Continuing the series, a problem while out driving comes to the fore.

By Lesley Carole

Jack answered the call on the third ring, recognising his friend Jim’s number, who was a local Policeman. His pleasure at the unexpected call was soon quashed when Jim explained the reason for the call. Amanda and Amy were both in trouble!

Once again, on the short drive to his sister’s home, he recalled recent events, his temper flaring, but remaining under strict control, as was his nature. He had begun teaching his niece, Amy, to drive. She was a good student, though tended to be impatient, but she was responding well to her lessons. She had been pestering her mum to take her driving as well, but Jack had insisted he be the only one to teach her. This was partly for continuity but more for the reason that Amanda was also impatient and Amy was likely to get into arguments with her. Their relationship could be volatile and not conducive to teaching driving. He didn’t believe it would be a suitable driving experience, so he had warned them not to go driving together and only his car was insured for Amy to drive. Clearly, they had both ignored his wishes.

As he entered the house, it was obvious that something was amiss, but neither his sister nor his niece were about to confess.

“Hello ladies,” he greeted them. “Is there something wrong?”

Amanda looked from her daughter to her brother; Amy looked away, but both whispered: “No.”

Then there was an uncomfortable silence. Jack sighed.

“I just got a call from the Police Station,” he announced, then paused, waiting for their reaction.

Two pairs of frightened eyes flew to his face, both looking incredibly guilty, but neither was about to speak.

“Is at least one of you prepared to explain to me why I received a phone call from the Police?” He asked patiently.

Amy promptly burst into tears and began a sobbing explanation. “Uncle Jack, I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. I pestered mum to take me driving and I hit a parked car.”

She was trembling as she stood there looking miserable and Amanda simply stared into space.

“And?” Jack prompted.

“And I drove straight home, without stopping,” she continued.

Jack searched Amanda’s face for a clue as to whether she was going to allow her daughter to take all the blame. Her sniffles intensified until they emerged as full blown tears and words of confession spilled from her mouth. Amanda peeked at her brother as she began.

“Jack, we both panicked. We knew you didn’t want me teaching Amy and that my car’s not insured, so we swapped drivers and I drove home, not daring to stop and admit responsibility. No one was about to see us, I thought we could get away with it, but I see now it was wrong.” She wailed her despair and then Amy clung to her mum as they both wept tears of shame.

Jack remained silent until they had calmed a little, and then explained the phone call.

The lady who owned the car had heard the impact, saw them disappearing up the road and rang the police. CCTV footage from a nearby shop clearly showed the two changing seats and the car registration. It was only Jim using his discretion as a friend that was going to offer them a chance to make amends, pay for the damage and avoid prosecution for leaving the scene of an accident.

Both ladies realised the seriousness of the situation and were willing to hear Jack’s proposal.

“I assured Jim that you would both visit Mrs Keene to apologise and pay for the repairs and that will satisfy him. It will also appease Mrs Keene. She already agreed that would be acceptable and she won’t then press charges.”

Sighs of relief flooded both ladies and they visibly began to relax.

“Thank you Jack, for coming to the rescue again,” Amanda whispered, Amy nodding her agreement too.

“Don’t thank me too soon, either of you. That is just their terms, you haven’t heard mine yet!”

His hard, determined gaze unsettled them both and their insides clenched in fear of what he was about to say. Both had received his kind of retribution recently, in the form of spanking, and remembered only too well how painful it was.

“I intend to punish both of you together, right now, for your disobedience and foolishness. Then, when we know the cost of the repairs in pounds, you will both receive the exact same amount in strokes of my slipper!”

He watched the shocked expressions of his sister and niece as they tried to imagine how severe their punishment could be. Their eyes widened, mouths working, lips worrying, feet fidgeting and stomachs churning, no doubt.

“Upstairs now, you both know how I expect you to dress. I want you back down here in less than 5 minutes!” He ordered.

Without hesitation they rushed to obey him, neither wanting to further anger him by delaying the inevitable. Jack smiled ruefully and went to the cupboard where he kept his leather-soled slippers for his visits to his sister’s house. They would prove an adequate punishment implement.

Within the allotted time, both Amanda and Amy presented themselves before Jack, very humble and contrite.

He faced them with a severe expression and gave his instructions. “I want you at either end of the sofa, bending over the back, hands holding the seat cushions.”

They shuffled to comply, Amy on the left, Amanda on the right.

