Envy proves a painful element in a friendship 

by Holy Diver

St Anne’s Academy for Girls, England, 1979.

Hannah Anderson and Laura Chapman were returning to school after their summer break. The two girls were the best of friends despite being polar opposites of each other. Hannah was lazy but popular and always liked to mess around, while Laura was studious, athletic and had a more serious demeanour. They were both exceedingly pretty. Hannah was short but curvy and had long curly brown hair and freckles, while Laura was tall and statuesque with straight, jet-black hair. Their taste in music was also drastically different; Hannah was a big fan of punk rock especially ‘The Sex Pistols’ and ‘The Clash’, while Laura was an avid fan of mainstream pop music, particularly ‘Queen’ and ‘ABBA’. Over their school years, the two girls maintained a close bond. However, the once close friendship between them was about to be put under strain.

Laura had big news for Hannah. “I’ve been made a prefect this year,” Laura gleefully told her unenthusiastic friend. “It means I can keep an eye on you.”

Laura knew that having a position of trust and responsibility would put her in good stead for the future. Mrs Aileen Burke, the tyrannical headmistress of St Anne’s, had chosen Laura as a prefect in the hope that she would exercise some control over her rebellious friend. Alas, Hannah was less than impressed.

“Goody two shoes!” She sneered.

“That’s not the attitude I want to see,” tutted Laura, disapprovingly. “If you’re not careful, I have the power to punish you. I can have you put in detention, but that’s the least likely consequence. More likely I can either give you a spanking or, if the worst comes to the worst, Mrs Burke will cane you.”

Hannah snorted with laughter. “What? Give me a spanking? You’re not my mother. Besides, I’ve had the cane from Mrs Burke before.”

Laura started to get annoyed. “Yes, Hannah. But that was the junior cane. We’re senior girls now and hence we’ll get the senior cane.”

Alas, this only made Hannah laugh more. Laura knew she had to teach Hannah a short, sharp lesson to prove her point. Laura suddenly grabbed Hannah and gave Hannah’s clothed bottom a few smacks.

“Ow! Ow! OW!” Hannah protested. “What the hell are you doing, you crazy bitch?”

Hannah shoved Laura away from her.

“Watch it!” shouted Laura, warningly, pointing at Hannah. “You’re damn lucky I’m not using the slipper on you now. I’m more likely to use the slipper than my hand on your bottom. And if you think that’s bad, Mrs Burke will certainly use the cane on you. In the worst case scenario, you will be caned on your bare bottom. So be careful!”

Hannah’s eyes filled with angry tears. “Maybe I don’t want to be your friend, anymore.” And she flounced away to the dormitory.

Laura tried to call Hannah back, but it was no good.

In an attempt to antagonise Laura, Hannah became closer to Sophie Prior, a girl whom Laura strongly disapproved of. Sophie was short with dirty blond hair and was a terribly lazy girl. However, Sophie was nice and friendly like Hannah was. Unfortunately, Sophie also smoked, swore and hung around with the ‘bad girls gang’ for her own protection. Laura considered these girls to be delinquents.

Laura desperately tried to make Hannah see sense and warned her that she would end up in big trouble if she wasn’t too careful. Hannah only laughed at Laura’s concerns. As time went on, Hannah stopped talking to Laura and continued to ignore her. Laura felt hurt and became determined to pay Hannah out.

In turn, Laura became closer to the head girl, Jackie Melling. Jackie was a large, beefy girl with bright red hair and a temper to match. She was certainly known to her peers as a fiery red head. Hannah never had much time for Jackie, and the pair had often quarrelled. Laura was a pussycat in contrast to Jackie. Although Jackie was glad that Laura had been made a prefect and was making friends with the ‘right people’, Jackie was quick to tell Laura that she was too soft on Hannah. Jackie felt that Laura should have used the slipper on her instead of letting her off with a mild hand spanking. Jackie also warned Laura that, as Head Girl, she had the authority to punish prefects too. Regardless of this harsh introduction, Laura soon looked to Jackie as her new best friend.

