In the aftermath of a mass protest, some sixth form girls are interviewed.

By Kenny Walters

Louise Plummer stopped and gazed through one of the windows between the corridor and the dining hall. Two lines of girls, over thirty in each line, edged ever closer to the stage at the other end of the hall, where the staff ate their meals. All the girls were in matching uniform, not the usual uniform but the short navy blue pleated skirts and white hockey shirts with the school’s diagonal red stripe running across.

As Louise continued watching, two girls came down the short flight of stairs from the raised area and went and sat at one of the several lines of tables that forever reeked of boiled cabbage. Another two girls then went up those same stairs and took their place by one of the two teachers who stood by the side of two small chairs.

These next two girls then bent over the backs of the chairs, had their short games skirts lifted up over their backs and held as steady as they could while the two teachers applied six hard whacks of the slipper to the seats of their navy blue games knickers. These two girls then descended back down off the stage and sat down, leaving another two to take their place. And so the two lines crept slowly forward.

“Fancy joining them?”

“Eh?” Louise shot her head round and found Richard Bridges looking over her shoulder.

“Only if you do, please feel free to join my line. There’s so many of them to deal with I’ve been asked to take over from old Mrs Stubbs so she doesn’t do her shoulder in again. I’d be very happy to bend you over and give your bottom a good spanking with my trusty slipper.”

Louise stroked her blonde hair and smiled patiently. Richard Bridges, the youngest of the few male teachers at St Winifred’s all girls school, believed he was God’s gift to women and enjoyed flirting with any female including the older sixth form girls like Louise. Learning to deal with Mr Bridges was practically on the curriculum.

“Thank you for your kind offer, Mr Bridges, but unfortunately I have a prior appointment.”

“Not with Doc Halliday I hope.”

“Actually, yes, I have been asked to have a word with the headmaster.”

“Then it might be kinder to your bottom if you come and have a good spanking from me, don’t you think?”

Louise smiled patiently. “I didn’t say I was in trouble, did I Mr Bridges? Perhaps Dr Halliday just wants a chat.”

“And perhaps not, dear Louise. Should you really take the gamble?”

“Um…” Louise put her index finger on her lips and pretended to consider. “Yes, interesting though your kind offer is, Mr Bridges, I believe I will take my chances with the headmaster. Now if you will excuse me, I must get along.”

“Good luck!” Richard Bridges called after the departing Louise.

Dr John Halliday’s office was situated near to the main entrance while the two school secretaries who covered both the headmaster’s needs and the school’s administration sat at desks in the large reception area just inside the main door. Two long comfortable leather covered sofas ran either side of a low coffee table where those waiting to see the headmaster could sit and read one of the newspapers provided.

When Louise Plummer arrived at the reception area, she briefly announced her arrival to the younger of the two secretaries and went and sat with the three other sixth form girls who were already waiting. She knew all of them although none were close friends.

“Are we the only ones?” Joanne Goodman, a rather plain girl with mousey coloured hair and thin framed glasses, asked of no-one in particular.

“I believe so.” Sophie Davidson was the only one to answer.

‘That’s interesting,’ thought Louise.

The four sat silently for several more minutes until a gruff male voice bellowed: “You four! My office! Now!”

Startled by the sudden interruption, newspapers were hurriedly folded and replaced on the low table and the four girls, each dressed in black trousers or skirts and white blouses, denoting their sixth form status, got up. Louise was nearest the door that was being held open for them but, using a feigned struggle with her, bag, she managed to let two of the others pass her before she went through into the headmaster’s office.

Dr John Halliday, a short stocky man, bald except for short grey hair around the sides and back of his head, wore his customary grey tweed suit under a black gown. As the four girls lined up side by side in front of his large desk, the headmaster sat down behind it.

“I won’t beat about the bush, girls. This ridiculous riot over the quality of the school meals is a disgrace. A number of windows have been broken, there’s pink paint over pretty well all the hockey goalposts, Mrs Holderwell’s and Miss Greenwich’s car tyres have been deflated, there’s superglue been inserted in, well, I could go on but I’m sure you are all aware that a large amount of damage has been caused. Totally unnecessarily, I might add, because a new head cook was appointed yesterday.

“The situation with girls from the main school is simple. Anyone who didn’t attend their scheduled lessons didn’t get an attendance mark. If they were unable to provide a provable excuse for their absence then they have been deemed to have taken part in the riot and are, as we speak, being dealt with in the dining hall.

