Meeting the neighbours leads to a whole new world.

By Wendy A

For several years we had been discussing moving out of our flat in London to the countryside and starting a family. George had recently been promoted and could do more work from home than previously and felt that commuting would not be too onerous. For my part I had decided to go freelance and had built up a client base for my short stories, this would enable me to work entirely at home with occasional trips to town for meetings with publishers.

We moved in the early spring to a village about 50 miles from London. It was near a mainline station so travelling to London did not take too long. The house was in several acres of garden and orchard. There were no immediate neighbours but the main street was only about 10 minutes walk away, there was a pub, a general store including a post office, an unused church. One other facility was lacking, a school. The original school had closed some years ago and been merged into the school in a neighbouring village. The old school building was still there and backed onto the bottom of our garden.

George had taken a week off work and we set about sorting the house out and ordering the necessary furniture. Our existing furniture was lost in the space now available. There was a lot to do including the garden although it had been tended but not during the winter. I agreed to have a blitz on it as soon as the weather improved.

At the start of the second week it was one of those lovely early spring days, a slight chill first thing when George left and slowly warming up with a bright blue sky. After a brief round of housework and a coffee I headed out into the garden. The previous owners had left us a selection of gardening tools so I was soon at work clearing the remaining leaves and generally tidying up. I had not quite realised how large the garden was and how much work would be required; perhaps we should look for a part time gardener?

I had a sandwich on the terrace at lunchtime and then headed for the bottom of the garden. There was a large vegetable patch which was showing the first signs of weeds planning to take it over. There was also the orchard and the trees budding. I was mulling over whether we should keep the garden much as we had found it or change it round. There was a strange sound, then it was repeated, it was coming from the old school. I went closer to the hedge that separated us from the school playground. The noise was repeated and all I could imagine was that someone was having their bottom whacked. Once it had stopped I returned to the terrace.

The sun was very warm by now and I decided to have a glass of wine and soda. That sound had really set my mind racing; there was no doubt in my mind that I had heard a sound of whacking, possibly with a cane. I had regularly heard the sound of the cane striking a bottom when I was at school; there was nothing else that could make that sound. As I had not yet met the neighbours I decided that the next day I would walk round and introduce myself.

I didn’t mention any of this to George when he returned from work, I had decided to meet our immediate neighbours before I broached the subject, perhaps there was some perfectly innocent explanation.

The next day was again warm so I put on a summer dress and headed off down the lane and round the corner. The school was set slightly back from the road with car parking on one side and the main entrance, on the other side and behind were extensive lawns. I rang the bell and a guy answered. I introduced myself and explained that we had just moved into the house behind the school, he smiled and said his name was Rory. He held the door open and offered me a coffee. I went in and he led the way to a large kitchen and breakfast room. This had obviously been a classroom previously and had a high ceiling. There were French windows out onto a terrace and the lawn to the side of the school.

He put a cafetiere on the Aga. At that we were joined by what I assumed was his wife and was introduced to her as Charlie. She looked much younger than her husband, perhaps mid-twenties, whereas he looked a good 40.

We chatted about the village and the local pub, the Red Lion. It became clear that they did not socialise too much with the villagers and had moved there from town some three years earlier. I got the impression that they tended to entertain friends from London or elsewhere although they did go to the Red Lion for dinner from time to time. It was suggested that the four of us should make a date to go one weekend. There was no mention of a job.

They seemed more interested in my job as a writer. I felt like I was being interrogated, what sort of stories did I write, was it all fiction, did I write from experience, did I investigate the subject matter before I wrote a story? I let slip that I wrote stories for adult magazines, their eyes visibly brightened. What sort of adult magazines, what was the nature of the adult content, etc. They became even more interested when I mentioned the BDSM scene. Did I participate myself in BDSM activities? I explained that I found my material in other publications and then let my imagination run riot.

It was now lunchtime and Charlie suggested that I stay, they had planned to have a salad and there would be plenty for three. Within a few minutes there was lunch set out on the large table and I accepted a glass of wine.

After a second glass of wine they finally got round to explaining their job. They had a small film studio and made adult films, mainly BDSM. They apologised for having been so pushy when I had mentioned my own interest in BDSM. Rory then asked if I would like to see their studio, I could not resist, my curiosity had been activated since the noises of the previous afternoon.

Rory lead the way followed by Charlie and me. First we went into a schoolroom, there were desks, a platform with the teachers desk, a blackboard and the walls were covered with maps and pictures painted by kids. They explained that they had purchased some of the items for the school when they bought it from the local Council; the desks had come from a boarding school that was renovating.

Next was what appeared to be a dungeon, there was a little natural light coming from ceiling level windows. Rory switched on some lights. One wall was covered with whips, paddles and canes hanging from hooks. There were several items of furniture which I recognised from the magazines for which I wrote, a flogging bench, an x-frame, and an upright frame from which someone could be suspended. Another wall was covered with lengths of rope.

