nicola’s desk and to hold on to the opposite side. Her gym blouse pulled out of her shorts leaving her bottom with minimum protection. Nicola patted Angela’s bottom carefully as she took aim.  Julie watched the proceedings anxiously.

“You’re getting six of the best.” Announced Nicola. “Stay in place until I tell you to get up. Stick your bottom out so there aren’t any wrinkles in your shorts.”

The slipper landed with a loud Whack! low down on Angela’s plump bottom.

“Ouch!” Squeaked Angela, remembering immediately what previous slipperings from Nicola had felt like.

A second hard stroke followed on the right side of Angela’s bottom. Whack!

“Oww.” Whispered Angela, her head pressed down against the desk and conscious of pressure on her boobs.

Whack.” The third stroke reverberated around the small study as it landed hard and accurately on the left side of Angela’s bottom. Angela’s hands gripped the far side of the desk tightly and the edge of the desk against the front of her thighs kept her still, entirely at the mercy of Nicola and her slipper.

Three further strokes followed slowly and it was clear that Nicola had lost nothing of the skill with a slipper she had demonstrated at St Mary’s.

“Stand up girl.” Ordered Nicola. Angela sprang to her feet and both her hands went immediately to sooth her bottom and to try to disperse the intense sting left by the slipper. Julie patted her sister sympathetically and was herself ordered to bend over the desk. Her six strokes followed before she was allowed to stand up her face red, hot and tearful with her hands clasped to her bottom.

“H’m.” Said Siobhan. “That was some spanking. Do you think they have learned their lesson?”

“Has that taught you a lesson and to behave in future?” Asked Nicola.

“Yes definitely.” Replied Angela, and her sister nodded.

“OK. Well make sure you behave in future or I’ll have you back in here again. OK?”

“Yes Nicola. Thank you.”

“Get out.”

The girls went quickly back to their room and lay on their tummies, feeling like they did back at school after a visit to the prefects’ study.

“I think I’ll slip my shorts down to let my poor little botty cool off.” Said Angela.

“A good idea, I’ll join you.” Said Julie as she carefully slipped her own shorts down. Gosh our poor little bots are red aren’t they? I think I’ve got a little cream in my chest of drawers.”

“Well at least we won’t be reported to Dr Mortimer.” Commented Angela. “I’d prefer the slipper to that.” Julie nodded in agreement.

The girls’ tuition programme was quite straightforward. There were two lectures each morning and two tutorials each week in History and in English.  They were scheduled to meet Dr Melanie Wilson for tutorials in English on Monday and Thursday afternoons and Mr Brian Collins for History tutorials on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. Tutors would set an essay subject at the first tutorial in the week to be handed in at the second tutorial and then returned marked at the beginning of the next week’s first tutorial. Wednesday afternoons were free for sport and the weekends were for work and play.

Dr Wilson held tutorials in her flat about a mile from the hostel and the twins walked there after lunch. A boy answered the door and asked the girls their names and said he would take them to Dr Wilson’s study. The girls thought he was a little older than them.

He had rather an effeminate appearance with fair hair and a pink smooth face.  He was wearing a white T-shirt and gym shorts. He escorted the twins to Dr Wilson’s office and tapped quietly on the door.

“Yes, Boy.” Said a voice.

“It’s Angela and Julie Spencer who have come for their English tutorial with you, Ma’am.”

“Bring them in, Boy, and then get on with your work. I’ll ring when I want you.”

“Yes Ma’am.” The boy said politely.

“You must be Julie and Angela Spencer and you are late; not a very good start.” Dr Wilson looked accusingly at the twins as they stood anxiously in front of her desk. She was wearing a white blouse and a short leather skirt.

“I’m sorry we’re late, er, your flat is a little further from our hostel than we thought, Dr Wilson.” Explained Angela.

“I don’t accept lame excuses and it’s Ma’am to you.” Snapped the tutor.

“I’m sorry Ma’am. We’re really sorry, aren’t we Julie?” 

“Yes Ma’am we are. It won’t happen again.” Said Julie, conscious that her hands were touching Angela’s as they had often done when being told off at St Mary’s.”

“I should warn you girls that I am an extremely demanding tutor and I won’t let you get away with anything. Is that clear?”

“Yes Ma’am.” Replied the twins in unison.

“Go and sit down.” Ordered the tutor, indicating four school desks opposite her desk.

The girls sat in the two desks in the back row.

“Not there, you silly girls!” Dr Wilson said crossly. “I want you in the front row where I can keep a proper eye on you.”

“Sorry Ma’am.” Said the twins as they quickly sat in the correct desks.

Dr Wilson went over the list of novels and plays the girls would be studying in English and warned them that essays must be handed in on time and that no excuses were accepted.

Half way through the tutorial Dr Wilson rang a little bell on her desk. The boy, who seemed to be some sort of servant, came quickly.

“Bring me a cup of tea, Boy, and ask the young ladies if they would like tea or orange squash.”

“Yes Ma’am.” The boy replied and blushed as he took the girls’ order for squash.

“That’s a tea and two squashes, Boy. Be quick about it!”

“Yes Ma’am.” Replied the boy, looking anxiously at Dr Wilson.

“He’s my servant boy.” Said Dr Wilson by way of explanation. “He’s called something, Jeremy I think, but I just call him ‘Boy’; it’s easier. He’s a third year student who lives here and works for me to supplement his student loan and improve his behaviour.”

“Oh I see.” Said Julie, feeling she would like to know more about this boy and his relationship with the lady who seemed to be his mistress.

The boy brought the drinks quite quickly and the twins were able to relax slightly as they sipped their squash. The study was quite spacious with two very full bookcases and a number of photographs of the tutor at her college and graduation. On a wall just above the tutor’s head was a shield with small clips that held three crook handled punishment canes.

The boy was summoned to remove the tea things and Dr Wilson set the twins a 1000 word essay on ‘Preliminary thoughts on the novels of Jane Austen’ to be done by Thursday afternoon.

“Golly, she seems very strict doesn’t she?” Commented Angela as the girls walked back to their hostel after their first tutorial. “I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of her would you?”

“Definitely not!” Agreed Julie. “Did you see those canes on the wall above her desk?”

“Yes, they made me go all shivery and I wonder if they were there to scare people?”

“Could be.” Began Angela. “Oh look, there’s that second-hand clothes shop some of the girls were talking about. We had better go in and see if we can find something for the “Back to skool” dance and social.”

On their third visit to their tutor, Dr Wilson answered the door herself.

“Come through to my study.” She ordered, and the twins quickly sat down in the front desks.

Dr Wilson’s boy was standing in the corner of her study near her desk with his face close to the wall and with his hands on his head.

The tutorial started and fortunately the girls managed to answer most of Dr Wilson’s questions correctly.

“Come out here, Boy. Hands down.” Ordered Dr Wilson half way through the tutorial. “Explain to the girls why you are standing in the corner.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Began Jeremy with a very pink face. “I am in disgrace, Ma’am.”

“Why are you are in disgrace, Boy?”

“Because I wrote a rude letter, Ma’am.”

“Take it out of your pocket and read it to the girls, Boy.”

Jeremy struggled to get a piece of paper from the pocket of his shorts.

“Hurry up Boy!” Ordered the tutor.

“Must I read it, Ma’am?” He asked anxiously.

“Read it Boy!” Snapped the tutor.

Jeremy cleared his throat and began to read. “Dear Angela and Julie. I am writing to say how nice I think you are. I really fancy you and I would like to take you to the cinema.” Jeremy’s face was even redder now.

