A therapist helps a newly wedded couple. By a new writer to us.

By Lorna Brand

I am Dr Alexandra and this is my account of the very first meeting with my favourite couple.

I have been a councillor specialising in marriage and couples for over 10 years before I met them and had my own practice in a lovely suburb. I like things kept in order and that covers everything from my home, work and appearance. I find that if you give off a more authoritarian air through your appearance and attitude then people are more likely to be honest with you. They are more receptive to suggestions and open up about the most intimate things.

I first met Sophie and Andrew on a crisp Autumn morning but it was still warm enough for me to wear a light navy pencil skirt and cream blouse. I almost always wear my hair in a tight bun and have a silk scarf for a splash of colour and that day was no different.

Sitting in the waiting room I found a young couple both in their 20s. Sophie was at one side of the room on a chair by herself. She was dressed head to toe in designer clothes, nothing too flashy, blue jeans, a white T-shirt and four inch black high heels, but nevertheless you could see the money that had been spent from her well kept shining auburn locks to her first class manicure. Sophie sat with her head down studying the latest copy of Vogue as if she didn’t even know the man with her.

Poor Andrew was sitting as far away as physically possible in our tiny waiting room with the centre coffee table looking more like Hadrian’s Wall than the little stylish peace of furniture it actually was. Andrew had clearly come straight from work with his plain black trousers and blue shirt on, looking quite smart but clearly not as expensively dressed as his glamorous wife. Not a single glance was given between each of them. This wasn’t unusual for my clients but the fact I was expecting a newly married couple made it a bit different. I must have stood in the doorway observing them for several seconds before they noticed me.

“Good morning, Andrew and Sophie March, I presume?”

“Hi, yes, that’s us. Come on, Soph.”

Andrew was clearly nervous, ringing his hands and trying to speed up his distant bride.

“For goodness sake, I am coming. God, I was just finishing an article. Do you think this will take long? Only I was going to go out with a girlfriend for lunch.”

Unlike Andrew, Sophie was clearly not too upset by the situation and seemed to be fairly ticked off just being there.

“Well I normally like to keep a couple of hours for our first meeting, but why don’t you both come in and we will see how we get on?”

In my office I have a couple of single chairs on the left hand side in front of my book cases and a couch on the right hand wall with my over-sized desk in front of the window. I always like to see where my couples sit as it gives a clear message as to how far they have drifted, but this was predictable. As you would guess, Sophie took up residence in one of my leather wing backs and threw her bag on the other, leaving Andrew assigned to the sofa opposite her.

As I let them get comfy I brought my chair around from behind my desk to be a bit friendlier and put them at ease.

“So what brings you both to me today? I see you have only been married for three months.”

“I am at breaking point. I just can’t cope any more.”

You could sense the emotion in Andrew’s voice as he started to explain the problems. All the time Sophie was rolling her eyes and playing with her nails, clearly wanting to be elsewhere.

Andrew explained how before they got married Sophie had stayed at home right up until the day of their wedding and she was very well looked after. When they got married, Sophie’s dad had paid off her credit card as he had always done and Andrew expected she would be more responsible with it now they had to pay their own way as they didn’t have the same disposable income as her mum and dad. Although he wanted to give her everything she wanted it just wasn’t possible.

The biggest problem, apart from Sophie’s brat-like nature, was that Sophie had not just maxed out the card she had before they got married but she had also gone against his wishes, behind his back, and got another one which she was currently using up fast.

“Sophie, do you have anything to say?”

“He over-reacts to everything. He just doesn’t want me to have nice things or fun. I work hard and I deserve to go out and get new things.”

She was certainly not taking responsibility for any of the problems.

. ”So what do you do for work?”

“I work at a nail bar two days a week.”

“Why only two?”

“Because you can’t expect me to work all the time. I need a break too, you know.”

“So how do you expect to pay your credit card?”

“I supose HE will just have to stop being stupid and pay it, won’t HE?”

Sophie was pushing every one of my buttons. I had no idea why this self-entitled little brat had managed to end up with anyone, let alone someone so mild-mannered and caring as Andrew seemed to be. It was clear Sophie had always gotten her own way and she had never learnt consequences.

“Sophie, when you where little and you got into trouble, what happened?”

“I have always been a good girl. I was never told off.”

“Always? That’s quite remarkable; not a raised voice, a telling-off, a confiscation, a grounding, spanking even?”

All the time through my little rant she shook her head, which just infuriated me, but then she slowly turned a bright pink and started shuffling in her seat.

“You seem to have something on your mind, Sophie. What is it? Please share it with us.”

“Ummm , there was one time my mum went crazy and smacked me. She just went mad. She grabbed me by my arm, pulled me over her knee, pulled my dress up and really hit me. It was insane.”

“So why did she do that?”

“Apparently I bit some other kid that came to play at our house, but she did take my doll so it was really her fault!”

“Did you feel bad about it?”

“Well yeah, although my mum went insane and really overboard, I did feel bad and really sorry at the time.”

“How did you feel towards your mum after?”


“It wasn’t her fault. I know she loved me; she just went a bit crazy.”