One Wednesday afternoon, Hannah and Sophie were hanging with bad girls Vicky Nicholson, Kirsty Elliot and Jenny Pritchard behind the bike shed. It was clear that the ‘bad girls gang’ modelled their look on punk rockers. All three had spiky hair. Vicky was the leader of the gang and considered the ‘brains’ of the operation, while Kirsty and Jessica were the brawn. Vicky and Kirsty were tall but unattractive, with bums and breasts ready to escape their untidy uniforms. Jenny was a skinny but tough looking girl with dyed-blonde spiky hair and wore a chain necklace. The gang frequently used strong language, smoked cigarettes and were prone to bullying younger students. They even sneaked alcohol in for end of term parties. Sophie was only a weak, hanger-on of the gang. Vicky was not too happy with Hannah hanging with them due to her friendship with Laura.

“What are you fuckin’ hanging with us for?” Sneered Vicky at Hannah. “You’re friends with that goody two shoes, prefect Laura.”

“We don’t want you snitching on us,” added Kirsty, in a rather menacing tone.

“Yeah,” added Jenny, cracking her knuckles in a threatening manner.

Hannah pretended to be cool. “Not anymore. I’ve had enough of Laura; she’s such an annoying cow these days. Sophie says I can be part of your gang.”

Kirsty laughed a harsh laugh. “Who are you to initiate people into our gang, Sophie? I don’t want prissy Hannah mixing with us.”

At this, Hannah got annoyed. “I’m not prissy,” she fumed and gave Kirsty a shove.

Vicky, Jenny and Sophie laughed and said: “Oooooo, little Hannah thinks she’s tough.”

Kirsty, however, was about to punch Hannah, and Vicky had to grab Kirsty’s arm to prevent her from doing so. Although, Kirsty tried to calm herself and said: “OK Hannah, if you think you’re tough, you’ll have to smoke like the rest of us.”

Hannah had never smoked and she still wished to keep in good health. Besides, she knew that smoking was an offence that resulted in the cane.

“No thanks, I don’t smoke,” replied Hannah.

“What do you mean you don’t smoke?” Asked the other girls.

“Smoking gives you cancer. And we’ll get the cane if we get caught,” said Hannah reasonably.

Sophie laughed rudely. “Scared of getting your little botty smacked? I’ve had the cane many a time, and my bottom has always healed fine. They can slipper and cane me all I want, I don’t give a shit.”

Vicky, Kirsty and Jenny also boasted of their canings.

“Listen,” said Vicky aggressively. “I don’t give a fuck if we get caught. But you are going to have a smoke with us whether you like it or not, Hannah.”

“Otherwise we’ll beat you up for shoving me,” said Kirsty threateningly.

Sophie felt sorry for Hannah, but didn’t dare defend her out of fear of getting beaten herself. Reluctantly, Hannah accepted a cigarette from Sophie. Hannah had just put the cigarette to her mouth when the others suddenly noticed Laura heading in their direction.

“Oh shit! Here comes Laura. Quick, run!”

The other girls abandoned Hannah and left her for Laura to catch her. Strangely for girls who smoked, they were surprisingly fast runners.

Laura was striding quickly towards Hannah who stayed rooted to the spot. Hannah tried throwing her cigarette away, but fear had prevented her from escaping with the others.

“Gotcha!” Yelled Laura triumphantly, clamping a hand on Hannah’s shoulder. “You better believe I saw that cigarette, girl. Nice try though,” sneered Laura.

Hannah started to plead with Laura. “I didn’t smoke it, I didn’t even light it.”

“It makes no difference,” said Laura coldly. “Even having cigarettes on your person is just as bad as smoking. You’re coming with me to the Headmistress.”

Hannah was now truly frightened. “Oh, God! No! Not the Headmistress!”

“Yes, Hannah. I did warn you. You are going to receive the cane. Now do you wish you had listened to me instead of hanging about with those bloody delinquents? Don’t worry, though. I’ll make sure they’ll get their just deserts.”

Hannah tried again to reason with Laura. “Please don’t take me to Mrs Burke. I’m your best friend,” she pleaded, with tears in her eyes.

Laura reacted coolly. “Funny, but you haven’t been acting like it. You know, Hannah, you’ve really hurt my feelings these past few days with your defiant attitude. Fortunately, Jackie has been good with me. You’re damn lucky that Jackie hadn’t caught you though. She would have slippered you as well as taking you to see Mrs Burke.”