Next was a study, it was well furnished and could have been copied from the study of my old headmistress, a big mahogany desk, upright chairs in front of it, and large leather chairs and a sofa to one side. Next was what appeared to be a school dormitory, there were two rows of metal beds down each wall, eight in all, and small cabinets next to each bed and hooks above them. At the end was a shower room with 4 showers but no cubicles and three toilets and a couple of urinals.

We then returned to the kitchen, had a coffee and I left.

Would I tell George about the visit to our neighbours? He knew about my kinky writings but had never expressed any interest in acting out some of my scenarios, this much to my regret; I had always wished to act out some of my fantasies and in particular to be fully submissive to a man. I decided that it would be better to keep him in the dark unless I had further contact with Rory and Charlie. I limited my comments to saying that I had gone for a walk to clear my mind and had met our neighbours who were coming back home and had chatted for a few minutes.

Next day, George left at 7.45am. I did some housework and headed out for the garden. It was at about 12.30pm when I was relaxing on the terrace and the doorbell rang; it was Charlie. She accepted my offer of a glass of wine. After commenting on the size of our garden she asked: “Would you like to see a real live spanking?”

I hesitated for a second and then replied that I would. She explained that they had a client coming at 3.00pm, a man who enjoyed being disciplined like a schoolboy. She said that he seemed to get more excited if others were present, particularly girls. She then asked if I had clothes suitable for a school scene, I replied that I had played hockey until about one year ago and still had my kit; that would be perfect. She added that she would be spanked but I would not.

Shortly before 3.00pm I rang the bell of the old school, Charlie let me in, and she looked visibly younger with her hair in pigtails. On seeing my bag she asked if that was the clothes, I said that it was. She suggested that we both go to a spare bedroom and change. First she looked at what I had brought; a white sports shirt, navy skirt, knickers and socks. I had sports shoes and had also brought a pair of black flat heeled shoes. “Let’s go for the sports look, I think he will like that.”

She went to a walk in wardrobe and returned with a similar outfit. We both undressed and put on our outfits. Once dressed, I was struck by a thought; I had just stripped naked in front of a girl I had only met for the first time the previous day and had thought that there was nothing unusual, spanking and/or Charlie was having an effect on me. I remarked on how young the uniform made her look. She replied: “Thank you darling, you are so sweet, I must admit that I am still asked for ID in pubs and nobody would ever guess that I am 32, I may well ask you for ID dressed like that.”

We went down stairs and headed for the schoolroom. Rory was already there, he was wearing a gown over his shoulders, and he fully looked the headmaster type. He gently kissed me on both cheeks and quickly set the scenario, Charlie and I would come in after the first whacking.

The doorbell rang and Charlie and I went to the kitchen whilst Rory went to answer the door. There were voices and then we waited. It was not long before we could hear the sound of whacking; Charlie had explained that he would be getting the belt with his trousers on.

When the sound stopped we made our way to the schoolroom just as Rory was exiting, Charlie whispered that I should just follow her and she would do the talking. We went in. The guy was sitting at a desk looking red faced.

“Hi Henry, are you in detention as well?”

He replied that he was.

Charlie asked if he had already been whacked.

He nodded his head. “Oh dear, he must be in a bad mood.”

Rory came back in and told us to be quiet. He had several paper files in his hand and pretended to read through some of the files. “Well Henry, you have been a naughty boy, you were spotted standing on a box and looking through the window of the girls’ changing room. It’s not the first time you have been caught doing that. You will get 6 of the best and if you are ever caught there again it will be 12. Now stand up and get bent over the chair.”

He stood and looked round at us, perhaps looking for sympathy? He went over to the chair and bent over while Rory took a cane out of a cupboard. Rory lined himself up and proceeded to give him 6 hard strokes of the cane. Henry was told to return to his desk.

Rory then turned to Charlie: “You, young lady, have been late for class 3 times in the last week, come out here.”

Charlie stood and followed Rory to the chair. Rory sat and pulled Charlie gently over his lap. Her short sports skirt was lifted over her back to reveal a cute bottom encased in white cotton knickers. Rory started to spank her softly to start. He alternated cheeks and it got harder as he continued, I lost count but it must have been at least 20. She was and told to go back to her desk.

Rory said he had to make a phone call and left the room. Charlie turned to Henry and said: “Come on, Henry, let’s see the damage to your bottom.”

Henry went even redder (if that was possible).

“Come on Henry, don’t be shy, I’ll show you my bottom.”

Henry stood up and went in front of his desk, he undid his trousers and they fell to his knees; he took longer to lower his pants but soon the cane marks came into view, they were quite pronounced.

Charlie moved forward and ran her hand over the ridges on his bottom. “Who’s been a naughty boy then,” she teased.

Henry adjusted his clothing and sat again at his desk. Next Charlie moved in front of Henry, her hands went under her skirt and she lowered her knickers, next she lifted her skirt. Not only did Henry’s eyes nearly pop out of his head but mine also, it was a beautiful sight, both cheeks were rosy red. Just as Henry was groping her bottom Rory came back in.