All of a sudden, the quiet meek Andrew said something that shocked even him.

“Well, you obviously needed it just like you bloody deserve a good spanking now!”

“Now that’s a great idea and probably long overdue too!” I just couldn’t stop myself. I really said it out of sheer frustration from listening to this girl whine and moan about the injustice of the situation that she had caused. But I couldn’t back-pedal. What would people say if they found out what I had said? So I put on my best authoritarian voice on and made my point clearer.

“I believe that Andrew giving you a spanking would be most beneficial for both of you. Sophie, you will learn how much this has affected your husband and give you a clear chastisement for your actions. This will also give your husband a chance to be heard, wipe the slate clean and relieve the atmosphere between you. Of course, on top of this you will need to work out a budget and a plan to stick to, but you really can’t spend money you don’t have without consequence.”

I couldn’t believe I pulled it off. I came up with a sane rational reason for Sophie to get her backside smacked. As you might expect, she was less than happy about it.

“You have got to be kidding! You have lost your bloody mind! There’s not a hope he is going to hit me. I will get my daddy to sue you for every penny you have, just you wait and see. He’s a barrister and he won’t stand for this!”

She was rummaging in her bag for her phone as she screamed at the top of her voice. Andrew seemed to be trying to compute what I had said and what was going on with his irate wife.

This little girl had taken over with her childish tantrum, throwing her hands around and yelling at me in my own office. I was not having it any more. I had tried to be as understanding as possible but this princess had been spoilt and I felt I had a few things to say to her daddy too.

“I think calling your dad is an excellent idea. In fact, if you give me his number I will call him now.”

There was a numb silence as I took the phone out her hand and copied his number, dialling it on my own phone. My hands where sweaty, my pulse was racing, but there was no backing down. I just had to hope my hunch was right.


“Good morning, am I speaking to Sophie Marsh’s dad? I am Dr Alexandra. Oh no, she is fine. I am a marriage therapist. If it is OK with you, I am going to put you on speaker so you can talk with Sophie, Andrew and myself.”

“Daddy, they are going to hit me! You have to sue them daddy for everything they’ve got!”

“What’s going on?” This big, deep, booming voice came from the phone speaker.

“Well that’s not quite true. I think, if you will let me, I will explain what we have been discussing.”

“Yeah, you tell him what you said.”

“As you may not know, your daughter and son-in-law are having a few problems. It would seem that Sophie has maxed out her credit card and has taken on another one. I am sure you can imagine what a financial strain this is for them and it has taken over their new marriage. If this is not sorted out, Sophie, I am afraid, will most likely be coming home shortly.

“While we where talking, Sophie recalled an incident when your wife spanked her and I thought that if Andrew could spank Sophie it would help her a lot. Of course, they will still have to work out a budget too, but I am sure you know what sort of benefits your daughter can gain from a well-deserved smacked bottom.”

There was the longest pause. Sophie looked pretty smug as she was surely expecting support of some description from her dad. I thought for a second I had really messed up, telling a barrister his daughter needed a spanking!

“YOU MAXED OUT YOUR CARD? And took out another in under three months? I do remember the incident you were talking about; she cried for ages after that spanking.”

“Yes, it was terrible for me, daddy.”

“Be Quiet! NOT YOU! I was talking about your mother. She was so upset with herself she cried about it for days. She couldn’t believe she had lost her temper with you. That’s when you got your pony. I thought the spanking was well overdue and did you the world of good. You were loving, pleasant and respectful for over a week, but your mother couldn’t bring herself to spank you again and I thought it was wrong for me to be spanking your bare bum although I REALLY thought you needed it! But it certainly wouldn’t be wrong for your husband to spank you.”

You could hear a pin drop! Andrew’s mouth was wide open and Sophie looked to be in shock, hearing these home truths that she clearly had not heard before.

“In fact, I would be most grateful if Andrew would spank you, and I hope he does it bloody hard too! You certainly deserve it and have done for a very long time. I am so disappointed and ashamed of you, young lady. You were told when I paid the last bill only to use the card if you had to, and if this insightful doctor says you need to be spanked then you should be, and if you do come home I will be cutting up your cards and your mother and I will not be giving you any allowance!”

By now Sophie looked completely ashamed; her head bowed, tears streaming down her cheeks. I, on the other hand, was elated and relieved as I suspect Andrew was too.

“Well thank you very much for talking with us. I will let you go now and we will see what Sophie wants to do.”

At this point you could tell she was assigned to her fate and had finally come to accept she had done something wrong.

“Well Sophie, if we are going to get you spanked before our time runs out, we should get going. Please go and stand facing the bookcase while Andrew prepares.”

Sophie simply got up and walked around her chair to face the bookcase without a fuss or even a grunt.

Andrew was clearly in shock too and whispered that he didn’t know what to do. I told him not to worry and that I would help him through it, step by step.

“Sophie, please come and stand next to Andrew’s knee. Andrew is going to spank you on your bare bum. Since he has never spanked before it’s safer if he can see where his hand is landing and how marked your bum is getting. Now please take down your jeans and pants.”

