PW completes a review of his work

Many thanks again to those that responded to the debate about realism. This is the fourth and final part of my analysis and perhaps deals with the most emotive area of all, school punishments.

In Part 1, we looked at Judicial and Military punishments, and I believe there is overwhelming evidence that such events did take place. There is also evidence that females were punished by men, including the famous event in Eden.

In Part 2, we considered those that enjoy being punished, and it is abundantly clear this is a massive area. You only have to read Leia Ann Woods’ blog for confirmation. We also considered domestic punishments.

In Part 3, we considered Punishment at Work and Third Party discipline. There is ample evidence on the Memories sister site to conclude that Punishment at Work was also realistic, but we’d have to accept that this was not widespread and almost certainly involved individuals that were into the subject, be it on the receiving end or giving. Third Party discipline perhaps pushed the boundaries of realism a bit too far. In this final part of the debate, we move onto school stories which are in turn broken into four parts; school staff, headmasters’ secretaries, post-school stories and finally school pupils themselves. 

School staff stories 

Perhaps one of my all time favourite stories was ‘The glorious end to Anthony Harrison’s caning career’. Harrison was called on by the Headmistress to thrash a young teacher. Clare Smith had got herself into considerable trouble by sharing some low level drugs during a school trip with two girls from the Upper Sixth. One of the girls was the daughter of a school Governor and when he caught her finishing off the joint that she had taken home, he demanded to know where it had come from.

He was furious to discover it had come from a teacher and was soon in the headmistress’s study demanding for the teacher to be dismissed from her post. During the discussion the Governor mentioned that he had already caned his daughter for being in possession of the drug and that if Clare Smith was to avoid the sack maybe the only alternative was for her to submit to a dose of corporal punishment with the Governor putting himself forward to administer a caning.

The Headmistress said we may have a very unusual solution to the difficulty and Clare knew this might be the only way she could keep her job. In truth, the Governor quite fancied the idea of caning the young teacher, but the Headmistress sensed this and said if this was the way forward she would prefer to call on her deputy, Anthony Harrison, to do the honours.

Brian Watson, the Governor, was disappointed but did not want to show. He did however insist on being present for the punishment. Harrison felt that twelve strokes would be ample, and in due course that is exactly what Clare Smith received, twelve strokes across her bare bottom given by Anthony Harrison in the presence of both the Headmistress and Watson.

Another story in this category involved Jane Wilson, a young teacher that was struggling to maintain discipline. She was not one of the teachers that were permitted to use corporal punishment, instead having to send deserving boys to the Head for punishment. She very much felt that not being able to administer the cane herself undermined her authority and sought a meeting with the Headmaster, Brian Glover. During the conversation she asked if it was possible for her to be allowed in exceptional circumstances to administer punishment herself.

The Head explained the difficulty was that she would never have received such punishment during her schooling, which he thought was essential, adding that the masters that were cleared to use the cane had all personal experience of receiving the cane.

She replied that: “If that is the case why don’t you cane me?” This story was entitled ‘To give you first have to receive’. This led to her receiving the cane and also being tutored in how to use the cane which led to a memorable occasion when she caned a real hard nut and troublemaker across his bare bottom in the presence of the Headmaster.

How realistic is this line of story and could such events have ever taken place? I would love to think so, but accept that it would have been under exceptional circumstances. Probably pushing realism a bit too far.

School secretaries

School Secretaries have been a fertile ground. There are three stories that spring to mind. The first story ‘The school secretary gets the cane’ was about Maggie. She was no stranger to the cane and when she left Secretarial College she took a job as Assistant Secretary to the Headmaster at a boys religious school. Later, when the Senior Secretary retired, Maggie was promoted to the more senior role. As part of her duties she was to administer the schools punishment policy and advise the Head as boys presented themselves for punishment what exactly they should receive. Those that had not been caned for a year would receive the cane across their trousers, whilst those that had been caned within the last year would be beaten across their underpants, and finally any boys that had already been caned within a term time would be thrashed across their bare bottom. Maggie was required to put a ‘T’ or a ‘P’ or a ‘B’ alongside each pupil on the punishment list, standing for trousers, pants or bare. It was therefore critical that the Secretary needed to keep proper records. Maggie made two mistakes in quick succession, the second of which involved a pupil who had never been caned before getting beaten across his bare bottom because of confusion about similar surnames. After a furious Headmaster had said: “You are not too old to be caned yourself,” Maggie considered her position and the following day told the Headmaster if he still felt that she deserved punishment she was willing to submit, worried about losing her job. The result was that the Head decided to make the punishment fit the crime by giving Maggie a full education regarding the difference between different levels of caning with two strokes across the seat of her skirt, two further strokes across her knickers, all before six hard strokes across her bare bottom.

