A wonderful idea for a new sporting event.

By Kane Strokes

Just two days before going on air with the new series, minnow TV company DARE, leaked details of the series to the tabloid press. For once the tabloids were undecided which way to lean. Should they be outraged at the idea, or stir up titillation amongst their readers? Was this a way to demonstrate skills we’re losing, or was the show ‘The Spanking Challenge’ just a showcase for perverts?

The show went on air, recorded six weeks earlier. In the studio were ten contestants; mums, dads, aunts, uncles, girlfriends, boyfriends, all who believed in the benefits of corporal punishment. They had all made it through secret, yet well publicised in the right places, local and regional competitions.

The studio walls were adorned with spanking implements of all shapes and sizes, a history of spanking and corporal punishment through the ages. Most implements would be used in the series, some, such as the cat-o-nine-tails, wouldn’t. The producers also banned any images of schools or schoolboys and girls. Centre stage was the ‘Spanking Challenge Cane’, the trophy all competitors wanted so desperately to win.

The show’s producers had wondered who would be spanked. Adverts placed in the right places brought forward a plethora of volunteers who for various reasons wanted or needed a sore bottom.

The viewing public were introduced to the judges, retired heads from schools who were well versed in all aspects of punishing wrongdoers.

The first round, the warm up round, all ten spankers were seated. The spankees, both male and female, came on camera and bent over their appointed spanker’s knee. Skirts were lifted, trousers lowered, all were wearing small modesty thongs, primarily to protect the TV channel from prosecution.

The spankings began; the judges observed and placed the contestants in order of merit, based on style, technique and effectiveness of the spankings. No announcements were made, but between themselves they agreed that two contestants, Helen and Cathy, were strong contenders and well ahead of the rest.

Next came the spanking implement test. Each contestant had to use the same implement in a prescribed manner. Tonight’s implement, the slipper, had a new round of volunteers, and each contestant got to give their volunteers six of the best. In those six strokes, they had to demonstrate their knowledge of how the slipper could be used most effectively. Again the judges were impressed with how Cathy, and especially Helen, could make use of the slipper. The compere interviewed their two volunteers afterwards, and they agreed, they never had such a hard slippering in so few whacks.

The final round, the freestyle round, each contestant had a chance to show case their ‘signature punishment spanking’. Again the slipper, but this time the new volunteers would get twelve. The contestants had ten minutes to decide their strategy before the spankings began. The contestants were busy preparing their area and themselves for the spanking. There were no rules about positions of the spankees so chairs, desks, or tables could be arranged as each contestant wanted.

Meanwhile, the compere interviewed the volunteers, two 19 year olds, looking slightly nervous as they had been assigned to Helen and Cathy. They were asked their ages and professions, and why were they here. The girls told him they were university students who had fallen behind with their rent. Their landlady had told them a sound spanking tonight and she’d write off the arrears.

The round started and each contestant demonstrated their signature spanking. At the end, some volunteers barely grimaced while others were distressed. The two students assigned to Helen and Cathy were very distressed and nursing very sore bottoms. The attendants ushered the volunteers back to the dressing rooms whilst the judges made their deliberations. The contestants chatted freely amongst themselves.

The decision who to send home was easy. Amy, aged 25, had neither style nor technique and at the end of the signature round her spankee showed no signs of distress. Deciding who won was more difficult; Helen and Cathy were level on points. In the end, Helen was awarded the title ‘tonight’s master spanker’ as her spankee had shown more worry before the spanking due to Helen’s sternness and strictness as to how the girl presented herself.

The compare took the notes from the judges.

“Tonight’s master spanker,” a long silence. “Helen.”

Helen was immediately congratulated by Cathy and the other contestants. She was then led over to the spanking podium; a high back chair, with an ebony hair brush placed on the cushion. Helen picked up the brush and took her place sitting on the chair.

The compare continued: “As well as a winner, there’s also a spanker we will have to say goodbye to tonight. The spanker who is leaving the competition tonight, is…” Another long silence. “Amy.”

The remaining contestants commiserate with Amy. The attendants took Amy over to the spanking podium where Helen was sat waiting. Amy stood beside Helen, then lowered herself over Helen’s knee. Amy felt her skirt being raised, and her modesty thong, which even the contestants were obliged to wear, exposed. Under the rules of the show, the contestant going home gets a twelve stroke hairbrush spanking from that evening’s master spanker.

Helen raised the hairbrush head high, the spanking began. Twelve strokes were more than enough for Helen to ensure young Amy understood what a proper spanking was about. Amy’s sit spots got two each on each cheek, as did her crease. Helen angled the brush across her cheeks; two more on each sit spot, then a rapid rally across the cleft. By half way through, Amy was distressed and yelling, crying hard. At the end, Amy’s feet were kicking, wriggling, desperate to escape those punishing blows.

The spanking over, attendants ushered Amy away. The spotlight fell on Helen, that night’s ‘master spanker’.