“Go on Boy. What about your picture? Show it to the girls.”

On the back of the letter was a very amateur drawing of two topless girls with the names Angela and Julie underneath.

“And what is going to happen to you for this impertinent letter and this pornographic drawing, Boy?”

“I’m going to be punished, Ma’am.”

“How are you going to be punished, Boy?”

“I’m going to be caned Ma’am.” Replied a blushing Jeremy.

“Who is going to cane you and when are you being caned?”

Jeremy squirmed with embarrassment. “You are, Ma’am, er, when you’ve got time, Ma’am.”

“Go and get me a cup of tea and squash for the girls and I’ll cane you when you get back.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Replied the boy who hesitated before adding: “Please Ma’am, you’re not going to cane me in front of the girls are you?”

“I most certainly am, Boy, and I haven’t decided yet whether I will cane you with your shorts up or down. I’ll decide shortly.”

“Please ma’am. Sorry Ma’am.”

“Get out, Boy, and be quick with the drinks.”

Dr Wilson stood up and retrieved a cane from the shield above her desk. The cane had a crook handle. It was long and slender and extremely flexible. The girls looked on and exchanged anxious glances.

“Have you seen anyone caned before Angela?” Asked Dr Wilson.

“Er yes we’ve seen each other caned by our headmistress, haven’t we Julie?”

“Yes, Ma’am, and we heard her cane another girl while we were taking a test in her study.”

Jeremy returned with the drinks.

“Back to your corner while I drink my tea, Boy. Hands on your head.”

After a few minutes Dr Wilson got to her feet and lashed the cane through the air, producing a loud whistle. The girls noticed the muscles of Jeremy’s bottom contract when he heard the noise of the cane and he looked over his shoulder. His bottom was plump and girlish and his gym shorts did not look as if they would offer much protection from the cane.

“Come here, boy. Bend over and touch your toes!” Ordered Dr Wilson. “He’s quite a big boy, isn’t he girls? But I can manage him. No boy or girl is too big for me to deal with.” The tutor grinned at the girls as she flexed the cane and tapped it against Jeremy’s bottom. She was left-handed and made the boy bend over between the girls in their desks and herself. His bottom was quite close to them.

“You’re getting six of the best, Boy.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

The first stroke landed with a loud Thwick! across Jeremy’s bottom.

“Owww.” Said Jeremy quietly, and his thinly covered bottom squirmed as he felt the full sting of the cane.

Dr Wilson lashed the air again and gave the second stroke. Thwick! Full across Jeremy’s bottom, slightly below the first stroke.

The boy gasped: “Owww.” Again, and his hand briefly left his toes and came up to sooth and protect his bottom.

“Do that again, Boy, and I’ll give you two extra.”

“Sorry, ma’am. It really stings, Ma’am.” Replied the boy, quickly touching his toes.

“It stings your bottom, does it boy? You surprise me.” Dr Wilson said sarcastically.

“Yes, Ma’am. It stings ever so much, please Ma’am.” Jeremy answered.

After several taps and a lash through the air, the cane landed Thwick! across Jeremy’s bottom.


“Half way through, Boy.” Said Dr Wilson. “Is the message getting through to your fat bottom?”

“Yes, Ma’am.” Replied Jeremy, straining to keep his hands on his toes. “Please no more, Ma’am. I’ve learned my lesson.” Jeremy looked anxiously round at Dr Wilson.

“I decide when you’ve learned your lesson, Boy. Three more to go.”

Two more strokes were given with pauses between each.

“Now your last stroke, Boy. You’ve been waiting for this but it is always the hardest.”

Thwick! The last stroke landed low down at the junction of bottom and thighs.

“Owww!” Gasped Jeremy, who was allowed to stand and massage his bottom.

“Do you think he’s learned his lesson girls?” Asked Dr Wilson.

The girls anxiously looked at Jeremy’s face, now hot and stained with tears.

“Oh yes. Definitely, Ma’am.” Chorused the girls, conscious of their bottoms tingling in sympathy with Jeremy.

“Apologise to the girls. Tear up your disgusting letter and get out.” Ordered the Tutor.

Jeremy quickly obeyed and left, holding his bottom with both hands.

“Come back here, Boy.” Ordered Dr Wilson. “Do you want another caning?”

“No thank you, Ma’am.”

“Well take my cup and the glasses away.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Right you girls.” Said Dr Wilson. “Perhaps I should remind you that your half term assessment is due soon and that I will be very unhappy if you have not done well when I add up your marks.”

Part 2

The ‘Back to Skool’ evening was a bit of a scrum down, very crowded and quite hot. After a lot of discussion and some purchases the twins sorted out their uniforms. They would both wear white cropped tops, very short quite tight blue micro skirts just covering their bottoms, matching blue knickers and school ties loosely tied. They wore high heels and tied their hair in bunches with white ribbons. They had great fun making themselves up to look naughty and tarty.

Rob and Ben and several other boys danced with them and several vodka and tonics were consumed. There were two men and two ladies wearing mortarboards and carrying canes, trying to look like schoolteachers, and also several boys wearing short trousers.

There was a prize for the naughtiest schoolgirl, judged by the ‘teachers’ who were sitting up on the stage as the winners were announced. The prize was awarded jointly to Angela and Julie who were called up to the stage to receive it. It was a large bottle of champagne, but there was a forfeit for the girls to complete before the champagne was handed over.

The judges asked the audience what the girls’ forfeit should be and after some rather rude suggestions it was agreed all the judges should spank them in turn.

The girls felt slightly embarrassed but were quite tipsy and went willingly across the knees of each ‘teacher’ for their spankings. Everyone cheered and shouted ‘harder harder’ as the spankings were given over the girls’ knickers.  Each judge gave the girls about twenty spanks. Rob and Ben wished they had been one of the judges.

Rob and Ben escorted the girls back to their hostel, well past the ten o’clock curfew. Everyone had gulps of champagne as they walked along.

“What are we going to do?” Said a hot and slightly tearful Angela.

“We daren’t ring the bell and get another slippering from Nicola or be expelled.” Replied Julie also in tears.

The slipper? You didn’t tell us you had the slipper last time you were late?  On your poor little bottoms like naughty schoolgirls?” Grinned Ben, patting Julie’s bottom which was still quite tender after her four spankings.

“Ouch! Yes we did, from Nicola. She used to be a prefect at our school, and it wasn’t funny.” Replied Julie, taking a large gulp of champagne.

‘I’ve got an idea.” Said Rob brightly. “Of course, you must be punished for being late, but after that we can throw gravel at our friend Polly’s window and ask her to come down and let you in through the back door.”

“Who’s going to punish us?” Asked Angela. “We’ve jolly well been punished already and we haven’t got a slipper with us.”

“Well I suppose we could be persuaded to spank you ourselves, couldn’t we Ben?” Said Rob with a grin. “We don’t need a slipper. As I see it you haven’t got much alternative if you want to avoid Nicola again. When Polly comes down we can tell her you have been punished already.”

“How many spanks will we get?” Asked Julie, ready to agree to almost anything to avoid getting into trouble with Nicola again.

“Oh just a token spanking, say twenty-four spanks with your pants down.” Suggested Rob. “I could spank you, Julie, and Ben, could you spank Angela?”

“Why don’t we give them twelve spanks each.” Said Ben.

“Yes good idea!”