‘A school secretary asks’ was about Julie Field who was very used to boys reporting to the Headmaster for the cane. This happened about twice a week and Julie, as the Head’s secretary, was responsible for ensuring the Punishment Book was up-to-date. The boy in question would report immediately after school finished for an uncomfortable wait in Julie’s office before being summoned by the Head. She would be aware of some conversation before the inevitable sound of cane meeting bottom. If it were a serious matter there would be a pause between the conversation and the caning whilst trousers were being removed. It always had a strange effect on Julie who often wondered what it might be like to be caned by the Head who was extremely authoritative.

This story could equally sit above in the ‘Wanting the cane’ section. It all came to life when a member of the 1st Fifteen Rugby side was dismissed from the field for foul play. This was always an offence that led to an automatic caning and when the boy reported Julie was taking dictation. The Head decided that she should stay and witness what happens to a boy sent off the rugby field and she watched in awe as he was told to drop his shorts before receiving six hard strokes of the cane across his almost bare bottom.

Witnessing the caning had a strange effect on Julie, who could not help saying to the Headmaster after the boy had departed that she often wondered what it would be like to receive the cane. One thing led to another and he offered to give her a couple of strokes to satisfy her curiosity. After two strokes across her tight skirt, which she actually enjoyed, Julie asked how much worse it would be with only one layer of clothing. Moments later, with her skirt removed, she found out and the inevitable happened when she asked him to complete the set with two further strokes after her knickers had been placed on the Head’s desk. They never did get back to dictation that day!

The third story featured a school secretary that had initially joined as assistant to the Headmaster’s secretary. After two years she was promoted when the senior secretary retired. The background was that the secretary had actually been a pupil at the school before going to secretarial college and had at the age of sixteen been punished by the same Headmaster receiving six strokes across the seat of her knickers. It is fair to say that when she took the more senior job, it was clear from the word go that she was in many ways a poor comparison to the recently retired Mrs Higgins. The Headmaster was exasperated by her time-keeping, and one morning when she was again late there was an unseemly rush to get the papers ready for morning assembly which led to throw-away comment from the Headmaster, “perhaps I should cane you again to wake up your ideas”. She was appalled to be compared so poorly with Mrs Higgins and wondered if her job was on the line. The story was ‘School Secretary mends her ways’ and told of what happened after assembly that morning when she asked the Headmaster if he was serious about his suggestion of ‘waking her ideas up’ to which he looked at her and said: “A caning may do you good and you should see me after morning break.” He also told her that, as she was an adult, he was not bound by the guidelines set by the school governors and she should think about what was appropriate, implying that such punishment would be more severe than she had experienced as a schoolgirl, but she was to decide. In her mind, this meant either more than six strokes or being caned on the bare bottom. The two options appeared to be twelve across her knickers or six on the bare, which led later that morning to her asking him if six strokes across her bare bottom would be sufficient having decided that twelve across her very skimpy knickers would be worse. And that is exactly what she got.

In the previous section, I agree that it is very unlikely that general school staff might have suffered corporal punishment. However, I believe Headmasters’ secretaries are different, particularly those that had a fantasy about being caned. The Julie Field story is one that I feel could have happened for two reasons. First, the Headmaster’s secretary would be exposed to corporal punishment and would often be in charge of the punishment book. Second, are we to believe that in the many thousands of schools in the UK there was not a school headmaster’s secretary that had a crush on her boss and had fantasies about submitting to the cane? It is this example that I feel is more than likely to have actually happened and is therefore realistic.