DARE’s leak to the tabloid press was a masterpiece. The viewing figures put them in the top ten, which would mean increased revenue from their advertisers. There were letters of complaint suggesting the show should not be allowed to go on, but DARE had been very careful to dot all the i’s, and cross all the legal t’s. Their website was swamped with requests to see the show repeated; viewers had missed it and only just heard about it. The show was uploaded to their video website which crashed after 15 minutes, such was the demand.

Each week the next show was aired, the audience figures took DARE into the top three. Each week, either Helen or Cathy was named ‘master spanker’. Occasionally someone whose speciality implement was featured sneaked the title. The show’s producers decided the final would be a head to head, just two spankers, which meant in the semi final two spankers would be spanked and sent home.

As the semi final progressed, the judges handed notes to each other. Helen and Cathy had already won it. This was before the signature round. Helen, in fact, was streets ahead. That night’s implement was the tawse. Helen was a Scot, so she demonstrated her considerable skills. Cathy showed skill she had learnt from her friend, Helen, but it wasn’t her natural implement. The previous week she had shone right from the start; few could use a cane like her.

It was a clear cut victory for Helen and Cathy. As they were named winners, concern and worry crossed the faces of the other two semi-finalists as they’d seen in previous weeks exactly what was in store form them that night.

The attendants guided Helen and Cathy to two podium high back chairs.

“Who wants to spank who?” They were asked.

“You are outright winner tonight, Helen, so you choose first,” Cathy told her.

“Thank you; in that case, Jeremy.”

“Oh good, I was hoping you’d say that. That 35 year old Margaret has been riling me all evening.”

Jeremy and Margaret were brought over. Quickly both were singing the songs brought about by a painful hairbrush spanking.

The show’s producers had their finalists. Now they had a problem. To record the program in advance ran the risk of details of the winner getting out. A live show was too risky as well, but recorded live immediately before the show was due to be screened would maintain the secrecy.

The final started. Helen and Cathy were brought on stage by the attendants. They hugged and wished each other luck before going to separate tables either side of the stage floor. The compere announced that night’s show had a slightly different format; each contestant would demonstrate her standard punishment, spanking with a selection of implements decided at random.

In the dressing rooms, sat the volunteers, knowing full well these would be real spankings. The compare drew a card from the hat.


The first two volunteers, two twenty something young women, took their places across Helen and Cathy’s knees. The studio was filled with the sound of ebony on bare flesh, the muted yells and then the full bloodied yells of the volunteers as their bottoms saluted two ladies skilled in spanking bottoms. Sit spots, creases and clefts were spanked hard and effectively. After twelve strokes, both young women were distraught. They had never known such powerful spankings.

The judges shook their heads in disbelief. Helen and Cathy were level on points.

The next round was the slipper. The viewing public saw a split screen; Helen one side , Cathy the other. During the two simultaneous slipperings, two men who had been slippered at school discovered real slipperings and returned to the dressing room with eyes a-watering.

At home, the viewers couldn’t decide a winner. The judges awarded the round to Helen by one point.

The compere dug deep into the box; the cane, six of the best for the volunteers.

At home, the viewers saw their screens split to watch both canings. Cathy decided to have her volunteer bending over a dining chair, whilst Helen opted for touching toes. Cathy striped her volunteer with parallel stripes, fully across each cheek and neatly spaced between the sit spots and the crease. The viewers’ screens cleared and now centred on Helen, for whom things were going wrong. After just the second stroke her volunteer was jumping up and down holding her bottom. She couldn’t hold still and the strokes weren’t landing as well as Helen knew she could. She cursed herself for not following Cathy’s lead and using a chair. The judges awarded Cathy the round by three points, two points ahead of Helen, with one round to play.

The final draw was in Helen’s favour; the tawse. Cathy knew this was Helen’s implement, but she would have to win by three clear points, or it would mean a cane-off tie breaker.

Over the years Helen had passed so many hints and tips about using the tawse, she felt a confidence she could pull this off. Helen knew the deficit she had to make up. She also remembered the hints and tips she’d passed to Cathy, but those were skills that take time and practice to acquire.

The volunteers were led in, and Cathy felt a slight sympathy towards Helen’s volunteer. This young lady would understand a sore bottom very, very shortly.

Viewers screens again divided as Helen and Cathy took up the tawse. The studio filled with the sound of leather cracking against bare flesh. Cathy recalled from her memory everything Helen had told her. She was making a good effort, but wondered if it was good enough.

The six strokes of the tawse had been given. A distressed young woman and an extremely distraught young woman were led back to the dressing rooms. The judges considered their verdicts. After looking at the re-run slow motion footage, they handed the compare the results.

“Out of ten, Helen has scored a maximum ten out of ten.”

Cathy calculated what scores she needed whilst hugging and congratulating Helen on her success.

“Cathy, you have scored…” Another long silence, longer than ever before. “Seven! The Spanking Challenge winner, by one point, is Helen.”

Again Cathy congratulated Helen. The friends hugged, even though they know what was to come next.

The compere handed Helen the Spanking Challenge Cane, the series trophy which had cost a lot of volunteers some very sore bottoms. The compere turned to Cathy with the microphone, words of congratulations on reaching the final, and words of commiseration on losing.

