A school secretary’s carelessness gets her into real trouble.

by Pat Greenham

Maggie had grown up in the late sixties and seventies in the North-West of England in a loving family with her older brother and parents, who were both schoolteachers. She had very happy memories of her childhood, but also memories of her father’s approach to discipline. Although such instances were rare, their father was a strong believer in corporal punishment and he was known at his school as a disciplinarian and an avid user of the cane.

At home, when Maggie and her brother were young they would be spanked with a slipper across his knee. When they were a little older the slipper was replaced by a green flash tennis shoe and, if deserving punishment, they would have to touch their toes for six whacks across their bottoms. When they became teenagers, a cane replaced the tennis shoe.

All punishments were given in front of the whole family after supper when all the dishes had been washed and put away.

As a youngster, Maggie had received her fair share of spankings. Twice she received six of the best with the green flash tennis shoe, which she found extremely painful.

Maggie’s brother received the cane twice during his teenage years, and Maggie had been fascinated to watch as he touched his toes and received six hard strokes in the sitting room after dinner. Maggie received the cane just once, and at the age of eighteen she certainly had felt she was too old to be caned. But she had an argument with her mother about not being allowed to go out when she should have been revising which had culminated in her calling her mother a ‘complete bitch’. Unfortunately, her father had just come through the door and heard the comment. He had no hesitation as he walked into the kitchen in telling Maggie that she was not too old to be caned, which is exactly what was going to happen after supper.

Maggie was in a state of shock and went to her bedroom. She knew there was no ‘getting out of it’ and decided to change out of her white trousers which were quite thin and put some jeans on which might give a little more protection. Supper was a quiet affair, and it was soon time for Maggie’s punishment. However, first her Father said that he had noted that she had changed her trousers and asked her Mother to take Maggie upstairs and supervise her changing back into the trousers she was wearing when she had had the argument and to ensure there were no further attempts to add layers to reduce the effect of a caning.

Moments later Maggie was back downstairs in her original white trousers and was told that she fully deserved the cane. In front of her brother and mother she was instructed to touch her toes with her legs straight and she was told to stay in position until the punishment was completed. Maggie then received six strokes at ten second intervals, which were incredibly painful as well as humiliating. But she stayed in position throughout and when she finally stood, her father said he was sorry to have had to cane her, but she had absolutely deserved such punishment. He added that if she ever called her mother by the same name, she would not only be caned again but it would be on the bare bottom.

That night as Maggie was in bed she felt strangely aroused and thought about what it would be like to be caned on the bare.

When Maggie left school, her parents wanted her to train to be a teacher. However, she was not keen and went to secretarial college instead. When she completed her course, her father said he knew that a friend of his who was Headmaster of a local religious boys’ school and was looking for an assistant secretary. Following an interview Maggie was appointed to the post.

She started work soon after and was once again to come across the world of Corporal Punishment as the Headmaster, like her father, was a strong believer in its effectiveness. The senior secretary explained the system and how the punishment books worked. The first book was simply chronological, whilst the second had every boy in the school listed by year and showed at an easy glance the punishment record of each pupil.

Any boy down to be caned that had not received punishment within the last year would get six strokes across the seat of his trousers. If a boy had been previously caned during the previous twelve months their caning would be across their underpants. Lastly if a boy had been caned within the last term their caning would be across their bare bottom.

Maggie was fascinated by the Head’s system, and watched with great interest as the Head’s Secretary prepared the twice weekly list and put a ‘T’, a ‘P’, or a ‘B’ by each name – with the letters standing for trousers, pants or bare, respectively. On Wednesday lunchtimes or Friday after school it would be normal to have between two and four pupils reporting to be beaten. They would be summoned in turn and those waiting outside were obviously very apprehensive. Each boy would be in the study for no more than five minutes and the clear sound of each caning could easily be heard, before they emerged often looking quite shocked. Maggie paid particular attention to those that were experiencing their first caning and those that had been caned on the bare. She was very interested in their reactions as they came out of the Head’s study.

