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Having looked at the question of realism in both Judicial and Military situations, I will now turn to those that enjoy the cane and those that have been spanked or caned in a domestic situation. In both of these scenarios there is plenty of grounds to assume realism, not least of which comes from stories on the ‘True Recollections’ sister site. 

Enjoying the cane

Over the years I have written quite a few stories about girls that have gone out of their way to experience the cane. Some of these are based on true events, others are complete fiction.

Maggie Chapman was the subject of three stories. Girls who actively engineer a situation which results in them getting the cane have always fascinated me. In the ‘Curious case of Maggie Chapman’ Maggie went out of her way to receive the cane at Rathenhall College several times. On one occasion, knowing she was almost certainly going to be caned, she purposely came to school without her knickers. Famously she was sentenced to a caning in front of the whole sixth-form and, having been told by the Headmaster to ensure she came to school with appropriate underwear, opted instead for a very skimpy pair of pants. Bending across the gym horse in the assembly hall with her skirt removed she gave everyone an extraordinary view. Later in ‘Maggie goes to university’ she created a friendly relationship with Neil, a lecturer who she discovered had been a House Captain at Eton and had given countless canings. This prompted Maggie to set about engineering a situation where she could renew her relationship with the cane. The third story ‘Maggie moves into a new world’ was about her sending some pictures into one of the UK’s foremost spanking magazines, which ultimately resulted in her featuring in a superb photo-shoot.

Others that engineered a caning included Sally in the ‘Monica’s Debt and Sally tells all’ story. Monica had been caught stealing from the Tennis Club, ‘Monica caught red-handed’, and had agreed to be caned in front of the Committee as an alternative to being expelled from the club and also being given time to repay her debt. She had to report to the club early one morning to receive six strokes on the bare bottom administered by Roger who was a schoolmaster and Chairman of the Committee. Subsequently she had asked for a further caning by way of reducing her debt, which was agreed by Roger. As this second caning was a slightly special arrangement, the Chairman asked Sally to be present. In previous discussion between Sally and Roger late one night in the bar, Sally told Roger that she had experienced the cane herself for playing truant, but unknown to Roger witnessing Monica’s first caning had had a strange effect on Sally as she remembered her own caning. After Monica’s second caning it became obvious to Roger that Sally wanted to experience the cane again, and he had no hesitation to help giving her a memorable thrashing across her bare bottom.

Another story that I enjoyed writing was ‘Inquisitive employee’. Louise worked for a company that specialised in the production of spanking films and it was known that the boss had on the odd occasion offered corporal punishment for some wrong doing as an alternative to the sack. At one Christmas the boss had caned Jenny, his PA, for effectively taking money from the company. This had a strange effect on Louise who wanted to find out for herself what getting the cane was like. She had witnessed many professional spankees getting the cane as part of a film production and now knowing that he had caned Jenny made her more determined to experience the cane. After a few drinks at a staff party Louise told the boss she was interested in experiencing a caning for herself and after a few awkward moments the following week it was agreed that she would come into the office the following Saturday when nobody was about. In a state of excitement and complete dread Louise found out for herself just how painful the cane is and as she was bent over the trestle and suffered a thrashing. She thought she had gone mad, but she still took six hard strokes across her bare bottom. The boss then took her out for lunch and whilst she had not enjoyed the actual experience she loved the ‘glow’ that had formed in her bottom.

The ‘Hen Party’ was another that dealt with the enjoyment to be gained by bending over for the cane. It featured three girls that had all been punished at their school, a subject they often brought up after a few glasses of wine on a girls night out. One of them was getting married and somewhat wildly they decided to include spanking in their plans for the hen party. A visit to the Spanking Schoolroom in Waltham Cross on the Saturday afternoon had some unexpected results with one of them discovering that she was in fact a true submissive.

Alison Stammers was the subject of the ‘She just had to find out’ story. The Deputy Headmistress who she had hated had caned Alison twice at school. She did however fantasise about the Headmaster, Philip Knight and had always had a secret desire to be ordered by him to bend over for a caning. However the Headmaster only caned deserving boys and it was rumoured that he often caned their bare bottoms, which made Alison want it even more. Nothing happened whilst she was at school but she had returned for the annual Speech Day. That evening, after a couple of glasses of wine she engaged Philip Knight in conversation and turned the conversation toward his thoughts on punishment. To cut the story short she got what she wanted after it was suggested she return to the school on a Saturday morning when he would be working alone in the deserted building. Having taken the first six strokes across his stool it had been agreed that if she failed to thank him after stroke six he would proceed with six further strokes. Alison did not say thank you and took the full twelve and loved it.

‘The secret that burning inside’ was inspired by Julie Baker’s account on the Punishment Memories site ‘Clathy Castle’. It told of a woman that had been caned whilst working as a Maid in a Stately House in Ireland. Whilst she had hated the punishment, later in life she wanted to recreate the punishment and after talking to Kenny she was put in touch with a man that had a great deal of experience and she agreed to meet him at The Spanking Schoolroom at Waltham Cross. Over a period of about 45 minutes she was both spanked and caned, an experience she enjoyed very much.

Whilst all the stories in this category are fiction, there are stories on the ‘Punishment Stories’ site that throw more light on those that have this interest. As a broad generalisation it seems to me that we have three groups. There is the true submissive who loves the cane such as Niki Flynn and Lucy Bailey who have both written books about the subject. There are many others including Leia Ann Woods and further back in time Sophie Fennington. There is a fabulous caning on the ‘Dreams of Spanking’ website taken by Leia. And who could not appreciate Sophie in the superb ‘Caning and Cold Showers’ video many years ago.

Then there is the group in the middle that has a love/hate relationship with the cane. In reality it is the idea and the after effects that they love, but the actual experience is something they dread (AF’s story on the ‘Punishment Memories’ site ‘Burning inside for twenty years’ would fit into this group, (although in her case things went too far). There are also true stories from both CW and SJ who have written to the Punishment Memories site very recently telling of their visits to a Dom to receive the cane. Then there is the third group that have suffered real punishment and found the whole experience awful. Whatever it is clear that, particularly in groups one and two there are many examples of girls that whose desire to be caned for their own enjoyment is very real.

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Domestic punishments 

It is ironic that my last and final story is the only one I have written that centres purely on domestic punishment. In ‘Jackie made to pay’, it tells of a successful mother and wife who is reflecting on an event thirty years ago when she was punished by her husband. At the time Jackie was nineteen and her husband was somewhat older, and following her sleeping with a friend of her husband whilst he was away on business she was told to leave the house.

After a desperate period with her wanting everything to return to normal she met her husband for a very tense dinner at a local restaurant. Her husband had considerable experience of corporal punishment dating from his schooldays; he had ended up being Head Boy and as such had the power to cane pupils who had committed serious offences. He decided that if his wife was to learn and be allowed back into the house, she should suffer severe punishment and he decided a good caning would be appropriate.

Over dinner she was given an ultimatum to either accept a caning or the marriage was over. She accepted and on the following Saturday she was subsequently caned across her bare bottom in front of the very friend involved. The marriage was never threatened again and the thrashing had been totally successful.

There was a later story ‘Full force solution’ which had a similar theme although the punishment was given by a third party.

How realistic is it that such punishments were given in the domestic situation? My feeling is that probably, but more in the past between couples who were brought up with the experience of corporal punishment during their schooling.

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