An out of control party lands some girls and their mothers in trouble.

By Rob Burton

“Sheriff Haskell, are you there?” Martha’s voice crackled over the radio.

“Sheriff!” She croaked out louder this time.

“Hey, Martha I heard you the first time, in fact half the town heard you!”

“Sorry about that. Deputy Bewley is asking for urgent assistance on Maine Drive.”

“Ten four. Tell him I’ll be there in three minutes.”

The Sheriff threw the mic onto the passenger seat and proceeded to turn the car around. He arrived in the three minutes. Not hard really as it only took three minutes to arrive anywhere in Laurel. Pulling up outside the property where the two other police vehicles were parked he made his way to the property.

He found Deputy Bewley in the hall trying to placate a middle-aged women. He stood a moment, listened, then intervened. He asked the deputy to join him outside.

The deputy appraised him of the situation. They were called to a disturbance at the property a short while ago. A window had been smashed and music was being played too loud. Upon entering the property they found four teenagers in the house. It would appear they had been drinking but were not in a paralytic state. The damaged window was caused by someone throwing a ball. The girls, one of which was the daughter of the property owner, were currently sitting in the lounge. The situation was under control until the mother, a Ms Anderton, arrived home. She also appeared to have been drinking. She proceeded to demand access to her daughter, which when refused she started to get a little out of control.

Sheriff Haskell told his deputy to go and take the names and ages of the girls whilst he talked to the mother. Upon entering the house he took the mother, whose name he learnt was Adele Anderton, into the dining room. They discussed the situation. It appeared that she and her friend Alice had gone for a meal and drinks in the town whilst her daughter and her friends had a party. He ascertained if she knew that alcohol would be consumed. She blushed, admitting that she did, but only a couple of bottles of wine. It wasn’t everyday that your daughter got accepted to a top university. It all seemed to be an innocent act on her behalf that had gotten out of hand as more than two bottles of wine had been consumed. Just then a knock on the door was followed by deputy Bewley sticking his head around it. He followed him outside to the kitchen. He was then shown in a drawer a large cigarette which when he smelt it certainly was not tobacco.

He instructed the deputy to handcuff them and they would continue this down the station. So five minutes later seven very ashamed ladies were led out the front door and into the police cars as the neighbours watched in amazement.

It took a while but eventually they were all finger-printed, photographed and searched before being locked in cells, the three elder ladies in one and the others in another. The Sheriff intended that they stew for a short while before he would question them about the night’s events and especially who had hidden the funny cigarette in the drawer.

He was very surprised when finally Mary Jenkins admitted that it was her. She had panicked when the police arrived and dumped it in the nearest place to hand. Sheriff Haskell was sort of relieved that someone had owned up because if they had not he would have had no choice but to send them to court in the morning. At least now he could offer them his alternative.

The sheriff entered the room. All seven ladies were stood with their backs against a wall, three adults to one side and the four college girls to the other. He paused, looked around, then removed his hat as he spoke.

“Right, listen here to what I propose.”

“I see it you have two choices. One is that you agree to take the Local Police Punishment or you opt to go to court in the morning and face Judge Madison.”

He paused a moment before continuing. He wanted them to take in the last statement.

“Before you ask, I am not going to reveal my local police offer until you agree to it, or not, as the case maybe.”

“You have five minutes to decide which it will be. It must however be a unanimous decision if you wish to take my alternative. Anyone undecided after five minutes and you will all be in court tomorrow.”

He turned, put on his hat and left the room. He stopped just outside to view the scene that was about to unfold through the one-way viewing glass.

Ms Anderton was the first to make her way to the middle of the room. The others followed. Quickly it became apparent that despite not knowing what the alternative was, it was a preferable option to going to court. There was general agreement amongst the adults, whilst the girls were happy to go along with it. Mind, they knew their parents would insist they did.

The sheriff looked at his watch. Two minutes and forty seconds, not bad he thought. Two minutes later he opened the door and stood in the middle of the room, the ladies having re-taken their positions against the wall.

“Okay, time is up. What is to be?”

“We will take the local police offer.” Voices were a little shaky as they spoke.

“Is that the verdict of you all?”

They all mumbled something, some nodded.

“Right now here is what you have signed up to.”

“In a minute or so you will asked to sign a paper agreeing to be bound over for a period of twelve months. That means if you commit any offence, no matter how small or trivial, you will be back here to answer these charges as well the new offence.”