The spankings were given with the boys sitting on a bench at the back of the hostel. The girls went quite willingly over the boys’ knees and were soundly spanked on their bare bottoms for being late home.

Polly very kindly came down to let the twins in and, still holding their half-empty champagne bottle and carrying their shoes, they made their way with burning bottoms back to their room.

“Nearly there, darling.” Whispered Julie to her sister as they climbed the staircase. “Safe and sound and no sign of bloody Nicola.”

“What is the meaning of this?” Said a chilling voice. It was Nicola who had just been down to let some other late-comers in. She was wearing a dressing gown over her pyjamas and ushered the girls into their room and demanded an explanation.

“We’re ever so sorry, Nicola.” Began Angela. “I know we’re late but you don’t need to punish us because we’ve been punished for being late already.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well we’ve been spanked for being late, haven’t we Julie?” Said Angela.

“Yes we’ve been spanked, er, four, no five times already this evening.” Replied Julie, wondering what to do with the champagne bottle. “Would you like a drink Nicola?” She asked.

Nicola grabbed the bottle and put it crossly into the bin.

“Who spanked you?” Asked Nicola.

“Well we were spanked by the judges at the ‘Back to Skool’ dance and then our boyfriends spanked us for being late.”

“Right.” Snapped Nicola. “I shall spank you very soundly in the morning.  Come to my study at ten wearing your gym shorts and no pants. Now get into bed and go to sleep and I’ll see you tomorrow. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Nicola.” Said two sad voices as the girls anticipated a meeting with Nicola’s slipper in the morning.

With aching heads, slightly tender bottoms and feeling queasy, the twins couldn’t face breakfast and just before ten set out for Nicola’s study. They passed Dr Mortimer on the way.

“Good morning girls.” She said brightly with a smile. “How nice to see girls planning to go for a run rather than staying in bed!”

“Thank you Dr Mortimer.” Angela did her best to smile.

Nicola was alone in her study and her slipper was lying on her table.

“You pair are an absolute disgrace and it seems the punishment I gave you earlier in the term has not been effective.”

“Oh it was effective.” Pleaded Julie. “Things just got a bit out of hand last night.”

“Six of the slipper has failed to make you see sense and so this time I am going to give you eight each.”

“Please not eight Nicola, please make it six.” Julie held her hands together as if in prayer.

“Eight, in danger of going up to ten.” Said Nicola grimly. “Bend across my desk, Julie.” She said picking up and flexing her slipper. “We’ll start with you.”

Julie got quickly into position, conscious of her shorts tightening across her bottom and thighs. Nicola gave her two hard strokes one on either side of her bottom. Whack! Whack! and then paused in thought.

“Owww. Owww.” Squeaked Julie as the sting of the slipper invaded her plump bottom.

“I don’t know what Miss Gregory’s going to say at St Mary’s about your disgraceful and disgusting behaviour.” Said Nicola. “To think that any girls from our school could behave as you two have done.”

“Pease don’t tell her Nicola.” Pleaded Julie fighting back her tears.

“No please don’t, Nicola” Added Angela, worrying about her own coming punishment and Nicola’s threat and what Miss Gregory might do.

Nicola gave Julie two more whacks Whack! Whack!

“Owww. Owww. Please Nicola, not so hard.” Pleaded Julie.

Nicola ignored the comment and paused again.

“The St Mary’s Old Girls Reunion is only a few weeks away.”

“But we weren’t planning to go.” Said Angela quickly, and Julie looked round from her bending position.

“Nonsense girl.” Said Nicola patting Julie’s bottom with her slipper. “Of course you’ll go.” Whack! Whack!  Miss Gregory particularly likes to see girls during their first year at College. I’ll take you both in my car.” Said Nicola crossly, emphasizing her comments with Julie’s last two hard strokes. Whack! Whack!

“Stand up.” Ordered Nicola, and Julie got to her feet. Her hands dug deep into her bottom and she danced around the study trying to relieve the sting of the slipper. Nicola was obviously fully back in practice and in school slippering mode again.

“Bend over Angela.” Ordered Nicola and Angela’s punishment of eight strokes was given.

After a final telling off and warnings about the future, Nicola confirmed that she and the twins would be going to the Old Girls Reunion at St Mary’s.

“Golly Angela, this letter’s from our bank manager.” Announced Julie a couple of weeks later. “He says we are seriously overdrawn and must pay something into our account immediately.”

“But we can’t be overdrawn; we’ve hardly spent anything.” Said Angela.

“Well actually, darling, we have spent quite a lot. We have been to the cash machine every few days, haven’t we?”

“Well yes, I suppose we have.”

The girls decided to approach their father first, knowing what their mother’s reaction would be.

Mr Spencer sympathized with their problem but reminded them that their mother was in charge of their funding and they must phone her. Mrs Spencer was furious and the girls listened anxiously as their mother said they couldn’t possibly be overdrawn with her allowance and their student loans. A phone call to the girls’ bank confirmed the large deficit and Mrs Spencer was back on the phone fizzing with anger.

“I’m coming up to see you this weekend!” She announced.

“Sorry Mummy, but you can’t come this weekend. Sorry, we’ve got a date with two very nice boys, er, Rob and Ben, that’s been arranged for a long time.”

“Cancel it immediately.” Mrs Spencer almost shouted. “Book me a guest room in your hostel for Friday and Saturday nights.”

“But please Mummy, we can’t let the boys down.”

“Do as you are told for once in your lives and I’ll see you on Friday!” Shouted Mrs Spencer as she banged the phone down.

“Yes Mummy.” Whispered the twins, dreading the arrival of their mother.

“We better tell the boys we can’t go. They’ll be very annoyed, but what else can we do and it was going to be a posh dinner dance.”

Rob was not happy. The tickets were non-returnable and it was too late to find other partners. Angela apologized profusely but explained that their Mummy was on the warpath.

“Rob warned me there would be a penalty for us to pay for letting them down. He and Ben would be on the warpath after Mummy’s gone home.” Angela explained to her sister.

“Hullo Mummy.” Said the twins as they ran to her with a juicy kiss, when they spotted her in the waiting area of the hostel as they got back from their afternoon History tutorial.

“Hullo darlings.” Replied Mrs Spencer rather crossly, returning their kisses with a peck.

“How are you Mummy?” Asked Angela anxiously.

“Well if you must know, I am not a happy Mummy.” Said Mrs Spencer honestly.

“Can we carry your bags up to your room, Mummy?” Asked Julie.

“And get you a mug of tea from the canteen, Mummy?” Said Angela.

“Yes to both.” Said Mrs Spencer. “Then we’ll go up to my room to discuss the problem and then deal with you.”

“Er Mummy what do you mean deal with us?” Asked Angela nervously.

“Wait and see darling. I want to hear all about this financial crisis and how it has occurred.”

“OK Mummy what can we tell you?” Asked Angela.

The next few minutes proved very unpleasant as their mother probed their financial arrangements and what they had spent since they started at university. They had to admit they had spent quite a lot on drink and going to dances, especially with Rob and Ben. The clothes  they had bought for the ‘Back to Skool’ social had been very expensive and frivolous.

Mrs Spencer ordered them to find any receipts they had and show what clothes they had bought. They had to turn out their handbags and to her horror found an unused condom in each girl’s bag.

“What on earth are you doing with these?” Asked Mrs Spencer.

“Oh they’re just condoms, Mummy.”

“And what, pray, are you doing with condoms?”

“Well the hostel nurse said every girl should carry one just in case she got a bit drunk and her boyfriend got a bit frisky.”