“Henry, what are you doing?” He shouted.

Henry quickly removed his hand and Charlie went back to her desk without pulling up her knickers.

“Henry, over to the chair and drop your trousers and pants. I’ll deal with you later young lady.”

Henry got six hard strokes of the cane that left his bottom seriously damaged; he was going to find sitting most uncomfortable for a while.

The session was over and Rory let Henry out. Charlie and I went to the kitchen, the coffee was brewing and she poured three mugs. When Rory came in he asked how I felt, I did not quite know what to say and decided the truth was best.

“Very excited, I never thought that spanking would turn me on so much, the real thing is so much more exciting than in one’s imagination. The only thing missing was you spanking my bottom as well as Charlie’s.”

A broad grin appeared, he took me by the hand and led me to the schoolroom followed by Charlie. Rory went over to the chair, pulled me gently over his lap, lifted my short skirt up over my back and started to spank me. He did not spank hard but I could feel my bottom tingling as each slap landed. After a couple of minutes he stopped and said: “I think that will do for a first session, I hope there will be more, I really do love those old fashioned gym knickers.”

I suddenly realised the time and said that I should be going. With Charlie we went to the spare bedroom. I stripped and had a look at my bottom in the mirror, it was only slightly pink compared to Charlie’s. Back downstairs I kissed them both and thanked them for opening my eyes to a new world. With that I left.

Back home I started to prepare dinner. Was I going to tell George? How could I tell him that Rory had spanked my bottom? How could I explain the excitement of seeing Charlie spanked? I guessed that the redness of my bottom would subside within an hour so he would not be aware of anything strange. I knew I would be returning to see Rory and Charlie, I was hooked. Finally I decided on ‘what the eye doesn’t see the heart doesn’t grieve over.’

A couple of days later Charlie came round for lunch, Rory had gone up to town to promote some short films he had shot. Charlie asked how I felt after my spanking and acting in their little scenario. I told her that it had excited me and that I hoped to be able to return for more. I admitted that I had not mentioned any of this to George; my encouragement to play out my spanking desires had never been accepted by him, so how would he understand that someone else had spanked my bottom. Charlie fully understood my reasons and promised that it would be a secret between the three of us.

Charlie then went on to explain their business. There were two distinct products, firstly the discipline on a 1 to 1 basis like two days previously or in groups. They also sometimes organised full day and two day sessions. The other was the films, for these they engaged the services of professionals with sometimes a few interested amateurs. She asked whether I would be interested in participating in any of these sessions. I did not wish to be on film and told her so. If George ever saw me in a BDSM video then that would be the end of our marriage; I really love George. Charlie replied that it was possible to wear a disguise, for example a wig and glasses. For 1 to 1 sessions I said that I would be very interested to participate and may take up her suggestion of a disguise. Group sessions also were of interest.

I did point out that my own participation would have to be limited to light spankings so that there would be no evidence that George might see. She promised to keep me in mind and invite me whenever there were appropriate sessions. She promised also to brief Rory on our discussion and in particular that George would not be aware of anything.

A few days later Charlie rang and suggested that the four of us have dinner the following weekend at the Red Lion. George seemed quite interested when I told him and so on the Saturday evening we wandered round to the schoolhouse. We were invited in and they had set up for drinks on the terrace by the kitchen. Rory opened a bottle of champagne and we sipped it slowly.

On to the Red Lion, dinner was good and conversation about the village, where we had previously lived in town and work. Rory explained that he had his own advertising agency and could do most of his work from home.

Life in the village continued to the exclusion of the four of us except a polite “good morning” when we passed neighbours in the street. I wondered whether our other neighbours knew what happened in the schoolhouse?

I had my bottom spanked by Rory a few times, including my bare bottom; I enjoyed the ultimate humiliation of him lowering my knickers. Charlie also gave me a taste of the paddle a couple of times and I reciprocated. I had taken up Charlie’s suggestion of a disguise and had bought a long blond wig that hid part of my face; to this I added a pair of spectacles with plain but slightly tinted glass. I also bought some more suitable clothes that matched some of Charlie’s outfits, these included school skirts, navy and bottle green, white shirts, a couple of school type ties, long white socks and a variety of school type knickers.

They also invited me to a dungeon session with a couple. Charlie had come round to look out some clothes that might fit the scene they had in mind. She finally settled for a black leather miniskirt and a bright red waistcoat (with nothing underneath), seamed stockings and black high heels. These were put in a bag and we headed for the schoolhouse. I was surprised to see Rory in a Roman toga, leather sandals and bare chest; he explained that he would be the prison warder. Charlie disappeared and returned a few minutes later in what can only be described as the sexiest outfit ever. It was black leather, a micro-skirt and tube top, stockings with the suspenders fully on view and black thigh boots with the highest pair of heels I had ever seen.