“However, the situation is a little more complex when it comes to the sixth form. Because your lessons are intermixed with periods of private study you don’t have attendance marks and so we cannot easily prove which members of the sixth form took part in the riot and which did not.

“That is, except in the case of you four. All of you have made your views on the school meal situation abundantly clear and all of you have expressed support for the protest. I am not saying definitively that you took an active part in causing damage, merely that your views suggest you might have.

“Now, if I know this school, and I have been here for damn near thirty years, in the following days and weeks there will be talk, and in that talk names will be mentioned. In addition I have asked Miss Greenwich and Mr Bridges to conduct an investigation to ascertain the ringleaders and also to establish which of the sixth form took part, and we know there were at least a few.

“I am therefore giving you four the opportunity to own up now and take your punishment which will be six strokes of the cane administered by me in the gymnasium at four-thirty this afternoon.

“I warn you that failure to admit your guilt now will mean, if your guilt surfaces at a later date, immediate expulsion. If you are truly innocent of any blame then I will accept your word until and unless proof is discovered to the contrary. Are there any questions?”

The four girls stood stock still, stunned by the verbal onslaught. Dr Halliday appeared to have made the situation abundantly clear, thus no-one could think of any question worth asking.

“Right. Then go back to the reception area and consider your position. I will give you ten minutes, then I will call you back in. You will then each declare your guilt or innocence and we will proceed from there. Off you go.”

The four girls were led out by Sophie Davidson, a tall blonde girl wearing tight black trousers and a soft cotton/wool mix sweater. They all gratefully gasped in fresh air as they left the headmaster’s office, then sat back down on the comfortable sofas.

“Well! That was a pleasant little chat, wasn’t it?” Hilary Peebles, the final girl of the four, leaned forward with her elbows on her knees.

“It’s simply not fair!” Sophie Davidson leaned back and brushed her hands through her long blonde hair.

“I don’t know about ‘not fair’. He’s remarkably well informed. How else did he select us four?” Hilary responded.

“There were others you know!” Sophie retorted.

“True. But not many. I can only think of Becky Wal…”

“Shush!!” Hilary nodded in the direction of the two school secretaries. “Don’t mention names!”

“Sorry. Anyway, there were a few others. That’s all I’m saying.”

“So, we’re all going to accept our fate, are we?” Joanne Goodman asked.

“I suppose one little difficulty is that we were actually all there offering support.” Louise reminded them.

“I didn’t smash windows or let anyone’s tyres down!” Joanne insisted.

“No, but you watched several others doing it and enjoyed every minute of it, especially when it came to Miss Greenwich’s car.” Louise reminded her. “Those who are now in the dining hall queuing up to have their backsides slippered.”

“No chance we could get our punishments commuted to the slipper, I suppose?” Hilary Peebles, flicked her long dark hair clear of her eyes.

“Dick Bridges offered.” Louise smiled. “I met him when he was about to help out with the mass slippering.”

Hilary also smiled knowingly. “He would. What I’m really concerned about is that all this doesn’t affect our chances of promotion. You know, to prefect or whatever.”

“Still got your eye on Head Girl, have you Hilary?” Sophie knew all about the very attractively featured girl’s ambitions.

Hilary didn’t reply.

“Actually, Hilary, I think Doc Halliday would more respect you for owning up and taking your whacking than if you try to get out of it.” The serious-minded Joanne told her.

“Have any of us here actually had the cane?” Louise asked.

Everyone shook their heads.

“I imagine it’s bloody painful.” Joanne said. “I really don’t want to be caned.”

“Are you going to risk denying involvement and maybe getting caught later? You’d face instant expulsion.” Sophie asked, wondering whether at least one of them had come to a decision.

“I don’t know,” said Joanne. “All I do know is our time must be pretty well up.”

“We don’t all have to make the same choice, of course.” Advised Hilary.

“True.” Sophie replied. “Oh sod it! I’m going to take the whacking. Get it over with.”

“Are you sure?” Hilary asked. “You certain it won’t count against you when Dr Halliday selects the new prefects? You have to be in line for that, you know.”

“I’m more thinking I don’t want to risk getting expelled as this stage of my school life. It would only take one girl to blab and that would be it.” Sophie answered. “Anyway, no, I think Joanne was right when she said Doc Halliday would respect a girl for owning up.”

