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I write this as a review of some of my stories. Additionally as a huge thank you to all readers of Kenny’s superb site that have read my various stories. There have been fifty stories in all. Which at an average of 3000 words means that I have 150,000 words that currently sit on the OTD website. During the last few years I have become friends with Kenny and shared some mutual friends that I know have a similar interest in the world of CP.

The reason that ‘Jackie made to pay’ will be my last story follows a lot of conversation with Kenny and the editorial direction that the OTD site is taking, which whilst excellent does not fit with my particular fantasies which pretty much always involve a female being caned on the bare bottom by a male. Kenny’s view, which of course I respect, is that the majority of OTD readers find this too far from reality. By way of explanation, it is perhaps worth talking about my background and how my interest started.

It was back in my schooldays during the sixties and early seventies at Public School that I was introduced to corporal punishment. The cane was used by a number of masters and I received it three times; twice from a master that clearly had an unhealthy interest in caning teenage boys bottoms. The last caning received from him was a leisurely affair at the end of the day that was intensely embarrassing after being made to undress completely below the waist, followed by an intensely painful six hard cane strokes across my bare bottom with at least thirty seconds between each whack. How much that experience contributed to my interest is open to debate, but I think about that day very often now over forty years later.

There is no doubt he was guilty of serious abuse, but I would not want to change anything as it has left me with powerful memories. I was caned on two other occasions; once when three of us were caned in front of each other by the same master with trousers dropped but pants retained, and once by the Headmaster in private, both six strokes.

There was also a memorable beating from the PE master, having been sent to the changing room, before he entered, instructed me to drop my shorts and bend over the back of a chair before he slipped off his large plimsoll and whacked my bare bottom six times very painfully, although I remember later that day that I was experiencing a pleasant ‘glow’. Although on each occasion I was certainly dreading what was about to happen there was a small part of me that knew there was something strange going on in my head. I also certainly enjoyed watching others get the cane or slipper.

After school I discovered the world of Janus and Blushes as well in the eighties video productions from Red Stripe, Strictly English, Roue, Moonglow, Nu West and others. It was a revelation to discover that I was far from alone in my interest in CP and I have over the years built up a considerable collection of original magazines. Of course the online world has replaced print magazines, but one thing was clear back then; the largely male readership brought into the central fantasy of a schoolgirl/secretary/air-hostess/nurse being punished, often with the cane across their bare bottoms given by a male disciplinarian. Over time the role of the female disciplinarian has developed, but the original genre was based on girls being punished by their male teacher/boss etc.

Looking back over the stories I have written, it has been enjoyable to once again read them, and in particular to debate how realistic the various scenarios may or may not have been and to speculate if such events could have happened in real life.

As such Kenny and I would like to set up a discussion as to readers’ views about ‘realism’. The scenario’s break into a number of groups that include:

– Judicial punishment

– Military punishment

– Enjoying the cane

– Domestic punishment

– Punishment at work

– 3rd part punishment

– School staff punishment

– School secretary punishment

– Post school punishment

– Schoolgirl punishment

The different groups will inevitably have different likely ‘realism’ ratings, and over the next few weeks we will review the groups in turn. This first review looks at Judicial and Military punishments and how likely it is that such punishments actually took place, or if they did how they may have differed from the stories written.

We’d very much like for readers to express their views by sending their personal views to Kenny Walters – <>.

Judicial punishments

My very first story ‘Nightmare in the Far East’ was about how Monica and Jane were sentenced to a caning having been caught with a small amount of drugs at the airport where they both had to undergo a medical examination conducted by an attractive and young Australian male doctor. These stories all centre on parts of the world that retained corporal punishment long after it was banned in the UK, typically countries in the Far East, Africa and the Middle East. Monica and Jane both suffered 24 strokes in front of a small audience as an alternative to going before the Court. This was written in April 2012.

In a similar vein, ‘Paula’s trip goes wrong’ was about her being caught with some other girls smoking a joint, where she was offered two alternatives; if she accepted her guilt she would be caned after undergoing a medical.

A few of my stories do include the added ingredient of girls being subjected to medical examinations which I know Kenny does not regard as content the OTD readers feel is inline with what should be on the site. I fully understand his point and such content is very minimal within my stories. The aspect that interests me is that there are only two situations where a pretty girl has to remove her clothes below the waist in front a male stranger, first in preparation to be spanked or caned or second in preparation for a medical or particularly for an intimate examination, both of which carry an element of embarrassment.

A later story ‘The Perils of drinking in the Middle East’ was about Julie, an air hostess who had been caught drinking in the Middle East and was sentenced by a judge to twelve ‘lashes’ in front of everyone in the Court Room with her lower clothing removed.

These stories are pure fiction, but the question is; did western girls travelling in eastern or African countries that retained corporal punishment in their judiciary get themselves into trouble and suffer a caning? Open to conjecture.

