The couple undergoing marriage guidance counselling return separately to see the therapist.

by Lorna Brand

As you know, I am Dr Alexandra and the last time I was talking to you it was to tell you all about my first couple of encounters with Andrew and Sophie March who came to me because of the strain they where under since Sophie had maxed out her credit card and taken on another.

On the very first meeting I had unintentional sanctioned the childish Sophie to having her bare bum spanked over my desk, then at the next meeting we discussed how it was something the couple thought would benefit them to continue. Of course I thought it would be wise for them to see me individually as well as a couple to make sure any spankings were carried out safely.

The first Tuesday I met Andrew by himself, I entered the waiting room only to be greeted by an over-enthusiastic, smartly dressed, young man all ready on his feet standing waiting at the door just like a little puppy would.

“Ahh, Doctor, it is so nice to see you again,” he beamed as he took my hand in both of his, clasping it while shaking it up and down.

“Andrew, ohh it is lovely to see you again too. Please come in and make yourself at home.”

Andrew made himself comfy on the sofa just as he had before, while I walked past him behind my large desk in front of the window. I tilted the blinds slightly to take the glaring Autumn sun out of his face, quite aware he was following me with his eyes around the room until I finally sat on one of the leather wing back chairs opposite him.

“So Andrew , how have you been?”


“Good. I thought this would be a chance for you to discuss what has happened over the last few weeks and any problems you have had with your new situation. Why don’t we start with the first spanking you gave Sophie here over my desk? How did that make you feel?”

Andrew told me all about the excitement, fear and anger he had felt while he rained down slap after slap on his wife’s bottom. He feared he may lose her and that his anger was too great for him to control.

“I don’t know if I went too far. What if I couldn’t stop? ”

“The fact you are worried about this tells me that you are a good person and that you will stop yourself before that ever happens. If you stop caring about your impact on others, that is when you should worry. You had spanked Sophie the night before our last meeting as well, so it must have been something you were sure should continue. What was the decision behind that incident? How did it come about?”

“It was completely justified. Soph was being a complete brat. We were at her parents’ house. It was their anniversary so all their friends and neighbours were there but she didn’t protest it.”

Andrew told me how, during the party, Sophie had been poutie and rude to the other guests and while her dad was offering to pay off her credit card she seemed not to care in the slightest. Andrew had warned her not to be so rude on several occasions but she paid no attention.

“In the end I just snapped and told her to go to her old bedroom and wait for me, while I apologised to her dad and accepted his offer of help.”

” Sophie just went to her room and waited for you without moaning?”

“Yeah, when I stormed up the stairs and opened the door she was completely naked and bent over in front of her dressing table at the far side of the room, her palms flat on the top amongst the brushes and makeup and her pert, creamy bum swaying high in the air. It took me by surprise and a moment or two for me to remember what I was doing there. I don’t think I even said anything to her, I just marched over and started spanking her.

“It was odd being able to see her face in the dressing table mirror as I slapped her bum at the same time. To start with she looked like she was smirking, probably because she knew she had put me off guard which made me even more angry with her childish behaviour.  I started smacking her harder. I didn’t stop until she had tears in her eyes and was sobbing. I felt so angry but she didn’t plead with me, she just let me spank her until her bum was a dark purple and red. ”

“Well, it couldn’t of been too traumatic for Sophie as she was quite keen to show me the result at our meeting the following day.”

“I suppose so.”

“After Sophie had been spanked to tears, how did you feel about her chastisement?”

“You mean apart from sore?” Andrew said with a little laugh. “I knew she deserved it but, you know, when we went home and Soph disappeared off to bed I was straight in to the freezer for the peas. My hand was throbbing; I don’t know if I can keep up the pace.”

I couldn’t help but let out a little scoff of my own at the thought of this man at his most authoritative point in his relationship sneaking around for frozen peas for his sore hand.

“Have you thought about an alternative then?” I said in my most blasé way as I shimmied my way around the chair I was sitting on to the cupboard at the bottom of my bookcase and brought out a half inch thick wooden paddle, about a foot long with several holes around the edge. I could see his eyes widen as I sat back down and caressed my hand over the smooth surface. “You could always get something like this.” I smiled at him.

“Wouldn’t that really hurt? I don’t think I could do that to Soph. I have never used anything like that before. How hard would it be?”

“Andrew, please stand up for me.”

As he did I swung the paddle against the seat of his trousers playfully and handed him the paddle.

“OH, is that it? It has a sting but not too bad at all.”

“Make no mistake, one little sting is not the same as half a dozen hard swats, but it will save your poor hand just like if you used a brush or a spatula.”

“I still don’t know if I could really use it properly. It’s a bit different than using your hand.”

“Well, maybe what you need is a bit of practice so that if the situation calls for it you are ready. That way you don’t have to worry about what you are doing. I could help you make sure that you were doing it properly if you like?”

“That would be great. Should I have a swing at the cushion?”

“You could do that, but the problem is it won’t be as firm as your wife’s bottom so you might learn the wrong technique. I wouldn’t want you to harm her.”