Sophie stood where she was instructed and without a word or any eye contact slowly undid the button on her jeans as if every second taken meant a second further away from her fate. Then she undid the zip and slid the jeans over her pert bum and shapely hips. They puddled on the floor around her ankles, trapped by her high heels. Her pretty pink lace panties were now on show for all to see.

She did not move any faster in removing them, sliding just a finger into her waistband at either side. She eased her pants over her bum and let them fall on to her jeans. Andrew just looked at his lap and Sophie draped herself over it.

With Sophie’s heels on it made things a little awkward. She seemed to just be in the wrong place, her bum overly high and not resting on Andrew’s lap as it should be. Andrew gave a few tentative slaps which didn’t cause any more than a blush on the fullest part of her creamy white bottom. Sophie didn’t make a sound as she just lay there.

“This isn’t right!” Andrew suddenly called and my heart sank for a second. I couldn’t believe after all this she wasn’t going to get what she should.

“I knew you couldn’t do it!” Sophie declared triumphantly as she rose up back to her husband’s side.

“No, what I meant was this position isn’t working.”

What a relief I felt as Sophie’s face fell yet again.

“I quite agree, Andrew. I should have seen the heels as a problem. Why don’t you have Sophie bend over my desk? It will give her considerable stability and free up your swing.”

“Ok, Soph, you heard her!” Andrew commanded. He was certainly finding his confidence.

We both watched as Sophie shuffled over to my clear desk, her jeans and panties still at her ankles. Her little bum wobbled delightfully with her jilted movements, her little sad pouting face realising this is something her husband really had to do.

“Sophie dear, if you wish, it might help you to stretch over and reach the handle on my drawer. It’s locked so it will give you something to grip, but if you are struggling let me know and I will give you a hand. Now remember, Andrew will spank you until he feels as if you have learnt your lesson, so if I was you I would hold tight.”

With Sophie now in position, arms outstretched flat on my desk gripping the handle with both hands at the other side, Andrew took in the view before walking up to her slowly as if to make her wait. Standing to one side of her raised and slightly blushing derriere, he put one hand on the small of her back and raised the other as high as possible before bringing it down full force, causing an instant deep pink hand print to appear. Sophie tried to throw her hands back to rise up and protect herself. Unable to do so with Andrew pinning her in place with a strength I didn’t know possible, she finally let out a shriek.

“You bastard! How could you do this to me?”

“You either accept it or you go back home to your parents!”

I couldn’t believe the authority Andrew was speaking with as he took total control. Sophie settled back down onto my cold desk and clenched her bottom as much as she could in anticipation.

Andrew gave her a little time to think about what was coming before he delivered another deep hard blow to her other cheek, watching the colour develop to a dark pink.

Sophie threw her hands back as far as she could and started stamping her feet while wailing. If it wasn’t for her jeans holding her legs together, an onlooker would have had the most intimate of views.

Andrew waited until she stood still, then gave her the hot sting of another smack on top of the already reddening cheek.

“I can’t take any more! I have had enough!” She shouted again while throwing her hands back.

“If you carry on trying to cover up your bottom every time I smack you, we will be here all day. Just stay in place!”

“I can’t help it!” She cried, tears of self-pity rolling down her face.

I stepped forward to help. I walked around the desk to where Sophie’s tear-stained face was, knelt down and whispered to her.

“You know you have done something very bad and that once you have paid the price the slate will be clean and you can move on with your married life. Do you want me to help you keep your hands out the way so we can get this over with?”

Sophie gave a tearful nod and I took off my silk scarf and used it to tie her hands down to my drawer handle. It wasn’t so tight that she couldn’t struggle free if she wished, but tight enough to give some restraint to help her think and keep her hands in position.

Once I had finished, I walked back around to watch the show and Andrew kindly waited for me to take up my position in front of the door again.

Andrew’s response was immediate and he switched from one cheek to the other as he rained slaps down onto her delicate skin, watching the deep pink turn red and purple.

Sophie screamed and cried but never asked him to stop, although her feet were stamping all the time until Andrew finally relented .

We gave Sophie a few minutes over my desk, crying, while I took off my scarf and replaced it around my neck. Andrew finally helped her up to her feet and she threw her hands around him, truly apologetic for all that she had done. She had been a brat but she was going to try and fix what had happened.

Once she had tenderly replaced her jeans over her very swollen bottom, I asked them to come back the following week so we could discus how it made them feel and the impact it had on their marriage.

No sooner had they left the office than I dived for my locked drawer to find my stress reliever!

They did come back the next week and I was delighted to greet them sitting together in my office. With a long discussion it was decided that Andrew would spank Sophie when she was being selfish or rude and disrespectful, and in fact he had spanked her the night before, she told me, as she lifted her skirt to gleefully show off her bruised bum.

I decided it would be beneficial to see them separately the week after to give each of them a chance to speak freely. Since that first meeting two years ago, I have seen Andrew on a Tuesday to discuss things and techniques which I selflessly allow him to practice on me, and Sophie on a Thursday to see how she is feeling. If she is feeling guilty, which she often does, I can help by giving her a top up session.

Then I see them together the week after, just to make sure that spankings are being carried out safely.

The End

© Lorna Brand 2014