The two girls went to the Headmistress’s office, with Laura still keeping a strong grip on Hannah to make sure that she didn’t run away. Hannah knew deep down that Laura was right. She had royally screwed up. How silly was Hannah to think she could hang about with the bad girls’ gang just to spite her true best friend. Hannah was upset at her so called friends for leaving her out to dry like that. However, Hannah was particularly bitter that it was her treacherous prefect friend, Laura, that caught her in the act. After what seemed like a long walk, the two girls arrived at the Headmistress’s office.

Laura knocked the door three times and heard a voice saying: “Come in.”

The two girls entered the office.

Mrs Aileen Burke sat behind her desk. She certainly looked like someone not to be crossed. Mrs Burke was in her mid-50s with iron grey curls and wore half-moon spectacles. She looked up from her desk, which was full of paperwork.

“Good afternoon, Miss Chapman,” said Mrs Burke pleasantly. “What can I do for you?” Mrs Burke suddenly noticed Hannah was there too and shook her head. “Miss Anderson, why am I not surprised to see you here?”

Mrs Burke had never shown much warmth towards Hannah due to her laziness and abysmal school marks. Mrs Burke only seemed to show kindness towards the Head Girl, prefects and the top students.

Laura spoke. “Good afternoon, Headmistress. I have just caught this young lady smoking.”

Mrs Burke looked thunderous. “Smoking? In my school? Not allowed! This behaviour is completely unacceptable, Miss Anderson,” roared Mrs Burke while pounding her desk.

Hannah quivered as the Headmistress shouted at her. She tried to protest her innocence. “But Miss,” pleaded Hannah. “I didn’t even smoke the cigarette.”

“SILENCE!” Thundered Mrs Burke. “You are only making things worse for yourself by answering me back.”

Hannah was abashed.

The headmistress began to interrogate Hannah. “Where did you get the cigarettes from, girl?” Barked Mrs Burke. “Did another girl give you one?”

Hannah knew she must not dare betray her fellow girls as she knew the consequences would be dire. “No, Miss,” answered Hannah.

“Hmm. Somehow I don’t believe you,” said Mrs Burke sceptically. “I hope for your sake you haven’t been stealing. I’ll have to ask you to turn out your pockets to make sure you haven’t got any more on you.”

Hannah squirmed. She was trying hard not to cry. Laura, on the other hand, looked smug as she watched Hannah squirming. All Hannah had in her pockets were a half-eaten chocolate bar, a packet of tissues and two plastic ball pens.

Hannah tossed the chocolate onto Mrs Burke’s desk, at which point the Headmistress barked: “Pick that up and put it down, properly!”

Abashed, Hannah did so and then placed the tissues down gently followed by her pens. Mrs Burke surveyed the items belonging to Hannah. “Hmm. I now believe that you don’t have any cigarettes on you. Will you kindly tell me who gave you the cigarette?”

“OK, Miss. It was Sophie that gave me a cigarette. But I didn’t smoke it. Laura caught me before I could do so. I’ve never smoked in my life.”

Mrs Burke looked more satisfied. “Oh. So we’re getting to the truth now, Miss Anderson. Do you mean Sophie Prior?” She demanded.

“Yes, Miss,” replied Hannah fervently.

Mrs Burke paused for a minute and thought deeply. “Maybe I believe some of your story, Miss Anderson. Hanging about with Miss Prior is certainly bad news. I was under the impression that you were friends with Miss Chapman here. Clearly, I see what has happened here. I made Miss Chapman a prefect in order to help you, but you have spurned her support. I am severely disappointed in you, Miss Anderson. However…” The headmistress suddenly leaned forward towards Hannah and took a deep breath. “Luckily for your sake, I believe that you didn’t smoke. I can smell the horrid stench of tobacco smoke a mile off. Although being caught with a cigarette is just as bad, in my book. Therefore, you are to get six strokes with the cane.”

Hannah’s heart sank. So she was going to get the cane after all. Subconsciously, Hannah put a hand to her bottom. Laura saw this and smirked.

Mrs Burke looked sharply at Laura. “Is there something funny?” She snapped.

“No, Miss,” replied Laura, the smile quickly vanishing from her face.

