When a mother struggles to control her daughter, her brother steps in.

By Lesley Carole

Jack answered the call on the third ring, recognising his sister’s number, but was shocked to hear Amanda’s tearful voice, full of anguish.

“Jack, she’s done it again.”

Sobs prevented further speech and Jack sighed in exasperation. ‘She’ was his 17 year old niece Amy who had been in trouble both at school and at home recently and his sister was at her wits end.

“I’ll be there in 10 minutes,” Jack told her and hung up.

He arrived at Amanda’s within the promised time and enveloped her in a bear hug as soon as he stepped through the door. Her desperate sobs broke his heart; he had always taken care of his younger sister since their parent’s death several years ago.

Now he was determined to ‘take care’ of his misbehaving niece!

“Tell me the latest, Amanda.” He urged his sister.

“I just got a call from school. She’s been skipping lessons again, not handing in homework. She forged a letter supposedly from me asking for leave of absence. Her attitude has been disrespectful. She didn’t attend three detentions and her language has been worse than ever.”

All of this was said interspersed with sobs.

Jack sighed again. Amanda was due to leave in an hour for a weekend away with friends and, right now, she was in no fit state to do so.

“Amanda, I know you’ve refused to allow me to deal with Amy previously, but you must realise this is the final straw.” He asked coaxingly, hoping she would agree this time.

Her shudder and renewed sobbing confirmed her resignation and she whispered her answer.

“Yes, yes, I realise I can’t let her get away with it anymore. I’m ready to let you punish her. Will you please?”

She looked up at her big brother, trusting him to sort this out for her, so thankful she had him to rely on.

“Very well, here’s what we’re going to do. I assume you’re already packed to leave for your weekend?” He queried.

“Yes, I’m all ready.” She hiccupped.

“Okay, I want you to pack a bag for Amy too. She’s going to stay with me for the weekend. She will only need casual clothes, but pack thong underwear and a nightshirt for her. I intend to spank her severely but I want to see skin, so she will need to be wearing a thong to preserve some modesty,” he stated, sternly.

Amanda gasped in shock, but accepted the outcome as reasonable. Her daughter really did need to be spanked and she wasn’t capable of doing it herself.

“What if she won’t let you?” She dared to ask.

“If she wants to go on the holiday I promised to fund and not be grounded for the whole summer, she will agree to my punishment.” He answered confidently. “I will ring the school and assure them she will be dealt with, most severely.”

Amanda relaxed against his chest for the first time since he arrived. Her wonderful brother would sort out her daughter, once and for all. Perhaps she had been wrong to deny him the power to punish her a while ago; maybe she would never have got so bad if he had dealt with her earlier. Jack pushed her towards the stairs to pack and made coffee while they awaited Amy’s return.

Amy strolled down the path to her house as if nothing was wrong. She mistakenly thought she had got away with the forged letter and all the other offences. She had a great weekend planned with friends while her mum was away and she was really excited.

Her surprise when she encountered a fierce looking Uncle Jack on entering the house was evident. She tried to mask it swiftly with a smile.

“Hi Uncle Jack, I wasn’t expecting to see you today. Is everything ok?” She feigned innocence.

He scowled back at her before answering.

“As if you didn’t know!” He advanced upon her and stood so menacingly close to her that she stepped back in sudden fear.

“Your mum is upset because she had a phone call from school. Your secret is out, Amy, and you have to account for your inexcusable behaviour!” He watched in some amusement as Amy’s face paled, and then flushed, her lip quivering.

“Where’s mum?” She asked hesitantly.

“Upstairs packing a bag for you. You are spending the weekend with me and you’re going to be punished and atone for all your wrongdoings.”

Amy’s face registered her shock at his threat.

Just at that moment, Amanda came into the kitchen and Amy had the grace to look ashamed as she acknowledged the state her mum was in. For her part, Amanda had hardened her heart and was not going to show any weakness or forgiveness yet.

“Mum…” Amy tried to explain, but Jack cut her off before she could say any more.

“Be quiet, Amy. You have five minutes to change clothes, grab ALL your homework projects and then we have to take your mum to the station. You are coming with me right now!”

His tone brooked no argument and Amy showed a little sense of self-preservation, for the time being at least. She went straight upstairs and returned with all her schoolwork to follow her mum and Uncle to his car. Jack stowed both cases in the boot, then Amanda was dropped of at the station, and he took Amy to his home. Surprisingly, there was no attempt at conversation during the short journey.