There was a long pause as Andrew tried to comprehend what I was hinting at. I cleared my throat and boomed out rather more loudly than I was expecting: “I am suggesting that to ensure you are conducting yourself in a safe manner and not putting your wife in harms way, I see no alternative but to have you spank me in the way you would intend to spank her. So shall we get on with this then?”

“I…, I…, I am not sure.” Poor Andrew’s eyes where bulging, clearly facing some inner conflict and trying to not appear too keen.

“Do you have a better way for you to learn?”

“Errm no, not that I can think of,” he said quickly.

“Right, well, let’s get going then I would not like you to make any mistakes so all spankings, I think, should always be done on the bare bum so you can see your impact and judge where your swats are landing, unless you are extremely experienced which you are obviously not yet.”

I slowly untied my silk scarf from my neck, wondering if Andrew had noticed it was the same one I had bound his wife with previously, and bundled it on to my desk. Stepping out of my high cream heals and placing my foot on the chair, I slid my hand up my thigh under my tight black pencil skirt  to undo my suspenders, fully aware I was teasing Andrew slightly, before sliding my tights all the way down one long leg and then doing the same with the other. I neatly folded the tights on to one of the chairs and unzipped my skirt, letting it drop to the floor closely followed by my suspender belt and red silk panties which I also placed neatly on the chair. Andrew just stood in dumb silence and watched with his jaw dropping.

“OK Andrew, how many whacks will we start with?”  I said it as if this is something I do every day but my heart was beating so hard I could hear it ringing in my ears and my mouth had all of a sudden gone completely dry as I waited for him to come into his own and take control as I knew he could.

With a deep breath he finally said: “I think six shall do it. Over the desk if you please.”

“Of course, just aim for the fullest part of the bum, but never go any higher as this will cause harm to your wife. If you drop below to the under side of the bottom it adds an extra sting since it’s most sensitive there.” I said as I stretched out my arms and my torso down upon the cold desk, feeling my nipples harden through my blouse against the polished oak top while a cool breeze blew over my naked bum. I felt very venerable and could sense that I was clearly on view, but completely thrilled at the same time.

“Hold tight!” He said as the first stroke whistled through the air and was absorbed in to my ample bum.

I let out a breath and sucked in the hot sting as it filled my entire left cheek.

“Very good, Andrew,” I managed to say as composed as possible. “But why don’t you try with just a little flick of the wrist at the end of the stroke?”

Without comment, I heard the second whistle of air threw the holes in my paddle before it landed on my other cheek.

“Oow! That’s better! Well done!”

“Good! You only have four to go, so keep still.”

I held tight and waited for the next stroke, knowing that it was going to be more severe now Andrew was in his stride. He did not disappoint. It landed perfectly where the first stroke had, bringing another deep breath and little shriek from me.

The fourth stroke was delivered in quick succession on to my right cheek, giving the same reaction, but then Andrew paused for a few seconds while he seemed to assess his next move, making me feel quite apprehensive and with good cause.

Suddenly the sound of wood being wielded through the air was followed by a searing hot sting across the crease at the top of my thighs. I let out a scream as it brought me up on to my toes. I was concentrating so hard on the pain I was feeling I didn’t hear the final stroke but I defiantly felt it being delivered on the other side, mimicking the last. I took a few moments to compose myself and wiped the tear starting to form in the corner of my eye before getting up from the desk.

“Well done, Andrew, you definitely got the hang of that very quickly!”

“Was it OK? I wasn’t too sure if I should have done it different in some way?”

Andrew was almost apologetic in the way he asked.

“No, Andrew, it was perfectly delivered and I am sure I will remember your paddling for some time to come!”

I got dressed carefully and we finished our conversation with me standing. I reassured him that practice makes perfect and we discussed how Andrew could always bring in any tools of chastisement that he wished to try out before inflicting them on his wife. It was certainly a meeting to remember. In fact, I still had a few bruises when Tuesday came around and I had my first meeting with Sophie.

“Ahh Sophie, it’s nice to see you again.” I greeted the stylish young wife as she entered my office wearing a pretty long flowing floral skirt and smart tight fitting top, perfect for the cooling weather.

“It’s nice to see you again too,” she beamed back as she took a seat in the chair closest to the door.

Taking up my position on the couch opposite, I started our chat.

“So Sophie, you have been through quite a big change in your life over the last few weeks. How have you felt about that?”

“It’s been fine. I suppose it will take a bit of getting used to, but Andrew and I are in a much better place now.”

“And you don’t mind your husband spanking you?”

“No, it’s OK. I know I can be a little spoilt at times and I need a little reminding that the world doesn’t revolve around me from time to time,” she said with a little laugh.

“That’s a big difference from our first meeting when you seemed to think the world did, but I am pleased you are making a healthy effort to consider others. We didn’t get the chance to discuss the bruises you so keenly showed me the last time you were here. How did that come about?”

“Mmm, well that happened at my parents’ house when they were having a party.” She blushed while twirling her auburn locks in her fingers.

“Yes, but why did that happen?”

“Well, it started with the guests. They kept asking me stupid questions like had I had my hair cut since we last met. Of course I must have, considering it would have been months since I saw them last at another one of my parents’ get-togethers, so I just told them that of course I bloody had.