The doorbell rang and Rory went to answer it. The couple were shown into the dormitory to change while Charlie and I went to the dungeon. Shortly Rory appeared holding the couple by their arms; they were wearing short gowns that barely covered their private areas. Charlie played the role of the chastiser ordering Rory to tie them to the various pieces of apparatus. She then proceeded to flog them with whips, not just on their bottoms but on their backs. At one stage the woman was tied upright in a spread-eagle position, Charlie took a short whip and laid into her tits. Later they moved on to canes applied to their bottoms. My role was restricted to putting the implements back after use.

After the couple had gone Rory asked how I had reacted. I said that this had not turned me on like the school scenes, I found it rather extreme. That was the first and last time I witnessed a flogging in the dungeon.

One evening George came home in an excited state. His company were setting up a new venture in Australia and he would be going out there for about 6 weeks. I asked whether the trip would include me but he said that he would be very busy and doubted whether I would appreciate being on my own most of the time including at weekends. He did mention that he would probably have to go out there once a year in the future and would certainly take me on one of the trips. An idea struck me, 6 weeks that would be long enough for cane marks to disappear; I wonder if George noticed my excitement at that thought?

I saw Charlie a couple of days later and mentioned George’s extended trip to Australia. My smile was enough for Charlie to understand.

Charlie called to invite me to lunch on the following Friday.

Summer had arrived and it was quite hot as I walked round to the schoolhouse, I was glad I had put on a dress. Charlie let me in and before we had reached the kitchen Rory appeared, he took my hand and steered me towards the schoolroom. Once inside he told me to sit and lectured me about having naughty thoughts. Finally he sat down and beckoned me over. I slid over his lap, he raised the dress over my back and spanked my bottom. It was not a hard spanking but was enough to give me that warm glow. He stopped and we went to the kitchen.

Over lunch we discussed what could be planned for when George would be away. I was asked whether I would be prepared for a harder session including the cane, I informed them that I was more than ready to experience a higher level of pain. Rory then suggested that they could arrange either a day or two day session with two or three guys and four or five girls. He explained that it had been some time since they had had such a session with friends.

I slightly hesitated at the 2 day session. I assumed that we would be sleeping in the dormitory, how would I cope with undressing and showering with so many people present? On the other hand my curiosity was running wild, I finally blurted out: “a two day session sounds like fun.” It was agreed that with George leaving in 10 days time, Rory and Charlie would organise the session for the first weekend that he would be away.

For the next two weeks I could not keep my concentration on work and started to forget to do things in the house and the garden. My mind could not get away from the image of the schoolroom. One evening George returned from town to find several things undone; this despite him having put them on the list in the kitchen. “Are you feeling alright,” he asked.

I replied that I was fine but knew this was not strictly true.

“You need to wake your ideas up, I have a good mind to spank your bottom in the hope that you will not be so forgetful in future.” He stood up, took me by the arm and led me to the lounge. He sat on the sofa and pulled me down over his lap. He started spanking my bottom over my dress but soon raised it and started spanking harder, the thong I had on provided no protection whatsoever. After about 10 minutes he stopped. “I hope that will remind you to be less forgetful in future, if not you will be back over my knee.”

I brought him a beer and had a glass of wine myself. He started by saying: “I have a confession to make, remember a few years ago you asked whether I would like to act out one of your stories about a domineering husband and a submissive wife. I declined, not because I didn’t want to spank your bottom, but rather I did not like the role of a domineering husband. Since then I have dreamed of spanking your bottom. The sight of your bottom in tight shorts or skirts sends me into spasms. I have been dreaming of this evening for so long. I am sorry but I really enjoyed spanking you.”

He was looking directly at me and knew the answer before I spoke. I leaned over and gave him a long kiss. “I also enjoyed being dominated by you, be warned, I may mess up deliberately in the future just so you will spank me.” We had dinner and went early to bed.

The next day I had a very guilty feeling. I now knew that George would spank me whenever I wanted yet I needed more. The weekend session was fast approaching and I desperately wanted to experience the cane again and the humiliation of being whacked in front of others. Could I ever speak to George about my secret? What would be his reaction? I had an idea. Perhaps Rory could take him to the Red Lion for a pint and give a more accurate description of his real business? Perhaps he could take him back to the schoolhouse and show him the schoolroom? Perhaps he could suggest a spanking session between the four of us? His reaction to that would give me the answer. But now I had to decide whether to drop out of the weekend session or not. I decided to call Charlie for a chat.

Charlie was round in 10 minutes. I poured us some wine and we went into the lounge. I gave her the whole story without anything missing. She listened without a word.

“What am I to do?”

She thought for fully two minutes without speaking. “I can see your problem, you want desperately to attend, you may not achieve the height of excitement that you are seeking from George, yet if you attend that could adversely affect the new found interest in George if he were ever to become suspicious of your relationship with Rory and me. I can assure you that neither of us would ever let on what has happened or what could happen this coming weekend. Rory will do whatever you ask in the hope of breaking George in gently to our ways. Finally we will not cancel the weekend party, we have a couple of very good friends coming and two girls that are serious amateurs and Rory will shoot some shots with them while they are here.”