“I should think not. I would also hope you would do a better job of keeping Miss Anderson out of trouble in future. You may go.”

Laura left the headmistress’s office feeling slightly annoyed at having got a telling-off too. Knowing that Hannah was about to be punished for her behaviour was of some comfort to Laura. She decided to hang about outside the office to hear the proceedings.

Inside the office, Mrs Burke ordered Hannah to bend over while she fetched the senior cane. Hannah’s nerves were at a pitch. Her heart was pounding in her chest and her stomach was churning. Mrs Burke found the dreaded cane and was swishing it menacingly. This only added to Hannah’s anxiety.

Mrs Burke approached Hannah and lifted the girl’s skirt to expose Hannah’s delectable, knicker-clad bottom.

“My word, girl,” said Mrs Burke in a snide tone as she patted Hannah’s bottom. “You certainly have a plump bottom. Eating too many sweets and not taking enough exercise, no doubt.”

Hannah felt so ashamed. She felt her headmistress was being so cruel.

“Now, Miss Anderson. You are to receive six strokes with the cane. Considering your offence, you are lucky I am allowing you to keep your pants on. Normally, this would be an offence worthy of a bare bottom caning, although I feel constrained as this is your first offence this year. I must warn you the senior cane is even more severe than the junior cane you are so acquainted with. However, I expect you to maintain position at all times. This is all for your own safety. I also expect you to count each stroke adding a ‘miss’ after each stroke. Clear?”

“Yes, Miss,” replied Hannah sheepishly.

Mrs Burke tapped Hannah’s knicker-clad bottom before taking aim. The first stroke came with a sharp Whack! on Hannah’s bottom. Hannah audibly gasped. She could certainly feel the difference between the thinner junior cane and the much thicker senior cane. After all, Hannah had only felt the sting of the junior cane for the last time three months previously.

“One, Miss.” Called off Hannah, obediently.

Outside the office, Laura listened with glee as she heard the cane striking against her wayward friend’s bottom. ‘This will teach Hannah a lesson’, thought Laura to herself.

The second stroke came down with a Thwick! Hannah could certainly feel the pain increasing in her bottom.

“Two, Miss.” She called off.

This was promptly followed by another Thwick! 

“Three, Miss.” Yelled Hannah.

She was trying so hard to keep the tears out her voice. Yet, Hannah had no idea that her treacherous prefect friend was eavesdropping to her distress.

‘At least I’m over the halfway mark,’ thought Hannah to herself.

This optimistic thought caught Hannah off guard when the fourth stroke whacked across her bottom.

“Ow! Four, Miss!” Tears were now streaming down Hannah’s face.

Mrs Burke showed no mercy and proceeded to deliver the fifth stroke of the cane. Whack! 

“Five, Miss!” Screamed Hannah.

Before delivering the final stroke, Mrs Burke spoke. “This is your final stroke, girl. This one will certainly count.”

Mrs Burke tapped Hannah’s already sore bottom with the cane. Tearfully, Hannah waited in dread knowing what was coming. She hoped Mrs Burke would get on with it, but remained silent to prevent her from speaking her mind. At last the cane came down on Hannah’s bottom with an almighty Thwick! 

“Six, Miss!” Bawled Hannah, who jumped up and put her hands to her well striped bottom.

“Get back in position, girl!” Barked Mrs Burke, angrily. “I did not say you could move!”

Hannah bent over again, her heart sinking. She hoped that she wouldn’t receive any more strokes.

Mrs Burke then said: “I am now going to inspect your bottom to make sure you’ve been suitably punished,” and proceeded to lower Hannah’s pants.

Hannah was extremely embarrassed, but did not dare complain. Mrs Burke examined Hannah’s bare buttocks. Six welts were present, indicating where the cane had hit them. Mrs Burke paused impressively.

“Hmm. It appears that you have a well punished bottom. Hopefully this will be a reminder to you.”

Outside the office, Laura could only imagine what her little friend’s bottom looked like. Laura knew she better make herself scarce as Hannah was about to be dismissed. It was very fortunate that nobody noticed Laura loitering in the deserted corridor, for Laura knew that she would be in big trouble if she was caught. Laura decided to head for the nearest girl’s bathroom. She knew Hannah would be anxious to examine her own bottom and that this bathroom had a large mirror. Laura went into a cubicle, locked the door, and waited patiently.