Mrs Spencer sat back in her chair, hardly able to believe what she had heard.

“Whatever would dear Miss Gregory say at St Mary’s, if she knew of this find?” Asked Mrs Spencer.

“She might agree it was a good idea, Mummy?” Suggested Angela.

“I think not, darling. I think she would cane you or ask that nice little Miss Howarth to cane you both immediately. I wonder if I should phone her for advice?”

“Please no, Mummy.” The girls were nearly in tears.

“You have both shown a total lack of judgement and have run wild since leaving the sensible and disciplined atmosphere at St Mary’s. I have discussed things with Daddy and this is what will happen. Your credit cards and bank account will be closed down and we will open a small building society account for you. You will stop drinking with immediate effect and sever relations with those boys who are a bad influence on you.”

“Oh Mummy please…” Began Angela in protest.

“I am not interested in your comments. That is what will happen.”

“Please Mummy.” Began a tearful Julie.

“Angela, get my small case and open it. Now look for Mummy’s little friend.”

“Mummy you can’t spank us with your horrid little slipper. We’re much too big to be spanked.” Said Angela as she found the little leather soled slipper that their mother used so effectively.

Mrs Spencer sat on a small chair and patted her lap. “Get across my knee, Angela. NOW!”

“Mummy, please, no.” Said Angela, carefully lying across her mother’s knees.

Her skirt was lifted up and her pants were taken down to expose her plump vulnerable bare bottom.

“Get over my knee properly, girl.” Ordered Mrs Spencer, and Angela obediently eased herself a little further across her mother’s lap. Julie looked on with horror, realizing that she would shortly be getting the same punishment.

The spanking began and Mrs Spencer whacked her slipper down on alternate sides of Angela’s plump bottom. Every whack from the little slipper was accompanied by an ‘Ouch Mummy’ or ‘Owww Mummy please stop.’ Mrs Spencer took no notice but whacked steadily away as her face and Angela’s bare bottom got pinker.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and Mrs Spencer called out: “Come in.”

To the twins horror the door was opened by Nicola Fairbairn. Angela tried to pull her pants up but her hand received a whack with the little slipper and she withdrew it quickly.

“I heard an unusual noise and thought I had better investigate. Oh it’s the twins and you must be Mrs Spencer.” Said Nicola. “Have the girls been naughty?”

“They have been extremely naughty.” Explained Mrs Spencer as she landed a few more resounding whacks on Angela’s bare bottom. “I saw you get a prize for service to the school at a St Mary’s speech day some years back, Nicola.” Continued Mrs Spencer.

“Yes I used to be head girl there.” Explained Nicola as she watched Angela receive her punishment and wondered if she should offer to help.

Angela was allowed to get up and a reluctant Julie took her place.

“Can I do anything to help Mrs Spencer?” Asked Nicola.

“No thank you, Nicola, I can manage.” Replied Mrs Spencer as she pulled Julie’s pants down and whacked away at her bare bottom. “This is just the first part of their punishment.”

“What happens next?” Asked Nicola.

“Miss Cameron, who coached the twins at Easter, is coming to hear what they have been up to and deal with them properly tomorrow. She has kindly offered to bring her friend Percy with her to help administer the punishment.”

“Oh please not Percy, Mummy.” Pleaded Julie as her spanking continued. “Percy is horrible, he really stings.”

“Who is Percy?” Asked Nicola.

“He’s an American paddle and he really hurts.” Explained Angela, rubbing her bottom.

Julie was allowed to stand up and replace her pants after her spanking and she and Angela listened while Nicola talked to their mother about St Mary’s.  Nicola mentioned that she had slippered the girls twice for being late back to the hostel and luckily didn’t mention that they had been drunk.

Mrs Spencer thanked her for her action and hoped she wouldn’t hesitate to slipper the girls again if there was any further breach of the rules. Mrs Spencer and Nicola agreed that the only thing that kept the girls in order was a smacked bottom.

The following morning, Mrs Spencer took the girls to arrange their new building society account and continued to express her shock at their behaviour. Their pleas not to be dealt with by Miss Cameron fell on deaf ears.  Rob and Ben phoned several times. Mrs Spencer eventually answered the phone herself and gave the boys a good telling off for leading her daughters astray.

Miss Cameron arrived late in the afternoon and joined the Spencers for high tea. She still looked tall and slim but her dark hair had reached shoulder length. She was wearing a white shirt with a black tie and a short black skirt. Angela and Julie listened as their mother told Miss Cameron in detail of all the dreadful things they had done during their first few weeks at university. Miss Cameron’s frown deepened as each offence was described and the girls looked on and listened anxiously holding hands underneath the table.

“What do you think we should do to them, Miss Cameron?” Asked Mrs Spencer.

“Please Mummy does Miss Cameron know you spanked us yesterday?”

“Stand up you two.” Snapped Miss Cameron, and the girls got quickly to their feet. “Yes I am aware your mother has spanked you. I am going to give you a more severe and fitting punishment. Pass me my bag.”

The girls hastened to obey and looked on anxiously as Miss Cameron opened her long bag and spoke to something inside.

“We have two extremely foolish and naughty girls to punish, Percy. What do you think they need?” Miss Cameron lowered her head toward the bag as if she was listening for a reply.

“A sound thrashing each you think? How many strokes? Six of the best? Yes, I agree. Thank you Percy.”

“Please Miss we’re really sorry began Julie. Mummy please don’t let Miss Cameron punish us.”

“Silence!” Ordered Mrs Spencer. “Perhaps I should mention that when I spoke to Miss Cameron she thought you should either be birched by Dr Benstead or caned by Miss Gregory.”

“Please, no, Mummy.” Began Angela, with tears in her eyes. “We don’t deserve the birch or the cane or Percy, do we Julie?” Julie shook her head emphatically. 

“Luckily for your bottoms, Dr Benstead is abroad and Miss Gregory is at a conference, although little Miss Howarth kindly offered to help. I decided to ask Miss Cameron to deal with you herself.” Explained Mrs Spencer.

Miss Cameron’s lips moved slightly in what might have been a smile. “Sandy sends his best wishes and reminds you he is willing to help with your education and discipline at any time.”

“Oh! Thank you, Miss.” Said Julie with a sob.

“Shall I get on with the punishment Mrs Spencer?”

“Yes please, Miss Cameron.” Said Mrs Spencer. “Now girls, run to your room, shower and then change into your pyjamas and dressing gowns and come back here quickly.”

“Pyjamas Mummy? Why? It’s not our bedtime for ages.”

“Well, darlings, it is tonight because you are both going to be sent to bed early with very soundly smacked bottoms.”

Further protest was in vain and the girls were soon back, showered and in their night-clothes. Miss Cameron had taken Percy the paddle out of the bag and was pointing out his features to an interested Mrs Spencer.

“I did suggest to the girls that you might like to have your own paddle like so many American moms and sorority seniors do.”

“Perhaps I had better look into it. My little slipper is getting quite elderly now and he’s a little small for what are quite large bottoms.”

“Right girls this is what will happen.” Said Miss Cameron. “Dressing gowns off and, Angela, we’ll start with you. We’ll have you across this table with Julie holding your hands from in front.”

Miss Cameron patted the paddle against her palm and then patted it gently against Angela’s bottom. Then she let fly with a hard swipe that landed with a ‘Splat!’ across the middle of Angela’s bottom.

“Owwww! Please Miss, that really stings.” Said Angela.

