Next in the series, the twins behaviour continues to disappoint.

By Penny Morton

Part 1

“I hope you girls are not talking.” The harsh voice of Miss Gregory, headmistress of St Mary’s School, rang out across her study. “If you have any sense, which I seriously doubt, you will remain silent whilst we decide what to do with you.”

“No, Madam, we weren’t talking.” Replied Angela Spencer from the far corner of the room where she and her twin sister, Julie, were standing facing the wall. Angela’s answer wasn’t completely true. They had whispered very quietly to each other in their corner.

As Angela spoke, she and her sister looked over their shoulders at the group of people sitting round Miss Gregory’s desk. They were having what Miss Gregory called a ‘Crisis Meeting’ called to decide what to do with and about the Spencer twins, who were in serious danger of having to leave their university before completing their first term.

Seated around Miss Gregory’s desk were Mrs Spencer, the girls’ mother, and Miss Cameron, the young lady who had coached the girls and helped them gain their university places. Nicola Fairbairn, a former head girl at St Mary’s and who was a member of the student senate at the twins’ hostel, was also present.

On the desk were reports from the girls’ university tutors. Dr Melanie Wilson had reported on the girls’ very poor performance in English and Mr Brian Collins who reported on their severely substandard work in History. Professor Malcolm Baird, the twins’ Geography tutor, had only seen them once and he had not submitted a report. Also in attendance in Miss Gregory’s office was Jessica Morgan who was an assistant school secretary and who was also a PA and personal maid to Miss Helen Howarth, the junior maths and school disciplinary mistress. Jessica, who was wearing a short, dark business suit, was hovering behind Miss Gregory ready to refill cups of tea and to quickly fetch any information or equipment the headmistress needed.

Angela and Julie shivered as they stood anxiously in their corner with their noses touching the wall and trying to hear what was being said about them. Although it was late in November the weather was unusually warm and the girls had been told to report to Miss Gregory wearing their short blue gingham dresses which were the school’s summer uniform.

Nicola had brought the twins back to school from university in her little car and there had been some discussion about what Miss Gregory might do to them.  The twins had hoped they might just get a good talking to, but remembered Miss Gregory saying that in the past she had called girls back from university to be caned even though they had left school. Surely Miss Gregory wouldn’t be allowed to cane them now they had left school? Angela would protest vigorously if this was suggested although she wondered if she would ever be brave enough to challenge the headmistress face to face. Angela could remember the head’s exact ominous words on Old Girls’ Day.

‘You may have left St Mary’s but you are still girls of the school and subject to school punishments.’

When the girls arrived at St Mary’s they went to the school office where they were greeted by Miss Frost, the school secretary.

“Ah yes, the Spencer twins, Angela and Julie, Miss Gregory told me to expect you. You are going to be punished for your disgraceful performance at university, aren’t you?” She said with a grim smile.

“We’re not sure, Miss Frost.” Said Angela. “We hope we’re not going to be punished, don’t we Julie?”

“Hopefully not.” Said Julie feeling rather worried in case Miss Gregory had already decided to punish them.

“I think she plans to thrash the pair of you. I certainly would thrash you if I were headmistress.” Said Miss Frost grimly. “Jessica has been busily oiling canes this morning.”

“Perhaps Miss Gregory is going to cane someone else?” Suggested Julie.

“No, I’m sure it’s you two. Miss Gregory was reading your college reports this morning and tutting as she read them. That’s always a bad sign. When she starts to tut, canes come out, knickers come down and bottoms begin to sting.”

The girls remembered Miss Frost being beastly to them a few months ago when they were still at school waiting for Miss Gregory to cane them after they failed her special tests.

“Does Miss Gregory want to see us this evening?” Asked Angela.

“No, you are to report to Stephanie Pickering in Sixth Form Dormitory A so you better go up there straight away.” Said Miss Frost, glancing at her watch. “Miss Gregory had planned to put you two in a guest room but they’re all booked this weekend. Your mother has one, and she wants to see you this evening. Nicola Smith has one and Miss Cameron the other.”

“Hi girls.” Said Stephanie with a smile as she opened the dormitory door in response to Angela’s quiet knock. “Nice to see you again. If you remember when we met a few weeks back it was in stressful circumstances.”

“Oh yes, Stephanie, you had just been in the prefects’ study hadn’t you?” Said Julie.

“Yes, Felicity Matthews had just given Liz, Charlie and me the slipper for talking in assembly and she had really laid it on.” Stephanie frowned and then smiled again and pretended to rub her bottom. “Amanda and Milly are away at interviews this weekend and so Miss Gregory suggested you used their beds, if that’s OK?”

“That will be fine thanks and we can’t wait to hear all about the goings on at the school.” Said Julie.

“Anyway we had better go down for tea if we want to get there before all the food has gone! Charlie, Liz and Jennifer are down there and they have promised to keep places for us. Come on!”

Stephanie linked arms with Angela and Julie and walked them down to the dining room.

“It’s great to have you here. Oh and don’t forget we’re not allowed to talk at tea until Felicity gives us permission.” Stephanie put her finger on her lips as they entered the dining room.

Charlie, Liz and Jennifer gave the twins great big hugs and a kiss as they greeted them. Felicity, the head girl, came over to say hullo and whispered that talking wasn’t allowed until she gave permission. She also said that Miss Gregory had said the Spencer girls must be treated as if they were still at St Mary’s for the duration of the weekend. Felicity hoped they would remember and obey all the rules.

Mrs Spencer, Miss Cameron and Nicola were sitting at the top table talking to staff members. The twins decided not to wave but to see their mother after tea whilst the girls were having prep.

“You may talk now girls.” Announced Felicity after a few minutes. “But keep your voices down please.”

“It’s great that you are sharing with us in the dorm.” Said Charlotte with a smile. “I can’t wait to hear about your fun at college and I can’t wait to go to uni myself, away from all the petty rules and punishments here.”

“How long have you had sixth form dormitories, Charlie?” Asked Julie. “Angela and I shared a twin room here in the sixth form.”

“Her Majesty, sorry, the headmistress, decided that too many girls were sending illegal e-mails and tweets from study rooms and we could be better supervised in dormitories.” Explained Charlotte. “Amanda is our dormitory moniteress and is supposed to keep us in order. She’s allowed to spank us herself or report us to a prefect for the slipper if we break any rules.” Said Stephanie. “She spanked me soon after I got here because my corner of the dorm was untidy. She’s got a very hard hand. Ouch! But she’s away this weekend and so we can have more fun!”

Charlotte glanced at her watch. “Golly it’s time for prep. We better go girls; Cheryl’s the prefect on duty and she doesn’t do late.”

“We’ll go and see mum.” Said Angela. “Hopefully we can meet up later in your dorm.”

“I might be able to put my hands on a little sip of gin to celebrate your visit.” Said Charlotte with a grin.

“Be careful darling.” Warned Liz. “Her Majesty gets rather cross if drunken girls or booze are discovered.”

“Hullo darlings.” Said Mrs Spencer as she kissed her twin daughters. “I’m sorry we’re not meeting under happier circumstances. I’m not sure what Miss Gregory’s going to say and whether it will be possible for you to keep your places at college. We are having a preliminary talk with her over coffee this evening, more talks tomorrow and then we are all meeting her for a ‘Crisis Meeting’ with you two on Sunday morning straight after chapel.”

“But Mummy, why are Miss Cameron and Nicola Smith here too?” Asked Julie anxiously.

“Miss Gregory wants to review all aspects of your first term at college. Miss Cameron knows you very well from all the coaching she gave you when you failed the mock exams last term. She also knows the best way to make you work hard and not be lazy. Nicola knows you from your school days and also how you have behaved in the hostel. I hope they will be able to put in a good word for you.”

“Please Mummy darling, please help us stay at college. We’ve made some mistakes as you know but we’d like to stay and we’ll promise to work harder in future.” Pleaded Angela, and Julie nodded in agreement.

“I’m sorry darlings but you have been very, very naughty girls despite all the warnings you have had. But I’m not going to discuss it now. We will see what Miss Gregory and the others have to say after our meetings.”

“Mummy, what do you think Miss Gregory will do to us?” Asked Angela anxiously.

“I’m not sure darling, but when I spoke to her before this crisis meeting she did say that she had actually had to cane some girls after they had left St Mary’s.”

“Please don’t let her cane us. The cane really hurts and you wouldn’t want us to be hurt would you Mummy?” Pleaded Julie holding her hands together as if in prayer.

“Sorry darling the matter is closed until we see Miss Gregory.” Replied Mrs Spencer firmly.  “Now make me a nice cup of tea and help me unpack.”

“Yes Mummy” Replied the twins in unison.

“By the way darlings.” Said Mrs Spencer. “I’ve booked you both in for a revision fortnight at Christmas with Miss Cameron.”

“Oh please no Mummy. Please no!”

“Sorry, it’s all arranged darlings.” Replied Mrs Spencer.