After parking in his garage, Amy followed Jack reluctantly into the house, really not knowing what to expect. In the kitchen, Jack turned to her and gave his instructions.

“You will go to my guest room and unpack your bag. Then you will dress only in thong underwear and your nightshirt and come back downstairs, you have ten minutes, don’t keep me waiting! Oh, and give me your phone.”

She didn’t move, but stared with a gaping mouth as if he had spoken in a foreign language. He raised his eyebrows in query.

“Is there something you don’t understand, Amy?” He asked sarcastically.

“You can’t take my phone!”

She was defiant now, resenting him taking her away from home when she had a party planned.

“You are not allowed to use your phone as I am confiscating it as part of your punishment, now hand it over!”

He held out his hand and she reluctantly gave it to him.

“It’s not bedtime, why do I need to get ready for bed?”

She was petulant now, looking like the sulky teenager she was.

He continued speaking.

“I don’t remember saying it was bedtime, but I do distinctly remember giving you an instruction. Do you really want to make me angrier by questioning me?”

He waited for her reply, and the look on his face caused a stir of anxiety to curl deep within her gut. The self-preservation kicked in again, just in time, but still, she turned on her heel and stalked away, a flash of temper evident. Jack shook his head as he stared after her, and dragged his hand through his hair. She really was overdue for a punishment, but not for much longer!

In the spare room, Amy pulled the few clothes out of her bag and dropped them on the bed, fuming. What was she going to do? Her friends were coming over later and now she wouldn’t be there. She had no phone to let them know either. This was not what she normally expected from her favourite Uncle Jack. Well, he was definitely not her favourite anymore.

She sat down and tried to think of a way out of this terrible situation. What was he planning to do anyway? She suddenly realised time was passing, and decided she would try and charm her way out of trouble. She dressed in a thong (why on earth had he requested that?) and her nightshirt and made her way downstairs.

Jack was sitting on the sofa waiting for her, and she was about to appeal to his softer side when she realised that, today, there was no softer side.

“You are five minutes late, but don’t worry, you will pay for that too!”

He stood up, towering over her and made her feel extremely nervous and like a small child awaiting punishment.

“You need to listen now, Amy, no interruptions. You will not speak unless I ask you a question and if you defy me, your punishment will be more severe, understand?”  He waited for her response.

She actually gulped at the severity of his expression, tone and steely glint in his eyes.

She could only whisper: “Yes, Uncle Jack.”

“I have discussed your punishment with your mum and she has finally agreed that you need to be spanked.” He paused for effect as this information sunk in and was not surprised she forgot already that she was merely supposed to answer questions.

“What? No, forget it. I’m not letting you spank me, not ever!”

He took hold of her arms as she tried to back away and made her look at him.

“I promised to fund your holiday, but I will not unless you agree to be punished. You will have ALL privileges taken away. I will not teach you to drive, and you will be grounded for the whole summer. You will also be excluded from school. I spoke to your Head Teacher this afternoon and assured him you would be suitably punished and that you will return to school next week a reformed character.”

He was satisfied that he had shocked her thoroughly now. She was dumbfounded and silent.

“You are failing at school, Amy. You really can’t afford to mess your whole life up because you have strayed. Your mum and I love you too much to let you potentially throw your life away. Agree to be spanked by me, and I will guide you to better behaviour. You need the old-fashioned short, sharp, shock treatment, and I am going to deliver it!”

She slumped in his arms and he realised this was the time to reassure her of the love they shared. As he folded her into his embrace, she began to cry silently and he rocked her gently.

“You must know you need this love. You trust me, don’t you? I won’t hurt you beyond a punishment spanking, which of course will be painful, as it has to be. Will you let me help you?”

Her whispered: “Ok,” sounded like a small child.

This was it!

He stepped backwards and drew her towards the sofa where he sat down and pulled her across his knees. He let her get comfortable, for now at least, by resting her upper body over the cushions, her bottom presented front and centre, her legs stretched out on the other end of the sofa.

Jack kept his hands to himself for the moment.

“You’re not a little girl anymore, Amy. You’re an attractive young woman and I intend to punish you sufficiently to teach you a lesson. To do this, I need to see the condition of your bottom as I spank you, and that is why you’re wearing a thong; to bare your bottom enough for me to see the evidence, but still preserve your modesty, ok?”

She knew he expected an answer, but she was so embarrassed her answer was a nothing more than a whispered confirmation.

