How spankings can work both ways in a relationship

By Joanna Jones

“Bring me the towel!”

I watched confused as her boyfriend (and now good friend of mine), Nick, gulped at Jessica’s words.

We were at our two girlfriends’ (who were also workmates) shared house and they had made us dinner. Apparently the deal had been that we were to wash up. Nick had agreed to this, but forgotten to tell me. Eventually the girls had done it while we had watched the football highlights on TV. For me it was a first visit for dinner and I had only been going out seriously with Sue for a few weeks, but I probably should have been more considerate.

After they had come back from the kitchen the girls had laid into us verbally, and when Nick had finally admitted responsibility Jessica had given him a cold look and given him the fateful order.

Nick immediately started to bluster, with the plea I remember most being: “Please, not in front of Terry!”

I was quite confused, although clearly Nick was in for some form of humiliation. What a towel had to do with it was to my mind at that point anybody’s guess.

Jessica was implacable that he get what he deserved, and said as her housemate’s boyfriend, he was going to find out sooner or later.

Defeated Nick headed for the kitchen. I whispered to Sue: “What’s happening?”

Sue was still a bit annoyed with me and said quietly: “Wait and see!”

I was shocked when Nick nervously returned with not only a tea towel that I’d not seen before, but also a flat backed blue plastic brush, the sort that usually comes in a brush and pan set.

As Jessica took them he stood in front of her with his hands on his head. I felt part of me twitch as I realised with a kind of simultaneous excitement and horror that my friend Nick was going to be spanked.

Smoothing the towel on her lap of her skirt and placing the brush on top, Jess then grabbed the top of Nick’s trousers.

He screwed his eyes shut as his girlfriend undid his belt and the button on his trousers. The fly gave and the trousers fell to his ankles. His briefs followed quickly. I was shocked that his member seemed unable to stay down, although for reasons I could not understand mine was also behaving oddly. I noticed my girlfriend looking on avidly as Jessica picked up her brush and dragged Nick over her lap. The towel was clearly there to protect her skirt.


My jaw dropped as the plastic dust pan brush landed hard on Nick’s bare bottom causing a pink blush to appear fairly quickly. Nick took it silently.

However, that was just the beginning. The slaps started slowly but gradually got harder and faster as Jessica got into her stride.

Nick’s initial silence was replaced with grunts and gasps, then more anguished sounds. Then the words “Please” and “Enough” started to appear. Jessica ignored the pleas, or even seemed to smack harder as Nick was reduced to tears and apologies.

Meanwhile I had watched the flesh on my friend’s backside turned from white to pink to bright red with clear blotches that were probably going to be bruises he would sport for quite a few days!

It was only then she stopped. Nick was ordered to apologise to us and then face the wall. He was clearly exhausted as he turned his discoloured bottom towards us.

After some brief words Sue diplomatically suggested we turn in and leave Jessica and Nick some time together.

Once in her bedroom I found that the reaction of Sue to the spanking was, well, ‘profound’. She was on me pretty well straight away, and well I am sure you can guess the rest.

After as we lay together I said: “Poor Nick, that was a pretty hard whacking!”

Sue replied: “Well I am sure Jess is making it up to him now.”

Before I could respond to that she continued: “You know you deserved that thrashing too.”

I froze, wondering how to respond, before settling on: “Come on, don’t be silly we aren’t like that.”

“Aren’t we? You are just like him, a great guy, who sometimes acts like a naughty selfish little boy.”

“But…” I started.

“But what? Nick took his spanking, for being selfish and inconsiderate, why not you if you behave badly to me.”

About ten minutes later she somehow had got me to agree that she could put me over her knee. I gave her two conditions which, in retrospect, I think in her excitement at getting me where she wanted she rather too quickly agreed to. One was that she and Jess would never tell anyone outside the four of us, and the second was that it cut equally – if she let me down then she would accept the consequences in the same way.