As the twins walked back to the sixth form dormitory Julie said: “Do you think Miss Gregory is planning to cane us Angela?”

“I really really hope not, darling, but it was horrible to hear that nasty Miss Frost saying how cross Miss Gregory was and how she made Jessica oil her canes.” Replied Julie.

“Yes that was horrible, that Miss Frost deserves to be caned herself and to know how much the cane stings. Then perhaps she wouldn’t be so horrid about girls being caned.”

“Let’s try not to think about it tonight and enjoy talking to the girls.” Said Angela as they reached the dormitory. They chatted with the girls who were just back from prep.

“How did prep go?” Asked Angela.

“About the same as usual, rather boring.” Replied Charlie.

“Alison Smith was talking and Cheryl spotted her.” Said Liz.

“Oh dear poor Alison. Will she be punished?” Asked Julie, thinking punishment for Alison was almost certain.

“She’s got an appointment to see Cheryl tomorrow morning wearing her ‘naughty girl’ clothes and as Cheryl never lets anyone off, Alison will almost certainly get a smacked bottom.”

“The first slippering I had was from Cheryl.” Said Stephanie thoughtfully. “Do you remember, Charlie, we had that pillow fight in the dorm? Holly and Alison were there too and we all had the slipper and we only had our pyjamas for protection.”

“Did Cheryl make you go to the prefects’ study to be punished?” Asked Angela.

“No she whacked us all there and then in the dorm!” Recalled Charlie.

“At least you don’t get slippered at uni, do you Angela?” Said Liz.

“Well yes and no.” Angela smiled.

“What do you mean?” Asked Liz.

“Well we live in Beaufort House, a girls’ hostel, and as first years we have to be in by ten o’clock at night. Girls of all years are not allowed to have alcohol or boys in their rooms.” Explained Angela.

“So no boys, no booze and a ten o’clock curfew. That’s pretty severe isn’t it?” Observed Charlie.

“In Freshers’ week there are lots of social events including pub crawls.” Continued Angela. “Julie and I got pretty tipsy on vodka and tonics and then we had some slap and tickle with two boys.”

“Go on don’t keep us in suspense.” Said Charlie excitedly. “Tell us more. It sounds great fun to me!”

“Well when we got back to the hostel at nearly midnight the doors were locked and we rang the bell several times.”

“Guess who came to let us in?” Asked Julie.

“Who?” Charlie almost shouted.

“None other than bloody Nicola Smith.” Said Julie. “She’s on the student senate in our hostel with two other girls and can impose sanctions on girls or report them to the principal, Dr Mortimer.”

“The Nicola who was head girl here a few years back?” Asked Liz.

“The same.” Said Angela. “She knew we were St Mary’s girls and recognized us by our bottoms!”

“I don’t believe it. That’s really kinky.” Observed Liz.

Jennifer Hillary glanced at her watch. “It’s cocoa time, girls, shall we go down and hopefully hear more about Angela and Julie’s adventures when we come back?”

Felicity Matthews gave the twins a warning over cocoa.

“I gather you have had some problems at uni?” She said.

“Well yes, Felicity, we sort of got off on the wrong foot and concentrated on fun rather than work.” Explained Angela.

“So we have had to come for a crisis meeting with Miss Gregory on Sunday morning.” Added Julie.

“Oh dear.” Said Felicity rather primly. “But please stick to the school rules while you are here. Miss Gregory has specifically asked me to punish you if do break any school rules. I don’t want to have to beat you or anything but if I have to I will. OK?”

“Er Yes Felicity.” Whispered the twins anxiously.

Half an hour later the girls had had their cocoa, had been to the bathroom, changed into their pyjamas and were sitting in their beds encouraging the twins to tell them more about university life. Charlie had served sips of gin in beakers all round.

“So what did Nicola do to you?” Asked Jennifer.

“Well she accused us of being drunk and disorderly, which we were.” Explained Angela. “We had to see her in her room in the morning and she said she must report us to Dr Mortimer who might decide to throw us out.”

“Gosh what happened next?” Asked Stephanie. “Don’t keep us in suspense.”

“Well we didn’t want to be chucked out before we had really started.” Julie explained. “So we asked her if she could punish us herself and not report us to Dr Mortimer.”

“In the end she gave us both six of the slipper and didn’t report us.” Explained Angela. “She really laid the slipper on but even though it stung like mad we thought it was worth it not to be thrown out.”

“I remember she used to be pretty bloody aggressive with the slipper when she was a prefect here.” Recalled Liz with a frown.

There was a tap on the door and Felicity Matthews came in.

“Don’t forget it’s lights out in twenty minutes, girls.” She said. “It’s the slipper for anyone who talks after that.”

“Can we ask for a dispensation as Julie and Angela are here.” Said Charlie “We’ve got lots to talk about?”

“Sorry girls, no.” Felicity turned to go but then glanced back into the dormitory.

“Jennifer.” She ordered. “Let me see you finger nails.”

Jennifer reluctantly showed them. They were a beautiful red colour, painted earlier in preparation for her date with a Grammar School boy the following afternoon. Jennifer’s toe-nails were the same colour. Painted nails were against school rules.

“See me at ten o’clock tomorrow, Jennifer.” Ordered Felicity and she decided to check the finger and toe-nails of the others. Angela and Julie had dark purple nails.

“Oh dear! You two had better join Jennifer on her visit to me for punishment in the morning.” Ordered the head girl.

“Surely that’s unfair, Felicity.” Protested Liz. “The twins have left school.”

“No it’s not unfair.” Replied Felicity firmly. “Miss Gregory said the twins were to obey school rules while they we here and be punished for any breaches. Oh and I would advise you three to remove your nail varnish before you see me tomorrow.”

“What do you think she’ll do with us, Jennifer?” Asked Angela.

“I think it’s almost certain to be the slipper.” Replied Jennifer. “What do you think Charlie?”

“Yes, I agree, but I’m really sorry if you do get the slipper specially now you’ve left school.”

“Does Felicity hit you very hard?” Asked Angela anxiously, conscious of tears in her eyes.

“Yes, I’m afraid she does.” Said Charlie. “She’s a bit like Jilly Hicks used to be.”

“Oh no!” Squeaked Angela who remembered bending over to receive the slipper from super-fit Jilly on a number of occasions.

The twins also explained they had got in to quite a lot of scrapes at college.  They had got drunk at the ‘Down with Skool’ dance and had been caught after curfew and slippered again by Nicola. They had also spent all their money in the first few weeks and had done really badly in English. On the positive side they had met two nice third year boys, Rob and Ben, but after all the problems with work their mother had banned dates with boys for the rest of the term.

“Because of all these mistakes we have to see Miss Gregory on Sunday morning and were scared about what she might do.” Explained Angela.

“So you could just get tipped out of uni?” Asked Jennifer who had already started to remove her nail varnish.

“We hope not.” Said Julie. “But Miss Gregory may decide to punish us and then try to persuade college to let us stay on.”

“That’s dreadful.” Said Jennifer sympathetically. “And now you’ve also got six of the best from Felicity in the morning too!”

“Yes, worst luck.” Agreed Julie “And we haven’t got any gym shorts to put on.”

“Don’t worry darling. We can lend you some naughty girls’ clothes and we’ll chum you to the prefects’ study in the morning.” Charlie came forward and gave Julie a cuddle and Angela a kiss.

The twins didn’t sleep very well, anticipating their visit with Jennifer to see Felicity at ten o’clock. They didn’t feel very hungry at breakfast either. Charlie and Liz helped the twins find some gym shorts to wear and they went with Jennifer to put them on in the changing room. All three girls had white blouses and shorts.  Jennifer had put her fair hair up into a little topknot and the twins had their light brown hair tied in bunches with ribbons. At five to ten Liz and Charlie walked with the girls to the prefects’ study and Jennifer went forward to knock on the door.  Felicity opened the door herself. She was looking very neat and tidy in her green school uniform and she was carrying a black plimsoll in her right hand.

“Ah yes, I remember.” Felicity frowned and then smiled sweetly. “It’s three for the slipper isn’t it?”

“Er yes, I think so.” Said Jennifer quietly.

“Come in and stand here while I plan what to do with you.”

Across the room, Alison was already being told off by Cheryl for talking in prep.  Jennifer and the twins could just hear what was being said.

“I’m going to slipper you, Alison.” Said Cheryl looking round for the large white plimsole that most of the prefects used. “You have only yourself to blame. In any case, Alison, I have slippered you before for the same offence, haven’t I?”

“Yes, you have Cheryl; err, last term, but please could you let me off this time?” Asked Alison who was also wearing her white gym blouse and shorts. “I somehow forgot we weren’t allowed to talk in prep.”

“Well six of the slipper will help you remember next time.” Said Cheryl firmly as she located the slipper from the windowsill. “Bend over this chair.”