A little over a year later, the Headmaster’s secretary retired, and Maggie was promoted into her role. It was now time for Maggie to take sole control of the Punishment Books.

An interesting event took place a few months later when there had been a massive fight in one of the classrooms in which two teachers had been slightly hurt trying to stop the chaos. The Headmaster decided that everyone involved would be caned and asked Maggie to work out the details. It turned out that of the twenty-four pupils in the class, eighteen had been involved. Maggie prepared the list: eight would get the cane across their trousered bottom, six would be caned across their pants and four on the bare. The Headmaster decided that this would be a public punishment and to Maggie’s great delight she was asked to attend and manage the list. Later that day Maggie witnessed an extraordinary event culminating in watching four seventeen year old boys removing their trousers and pants before being soundly beaten whilst bent across the form-room table.

Everything went well for Maggie and she was getting on well with the Headmaster until she made her first mistake and confused two boys: sending a real troublemaker in for six across his trousers when he should have had a bare bottom caning. When Maggie admitted the mistake the Head was irritated and ordered that the boy be summoned back for his proper just deserts.

If that wasn’t bad enough, two weeks later Maggie made another mistake sending in a boy that had never been caned for a bare bottom thrashing. Maggie had confused two boys, one called Williamson and the other called Williams. She had realised her mistake when the boy was actually getting the cane, and knew she had really screwed up. Matters were made worse when the boy came out of the study looking really shaken. It was all right for the hardened lads, but this boy had never even experienced any kind of beating. When Maggie told the Headmaster he was furious, and told Maggie that she was not too old to be caned herself. He added that he could hardly ‘uncane’ Williams, and further added that he thought he had looked very shocked when told to remove his trousers and underwear.

That night Maggie thought about his comment and felt awful about her mistake. She was even worried about losing her job. In that mood she thought about offering to submit herself as he had suggested, a thought that frightened her, as well as in a strange way had some appeal. She also thought that she deserved to be caned and that if she chose a thick skirt and tights, six strokes might not be too bad.

When she woke, the thought immediately came back to her and she selected a tight corduroy skirt and some thick tights that might give her some protection just in case. She made sure that she was early to work that day, but was extremely worried about what the Headmaster might say having been so furious with her the day before.

Maggie soon found out when the Headmaster came out of his study and remarked: “What kind of mistakes are you going to make today?”

Before she had time to consider her reply she simply said that she was very sorry and if he still felt it appropriate she was happy to submit to punishment herself. The Headmaster looked her in the eye and said: “Are you suggesting a caning to repent for your dreadful mistake?”

Maggie nodded, and said: “If you think that is what I deserve.”

The Headmaster hesitated before telling Maggie that her suggestion was an excellent idea, it would be useful for her to find out for herself what Williams had experienced yesterday and he would cane her when he returned from morning assembly. Maggie was both pleased that it looked as if she was going to keep her job, but taken aback by his comment about what Williams had experienced yesterday. That suggested a bare bottom caning – something she had not considered!

The next twenty minutes went all too quickly, and when the Headmaster returned from morning assembly he asked Maggie to join him in his study. The first thing Maggie noticed was a cane on his desk that looked a lot longer than the one her father had used some years previously. The Head told her that he was impressed with her attitude in wanting to take due punishment as it showed she really understood the scale of her mistake, and asked if she had ever experienced a beating – to which Maggie told him about the one time her father had caned her.

He told her that at least she would have some idea of what lay ahead and went onto to tell her that during the assembly he had thought about what was appropriate. He had decided that in order for her punishment to fit the crime he would cane her in exactly the same way as Williams had been unfairly dealt with the previous day.

He added that it was also a perfect opportunity for Maggie to discover at first hand the difference between the three levels of punishment. He explained that, in addition, she would receive two initial strokes with her skirt and underwear in place. She would then receive two further strokes with just her underwear in place before finally taking six-of-the-best, repeating himself for absolute clarity – exactly as Williams had been incorrectly caned yesterday. He added that in this way: “When you are sending pupils in for punishment, you will actually know the difference and would hopefully take more care.”