The ball was back in my court. “I know that the final decision is mine, it’s just so difficult. Do I eat the whole chocolate bar now and may never get another one, or do I eat only part and save the rest till later?”

Charlie then suggested: “You could come for part of the time only and experience the cane again, alternatively you could pop back here from time to time to check for phone calls, etc. Or of course you could come and stay for the whole session starting on Friday evening till Sunday afternoon.”

The thought of only attending some of the sessions could be the answer I was looking for. I could go on Friday evening and see how I felt about staying overnight. I informed Charlie that I would come on the Friday evening and then judge how I felt.

Friday evening had arrived, I had butterflies in my stomach, and my palms were moist. The anticipation was killing me. I packed my bag, my usual school uniforms and enough other clothes for the whole weekend. Finally I checked the house and left.

Rory greeted me at the door and seeing my bag asked: “So you have decided to spend the whole weekend with us?”

“Just a precaution,” I replied.

He then took me into the kitchen and introduced me to the others. There was David and Lizzie, and Alina and Roxanna. David and Lizzie looked about my own age whilst the two girls looked to be in their early 20’s. From their accents they must be Eastern European and I learnt that they were both Romanian.

After a quick drink Charlie suggested that I put my things in the dorm, I followed her down the corridor. The others had already set out their clothes, I noticed that the hooks above 6 beds had been occupied. Charlie and Rory would be joining us. I chose one of the remaining beds and started to unpack my bag. Charlie remarked on the fact that I had enough clothes for the whole weekend. Once that was done we returned to the kitchen where a salad was set out. Talk over dinner revolved round the plans for the weekend. Rory had established a timetable. We would have a “fun” session that evening so we could get used to working together. There would be morning school on the Saturday including a filmed session with Alina and Roxanna. A similar session would be held in the afternoon and then a hard session in the evening. On Sunday morning there would again be a fun session followed by lunch.

After dinner Rory suggested that we take our drinks to his study. We sat around a large coffee table and he produced a pack of cards. The game was to be Indian Poker where each player is dealt a card and places it on their forehead without looking at it. With the card displayed to the others we would take it in turns to either fold or stay in the hand. The penalty for folding would be to remove one item of clothing. The winner with the highest card would then spank the others who had stayed in the game. If the winning card was held by more than one player and only two remained in it would be a draw, if there were other players still in then the winners would share the spanking.

I looked around, Charlie had on a short black leather skirt and t-shirt, the two Romanian girls had similarly short skirts and tops, I assumed that all three had on a bra and panties. The two guys were in trousers and short sleeved shirts. The guys only appeared to have on 3 items of clothing and the girls probably four. Rory had read my mind and explained that when a girl was to lose her third item of clothing that would be both her bra and panties. A fourth fold would result in a spanking.

Our glasses were filled, the cards shuffled and cut, and one card given to each player. I could see a king and two queens and so folded. I had a three. One of the Romanian girls folded her queen and the others remained in the game. David had the king and won. Both I and Alina had to stand, she took off her top while I removed my skirt. David went and sat in an upright chair and Rory, Lizzie, Charlie and Roxanna lined up to be spanked. David took each one in turn, it was neither a long nor hard spanking, more a token spanking.

Play continued, all of us had lost at least one item of clothing and some, including me, two. Alina, Charlie and Lizzie had all had a turn of being the spanker and we had all been spanked, Roxanna twice.

At the next round I could only see low to middle cards, to fold would mean that I was the first one to be fully naked, at least a spanking would allow me to keep my bra and panties on, I stayed. I was a little perturbed when everyone stayed, could I have a low card as well? When we all exposed our cards I found that I only had a three, Rory won with a seven. Rory went over to the chair and we lined up to be spanked.

I decided to stay rather than fold for the next three sessions, the result was a spanked bottom twice but on the third I won. David, Roxanna and Charlie lined up. David was first and I spanked him over his underpants, Roxanna had also lost two items and I effectively spanked her bare bottom as she was wearing a thong. Charlie still had her skirt much to my disappointment.

Lizzie was the first to be naked followed by Rory and me. It was strange sitting there totally naked. Soon everyone was naked so whatever you did you would be spanked unless you won. Rory then suggested that we each draw a card, the lowest would start as the spanker and spank the others in turn, then the second highest, etc. We were all spanked 6 times and by the end we all had red bottoms.

We returned to the kitchen for a final nightcap. Charlie came over to me and asked in a whisper whether I would stay the night. I knew that I should really leave but could not bring myself to leave. Still naked we went through to the dorm and into the bathroom. It was not since school that I had been naked in front of so many others and then of course there were no guys present. Back in the dorm David and Lizzie cuddled up in one bed as did the two Romanian girls. Rory was already in bed and I expected Charlie to follow him leaving be on my own. I was shocked when Charlie came over and said: “Move over, sweetie,” and climbed into my bed. We cuddled for a while and then she said that Rory would be missing her, she gave me a long full kiss and slipped out of my bed.

I woke up several times during the night, I must have been dreaming and could remember some of the dreams, the cuddle from Charlie and having a very sore bottom.

