Two girls get caught out and have an agonising decision to make

by Pat Greenham

Dr Pulson, the Headmaster, was finishing his daily address on a Friday morning in July to the pupils of Ashbourne College when just after 8.55 he hesitated and said: “Louise Graham and Sarah Brown will please report to my study immediately after this morning’s Assembly.”

Louise and Sarah were best friends and looked at each other in horror, and both had the same thought. Had they been rumbled?

Five minutes later they were sitting in the Headmaster’s Secretaries’ office waiting to be called. They did not have to wait long as Dr Pulson appeared and summoned them into his study. He returned to his chair behind the very large oak desk whilst instructing them to stand and face him.

He did not beat about the bush, instead telling them he was going to ask them a very simple question: “Where were you both on Wednesday?”

They feared the worse but blindly stayed to their story that they had both been ill and had spent the day in bed. Dr Pulson stared at them with thunder and told them that lying was only going to make things worse. In front of him were the sick notes they had both brought in the previous day, as he asked them both: “Who wrote these?”

Before they could answer he stopped them and told them to be very careful how they answer the question as he had spoken to both their mothers at 8.30 and neither knew anything about them being sick. So he asked them again: “Who wrote these sick notes?”

Louise and Sarah knew the game was up and owned up; they had actually been to a summer concert thinking it didn’t matter as their exams were finished. They told him that they had written the sick notes themselves.

The Headmaster looked at them with fury as he said: ”So you have deceived the school, deceived your parents, falsified your sick-notes and on top of that lied to me this morning.”

He carried on by saying: “That you can expect a severe punishment for this outrageous act,” hesitating before telling them: “You will each receive six strokes of the cane for the deception and a further six strokes for lying during this interview.”

He added that as the school guidelines set by the Governors did not permit more than six strokes in one day, they would get their first six immediately and their second six after school on Monday.

Louise and Sarah looked at him in disbelief and horror as one of them said: “You can’t cane us, we are eighteen.”

Dr Pulson looked at them with a wicked smile and replied: “Oh yes, any pupil of Ashbourne College can be caned by either myself or Mrs Greaves, the Deputy Headmistress, and you are no exception and you are both going to feel the cane across your backsides very shortly unless you want to be excluded from school.”

This couldn’t get worse as they realised that it was actually the Headmaster himself that was going to cane them with the only alternative being expulsion.

As he sensed their discomfort, he told them that: “Mrs Greaves would normally carry out the beatings, but as she is away I have asked permission from both your mothers to administer punishment immediately and they have asked that not only do I cane you myself, but that I make the caning really count as they were themselves furious at the deception.”

Both girls knew they had had it, and knew there was no getting out of the situation. Louise decided to change tack and appeal to the Headmaster and told him that she would accept her caning and that she was very sorry to have lied. However she asked if there could be just one caning to avoid having a further punishment hanging over them all weekend, even saying that if necessary she would prefer all twelve in one go. Sarah had gone quiet and was horrified about the thought of twelve strokes.

Dr Pulson told Louise that, as he had already said, the school guidelines set by the Governors would not allow for more than six strokes in any one day. He also said the school rules advised that corporal punishment should be administered by an individual of the same sex unless express parental permission was sought, which in this case it had been. The Headmaster thought for a moment and went on to tell them that what was not expressly clear in the guidelines concerned layers of clothing, although it was normal for the cane to be applied with two layers – skirt or trousers plus pants.

He sat back in his chair in deep thought and told Louise that he understood her point about having only one punishment, and as he had already said he could not give her more than six strokes. The only way he may be prepared to agree would be if she was prepared to take a caning with no protection, adding that her Mother had asked for a severe punishment.

He added for complete clarity: “If you are prepared to take the cane on your bare bottom now, I will not require you to return for the second six on Monday.

The idea of being caned was horrific enough, but on the bare bottom from their imposing Headmaster was just awful. However Louise had decided that she simply wanted to get this over and told him she would accept the alternative. The Head told her that she was a determined girl and, turning to Sarah, he said that she could witness Louise’s punishment before deciding if she wanted to follow suit.

The Headmaster stood up and went to the door and told his secretary that he did not want any interruptions for twenty minutes, and he slid the lock on his door. Turning to Louise, he told her to remove her blazer and everything below the waist. After the blazer was placed on the chair, the Head noted that she was wearing an extremely tight pair of grey trousers that displayed her round bottom to perfection. As Louise undid her trousers and eased them down her legs before stepping out of them, the Headmaster could immediately appreciate her womanly hips and sporty legs that could easily pass for a woman in her early twenties. Louise knew what was next and pushed her pants down and knowing he had said remove everything below the waist, stepped out of them and put them with her other clothes.

