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book II in the Waldorf Manor series

(18 chapters, 59,700 words)

Ten months after ‘’The Solicitation’’ and Alice’s transition to Waldorf Manor, her uncle – Bennett Fowler – hopes to secure the companionship of a girl under his own authority at his nearby estate, Barton-Court House.  Alice is neither amused nor welcoming to Bennett’s new charge and it doesn’t take long for her to display adamant displeasure, feeling the newcomer is a threat to the carefully constructed life which has been built around her at Waldorf and in their circle.  Completely against his beliefs and expectations, Bennett discovers feelings for his new charge will complicate their arrangement.  He refuses to deviate from their strictly platonic relationship and his original intentions to be her disciplinarian . . . until he can’t.

“The Shortlist” is the beginning of a rather unlikely romance and you’ll see a side of Bennett Fowler you didn’t know existed if you read “The Solicitation!”

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