Thank you again to those that have responded to parts 1 and 2 of the debate. In the first part we looked at Judicial and Military punishments. Then, in part two we considered those that enjoy receiving corporal punishment and domestic punishments. It was interesting that those that responded were male and expressed views in favour of exploring fantasy, even if some scenarios push the concept of reality a bit far.

One respondent compared the authority of a doctor to that of a highly respected teacher and argued that you would not question a doctor when instructed to undress for an examination so why would you question your headmaster when told to remove clothes to make your impending caning more effective? Certainly this was more plausible in the past when teachers were to be feared and really did carry respect. This author was caned after being made to totally undress below the waist in the early seventies and the idea of objecting or refusing was unthinkable.

This third part of this series reviews ‘Punishment at Work’ and ‘Third party discipline’, and again whilst my stories are all fictional, we would welcome the thoughts of any OTD readers re realism and plausibility, particularly the views of any female fans of Kenny’s superb site.

Punishment at work

The prelude to ‘Inquisitive Employee’ was “Festive Memory from twenty years ago’. The story was based at a company that produced spanking videos and the first story told of Jenny who had been charged with organising the company Christmas party. When she, as the MD’s PA, went to agree the menu at the restaurant, she decided to book herself and her boyfriend in for dinner on the basis their bill would be ‘lost’ in the overall scheme of things. It did not quite work out as she wanted and the result was a second caning from her boss, this time twelve strokes across her bare bottom. Her boyfriend was very impressed with the marks and wished he could have watched!

‘Rebecca’s side of the story’ was based on the account on the OTD site, ‘Punishment at Work’ which claimed to be based on a true story. Rebecca had made a number of serious of mistakes that had resulted in her being both whacked with a sandal and later getting the cane across her bare bottom. My story speculated on her side of the story.

‘The Au Pair’ told of a girl employed by an author in Ireland. Part of her duties were to ferry his two sons to and from school. At her interview she had been informed that he was a believer in corporal punishment and both boys were no strangers to the cane. He added that if she ever needed correction he would have no hesitation in using similar methods on her and if she objected she should not take the job. Telling herself that she would never put herself in such a position she took the job.

Unfortunately some months into the job she started being late in getting the boys to school in the morning and on the third occasion the school contacted the boys’ father to complain, adding that both boys had been caned. This resulted in the au pair being summoned and told that she was also to be caned to wake her ideas up, getting six hard strokes across the seat of her tight jeans whilst touching her toes.

Unfortunately a few months later she bumped the car into the back of another parent’s car at the school whilst she was putting her make-up on. This was a more serious matter and the boy’s father was furious when she admitted what she had done. It was clear she was going to be caned again but this time telling her it would be more serious he was going to give her three options. First, if she wanted to retain her jeans it would be eighteen strokes. Second, if she was happy to drop her jeans but retain her underwear it would be twelve strokes, or lastly she could opt for six strokes across her bare bottom. Eighteen just sounded too many and twelve with just her skimpy pants that would offer minimal protection didn’t sound good either, so she opted for the horrifying six across her bare bottom. Moments later she was standing in front of him naked from the waist down before being instructed to bend right over his desk and over the next two minutes received six extremely painful cane strokes. After the last stroke she was instructed to stand and put her hands behind her head whilst taking a step back and spend a moment or two to think about why she had been caned, during which time he was treated to the view of his au pair naked with her wispy pubic triangle on full show.

Is there any realism in this aspect of CP? Based on stories on the Painful Memories site including Julie Bakers ‘Clathy Castle’ story, I think it is safe to assume there is no smoke without fire! There are of course many videos that deal with this theme, Strictly English’s ‘Miss Granger’s caning’ and Nu West’s ‘Executive Privilege’ are just two that spring to mind. A Google search for ‘Office spankings’ will unearth a plethora of content. Whatever, it is a fertile ground for the imagination.

3rd Party Discipline

These stories started with the ‘Full Force Solution’ and led a series called ‘Back on the right road’. The first story involved Chris as a husband dealing with his young wife who had committed adultery. He wanted his wife to be punished but did not have the experience and decided to ask the Headmaster of his old school for advice. The result was that, as a condition for his wife to return home, she had to undergo a medical to ensure that she had not contacted any STD, which involved her having to fully undress below the waist before climbing onto the couch, spreading her legs wide apart before being intimately examined by one of Chris’s school-friends that was a local GP. This was before reporting to Donald Smithson at Chris’s old school for six-of-the-best with the cane across her bare bottom, all of which took place on a Saturday morning. Donald carried out this highly unusual caning following the exchange of various acceptance letters, but the result was Chris and his wife got back together.