“You will get 36 strokes each, right now, and then we will visit your victim,” he explained.

The gasps and moans of horror were slightly muffled as they buried their heads in the sofa. Both nightshirts were lifted and pushed up to the top of each lady’s back, exposing thong underwear and the waiting pale bottom cheeks. Amanda was especially mortified at being punished alongside her daughter.

Jack stood behind Amy first, slipper in hand and wasted no time in delivering 3 sharps blows to her left cheek, followed immediately by 3 to the right. Her squeals of pain were swift and brief; it was over so soon, before he moved behind Amanda. She was treated exactly the same, and reacted exactly the same, her squeals slightly lower in pitch to those of her daughter.

Moving back to Amy, another 3 to each buttock delivered harder but just as fast, eliciting further squeaks and grunts. Amanda’s turn again, more of the same, pink cheeks becoming redder by the second. Both were feeling the sting, but accepted they deserved the punishment.

The burning pain was escalating with each new set of spanks, the reactions were getting louder, the cries piercing, sobs interspersed with pleas for an end to the torment, but Jack never wavered. The pattern continued until all 36 strokes had been delivered to each, the severity increasing with each set until both bottoms were fiery red.

At the final stroke, Jack stood breathing quite heavily; it was much harder work punishing two together. He stepped back to assess whether he had punished sufficiently for the first instalment and decided he was satisfied.

“Stand up,” he ordered.

Shaky legs responded slowly to the order, nightshirts fell back into place as they regained an upright position, both rubbed frantically at their punished behinds. They turned to face their punisher, looking suitably chastised once again, and both offered heartfelt apologies. Jack opened his arms and offered forgiving hugs to his two favourite ladies.

“Go and get dressed to visit Mrs Keene now. We need to get the rest of this sorted out,” he told them in a much more relaxed voice.

An hour later, they returned home feeling much better in one respect. Mrs Keene had accepted their explanation that they had simply panicked and didn’t intend to evade paying for the damage. In another respect, they were feeling decidedly worse because she already had a quote for damage repairs to the tune of £350!

That was going to mean several days of serious spankings and 2 very sore bottoms.

Still feeling the sting of their pre-visit punishment, Amy and Amanda were not very keen to hear Jack’s plan for delivering the remainder of their punishment.

He had obviously been considering his options and sat them both down to deliver his decision.

“So that you understand the seriousness and consequences of your actions today, I have to be harsh with you both. Do you agree?” He asked.

“Yes, Uncle Jack,” responded Amy sadly.

“Yes, Jack,” agreed Amanda resignedly.

“You both showed poor judgement; Amy in pestering your mum till she gave in, Amanda for giving in, against your better judgement. Then, even worse, you failed to take responsibility for your actions. This will NOT happen again!”

He didn’t need them to voice an answer, he knew they knew.

“With this in mind, to complete your punishment you will each receive another 24 strokes of my slipper tonight, then 50 each day for the next 5 days, finishing with 40 extra hard strokes on the sixth day.”

His statement was delivered with confidence. Amy and Amanda were holding their breath, biting lips, clenching buttocks in response to his regime of punishment. Sitting comfortably was not going to be an option this week.

Heads bowed, they didn’t wait to be told to go upstairs to undress for the remainder of tonight’s punishment. They returned without speaking and bent themselves over the back of the sofa to repeat the earlier experience of receiving the bite of Jack’s slipper.

Jack had decided to deliver 2 sets of 6 strokes to each buttock this time, which increased the sting terribly and this was attested to, by the anguished wails of the punished ladies. Amanda could only tremble in anticipation as Jack dealt with Amy’s 24 strokes in one session, before moving on to her punishment. Similarly, Amy wished she could rub away her sting while listening to her mum’s squeals of torment, but she couldn’t.

Jack had proved extremely efficient as a disciplinarian and both ladies silently promised never to be in need of punishment ever again. The fire that burned their backsides would be very hard to forget, and they had a further week of daily punishments to endure.

As they all drank coffee later, Amy and Amanda remaining standing, of course, Jack sat and surveyed his punished sister and niece. They bore him no grudge, thank goodness, and were obviously relieved that the problem was at least partially solved, pending the remaining punishments. Watery smiles were exchanged and the occasional rub of a smarting bottom was noticed by Jack.

He couldn’t help but wonder if their promises to never ever disappoint him again and incur another punishment would prove successful.

Let’s wait and see!

The End

© Lesley Carole 2014