Post school stories 

Perhaps pushing the boundary of realism a bit too far was the story ‘My time at the Hyde Academy’. This featured Louise who had completely failed all her A levels and was given the opportunity to attend a two year course at The Hyde Academy outside Zurich. This story was inspired by the story in Janus 113, St Moritz.

The Hyde Academy had been set up by William Hyde specially for girls that had failed their A levels, and was designed to get them back on track via a combination of intensive learning and discipline. William Hyde was an extremely wealthy benefactor whose own daughter had been in the same position twelve years earlier. He had engaged Dr Johnson to personally tutor his daughter for two years, following which she moved back to the UK and got an excellent job and was now a high flyer.

William Hyde was so impressed that, as a benefactor, he set up a special school for 36 students in each year. Every student had to sign an agreement accepting the Academy policy regarding corporal punishment. All 36 of the new intake were subject to an initiation that included getting a single cane stroke. After that, Louise was to suffer the cane five times during her first year, on each occasion having to remove all her clothes in a side room in the presence of the matron before being taken to Dr Johnson’s room naked, being positioned over the trestle for six strokes given slowly to her bare bottom in the presence of her year tutor and the matron. The format was slightly different in the second year and Louise left The Hyde Academy with the promise of a good job in the City after a spectacular finale.

‘Unfinished business’ told the story of a girl being caned at the Franz Wells Academy, a Swiss Finishing School. Dr Fuller, the Headmaster, announced that a girl’s purse had gone missing, presumably stolen. Julie Harris realised that she had found the purse and put it in her locker. She quickly slipped out and put the purse in another girl’s locker. Subsequently, after a search by Mr Zimmer, one of the senior masters, the purse was found and the completely innocent Annette Simms received a caning from the Headmaster for theft.

Julie knew the truth and was pleased that she had avoided being caned, but at the same time felt incredibly guilty that a completely innocent girl had suffered a severe thrashing.

Three years later, at the annual summer party for girls that had left the Finishing School, Julie decided to admit her dreadful crime which resulted in the twenty-three year old receiving the caning she should have been given at the time. And not just the six strokes she would have received but six for the original crime, a further six for letting an innocent girl get the cane and a final six for taking three years to admit the crime. With her skirt and knickers removed Julie received the eighteen strokes from Dr Fuller in front of Annette Sims and Mr Zimmer the master that had found the purse.

School stories 

Absolutely core to the fantasies of the Janus world of the eighties are schoolgirls being caned by the Headmaster or another male teacher. Whilst this is where realism is called into question, it is equally difficult to completely reject that nothing of its kind ever happened. Back in the fifties and sixties the moral authority held by schoolteachers was at another level and nothing was questioned. I myself suffered clear abuse, but never questioned it. Clearly girls were subjected to the cane from Headmistresses and other senior female teachers, but girls being caned by male teachers on the bare bottom has been the subject of hundreds, if not thousands, of videos, and to many CP aficionados this remains the most potent fantasy, however unrealistic.

There are a few stories on the True memories site about male teachers punishing girl pupils and it will be up to individuals to judge if they are at all likely to be true. But I have to accept the vast majority of the stories that I have written could never have happened in real life. The point is that fantasy is fantasy and many learned people have always said that the strongest sexual organ we have is our brain. It would be a sad day in my mind if fantasy had to be realistic to the level that it could only be based on fact as opposed to imagination.

There are several stories that stand out for me and it has been enjoyable to go back and reread ‘Insisting on equal treatment’ which was about a school that had only recently accepted female pupils into the sixth form. Julia Randall and Robert Weston were before the Headmaster on the last day of term having been caught smoking drugs. Clearly they were both in serious trouble and the Headmaster told them that Robert Weston would be caned, but this was an unsuitable punishment for Julia Randall who would be suspended from school for the first two weeks of the next term. Julia told the Head that she would prefer to have the same punishment as Robert, saying that she wanted to be treated equally and hated the idea of a suspension hanging over her for the whole holiday. The Head could see her point and finally agreed, resulting in them both getting six-of-the-best in front of each other.

Another story that comes to mind was ‘Four prefects and Mrs Becker’. All four had been caught using drugs and the Headmistress told them they would all be caned, and that they should report to the gym at the end of the school day and change into their gym kit. Sue, Fiona, Clare and Sarah knew they were in a very painful session. At just after 4pm, they were waiting for Mrs Becker having changed, but both Sue and Fiona had realised that neither of them had any gym pants so had to contend with leaving their normal knickers in place.