He then lifted her nightshirt to reveal her thong covered bottom and she squirmed in mortification, groaning loudly. The spanking began with firm slaps that didn’t seem too bad at first, but soon morphed into something quite different. She went through the usual wriggling to evade the slaps, which resulted in the tightening of his other hand around her waist. The burning sensation spread all across her cheeks as he increased the tempo and area he punished. Time seemed to have slowed to a crawl, the number of swats were impossible to count and she was trying to distract herself as best she could, but without much success.

She sighed heavily when the blows stopped falling, and relaxed against him.

“That completes your warm up, now the real punishment begins.”

His words caused her to rear up in shock and try to stand, unsuccessfully. She felt him reach behind and then experienced the crack of something very hard connecting with her left buttock, and she screeched in protest.

Turning her head to see what he had struck her with, she recognised his heavy wooden spoon that he was so fond of using when he cooked. Who would have thought it would make such an effective spanking paddle? This took the spanking to another level entirely and she desperately tried to evade the strokes as she shrieked and pleaded for him to stop. He was not to be distracted though and continued paddling away at her incredibly sore bottom until he decided she had been punished enough, for now!

She was so relieved when it ceased, but the stinging continued and the throbbing burned. She had never experienced such pain in her life. She certainly felt as if she had been chastised.

Jack allowed her to calm down, and then helped her stand upright.

“That is what you can expect every single time you misbehave from now on, do you understand?” He asked gently.

“Y, y, yes, Uncle Jack.” She stammered, tears running freely and dripping off her chin. She looked thoroughly miserable, but Jack was certain he had punished her fairly.

“Now I want you to go and stand in the corner, with your hands on your head until I tell you to come to me, and no rubbing your bottom!” He ordered.

There was no temptation to argue, no thought to do anything other than obey, so she stumbled to the corner in compliance. Jack studied her subdued body language and felt he had done a thorough job of punishing his niece. He made her stand there for ten minutes, and then called her to him.

He was encouraged when she came obediently and stood before him, no sign of defiance now. Her eyes sought his and she welcomed his offered hug, dissolving into further floods of tears with abundant apologies for her behaviour. He smiled and soothed her, he was hoping for this reaction, but was under no illusions it would be punishment enough to ensure continued good behaviour.

He put her from him, told her she could take a shower and then get dressed as he was going to cook their dinner.

Half an hour later, she was back downstairs looking a little more composed. Dinner was ready and he smiled secretly as she sat gingerly at the table, easing her sore bottom onto the chair. The meal was eaten in companionable silence.

As they finished their meal, the phone rang. It was Amanda announcing her safe arrival and asking for a report on Amy’s punishment. Jack briefly described Amy’s spanking, to her mortification, and then asked Amy if she had anything to say to her mum. She was eager to apologise to her mum for all the trouble caused, and assured her that although her bottom was really sore, she had survived her punishment and respected her Uncle’s right to punish her.

Amy was expected to wash up, which she did with no complaint.

Jack also expected Amy to get on with her overdue homework projects, which she did object to, but soon muttered her agreement. She sat at the table, squirming uncomfortably, and becoming increasingly irritable as she struggled with the work. She was quite far behind in her studies which made the task harder to complete. Jack put up with her mutterings for a while, then confronted her.

“Amy, your attitude leaves a lot to be desired. Do you need some help with your work?”

She glared at him and pushed her books away from her. “I’ve had enough, I can’t do it.”

She stood and tried to leave the room but Jack grabbed her and halted her progress.

“No so fast, young lady. You can stop when I think you’ve done enough. Let me see what you’re trying to do.”

He picked up her book and studied the project, forcing her to sit with him while he explained the theory. They worked for another hour with him assisting before he allowed her to stop and watch a film with him before he sent her to bed, quite early for her.

She huffed in protest, but didn’t dare to argue, her bottom still being sore. So she kissed him goodnight and surprised herself by falling asleep pretty quickly.

Jack, quite satisfied regarding Amy’s punishment, stayed up for another hour reading, and then he too retired to bed.

The following day Jack made it clear Amy was expected to study all day, catching up on all her outstanding work. He had to go out briefly and he warned her to keep working or there would be trouble.

As soon as he left, she decided to ring her friend Jo, to explain why she hadn’t been home last night. She had no idea where Uncle Jack had hidden her phone, so she used his landline.

What was supposed to be a brief call, extended into a longer one that distracted Amy so completely until she noticed an incoming call waiting. She panicked and hung up. No call came through, so they must have given up. She felt guilty for a few moments only, and then decided to use Uncle Jack’s laptop to contact her friends on Facebook. Again, she got distracted and lost track of time so she didn’t hear Jack return.