“It’s supposed to sting, you silly girl. Any more protests or silly comments and you’ll get two extra strokes.”

Miss Cameron took aim again and this time whacked the paddle low down on the right side of Angela’s bottom. Splat!

“Owww!” Squeaked Angela, and squirmed as her bottom appreciated the full sting of the paddle.

Splat!’ this time the paddle landed on the left side of Angela’s bottom.

“Owww.” She gasped again and looked round at Miss Cameron with her tear stained face.

“Three more to come, Angela.” Warned Miss Cameron as she now gripped the paddle with both hands. “Face the front.”

She patted Angela’s thinly clad bottom again as she took aim and her two handed swipe landed with a resonating ‘Splat’ across the middle of Angela’s bottom.

“Owwwww!” Angela said quietly as she pulled her hands away from Julie who just managed to hold her sister still as Miss Cameron prepared to give the last two whacks, one on the right side and one on the left of Angela’s bottom Splat! Splat!

After a minute Miss Cameron gave Angela permission to rise. The naughty girl’s hands went immediately to her bottom as she desperately tried to disperse the overwhelming sting of the paddle. Julie looked on anxiously, knowing she would soon be in the firing line.

“Right Angela, get down on your knees and apologize to your mother and then you will kiss my hand and Percy and thank us for your punishment.” Ordered Miss Cameron.

“I’m terrible sorry, Mummy, and I will behave better in the future.”

“Well make sure you do, darling.” Replied Mrs Spencer.

Angela turned on her knees to kiss Miss Cameron’s hand.

“A proper kiss girl!” Ordered Miss Cameron. “Moisten your lips. Percy doesn’t like dry kisses.”

Angela moistened her dry lips and gave Miss Cameron’s hand and Percy the juiciest kisses she could manage.

“Thank you for my punishment, Miss, and thank you, Mr Percy.”

“Get across the table, Julie.” Ordered Miss Cameron. “Hold her hands, Angela.”

“Yes Miss.” Replied Angela, taking up her position but still holding her bottom.  Miss Cameron was patting Julie’s bottom as she took aim and Angela held her sister’s hands tightly as the first stroke with the paddle fell with a loud ‘Splat!

Miss Cameron slowly and methodically dealt with Julie and at the end of her punishment made Julie kneel and apologise to her mother and thank Miss Cameron and Percy for the punishment.

“Thank you very much, Miss Cameron.” Said Mrs Spencer. “I think my daughters have learned their lesson. Could I call on you if I need help again?”

“I hope these foolish, empty-headed girls have learned their lesson but I will be more than happy to deal with them again either by punishment or further coaching in the future.”

“Thank you, Miss Cameron. I think I may well buy my own paddle. It seems very effective.” She turned to her daughters. “Now you two will go and get straight into bed. No talking or reading and I will be in to kiss you goodnight in fifteen minutes.”

“Yes Mummy. Goodnight Miss Cameron.” The girls carefully put their dressing gowns over their pyjamas and left the room, hands clasped to their bottoms.

Half an hour later Mrs Spencer called in to the girls’ room to say goodnight.  Two very repentant, tearful young ladies with very sore bottoms promised to be much more careful with their money, not waste time with boys and work much harder in future.

“I am not surprised you are lying on your tummies.” Said Mrs Spencer. “I have asked that nice girl Nicola to keep an eye on you and not to hesitate to slipper you if she thinks it’s necessary. Miss Cameron says that she and Percy or Sandy will be happy to come back or deal with you here or at her house at any time. So you have been warned.”

“Yes Mummy.”

Part 3

Two weeks later, the twins walked anxiously to their assessment tutorial with Dr Wilson. The weather was still quite warm and they were wearing short summer dresses.

“What do you think she’ll do to us, Angela?” Asked Julie anxiously. “She hasn’t been too pleased with our essays.”

“Well since Mummy and Miss Cameron came we have worked a lot harder and our marks have improved, although we’ve never got more than C for our essays.” Replied her sister.

“I can’t help thinking about that caning she gave Jeremy when he was naughty a few weeks back.” Said Julie. “You don’t think she’ll cane us, do you Angela?”

“No, I am sure she won’t. If she’s cross with us we’ll promise to work harder.  Don’t forget Jeremy is a boy and we are girls and girls don’t get caned so often or so hard as boys.”

“You remember how painful Miss Gregory’s caning was, don’t you Angela?”

“Yes I’ll never forget it. Let’s talk about something else.”

Dr Wilson was clearly in a bad mood as the girls sat down at their desks in her study.

“Right Miss A Spencer and Miss J Spencer, let me begin.” She said. “In the ten years that I have been a tutor here I have never seen such pathetically poor work as you have handed in. Navvys on a building site could have written better essays than yours and your test results have been appalling.

“We’re really sorry, Ma’am.” Said Angela. “We’re both going to work twice as hard from now on and so our work will improve.”

“I’ve spoken to the Head of Department about you and persuaded him not to expel you.”

“Thank you Ma’am.” Julie whispered.

“But I am going to punish you; I am going to cane you both, a solution that I have found very effective in recalcitrant young ladies and boys in the past.”

“Please Ma’am, we didn’t realize we could be caned.” Said Julie, and her sister nodded in agreement. “I don’t know if Mummy would agree to us being caned.”

“I’ll phone your mother to confirm her approval. If she knows a caning will allow you to stay here, I’m sure she will agree.”

The girls were silent, knowing their mother would agree to a caning.

“Please Ma’am, I don’t think you need phone Mummy after all.” Said Angela.

“Stand up both of you and come out here.” Ordered Dr Wilson, reaching for one of the canes on her shield. The girls noticed the cane was thinner and slightly shorter than the one Dr Wilson had used on Jeremy.

“This is a nursery cane.” Explained Dr Wilson as she flexed the slender instrument of punishment. “Specially made to be used on silly and lazy girls like you. You’re getting six strokes each!”

“Julie, go and stand over there facing the wall. Angela, come here.”

Dr Wilson rolled the back of Angela’s dress up and tucked it into the top of her knickers.

“Bend over and touch your toes, girl.” Came the order, and Angela rapidly obeyed, amazed at how quickly things were happening.

Dr Wilson lashed the little cane through the air making a chilling sound as Angela waited for her punishment to begin. The cane tapped Angela’s bottom, covered only by her pants and then whacked across her bottom with a Thwick!

Just as in the caning she had received from Miss Gregory at school, the cane didn’t seem to hurt initially and then an overwhelming sting invaded her bottom.

“Owww” Gasped Angela as the cane tapped again and the second stroke lashed across her bottom. Thwick!

“Owww” Angela gasped again desperately trying to keep her fingers on her toes when her hands wanted to go to her bottom’s assistance. Dr Wilson was tapping again as the punishment carried on relentlessly and Angela wished again they had worked harder.

The third stroke didn’t arrive as Dr Wilson put the cane down on her desk and moved quickly to open the door. There behind it and bending over to look through the keyhole was Jeremy, trying to watch the punishment.

“Come in you disgusting boy!” Dr Wilson said angrily as she pulled Jeremy by an ear into her study.

“Sorry ma’am I was just going to ask if you wanted some tea. I didn’t realise you were punishing Angela.”

“Nonsense Boy! You knew I was caning girls and you were trying to watch. Go and stand in the corner with your nose to the wall. You’re not going to watch but you’re going to experience. After I have caned the girls I will cane you very severely.”

