We met Anna in ‘The New Lady of the Manor’. Now, she has to meet her stern Aunt Jane

By Duncan Wade

Anna Olson was the Head Groom at a large Equestrian Centre run by an MP and his new wife, Sarah. In many ways, she was blessed; she was very pretty, had a job that she loved and, thanks to her parents, she was very financially well-off, benefiting from a generous trust fund that now she was 25 she had sole control over, or so she thought.

Her Aunt Jane had called to say she was alarmed at Anna’s rate of withdrawals from the fund since she had gained control of it, and wanted to see her to discuss the matter and introduce her to a financial adviser.

Anna was slightly wary of her Aunt who had a no-nonsense approach to everything in life. When Anna stayed with her Aunt at her London apartment for a few months prior to going to a Swiss finishing school 6 years ago, her Aunt gave Anna a very sound bare bottom spanking for what she described as very unladylike behaviour.

Anna still remembered the indignity of being across her Aunt’s knee aged 19 having her bare bottom spanked, and how much it stung.

Still, there was no danger of that happening now, and as she drove to the local town a few days later for the meeting, Anna was full of confidence that she was not going kowtow to her stern Aunt. Dressed in a grey suit with a very short skirt and tall pink suede over-the-knee boots, Anna parked her new Porsche and headed to the shops for some retail therapy before the meeting.

Anna was having a very successful shop and was soon walking along the High Street carrying lots of designer-named carrier bags back to her car. But all of that ‘not a care in the world’ feeing soon disappeared when, at 2.30 pm, she was sat in the business suite of the Grand Hotel with the ‘Crocodile’, her favourite nickname for Aunt Jane, and Roger Baker, her Aunt Jane’s financial adviser who she had taken an instant dislike to.

Aunt Jane droned on about the family’s concern that Anna had withdrawn nearly six figures from her trust fund in just six. She thought something had to be done and was proposing that Roger’s company be engaged by Anna to advise her, along with herself of course.

Aunt Jane then asked Roger to give his presentation, and told Anna to pay close attention to his recommendations for her investment portfolio. Roger suggested that Anna and Aunt Jane change places so Anna could follow the presentation on his laptop computer. Anna knew the only reason he wanted her to move was so that he could see up her grey skirt, but she moved nonetheless.

For more than half an hour, Roger, who clearly liked the sound of his own voice, tried to impress Anna with his knowledge of the stock markets, gilt-edged stock, and the commodities markets. When he finally asked Anna if she had any questions, she leapt at the chance to shut him up by asking: “As far as I understand, now I have reached the age of 25, I can do what I like with my money. Is that your understanding, Mr Baker?”

Aunt Jane stiffened in her chair. “I can answer that, Anna. While you are correct in your understanding that you have control, there is a clause in the trust fund settlement that if the family think you are being unduly reckless with the trust fund, the family can impose certain restrictions on the funds at your disposal. A quick glance at your bank statements, Anna, shows that you have spent freely on a sports car, furniture, designer clothes, a skiing holiday and more, and the family is getting concerned. With your parents currently indisposed in Japan, it falls within my remit to address these matters with you.”

Anna looked at her Aunt angrily. Her Aunt was smiling; she was enjoying this.

“So, what you are saying is, spend less or you will stop withdrawals from my account. Is that it?”

Aunt Jane didn’t answer, but turned to Roger and said: “Thank you so much for coming, Roger. Anna and I will discuss your proposals and I’ll give you a call next week. Have a safe drive back to London.”

Immediately, Roger Baker folded up his laptop, had another look up Anna’s skirt, said his goodbyes and left the small meeting room.

Anna braced herself for Aunt Jane’s onslaught. She didn’t have to wait long.

“Right, young lady, let’s get down to business. In my opinion, you are extremely spoilt even for the standards of this family. You are reckless with money and should never been given free reign over your portfolio. I am here today to give you a stark warning that unless you stop frittering your money away, the family will take back control. Do I make myself clear?”

Anna fought back. “I work very hard at my job, I’ll have you know, and I’m well respected. So I’ve spent some of my money. So what? I don’t need to listen to you, or take any advice from that creep. I’m leaving!”

As Anna stood up to go, Aunt Jane calmly unfolded a letter and placed it on the table in front of her.

“Read this before you walk out of that door, my girl!”

Anna snatched the letter from the table and scanned it quickly. It was from the family’s solicitors advising Anna that Aunt Jane had authority to take back control of her portfolio on the 1st January next if it was deemed necessary.

“So that’s it, is it? You are taking my money. That’s what all this is about,” said a suddenly crestfallen Anna.

Aunt Jane took back the letter from Jane and said: “I’ve ordered afternoon tea to be served in my suite. Shall we continue this discussion there?” It clearly wasn’t a request.

Anna and her regal-looking Aunt walked through the hotel and took the escalator to the second floor where Aunt Jane’s luxurious suite was situated, complete with french doors giving access to a wide balcony. Aunt Jane took off her suit jacket and motioned to Anna to sit down. Soon, a waiter brought in a tray of tea, sandwiches and cakes.

“Will that be all, madam?” The waiter asked, having neatly laid out the refreshments on a side table.

“Yes, thank you. We’ll serve ourselves today.” Aunt Jane answered in a crisp upper-class accent.

Anna simply smiled at the man.

Aunt Jane poured both of them a cup of freshly brewed English tea, then addressed Anna in a softer tone. “You know, Anna, you have got this all wrong. I don’t have the time or the inclination to manage your money, but I do want you to learn to be more responsible with it.”