“Well done to Helen. She is a worthy champion and has set you a high standard for next year.”

“You know what happens next. It isn’t the usual losers’ spanking.”

“I’m well aware what happens next. We’ve been playing for high stakes, win or lose.”

Attendants led Cathy over to the spanking podium. Even in the final, the tradition of the loser being spanked was continued. Instead of the high back chair, there was now an armchair with its back turned towards the cameras. The viewers’ screens split again. The compere interviewed Helen while the attendants helped Cathy prepare for her spanking. The compare laid praise on Helen which her modesty denied.

“I had a lucky draw. Any other implement and you’d be interviewing Cathy as the winner and I’d be over there getting ready on the spanking podium.”

“Yes, I understand, but let’s cross now to the podium for the final spank off of the series.”

Cathy had loosened her skirt and allowed it to fall. She’d put her thumbs into the elastic of the modesty thong and started to lower it. The floor manager was alarmed and told her ‘no’, but Cathy persisted. Urgent messages between the floor manager and the production suite followed. Finally, the floor manager got permission.

“Let her do it if she wants, we have time to blur anything that shouldn’t be seen, before it is screened.”

So Cathy lowered the modesty thong and stepped out of it, then positioned herself over the back of the armchair. When the compere and Helen arrived with the trophy, all that could be seen of Cathy was her slightly parted stockinged legs and her bare bottom positioned perfectly atop of the armchair.

The cameras followed Helen to the podium, and then all were spread around like petals around a flower, each camera perfectly placed to capture every split second of the cane’s travel and the impact across Cathy’s bottom. A face camera was ready to record Cathy’s every grimace, yell and tear as the caning proceeded.

“Tell me, Helen, are you going to show us your signature punishment caning?”

Cathy and Helen had discussed this already. They knew one of them would be in this position, so decided in advance so there would be no confusion on the day.

“No, I’m not. In honour of such a worthy opponent I’ll be demonstrating Cathy’s signature punishment caning.”

The compere, a little lost for words, just said it was for her to decide.

Helen went around to the front of the chair, pushing cameramen out of the way. She looked at Cathy and asked if she still agreed. Helen saw a man with a microphone and put her hand over it.

“PRIVATE,” she insisted.

“Helen, we’ve agreed. Do it, and do it well. Do it for both of us, don’t let yourself or me down.” Cathy smiled.

Helen returned to the back of the armchair. She was handed her trophy.

“Is this the type of cane you are used to using?” Asked the compere.

“Mine is a little thicker than this.”

Two young women in a far off living room blushed furiously at that announcement.

“But, I can still give a good account of my abilities with this. Now if you wouldn’t mind, I have a bare bottom to attend to.”

“Yes of course, but could you talk me through where the strokes will land and why?”

“I’ll not discuss all the strokes, but basically you need to cane here.” Helen pointed to Cathy’s sit spots. “And here on the lower cheek. When a naughty girl goes to sit, there isn’t a way of sitting comfortably. Also, the lower cheeks are extremely tender.”

Helen positioned herself. Every camera was live. By the time this was transmitted, the viewers would be treated to a dazzling special effects display of close-ups of every angle, split screens showing the cane travel, the impact, and Cathy’s reaction; slow motion replays as the cane impacted and compressed the cheeks.

“SIX!” Announced Helen. She raised the cane. The cane sped towards Cathy’s bottom. The flick of the wrist, invisible to the eye, would be replayed again and again in the slow motion studies, as a red welt rose instantly across the sit spots. The face camera recorded Cathy’s reaction to the pain in her bottom.

The second stroke was lower. Cathy panted at the face camera, her face screwed up as the welt rose across her bottom. The third stroke was lower still. The viewers would see Cathy yell at that one, and then the close up of her watering eyes. The fourth stroke was lower still. Helen had a perfect spacing between the stripes, each welt rising fully across both cheeks. She was doing both her and Cathy justice. The viewers would be treated to a close-up of Cathy in tears, rivers of salty tears washing over her cheeks and beginning to become polluted with her mascara.

The fifth stroke stunned everyone; the diagonal stroke crossed all welts on both cheeks. The director was screaming at the cameraman for a close-up of Cathy’s yell of pain and the floods of tears she was now crying all being sent to the editing suite.

The sixth and final stroke left the studio in silence, apart from Cathy’s crying. Helen had passed to Cathy’s right and delivered a diagonal backhanded stroke that again crossed the previous welts and formed part of a perfect red X across her bottom. The director was calling for more close ups as Helen thrust the cane at a stunned attendant and went to the front to see Cathy. She hugged her and kissed her tear-stained cheeks.

The man with the microphone stayed away; he knew this was private.

Their hug was gently eased part by an attendant, and Helen returned to the back of the chair. The closing scene, just as the credits started to roll, was Helen holding her trophy, the Spanking Challenge cane, standing beside Cathy’s well caned bottom, like a hunter would stand proudly beside their kill.

The End

© Kane Strokes 2016