“Perhaps that might be my best option.” Hilary considered.

“Well, yes, Hillary.” Sophie answered. “And who knows, if Doc likes the look of your bottom when you bend over he might be even more persuaded to make you Head Girl.”

“This is serious!” Hilary reminded them.

“I am being serious. There was always that rumour…”

Sophie’s reply was interrupted when Dr Halliday entered the reception area.

“Time’s up! Back to my office please.”

“Oh God!” Joanne muttered under her breath.

Louise felt her heart beating faster as a sense of panic filled her mind.

Sophie and Hilary allowed the other two to go first, then followed silently. They were soon lined up in front of Dr Halliday’s desk.

The headmaster pointedly produced a blank piece of paper and armed himself with an old and rather expensive-looking fountain pen. “Okay, please call your name out if you wish to confess to being part of that disgraceful protest.”

For a few moments there was complete silence.

Sophie half held her hand up. “I took part, sir. I’m very sorry.”

“Thank you, Sophie. Anyone else?” After scribbling the first girl’s name down, Dr Halliday looked up at the others.

“Yes, sir. I took part too. I’m very sorry, sir.” Louise said her piece which caused the final two to look at her with some surprise.

“Me too, sir. I’m very sorry.” Joanne mumbled.

With two more names added to his list, Dr Halliday focused his attention on Hilary.

“Yes, sir, I did also take part. I’m very sorry.” Hilary confessed. “Can I also say that I deeply regret my actions and that I’m keen to take my punishment and put the matter to rest. Sir.”

The headmaster wrote the final name down and then gave a slight chuckle. “Very politic, Hilary. Very politic.”

Four pairs of hands wringed and fidgeted as they waited for the headmaster to announce the punishment they already knew was coming. They were kept waiting a long time, so long it began to feel quite unbearable.

‘He’s hesitating,’ Louise thought to herself. ‘Could this be a good thing? Is he reconsidering? Perhaps he feels he can’t cane sixth formers after all. Will he send us to the dining hall and make us line up for the slipper? Will Richard Bridges get his way after all and get me bent over the back of his chair? Must remember to take the other line. Could we get off with severe reprimands even?’

“Right! What to do with you.” Dr Halliday brought Louise and, probably, the others out of their private thoughts. “After the end of play today I want you to get yourselves off to the changing rooms and get into your games kit. You will wait there until I summon you up to the gymnasium where six strokes of the cane will be applied to each of your backsides. I anticipate the canings will start at approximately four-thirty. Obviously you will not be permitted any other underwear under your games knickers. Off you go. I’ll see you then.”

Just as Joanne was about to turn and lead the way out, Sophie spoke. “Excuse me, sir. Being in the sixth form, I no longer do games. Therefore I don’t have any kit to change into.”

“Good point, Sophie.” The headmaster considered for a moment. “Hilary,I know you’re in the school hockey team, so presumably you’re okay?”

“Yes, sir. I do have my kit with me.” Hilary answered.

“What about you two?” The headmaster’s question was directed at Joanne and Louise.

“I don’t do games, sir.” Louise told him.

“Me neither, sir.” Joanne added.

Dr Halliday sighed.

“I play tennis, sir.” Sophie tried to be helpful. “I could change into my tennis skirt.”

“Fine, fine! Whatever! Look, this isn’t a fashion contest. All I need is for you all to change into something suitable so that you can be ready by four-thirty this afternoon to be caned across your backsides with just one thin layer of clothing for protection. Okay?”

“Yes, sir.” Hilary and Sophie responded, a little stunned by the bluntness.

“Sir,” added Joanne and Louise before Joanne led all four of them out of the headmaster’s office.

“That’s just an hour away!” Sophie looked at her watch.

“We’d better get weaving,” Hilary confirmed. “Let’s aim to finish off our duties and get down to the changing room at, what, say four-ten?”

“Sounds okay,” murmured Louise.

All four girls came together as they headed in the direction of the changing room. Each of them was carrying bags of various sizes. When they arrived, Joanne pushed open the door and led them inside. They passed through the rows of wooden benches, each with a double coat hook mounted above and stopped at the end of the rows nearest the stairs that led up to the gymnasium on the first floor. None of them seemed anxious to start preparing for their punishment.

