Fashionable wear might not be good when girls are in trouble. By a new writer to us.

By James

Eighteen year old Wendy and her friend Helen were in their last year at school; they were lifelong friends and did everything together. Both were looking forward to leaving school and starting work, and thought of themselves as fully grown up, but being still at school they had to comply with the rules the establishment had in place.

Amongst many other things, there was a strict dress code for the pupils which covered how they dressed in school time and also covered how they dressed when coming to and going home from school. Prefects were at the school gates and around the local streets to check on the pupils’ appearance and to report any infringements. Frequent checks were also made to the length of the girls’ skirts. Any discrepancies resulted in the girl being sent to the Headmistress.

Following the fashion of the time, there was a trend for the older girls to make the school skirts tighter around the waist. This had the effect of pulling the skirt tightly around the girls’ bottoms. Wendy and Helen were no exception and the school seemed to accept this unofficial dress code change as the long school jacket kept their bottoms out of view.

One day after finishing school, Wendy and Helen made their way home.

“Do you want a ciggy?” said Helen.

“No, not yet. There might be a prefect about,” replied Wendy. “You never know.”

“Well, I’m going to.”

With that, Helen put a cigarette in her mouth and lit it.

“Go on,” said Wendy. “I’ll have one as well.”

The two girls walked down the street feeling very grown up, smoking and chatting about boyfriends. As they turned a corner they bumped into two prefects on their way home.

“You two are in trouble now,” said Susan, the taller of the two school prefects. “I’m going to report you both for smoking.”

With that, the two prefects walked away laughing. Helen and Wendy looked shocked.

“What’s going to happen to us?” asked Wendy.

“It’s just a telling off,” reassured Helen. “We are too old for anything else.”

“What do you mean by ‘anything else’?” asked Wendy.

“Well, I heard rumours about girls being whacked on the bum with a slipper by the Headmistress.”

“No, that can’t be right,” said Helen. “I know the boys got it years ago but they are a lot tougher than us and we are too old for that.” .

The next day, the two friends made their way to school not knowing what to expect. During the first lesson Susan, the taller prefect, came in to the classroom and gave a note to the teacher. As she left, she smiled at Wendy and Helen.

At the end of the lesson, the teacher called Wendy and Helen over and told them that the Headmistress wanted to see them at 16.05. For the rest of the day, the two girls kept thinking about what was going to happen to them and they found themselves frequently looking at the clock.

Not wanting to be late, at the end of the school day the two girls made their way quickly to the Headmistress’s office, only to find a boy named Jason, also from their class, waiting.

“I’ve already knocked and was told to wait until we are called inside.”

“What are you here for?” asked Wendy.

“I was caught copying some homework. What about you two?” Jason asked.

“We think it’s because we were seen smoking,” said Helen.

“You will just get a telling-off because you are girls. We get the cane,” Jason replied.

“I did not know it was still used. That’s horrible,” said Helen.

“Yes it is, but it doesn’t hurt too much and we get used to it,” was Jason’s brave reply.

The three fell silent. Just then footsteps were heard from inside the office and the door was opened by the Headmistress.

“Come inside and stand in front of my desk, and tell me why you are here. You first,” she said, pointing at Jason.

“Mr Jones thought I was copying homework, but i wasn’t. I just wanted to see how to spell a word correctly,” explained Jason.

Looking at the two girls, the Headmistress asked: “What have you two done?”

“We were seen smoking yesterday,” replied Helen. “By two prefects.”

“Smoking is a disgusting habit and I will not tolerate it in this school,”

Helen immediately butted in: “But it wasn’t in school. It was on the way home.”

“That is even worse!” Snapped the headmistress. “If you were on the way home, then you were still in school uniform. Members of the public would have seen you smoking. What do you think that will do to the school’s reputation?”

Neither girl replied.

The Headmistress pointed at Jason and spoke in an agitated voice: “I have spoken to Mr Jones and I am not satisfied with your explanation. I have no choice. I am going to punish all three of you.”

The Headmistress went over to a tall cupboard and removed a large book.