“Andrew told me a few times I was being rude but he didn’t do anything until I was speaking to my dad. I was not really paying attention to him and got a bit disrespectfully when finally he told me to go upstairs and wait for him to come and deal with me.”

By now Sophie was blushing a deep crimson.

“So you just went upstairs and waited for him?”

“Not quite. When I went upstairs I got ready for Andrew coming up. I took off my dress and pants and put them on the bed, then thought it was odd to be standing in my bra so took it off too. I went over to the dressing table and brushed my hair, since I knew I had some time, then took up my position and waited.”

“You took up position in front of the mirror on your dressing table?”

“Yes. When Andrew came in, he didn’t say anything but started spanking me straight away. To start with, it wasn’t too hard but a bit strange being able to watch his reflection while he slapped my bum. Then he seemed to get even more angry and he didn’t stop until I was crying.”

“It sounds like you actually wanted to be chastised for your behaviour? You said you were warned on several occasions and you kept doing the same thing.”

There was complete silence until I finally broke it.

“Sophie! Did you bait your husband so he would spank you?”

“Y…, y…, yes,” she finally said, shuffling in her chair and looking at her feet.

“You know that it was wrong to do that, don’t you?”

“Yes, but I…” Sophie couldn’t finish what she started to say. She just sat there in silence.

“Sophie, did you want to know what it was like to be spanked by something like your hair brush? Is that why you made a point off talking about brushing your hair and standing at the dressing table instead of just bending over your bed?”

She still didn’t answer or lift her gaze from her feet, but gently nodded her head.

“Sophie, I have something that may help with that.” I said it in a calm and understanding tone.

I walked around Sophie’s chair to the same cupboard that I had previously when her husband was sitting in my office and produced the same paddle that he had wielded upon me.

“Sophie, I have this,” and I placed it next to her to examine. “I think that you should be chastised for misleading your husband, but to tell him what you did may undermine his authority at this delicate stage.”

Sophie sat running her hand over the smooth paddle, ringing a finger around one of the holes as I talked, but fully aware of what I was saying.

“So, will you spank me for my naughty deception?” She spluttered out.

“I don’t think we have a choice, do you?”


“OK Sophie, can you please give me the paddle and stand in front of my desk?”

Sophie’s hand shook as she handed me back the paddle, but she did exactly as she was asked.

In my firmest voice I told her: “Sophie, you do not need to bait me if you feel you deserve to be spanked. I will spank you but it will be a much more formal affair than you’re used to and I expect you to do exactly as I say. You will bend over my desk with both palms flat on the top. You will not move them until I say you can, and you will thank me for each of your strokes. Understand?”

“Yes, doctor.” Sophie answered, slipping in to her submissive character, before placing her hands flat on my desk.

“You will get six strokes of this paddle on your bare bum, but you must stay still from this point.”

I walked up behind her and firmly pulled down her long skirt, freeing it from her shapely hips and letting it fall to the ground puddled at her feet. I could hear her breathing get quicker in anticipation of what was coming next. My heart was starting to race too at the sight of her round pert bottom bent over my desk, clad in only the sheerest of pants.

I placed a finger into each side of her waistband and slowly brought her panties all the way down over her bum and smooth legs to the ground on top of her skirt. I took a moment to drink in the view before me of this new submissive young wife bending over the desk before taking up the paddle and rubbing it over her bum as I took aim.

The unmistakable whistle of the paddle sang as I swished it through the air ,landing firmly on the creamy soft skin.

“Ahh! One, thank you doctor.” Sophi responded as I watched the red mark appear just like a negative with the little white circles shining through.

Sophie readied herself, swaying her hips a little to try and elevate the sting but her hands never moved. I took my next swing, aiming for a fresh patch. Sophie let out a little shriek.

“Two, thank you doctor.”

I made sure the next three strokes were delivered firmly with just as much control, each landing on an already red hot stinging part of her bottom until there was a covering of dark pink circles with deep purple blotches. Sophie was dripping tears onto the top of my desk and sobbing quietly through her quickened breath.

I wanted to make the final stroke count so aimed at the very lowest part of her bum which gave a great sound as it slapped against the tender skin. A cry of shock came from Sophie, followed by the most genuine tears.

“Sssix, th… thank Doctor.”

I let Sophie stand there for a while as she cried, her hands still glued to the desk.

“Sophie, please stay there a moment,” I said gently as I fetched some cream out of the cupboard and put the paddle away.

“I am going to put this on your bum. It will help the bruising.”

“Thank you,” she said quietly as I rubbed cool cream on to her very hot swollen derriere.

“You can make yourself decent again now.”

I watched as she peeled her hands off the desk and tenderly pulled back her pants and skirt.

“Sophie, how do you feel now?”

“Better, thank you. I really appreciate your help. I think it will be a little while before I want to sit down again though,” she said with a little grin.

“That’s good, but next time just ask.”

This was about three years ago now and I still see Andrew and Sophie every week in one capacity or another. I truly love my job.

The End

© Lorna Brand 2014