Alison’s shorts covered the contours of her bottom closely, presenting an attractive target as Cheryl carefully took aim. Just as Cheryl was preparing to give Alison the first stroke the telephone rang. Felicity answered it.

“Oh hullo Miss Gregory, it’s Felicity. Can I help you Madam?”

Felicity held up her hand for silence and Cheryl ordered Alison to remain bending over the chair.

“Yes madam, I’ll come immediately.” Said Felicity as she replaced the receiver. “Carry on Cheryl, sorry to stop you.”

Alison’s first stroke landed with a loud whack making her gasp as the burning sting of the slipper invaded her bottom.

“Right you three.” Began Felicity. “Miss Gregory wants to see me immediately so I haven’t got time to beat you now. Come back here in half an hour and I’ll deal with you then.”

“Oh, OK Felicity.” Angela said quietly and the girls left the study as Alison’s punishment continued.

They decided to walk outside in the warm autumn sunshine. Jennifer walked in the middle with her arms round the shoulders of the twins. Each twin had an arm resting on Jennifer’s shoulders. Felicity watched them go, noting three slim waists above three shapely bottoms protected only by gym shorts. She would really make their bottoms sting after she had seen Miss Gregory. Giving three sound slipperings would help relieve the inevitable tension generated by a meeting with the headmistress.

“I hate delays like this.” Said Jennifer. “We should have had the slipper by now and it’s still to come.”

“Yes,” agreed Angela, conscious of her bottom feeling very sensitive and knowing that it would soon be stinging like mad.

“My boyfriend likes to pinch my bottom.” Jennifer pouted. “I quite like it but I hope he doesn’t do it this afternoon.”

“No that would really hurt.” Said Julie conscious that the nerves in her own bottom were on full alert. It was also going to meet the slipper quite soon.

Felicity was back when the girls reported to the prefects’ study again.

She lectured the three girls on the disgrace of schoolgirls wearing nail varnish. It looked ‘tarty’ and ‘common’ in her opinion and in any case it was against the school rules, punishment was inevitable. They would each receive six of the slipper.

Jennifer went first and the twins, holding hands anxiously, watched as Felicity very efficiently gave her six of the best. The slipper landed with a loud whack making Jennifer squirm and gasp. Felicity gave the first three strokes across the lower part of Jennifer’s bottom; one stroke on the left, one on the right and one in the middle and then gave the next three strokes in exactly the same place.

After beating Jennifer, Felicity paused in thought.

“I really enjoy giving the slipper. I think I am good at it too.” She said, giving a fierce grin at her victims. “It’s very satisfying and a good way to relieve tension. Right Angela, you’re next. Come and bend over the chair.” Ordered Felicity.

Angela got into position, conscious that Jennifer was dancing on tiptoe clasping her bottom with both hands. Jennifer’s face was very pink and her face was tear-stained.

Angela received her six hard strokes, each stinging her bottom severely and making her gasp and say “Owwwch” every time the slipper landed.

Julie was then summoned to bend over and Felicity gave her six strokes.

“Right,” Said Felicity. “I hope that’s taught you all a lesson. Don’t do it again. Now get out.”

“Thank you Felicity.” Whispered Julie, and the others nodded.

The three girls left the study clasping their bottoms. They all had tears in their eyes but were just managing not to weep.

“Gosh that really stung.” Said Julie as she rubbed her bottom carefully. “She was really hitting hard and these shorts we had to wear really don’t give any protection. She makes the slipper land really low down on your bottom where it stings most.”

“Yes and it makes sitting down more painful.” Said Jennifer.

The girls decided to walk in the school grounds to cool off after their punishment.  They came across Miss Manning, the Sports Mistress, doing some rugby training with four sixth-formers. Nicola was talking to her. The four girls had almost completed a circuit of the sports field. They had very pink faces and were panting as they slowed down by the mistress hoping to stop. They were wearing their rugby kit of black shirts and shorts in addition to their studded rugby boots.

“Right girls, go round again.” Ordered Miss Manning.

“Oh please no Miss.” Pleaded one of the girls. “We’re really tired Miss.”

“Go round again, that’s an order.” Miss Manning smiled sarcastically.

Miss Manning remembered meeting the twins at the Old Girls’ Day earlier in the term.

“These four girls are members of the third XV.” She explained. “You can see they are not very fit and they’re not really trying to improve. So they are having a special Saturday morning ‘boot camp training session.’ They are hoping to avoid punishment but as it’s part of boot camp I somehow doubt they will.”

When the four rugby girls completed their second circuit, Miss Manning immediately set them to work with rubber tyres. Two girls were ordered to lift and turn over a large tractor tyre and the other two, Paula and Elspeth, were sent to push car tyres which were flat on the ground across the grass.

Miss Manning pulled the rubber sole of a plimsoll from her tracksuit pocket. The upper part had been trimmed off leaving the well-worn flexible sole. Paula was struggling with her tyre, hardly moving it on the damp grass. Her head was down near her hands and her back and bottom elevated. She was pushing hard with her arms and legs but the tyre stubbornly refused to move.

Miss Manning gave her two hard whacks on her bottom.

“Ow! Oww! Miss!” Paula squeaked in surprise. “Please Miss, that really hurts.”

“Put your back and bottom into it girl or I’ll whack you again!”

Paula redoubled her efforts but still received two more whacks. With extra effort she managed to move the tyre a few feet forwards.

“That’s better Paula,” Said Miss Manning. “Now change places with the tractor tyre girls and let’s see how you do.”

“What a useful instrument you have for punishment.” Nicola said with a smile.

“Yes, it fits in the pocket better than a whole plimsoll would and in a way it follows the contours of a girl’s bottom more closely and hopefully stings more.” Grinned Miss Manning.”

“I think I’ll make one myself.” Said Nicola thoughtfully.

Jennifer and the twins looked on sympathetically, their own burning bottoms remembering the very recent sting of Felicity’s slipper.

Part 2

The twins attended the Sunday morning service in the school chapel with their mother. Their Crisis Meeting with Miss Gregory would follow the service. After a hymn and a prayer Miss Gregory gave a little address, reminding the congregation that being a St Mary’s girl was a life long commitment.

The skills learned at school would help girls throughout their lives. As the girls knew, St Mary’s had an excellent record for hard work and good behaviour. To help girls behave properly the school had a number of sanctions including corporal punishment. Some thought it old fashioned but St Mary’s girls knew that a visit to Miss Gregory’s study could end with a caning and only a few foolish girls came back for a second dose. Felicity and her fellow prefects were responsible for ensuring school rules were obeyed and the slipper was known to be waiting for those who broke the rules.

Angela and Julie felt uncomfortable and were still uncertain what Miss Gregory would do to them. Both were conscious of having rather tender bottoms following Felicity’s slippering yesterday. They shivered and wriggled to try to get more comfortable on the chapel bench.

Miss Gregory was talking again.

“Most girls go on to university and immediately get on with their work as they did at school. Most girls are careful not to fall into bad company with boys, waste their money or becoming drunk and disorderly.”

Two sixth form girls sniggered, forgetting that Felicity was sitting just in front of them.

“You two girls.” Said the head girl turning round. “Report to me in the prefects’ study as soon as the service is over.”

“A few girls.” Continued the headmistress. “Get into bad company at university and fail to work and then are surprised when they are threatened with expulsion.”

Angela and Julie could feel themselves blushing deeply as several girls turned to look at them.

“In some cases I am able to help these ‘renegade girls’ avoid expulsion by promising the university authorities that I will punish them severely and plan a remedial programme for them.”

Angela reached for Julie’s hand and squeezed it gently and the girls exchanged glances.

“In most cases a sound caning is sufficient to put girls back on track but in a few cases a second caning may be required to reinforce the message.”

Angela and Julie squeezed each others hands again and a sudden rush of goose pimples swept across their bottoms as the threat of a caning became a reality.

“So.” Concluded Miss Gregory. “Let this be a warning to you all, especially girls hoping to go to university this year. Start work as soon as you arrive, continue to work hard and limit recreation. Remember that a cane is waiting in my office even though you have left St Mary’s.”

The Headmistress gave a grim smile and announced: “We will now stand to sing ‘All things Bright and Beautiful’ followed by prayers.”

The twins didn’t feel like singing and linked arms as they stood. Nicola, who was in the row behind them, tapped them on the shoulder.

“Stand up properly, put your hands down and sing.” She ordered.

A few minutes later the kneeling twins prayed they would be let off but feared they wouldn’t be. New tears formed in their eyes. They walked back to the school and after a visit to the bathroom went to wait outside Miss Gregory’s study.  Jessica let them in and whispered how sorry she was they were in trouble and wished them good luck. She escorted them to the corner and left them facing the wall with their noses just touching it. She went to arrange seats for the crisis meeting and to make coffee for the guests. Miss Gregory’s study had very bad associations for the twins. Miss Gregory had caned them both when they failed her special tests just before their A levels. Miss Howarth had given them both a special bare-bottomed slippering in the study when they came to the recent Old Girls’ Weekend for avoiding a punishment before they left school.