“We ought to be getting ready you know,” Joanne commented, sitting at the end of one of the long benches.

“Mm, yes, we should.” Sophie added as she leaned against one of the end posts that supported the line of double coat hooks.

Almost immediately, they were awakened from their lethargy by someone clip-clopping down the stairs. They all looked up and saw Nicky Davies, a small pretty girl with collar length light brown hair.

“Come along, girls! Get stripped off and into your games kit.” Nicky called out before she had even reached the bottom of the stairs.

“Oh, she’s just so butch!” Sophie commented.

“Funny!” Nicky, slim, petite and anything but, smiled sarcastically. “Seriously though, you really did ought to be getting a move on. Doc Halliday hasn’t got to the gym yet but he won’t be long now.

“You’re not, you know, joining us, are you?” Louise asked.

“To get my bottom smacked?” Nicky smiled again. “No, darling. I’m just here in my capacity as a prefect to supervise you lot and make sure you’re suitably attired for the Doc to whip your backsides properly.”

“We should be getting ready, actually.” Hilary Peebles ignored the banter and began stripping off. The other three followed suit.

“Do you all actually have games kit?” Nicky asked as she casually watched them.

“I’m the hockey captain.” Hilary answered rather shortly, suggesting a little envy of Hilary’s prefect status.

“That’ll be a ‘yes’ then.” Nicky replied.

“Tennis kit!” Sophie, who had almost finished changing, twirled round to show off her pretty white tennis dress with blue pleats at either side.

“I’ve managed to find an old pair of white games shorts in my locker.” Joanne said. “I’ll wear them with this white top. Hopefully that will satisfy his lordship.”

“I’m sure it will do wonderfully, Joanne.” Hilary answered before Nicky could do so.

“Louise?” Nicky looked at the blonde girl who had done nothing more than remove her black trousers.

“I simply couldn’t find anything suitable. I’m just going to have to go like this.”

“And take it on your knickers? You’re joking!” Sophie answered. “I hope you’re not wearing a thong. You’ll give the old sod a heart attack!”

“They’re not too revealing, hopefully.” Louise lifted up the hem of her white sweatshirt to reveal fairly brief pink panties with a white polka dot pattern.

“He might think you’re after promotion, Louise!” Nicky joked, with one eye on Hilary.

“Sure you don’t want to swap clothes with Louise, Hilary?” Sophie joined in the humour.

“How will we know when to go up?” Hilary ignored the others.

“Don’t worry, Hilary. I won’t let you miss your appointment with Dr Halliday. I’ll pop up and see if he’s ready for you in a moment. Now, are you all ready?” Nicky saw they all appeared to have changed.

“As ready as we’ll ever be, Nicky,” Joanne answered.

“Good! Form a line, then.” Nicky waved her hand in the direction of the larger aisle between the rows of benches and the side wall. The girls all complied.

“Oh well, this is it!” Sophie took a deep breath.

“Not quite, girls.” Nicky said. Please turn around and bend over.”

“What?” Hilary exclaimed.

“Why?” Louise asked.

“What are you going to do to us?” Sophie asked suspiciously.

“Dr Halliday wishes me to inspect you all to make sure that when you bend over for him you have sufficient underwear to protect your modesty but not to protect your bottoms.” Nicky explained. “Come on now, turn round and bend over.”

Louise, Joanne and Sophie all turned as they were asked and reached over in a ‘touch toes’ attitude. Nicky waited while Hilary thought about lodging a protest, then changed her mind and adopted the same position as the others.

“This is just so humiliating!” Hilary said as Nicky lifted up the sixth form girl’s navy blue pleated hockey skirt and checked her navy blue underwear.

“Perfect!” Nicky announced, and moved on to Sophie and her white tennis dress and white knickers.

“Good!” Nicky let the short dress fall back into place and went to Joanne.

“Sorry Joanne, I’ll have to pull your shorts down.”

“Okay.” Joanne allowed the prefect to tug down her white games shorts and expose her bare bottom.

“You’ll do.” Nicky confirmed and went finally to Louise, where she lifted up the back of the girl’s white sweatshirt. The prefect giggled when she saw once again Louise’s pink polka dot panties.

“Marvellous! It’ll certainly give him a thrill!” Nicky let go of the sweatshirt which left Louise’s bottom uncovered and smacked the seat of the girl’s panties.