It was around 8.30am that there was a general stirring in the dorm so I headed for the bathroom. It was strange being stark naked in front of several of the others, particularly in front of the guys. Shower finished I got dressed and went to the kitchen. Charlie had beaten me to it and was preparing breakfast. I helped her as best I could but she seemed to have everything under control.

Rory announced that there were two cameramen coming who should arrive at about 10.00pm. It would take them half an hour to set everything up and shooting should not take longer than 45 minutes. We would then have an off camera session after that. There would be another filmed session after lunch and earlier than planned so the cameramen could get back to London, they had another assignment that evening. We would then have a session with the seven of us in the afternoon and again after dinner.

As there would be a break after breakfast, I decided that I would go home and check the mail and ensure everything was OK. Charlie said that we could watch the filmed session from the back of the classroom and would not appear in the film.

When I returned to the schoolhouse the classroom had been transformed. There were 4 cameras surrounding the front. Charlie told me that they would be running constantly and would cover different angles, the two at the side would be hand operated whereas the other two would be running throughout and giving a wider angle of the whole area.

Rory and the two cameramen checked that everything was running correctly and Rory went out, only to return after a minute with the two Romanian girls and wearing a gown. The two girls sat at the front of the class with Rory and Charlie off camera, the rest of us sat in a corner at the back.

The two girls were whispering and giggling, they really looked the part in white shirts and ties with bottle green skirts, white knee high socks and black shoes. Charlie, similarly attired, moved forward and told the girls to be quiet. She said: “You are both in for a good whacking. Sir does not take kindly rudeness to teachers.”

At this Rory moved forward and sat behind his desk. He lectured the girls about behaving in class and being respectful to the teachers. He then announced that they would each get 12 swats of the paddle. He moved a chair to one side of his desk and called Alina over. She was told to bend over and place her palms flat on the chair. Rory moved behind her and lifted her skirt up over her back. Her green knickers were fully displayed. Rory moved back a pace and to her left side. He lined the paddle on its target and let go with a hard whack. Alina reacted with a little squeal. Five more whacks followed, the squeals got louder, her legs bent slightly and her bottom swayed from side to side. Alina was then told to go back to her desk.

Next it was Roxanna’s turn. She sounded more agitated than Alina and her gyrations were more pronounced. She also received 6 whacks and was told to go back to her desk. Rory then announced that they would get the second six on their bare bottoms. There were brief protests from the girls, stopped in full flow by Rory saying: “Shut up. Get out here Alina and lower your knickers.”

She moved slowly to the chair, slid her hands under her skirt and lowered her knickers to mid-thigh. She then bent over and Rory lifted her skirt. Her bottom was already rosy red. He took up his stance and let go with his right arm. The sound of wood against bare skin was tremendous and Alina let out a loud squeal. Rory continued his work until her bottom was bright red.

Roxanna was next; she very reluctantly lowered her knickers after being reminded to do so by Rory. After her third whack she stood up and clutched her bottom.

“Get bent over,” said Rory in a commanding voice. You will get an extra swat for standing.”

Roxanna took the remaining four swats without standing but not without loud screams. Rory closed off the scene by saying: “Let that be a lesson to you both. If there are any further reports of disrespect to teachers you will get the cane.” He Turned to Charlie and said: “Take these two delinquents back to their class.”

Rory announced a 10 minute break and Charlie suggested that I put on my green uniform. Lizzie was already in the dorm and was changing her clothes. In our uniforms we returned to the classroom; the cameras were still there but the cameramen had gone. Alina and Roxanna were to take the role of prefects and would be spanking the rest of us with the paddle. Alina started by calling out Charlie. She bent over the chair and Alina lifted her skirt to expose a pair of white cotton knickers. She received 6 hard whacks without much complaint.

Next was Rory. He dropped his trousers and took 6 hard swats over his underpants. Lizzie was next, then me. I felt rather vulnerable as I bent over and felt my skirt being raised. I knew all eyes would be focused on my knicker covered bottom. The swats were harder that I had imagined and stung like hell. David was last.

Although Alina and Roxanna spoke reasonably good English they had a problem to play the roles of prefects and sometimes lapsed into Romanian, the scene was far less convincing that when Rory played the role of headmaster.

Roxanna took over and on some pretext said we would receive the next 6 on our bare bottoms. Charlie was called forward, she lowered he knickers and bent over. With her skirt lifted her glorious bottom came into view, the white soft skin with an area of red blotches in the middle. Roxanna did manage to get some reaction from her efforts in the form of grunts.

Rory was next followed by Lizzie. Lizzie made a little fuss when told to lower her knickers but did so in the end. Roxanna lifted her skirt and revealed her bottom, it was fuller than Charlie’s and gave Roxanna an easy target. I was called forward, lowered my knickers and bent over the chair. My bottom was duly exposed; it was not a sense of humiliation that I felt but rather one of excitement. I could not help myself from letting out grunts with each swat. After the sixth I stood and leant forward to raise my knickers, my bottom felt tight and it hurt a little as I eased them over my bottom. Sitting on the wooden seat was not a very pleasant task, my whole bottom was stinging.