“Right you two, come here.” Ordered Miss Gregory grimly after about fifteen minutes of discussion at the crisis meeting. “Stand properly so we can all see you as you really are; the girls who let St Mary’s School, their parents, Miss Cameron and Nicola down.”

Angela and Julie came across the study, put their hands behind their backs, pulled their shoulders back and tried not to catch the headmistress’s eye.

“You two have also let me down personally.” Continued Miss Gregory. “Which is unacceptable after all I did to help you gain university entrance.”

“Sorry Madam.” Said Angela. “Could we explain what happened?”

“Silence girl!” Snapped Miss Gregory. “We are not interested in your lame excuses for this catalogue of disgraceful behaviour at university. In all my years as headmistress I have never seen behaviour like this.”

Angela and Julie looked at the faces of the ladies sitting behind Miss Gregory’s desk. All were grim and unsmiling. The twins’ faces felt hot and tears were not far away. Their freshly washed, light-brown hair was held in bunches, each with a small white ribbon. They looked attractive in their short blue gingham uniform dresses. The dresses were quite tight fitting, emphasizing the girls’ bosoms, their slim waists and their rounded hips. Their shapely and rounded thighs broadened as they disappeared under the hems of their dresses. Their shoes had moderately high heels.

Miss Gregory told the girls their behaviour at university had been nothing short of disgusting, disgraceful and disorderly. Rather than applying themselves to their studies they had neglected their work and had concentrated on drink and boys. They had attended a number of lewd events such as pub-crawls and a ‘Back to skool’ dance. Nicola Fairbairn had been horrified to recognize them as St Mary’s girls. They had spent their generous termly allowance within the first two weeks of term leaving their mother to bale them out. Their tutors’ reports in English and History had been nothing short of dreadful and Dr Wilson in English had forecast that they would fail their end of term exams and be asked to leave unless it could be shown that they had turned over a new leaf and applied themselves to their studies.

“You would think these girls could behave themselves for the duration of this important weekend.” Said Miss Gregory. “But no, they were both found with coloured varnish on their nails which is against school rules. They were duly slippered by the head girl yesterday morning.”

“Do you girls really wish to pursue your university career?” Asked Miss Gregory.

“Yes please, Madam.” Replied Angela. “And we’re very sorry for the problems we’ve caused.”

“I am sure you will be extremely sorry when I tell you what is going to happen to you.” Said Miss Gregory, adding: “If you wish to remain at university you will agree to the following conditions:

Alcohol being banned completely.

Mobile telephones disallowed.

Email accounts closed.

Nicola will become your personal prefect supervising all your activities, with permission to use her slipper whenever necessary.

No more dates with boys without Nicola’s permission.

Weekly pocket money will be given out by Nicola.

Prep with Nicola for two hours each evening after tea.

Lights out in your room at 10.30 pm enforced by Nicola.

Sporting activity, probably rugby, every Saturday afternoon supervised by Nicola.”

“But Madam.” Began Julie now in tears. “That’s not fair, we’ve left school.”

‘Silence girl.” Snapped Miss Gregory. “In addition, we have decided that you will both be caned.”

Angela half raised her hand and said.  “But we’re grown ups now and err…”

Angela stopped talking as Miss Gregory approached her.

“We have decided that you will both receive eight strokes of the cane upon your bare bottoms as a punishment for your disgraceful behaviour. If you argue about that sentence the number of strokes will increase to twelve upon your bare bottoms.” Said the headmistress.

The ladies round the table nodded grimly, confirming their support for Miss Gregory’s firm stand and the punishments she was awarding.

“Please Mummy, don’t let her cane us.” Pleaded Julie through her tears.

“Please no Mummy it’s not fair…” Began Angela tearfully.

“I’m sorry darlings but you only have yourselves to blame. It’s entirely your own fault and if you want to stay at university you will have to be caned. Then Miss Gregory can report that you have been severely punished and plead with Dr Wilson and others to let you stay.”

“Right you two, go back to your corner and make up your minds about being caned.” Ordered Miss Gregory. “Do you want to leave university in disgrace or will you accept the punishments that we have awarded you. Put your hands up when you have made your choice.”

“Yes madam.” Angela and Julie said quietly as they walked back to their corner.  Jessica was ordered to pour more coffee for the crisis group and then to fetch Miss Gregory’s favourite cane.

The twins both had tear-stained faces and had a little hug as they reached their corner.

“What do you think darling?” Angela asked her sister. “I know we have been a bit silly at university and we did sort of get lead astray when we first got there.”

“Yes.” Said Julie. “But it was our first experience of being away from school and home. We were suddenly free from all the restrictions and punishments at St Mary’s and we did sort of let our hair down.”

“I don’t like the idea of Nicola being made our personal prefect.” Said Julie.

“Yes, and allowed to spank us with a slipper whenever she feels like it. It really will be like being back at school.” Replied Angela, conscious of fresh tears running down her face.

“I wish we could run away, just like I thought when we were waiting for Miss Howarth to slipper us at the Old Girls’ Weekend.”

“Yes, I agree, but they would track us down and punish us.” Replied Angela.

“We’re not prepared to wait much longer, girls.” Miss Gregory called across the room. “Hands up as soon as you are ready.”

“Yes Madam.” Came the anxious reply.

“Just an idea Julie.” Said Angela. “I know it’s horrible, shall we agree to the restrictions but ask to be let off the caning?”

“Er, yes, I guess we have no other choice.” Replied Julie. “You do the talking, darling.”

Angela put her hand up and Miss Gregory noticed her after a minute or two.

“Right come back here you two. Are you prepared to accept our sanctions which will allow me to do my best to plead for you to continue at university?”

“Er. Yes, Madam.” Replied Angela with a trembling voice. “We will accept the sanctions but we don’t think we should have the cane too.”

“The caning is an important part of your punishment. I caned you both last year but obviously not severely enough. You must be caned if I am to ask the university to keep you on.”

Angela and Julie looked at each other. It seemed there was no way out; they would have to be caned.

“Please Madam we are prepared to be caned.” Angela said in a  whisper.

Mrs Spencer decided not to watch her daughters being caned but they would go up to her room after they had seen matron. Nicola and Miss Cameron decided to watch. Miss Cameron had thought for some time about getting herself a cane to supplement the work of Sebastian, her strap, and Percy, her paddle. Jessica was ordered to move comfortable chairs for them and refill their coffee cups. The twins were ordered to fetch a low backed chair each and place them side by side in front of Miss Gregory’s desk.

“Stand behind your chair girls!” Ordered Miss Gregory. “Bend over your chair, holding the seat with both hands. Jessica! Turn their dresses up and take their knickers down to just above their knees.”

“Right, two girls ready for punishment.” Observed the headmistress as Angela and Julie exchanged glances. “Can you ladies see alright?” Asked Miss Gregory.

“Yes thank you, Miss Gregory.” Replied the two observers.

“I shall give Angela two strokes before passing on to Julie, who will receive her first two strokes. I shall then return to Angela and so on until both girls have had eight strokes each. You will count the strokes and thank me for each one, girls. You will remain bending over until I tell you to rise and you will not make any noise. Is that clear?”

“Yes Madam.”

Angela felt the cool cane touching her bottom and flinched as it retreated. Miss Gregory flexed her cane and lashed it through the air.

“Last year I had trouble with my caning arm.” She said, turning towards Miss Cameron. “But now, thanks to a rest and physiotherapy, I am back to full strength, as these girls will soon discover.” She grinned as she turned back to Angela and tapped her bottom again.

‘Thwick!’ The first stroke landed high up on Angela’s bare bottom.

“Owww! One thank you Madam.” Gasped Angela and involuntarily moved her burning bottom across the back of the chair.

‘Thwick!’ The second stroke landed, making Angela squirm.

“Eeoww! Two thank you Madam.” She gasped and raised each of her feet in turn.

Miss Gregory positioned herself behind Julie and took careful aim with her cane.  Julie held her breath waiting for the cane to land.


“Yaaah! Yoww! One thank you Madam.” Squeaked Julie, pushing her thighs against the chair back as if trying to escape from the cane.

‘Thwick!’ The cane landed a little lower on Julie’s bottom and she squeaked in distress again. “Two thank you Madam.”

Miss Gregory started with Angela again, giving her two more strokes neatly spaced below the first two.

When Julie received her fourth stroke she jumped to her feet with another “Yaaah! Owww!” She turned her tear stained face to Miss Gregory as she held her bottom in both hands. “Please no more Madam it’s so painful. We’ll never be naughty again and we’re very sorry, aren’t we Angela?” She pleaded.

Angela turned from her bent position to Miss Gregory, who was flexing her cane.

“Yes! Please, no more Madam, it really hurts and yes we’ll be good and agree to anything you say.”