When Mrs Becker arrived she was carrying three canes and told two of the girls to put the gym horse in the centre of the gym. She also told all four to take off their gym skirts, at which point it became apparent that two of the girls had inappropriate underwear. One by one, each was summoned forward to take their position over the horse before receiving six strokes of the cane.

For both Sue and Fiona’s canings, the Headmistress pulled their rather skimpy pants up, which meant that they were going to receive effectively a bare bottom caning. But there was an unexpected ‘finale’ when there was a loud noise from the loft and on inspection Mrs Becker discovered Mark Thomas, The Captain of games for the school.

As Captain, he had a key to the gym and, having heard about the forthcoming caning, could not resist the idea of secretly watching, but now having knocked over an item he had been found out. Mrs Becker told him that he would either be reported to the Headmaster or he could take a severe and unofficial punishment right away adding that, having watched the girls being punished, they should have the satisfaction of similarly watching him. Not wanting to have to explain himself to the Headmaster, he said he would take his punishment.

Mrs Becker told Mark to remove his blazer and trousers and get into position over the gym horse. For the girls, this was going to be quite something and although they were all still in a state of semi-undress their focus was more on Mark then the fire that was burning in their bottoms. Worse was to come for Mark as he got into position. Mrs Becker decided to make the punishment fit the crime and handed Sue the cane and told her to give Mark three strokes, having decided that each of the four would give him three strokes before she finished him off with final six.

As Sue lined up the cane across Mark’s bottom, Mrs Becker stepped forward and said: “This disgusting person deserves to be caned on the bare,” and with one action removed his pants. Sue then gave him three almighty whacks, which had him grunting. The other three girls, still without their skirts, followed and as they all played racket sports they were both accurate and hard.

Now, with twelve strokes taken, it was Mrs Becker’s turn to thrash him and after eighteen strokes Mark seriously doubted the wisdom of playing peeping tom.

The ‘Price of deception’ dealt with two girls that had had been caught guilty of truancy at Ashbourne College. Dr Pulson, the Headmaster, was livid with Louise Graham and Sarah Brown, having discovered they had both forged sick letters from their respective mothers. He told them that they would both be caned twice, once for playing truant and again on Monday for lying. He also told them that normally the Deputy Headmistress would administer punishment, but she was away and he had sought permission from their respective mothers to punish them himself.

Louise was horrified by the prospect of two separate canings and told the Headmaster she would prefer to take all twelve strokes in one go. There were two key guidelines set by the school governors; someone of the same sex should administer canings, and six strokes was the maximum. As Headmaster, he had already sought permission from their mothers to carry out punishment himself, so that could be set aside, but the six-stroke maximum meant that he could not do as Louise wished. However, he did slightly sympathise with Louise about having a caning hanging over her across the weekend. Less clear were guidelines re clothing retained; it was normal for pupils being caned to retain one layer. As such, he felt the only way to avoid punishing them twice was if they were prepared to take six strokes immediately, but to their unprotected bottoms. Louise immediately said she would accept and moments later received a fearsome beating across her bare bottom. Sarah was less certain but ultimately went the same way.

Over the years, many school pupils (including myself) have felt the cane as punishment for smoking. ‘A smoking problem’ told of how Julie Richards at the age of eighteen and in the Upper Sixth was furious when the Headmaster said at morning assembly that smoking was to be added to the list of offences that would result in an automatic caning. She was not going to be told what to do and every intention of having her morning cigarette behind the swimming pool block, confident she would get away with it.

However the Deputy Headmistress was well aware of the morning gathering behind the swimming pool and, armed with the new ruling, caught Julie and two other boys having a sneaky fag, sending all three to see their House Masters. Julie reported to Mark Hudson who told her that he could not believe her actions following the clear message from the Headmaster that very morning. He told her that he did not possess a cane, but he would acquire one and that she should report back after school. To complicate things Julie actually fancied Mark and, despite trying to get his attention, he seemed uninterested having a very attractive wife.

