Two stable girls taught a lesson for fighting


Katherine and Lucy were upper class senior stable girls, both aged 19 and working at the Trotters Bottom stables full time. They also worked with 2 junior stable hands, Emma and Joanne aged 15 and 17, plus Kim, Andrew’s daughter who was training to be jockey and was older at 21. They also worked with the stable boys who were of similar age, and this included Martin who was 18 and trying to get a date with Lucy.

Katherine had medium ash blonde hair and was a trim 34-26-36, whilst Lucy had long dark hair and a more mature figure at 36-28-40. Both girls came from a riding background so knew the score and how to behave at eventing, and indeed races they were sometimes required to attend, to look after the horses in between races and events.

In terms of discipline, Katherine was quite well behaved, but her parents were very lax and let her do what she liked up to a point, when she would be grounded and have privileges taken away. Lucy, on the other hand, was quite a wayward girl and had a reputation for loose dating and affairs in car parks and woodland locally.

Despite this, Martin could be very forward and give both girls a playful but firm smack with the crop across their bottoms if he caught them bending over. The girls would jump to their feet and yell ‘Ouch!’ but Martin would laugh it off.

Lucy’s dad had disciplined her occasionally, only if she did something really embarrassing or naughty. The punishment would consist of six of the best across the seat of her jodhpurs. Lucy worshipped her dad, though, and even six of the best and a tingling seat could not diminish her charming character or love for him but could do little to stop her scandalous romps with the boys.

One day, a row broke out about Martin, Lucy’s suitor, in the stables whilst they were working. Because Katherine planned to go out on a date him, a scuffle ensued which then turned into a fight.

Martin broke it up, saying: “Ladies! Please!”

Andrew, the stable owner, got to hear of this and summoned both girls to his office after work at 5pm. Katherine and Lucy were mortified as they knew they were both in deep trouble, and the afternoon seemed to go all too quickly. They discussed all the options about possibly being fired or being demoted, or even worse.

Whilst carrying a saddle to the store room, Lucy couldn’t help but notice a riding crop on Andrew’s desk, alongside the papers, photographs and trophies.

Lucy returned to the stables and discussed this with Katherine with alarm, saying: “You don’t think that crop is intended for the two of us, do you?”

Katherine said: “Don’t be silly. We’re 19 and senior stable girls, too big to be spanked, surely? However, what if Andrew is planning to give us an ultimatum, such as being fired, demoted with loss of pay and privileges, or to suffer a humiliating punishment. Which would you choose?”

Lucy said: “Let’s wait and see, and hope it doesn’t come to that.”

The day passed quickly, and the girls’ work was done. They washed and cleaned up briefly to get rid of stable smells before waiting anxiously in the boss’s office to be admonished.

Andrew walked in and shut the door brusquely.

He said: “Right, you girls are both here because you were involved in a fight which is disgraceful behaviour on company premises. We run a very successful international racehorse breeding and training business, and it seems you girls could certainly use some further training. As you know, we get applications from girls to work here as stable girls, and are oversubscribed, so I need staff who are loyal, hardworking and do not mess around or waste my time with their love lives.”

He went on to say: “I won’t beat about the bush, but essentially you two girls have a choice; you can either be fired with a weeks’ pay and holiday pay, or you can continue but be demoted to junior stable girls on the minimum wage. I’ll give you one final option. Since you both clearly need further strict training, you can opt for twelve strokes across your jodhpurs with a riding crop as punishment.”

Katherine said: “Can we have a minute to discuss outside, please?”

Andrew said: “No problem,” and the girls went outside the door and started a frantic and heated discussion that went on for several minutes.

Katherine said to Lucy: “What do you think?”

Lucy said: “I don’t want to be fired as it would look so bad on my CV, and my dad would probably punish me as well for being so stupid.”

Katherine said: “Yes, I need the money and jobs aren’t so easy to get around here at present.”

Lucy said: “What about being demoted?”

Katherine said: “What? And be on the minimum wage? I can’t afford to lose that amount of income.”

Lucy said: “Well, that leaves a thrashing for both of us.”

Katherine said: “I’m worried it will really hurt.”

Lucy reassured her by saying: “Actually, my dad occasionally gives me six of the best over my jodhpurs with a crop as punishment. It really tingles, but twelve is more severe. What do you think?”

Katherine said: “I suppose we were both stupid, and the punishment is certainly going to hurt, but maybe we deserve it.”

Lucy said: “So that’s agreed then?”

Katherine reluctantly nodded.

They both returned to the office, and Andrew asked if they had decided.

Katherine said: “Yes, we have considered our options and agree we are both prepared to be punished.”

Andrew said: “Good, let’s get on with it then.”

He picked up the crop and the girls were marched into the main barn, which was now empty. “We’ll use this large hay bale to put you over,” said Andrew.

Lucy then watched whilst Katherine went first. As soon as she bent over, she received six hard strokes of the riding crop. Both of them were surprised when Katherine was told to stand up and allow Lucy to take her place. Lucy then received six stinging strokes of the crop.

Katherine was watching Lucy getting her hiding whilst still rubbing her own tingling bottom, and then Lucy was told to stand up so Katherine could take the second half of her punishment.

Katherine was then bent over for another six strokes while Lucy watched tried to soothe her now smarting bottom.

Finally, Lucy received the final part of her punishment.

News travels fast in the small village near the stables, and the stable boys were giving Katherine and Lucy knowing looks. Somehow it had got out that the two girls had been severely disciplined and indeed the news became hot gossip around the village that week.

The girls tried to keep a low profile at work, but Martin and the boys would simply not let the girls forget their embarrassment.

Martin asked Lucy how her bottom was.

Lucy was honest and told him: “Still a bit sore.” Then she retorted: “How’s yours?”

Martin cheekily suggested if she came out with him on Saturday evening, she could find out for herself.

Katherine said: “Just ignore him. He’s on a mission to impress all the girls.”

Unfortunately, the news eventually reached Katherine and Lucy’s parents who were both shocked. Katherine’s parents grounded her for two weeks, but Lucy was not so lucky. Her dad decided she needed a further six strokes with a crop over the seat of her jodhpurs to convey his displeasure with her conduct.

The End

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