What happened next was a shock. She immediately escorted me downstairs to show me the drawer where the towel and floor brush were kept, then made me bring them back up to the bedroom.

What happened after that? Well, yes I stood in front of her, hands on head, as she removed my boxer shorts. I remember the palpitations of anticipation as she dragged me over her lap, across the end of the bed and gave a couple of light taps as she told me to prepare myself for my well deserved punishment.

Then with a sharp slap, she started. It was a shock how sore it was. At one point I struggled to escape the rain of blows and I got extra whacks to the back of my thighs. After that I learned to stay in position as I too was reduced to a sobbing wreck.

Once finished she made me (stark naked) take the towel and brush to their home in the kitchen. Fortunately Nick and Jess remained in their room. When I returned I found there was very much a silver lining to the cloud that was my very sore, very bruised rear end.

Despite it being ‘equal’, for the next six months it was only me on the receiving end. By that point I’d had it in front of Nick and Jess, and even by Jess on one notorious occasion. However, on the rare occasions Sue irritated me, she always managed to somehow work on my sympathetic side and wheedle her way out of it.

That was until a Christmas Party with her friends from her office. We went to a restaurant and then to a club, and all had had plenty to drink.

While Sue and Jessica were dancing with a group I found myself with a couple of her female office-mates, who were both rather merry. The conversation got rather silly and I made a joke with a very risque ending. Marie giggled, then said: “Oh, you had better not let Sue hear you say that!”

In my merry mood I replied: “I doubt she’d mind”

Marie replied: “I don’t know, she might want to put you over her knee like a naughty boy.”

I am sure I must have flushed in anger as I sobered quickly, but the two girls were too sloshed to notice.

Did they really know? I wanted to find out.

“She’d need to catch me saying it first.” I replied with as mischievous voice as I could.

Laura said to Marie: “Maybe we should tell her, then we might be able to watch you get your bare bottie smacked with that brush.”

I was seething inside as I asked: “Oh and what brush would that be.”

Marie turned to Laura as she said: “A stingy little blue plastic floor brush, to bring a stinging bottom and tears to a naughty boy’s eyes. I think. Is that not right?”

Cold inside I tried to make a joke of it. “You two have some very imaginative ways of teasing a poor guy, perhaps it’s you who need the spanking!” I replied.

Both of them flushed and giggled as Laura said: “Maybe, and would you give it to me?”

“Maybe. You are very naughty after all! Perhaps I should ask Sue.”

I left them giggling as I extricated myself and went to the gents to calm down. I was furious, and no longer felt in ‘the party mood’.

Finally I took a breath and found Sue, I told her I was going home. She could see I was clearly upset, and as I left she asked what the matter was.

I told her bluntly and she looked horrified, but did not deny that both Jess and her had told their closest friends.

I told her I wanted to be alone, and despite her pleas and protestations. I got my way as she now dejectedly returned to the party, while I took a taxi back to my flat.

I still felt angry and let down the following day. However, it was Nick who phoned me first, in the morning. He’d been told by Jess and Sue in the taxi on the way home (presumably before I could tell him myself, I guess). He had been angry too. As a result he’d elected to spend the night on the sofa. While never having made the deal I did he still felt utterly let down that Jess had told her friends as some sort of joke, and had more or less decided to end it with her as a result of the loss of trust.

Mid-afternoon Sue came round. She was pretty upset. Jess was in a state having been almost certainly dumped and she was apparently worried I might do the same.

My response was: “So what do you think I should do?”

I was not surprised when she wordlessly produced the blue brush and the towel.

She was shocked when I did not immediately agree. Instead I said she would need to take her spanking in front of her friends, since she had clearly described in such detail my punishments and reaction to them.

That really threw her but despite her protestations I was adamant that she show them that our agreement worked both ways.

She was very reluctant, but eventually she agreed to have a few office pals round for a buffet dinner, and that I could spank her in our bedroom while they were in the house, but not in front of them.