Whilst Maggie had suggested the idea, she had not expected this and was horrified at the idea of ten strokes, the majority of which would be given to her bare bottom. However, she knew there was no way out and nodded her acceptance.

The Head told her to go and lock the door from the corridor into the outer room where Maggie’s desk was. When she returned the Head asked if she was wearing tights or stockings as for the first two strokes only two layers of clothing would be allowed. Maggie replied: “Tights,” to which she was told to either remove her skirt or remove her tights. The embarrassment was awful, but Maggie knew that worse was to come. Her skirt was too tight to pull up so in a rather unladylike fashion she undid the skirt before pushing it down to allow her to remove her tights before she pulled her skirt back up. With her skirt back in place, she was told to go to the middle of the room and bend over and if possible to touch her toes.

Despite the Head’s fury the previous day, he had to admit that things had turned out rather well and knew he was going to enjoy the next five minutes. Maggie, now bent right over, presented a very nice picture with her skirt tightened across her nice slim round bottom. He picked up the cane that he had used the day before and lined it up across the centre of Maggie’s bottom and without warning gave her a very hard stroke which caused Maggie to instinctively cry out, and sent fireworks off in her head. The second stroke followed soon after. She was told to stand and remove her skirt, as she thought about how on earth she was going to survive eight more whacks, all of which would be worse than the first two strokes which had been given with two layers of protection.

Maggie had not given any thought to her choice of underwear and wished she had chosen knickers that were not quite so skimpy. She took her skirt off and put it on the Head’s desk and resumed position bending over touching her toes. If the Head had enjoyed the view a couple of minutes ago, this was even better with her knickers stretched across her bottom leaving little to the imagination, and he could see the marks caused by the first two strokes through her semi see-through knickers. He then gave her the third and fourth strokes, which as expected was even more painful with only the thin material of her pants between her bottom and the vicious cane. As she came to terms with the pain, she was told to stand and remove her pants.

It was difficult for Maggie to know what to think between the fire in her bottom and the incredible embarrassment of taking her knickers off. As she slid them down her legs she was very conscious of him being able to see her light coloured pubic triangle at the junction of her very shapely legs as she stood up to face him.

The Head said that the first four had given her a reference point and asked if the strokes given across her knickers had been more painful without the protection of her skirt – to which Maggie replied that it had indeed been at least 50% more painful. The Head then told her that she had six to come, and asked her to reflect whilst being caned on the extra pain Williams had suffered as a result of her carelessness. He added that she could expect the caning to be ‘a no-nonsense’ six-of-the-best.

For the third time he told her to bend over and as she turned away from him, and resumed position touching her toes with her legs straight and together, she gave the Headmaster a superb view of her bare bottom, now with four clear cane stripes across the centre. He decided that he was not going to hurry as he wanted to enjoy himself and knew that he would remember this caning for a long time. Meanwhile Maggie was mortified knowing that her bare bottom was shamefully presented to him. He told her that it would be unlikely that she would be able to stay silent, but that she must stay in position throughout, and that he would cane her with exactly the same intensity that he would use for a sixth former.

After about thirty seconds he gave her the first stroke on the bare and predictably Maggie found it quite unbelievable – beyond any pain she had ever endured previously. However, she managed to stay in position as she again imagined the Headmaster looking at her bottom, and she actually wondered if he was enjoying himself.

The fact was, that he was in his element, giving a very attractive twenty-four year old a severe caning that he knew was extremely painful and something that both of them would never forget.

He let almost a minute pass before giving her the second stroke, slightly lower but just as hard. Maggie now knew just what to expect, but was again shocked by the pure intensity of the line of fire created by the cane. Part of her wanted him to get on with it so the nightmare could be over, but part of her was grateful for the time to recover from each devastating stroke. Another minute passed and the third stroke was delivered to the centre of her bottom with a loud whack, the pain being perhaps even worse than the previous strokes.