Some years ago there was a report from a reputable news agency about two seventeen year old girls that were sentenced to eight strokes of the cane in Kuala Lumpur. This followed the discovery of some hash in their hotel room and they were charged with possession of an illegal substance. They pleaded guilty before a magistrate and were told they would be caned before being deported.

On arrival back in Australia one of the girls told of their ordeal: “We were taken to a police station and escorted by three policewomen into some kind of office. A fourth policewoman was waiting there with a cane. The cane was quite thin like at school but a bit longer. I volunteered to go first and was told to take off my dress and pantyhose and bend over the chair. While I was doing this she was taking practice swings with the cane. One of the other policewomen came over and held my wrists while I was bent over. The caning started and I screamed blue murder. I didn’t think anything could hurt that much.”

There have also been stories about airhostesses and Kenny Walters’ piece on the ‘Punishment Memories’ site asks the question. Again it is difficult to believe nothing happened, but it is likely to have been a rare event.

Military punishments

Two of my last stories were about Mavis Smith, a Cadet in the WRAF stationed overseas. The story ‘Drunken night’ told of the night she got very drunk and ended up having sex in a nightclub whilst wearing her uniform. After a difficult meeting with her Commanding Officer, she was sent for an embarrassing medical, which included an internal examination before she was sent to the Disciplinary Unit. Having narrowly avoided a public flogging she was subjected to a lengthy punishment that included nude humiliation and three sets of six strokes of the cane given by each of the three staff that made up the unit whilst secured to a trestle. This punishment took over twenty minutes to administer.

‘Drunken night – six months later’ told of her going back to the nightclub ignoring an order to avoid the venue. Unluckily for her she was seen at the night-club by Officer Hunt, one of the Disciplinary Officers who summoned her the next day and offered her the option of being reported to her Commanding Officer for ignoring an order or taking the alternative option of a ‘short-sharp-shock caning’. There were significant differences, not being required to remove all her clothes, not being secured to the trestle, not being punished in front of the three officers, simply getting six quick strokes given across her bare bottom at 15-second intervals. The slight twist was that Mavis was very ‘taken’ by Officer Hunt. Mavis took the short sharp shock option and received six strokes across her bare bottom over a 75 second period.

Another story was ‘Avril and her friend given an uncomfortable choice’ as Wrens who were caught together in bed. Having been offered the option of a beating instead of appearing before the Disciplinary panel, they both opted for the cane. Later that day they suffered twelve strokes each with all lower clothes removed given by one of the male fitness instructors. This story was inspired by true accounts from two Wrens that were printed in letters sent to a quality broadsheet newspaper in 2006.

Interview with the Wing Commander’ was a story about a repeat offender who was in the WRAF. Jackie was often late on parade and had an attitude that her Commanding Officer found disrespectful. It did not help that Jackie was one of the most attractive girls on the base and her Commanding Officer was short and stubby. Jackie had already suffered corporal punishment at the hands of her Commanding Officer, but after a further serious matter she was sent for an Interview with Wing Commander Knight. At the Interview she was told in no uncertain terms that she was at risk of being Dishonourably Discharged, but it had been agreed to give her one final chance if she agreed to take a severe caning. Jackie had no choice and was told to report back the following morning. The Wing Commander contacted one of his officers, Flying Officer Barnes, who was ex Eton and experienced in the art of delivering a first class caning. Barnes was instructed to attend the meeting the following morning to administer punishment. And so at 06.00 the next day Jackie was made to remove all her clothes below the waist, bend over the trestle and suffer twelve hard strokes of the cane across her bare bottom. Being naked below the waist in front of the two men had been very humiliating but nothing compared to the pain she endured whilst being caned.

Obviously these military stories are entirely fictional, but Kenny’s excellent piece ‘The caning of military girls, fact or fiction’ on the ‘Punishment Memories’ site does suggest that CP did actually happen in the military, albeit quite a while ago. There is also the story on the OTD site Aden 1940, which purports to be true. As mentioned above it is worth noting that in January 2006 a quality broadsheet newspaper published letters from two Wrens who told of their experiences of getting the cane whilst in the services.

The first letter was written by Gwen Lawes who had attended a Wrens’ Naval Cadets training school in London, in the early 1950s. She told about discipline they were subjected to, which did sometimes include being caned on the behind, though it wasn’t bare but over knickers. The second letter published from another former Wren one week later suggesting that Gwen had had it easy. The second wren, Mavis Parker told that in the 1940s, it was a daily routine for cadets at the Royal Naval School in Portsmouth to be beaten on their bare buttocks. She went onto to say that once, for carelessly discharging a clip of live ammunition, the commanding officer gave her 30 of the very best across her bare bottom.

The next review will consider those that ‘Enjoy being caned’ and ‘Domestic punishments’.

In the meantime, we’d very much like for readers to express their views about how realistic any of these scenarios could have been by sending their personal views to Kenny Walters – <>.

Many thanks, PG