Meanwhile, the two boys that had been caught were late for lunch and had the ‘sullen’ look of those that had very recently been caned. At four o’clock Julie reported to Mark Hudson, who had now acquired a cane. If nothing else she was at least going to be his focus of attention for ten minutes.

After being told to remove her jacket and skirt, Julie did the most ridiculous thing and told Mark that she wanted this to be a very severe punishment that would ensure she gave up smoking. She wanted to be caned across her bare bottom. This was more driven by her desire for him to be attracted to her and see her partly naked. He told her that would not be possible, to which she told him that nobody would ever know and if asked she would always deny taking her knickers off. Moments later with her bottom presented to him she suffered the most incredibly painful thrashing.

At the same school a few weeks later, Alison Moore and Scott Banks were spotted by the Deputy Headmistress smoking at the bus stop on their way to school. ‘That no smoking rule’ told of how they were both caned by her that very morning in front of each other. After watching her friend take six strokes of the cane across his underpants, Alison was mortified to be made to remove her skirt and bend over in front of Scott with only her skimpy knickers covering her bottom.

‘A slight problem for Mrs Dickens’ was a story about a Secretarial College that was an alternative to sixth-form. Two girls in their second year went out one night, got very drunk and were chucked out of a pub. They decided to paint graffiti on the side of the pub and were arrested by the police who decided to lock them up for the night. Worse still was that the local paper got hold of the story and splashed it all over the next edition with the news that two girls from the College had both been charged. This led to a summit meeting with their parents and the policeman who had charged both girls with causing an affray.

Commander Black, one of the girl’s fathers, took a very dim view of his daughter’s behaviour and outlined a four-point plan in an attempt to persuade the police to drop the charges. Within his plan was that both girls suffer a severe caning. Eventually the Police did agree to drop the charges if Commander Black’s plan was agreed.

Mrs Dickens pointed out that the Collage did not practice corporal punishment, and after much discussion it was agreed that they ask the languages master from another school that came to help those girls that wanted to be bilingual if he could help. It was known that he was also a Housemaster and was likely to be qualified. Commander Black was insisting the girls be caned across their bare bottoms, something the other girl’s mother felt was not necessary and it eventually agreed that they be offered double the number of strokes if they retained their knickers. Later that day the Housemaster came to the school and took the girls to a private room where they both suffered a severe caning with all their lower clothes removed, both rejecting the 12-stroke option. Once both had been caned the policeman was invited into the room to see for himself two bare bottoms sporting six stripes each.

‘A very sharp shock’ told of the Headmaster of Brathenhall College who had three sick notes in front of him for Sarah Langton. The problem was that two of the sick notes were in different handwriting to today’s note requesting time off to attend a family funeral. A telephone call to Sarah’s mother confirmed that the other two were in Sarah’s own handwriting and that she had clearly been playing truant.

Later that morning, the Head received a call from Sarah’s father, David Langton, who was absolutely furious and said that he wanted his daughter to be given a severe punishment. He went further and suggested that to bring her back into line the Headmaster should himself give her the cane and further that she get it across her bare bottom. This posed a problem for the Headmaster as he was being asked to ignore two of the three guidelines set by the governors, they being a maximum of six strokes given by a member of the same sex, with one layer of clothing in place. In discussion with the girl’s father he said he was prepared to ignore one of the guidelines giving him a choice of a bare bottom caning given by the Deputy Headmistress or a caning from him with her underwear retained.

David Langton agreed that the Deputy could administer the caning providing the Headmaster was present. At 12.30 that day when morning lessons ended Sarah Langton received her caning with everything below the waist removed and to her shame with the Headmaster standing behind her to one side with her bare bottom on full view. She actually got seven strokes, one extra for standing up after the first stroke. That evening she was caned again at home to underline just how furious her parents were at her actions.

‘Bend over the punishment stool’ was a short story about a persistent troublemaker who was no stranger to the cane. She had been warned that one more infringement would result in a bare bottom caning. Telling the English teacher to ‘fuck-off’ had done it and later that day she received six-of-the-absolute-best whilst bent right over the punishment stool, made much worse by the Headmaster insisting that Miss Morris be present to witness the caning.

