A sequel to the earlier story, and Amy’s mum is in trouble.

By Lesley Carole

Jack answered the call on the third ring, recognising his niece’s number, but was shocked to hear Amy’s tearful voice, full of anguish.

“Uncle Jack, she’s done it again.”

Sobs prevented further speech and Jack sighed in exasperation. This was becoming repetitive. His sister Amanda had been coming home late and drunk; this was the third time this month.

“I’ll be there in 10 minutes. Can you manage till then, Amy?” He asked calmly.

“Yes, Uncle Jack, as long as I know you’re coming.”

She hung up and Jack left immediately.

On the short drive to his sister’s house, Jack went over the events of the past couple of months. Since he had literally taken his niece Amy ‘in hand’ and punished her over a weekend 2 months ago, it appeared to have cured her bad behaviour. She was transformed into an easily manageable teenager, almost 18 now, and he and her mum Amanda, felt they could trust her again.

Amanda had been going through some tough times trying to cope with Amy’s disruptive behaviour at school and disrespect at home, until she finally allowed Jack to punish her as she deserved. Problem solved, or so it should have been.

Instead, as Amy’s behaviour improved, Amanda seemed to relax at first, but then began to go off the rails herself. She no longer had to worry about Amy, and started to go out with friends, returning late and drunk. Jack had broached the subject because Amy was quite alarmed about her mum coming home drunk and had told him. Amanda had been none too pleased to be lectured by her brother. Jack remembered the conversation well.

“Jack you’re not my dad, you don’t get to lecture me about drinking and coming home late, I’m an adult!” She spat the angry words at him in her own defence.

“I’m the head of our family, Amanda, regardless of your age. What kind of impression are you giving your daughter who’s just about to turn 18? Will you allow her to come home drunk every night?” He tried to reason with her.

“It’s not every night, and I am allowed to have some fun you know!”

Jack had shaken his head in exasperation and issued a warning. “Just remember how I dealt with Amy. Unless you want the same treatment, you’d better change your ways!” He looked her straight in the eye as he made his threat.

“Yeah, right.” She had dismissed the idea as ridiculous and turned away.

That was last week and here he was again, entering his sister’s house, trying to console Amy. She said her mum was collapsed on the bathroom floor, having been sick in the toilet and she was unable to get her to bed.

Jack assessed his sister’s prone form, as she lay sprawled around the toilet basin. He pulled her arms to sit her up and she groaned, tears falling from her eyes now.

“I didn’t mean to lose sssoooo mmmmuch.” She stammered.

As he lifted her in his arms and carried her to bed, Amy followed him and explained where she’d been.

“Uncle Jack, it was a Casino she went to with workmates, she lost £150!”

Amy was as horrified as Jack and he grit his teeth as he practically dropped her on the bed. She groaned again and curled up in a ball.

“Can you help me get her undressed?” He asked Amy.

“Of course.” She agreed.

Between them they managed to get her skirt and blouse off, leaving her in her underwear and tucked her up in bed, laying facedown in case she was sick again.

“We need to watch her for a while to make sure she’s ok before we leave her to sleep it off.” Jack advised.

They sat either side of the bed and studied the woman both of them loved, but who had them worried sick at the moment.

“I’m supposed to be going out for the day tomorrow. She promised to give me £20 for my school trip, but I can’t leave her now,” Amy sniffled in disappointment.

“I’ll give you the money, Amy. You go and enjoy yourself. I’ll deal with your mum, this has gone far enough.”

Something about the expression on his face made Amy remember how Uncle Jack had acted when he had punished her 2 months ago.

“What are you going to do?” She asked, nervously.

“You don’t need to know the details, but believe me, she won’t be behaving irresponsibly like this again!” He answered, ominously.

Amy considered for a moment. Surely, he wasn’t intending to spank her mum, was he? Dare she ask?

“Are you going to punish mum, like you punished me?” She actually did dare to ask.

He turned to look her in the eye before answering. “Do you think she deserves to be punished?” He asked.

Amy hesitated, she had hated to be spanked by Uncle Jack; it had really hurt for a start. But she had to admit it gave her the shock she needed to clean up her act.

“Yes, I do.” She answered confidently, and lifted her chin to face him honestly.

Jack sighed, and returned her stare. “I think she needs the same treatment you got, so, yes, I intend to spank your mum tomorrow.” His determination was evident in his expression, and then they both exchanged a resigned smile. “She should sleep now. What time do you leave in the morning?” He asked as they left Amanda sleeping.

“9 o’clock.” She answered.

“I’ll be here just before you go then, will you be ok tonight?” He took her hands in his and drew her into a welcome hug, which she appreciated.

“Thank you, Uncle Jack. You’re still my favourite Uncle; you always come to the rescue.” She giggled slightly as he pushed her from him with a grunt.

“Mmm, I wonder if your mum will agree after I deal with her tomorrow.” He was frowning all the way home.

Amanda woke the next morning with a predictable headache and dodgy stomach and crawled downstairs in search of coffee, just before Jack arrived. Amy showed her no sympathy whatsoever and she was in a fit of temper when Jack arrived. Amy said nothing, but accepted £20 from Jack and left with a knowing smile.