However, before then there was the problem of Jessica, who was desperately trying to get Nick to forgive her. The solution I was going to apply was not an option. Nick said he had absolutely no desire to smack her, even as a one off. It was Sue who worked on him, and suggested I do it for him. To her surprise he eventually said yes.

The first I knew of it was when Sue asked if I would go along with it. Unsure, I phoned Nick. He seemed to be mellowing, and missed Jess too. He would come to the party, but he was happy to entertain the other girls downstairs while I did the honours, so to speak, upstairs. He made it very clear that I had total discretion in ensuring that Jess bitterly regretted letting him down. It was agreed I would take both girls to Sue’s bedroom together, and bring them back well punished!

The buffet dinner was set for Wednesday. I do not know what excuse they made for the short notice, but apparently the six girls who were coming (of the eight or so who they said knew directly) had no idea what the real reason was when they arrived.

Nick and I had a good time chatting with everyone, and Sue and Jess did their best to seem jolly, despite knowing what was in store.

Eventually everyone was finished and the Sue and Jess could delay it no longer.

Sue cleared her throat, and as she did so I saw Jess bite her lip.

Sue slowly and nervously explained that she and Jess should not have told them about the fact that they spanked us. She also, to some raised eyebrows, said that her deal could involve her bending over, though I had always been kind enough never to force the issue on such occasions. However, this time she had let me down badly and as a result she was going to be spanked.

I noticed one of the girls surreptitiously moving her hand under her upper thigh as Sue indicated that the spanking was going to happen now, and Jess was getting one too.

Finished, Sue looked at me. “I’ll be waiting upstairs,” I said. “You know what to do.”

With that I headed up to Sue’s room, making a point to leave the door open. Her friends may not see what was happening, but we had agreed nothing should stop them hearing it. A couple of minutes later Jess and Sue appeared in the room. Sue was carrying the brush and towel, and gave them to me.

Loudly I ordered them to both stand side-by-side in front of me. In a voice that would carry downstairs and provide commentary I took down Jess’s, then Sue’s jeans and knickers.

Jess visibly cringed as I slid the plain white cotton down to her ankles, while Sue took that part a little better as I undid her belt and took her jeans, and her lace trimmed knickers down to her ankles.

Who to take first?

I decided on Jess.

Ordering Sue to face the corner, with dire threats if she dare turn round, I manoeuvred Jess over the towel on my knees (the towel was not really necessary I think, but nonetheless was part of the punishment).

She was clearly very nervous as I rubbed the brush gently into her rather curvy backside with its pale cheeks staring up at me. Her bottom clenched and unclenched in anticipation if I took the ‘paddle’ briefly away. Finally I whacked it down hard.

The crack echoed through the open door, as no doubt did the “Ohhh!” of surprise as Jessica felt the sting.

Briefly I wondered if she had ever been on the receiving end before, as I laid on a second, to a yelp of pain. After that I really got stuck in. Soon the yelps were cries and pleas.

I ignored them. At one point Sue turned fearfully around at a particularly loud screech. As soon as she saw my glare she rapidly resumed her contemplation of the wall in front of her!

A short time later, Jessica was lying sobbing over my lap. I gave her four hard blows to finish leaving a bright blotchy red bottom for Nick to examine later and then stood her up.

With her trousers and underwear still round her ankles I told her to stand facing the opposite wall of the room, so Sue would get a good view of what was in store for her when she turned round.

She did indeed gasp as she looked, appalled at her friend’s rear end. Despite the fact that she had done it to me, on those occasions her bottom then was in no danger of course. This time the danger was certain.

However, she did manage to walk the few steps towards me, and wait as I scolded her for looking around as she stood in front of me.

After that she was very quickly pulled into position over my knees. Her beautifully rounded bum was one of her best assets and I took my time rubbing it lightly with the brush and admired it over my lap. She was muttering and moaning quietly as I began to tap gently, letting the tension rise. Then:


I delivered the first blow, to a very audible gasp and a small buck of her hips on my lap. I watched the mark redden her left buttock before giving the first to the right.