“Get back over the chair, girl, and silence both of you. If either of you get up, touch your bottoms or speak I will start at the beginning again.”

Julie quickly regained her position over the chair and Angela reached across to pat her sister’s hand. Angela’s hand returned quickly to hold the seat of her chair as Miss Gregory tapped her bottom in preparation for the fifth and sixth strokes.  Jessica lifted the bottom of Julie’s dress which had slipped down when she got up.

‘Thwick!’ ‘Thwick’!’ Angela gasped. “Owwww!” As each stroke landed, she lifted each foot in turn and moved her bottom from side to side across the chair back.

“Only two more.” She thought briefly as Julie received her next two strokes and just managed to maintain her position.

The girls glanced at each other from their bent position, each saw a very red tear-stained face.

Miss Gregory paused as she prepared to give the last two strokes to each girl.  She flexed her supple cane thoughtfully.

“I always make the last two strokes the hardest.” She explained to Nicola and Miss Cameron. “It drives the lesson home and acts as a deterrent.”

Angela held her breath anticipating the seventh and then the eighth stroke.

‘Thwick!’ The seventh stroke landed at the junction of Angela’s bottom and thigh.

“Owww!” She gasped followed by another “Owww!” as the eighth stroke landed just below the seventh.


Julie whispered: “Please no.” As Miss Gregory tapped her bottom and lashed the last two strokes down. ‘Thwick! Thwick!’

“Ahhh! Please!”

“You may stand.” Announced Miss Gregory after a long pause. “Pants up.” She added and Jessica came forward to help the girls gently replace their lowered knickers. “Go up to see Matron in her room where she is waiting for you and then go and see your mother in her guest room.” Ordered Miss Gregory.

“Yes Madam. Thank you.” Angela said quietly as her hands carefully tried to comfort her tender bottom.

“We’ll be leaving for the university in an hour.” Warned Nicola.

“Thank you Nicola.” Julie sobbed.

“One final word of warning girls.” Said Miss Gregory grimly. “If I have to call you back for further punishment you will receive twelve strokes on your bare bottoms. If you have any sense you will try to avoid being called back for punishment.”

“Yes we will Madam.” The girls decided they would do anything to avoid having to come back.

“Come in you two.” Said Matron cheerily, as she sipped a glass of sherry. “I was expecting you.”

“We’ve just been caned, Matron. Can you help us please?”

“Of course I will and I will give you half a glass of sherry each too.”

The girls accepted gratefully and, on Matron’s orders, lifted their blue school dresses, lowered their knickers and bent carefully forward over Matron’s desk.

“Well.” Observed Matron. “That was quite a caning. Miss Gregory may be approaching retirement but she can still cane! The strokes are beautifully separated and cover the whole bottom. Prize winning canings!”

Matron gently applied cold cream to each burning bottom and helped the girls replace their knickers. They thanked her, finished their sherry and went slowly up to see their mother.”

“Come in darlings. How are your poor little bottoms?” Asked Mrs Spencer as the girls came forward for a kiss.

“Very sore Mummy and please don’t ask us to sit down. It was a horrible caning, Mummy, and Miss Gregory was very severe with us. We’ll never be able to sit down again.” Said Julie, whose tears had started again.

“Blow your nose, darling.” Advised her mother, handing Julie a tissue and gave another to Angela. “Well I am very sorry you have been caned, darlings, but I hope you have learned your lessons and will really get down to work now.”

“Oh we have learned, Mummy, and we’re really going to turn over a new leaf, aren’t we Julie?” Said Angela.

“Yes definitely, Mummy.” Promised Julie.

“I am glad Nicola is going to keep a special eye on you and I am pleased she will slipper you if you behave badly.”

“Mummy that’s not fair. We’re not schoolgirls any more.”

“No darlings, but you have behaved like irresponsible schoolgirls but lacking the slipper that schoolgirls need to keep them in line.”

“Could you ask Nicola not to treat us too harshly, Mummy?”

“Sorry darlings, no can do. You better hurry. I think Nicola’s waiting to take you back. I wouldn’t risk annoying her if I were you.”

“Right you two, put your bags in the boot and get in the back.” Ordered the prefect.

“Please Nicola, we just can’t sit down; our bottoms are just too tender.” Pleaded Julie.

“Yes that was quite a caning Miss Gregory gave you but I can’t wait all day. If you disobey me and don’t get in at once I’ll take you back into school, to the prefects’ study, and give you six of the slipper each, so what is it to be?”

“Sorry Nicola, we’ll get in carefully. Perhaps we could kneel on the seats instead of sitting on them?”

The twins settled quickly into their new regime and reported to Nicola for their two-hour prep session each evening. Nicola had booked one of the study rooms at the hostel and made the girls sit at desks well apart so talking would not be a temptation. If they wanted to speak they had to put their hands up for permission and they had to show Nicola any written work they had done during the session.

One evening Julie seemed to be having difficulty concentrating and her mind kept returning to the message they had received from Rob and Ben earlier in the day insisting that she and Angela get in touch. She had only completed a few lines of the essay Dr Wilson had given them during their tutorial.

“Julie.” Warned Nicola. “If I see you day dreaming again I shall punish you.”

“Oh sorry Nicola. Err, I’m just thinking about my essay.” Explained Julie.

“Bring your work out here.” Ordered Nicola, taking a plimsole from the drawer of her desk. “When have you got to hand this in, Julie, and how many words?”

“Err tomorrow, Nicola, and it’s a thousand words.” Replied Julie, eyeing the slipper anxiously.

“Well you had better start serious writing at once, hadn’t you?”

“Yes Nicola, I should manage it.”

“Don’t forget my warning!”

“No Nicola.” Julie hurried back to her desk and exchanged a worried smile with her sister.

Ten minutes later Julie was clearly daydreaming again. Rob and Ben had left a note for the twins saying they must repay the cost of the dinner dance they had failed to attend on their mother’s orders.

“Come our here Julie!” Ordered Nicola, getting to her feet and picking up her slipper.

“Please don’t spank me. I’m sorry, I just can’t think of how to start my essay.” Pleaded Julie.

“Well hopefully a dose of the slipper will help your concentration.”

Angela raised her hand and, getting to her feet, said. “Sorry Nicola, I don’t think that’s right. I think it’s been shown that the slipper reduces concentration.”

“I would advise you to keep quiet, Angela, unless you want to join your sister.”

“Er no, sorry Nicola.” Angela blushed but still wishing she could help Julie.

“Bend over my desk Julie!” Ordered Nicola, lifting the back of Julie’s short skirt and folding it forwards, exposing Julie’s bottom and a small, rather flimsy, pair of pants which provided minimum protection.

“On this occasion I will only give you four strokes but if you misbehave again it will be six, OK?”

“Thanks Nicola.” Whispered Julie as her first stroke landed ‘Thwack!’

Julie squeaked “Oww!” and Nicola noticed a red mark on her bottom.

Three more strokes followed and Julie was allowed to return to her desk. She sat down carefully and began to write. Her bottom was clearly stinging like mad. She wriggled gently to try to get comfortable and touched her bottom frequently.

At the end of prep, Nicola asked to see Julie’s essay. She had made good progress and Nicola allowed her to finish the essay in the twins’ bedroom.

“Gosh, Nicola was quite decent only giving you four, wasn’t she?” Said Angela.

“Yes, but my bottom still stings like anything.”

“Poor darling.” Sympathised Angela. “When you have finished the essay we had better talk about Rob and Ben and their threat to make us pay for the cancelled tickets.”

A week later both girls were late for prep. Nicola was waiting for them and had taken her slipper out of the desk. She wondered why the girls were late; they were aware of the penalty for any misbehaviour. They would have a good excuse, she thought, but being ten minutes late was not acceptable. She really liked the Spencer girls even though they were naughty at times. They were attractive, friendly, polite and helpful. They were also quite innocent and easily led astray but they accepted any punishment they had earned without complaint and were sorry afterwards.

Five minutes later, Angela and Julie knocked and burst into the tutorial room. Their faces were hot and they were slightly out of breath. They removed their anoraks, revealing short dark blue pleated skirts and grey T-shirts.

“Sorry Nicola.” Began Angela. “We’re really sorry we’re late, aren’t we Julie?”

“Yes Nicola, please don’t be cross.” Julie glanced at the slipper on Nicola’s desk. She had been spanked with it for day-dreaming in prep just a week ago.

“Well why are you late?” Asked Nicola, patting the slipper against her palm.

“I’m sorry, Nicola, but we just can’t say.” Began Angela, glancing anxiously at her twin. “We’ve been sworn to secrecy.”

The twins were late because Rob and Ben had been waiting near the hostel for them to come home after their English tutorial with Dr Wilson.

“We’re getting very fed up with you little madams.” Said Ben crossly. “It’s time you settled your debt.”

‘What do you mean?” Asked Julie, conscious that the boys were blocking their path into the hostel.