Amanda gazed at Jack and frowned. “Please spare me the lecture, Jack. I feel bad enough already.” She rested her head on the table and groaned.

“You may well feel bad Amanda, but not as bad as you’re going to feel when I’ve finished with you!”

“I’m sorry, ok?” She was close to tears, but Jack knew he couldn’t let her tears divert him from punishing her.

“Amanda, can you afford to lose £150 at a Casino?” He asked gently.

Her head whipped up as she stared at him, mouth agape. “I can’t believe she told you!” She screeched.

“There should be no secrets between family, Amanda, and you have to admit, Amy is the responsible one at present.” He reasoned.

A spark of irritation crossed her face and she let out a sigh. “Just go home, Jack, I’m fine, I can look after myself.” She dismissed him, abruptly.

“Oh no, you don’t get to dismiss me. I intend to make sure this is the last time you get so drunk and act irresponsibly. In fact, I’m going to give you much the same punishment I gave Amy.” He stated firmly.

Her shocked expression amused him, although he smothered the smile, not wanting to inflame the situation.

“You’ve got to be kidding me, Jack, don’t be absurd!” She admonished.

“No kidding, Amanda, you’ve got it coming. You’ve earned yourself a spanking and I’m going to give it to you.”

He stood calmly; arms folded as he watched her shift uncomfortably in her chair as she eyed him nervously.

“Go upstairs and take a shower. I assume you also have some thong underwear?” He queried.

Her face was suddenly suffused with a furious blush, her mouth opening and closing like a suffocating fish.

“What?” She asked, foolishly.

“You heard,” he answered in a no-nonsense tone and continued. “Either you wear a thong or I will spank your bare bottom. It makes little difference to me, but I suspect a lot of difference to your modesty.”

He was infuriating in the calm, matter of fact way he was discussing what she should wear while he spanked her. This could NOT be happening.

She fled the room with haste, stumbling as she went and didn’t pause till she reached her room, flung herself on her bed and wept. When her tears were spent, the profound shame of how she had behaved descended upon her like a heavy weight. The burden was far too heavy to bear. But Jack had given her a way to pay penance, to atone for her lack of judgement if she submitted to his spanking her. Was there any other way out?

She remembered how desperate she had felt when Amy was out of control. Jack had solved that with punishment. Could he solve her problems in the same way? She sighed, she trusted Jack, and he had always been there to catch her when she fell. Now he wanted to punish her, and she was going to let him.

She showered and dressed in thong and nightshirt, just as her daughter had been instructed to do, and went downstairs to meet her doom.

Jack was lounging on the sofa, waiting patiently, as if he was never in any doubt that she would comply. He stood as she entered and opened his arms to offer a pre-spanking hug.

No words were spoken, he just guided her over his knees as he sat on the sofa, lifted her nightshirt and began her punishment.

He even refrained from a lecture as his hand lifted and fell repeatedly, reigning sharp slaps all over his sister’s bottom, in much the same way as he had dealt with his niece. He made sure to cover every inch of both cheeks, the skin changing from a pink blush to a rosy hue, her little cries muffled in the cushions. She was taking the warm up very well, but what was to come, would not be so easy.

When the slaps ceased, she relaxed and sighed in relief.

She couldn’t possibly think it was over, he wondered.

“Stand up, Amanda.” He ordered sternly.

As she stood up, her eyes focused on 2 bunches of twigs on the coffee table that she hadn’t noticed before. There were 6 twigs neatly tied together in each bunch and her eyes widened as she realised their purpose. He had been in her garden, cut branches from her tree, and stripped them of bark to make a switch to whip her with. Her eyes filled with tears as she remembered the only time their dad had ever done this to them both, when they were teenagers. How they had both howled.

“Jack, please, no.” She pleaded, but he shook his head.

“Bend over the table please.” His tone was determined.

She bent over and he lifted her nightshirt, tucking it up high on her back. Her hands held tightly to the edges of the table as she waited for the biting sting to land.

He measured his stroke, and then lashed down hard across both buttocks; the sound of the descent and the landing was sharp and keen. She shrieked in pain, but managed to remain bent over.

The next stroke seemed harsher, deeper, stinging and burning, each individual rod making its impact. A sob burst from her lips, a shudder ran through her as she absorbed the third stroke. Another three were to land and there was no part of either bottom cheek that avoided the kiss of the switch, her skin vibrant red, tiny thin welts, evidence of her punishment.

She sobbed and sniffled as she lay still bent over the table, waiting for him to tell her she could stand, and when he did so, she collapsed into his waiting arms for the comfort she craved.

He calmed her down with soothing words that she was forgiven, but delivered a warning that she must never again be so irresponsible. She, of course, promised never to disappoint him or her daughter again.

It was a few minutes before he released her, then brother and sister looked into each others eyes and both knew each was forgiven, Amanda for her transgression and Jack for punishing her for it.

Life could go on as normal, but with peace and tranquillity reigning.

Until the next episode.

The End

© Lesley Carole 2014