Perhaps a story that pushed the boundaries of realism to the limit was ‘Serious trouble’. This told the story of Alison Palmer and James White who had brought some cannabis to the end of year party, which they widely shared. There were several teachers at the party and Alison and James were caught red-handed. The following day the Headmaster called a special assembly for the fifth and sixth forms. Rather ominously there was a gym horse placed in the centre of the stage. He started the assembly by saying this was the most serious matter he had ever had to deal with and would result in unprecedented punishment, adding that the punishment levels were part of an agreement with the school’s police mediator that no charges would be brought.

After calling Alison and James forward, the Head asked if anyone wanted to admit that they had partaken in the freely available drugs. Seven pupils stood up and were called onto the stage. The Headmaster had been given a list of those that his staff had spotted, and a further seven on his list had not admitted their guilt. They were then called onto the stage whilst the seven that had been honest were told there would be no further action for them. The seven that had not admitted their guilt were then in turn caned by the PE master, each receiving six strokes across the seat of their trousers or skirt bent right over the gym horse facing away from the audience, giving everyone a great view.

One girl in particular was wearing a skirt that was shorter than regulation and actually showed her skimpy knickers.

It then came to Alison and James who were informed that the Chairman of the Governors had agreed to waive some of punishment guidelines and that they were to each receive twelve strokes, telling them at the same time for James to remove his trousers. Alison was to remove her skirt. She was mortified as she knew she only had a very skimpy pair of knickers on which she was about to reveal.

The Head told Alison he regarded her as the main culprit and she would be caned last. James was told to get into position across the horse and worse was to come when the Head instructed the PE master to remove his pants. Now with his bare bottom on show to the entire fifth and sixth form he received a devastating caning that took over three minutes to administer.

It was then Alison’s turn, who also suffered the indignity of having her knickers removed before suffering a similar caning over three minutes in front of over ninety fellow pupils and, for most male pupils, the sight of her bare bottom bent over the horse caused many to stir! After Alison had received her last stroke remaining in a state of undress the Headmaster told them to face him as he addressed the whole assembly saying that those in the Upper Sixth were soon to leave the school but that those in the Lower Sixth and Fifth form should take note of will happen if there is ever a repeat.

Amongst the last stories written was the ‘Archdean series’ that featured James Simmonds as the new Headmaster and Helen Brown his trusted Head Girl. This comprised of six separate stories that actually inspired other OTD readers to write sequels. The Archdean punishment system revolved around the powerful Head Girl who made all decisions in conjunction with her fellow prefects. Pupils could be caned by the Head Girl, normally six of the best across their pants bent over a punishment stool. More serious offences would lead to the culprit being sent to the Headmaster for a caning, which would be in the presence of the Head Girl and another prefect. All canings by the Head were applied to their bare bottoms.

The problem for James Simmonds when he took up his position was that he had never used the cane in any of his previous schools, and Helen Brown as his new Head Girl suggested in ‘New Headmaster’ that he practice on her. So, in extraordinary circumstances, the new Headmaster gave Helen six strokes across her bare bottom. She need not have worried, as James Simmonds was a complete ‘natural’.

Helen Brown ruled the Prefecture with a rod of iron and the series of six stories included ‘Two sisters caned’, the younger sister caned by the Head Girl, and the older sister caned by the Head. ‘The Crisis’ was a story about Louise White and Jane Smith, two girls that had been caught shoplifting and reported to the Police. Having collected them from the Police station they were told to report to the Headmaster at the end of the day. James Simmonds discussed the matter with Helen Brown and they both agreed to contact the owner of the shop to see if they could prevent charges being pressed. At lunchtime the shop owner’s husband, Mr Price, came to the school for a meeting with the Head and Helen. They told him that if insisted on pressing charges both girls would have to be expelled.

However, on the basis that both girls would be very severely punished if he were to agree to drop charges, Mr Price asked what they had in mind, to be told that in normal circumstances a Headmaster’s caning consisted of six strokes across the culprit’s bare bottom. However for shoplifting he had agreed with the Governors to go beyond the normal maximum and give each girl twelve strokes with the dragon cane reserved for second offenders. Mr Price told them that he would instruct the Police not to press charges, but his condition was that he needed to witness the canings. Which is what he did a few hours later.