Julie looked over shoulder at her sister as Dr Wilson prepared to give Angela her third stroke. Thwick! Angela received her third stroke full across her bottom.

Ahhhh!” She sobbed and made a trotting movement with her feet and wiggled her bottom from side to side as the sting of the cane almost overwhelmed her.

“I do believe the message is getting through, Angela.” Observed the tutor as she took aim at her target again.

“Yes it is, Ma’am. Please, no more. I’ll work ten times harder in future.”

Thwick! The fourth stroke landed accurately a little lower on Angela’s bottom.

“Yes you will, Angela, especially when you have received your full punishment.” Said Dr Wilson quietly.

“Please Dr Wilson, I think Angela’s had enough.” Pleaded Julie, looking over her shoulder at her sister’s punishment.

“Do you Julie?” Said Dr Wilson sarcastically. “Thank you for your opinion. You are annoying me and unless I am careful to control my temper Angela’s last two strokes will be harder. Now face the wall and shut up or you’ll get extra.”

“Yes Ma’am. Sorry Ma’am.” Julie’s answer was a whisper.

Two quiet taps were audible and then Thwick! Angela’s fifth stroke landed full across her bottom.

Owwww!” Gasped Angela, struggling to keep her fingers on her toes.

“The last stroke is always the hardest, Angela.” Warned the tutor.

“Yes, Ma’am. But please…”

Thwick! Angela’s final stroke landed across the junction of the girl’s bottom and her thighs.

“Ahhhh” She gasped, longing for permission to arise.

“Stand up girl.” Came the order at last, and Dr Wilson released the back of Angela’s dress from the top of her knickers to fall back in place several inches above her knees.

“Thank you, Ma’am.” Angela whispered, her face hot and drenched in perspiration and tears.

“Change places with Julie and put your hands on your head.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Julie, come here.”

Julie took her sister’s place and was prepared for punishment and ordered to bend over and touch her toes.

Thwick! Julie’s first stroke landed and five more strokes were given slowly as Dr Wilson moved carefully down the girl’s bottom. Julie gasped and wiggled her bottom as she received her punishment and promised Dr Wilson that she would be the hardest working girl in the university.

After her punishment was complete, she was sent to stand next to her sister facing the wall with her hands on her head although she desperately wanted to sooth her stinging bottom.

Jeremy was summoned from his corner and Dr Wilson reached up to her shield and selected a more substantial cane. The boy received his six strokes and promised never to look through a keyhole at girls being caned in future.

After being dismissed the twins walked slowly and slightly stiffly back to their hostel. Their canings had been horrible and they couldn’t decide whether they had been worse than the canings Miss Gregory gave them when they failed her tests.

Back in the hostel they carefully undressed and looked at their bottoms in the full-length mirror. Each girl had six slightly raised red lines spaced out neatly and horizontally across her plump bottom. Cold cream was carefully applied and the girls again resolved to work much harder in future and avoid another caning at all costs.

The journey down to St Mary’s in Nicola’s car was rather tense. Nicola talked about Miss Gregory and how upset she and the staff would be to hear about the twin’s bad behaviour and poor performance. Miss Gregory would take it as a personal insult to her reputation as headmistress. The twins pleaded with Nicola not to report them to Miss Gregory but the senior girl said she was undecided and they would have to wait and see. Nicola talked about punishments at St Mary’s and she hoped that strict discipline was still being maintained. She had packed her own slipper in her suitcase in case it was needed.

“I’m sure you won’t need your slipper, Nicola.” Angela said bravely.

“Hopefully not.” Replied Nicola. “In any case, there are always plenty of slippers at school that I could borrow from the prefects’ study or the staff room. I must say I prefer my own slipper.”

“H’m, yes.” Replied Angela not sure of what to say, but conscious of goose pimples on her bottom. Nicola dropped the twins at the front gate of the school and went to get petrol for her car.

“Even though we’ve left school I still feel nervous about coming back to St Mary’s.” Said Julie as the girls turned in through the school’s main doorway.

“So do I.” Said Angela with a shiver. “Even though we’re not subject to the school rules anymore and nobody can punish us.”

“I can’t believe there were so many rules.” Said Julie. “And so many people to punish us if we did anything wrong.”

“Well we’ve come back as grown ups and we can ignore all the rules, make funny faces at Miss Gregory and put our tongues out at Miss Howarth!”

“That would be fun but I don’t think I dare go quite that far or be cheeky to little Miss Howarth.”

“I wouldn’t mind lighting a bonfire with her favourite slipper in it.” Said Angela with a smile.

A notice by the front entrance said: ‘Old Girls welcome back! Please check in at the main office.’

“It’s about break time.” Commented Angela. “Lets pop to the cloakroom and then check in.”

“Oh look, there’s the prefects’ study. Let’s hurry past.” Said Julie with a shiver. “That’s where we went to have our little botty’s smacked on so many occasions didn’t we?”

“Thank goodness we’re not waiting to go in there now.” Replied her sister.

The girls were suddenly conscious of a loud Thwack! coming from the prefects’ study followed by another equally loud one.

“Golly it sounds like some naughty girl’s getting the slipper now.” Said Julie.

“Shall we wait and see who it is?” Asked Angela as the resonant Thwacks! coming from the prefects’ study continued.

The door opened and Charlotte Miller emerged wearing her white blouse and gym shorts. Her face was pink and both hands were clasped to her bottom.  The Thwacks! in the prefects study began again.

“Hullo Charlie.” Said the twins sympathetically. “Are you OK?”

“Hi girls.” Said Charlie quietly, her eyes brimming with tears and her lips trembling as she spoke. She managed a little smile. “Nice to see you.” She looked over her shoulder and massaged her bottom more vigorously.

There was another pause in the Thwacks and a second girl with long blonde shoulder length hair in a ponytail emerged from the prefects’ study, trying to dry her tears and rub her bottom at the same time.

“Hi Steph. Are you OK?” Asked Charlie, giving the blonde girl a hug. “Angela and Julie, this is Stephanie Pickering who came to St Mary’s this year and Steph, these are Angela and Julie Spencer who left last term.”

Stephanie managed a brave smile as the Thwacks resumed. Another girl was being punished.

“Hi Stephanie, nice to meet you,” said Angela politely. “Sorry it’s not under happier circumstances. What’s happened to you?”

Before Charlie or Steph could explain, Liz Cooper left the prefects’ study desperately rubbing her bottom and muttering: “God, that really hurt.”

“Hi.” Said Liz to the twins, before whispering angrily: “Six of the bloody slipper for talking in bloody assembly and we only said one bloody word each.  Felicity Matthews, she’s the new head girl, is a bloody cow and that’s unfair to cows!”

The prefects’ room door opened and Felicity, looking well groomed and sophisticated, emerged still holding her slipper.

Liz’s hand went to her mouth.

“I hope Felicity didn’t hear what I said about her.” She whispered.

“Anyone else waiting to be punished?” Asked Felicity before noticing the twins.

“Hullo Angela and Julie, nice to see you back.” The head girl came forward and shook hands. “Are you here for the Old Girls celebrations?”

“Yes we are Felicity,” replied the twins. The presence of Felicity’s slipper made them feel uneasy as if they were going to be spanked by her too.

“Amanda,” Felicity called to another pretty red-haired sixth former approaching the group in her gym kit. “Go straight into the prefects’ study and stand in the corner facing the wall please. I’ll be in to deal with you in a minute.”

“How are you getting on at Uni, Angela?” Asked Felicity, tapping the slipper against her thigh.”

