In some areas of the US, the paddle is being reintroduced. This story follows that theme.

By Rob Burton

I looked at the clock for umpteenth time. It was just after ten to four, some two minutes since I last looked. Twenty minutes after my appointment was supposed to be. The wooden bench outside the door was now making my bottom feel a little numb. I squirmed yet again to try and get comfortable. It wasn’t just the twenty five minutes that I had been waiting for my appointment in fact it had been four days and twenty five minutes that I had been waiting.

Another twice I looked at the clock before the door to the left of me opened and there stood a woman in a green cardigan and black skirt. She held a clipboard close to her chest. There was a pause before she stood to one side and ushered me quietly inside. I heard the door close behind me as I stood unsure what to do or where to stand.

I looked around the room at the white painted walls, the timber bookcases and the large desk in the far corner as I followed across the room towards the desk.

She pointed for me to stand in front of the desk as she took up a place to the right, to the side of the desk with her back to the wall. My eyes now focused on the lady sat behind the ornate light oak timber desk. Her forearms rested on top of an open white folder as she looked firstly at me then towards the other woman.

I stood rooted to the spot as she rose from her chair and, turning to a cupboard, she opened it. Retrieving a wooden paddle she walked around towards me. I could not take my eyes of the long, wide and multi holed piece of timber that she held in her right hand.

Her colleague instructed me to take a step forward and bend across the desk. I hesitated, not really sure what to do. She continued, saying I should rest my elbows on the desk with my legs straight and a shoulder width apart. I ever so slowly did what was she said as I looked sideways at the woman stood slightly towards the rear of me. My trousers felt tight across my bottom as I tensed, fearing about was to happen to my offered cheeks.

“You have been summoned to the Vice Principal’s office this afternoon and you are to receive four swats of the paddle for the misdemeanour discussed at the meeting last Tuesday. You will not rise from the position until I instruct you do so. Failure to comply and an extra swat will be awarded.”

The words rung in my head as I felt the paddle rub against my black trousers for a moment before I felt a chill inside and the realisation that the next time it would touch me it would be more than a rub.

Whoosh, Thwack.

The first of the four hit me hard, much harder than I anticipated. I rose up on my toes with the force of it. My legs twitched as I struggled to regain my composure. Back in position the second soon followed and again I involuntary rose on to my tip toes.


The sheer pain and heat of the third swat made my eyes water as I tried to focus on the wall in front of me. I told myself that it would soon be over. There seemed to be a long pause before I heard the tell tale sign that signalled another hard and forceful swat. I yelped at the final one, and believe me this was much harder than the previous three. My eyes and mouth open wide as the pain deepened.

I was so lost in the agony I was feeling that I did not hear first time that I could rise from the desk. My legs wobbled as I eased myself up, my hands slowly and with hesitancy at the thought of what the reaction would be came to rest on my bottom. The first reaction was the sheer warmth as I rubbed my fingers across the trousers feeling the ridges of the edge of my panties in the process of trying to comfort my poor whacked bottom.

“Thank you Miss Best. If you would take this letter home for your parents. Also a pink slip to be signed by both you and your parents which needs to be returned before your first class on Monday.”

Through blurry eyes I took the offered documents as I heard the shutting of the cupboard that now hid away the reason for the pain that I was trying desperately to rid from my smarting bottom.

I gingerly turned and, almost at a hobble, walked towards the door that beckoned me. Once outside I stopped for a moment and looked around to see if there was anyone about. Thankfully there was not so I proceeded down the corridor and into a room half way down it. I closed the door and, shutting my eyes, I clasped my cheeks again trying to ease away the pain.

It had been ten minutes since I had come in here. I jumped at the sound of the knock on the door. My hands left my bottom as I turned to see who had opened the door. Miss Wilton and Mrs Cartwright entered.

“Are you ok, Penny?”

I nodded but I knew my face probably told a different story.

“You were very brave,” stated Miss Wilton.

“Well I think that the re-introduction of the paddle will, I believe, certainly bring about a rapid improvement in the pupils behaviour,” I said to them both.

They smiled and with that they bade me good night. I was left alone with my thoughts of what had happened a short while ago, in fact with what had happened since last Tuesday. The meeting had been a long affair with both sides getting a little tense at times, but in the end those in favour of the re-introduction of corporal punishment had won. It had fallen to me as the principal to get it up and running at Jeffers High as soon as possible. Hence myself, Mrs Cartwright my assistant and the school secretary Miss Wilton had decided upon a system that we thought would work. So we only needed a volunteer to try it out. Yes it was me that drew the short straw and my prize was a hot stinging bottom that I knew from past experience, albeit a while ago, would leave a bruise or two.

The End