The silence told him that they understood what it meant, even if one or two looked side ways at their friends.

“In addition to that you will be punished as follows. I do not want to hear a word out of any of you until I have finished.”

“Ms Anderton. Six swats for allowing alcohol to be consumed by minors in your house. Six swats for being drunk, disorderly and rude when my officers tried to interview you at the scene and six swats for allowing the party to take place un-supervised.

Adele groaned as the others stood shaking their heads.

“Mrs Coleman. Three swats for being rude to my officers.”

“Ms Jenkins. Six swats for allowing your daughter to consume alcohol whilst under age.”

“No please you can’t do that.” She stammered taking a step forward.

“Be quiet as I instructed or else I will call this off and wheel you all back to the cells to await the judge in the morning.”

The threat certainly worked as Susan Jenkins stepped back into line.

“Lisa Anderton. Six swats for consuming alcohol under age twenty-one, three for allowing the music to be played beyond a reasonable volume and three for criminal damage.”

“Ellen Trent and Lucy Pearce. Six swats for consuming alcohol under age twenty-one.”

“Finally, Mary Jenkins. Six swats for consuming alcohol while only eighteen and six swats for the illegal cigarette.”

He heard the mutters as he finished. Turning to the viewing window he gestured for someone to join him.

In walked Deputy Martha Stone. She was the Laurel police’s secret weapon. She was nearly six foot tall and a well proportioned lady, as they say. The first time she went on a call to a disturbance at a bar she actually laid out two men who, having been fighting each other, suddenly decided to attack Deputy Bewley.

The ladies were certainly rattled upon seeing Martha as they fidgeted against the wall. And there were audible gasps as she pulled out the paddle from behind her back. Martha turned to the sheriff and smirked.

“Okay be quiet. Martha here is going to be administering your punishment. You are to follow her instructions exactly. Am I making this clear?”

The room remained in silence.

“Well am I?”

“Yes sir.” Came the seven replies, loud and clear.

“Right now you will all sign the paper laying on the table with your name on it.”

The signatures done the sheriff collected them and left the ladies to their fate at the large hands of his Deputy.

Martha stepped forward to the long wooden table pushed against one wall.

“Now ladies, here is how we will be dealing with you. Firstly you will all remove your pants or skirts. You can place them on the floor to the left of you.”

They all hesitated at the request, but not for long, as Martha hurried them along.

“I will call out your name and you will walk across to the table. You will slip your panties off, place them on the table and bend across the table with your forearms flat against it. You will not move again until I say stand up.”

Martha paused, looked around the room. The ladies avoided eye contact.

“When I have administered your punishment, and told you to stand, you will return to your current place. You will stand one pace away from the wall holding your panties out in front of you.”

She waved the paddle around gesturing as she finished the instructions.

“If you do not comply exactly with these instructions there will consequences for you all.”

“Now first we will have Ms Anderton.”

Adele walked over, removed her white lace trim panties and bent over the table. Martha told her to place her legs further apart. Adele did as she was told without question, even though she was feeling very humiliated. Forty two years old and here she was being treated like a naughty college kid.

The first swat landed with all the force the deputy could muster. Considering she was nearly six foot and almost two hundred pounds that force was considerable. Adele squealed in pain as she felt the wooden paddle strike her offered buttocks. Her legs almost buckled with the force. Two and three followed on quickly giving the recipient no time to absorb the reality of the hard stringing swats.

“Do not rub.” Barked Martha as she told Adele to stand.

Adele picked up her knickers, slowly dragged her aching body back to the wall. Martha reminded her to hold out her frillies.

The deputy looked around the room. Four out of the seven already in tears and only one of them had been paddled.

“Mary Jenkins.”

Mary stood routed to the spot. She was one of those already in tears. Martha waited a moment before reminding her that resisting or refusing would end badly for them all. Somehow a minute or so later and she was over the table, her panties beside her, awaiting her first volley of six. As with Ms Anderton, Martha gave her six well appointed and hard swats of her paddle, quickly and with the same force as the last time. Mary wanted to die after the first one and by the sixth she lay on the table sobbing her heart out very loudly. She took an age to return to her position next to Lisa.

Lisa was called out next. She tried to put on a brave face despite the flow of tears that said otherwise. She removed her blue cheerleader panties, adopted the position and awaited her fate. Less than a minute later with her bottom a deep red colour she rose, returned to the wall, held out the panties and took a deep breath trying to forget the burning pain behind her. She was so tempted to lean back and feel the cold wall to relieve that heat.