Meanwhile, Mrs Burke told Hannah to pull up her pants and stand up. Mrs Burke noticed Hannah’s tear-stained face and handed her a tissue in disgust.

“You’re a mess, girl,” barked Mrs Burke in an unsympathetic tone. “Wipe your face and get out of my sight. I better not see you in my office anytime soon, because next time I will cane you on your bare bottom. Mark my words.”

Hannah dried her tears and left the office as quickly as possible.

Hannah was feeling depressed. Her bottom was in agony, her Headmistress was unbelievably cruel, her new so-called friends abandoned her and her best friend betrayed her. Hannah had been spanked at home before, but her bottom had never been that sore. And the senior cane was definitely more painful than the junior cane. As Laura anticipated, Hannah intended on checking out the marks on her bottom. Hannah walked stiffly to the girl’s bathroom. It appeared to be empty, save for a girl using a cubicle, so Hannah took the opportunity to pull down her pants and look at her bare bottom in the mirror. Hannah could see the nasty welts across her buttocks.

Just then, the cubicle door opened. Hannah looked up in horror to see the grinning face of her treacherous friend, Laura.

“Aha!” Called Laura triumphantly. “I knew you would come here. Yes, Mrs Burke has made an excellent job on your botty.”

Hannah quickly pulled up her pants, but the damage was already done. “As much as I would love to say I told you so, you’ve had enough punishment,” gloated Laura.

Hannah was so angry. “Fuck off, you bitch!” Snarled Hannah.

“Tut! Tut!” Scolded Laura. “You haven’t learned any manners. I thought the state of your bottom would have helped your attitude problem. It seems I may have to give you the slipper when you’ve recovered.”

Hannah screamed and launched herself on Laura. The two girls started fighting, trading punches, kicks and insults.

Head Girl, Jackie Melling, was walking past the girls bathroom when she heard a commotion. Jackie could hear two girls fighting each other and recognised the voices of Hannah Anderson and Laura Chapman. Inside the girls bathroom, the scene resembled something like a boxing match.

“I’ll fucking kill you!” Screamed Hannah, punching Laura on the nose.

“Get off me, you bitch!” Yelled back Laura, punching Hannah on the eye.

Hannah then tackled Laura to the ground and dug her thumbnail into Laura’s left face cheek.

Knowing she had to act very quickly, Jackie entered the bathroom at once and was appalled by what she saw. Hannah was on top of Laura, her thumbnail jagging into Laura’s face.

“You fucking cu…”

“What the hell is going on in here?” Demanded Jackie, cutting off Hannah’s last curse and diving in to separate the fighting girls.

Hannah and Laura stood on either side of Jackie, their school uniforms in a mess. Hannah had a black eye, and Laura was sporting a bloody nose as well as a slightly bloody graze on her left face cheek where Hannah had recently jagged her thumbnail.

“Such disgraceful behaviour,” shrieked Jackie at her fellow classmates. “I’m not surprised to see you causing trouble, Hannah, but I’m utterly disgusted in you, Laura. You know, that prefect’s badge is a privilege.” said Jackie, jabbing at Laura’s chest. “You better hope you don’t lose that anytime soon, Laura, or you will be one sorry girl. And Hannah, you’re lucky I don’t use that soap to wash out your foul mouth. Now, I want an explanation from both of you!” Demanded Jackie.

Laura spoke first. “This bitch started it,” she snarled, pointing at Hannah.

“Oh, this is interesting, ‘this bitch’,” replied Jackie.

Unrepentant, Laura continued. “I go in to use the bathroom and Hannah attacked me. I was only defending myself from this thug.”

Hannah responded furiously by saying: “That’s bullshit! I came into this bathroom for privacy to check my bottom after being caned by Mrs Bloody Burke. Then Laura makes fun of me and started bullying me.”

“Liar!” screamed Laura.

“Enough!” shouted Jackie.

