Reminiscent of a recent newspaper story

By Andromeda

Dr Wilson was in his seventh year as headmaster of Norton Grange. As chairman of the Headmaster’s Conference, he had a reputation to maintain. Now, thanks to two selfish brats, that reputation was in tatters. He read the headlines for the fifth time in as many minutes and poured himself a large sherry.

`Lovers, 16, flee to Caribbean

Simon Henderson and Tania Lucas had been two of his most promising pupils. Despite being only sixteen years of age they both showed a maturity beyond their years. Now, they had not only ruined their own futures but had also placed the school’s good name in jeopardy.

It had all started seven days ago when the House Master of Long Dorm had taken the morning registration; Simon and Tania were missing. Rumours soon spread that the pupils had flown to the Caribbean together. Dr Wilson telephoned both sets of parents then notified the police. Within hours the police confirmed that Simon had used his credit card to book flights, and they had departed from Heathrow that morning. A callous police officer had tipped off the press and soon the school grounds were swarming with reporters.

The runaways’ adventure lasted just five days; a suspicious hotel manager informed the police and now they were back in England. Simon’s mother had fallen on her sword and had the decency to withdraw him from the school.

Tania’s parents were not so obliging! What had been a straight-forward case of expulsion had developed into a legal mine field. No crime had been committed; it was a simple case of two pupils running away together, at least that was Tania’s parents’ point of view.

Lawyers recommended that the school should accept Tania back, a High Court case would cost the school thousands and the parents were multi millionaires. Dr Wilson had arranged to meet the parents, and now they were sitting in his private study.

“You must appreciate the good name of the school has been damaged by the antics of your daughter.” Dr Wilson looked for a reaction but Mrs Lucas looked non-plussed and her husband just gave a nonchalant shrug of the shoulders.

Wilson tried another tack. “You cannot expect Tania just to breeze back into school as if nothing has happened; she has to be severely punished. The school motto is `Exemplo Ducemus’, translated it means `By example shall we lead’. What example would I be setting if Tania isn’t punished?”

This time, he got a reaction. Mr Lucas cleared his throat and came out with an astonishing suggestion. “Cane her!”

The headmaster was dumbfounded; he had only used the cane on three occasions, and no girl had ever been caned at Norton Grange.

“You can’t possibly be serious, Mr Lucas. We are talking about a teenage girl.”

Lucas examined his finger nails. “Logically, it is the only solution, a dozen of the best and we can put the matter to bed.”

Mrs Lucas supported her husband. “It would satisfy your school motto, honour would be restored and Tania could continue with her `A’ levels.

“And would Tania agree to such a proposition?” Asked the headmaster.

“She’ll accept any punishment to return to the school,” answered the father.

Wilson realized that he had little choice in the matter, it was the only solution.

Long Dorm was in a state of excitement. Tania had brought gifts back for her dorm mates. Lucy Symonds tried the exotic perfume and danced in excitement; other girls drank from the champagne bottle and feasted on the array of chocolates laid before them. Monica Evans, dorm monitor, placed a caring hand on Tania’s shoulder. “I do hope they don’t expel you Tania, we really would miss you.”

Tania reassured the monitor that no one was going to be expelled. Then, for the first time, reality set in. What was the punishment going to be? The answer came with the arrival of Miss Gilbert, the sports mistress.

“Tania, you are to come with me; the headmaster wants to see you.”

Spraying Lucy’s perfume over herself, Tania brushed her hair and in a defiant flick of her head followed Miss Gilbert to her fate.

Wilson was more nervous than Tania. He watched as the attractive blond entered the study. She was wearing a tight pair of jeans and a white shirt that enhanced her figure. This was a young woman about to blossom into adulthood, and he was soon to inflict pain onto this beautiful creature. Fighting to control his inner emotions, the headmaster told himself that duty had to be done; he had the pips on his shoulders and carried the responsibility.

“Tania, I am flabbergasted that you would place me in such a position. You cannot open a newspaper without seeing your photograph splashed across the page. To you, it may be fifteen minutes of fame but, to the school, it is shame and dishonour. I have discussed the matter with your parents and I am afraid there is but one solution; you are to be caned!”

Tania was momentarily stunned into silence; she had expected to be gated and given extra prep, but corporal punishment had never crossed her mind.

Dr Wilson stood up. “It is either that or expulsion, the choice is yours.”

Choice there wasn’t! Tania knew that if she chose expulsion her father would order the butler to slipper her; it had happened several times before, and was not a pleasant experience.

She put on her most seductive smile for the headmaster. “Surely, Sir, there must be an alternative punishment; perhaps I could clean the kitchen every Saturday?”

Wilson took off his jacket and walked to the book shelf. “I have made it very clear that you have no choice in the matter.” So saying, he reached up and removed a thin cane. It was about two feet long and very springy.

Tania’s face was pale, this was actually going to happen. How could she face her friends after such humiliation? Dr Wilson rolled up his right sleeve and swished the cane. “By rights, the caning should be in front of the school but, due to your age and sex, I have taken pity on you. Now, are you going to fully cooperate?”

Tania slowly nodded her head. Repressing a gulp, the head ordered the girl to remove her jeans and bend over the desk. Realising that argument was futile, Tania undid her thick leather belt and unsnapped the button. As she lowered the zip, Wilson caught the distinct aroma of leather from her belt. Now totally embarrassed, Tania pushed the jeans down to her thighs revealing a small pair of pink silk knickers. Wilson ordered her to push the jeans down to her ankles, then to bend over the desk.

Looking at the tight buttocks leaning over the desk, the head tried desperately to concentrate on the duty in hand. “You are to receive six strokes. Your father wanted me to give you twelve, so think yourself lucky and remember this lesson.”

Drawing his hand back over his shoulder, the head delivered the first blow. A loud crack reverberated around the room accompanied by a scream from Tania. The second and third strokes produced a loud wailing from the girl; the fourth missed the target completely and landed at the top of Tania’s thighs.

Jumping up, she danced around the room, her hands clinging to her burning bottom. Wilson ordered her back into position and delivered the fifth stroke. Her crying was now pulling at the Head’s heart strings but he was determined to complete the punishment. The final stroke was a cheese cutter, coming down vertically on to the buttocks. Tania shot up like a scalded cat and ran around the room, tears pouring down her face. Wilson threw the cane onto the desk and told Tania to pull up her jeans.

Duty had been done and honour had returned to the school’s good name.

The End

© Andromeda 2014