Promotion leads a young woman to a new experience

by Frances Stephenson

The Headmaster had just finished caning a girl. It was a hard caning and the girl’s mother had been present. The Assistant Secretary, Katharine and the Junior Secretary had also been present to act as witnesses. Katharine had prepared the girl and generally made sure everything had run smoothly.

Katharine had caught Susan, the Junior Secretary, looking very excited and with a big smile on her face. She furiously signalled to the younger girl to behave and look serious. After the caning Katharine gave Susan a ‘dressing down’.

“That was not an exhibition to be proud of Susan,” rasped Katharine. “The Head has already expressed some concern over your behaviour and your ability to take over my position when, in turn, I take over from Mrs Pearson, who retires next month.”

“I am really sorry, Katharine,” whispered Susan, looking at the young and attractive Assistant Secretary whom she really liked and sometimes had fantasised about her and her, sometimes, strict personality.

“I really cannot let this state of affairs continue,” said Katharine.

“Please,” said Susan. “I really don’t want to lose this job; I really like it here and enjoy working with you, I feel you can teach me so much.” Susan looked at Katharine, pleadingly.

Katharine was a very attractive looking girl with very dark, almost black hair. Her sharp features were really animated when she smiled. She wasn’t smiling now and looked stern.

“You seemed to be more than a little interested in the caning that you were required to witness,” said Katharine.

“Yes I was,” replied Susan. “I must say I really rather enjoyed it.”

“If Barbara’s mother had seen your obvious pleasure in the caning her daughter was receiving there could have been serious trouble,” said Katharine. “Trouble with the School and trouble for the Headmaster, receiving unwelcome publicity. We don’t want that do we?”

“No Katharine,” responded a chastened Susan.

“I have been asked to prepare a report on you which I am due to deliver to the Headmaster in about ten days time. I have to tell you now that it will not be very favourable.”

Susan looked adoringly at the strict and attractive Katharine. “Please Katharine, show me how I can win your approval,” said Susan quietly.

“Yes, I will,” said Katharine. “But don’t let me down or you will be sorry.”

“Yes Katharine,” whispered Susan.

“Firstly, were you ever caned at School or spanked, or anything like that?”

“Spanked at home, and the slipper at school. A few times,” responded Susan.

“Well,” said Katharine. “I think you should be caned. After all, you should know what a caning feels like and it will satisfy your curiosity. In addition it will remind you that your work should be done with willingness and efficiency. I would also instruct you to pay more attention to your appearance. Your hair must be neat and tidy and there are to be no jeans worn in this office. We are the school’s shop window and a good impression is essential. In addition to the caning I intend that the coming week or so will be made additionally painful by the daily application of six strokes of the ruler delivered on your knickers. I need hardly tell you that I expect to see a great all round improvement.”

“Yes, indeed you will see a substantial improvement,” gasped Susan as she took in this catalogue of instructions and punishments. “I know I deserve to be caned and spanked with your ruler. I know it will be good for me. Please carry out your duties and make my punishments good and hard.”

“School lessons will begin in about half an hour,” said Katharine. “Nobody should come to the offices in that time and if I lock the door we will be undisturbed. You are not a pupil Susan and the only way I can cane you would be as a ‘consenting adult’. I will require you to sign a form confirming your status and the fact that you have requested disciplinary punishment from me.”

“Yes, of course,” said a clearly excited Susan, pleased that her goddess was really going to punish her.

Katharine had prepared a form in advance and silently passed it over for Susan’s signature.

I, Susan Jane Fairfax do hereby request that Katharine Clarkson subjects me to corporal punishment with an implement of her choice and with my approval.

The punishment will be delivered on my bottom with no more covering than a pair of thin knickers to protect my modesty. I want it perfectly understood that I am requesting this punishment of my own free will and that I am under no duress whatever. The severity and number of strokes are left to Miss Katharine Clarkson’s discretion.


At that moment the beefy and flustered figure of Michelle Dennis, the Games Mistress, appeared. “Katharine I’ve run out of those wretched sports equipment requisition forms, have you got some?”

“Yes here they are,” said Katharine, passing over about a dozen. “While you’re here, Susan has to complete this form and her signature needs to be witnessed. Would you oblige?”

“Drat, I haven’t got my glasses,” said Michelle.

“You don’t really need them,” said Katharine. “Just see that Susan signs and then sign your own name here.” The formalities were all accomplished very rapidly.

“I must fly,” said Michelle, disappearing as quickly as she had arrived.

“So you have now given me your legal authority to cane and spank your bottom as hard and often as I please, Susan.”

Susan seemed to be both flushed and excited.

“Come with me and we will lock the outer door.” On the way back, Katharine retrieved the key to the cabinet where the Punishment Book and canes were kept. Katharine took the three main canes out, leaving the ‘reserves’ in place.