“Well we invited you to the dinner dance, you accepted and we bought tickets at great expense. Then at the last minute your dear mother said you couldn’t go because you were in disgrace.”

“We had all sorts of problems with our work, money and everything, and Mummy just hit the roof and said no.” Explained Julie. “So we couldn’t do anything even though we wanted to but we were very disappointed.”

“OK.” Said Ben. “This is what will happen. You girls will have to pay a forfeit and come and wait on us in our flat for an afternoon and evening and serve our guests.”

“But we can’t.” Pleaded Angela. “We’re not allowed out any more and we have to work all the time. Nicola is our personal prefect and we have to ask her permission to go out or have any fun.”

Ben told the girls the date of their party on 27thNovember, just over a week ahead and near the end of term.

“You had better get Nicola’s permission to go.” Said Ben. “Tell her it’s not fun but a pay back occasion; you will do penance for letting us down.”

“She won’t let us go.” Said Angela tearfully. “Gosh, look at the time. We’re late for prep. Nicola will kill us.”

“She’s the one who smacks your bottoms if you are naughty girls, isn’t she?” Asked Ben.

“Well sometimes.” Agreed Angela. “We’ll ask her about the 27th but she’s sure to say no.”

“Well you are going to be punished for letting us down.”

“Please no, Ben.” Pleaded Angela.

‘”What punishment are you going to give us?” Asked Julie.

“You’ll have to wait and see.” Said Rob. “I think you will be very sorry after you have been punished.”

“Will you do something like spanking us?” Asked Julie, realising that a slippering from Nicola for being late was becoming more likely by the minute.

“Wait and see!” Said Ben as the boys walked away.

“OK you two.” Said Nicola. “Go and sit down and get on with your prep. I’ll punish you for being late at the end of prep unless you want to spend the next two hours sitting on sore bottoms while you do your work.”

The girls obeyed immediately and Nicola was pleased to see that they were not wasting time. Both girls were writing at their desks. Their short pleated skirts had ridden up as they sat down revealing rounded knees and thighs. Nicola secretly enjoyed the feeling of power that Miss Gregory had given her. Her approach to discipline as a prefect at school had been very ‘black and white.’ In her view there were two types of girls; naughty girls and good girls. Naughty girls had smacked bottoms and good girls didn’t. Angela and Julie were naughty girls and so she would slipper them both at the end of prep.

After an hour Angela put her hand up.

“Yes?” Asked Nicola.

“Please, Nicola, don’t punish us for being late. It really wasn’t our fault.”

“Yes, please Nicola, let us off.” Added Julie.

“I’ll deal with you both at the end of prep, now get on with your work.” Nicola moved her slipper slightly closer to the front of her desk. Appeal dismissed.

“Right time to finish.” Announced Nicola as prep finished. “Come out here both of you.”

The girls came forward and said quietly: “Please, Angela, not the slipper.”

“I’ll start with you, Angela.” Said Nicola. “Raise your skirt and bend over my desk.”

“Nicola before you punish us.” Said Julie. “Can we have an evening off on 27th November please?”

“No, certainly not; you are not allowed evenings off.” Came the reply.

“Fold your skirt up higher, Angela, so I can get at your bottom.” Ordered  Nicola. “Did you say the 27th Julie?”

“Yes Nicola, can we go out please?”

“No!” Replied Nicola, picking up her slipper. “Bend over Angela! Actually I won’t be here on the 27th because I have a date with some friends in my year, so you will have to look after yourselves or I’ll ask Siobhan to sit in for me. Reach across the desk, Angela!”

“We won’t need Siobhan, thanks Nicola.” Said Julie as Angela had her first whack. “We will be very good.”

Nicola made no reply as she gave Angela her six whacks. Julie followed her and received a similar punishment. Both girls had lightweight pants which gave little protection against the slipper.

“Right, go and get ready for bed. I’ll come up at lights out.”

“Thanks Nicola.” The girls said quietly as they went upstairs with burning bottoms.

Part 3

Geography tutorials with Professor Malcolm Baird began towards the end of the first term. They were held at the professor’s house about a mile from Beaufort Hall. The twins were wearing tight fitting black trousers, white shirts and jerseys. The girls were met at the door by Mrs Baird who invited them into the professor’s study and then brought them some coffee and biscuits.

“I’m afraid the professor is a bit grumpy today.” She smiled. “So please remember to be polite and try not to annoy him.”

“Yes, thank you, Mrs Baird.” Replied Angela. “We’ll be very careful.”

The professor came in about ten minutes later and the girls got quickly to their feet. He was in his early fifties and the twins had heard his tutorials could be quite demanding. Mrs Baird came in with another jug of coffee.

“So you are the Spencer girls, Julie and, er, Angela?” Said the professor. “You may sit down again.” He added shuffling some papers on his desk.

“Thank you Sir.”

“You two have quite a reputation in the university, you know.”

“No Sir, we didn’t know.” Replied Angela blushing deeply.

“Yes, Dr Wilson has given me a full account of your poor performance in English and I believe you are now on special measures, thanks to the intervention of your kind former headmistress. Without that intervention you would have been asked to leave.”

“Well Sir.” Chipped in Julie. “We did get sort of lead astray when we first came here but we have turned over a new leaf, haven’t we Angela?”

“Yes definitely.” Replied Angela anxiously.

“Stand up both of you!” Ordered the professor. “I am going to give you one warning only! If you fail to perform in my tutorials, fail to hand in essays on time and fail to pass your tests, I will deal very severely with you, is that clear?”

“Yes Sir.” The twins replied in unison.

“Mary.” He said addressing Mrs Baird. “Take these girls to see our deterrent.”

“Yes dear. Come with me you two.” Mrs Baird said quietly as she led the girls to the far side of the room.

There was a small wooden plaque on the wall with ‘Deterrent’ inscribed upon it. A narrow but quite long curtain was fixed to the wall close by.

“Move the curtain to one side.” Ordered Mrs Baird and Angela moved, it exposing a supple black leather strap about two inches wide and thirty inches long.

“What can you see girls?” The professor’s voice boomed out.

“Err, um, err, sorry Sir. I think it’s a strap, Sir.” Angela replied.

“Bring it to me, girl.” Ordered the professor.

Angela brought the strap forward, wondering what the professor was going to do next.

“Mrs Baird, please tell the girls the history of this revered strap.”

“Certainly darling.” Replied Mrs Baird. “It was my father’s old razor strop which he used to sharpen his razor. But he also used it on my sister and me if we were naughty. It made us very well behaved. Do you understand girls?”

“Yes Madam.” Replied Julie. “But please you’re not thinking of using it on us are you?”

“I was going to tell you more when you rudely interrupted me.” Said Mrs Baird.

“Sorry Madam.” Said Julie.

“Thank you.” Replied Mrs Baird with a slight frown. “I was going to say because it was so useful we decided to use it, if needed, on our three daughters who all did well at school and university. Encouraged as necessary by the strap.”

“Please Madam could I just say that although we have been naughty in the past we have completely changed and are going to work really hard. So if you please, you won’t really need to punish us and we have been punished already.” Said Angela.

“Well that’s interesting.” Replied Mrs Baird. “But we have been dealing with girls for many years and know all about them. With girls like you with, shall we say, a dubious reputation, we think its best to give you a sample of the strap before you start tutorials so you know what will happen if you fail to perform.”

“Unless you agree to accept our methods I am afraid I cannot help you with your geography.” Said the professor.

The twins felt tears forming in their eyes and they realised they would have to follow the professor’s rules.

“We accept your methods sir.” They said nervously.

“Would you like to carry on darling?” Asked the professor. “I think three each would be appropriate.”

“Certainly darling.” Replied Mrs Baird with a slight smile. She reached out and held Julie’s left ear which she twisted gently. “Come with me young lady.” She said as she led Julie towards a large black sofa.

“Have you had the strap before girl?” Asked Mrs Baird.

“Yes Madam, er, Miss Cameron, the lady who coached us, used Sandy once or twice.”

“Who was Sandy?” Asked Mrs Baird.

“That was the name of Miss Cameron’s strap Madam.” Explained Julie tearfully.

“This strap doesn’t have a name; it’s just known as ‘the strap’ or ‘the punishment strap.” Replied Mrs Baird. “Now you are going to bend over the arm of this sofa and reach forward with your front end.”

Julie’s close fitting black trousers outlined her shapely bottom and Mrs Baird pulled Julie’s shirt out of her trousers and eased her jersey forward.

“Tuck your knees forward, Julie, so your trousers are tight across your bottom and I can really make this strap sting.” Ordered Mrs Baird who turned to her husband and said: “Quite a target, isn’t it darling? A bottom just made for the strap.”

“Yes it presents a challenge which I am sure you will take up.”

Julie looked round anxiously but couldn’t see much behind, the view being obscured by her elevated hips and bottom.