“I think I can see what’s happened here for myself.” Jackie addressed Hannah first. “Yes, I heard about you being punished by the headmistress and may I add, Hannah, that disrespecting the headmistress is extremely unwise in your current predicament. That much is true. Yes, news travels fast, girlie. And, by the way, you’re damn lucky I didn’t catch you earlier, or I would have certainly tanned your backside before seeing the Headmistress. What did I tell you, Laura? You’re too bloody soft. Definitely not prefect material. And of course, fighting is even worse.”

Jackie continued addressing Hannah. “So, Hannah, it’s natural that you come into the bathroom to check the state of your bottom. In fact, let me see the damage,” demanded Jackie.

Hannah tried to struggle, but she was no match for strong Jackie, who managed to hold Hannah’s arm and simultaneously yank down Hannah’s underwear. Jackie inspected Hannah’s caned bottom and ran her finger along the cane marks on her bottom cheeks. Hannah was sobbing in pain and embarrassment.

“Hmm, yes,” said Jackie, patting Hannah’s sore bottom. “The headmistress has done a fine job so far. Alas, you’ll be feeling some more pretty soon,” said Jackie, coldly.

Then Jackie turned to Laura. “However, I can gather that you, Laura, were hiding in here to make fun of your ‘friend’. Is that true?”

“Yes, that’s true,” replied Laura sheepishly.

“Thank you,” said Jackie in a false sweet tone.

Laura now felt less angry and more scared.

“Now, Hannah, I want you to tell me the truth. Did you attack Laura?”

“Yes, I did,” said Hannah, with a defiant tone in her voice.

Jackie frowned. “Your continued defiance is not helping your case, Hannah. Both of you are in serious trouble. Considering that you’ve already received the cane, Hannah, continuing to behave badly has been most unwise. You are both lucky that I do not have my slipper on me. Plus, we are in closer proximity to the headmistress’s office. For convenience, I am going to take you both there right now. But I warn both of you, cross me again and I will not hesitate to spank either of you. Now move, and I want you both to come quietly.”

The three senior girls left the bathroom. Jackie took the lead, while a rather subdued Laura and Hannah followed. Hannah’s nerves were at a pitch. Her bottom was already sore from her earlier caning and she was faced with the prospect of more punishment. Laura felt even more nervous. She had not received the cane or slipper in a long time.

Mrs Aileen Burke was getting on with paperwork, and still in a bad mood after having to deal with Hannah. Jackie knocked on the door.

“Come in,” rang Mrs Burke’s voice.

Jackie entered the office with Hannah and Laura trailing behind. Mrs Burke was furious at seeing Hannah so soon that she looked like a volcano about to erupt.

Jackie spoke up. “Excuse me, Miss. I have just caught these two ladies who were physically fighting in the bathroom. They were assaulting each other, name calling and using profanity.”

The furious Headmistress glared at Laura and Hannah. “Well? Is this true?” She demanded.

“Yes, miss,” replied both girls.

“Disgraceful!” exploded Mrs Burke. “Completely unacceptable behaviour! Explain yourselves this instant.”

The miscreants recounted their altercation in the girls’ bathroom, both being careful to tell the truth lest they incur any more wrath from their fearsome Headmistress.

Mrs Burke then dismissed Jackie, who had the good grace not to hang around.

Mrs Burke addressed the troublemakers. “Fighting in my school is totally unacceptable. It is so violent and unladylike. Just look at the mess of the pair of you.” The headmistress observed both girls’ injuries, namely Hannah’s black eye and Laura’s bloody nose and grazed face. “I strive to make sure that my school produces young ladies, not delinquents. Both of you are extremely fortunate this is your first offence relating to fighting, as this is normally grounds for expulsion.”

The Headmistress then addressed Hannah. “I am absolutely astounded at you, Hannah, for wishing to transgress the rules so soon after I had punished you. Clearly, your punishment was not effective enough. Not to worry, there will be more in store for you soon. You will receive six more strokes, this time on your bare bottom.”

Hannah shuddered.

Then, Mrs Burke turned to Laura. “As for you, Miss Chapman, I thought you would have known better. It is ludicrous to think that you would risk your prefect’s badge to engage in such uncouth activity as fighting. I would hope you would be more careful in future, or I shall not hesitate to relinquish your prefect privileges. And it was particularly wrong of you to antagonise your friend. You are supposed to show responsibility. For your punishment, you shall receive 12 strokes of the cane on your bare bottom.”