David went last and Charlie announced lunch. We found the cameramen in the kitchen; they had already started to help themselves to the salad. We sat round the table and I found myself between Alina and Roxanna. It transpired that they had both been working in a club in Bucharest when they were approached by an English guy who had offered to pay them four times what they were earning in Romania to work in his club in London. He also promised to provide a flat. They had been a little worried about accepting the offer but in the event it worked out fine.

The club owner was a friend of Rory’s and he had approached them with an offer to appear in spanking films. Without any experience they had almost refused, however the money offered had persuaded them. They were very grateful to Rory as he had gone very gently with them initially, they could now take a good spanking and caning with minimal effort. I asked Roxanna about her screams, she simply replied that this was for the camera.

After lunch and a coffee Rory announced that the second filming session would start in 10 minutes. The cameramen left and Charlie, Alina and Roxanna went to change and returned in navy blue uniforms. We filed through to the schoolroom and took our seats. The scenario was somewhat similar, the two girls sitting at the front desks, Charlie coming in and saying that they would get the cane, and finally Rory brandishing a three foot crooked handle cane.

There was the usual lecture and Alina was called forward first. When her skirt was lifted her knickers were exposed, they did not look as thick as the bottle green ones and would not provide much protection against the cane. She took her 6 strokes with only a few grunts but from the gyrations of her bottom it was clear that the caning was very painful. Roxanna followed; again she had on white knickers and let out squeals after the second stroke.

Rory announced that they would be getting the next 6 on their bare bottoms. Alina moved forward, pulled her knickers down and bent over. As Rory lifted her skirt the damage to her bottom was on view, the cane lines were a deep colour of red and the blotches form the earlier paddling were now darkening to bruises. She did not keep as quiet this time and her squeals were almost screams. I could feel my own bottom tighten as each stroke was delivered, god this would be me later, would I be able to take 6 or 12 strokes?

Alina stood stiffly and recovered her knickers which she raised carefully avoiding to scrape the over the surface of her bottom. She went back to her desk and was clearly in some discomfort as she sat down.

Roxanna was next, she did not make a fuss of removing her knickers, perhaps the thought of an extra stroke was enough for her to comply? From the first stroke she screamed, I wondered if any of the other neighbours could hear her? Once the 6 strokes were delivered, she had trouble standing and Alina went over to help her. Alina also raised her knickers and was very careful to ensure that they were kept clear of her bottom. She took Roxanna’s arm and led her back to her desk. A few words of warning and the filming was over.

We trooped back to the kitchen while the cameramen packed up their equipment. After about 15 minutes they joined is in the kitchen, had a coffee and left.

Rory announced that play would start in 15 minutes and that we should wear blue uniforms. Briefly the order of play would be spankings for Charlie, Lizzie and me, paddle for Rory and David canings for us three girls and then for the guys, it would end with gentle spankings for Alina and Roxanna.

Several of us went off to the dorm to change, after that we went directly to the schoolroom. Changing into my uniform had excited me, my caning was getting closer, I could not get my head around the fact that I seemed to be looking forward to it, the caning appeared to be like a test that I had to pass.

Rory came over to me and told me that I would start by spanking Charlie on her bare bottom. I should tell her to lift her skirt and then I was to pull down her knickers before helping her over my knee. Rory nodded to me to signal the start. I called Charlie out and told her to lift her skirt. I slipped my fingers inside her white cotton knickers and eased them down to her thighs. Next she lay over my lap, I got her well positioned so I could have a full swing of my arm.

“Ready?” I asked, to which she replied: “Yes Miss.”

I started slowly but gave her hard slaps, her bottom was still bruised from earlier and I aimed at the still white areas, particularly at the tops of her thighs. I was really in my stride and smacked her lovely bottom as hard as I could. Suddenly Rory called a halt, much to my disappointment. Charlie stood up, pulled up her knickers, leant over and kissed my cheek, there was a broad grin on her face.

Next Lizzie was spanked by David and then it was my turn, Rory did the honours. He slid my navy knickers down slowly and seemed to relish revealing my sex. He spanked me hard and soon I was squirming at each blow. When he finished my whole bottom was tingling.

Charlie handed a flexible leather paddle to Lizzie and she told Rory to get in position. Rory moved over to the chair, dropped his trousers and slid his underpants down his thighs. Lizzie lined herself up and started to attack Rory’s bottom. The sound of leather against flesh was horrific; Rory was surely feeling the sting but held in place. After about five minutes, Charlie told her to give me the paddle; David replaced Rory with his trousers round his ankles and underpants at his knees. I started gently but soon was giving him a hell of a whacking. Charlie called a halt once his bottom was bright red.