Mrs Baird raised the strap between her hands and then released her left hand, whacking the strap full across Julie’s bottom. ‘Splack!’

“Ahhh” Squeaked Julie and she gasped and moved her bottom in anguish across the sofa’s arm.

“Keep still girl.” Ordered Mrs Baird, lifting her strap again. She lashed it down, landing an inch or two below the first stroke. ‘Splack!’

“Gosh it stings!” Said Julie quietly.

“That’s the idea girl.” Replied Mrs Baird, lashing her third stroke accurately at the junction of Julie’s bottom and thighs. ‘Splack!’

“Owww!” Gasped Julie. “My bottom’s burning!”

Julie was allowed to rise and Angela was led by her ear to take her sister’s place. She also received three strokes with the strap. ‘Splack! Splack! Splack!’

“I hope, now you have met the strap, you will work hard in my classes?”

“Oh yes, definitely Sir.” Came the answer from the twins, both clasping their burning bottoms.

“Don’t forget though, you would have six strokes for a punishment and not three.” Said Mrs Baird.

“Yes Madam, thank you.” Said Angela.

A few minutes later the girls were walking home. They had agreed to accept punishment with the Baird’s strap at anytime should the professor think they deserved it. They had been set an essay topic for the following week.

“Golly that strap didn’t half sting, didn’t it?” Asked Angela, her bottom burning within her pants.

“My bottom’s really glowing!” Replied Julie.

“Yes, perhaps not quite as much as with Miss Cameron’s Sandy?” Suggested Julie.

“No and we used to have six or more at a time from him didn’t we?” Said Angela.

“Yes we did.” Said Julie looking ahead. “Oh no! It’s Ben and Rob, we must have said where our Geography tutorial was.”

“Hi you two.” Said Rob. “Have you organised an evening off on the 27th?”

“Er yes we think so.” Replied Angela. The girls had planned to slip out during Nicola’s absence.

“Right listen carefully, this is what you will do.” Began Ben rather crossly. “You will come to our flat at 2.00 pm exactly. You will spring clean the whole place and help to prepare the meal for our guests who are arriving at six.  You will then wait at table and after clearing away and washing up you will serve drinks as required.  For the afternoon cleaning you can wear casual clothes but for the evening you are to wear the things you wore at the ‘Down with skool’ social at the beginning of term.

“Let me remind you, I can remember it well.” Chipped in Ben. “White cropped tops with school ties loosely fixed. Blue micro skirts. Blue knickers, long white socks and high-heeled shoes. Hair neatly in bunches tied with white ribbons.”

“But.” Began Angela.

“Shut up!” Snapped Ben. “At the end of the evening the guests will assess your performance and we will punish you for any mistakes or omissions. Then you will be allowed to go home having paid off your debt.”

The 27th came round very quickly and the girls set out for Rob and Ben’s flat carrying their ‘school uniform’ in a bag.

“I feel a bit scared.” Said Julie. “But at least if we complete this forfeit we won’t be liable to pay the boys off anymore.”

“I agree and thank goodness we managed to avoid Nicola knowing we were going out.” Said Angela.

“It will be nice, er, in a way, to see the boys. I wonder if they will give us a little slap and tickle like they did after the pub crawls?”

“Perhaps we can persuade them?” Angela giggled. “I hope they won’t be beastly to us.”

“Come in.” Said Bob as he opened the door. “It’s good to see you both even though you have been naughty and are here for punishment.”

“Please Bob don’t be too hard on us; could we have some slap and tickle rather than actual punishment?” Angela pouted suggestively.

“Yes we’ve just got time for a little of that.” Said Ben.

The next few minutes passed pleasantly with some quite passionate kisses, some tickling and one or two hard slaps on the twin’s bottoms.

“Actually.” Said Ben after several more minutes. “We ought not to be doing this because you are not our girl friends any more.”

“Yes,” added Rob. “After you let us down and got us into debt we decided you were too young and inexperienced for us. So we’ve got new older more sophisticated girl friends who will be coming round later. After tidying the flat you two will be waiting on all of us.”

The twins felt tears of disappointment in their eyes but the slap and tickle had been enjoyable and Mummy had banned boyfriends after all the problems. After two more slaps each Rob and Ben led the girls into the kitchen.

“Right.” Said Ben. “This is where you start work and pay back your debt. Start with the washing up and then you can scrub the floor on your knees. Don’t forget we’ll be keeping an eye on you and our new girlfriends will punish you later if you don’t come up to scratch.”

Rob gave them a further talking to and it was explained that they would be servant girls for the afternoon and evening. There to obey orders, to speak when spoken to and to be punished for mistakes and omissions. The boys would be addressed as ‘Sir’ and the ladies as ‘Madam’ and the twins would curtsey when serving the guests or being given orders. They would be based in the kitchen and would respond to a little bell in the dining or sitting rooms.

There was a mountain of dirty crockery and saucepans in the sink and the girls began work immediately with tears in their eyes. They were busy for the whole afternoon. Everywhere was untidy and there were piles of paper and beer cans everywhere. The twins had limited experience of housework but were anxious to do well and hopefully avoid any punishment later. They vacuumed, polished, dusted and even scrubbed the doorstep before being ordered to make the boys a cup of tea.

They were then set to the bathroom to shower and change into their ‘skool uniform.’ After that they laid the table for five and then helped Ben prepare the meal. They wondered who the fifth guest would be and what the boys’ new girlfriends would be like.

Angela was sent to answer the doorbell when it rang at six o’clock.

Two girls were there, both several years older than the twins. They took off their anoraks which they handed to Angela. They were wearing long flowery dresses and looked very elegant.

“I’m Kimberly and this is Michelle.” Said one of the girls. “You must be the new maid. Tell Master Ben and Master Robert we are here, girl.”

“Yes Madam.” Replied Angela blushing deeply. “Please wait Madam.”

She went quickly to the sitting room and curtsied. “Excuse me sir but the two young ladies have arrived.”

“Bring them in girl and then get back to the kitchen.” Ordered Ben in a grand voice.

“Yes sir.” Said Angela meekly and went back to Julie in the kitchen as soon as she could.

A few minutes later the bell sounded and the girls decided they should both go to the sitting room. They were ordered to bring beer for the gentlemen and gin and tonic for the ladies. They were told off because the glasses were improperly filled and were sent to refill them. Angela noticed that Ben seemed to be keeping a list as they worked, probably of all their faults.

“God it’s so humiliating!” Said Julie back in the kitchen. “I’d hate to be a maid.”

“I know but it’s sort of nice having to wait on the boys.” Replied Angela. “I wouldn’t mind being a sort of personal maid to them.”

A few minutes later the doorbell rang.

“You answer it this time Julie.” Said Angela. “Don’t forget to curtsey and to call the lady ‘Madam.’”

“OK.” Smiled Julie.

Two minutes later there was a shriek and Julie rushed back into the kitchen.

“Oh God, Oh Golly.” She began as tears formed in her eyes.

“What’s wrong darling?” Asked Angela.

“You’ll never guess who is bloody well there.”

‘Who? Tell me?”

“It’s only Nicola bloody Fairbairn!” Squeaked Julie holding her head in her hands.

“No surely not. No it can’t be. Where is she now? Did she know we were here?”

“I shut the door in her face. I was so scared.” Explained Julie.

The doorbell rang again.

“We’d better answer it immediately.” Said Angela.

“You go darling please.” Begged Julie.

Angela went to the door with Julie a few paces behind.

Nicola came in looking extremely angry.

“What on earth are you two doing here?” She demanded. “This is where Rob and Ben live and their girlfriends, er Michelle and Kimberly are here?”

“Yes Madam, we can explain. I’m sorry. It looks dreadful and we have disobeyed you.” Angela spoke quietly. Julie had her head in her hands again.

The bell in the sitting room rang and Angela escorted Nicola there. Nicola was in the same third year group as Michelle and Kimberly. And there was some chat before the twins were ordered to serve more drinks. Nicola explained that she knew Angela and Julie and had actually forbidden them to come out this evening.

“Come here girl.” Ordered Ben to Angela, who came quickly with a curtsey. “It seems you had been banned from coming out today and were supposed to be working on your prep at the hostel?”

“You have both disobeyed my strict orders and will have to be dealt with in due course. Miss Gregory will also have to be informed.” Said Nicola quietly.

“Please no, Nicola, er, sorry, Madam.” Began Angela, conscious of a tingling sensation in her bottom.

‘Who’s Miss Gregory?” Asked Michelle.

“She is the headmistress of St Mary’s School where these two naughty girls were educated.” Explained Nicola.

“What will she do to them if she is informed?” Asked Kimberley.

“They may have to be caned or birched.” Replied Nicola.

“Gosh that sounds severe.” Observed Michelle. “But it sounds as if they deserve it.”

“Yes they do.” Said Nicola quietly. “And they will be punished severely by me as well for disobeying and deceiving me.”