Laura was devastated. She completely regretted her behaviour and wished she had not provoked Hannah.

It was down to business.

Mrs Burke ordered Hannah to bend over and once again fetched the senior cane. Hannah was so fearful, she looked as though she was going to be sick. Mrs Burke approached Hannah, raised her skirt and pulled down Hannah’s pants, exposing her shapely but recently marked bare bottom.

Laura stood by with a sorrowful expression on her face. Suddenly, it was not so much fun witnessing a caning first hand, especially when she was going to be next.

For the second time that day, Mrs Burke instructed Hannah to maintain position at all times and to count each stroke.

Mrs Burke tapped Hannah’s unprotected backside with the cane before taking aim. The first stroke came with a sharp Whack! on Hannah’s bare buttocks.

“One, Miss.” Called off Hannah, tears already streaming down her cheeks.

Another Whack! came.

“Two, Miss.” Sobbed Hannah. Poor Hannah had never experienced a bare bottom caning before. This was hell.

Yet another, harder Whack! sounded as the cane struck Hannah’s bottom.

“Three, Miss.” bawled Hannah.

The unsympathetic Mrs Burke continued to thrash Hannah.

“Four, Miss.” cried Hannah as the fourth stroke came with a Thwick!

The fifth stroke followed soon after with a Thwick!

“Five, Miss!” Yelled Hannah, sounding as if she was screaming bloody murder.

Like with the previous session, Mrs Burke spoke before delivering the final stroke. “This is your final stroke, girl. This one will certainly count.”

And of course, it did. An almighty Whack! sounded as the cane came down hard on Hannah’s bottom.

“Six, Miss,” screamed Hannah. This time, Hannah did not dare jump up.

Mrs Burke paused impressively. “You may stand up. Swap places with Miss Chapman, but do not pull up your underwear.”

Hannah did as she was told.

Poor Hannah was in agony. Her bottom now had six fresh stripes to match her previous six. The headmistress made sure to evenly space out the strokes so that the entire buttocks were punished from top to bottom. Hannah even had a couple of strokes on the area where the bottom meets the thighs. Hannah knew she would have a tough time sitting down for the next few days.

Now it was Laura’s turn to approach Mrs Burke. Laura was extremely nervous as she walked to the middle of the room. Mrs Burke ordered Laura to bend over. Laura felt most embarrassed as her skirt was raised and her pants lowered, exposing her bare bottom. Although tall and slim, Laura still possessed a round bottom. Hannah took no pleasure in watching Laura being prepared for her punishment. If anything, Hannah was starting to feel remorse for Laura’s predicament and also for her own behaviour.

As customary, Mrs Burke gave the usual instructions. “Miss Chapman, you shall now receive twelve strokes with the senior cane on your bare bottom. I am well aware that you have not felt the cane in a long time and this shall be your first acquaintance with the senior cane. This will be a particularly severe punishment, especially as it is being applied to your bare bottom. Of course, this reflects the severity of your actions. However, I expect you to maintain position at all times. This is for your own safety. You are also required to count out each stroke. I want to hear a number and a ‘Miss’ after each stroke. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Miss,” replied Laura timidly.

Laura braced herself for her first stroke. Mrs Burke took aim and the cane came back with a hard Whack! The force of this first stroke made Laura buckle.

“One, Miss” counted off Laura.

This was all too much for Laura. Being punished like a naughty girl in front of a fellow student with her bottom bare was so humiliating. Hannah stood by witnessing her friend being punished and began to feel sorry for Laura as well as herself. Hannah knew she had got both of them into this mess. Although Hannah had previously tried to console herself with the idea of Laura getting her bottom caned, she now regretted this motion as they were both in the same boat.

Meanwhile Mrs Burke struck Laura’s bottom with a second Whack!

“Two, Miss,” called off Laura. She was still trying to be brave.

This caught her off guard with the third stroke. Whack!

“Three, Miss,” cried Laura. She was losing the battle to keep the tears out her voice.

Mrs Burke ignored this and delivered the fourth stroke with a hard Thwick!

“Four, Miss,” sobbed Laura, tears starting to stream down her cheeks.

The fifth stroke was delivered soon after with a Thwick!