“Quite well thank you; it’s quite hard work though.”

“And Fun too, I should think.” Commented Felicity, glancing at her watch. “Will you excuse me girls? I’ve got one or two more bottoms to smack and I hope to grab a coffee before lessons begin. See you later. I’m addressing the old girls this afternoon.”

“Yes, thanks Felicity, nice to see you.”

Charlotte, Stephanie and Liz went off to change into their school uniform and asked the twins to meet them in the sixth form common room. It was nice to have coffee and sit in the common room they knew so well. Charlotte, Stephanie and Liz decided sitting down would be too uncomfortable.

The bell went for the end of break and the Twins went off to the main office to check in. The sixth formers went to their class hoping to try and sit comfortably in their next lesson.

“Hullo girls nice to see you.” Said a friendly voice at reception. “Hi Jessica, good to see you too. You’re still here?” Asked the twins.

“Yes, I’m having a second gap year and Miss Howarth was keen that I should stay on and help.” Said Jessica Morgan with a friendly smile as she summarised the events of the day:

Lunch and high tea with the staff,

Looking round the school especially the new science labs and classrooms guided by the prefects,

Watching an inter-house rugby match on the games field,

An address by Miss Gregory the headmistress and a school update by head girl Felicity Matthews,

A concert with the school’s pupil musicians and then drinks and a social get together,

Breakfast in the morning and then disperse.

“Just a minute, Angela and Julie, I better check and see if you are on Miss Howarth’s list.” Said Jessica, checking through a list of names.

“Oh dear, I’m afraid you are. Sorry.”

“What list, Jess?” Asked Angela anxiously.

“Do you remember the very last day of term and several girls, you two included, were in Miss Howarth’s special afternoon detention. It was a punishment for the sixth form girls who had organized and participated in the illegal dorm party the night before.”

“Yes I remember,” said Angela. “Miss Howarth was in a very bad mood and several girls, including Penny Bates and Becky Foster, got the slipper from her for giggling, even though it was the very last day ever at school for some people.”

“Yes, and we all had to write 200 lines and a letter of apology to Miss Gregory.” Recalled Julie, thinking back to the stressful occasion.

“Several girls were really quite cheeky and Miss Howarth then decided to slipper everyone but, before she could whack people, Miss Gregory called her away to a meeting.” Added Jess.

“Yes I remember now.” Said Angela. “She told everyone to wait until she came back to punish us but lots of people had parents or boyfriends waiting for them. Most people waited half an hour and then felt they just had to leave.  People looked for Miss Howarth and couldn’t find her. We left because Mummy was waiting in the car.”

“When Miss Howarth eventually got back she was very cross that so few people had waited to be punished.” Explained Jessica. “Two girls had waited, Pauline Smith and Emma Hawkins, so they both had six of the slipper and were allowed to go. I got whacked too because I hadn’t insisted everyone waited till she came back.”

“So what does she want us to do about it?” Asked Julie. “Surely she can’t be planning to punish us now we have left?”

“I’m not sure, Julie.” Replied Jess. “She wants to see everyone on the list who is here. I think it will be just you and Shelley Cooper. You are to report to her in the Head’s study at ten o’clock on Sunday morning.”

“Gosh that’s jolly well not fair and I’ll tell Miss Howarth so when I see her!” Said Angela crossly, but quickly realising that she wouldn’t dare speak like that to the strict young mistress.

“Sorry to have to tell you about this matter, girls.” Said Jessica. “Miss Howarth might just let you off with a telling off.”

The twins knew that Miss Howarth had never been known to let anyone off a punishment.

The worrying thought of seeing Miss Howarth on the Sunday morning hung over the twins even though they enjoyed the reunion. The new school buildings were very nice and the house rugby match was quite exciting but two sixth-formers, Holly and Alison, were sent off in the second half for using bad language. They were told to shower and be ready to report to Miss Manning, the Sports Mistress, for punishment after the match.

Angela and Julie saw Miss Howarth talking to Nicola and Miss Gregory at the evening social. They chatted with Shelley and with Miss Manning, who mentioned how sorry she was that two girls had been sent off for using bad language during the rugby match. Holly and Alison had apologized and had been punished. Miss Manning added with a smile: “I think they’ll both find sitting down a little uncomfortable this evening!”

Shelley, Angela and Julie assembled outside Miss Gregory’s office just before ten in the morning. Miss Howarth herself opened the door and said: “Come in, you three.” She sat down at the headmistress’s desk. The girls weren’t invited to sit down and stood anxiously in a row in front of her desk. Jessica was standing nearby ready to obey any order Miss Howarth might give her.

“I think you all know why you are here.” Began Miss Howarth.

“Is it something to do with the detention you held on the last afternoon of term Miss?” Said Shelley.

“Yes it is. Go on.”

“Well Miss, we were in detention with you because of the party we had the night before, Miss.” Continued Shelley.

“Which was against the rules.” Observed the mistress.

“Yes Miss, but we were all rather excited because it was our last day at school. Our parents or our boyfriends had come to collect us and were waiting for us in reception.” Explained Shelley.

“But I had decided to punish you all for bad behaviour during the detention, hadn’t I?”

“Well yes, Miss, I think you were going to give us all the slipper but then you were called away and we waited for a while and then decided to leave.” Said Angela nervously and wondering where the conversation was leading.

“So you left without being punished?”

“Well yes, Miss, but only because you weren’t there and we didn’t know when you were coming back.” Said Shelley.

“And we thought you might have decided not to punish us after all.” Added Julie.

“I suppose you were pleased to think you had escaped punishment, Julie?”

“No Miss it wasn’t like that. We really thought you weren’t coming back and Jessica went to look for you and couldn’t find you.” Replied Julie, feeling tears forming in her eyes.

“Two girls had good manners and waited for me.” Said Miss Howarth. “Pauline Smith and Emma Hawkins. Do you know what I did with them?” She asked.

“No Miss.”

“They had six of the slipper each, and so did Jessica for not making sure you were all waiting for me.”

Miss Howarth got to her feet and walked round the girls as she continued to talk about their disgraceful, deceitful and disgusting behaviour, and their serious offence of avoiding punishment on the last afternoon of term. They felt vulnerable and shivery in their short dresses as the mistress walked round them, pausing to twist an ear or look directly into a girl’s eye. The mistress said their failure to be punished would go on their school records, of course, and be there if anyone asked for a reference.

“Stand up properly when I’m talking to you.” Snapped Miss Howarth, and the girls quickly pulled their shoulders back and smoothed their dresses before putting their hands neatly behind their backs.

“So what do you think I should do with you Julie?” Asked Miss Howarth as she reached for, and twisted, Julie’s left ear.

“I’m not sure, Miss.” Julie’s voice was croaky and she cleared her throat. Her hand started to come up to protect her ear but she thought better of it.

“Perhaps I should remind you that you were all going to have your bottoms smacked. But you left the school without your bottoms being smacked.” Said Miss Howarth.

The girls all felt they would like to say the whole thing was unfair but nobody plucked up courage to say so to the formidable young mistress.

“Please Miss,” began Shelley. “Do you think we should have our bottoms smacked now?”

“What do you two think?” Miss Howarth addressed the twins.

“Perhaps that might be best.” Said Angela, relieved to have made a decision, although punishment now would be horrible. Julie nodded in agreement.

“The girls who waited for punishment had six of the slipper and so perhaps I should give you the same?”

“Yes Miss.”

“But there is a question of interest on your punishment.” Said Miss Howarth.

