Being headstrong is not always appreciatred

By Paul S

Ellie was aged 20 and about 5 foot 5 inches tall with a svelte 36-26-36 figure, long dark hair and was full of attitude. She was brash, stylish and could have been a model or worked in the city. Instead, she loved animals and was intrigued by the freedom of becoming a trainee shepherdess with her own Border Collie sheepdogs.

Ellie lived and worked in Yorkshire and had persuaded a local farmer to take her on as a trainee shepherdess. Ellie worked full time, with one day a week training at a local veterinary college to learn all bout veterinary diseases that affect sheep and cattle. She also had to learn about livestock regulations in general, and the ‘country code’.

Ellie was very hands on and loved animals. It was animals that led her to her boyfriend Matt, a local vet whom she met at a local dance and became immediately attracted. He regarded her as a real challenge and a wild and free young woman that needed to be trained in every sense of the word.

Most shepherdesses would wear sensible clothing for work on the moors and fields, rounding up sheep. In winter, sheepskin coats and wellington boots were necessary due to the snow, but in the busy summer months Ellie would be seen out in the fields wearing T shirts, a waistcoat, hot pants and boots as a fashion statement. This amused the locals who called her ‘wild girl’ but couldn’t deny her way with animals and the affinity she had with sheep and sheepdogs using just a smartphone and dog whistle, which was impressive.

Matt tried calling Ellie since he had last visited the farm for the annual sheep-dip to disinfect all the 200 strong herds of Swaledale and Herdwicks against ticks and mites.

Eventually Matt left messages asking if she wanted to go out that weekend, but got no reply. Eventually he became frustrated and, after work, got in his van and drove up to the moor to look for her. He could see a figure in the valley below and a small herd of sheep, with others scattered across the hills opposite and several fast-moving sheepdogs attempting to round them up.

Matt drove down nearer to where the sheep were and noticed another shepherd who told him Ellie was on the fells further up the valley. Matt drove on for a further few miles and eventually found Ellie sitting eating a chocolate bar on a stile gate while her flock grazed.

Matt confronted her and said: “Why don’t you ever return my messages? You have a smartphone.”

Ellie denied she had received any messages and said her smartphone coverage was patchy at the head of the valley.

Matt said: “My smartphone works fine here, so is that just an excuse to avoid me?”

Ellie defiantly got up and defiantly said: “No, that’s not the case at all.”

Matt went up and embraced Ellie and said: “Look, darling, at least leave messages, but I am busy at the vets and haven’t got time to keep chasing you around over miles of fells.”

Matt’s hands went instinctively to the rear of her hot pants. It was a warm day, if breezy on the fells. He then said: “I have a good mind to put you across my knee and give you the discipline you lack, young lady.”

Ellie said: “Don’t be ridiculous!”

Matt grabbed her hand, sat down on the wooden fence stile and pulled Ellie towards him, placing her across his knee.

Ellie protested and said: “Matt, no!”

Matt just said: “Should have done this a long time ago,” lifted her waistcoat and started spanking her firmly across her hot pants with his hand.

Ellie said: “No! Stop it!”

Matt said: “I won’t stop until you agree to come to the dance with me on Saturday.”

Ellie said: “I might be working then.”

Matt said: “You do not work in the dark, so that’s rubbish. Your hot pants are coming down for that!”

Ellie said: “No!” but could feel her hot pants descending and cold air swirling around her naked bottom as she had no underwear on. She then received firm smacks from Matt’s large hand for a good 10 minutes.

Eventually he stopped and released Ellie, who got up clutching her red and now tingling perfectly formed young bottom.

Matt said: “I thought you might storm off and never talk to me again!”

Ellie reflected and said: “No, actually it’s been coming for a while, and I probably should have been spanked much earlier.”

Matt was quite surprised at her reaction, and said: “Really?”

Ellie said: “This lifestyle is very hands-on, and that includes mucking out the animals; and even having your legs, back and bottom slapped occasionally.

So, when Matt and Ellie want some privacy now in their relationship, they simply go up to the fells together. The only people witnessing Ellie’s bare bottom summer spankings over the wooden style and their rolling in the hay and hot passion together afterwards, are the sheep she looks after and her 2 trusty border collies who don’t say a word.

The End

© Paul S 2018