“Five, Miss” yelled Laura. She was so embarrassed. After all, Laura was a senior girl and she was crying like a baby in the Headmistress’s office.

The sixth stroke came with a Thwick! on Laura’s bare cheeks.

“Six, Miss,” bawled Laura.

‘Oh, good. I’m past the halfway point,’ thought Laura to herself.

This false sense of security was soon broken when the seventh stroke whacked across Laura’s bottom. Thwick!

“Seven, Miss!” Bawled Laura.

The unsympathetic Mrs Burke was unmoved and continued with the eighth stroke. Whack!

“Eight, Miss!” Cried Laura. She looked a right mess and her bottom was on fire.

The ninth stroke followed soon after with a Thwick!

“Nine, Miss,” yelled Laura. She was getting near the end of her punishment, yet it was not getting any easier.

Mrs Burke continued with the tenth stroke. Whack!

“Ten, Miss” cried Laura.

The eleventh stroke followed and Laura felt that, if possible, this one was even harder than her previous strokes. Thwick!

“Eleven, Miss!” Screamed Laura.

As was customary in all the canings she had given, Mrs Burke spoke before delivering the final stroke. “This is your final stroke, girl. This one will certainly count.”

And of course, it did. With a tremendous Whack! across her bare buttocks, Laura screamed bloody murder.

“Twelve, Miss!” Yelled Laura, making the fatal error of jumping up and touching her sore bottom. “Goddamn it, that stung like a bitch!” exclaimed Laura, all dignity out the window and forgetting where she was.

Mrs Burke was furious. “GET BACK DOWN, GIRL!” Roared the Headmistress. “I did not say you could get up! And I cannot believe what I just heard. How DARE you use such language in my office. For that, you are getting an extra stroke.”

“No, Miss! NO!” Pleaded Laura, desperately.

“SILENCE! Do not answer me back!” Yelled the angry Headmistress. “Get back down, girl, unless you want more.”

Defeated, Laura bent back down to accept her fate. Laura was sobbing terribly but, as usual, Mrs Burke paid no attention. Mrs Burke took aim and delivered the penalty stroke with all the force she could muster. Whack!

“Ow! Thirteen, Miss,” screamed Laura. This time, she had the sense not to break position or to add any comments.

After she was satisfied, Mrs Burke told Laura she could go and stand beside Hannah but not to pull her pants up yet.

The two punished girls stood side by side, still sobbing from their harsh punishments. Mrs Burke addressed them. “I hope both of you are sorry and understand the seriousness of your actions. I want you both to shake hands and apologise to each other right now.”

Hannah and Laura faced each other and shook hands. Their mutual apology was completely genuine. No longer did Hannah and Laura wish harm on the other.

Once satisfied, Mrs Burke gave the girls permission to pull their pants up and lower their skirts. “I trust that I will not be seeing either of you in my office anytime soon. Miss Anderson, if you are back at my office in the near future, you will be sorry. You shall face another caning and a suspension. Miss Chapman, if you transgress the rules anymore, you will lose your prefect’s badge. Both of you get out of my sight right now and get to class. Neither of you will be sitting comfortably for the rest of the day, but I shall be expecting both of you to work hard in class regardless. Dismissed.”

Mrs Burke returned to her work while Hannah and Laura left the office.

Once clear of the Headmistress’s office, the two girls faced each other and hugged. With fresh tears in her eyes, Hannah said: “Laura, I am very sorry for the way I’ve treated you. Will you please be my best friend, again?”

Laura was also welling up with gratitude. “Hannah, I will happily be your best friend. No more hanging around with the bad girls, eh?”

Hannah laughed slightly. “Definitely not. It’s too painful.”

“Let us never fight again,” both girls agreed.

In the following weeks, Hannah agreed to undergo study sessions with Laura. With Laura’s help, Hannah started to improve tremendously. Although Laura would sometimes give Hannah the slipper to keep her on the straight and narrow, Hannah accepted it was for her own good. Even Jackie started to warm to Hannah with her improved behaviour and attitude. Laura even agreed to take Sophie Prior under her wing, too. It was lucky for Sophie that she did so, because the bad girls graduated from tobacco to cannabis, and ended up getting expelled after the police were called.

The End

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