“This is the lightweight junior cane,” explained Katharine. “Not very often used, its threat is usually a sufficient deterrent, next are the intermediate ones and lastly the swishy and painful senior cane. This was the one used on Sarah and you saw how painful that was.”

“Which are you going to use on me?” Asked Susan quietly.

“Both the Intermediate and the Senior,” said Katharine. “I want you to feel the bite of each. Incidentally this is my ruler.” She picked up a yellow eighteen inch hard and unforgiving boxwood ruler. “You will be forming a closer acquaintance with it tomorrow. Also please remind me to provide you with a punishment diary. It will provide a written record of your improvement over the coming weeks. Now time is getting on so let’s get your bottom dealt with.”

Susan was almost shaking with fear and expectation as she followed Katharine into the deserted Head Master’s study.

“Take off your jeans and don’t let me see you wearing them again.”

Susan obeyed, displaying unexpectedly attractive legs, slim but perfectly shaped.

“Pull your top up to your bra level,” ordered Katharine. This action completed, a close fitting pair of thin pink knickers were on display. Susan’s bottom was beautifully shaped, one might almost say sculpted, and sufficiently covered to be able to take a hard caning. Katharine looked on with pleasure and was looking forward to wielding the cane on these delicious twin globes.

“You know what to do,” called Katharine. “Over the back of that chair, head down and bottom well up, push it further out and hold onto the front legs firmly. The next few minutes will hurt a great deal and you must keep your naughty bottom still so that I can thrash it.”

“Yes Katharine,” came the muffled confirmation.

“Here it comes; three with the intermediate.”

With that the first stoke whipped in, not super hard but enough to elicit a sharp squeal from Susan. Number two was slightly harder and landed on the top, over her overhang. “OW OW OW,” gasped Susan. Number three landed higher up. “OOOOO OWCH OWCH,” cried the girl.

“That completes your caning with the intermediate cane,” said Katharine. “Now we will move on to the heavier and more painful senior one, Ready?”

“Yes Katharine,” said Susan, nervously. “I didn’t know it would sting so much.”

“Brace yourself, there’s worse to come,” said the unfeeling Katharine, delivering the first stroke with the senior.

“OOOOOO OW OWOUCH OWCH,” gasped Susan.

The fourth stroke was aimed at the base of her overhang, always a sensitive area. She let out a small scream as the fifth stroke also visited this area. The sixth was about an inch higher and managed to crossover previous strokes.

Susan howled: “OOOOO NO NO NO OUCH OUCH OUCH.” She again gasped.

“Right, that’s you thrashed!” Said Katharine, noting that Susan’s bottom was well covered by painful looking weals which the girl tenderly rubbed whilst crying and generally wriggling her hips and doing little dances on the floor in an effort to cope with the pain. Katharine found a box of tissues and offered them to the weeping girl.

“So how was your first thrashing?” Enquired Katharine.

“Very painful indeed, but oddly satisfying,” said Susan. “Thank you for giving me such a severe hiding. Here’s to the next time.”

“You had better get dressed, lessons will soon be over.”

Susan squeezed into her jeans which seemed to have shrunk over the last half hour! Katharine had already moved to the outer office taking the canes with her and not forgetting Susan’s ‘Agreement’ which she put safely in one of her drawers.

“Susan, I have some typing for you to complete before going home so I should get on with it.”

“Yes Katharine,” whispered Susan, wriggling as she tried to find a comfortable position. Not only were the bruises uncomfortable but the heat was building in its intensity.

“Uncomfortable?” Said Katharine, nastily.

“Oh yes,” responded Susan.

“I kept the strokes nice and low,” said her Tormentress. “Being as you sit down most of the day I wanted you to have a constant reminder! If you have to get home you can always come in early to finish off. You live some way out don’t you? I live only about two miles away and drive in each day. I am looking after my parent’s house as they are in Australia for the next four months. You could come and stay with me if you like; there is a bus service close by or I could give you a lift.”

It sounded like heaven. “Yes please, thank you very much.”

“Move in tomorrow,” said Katharine. “Bring enough clothes to last until Saturday and then I will drive over and pick you and your baggage up. Besides, it will be a good thing if I were to make myself known to your parents.”

“This all sounds wonderful,” said Susan. “I can’t wait until tomorrow.”

“You won’t forget that you have an appointment with my ruler tomorrow, will you Susan?”

“Oh, but my bottom is so sore Katharine.”

“Sorry, it makes no difference,” said the hard hearted Katharine.

“Yes Katharine, I won’t forget,” whispered Susan.

“Do remember I keep canes as well as rulers and the odd strap at home, so we will not be short of disciplinary implements,” smiled Katharine.

“I won’t forget.” Susan again whispered her response.

The next day Susan arrived carrying a suitcase. Katharine was already in place. They exchanged greetings and proceeded to start the day’s work. Katharine was pleased to see that Susan was walking a bit stiffly.