The Headmaster took a step back to both admire his handiwork and take in the vista of Maggie bent over double, naked below the waist with her superb bottom now with three solid stripes to add to the four earlier strokes. He had to admit it was quite a sight with her legs now very slightly apart and showing a little of her secret charms.

Without warning he gave her the fourth stroke, a little lower, just above the crease, which caused Maggie to gasp once more. But she stayed in position concentrating on keeping her out-stretched fingers touching her toes. The extreme pain was such that she had stopped thinking about her nudity and the Headmaster’s concentration on her bottom, and even parted her legs a little more to get some balance.

The Head knew there was only two left and left another full minute before taking the cane back over his shoulder and whipping it down to strike her bare bottom once more, this time just above the centre. Again Maggie held her position knowing that she had to suffer just one more stroke. He was an absolute expert and all the cane marks were perfectly parallel as if she had sat on a griddle.

As Maggie waited in position in a great deal lot of pain she again thought about if he was getting any enjoyment from administering such a severe caning. The last stroke finally came and was predictably one of the most painful and got another gasp, louder this time from Maggie. He put the cane down on his desk and told Maggie to stand and face him whilst he asked her about how much worse a bare bottom caning had been compared to the two strokes she had received across the seat of her skirt almost ten minutes earlier. Maggie said that it was very much worse and she felt even more guilty about her mistake of yesterday now that she knew for herself that it was at least twice as painful.

Whilst this conversation was taking place Maggie was rubbing her extremely sore bottom not even considering her naked front view with her public triangle on full show to the Headmaster who certainly appreciated the sight. The Head told her that she had taken a severe caning and that she had taken it well, although she might find sitting down uncomfortable for a few days. Maggie was still massaging her wounded bottom, but thought she had better put some clothes back on.

The rest of the day was rather strange as the intense pain subsided to a very warm glow and to Maggie’s surprise she started to feel rather aroused – so much so that when she got home and inspected her bottom with its impressive set of marks, she lay on the bed and brought herself off to a climatic orgasm just thinking about the Headmaster caning her bottom. She certainly had not enjoyed the actual caning – far from it – but the thought of it was a real turn-on. She was pleased that the Headmaster had complimented her on having taken a severe caning well and strangely she was also fascinated by the distinct lines across her bottom – almost as a badge of honour. So much so that when later that week the Headmaster asked her how her bottom was, Maggie told him that it had some very impressive bruises, and without thinking asked him if he would like to see. A rather surprised Headmaster said: “Sure.” and Maggie stood up and pulled her skirt up round her waist and dropped her knickers and bent forward. The Headmaster confirmed that they were impressive and added he hoped that there would not be a need to repeat the session. Actually he thought precisely the reverse.

It also changed her working relationship with the Headmaster and they became much more friendly. It was as if the whole incident had made each of them look at each other in a different light. She knew he had taken her far beyond her comfort zone and had completely dominated her and shown her true pain. But she looked back with some considerable pleasure.

Maggie learnt to double check the twice-weekly punishment list and for more than a year there were no mistakes. However, the very thought of once again experiencing the cane was starting to pre-occupy Maggie’s mind and every time she sent a deserving pupil in for a caning, a small part of her wished it was her.

One day she purposely entered a mistake into the punishment book resulting a pupil receiving the wrong category of caning. When she told the Headmaster, he looked at her and asked her if she needed a further lesson. In truth, he suspected something was not quite right, but was happy to oblige when Maggie said that a further lesson seemed deserved. Moments later Maggie was in his study, removing her clothes below the waist before bending over to touch her toes. This time there were no preliminary strokes – just a six-of-the-best across her bare bottom. Maggie had a better idea what to expect, but still thought she had gone mad as the Headmaster once again gave her a severe thrashing. However, she knew that there was pleasure to come later as her bottom developed a glow that would be wonderful.

The End