Now completely naked below the waist with her light brown pubic triangle on show, the Headmaster went to the cabinet and took out a cane that was at least three foot and very whippy. Next he fetched a stool from the corner, putting it in the middle of his study before instructing her to bend right over it and reach down to hold onto the front legs with her legs stretched out behind her. Louise had a medium sized bottom, and whilst the Head was furious at being lied to, and was going to make sure that she received a very sound caning, he could but not admire a round and very attractive backside. As he told her that she should not move whilst she was being caned, Louise was in a state of dreadful embarrassment knowing that her bare bottom was shamefully presented to the Headmaster and fear of what was to come.

With Sarah watching in horror, Dr Pulson left her in position for about a minute before he took the long cane right back over his shoulder and brought it down with ferocious speed to strike Louise’s bottom right in the middle causing an almost immediate red line of pure fire and a screech from the girl who simply could not believe the pain of what had just happened. Thirty seconds later the Headmaster gave her the second stroke, equally as hard but slightly higher and got a loud grunt from Louise who was holding onto the legs of the stool for dear life. One minute after her first stroke, the Head again took the cane slowly back before delivering a shattering third stoke a little lower. The Headmaster took a step back to admire his handiwork with three red stripes each about half an inch apart. Louise was trying to come to terms with the incredible sting of the cane and had forgotten about the embarrassment of lying across the stool half naked.

The Head lined the fourth up and again taking the cane slowly back over his shoulder he whipped it down hitting Louise’s bottom low down above the crease causing her to cry out once more. Another thirty seconds passed before he delivered the fifth stroke higher causing another very loud grunt. He paused slightly before the last, which he gave her right across the centre of her bottom close to the first and causing Louise to jolt and again cry out.

He told her to stand and face him whilst he lectured her about lying and that he hoped she now saw the error of her ways and that she had just learnt a very hard lesson. It had all happened very quickly, and less than twenty minutes after the Head had told the school that Louise and Sarah were to report to his study, she was standing half naked having taken six severe strokes of the cane to her bare bottom.

She went to dress, but the Headmaster snapped at her telling her that he would decide when she should get dressed. Meanwhile he turned to Sarah and asked her if she wanted to be caned over her trousers and return for a second caning on Monday or did she want to be caned in the same way.

Sarah was in turmoil, as she certainly did not want to undress in front of the Headmaster and be caned on her bare bottom and wished that Mrs Greaves had not been away. But equally she did not want a caning hanging over her across the weekend and when she thought about Louise and that for her it was now all over, she made a decision that however awful the next five minutes were going to be, she was going to follow suit and be caned in the same way, and told the Headmaster of her decision.

Like Louise, he told her to undress in exactly the same way. Taking her blazer off, Sarah had another pair of similarly tight grey trousers that left little to the imagination which once removed revealed another very fit looking young lady. Her pants followed and now the Headmaster had two eighteen-year-old girls in his study naked from the waist down. Sarah was not as tall as Louise, but had shapely legs that went up to slim hips that had another triangle of wispy light brown pubic hair. Turning toward the stool Sarah bent over and gave the Headmaster another wonderful vista of a perfectly round bare bottom, a little smaller than Louise’s but very attractive all the same.

Like Louise, Sarah was completely mortified with embarrassment as she lay naked over the stool, but such concerns rapidly disappeared when Dr Pulson gave her the first stroke of her caning and she screamed as the searing pain lit her whole bottom up. She simply could not believe that it was possible for such a simple instrument to cause such incredible pain. Sarah was soon reminded as she received her second stroke which if anything was even worse than the first. Thirty seconds later the Headmaster caned her again and Sarah cried out as he again stood back to survey his handiwork. Despite Sarah’s acute embarrassment at having her bare bottom on full show, she had now slightly parted her legs. After a slightly longer break, she received her fourth stroke, which made her again cry out, but she knew she had only two more to go. Both the fifth and sixth were given with slightly less of a pause each causing her to cry out and leaving six perfectly parallel lines of red fire across her beautiful but now damaged bottom.

Sarah was told to stand and together with Louise approach his desk keeping their hands by their sides as he once more took his chair. Still naked below the waist and with both their frontal nudity total exposed and their bottoms on fire, he lectured them on being decent citizens and why deception would almost always be found out. Additionally, lying was unforgivable in any circumstances.

They were then allowed to dress and pulling their insanely tight grey trousers back on was a painful experience in itself. At 9.25, just half an hour since being told in front of the whole school to report to the Headmaster’s office, they left with two very painful bottoms.

As they rejoined their class, everyone wanted to know what had happened. They also knew that later in the morning they had PE and would have the extreme embarrassment of everyone being able to see for themselves their damaged bottoms, so they told the truth to their horrified friends that they had both been caned across their bare bottoms.

Later that morning, as they changed for PE, they tried to conceal their bottoms, but it was hopeless as everyone wanted to see the damage for themselves, causing the PE mistress to come out of her private changing room to find out what was going on. When she realised, instead of telling all the other girls to mind their own business, she told Louise and Sarah to step forward and turn round and lean forward so that everyone could see what happens to naughty girls who have to see the Headmaster, saying: “Oh my, look at the state of your bottoms, you must have really upset Dr Pulson and you will have those very fine cane stripes for quite a while.”

This was the final indignity.

The End