The event triggered Donald Smithson following his retirement to think that there might be a market for a professional to offer disciplinary services. Initially he put some advertisements in the classified sections of the local newspaper and was surprised by the uptake, initially mostly from husbands whose wife’s had misbehaved. Later there was some uptake from local schools that were looking for alternatives to expelling students that in previous years would have simply been caned. The Smithson Correction Centre had been a tremendous success and was the core of the Back on the Right Road series. Anyone being sent to Donald for punishment would have to complete the famous form that outlined the crime and the exact nature of the required punishment, how many strokes, which implement, level of undress, time between each stroke as outlined in ‘Back on the right road 2’.

During the morning Donald had had four appointments, the first being Jane who received six-of-the-best with the medium cane across her tight beige trousers for getting drunk at her husband’s firm’s party. She was followed by Sophie had crashed the family car twice, resulting in the cancellation of a holiday. First, she was spanked before getting 12 whacks with the strap whilst bent over the trestle, finished off with two unscheduled strokes of the cane all to her bare bottom. The third appointment was Susan who had a fling with a work colleague and received six with the leather paddle and six strokes of the medium cane all to her bare bottom. Last in the morning was an eighteen year old who had driven her parents to their wits end having been suspended from school for theft, had crashed the family car and had generally been offensive in an extreme way. Her allowance had been cancelled and she no longer had the use of the car. The offer made to her was that if she wanted them reinstated she would have to attend the Smithson Correction Centre and ten strokes of the cane to her bare bottom certainly gave her something to think about.

One of the options was for punishment to be witnessed to add to the humiliation and in ‘Back on the Right Road 3’, Julia was attending the Correction Centre for the second time having again been unfaithful to her husband. This was to be one of the most severe punishments Donald had ever given starting with six strokes with the American wooden paddle followed by twelve with the 40 inch cane finished off with six strokes of the birch all given with Julia being naked on front of two of Donald’s friends.

‘Back on the Right Road 4’ told of an event that happened immediately after corporal punishment was banned in state schools in 1987. Two sixth form pupils were found to have been distributing soft drugs within their school. It was clear they were to be expelled which their Head felt was a shame knowing that only months previously he could have caned both of them. Now that option had been taken from him. He then recalled a letter that he had received from the Smithson Correction Centre and decided to offer Stephen Hughes and Joanna Parsons the alternative of a trip to the Centre. They grasped at the option and subsequently both received eight strokes from Donald Smithson across their bare bottoms. Joanna’s mother, Diane Parsons, had witnessed her daughter’s punishment, which had an extraordinary effect on her as she recalled punishment she had received many years before when she was a schoolgirl. Diane decided that she wanted to experience the cane again and a week or so later when her husband was on an extended business trip she went back to see Donald. Initially she received six strokes of the cane across her bare bottom, which she absolutely loved. She then asked for further punishment with a tawse to replicate what she had been given at school, which after bending over she received. But Diane was not finished and wanted another six with the cane.

The series culminated with ‘Beganfield asks Donald for help’ was about two pupils, Carol and Dave who were caught having sex during the Annual Speech Day by Brian Weston, a school governor. The Headmistress, Mrs Fitzgerald told them both that they were to be expelled despite being only 10 days left before they were to leave the school. As she was speaking she remembered a letter she had received from The Smithson Correction Centre and decided to offer both of them the alternative of visiting Donald Smithson for an unofficial punishment. They both decided they would prefer not to have the shame of being expelled as their lasting memory of an otherwise exemplary time at the school and as such said they would take an unofficial punishment at the hands of Donald Smithson despite knowing it would involve corporal punishment. Later that day they both had to remove all their clothes below the waist before taking eight strokes of the cane in front of each other and in front of the Governor who had insisted being present so he could confirm punishment had been given when he spoke to Mrs Fitzgerald. In reality Watson enjoyed himself in particular watching Carol being caned across her bare bottom.

I’d love to believe that such institutions such as The Smithson Correction Centre have existed, but accept that these stories were pushing reality a bit too far. There are however possible scenario’s where 3rd party discipline might have been more realistic such as within an extended family. Many years ago I knew a girl who was a complete rebel who was being brought up by her single mother. She admitted that on one occasion where she had pushed her mother into a state of complete exasperation, the girl’s uncle, who happened to be a school master, was asked to give her corporal punishment. Apparently he came to the house and told the girl that if she did not agree to punishment there would be serious consequences. She was subsequently beaten with a plimsoll with only her knickers as protection whilst bent over the dining room table.

Again, we’d very much welcome response to this debate from readers, particularly any thoughts from female readers.

Many thanks in advance,