“Okay, relax for a moment.” Nicky said. “I’ll see how things are cooking up in the gym.”

“Where’s my eye shadow?” Hilary said, ferreting through her bag.

“Hilary! Only you could worry about your make-up when you’re about to get a good hiding from your headmaster!” Sophie remarked.

Hilary ignored the comment and checked herself in a small mirror, dabbing at a couple of marks with one finger before spraying deodorant under her armpits.

“Okay! Ready for you now!” Nicky called from the top of the stairs. Joanne led them up.

As they came into the wooden floored gymnasium, the girls could see Dr Halliday waiting for them, still in his black gown, and with a slender pale coloured cane poised in his right hand. A black leather covered vaulting horse, set to a low height, stood ominously in front of him.

“I suggest you form up by those wall bars.” Dr Halliday bellowed, and the four went across to the wall bars which then left the vaulting horse between them and the headmaster. “Right, let’s have the first one.”

The four sixth form girls fidgeted about and looked at each other, but no-one was keen to step over to the vaulting horse.

“Come along! Come along!” Dr Halliday called. “There’s no point in delaying things.”

After another brief shuffle around, Sophie decided to surrender herself.

“Bend over!” Dr Halliday told her, rather more loudly than was necessary.

Sophie, a tall girl, found the manoeuvre down onto the low set vaulting horse awkward and it took extra seconds for her to settle down into a position where she felt secure. Nicky Davies stepped forward and carefully lifted the tennis dress up so that Sophie’s white knickers were exposed.

“Hold tight!” Dr Halliday warned, and Nicky stood back just as the first stroke whistled past her nose.

Sophie grunted and her whole body jerked. The second stroke soon followed and caused a similar reaction.

“Oooh!” Sophie cried at the third stroke.

The fourth, she took silently, and the fifth too.

“Yeeouch!!” Sophie screwed her eyes up as the pain of the sixth stroke bit into her bottom.

“Up you get, girl. Back with the others.” Dr Halliday told her. “Next!”

As Sophie came back to the group rubbing her bottom gently and checking her tennis dress was properly pulled back down, the remaining three looked at each other for the next victim.

The smallest of shoves from Hilary caused Joanne to inadvertently take a step forward.

“Well done, Joanne.” Dr Halliday saw the slight movement towards him. “Over you come.”

With any protest seeming futile, Joanne reluctantly continued towards the headmaster.

“Bend over, girl!” She was told as she nervously approached the vaulting horse.

Joanne quickly got down onto the horse and held on tight.

“Have you got anything on under those shorts?” Dr Halliday looked at Nicky, as she was supposed to have checked.

No, sir.” Joanne and Nicky answered together, then Nicky added: “I did check, sir. It’s her bare bottom under the shorts.”

“Good! Hold tight!”

Joanne certainly held tight, so tight the watching girls by the wall bars thought the vaulting horse was in danger of being crushed. She kept her eyes tightly shut too.

“Oooww!!” Joanne cried as the first stroke whipped across the seat of her white games shorts. She continued crying out as each stroke thrashed her backside.

If Dr Halliday was aware of Joanne’s cries, and how could he not be, it appeared to make no difference to the headmaster. He continued applying each stroke methodically and meticulously, all aimed at the centre portions of the girl’s bottom.

Even as the final strokes approached, Joanne continued to cry out and jerk her body as the cane lashed her bottom. It was as though she were immersed in her own private world of intermittent pain and agony.

“Right, girl. Back with the others. Next!” Dr Halliday roared.

When Joanne took no notice, Nicky stepped forward, grabbed her by the hips and pulled her to her feet. “You’re finished.” Nicky whispered in Joanne’s ear.

Finally Joanne did return to the wall bars and that left Hilary and Louise to silently argue who should suffer next. Then Louise noticed that her shoelace was undone and knelt down to do it up.

“Don’t keep me waiting, girls!” Dr Halliday called.

Hilary looked down at the still kneeling Louise and then across at the headmaster. She really had little choice.

“Well done, Hilary! Bend over!”

Hilary placed herself across the vaulting horse with as much decorum as the manoeuvre allowed, then pulled up the hem of her games skirt to reveal her navy blue gym knickers.

“Good to see you know the drill, Hilary.” Dr Halliday told her as he watched the girl submit herself for punishment.

Any satisfaction Hilary gained from the compliment immediately vanished when the cane whipped down across the seat of her pants.