The twins were sent out to dish up and serve dinner for the guests. They came back in again wearing small white aprons over their short blue skirts. The guests talked about the inadequacy of modern servant girls and how difficult it was to get good staff. They mistakenly served from the wrong side and went back into the kitchen feeling humiliated and near to tears again. They ate their meal at the kitchen table.

The bell rang for the girls to serve the sweets and later coffee and port.

“What do you think will happen to us?” Whispered Julie, once they were back in the kitchen. “I’m really scared. Do you think we’ll get whacked?”

“I’m scared too, and yes, I think we’ll definitely be whacked for all the mistakes we have made and for deceiving Nicola.” Replied Angela. “Because we did deceive her, didn’t we?”

“Yes, but we had no alternative and why do we always end up getting whacked by somebody?” Asked Julie. “Although if I am honest I don’t mind being spanked by men. It’s just a little bit sexy.”

“Yes I know what you mean darling.” Replied Angela as the bell went again. “And at least Nicola hasn’t got her slipper with her.”

“No, thank goodness!” Replied Julie.”

The twins went quickly to the sitting room and curtsied before standing in front of the seniors. Rob and Ben described how the twins had let them down after tickets had been purchased for the dinner dance. The twins had no money to repay the boys and so this half-day of penance had been arranged. Their work in the house and working as maids had been very poor. Punishments were discussed and it was decided that corporal punishment must follow.

The boys would administer a very sound bare bottomed spanking to each twin.  They each sat on an upright chair and ordered the girls to bend over their knees. Rob started with Julie and Ben with Angela. The boys had some difficulty lifting up the girls’ tight skirts and then quickly lowered their blue knickers.

“I think twenty hard spanks each to start with, then we’ll change girls and give them another twenty each.” Suggested Bob.

“Right let’s get started then.” Agreed Ben.

“Gosh that’s very severe, sir.” Angela pleaded with her head near the floor. “Please not so many spanks.”

The spanking started with loud smacks landing on plump bare bottoms accompanied by ‘Ows’, ‘Ouches, ‘Ahs’ and ‘Please no more’ from two very naughty girls.

“Change places.” Snapped Ben and the girls briefly rubbed their burning bottoms as they stood up and then bent over knees for more. The next twenty spanks produced similar responses from the twins but now interspersed with sobs and sniffs. After their spanking the girls were allowed to stand and replace their knickers.

“Now what about punishments from us?” Said Kimberley. “We have been the subject of poor service and slatternly maid servants.”

‘What do you suggest?” Asked Ben as the twins listened anxiously.

“I think a sound spanking for each girl from both of us.” Suggested Kimberly.

“How about twelve from both of us?” Said Michelle. “Come and bend over our knees.”

“Yes that seems appropriate.” Observed Kimberley. “Take your knickers right off.”

The twins obeyed immediately, not daring to annoy the seniors in any way. After six spanks, Michelle complained that Julie’s bottom was hurting her hand but she would carry on despite the discomfort.

“What about you, Nicola? What punishment will you give?” Asked Ben.

“I really don’t know where to begin and I’ll have to see what Miss Gregory at St Mary’s says.” Replied Nicola. “I haven’t even got a slipper with me.”

“I’ve got some plimsolls in my room.” Offered Ben. “I’ll fetch them.”

“I could give them something on account, I suppose.” Said Nicola and, turning to the twins, added ominously: “No, leave your pants off, you two. You won’t be needing them yet.”

Nicola got to her feet and looked at Ben’s plimsolls, picking out the right hand member of the pair for use.

“A bit floppy.” She said, patting her hand with the slipper.” But it will do. Angela! Come here! Bend over and touch your toes.”

“Please Nicola, not in public.” Angela pleaded.

“You’re getting twelve each – likely to go up any minute.” Said Nicola.

“Twelve?” Said Angela. “I’ve never had more then eight before.”

“Maybe not but you’ve never been such a naughty girl before. You’re lucky your bottom is already well warmed up.”

Angela got into position and Nicola eased her tight, short skirt up, revealing a very red bottom after its four spankings. Julie looked on anxiously.

“Count the strokes.” Nicola ordered, landing the first stroke quite high on Angela’s bare bottom. ‘Whack!’

“Owww!” Gasped Angela. “One, thank you, Nicola.”

Nicola landed two more strokes high on Angela’s bottom leaving slipper marks where they landed. ‘Whack!’ ‘Whack!’

“Owww! Two, thank you, Nicola. Owww! Three, thank you, Nicola.” Angela gasped at each stroke and struggled to keep her fingers on her toes.

Nicola began another row of three strokes, a little lower on Angela’s bottom.

“Please can you leave it at six? It stings so much.” Pleaded Angela looking round desperately at the prefect. Nicola was unmoved and began a third row of three strokes across Angela’s bottom again, just below the last three. ‘Whack!’, ‘Whack!’, ‘Whack!’

Nicola finally gave three more very hard strokes low down at the junction of Angela’s bottom and her thighs. ‘Whack!’ ‘Whack!’ ‘Whack!’

Angela just managed to count the strokes and was very relieved when she could gasp: “Twelve, thank you, Nicola.”

“Get up, Angela!” Ordered Nicola, and Angela got up slowly and carefully and her hands moved immediately to her very well whacked bottom. She had received eight with the slipper once before but never twelve strokes on top of four spankings on a bare bottom.

“Put your pants back on and you, Julie, Come and bend over.”

The audience of Ben, Rob, Michelle and Kimberley looked on as Nicola efficiently gave Julie her twelve strokes before allowing her to rise and carefully replace her pants.

Nicola and the girls took a taxi back to the hostel and Nicola opened the front door with her key.

The prefect glanced at her watch it was nearly midnight. “Right you two, you are in breach of the rules; being out after the ten o’clock curfew without permission. I’ll deal with you at the end of prep tomorrow evening. You better come changed into your gym things.”

“Oh no please, not another slippering!” Commented Julie. “We were with you, Nicola, and you know we haven’t been having fun.”

“Go up to your room quickly and I’ll come to check your lights are out in twenty minutes.”

The twins changed carefully into their pyjamas and looked at their bottoms in the bedroom mirror.

“Gosh our poor bottoms are red and boiling hot, aren’t they?” Said Julie whose tears were again not far away.

“Yes darling, look at all those slipper marks and there are one or two little bruises.” Replied Angela.

After visiting the bathroom the girls got carefully into their beds. They lay on their tummies and turned their duvets down to avoid any weight on their bottoms.

“It’s worse than being at school, isn’t it?” Commented Angela. “Going to bed with a sore bottom, thanks to a prefect. Why do people want to spank us so much?”

“I agree, but I sort of enjoyed being spanked by the boys. It did make me feel a little bit horny.” Replied Julie.

A few minutes later Nicola came in, turned the lights out and reminded the girls that it was no talking and that they were to report to her for prep tomorrow evening.

The following evening the girls arrived punctually for prep carrying all the books they needed. They were wearing their PE shorts and blouses as ordered. Their bottoms still felt tender as they sat carefully on the hard wooden seats of the tutorial room.

Before they started work, Nicola told them she had received a letter from Miss Gregory requesting a report on the girls’ work and behaviour since their crisis meeting and caning at St Mary’s. Nicola read out the final paragraph:

‘Unless all the Spencer girls’ reports, including yours, Nicola, are exemplary I will have the girls back for another thrashing, probably a severe caning or possibly the birch.’

“So.” Said Nicola. “I’ve got to decide what to say to Miss Gregory about recent events here and your dreadful behaviour.”

‘Please, please, please, don’t tell her, Nicola darling.” Pleaded Angela, wringing her hands and moving anxiously on the hard seat of her desk. “We’ll do anything to avoid seeing Miss Gregory again, won’t we Julie?”

“Yes definitely.” Replied a tearful Julie, sliding from the seat of her desk into a kneeling position on the hard floor. “Oww!” She squeaked as the edge of her seat dug into her already tender bottom. “Please don’t tell her, Nicola darling.” She pleaded holding her hands together. “We’ll do anything, err, we’ll do your washing and clean your car etc etc, anything Nicola darling. We’ll be your slaves or your fags like  juniors at St Mary’s.”

“Don’t call me darling!” Snapped Nicola. “Or I’ll slipper you both for impertinence on top of the six you are getting at the end of prep for being out after the curfew last night. Get on with your work!” Nicola retrieved the slipper from the drawer in her desk and placed it in a prominent position on top of the desk.

A few minutes later Nicola took an old plimsoll from her case and a large pair of scissors. She started to trim the upper part of the plimsoll off, just leaving the rubber sole. Angela and Julie could see what she was doing; preparing the sole of a slipper as an instrument of punishment in the way that Miss Manning at St Mary’s had done. The twins were certain it was being prepared to use on them and they were even more concerned about what Nicola would say to Miss Gregory and what she would do if Nicola’s report was a bad one.

The End

© Penny Morton 2014