Deputy Martha pointed the paddle at Adele, smiled and told her it was her turn again. Adele wanted desperately to say something but she knew the consequences. She just shuffled over laid down her panties again. The six this time really felt like hell had been unleashed on her bottom. The merciless paddle turned her from a deep pink to a fiery red. She felt the agony of every step as returned once again to the wall knowing she had to do it once more.

“Alice Coleman.” Said the deputy, pointing the paddle at the tearful lady already holding her bottom.

Alice walked slowly to the table adopted the position she had seen and awaited her fate.

Whack, whack, whack. Three quick hard swats had her squealing loudly. So much so she had to be told numerous times to return to the wall. She was doing more than hold her bottom when she finally did so. The deputy was looking at the two cheerleaders who had not had the pleasure yet and then turning to other wall she suddenly noticed Mrs Coleman not holding out her panties, she was actually rubbing her sore backside.

“Hold out those panties now.” She barked.

Alice startled by noise shot her arms out front untangling the red small briefs.

“Put them at shoulder height and if I see them move an inch I will swat you another three times.”

The bawling lady complied instantly, her arms twitching.

Martha hadn’t had this much fun since the incident with ladies church choir bus trip and a rather large cigarette which smelt, even from ten yards, very fragrant. She had to decide who was next.

It was Melanie Jenkins that drew the straw this time around. She took off her red panties, a little daring thought Martha, and placed them neatly on the punishment table. She was a small lady by comparison, even with her daughter. The paddle would sure cover her butt good and with that it struck her offered cheeks.


Ms Jenkins shot up holding her bottom cheeks and danced around the room for a moment. The deputy was not having this. She just grabbed the slightly built woman by the arm bent her back across the table and swatted her as she pushed the screeching woman down on to the cold top. She actually swatted her seven times, extra hard, the first she decided did not count.


The blonde tall cheerleader took her place over the table; she took a deep breath as she awaited her punishment. The first took her by surprise almost lifting her off her feet. She composed herself just in time to get another. This was sheer agony she thought, ten times worse than her stepfather’s belt.

Before she called Ellen over, she walked over and checked on how Alice was holding out. She was a little disappointed but there was time yet.

Ellen, like Lucy, took her swats with minimum of fuss, albeit with a great many tears.

And that left three sixes to come. Adele, Mary and Lisa. Adele hoped she would be last, her nine stingers were burning deep in her red bottom.

As it was Mary got the call. She shook her head as if she was going to be defiant but one step from the deputy and she crossed the room. She placed her white panties on the table, bent gingerly over it and adjusted her feet. Just in time to get her seventh swat. Her hope that the second six would not be as bad was soon shattered as the biting wood hit her upturned cheeks. She twisted away from the paddle as soon she knew the deputy was about to swing but Martha saw it, stopped and awaited the girl to straighten up. The little distraction earned Mary two extra hard whacks, one after other. She squealed, squirmed and screeched. Martha waited for her composure before giving her the next three. Mary dragged herself off the table glad her ordeal was almost over.

“Lisa, you’re next.”

Lisa swaggered slowly over to the table; she looked across at her mum, her arms held out front with the panties dangling from her fingers. She tried to smile but the pain she knew was about to come to her now scorched backside made it almost a frown. This was supposed to be a night of celebration, now it had turned into a nightmare for all her friends and family. She bent over, held on tight and hoped it would all soon be over. A bad dream but with the marks to remind her otherwise.

Her mum winced with every stroke that Lisa got. For she knew that her daughter had not so much as had her bottom tapped let alone had twelve hard swats across it. It was all over and the sullen cheerleader grabbed her blue panties and return to the wall.

Finally it was Adele Anderton’s turn for the third walk of shame. She limped to the table. Looked at Martha for leniency but she got none. She got six equally as hard whacks that had her almost crawling back in line.

“Now listen up,” Martha barked. “You will get dressed, and I mean fully dressed. No leaving your knickers off. I will be back in ten minutes.”

With that she waltzed out of the room. She locked it behind her. Time for a cup of tea, she said to the other deputies and the sheriff who had been watching her perform her duty.

Twenty minutes and seven very sorry ladies exited the police station and walked gingerly down the street towards home. They knew that a taxi ride would be far quicker but it would be a whole more painful over the bumps in the road.

The End