“Please, Miss, what do you mean by ‘interest’?” Asked Julie.

“Well if you borrow money from your bank you pay interest on it, don’t you, silly girl?”

“Yes Miss.”

“You should have been slippered three months ago and so you now owe me interest on your punishment. It will have to be six of the slipper plus interest.” Explained Miss Howarth.

“What would the interest be, Miss?” Asked Shelley.

“It ought to be a caning but I think I will give you each a special slippering.

“Sorry Miss, but what’s that?” Asked Angela.

“Jessica knows, don’t you girl? Explain to the ladies.”

“Yes Ma’am it’s a rubber soled slipper on a wet bottom.” Said Jessica, whose face was now very red as she recalled the embarrassment she felt when she received this punishment when she called to see Miss Howarth on a Saturday afternoon when she was at university herself.

“And remind us what a special slippering feels like, girl?” Asked Miss Howarth.

“The slipper stings twice as much as usual, Ma’am.”

“Well that sounds a very appropriate punishment covering the original offence and the interest.” Observed Miss Howarth looking intently at the girls. “Get me a slipper, Jessica!”

Jess opened a drawer, retrieved a gymshoe, and handed it to Miss Howarth with a curtsey.

“Shelley, we’ll start with you.” Said the mistress. “Angela and Julie, wait in the corridor. Bring a chair, Jessica!”

Jessica brought a low backed wooden chair near the front of Miss Gregory’s desk.

“Shelley, take your pants down and give them to Jessica.”

“Pardon Miss?” Said a perplexed Shelley with a very red face.

“Pants down, girl.”

Jessica took the proffered pants to a hand basin at the corner of the study immersed them in cold water and then wrung them out before handing them back to Shelley to put on.

“Bend over the chair girl! Count the strokes!”

Shelley got quickly into position, conscious of her damp pants sticking quite tightly to her bottom. Her dress was folded up on her back. She thought Howarth would run with the slipper, but she stood close to Shelley and whacked the slipper down at high velocity onto the right side of Shelley’s bottom. The slipper landed with a ‘Thwopp’.

“Oww!. Eeek!” Gasped Shelley, shocked by the ferocious sting of the slipper on her damp bottom. Her thighs moved against the back of the chair and her bottom moved from side to side.

“I’m waiting, Shelley, or do you want that stroke again?”

“Sorry Miss. One, thank you Miss.” Shelley whispered.

“Keep that bottom still, girl.”

Shelley experienced several taps with the slipper as Miss Howarth took careful aim.

‘Thwopp!’ The second stroke landed with an intense sting to the left side of Shelley’s bottom.

“Owww! Owww! Two, thank you Miss.”

Angela and Julie were waiting anxiously outside the study door listening to events on the other side.

“Gosh, those strokes sound ever so hard and the slipper is making a funny noise.” Said Angela.

As the Thwopps of Shelley’s punishment continued, the twins hugged each other and tried to be brave.

“I’m really dreading this Angela.” Said Julie, her eyes brimming with tears. “That slipper sounds really horrible.”

Jessica opened the door and let Shelley out, and closed the door again. Shelley emerged with a hot tearful face and holding her bottom tightly with both hands.

“Gosh that really stings.” She said, looking over her shoulder as if to check her bottom had survived the punishment.

“What was it like?” Asked Julie.

“It stung like anything. Much more than any other slippering I’ve ever had. It’s the damp pants that make it worse, I think.”

“What do you mean, damp pants?” Asked a horrified Angela.

Shelley explained how Jessica had immersed her pants in water and made her put them back on when they were damp. She lifted the back of her dress to show the twins her damp bottom, which she patted very carefully. “God, my bottom’s burning hot.” She said. “You feel.”

“Gosh it is.” Said Julie.

The door of the study opened.

“Angela, come in please.” Said Jessica quietly.

“Please can we come in together?” Asked Julie.

“Sorry, Miss Howarth said no.”

Angela kissed her sister.

“Sorry, darling. See you in a mo, I hope.”

“What was it like, Shelley?” Asked Julie.

“Pretty horrible, and having those damp pants on really makes the slipper sting at least twice as much as normal.”

“I think I’ll run away.” Said Julie, looking along the corridor for an escape route.

“Miss Howarth would catch you and then you’d get extra.” Shelley grinned bravely.

“OK, I better stay.” Decided Julie. “I hope Angela’s OK.”

Angela’s punishment had begun, and Julie and Shelley could hear the slipper landing with loud Thwopps! on her bottom.

“Poor Angela.” Said Shelley, rubbing her own burning bottom.

“Will I be OK, Shelley?” Asked Julie, her eyes brimming with tears. “Let Mummy know if I don’t survive.”

“You’ll be OK, darling. It will all be over in a few minutes.”

“Thanks, Shelley.”

Angela emerged from the study dancing on her toes, her eyes screwed up and desperately rubbing and massaging her bottom.

“Owww that was horrible.” She said between sobs. “I’ve had the slipper more times than I can remember but I have never known a slipper sting as much as this one.

Angela managed to whisper: “Good luck, darling,” to her sister before the door closed. Shelley and Angela listened sympathetically as the slipper landed with a Thwopp! six times.

Jessica opened the door and called Angela and Shelley in. Julie was almost weeping and rubbing her bottom furiously. Angela ran to her to and gave her a cuddle.

“Come and stand here!” Ordered Miss Howarth, pointing to the floor just in front of the desk. “I hope that has taught you girls a lesson and that you will never attempt to escape punishment again. Now, before you go you will all kiss my hand and the slipper’s sole.” The girls queued up to obey.

“Thank you Miss.” Whispered the girls as they opened the door.

“Jessica!” Said Miss Howarth crossly. “Don’t put the slipper away, I haven’t finished with it. You were late with my tea in bed this morning and I am going to give you a special slippering too. Dampen your pants in the basin. Stand in the corner while I write up the punishment book. I’ll deal with you in a moment.”

The girls were relieved when they headed to the cloakroom to wash their tearful faces. Nicola was waiting for the twins near the main entrance, talking animatedly to Miss Gregory who was holding a prayer book. For a second, the girls wanted to run in the opposite direction, but Miss Gregory saw them.

“Hullo girls, come here. I am on my way to chapel. How are you doing at university?”

“Not too badly, Madam,” said Shelley.

“That’s not good enough for a St Mary’s girl, Shelley!”

The headmistress turned to the twins. “What about you two? I should soon have a report from Dr Mortimer, your English tutor, who is an old friend of mine.”

The twins exchanged worried glances and their tears nearly started again.

“It’s taken a while to settle in but we are going to work extra hard between now and the end of the term.” Said Angela.

“Nicola tells me she is in the same hostel as you. She was and is a prefect at St Mary’s and must punish you if you misbehave.”

Nicola gave a rare smile. The twins couldn’t think of anything to say.

“Don’t forget that I am always interested in your progress and you wouldn’t be the first St Mary’s girl called back to be caned by me because her college results were poor or she had been naughty. So you have been warned! You may have left school but you are still girls of the school and subject to schoolgirl punishments!”

“Yes Madam.”

“You’ll be pleased to know Miss Howarth is proving very helpful with disciplinary matters.”

“Yes Madam.” Replied the girls, well aware of how helpful Miss Howarth was.

This was a reunion the twins would never forget. Neither Miss Gregory’s remarks nor the bumpy journey back to university in Nicola’s little car gave them much cause for comfort.

The End

© Penny Morton 2013