His angry roar alerted her far too late and he caught her trying to close down the computer to hide her folly. Her guilty expression was impossible to hide and it had been Jack who had tried to call home to ask her what she would like for tea, only to find her using the phone against his orders.

“Who did you call, Amy?” He asked, with deceptive calm.

She considered for a mere moment to deny the call, but one look at his face made her confess.

“My friend, Jo.” Such a small voice.

“And the laptop, were you researching?”

He was actually hoping she was doing research, but sincerely doubted it. He could tell she was tempted to lie, but thought better of it.


“I’m disappointed in you, Amy, I really am. Are you wearing a thong?” Uncle Jack asked abruptly.

Her heart sank as the implication of the question was obvious. She nodded sadly, anticipating another spanking.

“Good, lower your jeans then and bend over the table!”

She hesitated only briefly before submitting to the inevitable, releasing the button and lowering the jeans as instructed. She bent over the table, moving her books out of the way. It was no good crying all over the pages.

The air felt cool on her exposed cheeks and she smiled to herself ironically, they would not feel cool in a moment. A slightly hysterical giggle was smothered hastily.

She was horrified to hear the jingle of Uncle Jack’s belt buckle as he pulled it from his jeans, oh please no.

Only seconds later she felt the lash of leather across both cheeks of her bottom and yelped at the impact. It was to be a severe but swift punishment as he laid on stroke after stroke in quick succession. She barely had time to register one stroke before another landed, making it seem like a continuous onslaught of stinging pain.

Her howls were wild and high-pitched and she clung to the edge of the table for support, legs dancing, heels lifting as she writhed around. The colour of her flesh was blossoming rapidly from pink to raging red. Jack noted the lash marks and used them to measure the desired severity of the punishment, before he ended it with a resounding final snap of the belt across the lower curve of her bottom.

He regarded her punished bottom with satisfaction. That should teach her to obey instructions.

“Get up,” he ordered with distinct authority.

Amy had indeed learned a hard lesson. She pushed herself upright with both arms and legs trembling. Her head hung in shame, and she wasn’t looking forward to seeing the disappointment in his face as she turned.

There was no comforting hug on offer this time. She could tell he was still angry, but was thankful he remained in control while he punished her.

“I obviously can’t trust you, can I?”

Without waiting for an answer, he continued. “Sit down, get to work and I don’t want a sound from you till lunch.”

He left the room, assuming obedience, but even Amy was not so foolish as to consider disobedience any time soon. She pulled her jeans over her sore bottom, wincing already, and sat very carefully, sucking in a breath as her bottom made contact with the hard wooden chair. It was going to be a long, uncomfortable morning.

The rest of the day passed without further incident, but she was worn out with the amount of work Jack had forced her to do. He was as good as his word, though, and helped her whenever she struggled with anything.

By the end of Sunday, Amy had caught up with all her outstanding work for school and she had to admit to a feeling of satisfaction. She was exhausted with the volume of work she had achieved and had a heart to heart with Uncle Jack about the future. He was definitely on her case now and he would be the driving force she needed to achieve her potential, also the threat of further spankings hovered over her.

Just before they were due to leave to collect Amanda from the station and return Amy home, Uncle Jack took hold of Amy’s hands and made her face him.

“I know you’ve behaved very well since I spanked you yesterday and I’m very proud of you for all the work you completed. However, I intend to reinforce my authority over you now by spanking you one last time before you go home.”

He knew she would object to this, but was determined she would not forget her lessons any time soon. Her spluttered denial of the necessity was ignored and he pulled a chair from the table, sat down and guided her reluctant body over his knees. She was unbalanced and humiliated, and moaned her objections as he lifted her skirt to expose her bottom.

There were still marks from her previous punishments, but that was of no consequence. He intended a short, sharp reminder of the consequences of future misbehaviour and delivered a dozen stinging slaps. She accepted it with resignation, hands on the floor, enduring what she hoped would be her final spanking.

When he allowed her to stand, she accepted his hug and they didn’t speak again till they picked Amanda up from the station.

The reunion of mother and daughter was heart warming; Amy’s profuse apologies and weeping promises to never cause worry again were received by a much more relaxed Amanda.

Jack observed his sister and niece with satisfaction. He felt he had done his duty for both of them, meeting each one’s needs and keeping them both safe.

He did wonder, however, how long it would be before he was called upon again.

The End

© Lesley Carole 2014