Rory announced that that was the end of the first part. He set a large cushion on the chair and suggested that those of us not used to caning should have a practice. He handed a cane to Lizzie and she lined up to the cushion, she was clearly not a beginner and each stroke landed hard and in the same place. Next was my turn, Rory gave me some instruction, go slowly to start and concentrate on accuracy. This I did and found that I could be quite accurate, a little like swinging a tennis or squash racquet. He told me to try a few harder strokes. Next Alina and Roxanna had a practise.

“Right,” said Rory. “Our bottoms should have calmed down a little by now but still be warm, time for the ultimate implement.” My bottom felt more than warm and my buttocks tightened at the thought of the cane. “Charlie will go first and David will wield the cane, 6 strokes each with just one layer of protection.” 6 strokes of the cane, would I survive? Who was going to cane me?

My thoughts were interrupted by Charlie going over to the chair and bending over with her hands flat on the seat of the chair. Rory gave the cane to David who swished it a couple of times. He lifted her navy skirt to reveal her white knickers. He took his time, he first satisfied himself that his stance was right, measured where the cane would land and finally gave her bottom a couple of taps to announce the start. He drew the cane back and then seemed to put his weight behind the swing. The cane struck her bottom with a loud “craaack”; within a second or two Charlie let out a little squeal. David continued leaving about 30 seconds between strokes. I was conscious that my buttocks clenched at each stroke. After the sixth, David told her to stand and return to her desk; it was with some difficulty that she lowered her bottom on the seat.

Next was Lizzie and Rory took the cane from David. Rory lifted her skirt to reveal navy knickers. He went through the same routine as David. Lizzie screamed when the first stroke impacted her bottom and the wriggling was a clear indication that it had hurt. She let out a scream after every stroke. When she had received her six strokes she moved stiffly back to her desk and her hands were on the seat in an attempt to reduce the weight from her bottom.

“Your turn Wendy,” announced Rory and handed the cane to Charlie.

I moved over to the chair and stood there waiting to be told what to do.

“Right Wendy, bend right over and stick your bottom out so I have a good target,” Charlie ordered.

I bent over and felt Charlie lift my skirt over my back. She seemed to be taking her time, I wished she would start, I wanted to know how much it hurt. I then felt the cane touch my bottom in the middle and then a couple of taps. The cane was gone, there was a swish, a “craaack” and I could not help letting go an ear piercing scream, god it hurt, all I wanted to do was stand and rub the pain away. It took all my efforts to stay bending.

I heard Charlie say: “Push your bottom out further.”

I obliged and was rewarded with the second stroke. Four more to go, how would I cope with more pain? The third stroke did not seem to hurt as much, I must have been getting used to the pain, my screams were not so loud now. I took the last three in my stride and felt quite proud of myself. Standing was not quite so easy, Charlie took my arm and steadied me. I leaned towards her and kissed her cheek. Sitting was strange, pain surely but also a welcome glow from my bottom.

Rory and David were last, Alina caned Rory whilst Roxanna dealt with David. Neither had much reaction other that a tightening of their buttocks.

Rory then invited Lizzie and me to hand spank Alina and Roxanna. I went over to the chair and called Alina over. She lay over my lap and raised her skirt. I started spanking her over her little white boyshorts and then eased them down. Her bottom was well striped from the earlier caning. I did not spank her as hard as I had spanked Charlie. Lizzie went next with Roxanna.

Dinner was announced and I went through to the dorm on the way mainly to check on the state of my bottom in the mirror. I was in the process of rubbing my bottom when Charlie came in.

“Let’s have a look,” she said. “Mmmmmm, very nice,” and she patted it gently. “You really do have a very cute and spankable bottom. Do you want to see mine?” She asked.

We swapped places and she quickly bared her bottom, the cane lines were ridged, I went down on my knees, kissed each cheek and said: “it’s so pretty and looks pretty sore.”

After dinner we played a variation of Indian poker, we each had 3 cards, two exposed and the third only one saw. We then had to fold or continue as before. The hands were played with poker rules and the winner spanked the losers, if you folded you had to forfeit an item of clothing. The spankings were relatively gentle as we all had sore bottoms. It was however rather pleasant and kept up the heat level of my bottom.

At bedtime the shower room was full of stripy bottoms and both Rory and David gave me little slaps as they passed by me. I slid between the sheets and decided to sleep on my side. I was in my own blissful heaven when Charlie slid into bed behind me. I turned and kissed her full on the lips. She returned my kiss and whispered: “I am here for the night, Rory is already asleep.” It was the first time I had been intimate with a girl since I had attended sleepovers when I was a teenager.

The next morning I was exhausted, I also felt that my bottom could take no more punishment. So I thanked Charlie, Rory and the others for such a great weekend and was serious when I hoped that we would meet again soon. I went to the dorm, packed my things and left before they started playing.

It was a lovely day so after sorting out my bag I went to the terrace with a mug of coffee. I relived the events of the previous 36 hours and could still feel that my bottom was a little delicate. What was I going to do about George? Should I tell him or not? I could hardly tell him about the weekend. On the other hand I would find it difficult not to visit the schoolhouse again. I had a very guilty feeling.

The End