She tried desperately to remain quiet as the brush landed alternately on her buttocks. However, her writhing showed that I was indeed getting through. Eventually on a particularly low, hard blow she gave a little scream and burst into tears. It was not long after I stopped, having given her slightly more than Jess. I was amazed she had taken it without begging even once.

I called the two back across to me and then told them to get dressed and go downstairs to entertain their guests. I warned them if they were not perfect hostesses I would take their knickers down in front of their friends and thrash them again over the back of a chair.

They both gulped miserably as I gave them some tissues.

Taking the two downstairs I spoke first, saying to their friends (some of whom were looking very flushed): “Well I guess you all now know how our relationships work. I think some way to accept that you have let your partner down, some sacrifice, makes both of our relationships stronger, even if it is painful at the time!”

At that point Sue, who was doing her best not to rub her bottom too much, was clearly about to change topic and offer everyone a coffee or another glass of wine. However, to my surprise, one of the girls cleared her throat.

It was Laura, I noticed, that Marie was holding her hand.

“Sue,” she started. “Marie and I feel very guilty that we let you down, and that we teased your boyfriend. We were wondering if you or Terry would do us too.”

She rather blurted it out before trailing off as the other girls looked shocked.”

Sue looked at them surprised before saying: “Terry, why don’t you wait upstairs and I’ll bring them up in a minute.

A couple of minutes later the bedroom door opened and Sue escorted them in. The two girls looked rather petrified as Sue said that I was not to be too hard on them.

I nodded and asked: “So which of you is going first?”

Laura stepped forward with some form of muttered acknowledgment, while Marie stood next to Sue.

“Right, Marie, go stand facing that wall with your hands on your head. If you turn round I will be giving extra, understood?”

There was a squeak of agreement as she did as she was told.

I turned my attention to Laura. “Take your tights down to your knees then stand next to me on my left, lift your dress right up then lie down over my lap, understood.”

She nodded and I watched as she wiggled her hips as her tights were levered down. Then she pulled on the hem of a short black party dress to reveal a very skimpy pair of artificial silk briefs with lace around the waist and legs.

Taking a breath, she draped herself over my lap. The thin black fabric was not going to provide any protection, and she was not my girlfriend nor someone I knew like Jess, so I did not make her take them down.

However, just as I made a first preparatory tap she said nervously: “What, what about my knickers?”

I looked at Sue, who gave a funny grin and stepped forward. Her dainty fingers looped into the sides of the garment, and with a swift movement they joined her tights around her calves.

I gave my third bottom of the day, the most petite of the four, a few taps then laid on a couple of brisk strokes. There were a matching couple of ‘aaahs’ as Laura realised that a spanking was not the joke she had made it out to be at the party.

I gave her twenty more, which left her red faced and begging for me to stop before the end.

As she made to stand I put my hand on her back as Sue levered her underwear back into place. I then sent her to the corner with her tights still around her knees and her party dress still ruggled around her waist. She was beet red with the humiliation.

Of course there was plenty of red bottom around the knickers for Marie to admire as she nervously came across and, without asking, dropped her fitted trousers and plunged over my knees. She was wearing a thong, but that did not stop Sue dragging them down to a half-hearted protest from her friend.

The spanking I gave her was more or less the same as Laura’s, though as she was the one who had initially given Sue’s secret away I was a little harder. To be honest, as she was also ever so slightly plump there was plenty more target for the brush to get stuck into as she took her spanking, certainly wailing towards the end.

They were both very red faced as well as red eyed as we returned to the living room.

Soon after everyone left, leaving Sue and I, and Jess and Nick to retire to our respective rooms, to discuss all the excitement.

That was all a couple of years or so ago. My relationship with Sue is much more balanced now, and as a result stronger and more trusting. That is something I expect that will continue after our marriage, due in roughly a years time.

The End