Another aspect to The Archdean series was that despite Helen Brown being a strong believer in discipline, she was also addicted to the cane herself which led to some interesting twists as the stories progressed including at the very end of her year putting herself forward for the next Head Girl, Stephanie French to practice caning her in the presence of James Simmonds. This was one of three canings Helen Brown took including insisting on experiencing the dragon cane before it was used in anger.

Whilst James Simmonds had his suspicions about Helen he also strongly suspected that Annabel Hunt also had a ‘thing’ about being caned and there was an extraordinary event in the summer term when after Annabel had been caned, Simmonds received a call from her mother, Penny Hunt. Fearing that she was going to complain, the Headmaster was relieved to find out that instead she wanted to talk about herself and about how poor a mother she felt she was being, and intimated that she felt that she was responsible for Annabel’s attitude. Penny developed the conversation to a point where she said that it was her who should be punished and asked James Simmonds if he would give her a caning to wake her ideas up.

To say the Head was taken aback would be an understatement, but why would he turn down such a request from an extremely attractive women in her mid thirties? After locking the door, Penny removed her tight fitting dress to reveal an expensive underwear set with stocking and suspenders. After her pants were taken down and off, Penny received six strokes with the dragon cane across her bare bottom bent right across the punishment stool. After her caning and with her dress replaced they enjoyed a glass of wine as if nothing had happened! Now he had his suspicions about both mother and daughter.


As I have said, I have enjoyed writing the stories, most of which are mentioned above and in the previous summaries. The question is, could they have happened in real life? Taking each category in turn it is my view that it is highly likely that Judicial Punishments did take place in various overseas countries, particularly in the Far East. We know for a fact that males can be caned in Singapore and there have been many stories of the cane being used in Malaysia.

Turning to Military Punishments, the two letters published in the Sunday Telegraph in 2006 would suggest that female cadets were subject to corporal punishment back in the fifties. Additionally there is Kenny’s excellent analysis on the sister site.

The stories about those that enjoy being caned are all fiction, but there is plenty of evidence on the sister site to confirm that there are many girls who absolutely enjoy the feeling and sensation of being caned. Any doubters should check out the Dreams of Spanking website.

Punishment at work is also very likely to be realistic. Julie Baker and Rebecca’s stories on the sister site would confirm this was more than possible. Also human beings are human beings, and if a male is into the subject and a female employee has made a huge mistake, are we to believe that a spanking or caning has never been offered as an alternative to dismissal.

I’d love to believe that 3rd party discipline did take place and that the business set up by Donald Smithson could have actually happened, but I am probably stretching things a bit here. But could an exasperated single mother not have called on an authoritative male relative or friend to administer punishment?

The school staff stories are also a ‘stretch’, but I think it entirely possible that a Headmaster’s secretary may have suffered the cane. It is more likely that in reality it would be a school secretary that wanted to find out for herself, having listened to countless canings after boys had been summoned into the Headmaster’s study. We know that for many being caned is a turn-on and are we to believe that within the many thousands of school secretaries there were none that felt this way? I don’t think so!

As a final conclusion, for many the journey into the world of CP will have started somewhere. It might be that for those that experienced actual corporal punishment at school, it was those experiences that were the ‘root’. Not necessarily the experience of the pain whilst being spanked or caned, but the memories or the after feelings. For others it maybe a friendly slap on the bottom that sparked a feeling that developed into something considerably deeper. For others it might be the simple sight of a girl bending over that led to erotic thoughts.

However, what is undoubtably true, is that for many the core is the schoolgirl fantasies that were proliferated by Janes, Roue and Blushes. The Janus shop itself in Old Compton Street took the lid off this spanking world of fantasy.

I accept the vast majority of my stories in the category of schoolgirls being punished by schoolmasters push realism too far. Schoolgirls clearly were caned at school but in the vast majority of cases by female teachers and with their knickers retained.

My final question is, how important is realism? It is lovely to believe many events actually happened, but surely for the vast majority of enthusiasts of the world of CP it is the fantasy that is the core even if it is made a little more powerful by believing that there was also a hint of realism. The image below, as evocative as it is, delivers the fantasy.

Many thanks, PG