“I will, I promise, Aunt Jane. Maybe I was a bit rude downstairs. I am sorry.”

Anna sipped her tea. The two relatives sat in silence for a few moments and Anna helped herself to a cucumber sandwich, smiling and hoping that after this telling-off she could soon return to her shopping.

Finally, her Aunt spoke. “I want to make sure you are sorry for your rudeness and obvious indifference to Roger’s ideas. I also want to make sure that you will remember today’s warning, Anna. From what I remember, you respond well to discipline and I think that a good short sharp shock should do the trick. Then we will meet up again in a month to review the state of your finances. What do you say?”

“So, you are not going to take control of my trust fund?” Ventured Anna.

“Not today, no,” replied a serious-faced Aunt Jane.

“And I can still take money from it?” Anna pushed her luck a little further.

“Yes, provided it is within reason,” nodded Aunt Jane as she finished her tea and placed the cup on the table. “But if it isn’t, you will have more of the same treatment to deal with, and I could still take it over as per the letter.”

“Treatment?”  enquired Anna.

Aunt Jane said nothing, just waited for the penny to drop.

“You can’t mean what I think you mean!” whispered Anna, suddenly getting the drift of the conversation.

“I most certainly do, Anna. You need some discipline back in your life, young lady, and I intend to administer it right now.”

“Oh really, Aunt Jane? Really?” Anna saw the resolve in her Aunt’s face. She added: “I’m 25, I’m too old to go over your knee like I did when I was 19. You can’t be serious!”

“I am perfectly serious, Anna,” replied Aunt Jane. After a pause for Anna to consider her limited options, she asked: “Do we have an agreement?”

Anna nodded. She was trapped and she knew it.

“Good. Let’s get this over with.” Aunt Jane stood up and went into the master bedroom.

When she returned Anna was horrified to see her Aunt was carrying a meter-long cane with a crook handle.

“But, but, but, the cane? I thought you were going to spank me like you did all those years ago!”

“Well you thought wrong, Anna, and as you said so yourself, you are too old for a spanking. That’s why I brought this along. It’s helped settle a number of family disputes over the years, I can tell you. Now, come along with me.”

Aunt Jane placed her hand in the middle of Anna’s back and guided her over to a large Chesterfield sofa.

“Bend over, young lady,” barked Aunt Jane, swishing the cane through the air.

Anna screwed her eyes shut, stamped her feet a couple of times, then did as she was told. Aunt Jane wasted no time in lifting Anna’s grey skirt over her back, revealing cornflower-blue knickers trimmed with white lace.

“Right, six of the best is traditional, Anna. Think of this as financial planning advice.”

With that, Aunt Jane lowered Anna’s knickers to the tops of her pink boots.

Anna gasped: “Not on My bare bottom! Please!”

“You should know that I always apply the cane to the bare bottom, Anna. Now, try to keep the noise down.”

Aunt Jane touched Anna’s bottom with the cane and Anna screwed her eyes tight shut again, waiting for the first blow to land on her exposed and completely bare bottom. She heard a swooshing sound, then the cane made contact for the first time. She opened her mouth to scream, but nothing came out and before she could draw breath her Aunt had delivered two more stinging strikes on her now stinging bottom.

“OOOOooo!” Anna cried, and immediately felt another two land in quick succession. “Aarrg!” the shocked Anna let out.

“Shoosh,” replied Aunt Jane, flushed with the physical exertion of delivering the cane to her niece’s bottom. “Last one,” and she landed the final whack.

Anna slowly got to her feet. It felt like her bottom was on fire as she stood in front of her Aunt. Anna rubbed her bottom, her eyes overflowing with tears.

“Now let me say how well to took that, Anna. Dry your eyes and let’s have some more tea.” Aunt Jane kissed Anna on the forehead and called room service.

Anna shuffled to the bathroom with her knickers still around the tops of her boots. She quickly dried her eyes and re-tied her ponytail. She couldn’t resist having a look at Aunt Jane’s handiwork on her bottom by bending over in front of the full-length mirror.

‘Oh my god!’ she said to herself as the six angry lines came into view. Anna tried to replace her knickers but decided she would be better off without them, so she pulled them down over her boots and off into the pocket of her short skirt.

Anna re-joined Her Aunt just as a waiter brought a fresh tray of tea and some more refreshments. She waited till he had left before attempting to sit down. Her Aunt had thoughtfully placed a cushion on her chair. Anna lowered herself carefully onto it as she was handed a cup of tea. After a chat about the family and Aunt Jane’s own daughters, Anna was aware of her Aunt constantly looking at her watch.

“I suppose you will be wanting to get back to work, Anna, so I won’t keep you,” was Aunt Jane’s way of saying she wanted her niece to leave. “I will see you in a few weeks. No hard feelings?”

“Of course not, Aunt Jane,” Anna smiled, trying to forget the now dull pain from her bottom. “See you in a few weeks.” After collecting her things, Anna headed for the car park and, as she stepped out of the hotel, she was grateful for a cool early Autumn wind that cooled her bottom as she walked through the car park.

Once she got to her car, and making sure no one was looking, she quickly flipped up the back of her skirt and carefully placed her bare bottom onto the cream leather driver’s seat, uttering a few moans and groans as she did so.

Anna returned to her staff flat overlooking the Equestrian Centre where she worked, stripped off, and had a long shower. Training the cold water over her marked bottom, and catching sight of the six angry red weals again, she pressed her lips together and said out loud: “I really don’t think this qualifies as investment advice!”

The End

© Duncan Wade 2020

Duncan is happy to correspond with readers at duncanotk@mail.uk