“Unh!” She grunted.

The second and third strokes brought forth more grunts and jerks, although Hilary still managed to look across at her compatriots. That they appeared to be studying her punishment with some fascination did nothing to allay Hilary’s sense of humiliation.

“Uuurgh!” Hilary cried out as the fourth stroke seemed to bite extra hard into her neat rounded bottom.

The fifth stroke lashed into the girl’s backside with little more than a grunt but the final stroke seemed harder and Hilary cried out again.

“Well done, girl, back with the others.” Hilary’s discomfort seemed of no consequence to the headmaster who merely waited for her to prise herself up from the vaulting horse and walk painfully back to the wall bars.

Louise had been watching the final moments of Hilary’s punishment with extreme concentration, knowing there was nothing else she could do to put off her own ordeal. She started walking over to the vaulting horse before Hilary had reached the wall bars and the two girls exchanged grim looks as they crossed.

“Bend over, girl!” Dr Halliday called out, rather pointlessly in Louise’s opinion. What else had she walked over there to do?

Louise bent over and folded herself down across the vaulting horse. At least the leather padding felt comfortable. She reached back and pulled her white sweatshirt up and gave her pink panties with the polka dot pattern a little tug upwards to cover the upper portions of her buttocks, and then back down again to cover her lower bottom cheeks.

“Do you consider this appropriate underwear for the occasion, girl?” Dr Halliday demanded, staring down at the girl’s underwear.

“It was the best I could do in the circumstances, sir.” Louise looked round as she answered. “I hadn’t expected to be caned when I got dressed this morning, and I don’t do games.”

“Oh, very well! Hold still!”

Louise gritted her teeth, knowing from the others’ experience that Dr Halliday didn’t waste time before he applied the first stroke. With the briefest of whistles, the cane whipped across her bottom and she jerked and grunted as the pain bit into her backside.

Keeping her palms pressed tight to the sides of the vaulting horse, Louise felt the second stroke slash against the seat of her panties.

“Oouch!!” Louise cried as the third stroke smacked her thinly covered bottom. The intensity of the pain caused her to wonder whether she had been right to turn down Richard Bridges’ offer to slipper her.

The fourth stroke came quickly and Louise shut her eyes as her bottom got sorer still. She looked over to the others who were watching her punishment with intense concentration. She smiled weakly at them but was ignored.

“Aaah!” The fifth stroke hit a sore spot and made Louise shudder. Her eyes felt watery and her bottom felt like it was on fire.

“Ooooch!!” The sixth stroke lashed her brief panties and sent a tremor juddering through her. The pain in her bottom was almost beyond endurance but at least she knew the ordeal was over.

Louise didn’t hear Dr Halliday tell her to get up and go back to the others, but she did it anyway, rubbing her bottom softly though her brief panties as she went.

As the four stood together, the headmaster came across to them.

“Now let’s not be having any more of this kind of nonsense. If you have a point to make, there are better ways than rampaging through the school causing all manner of damage and disruption. Now get back down those stairs, get dressed and get off home.”

“Thank you, sir.” Each girl managed to mumble as they turned away.

“Good God, I never knew anything could sting as much as that!” Sophie gasped once they were down the stairs and out of earshot.

“I had heard he was extremely competent with a cane.” Hilary confirmed. “Clearly that person wasn’t exaggerating.”

Louise gave her bottom a few last rubs by putting her hand down the back of her thin brief panties, then hopped about as she struggled to pull her black trousers back on.

“Anyone fancy a drink?” Joanne asked.

“Definitely!” Sophie confirmed. “How about The Red Lion?”

“Okay with me.” Louise added. “Hilary?”

“Fine. Should we invite Nicky? After all, she was only following orders. It wasn’t her fault we got caned.”

“Okay with me,” Louise said. “You three carry on and I’ll go and get Nicky.”

With the others gone, Louise cautiously climbed the stairs to the gymnasium. If Dr Halliday was still there, then she would quietly withdraw back to the changing room. She found the gym deserted but could see Nicky standing talking to someone in the corridor just outside.

Unfortunately, Louise could only see who Nicky was talking to after getting so close they saw her approaching.

“Ah, dear Louise! I bet you’re wishing you’d taken me up on my offer now. How’s your bottom?”

“Mr Bridges, fancy seeing you here.”

The End