“When this over, I don’t want to see any of you in here again. You have all let the school and yourselves down. You girls, go outside the door and wait. I will call you in when I am ready.”

Both girls went outside. It was quiet in the corridor with all the pupils having gone home, and the only sounds were of the cleaners. Then, a muffled conversation could be heard from inside the office. Suddenly, there was a whoosh and a thwack sound, then another.

“What’s happening?” asked Helen.

“I don’t know. Do you think he’s having the cane?” Wendy answered.

Shortly afterwards, footsteps were heard from inside the office, and the door was slowly opened by a pale looking Jason.

“What happened to you?” asked Wendy.

Jason did not answer. He walked away very stiffly, rubbing his behind.

“You two, inside now,” shouted the Headmistress from inside the office.

The two girls entered the office and stood in front of the desk. Lying on the top was a long cane. Wendy and Helen both stared at it.

Just then, the phone rang. The Headmistress answered it and said: “I had better come over right away.”

After finishing the telephone call, the headmistress said: “Stay here, girls. I won’t be a moment.”

The two girls were left alone to contemplate their fate.

“Do you think we will get the cane?” asked Wendy.

“No, she won’t do that to us.”

“If she did cane us, will it be on the hands or the bottom?” was Wendy’s next question.

“I hope it’s not the bottom,” replied Helen. “I went out with Martin from our class, and he slapped my bum. It really did smart. I think the tight skirt makes it worse.”

Before they could say any more, the Headmistress returned.

“Right, girls, I won’t tolerate smoking, so I am going to punish both of you. I see from my book you have not been here before. As it is your first time, you will both get four strokes of the slipper. Please remove your jackets.”

The Headmistress picked up the cane from the desk and went to the cupboard in the corner. She removed a large black slipper and replaced the cane inside.

On turning around, the Headmistress was confronted by the two girls standing there in tight school skirts that were moulded around their bottoms.

“Girls, the school uniform is not meant to be worn like that. Have you altered the skirts?”

“Yes miss, it’s the fashion,” Helen answered.

“I am quite aware of the latest fashion, but that is not for school uniform. I do not want to see you in skirts like that again. They are totally inappropriate.”

“Yes miss,” was the reply.

“Right, I want one of you to come forward and to lean over the end of  my desk. Who is it going to be?”

Helen and Wendy looked at each other, but no one spoke.

“Come on, it’s not a hard decision. I want to go home,”  said the Headmistress.

Neither girl responded.

“Helen, you can be first,” announced the Headmistress.

Helen looked shocked.

“Please go and lean over the desk.”

Helen slowly moved to the desk and leaned forward over it.

“Get right over. That’s it, now keep still.”

The Headmistress picked up the slipper and moved over to Helen’s side. She tapped it on Helen’s bottom to take aim, then swung her arm above her head and brought the slipper down hard on Helen’s tight bottom. The noise was frightening. Helen squealed and jumped up, clutching both cheeks.

“Get back on the desk. There’s three more to come,” she was quickly told.

Helen slowly lowered herself back over the desk. The slipper was aimed at Helen’s tight bottom and brought down with a loud thwack. She squealed and jumped about. The third whack brought her to tears, and the fourth made her jump up.

“You will remember this visit for a long time. Stand by the wall.”

Turning to Wendy, the Headmistress said: “Go and lean over the desk like Helen did.”

Wendy made her way slowly to the desk and lowered herself over. She was aware how tight her skirt was around her rear and thought she knew what to expect, but the shock of the first impact took her breath away. After the second, the terrible stinging and burning started. By the third, she was in tears, and after the fourth she was crying profusely.

“Get up, and both of you get out of my office. And alter those skirts!”

The girls picked up their uniform jackets and left the office. They immediately headed for the washrooms for a quick wash and check of their uniforms.

“I just want to get out of here,” Helen remarked.

The two friends hurried out of the school gates.

“I can’t believe what has happened to us,” Wendy said. “I never really thought she’d do anything like that.”

“Me neither. Mt bottom is still smarting. Do you want a ciggy?”

The End

© James 2019