“My parents are pleased that I will be living with a senior work colleague and look forward to meeting you on Saturday.”

“Did you tell them that I thrashed you yesterday?” Asked Katharine.

“No I didn’t, I thought it might lead to too many questions,” said Susan, blushing beguilingly.

“Right, get on with your work. I hope your bottom is much recovered. You don’t seem to be wriggling around as much as yesterday!”

“Yes, thank you Katharine, still sore but improving.”

“Excellent! You won’t forget that we have an appointment this afternoon, will you?”

“No Katharine, of course not.”

“I hope you are wearing thin and skimpy knickers.” Said Katharine. “And not a thong, I trust.”

It had not escaped Katharine that Susan was smartly dressed in a red suit, light stockings or tights and medium heeled red shoes. Her brown hair was also smart and curled around her head in an attractive manner.

“Yes I am, Katharine,” responded Susan. “Very brief and red.”

“Very good,” complimented Katharine. “You are very well turned out and look good, you have clearly made an effort to smarten yourself up and it has really worked.”

The day passed much as any other and Susan busied herself, but her agitation showed as she increasingly looked at the clock. At last the time came.

“Susan, come in here and bring my ruler with you,” commanded Katharine.

Susan quickly complied, not forgetting the dreaded ruler. She stood in front of the Headmaster’s desk. Katharine was already installed in the comfortable chair.

“So this is the second time you have had to report to me for punishment,” said Katharine coldly.

“Yes, I am so sorry,” said Susan in a faltering voice.

“Skirt off and tights, if you’re wearing them.”

“No, I’m wearing stockings,” said Susan. “I thought you would like me in them.”

She removed her skirt, revealing grey suspenders and brief red thin knickers and pale stockings emphasising her slim and well shaped legs.

“Over you go,” Katharine rasped. “Head well down and bottom up.”

Susan immediately obeyed, aware of the vulnerable target her bottom made.

“That looks most attractive, Susan,” complimented Katharine. “I do like the suspenders and the stockings, and your knickers are a nice match with your shoes and suit.”

Susan was absurdly pleased and braced herself for her spanking with a lighter heart. It was over in a few minutes and Susan caressed her hot and painful bottom before thanking Katharine and walking back to her desk.

In due course it was confirmed that Katharine was promoted to School Secretary and that the much improved Susan would act as her deputy. Katharine settled into her new position and enthusiastically went about her business.

One day Katharine was swishing the cane in a menacing fashion whilst she imagined caning an errant schoolgirl when Mr Smithson, the Headmaster, walked in.

“Getting your eye in are you, Katharine?” He remarked in a good humoured manner.

“Yes sir,” she said. “I do have some experience of wielding a cane and was just re-living past experiences.”

“Well you carry out your duties as the new Secretary very well. Do I understand that you would have no objection to caning some of the girls, should that be necessary?”

“I would certainly have no objection,” said Katharine.

“Well, from my point of view it would be a good arrangement as I do not think the staff are necessarily the best option as regards caning. Much better to have someone outside the teaching staff to do the job.”

“I have used the cane on Susan,” admitted Katharine.

“Well it has certainly worked wonders,” said the Head. “She seems to be very efficient, quite unlike the girl who first started working here.”

“Susan is due for another caning,” said Katharine. “Why don’t I give it to her in your presence and you can judge my competence.”

The Head agreed.

“Susan, come in here,” ordered Katharine. “There is a possibility that I will be allowed to cane the girls and the Head is wondering about my experience. How do you think I cane, from your own experience?”

“I think you deliver a very competent and firm caning,” said Susan. “You cane quite hard with consistent strength, and very accurately, from my own experience.”

“Susan, you are due for another caning and I am going to give it to you now. Take down your trousers and bend over the back of the chair. You are going to receive six strokes.”

Susan was taken aback by this turn of events and turned pale. She did not, however, argue as she sensed that this was important for Katharine and was anxious to do the best for her even though it might well be painful for her.

She quickly undid her trousers and pushed them down to her ankles and then made sure her top was tucked up. She then bent over the back of the chair with her head well down and her bottom well presented.

Katharine picked up the intermediate cane and swished it a few times watching Susan’s pink knickered bottom twitch in anticipation. The first stroke landed just above the crown of Susan’s bottom, it was more painful than her previous caning from Katharine. Susan felt as though she had something to prove and made up her mind to take the allotted six strokes without too much noise.

The pain from the first stroke intensified but the arrival of the second put all thought of the first one from her mind it landed quite low, almost in the crease and was extremely painful Susan squealed loudly, Number three was just below the first and was, again, a hard stroke, Susan squealed again and concentrated on keeping her bottom properly presented although this was becoming increasingly difficult.

The next two were just as firmly delivered and accurately filled in the gap again and again Susan squealed. The last one, always the hardest, landed just under her overhang and produced the loudest squeals yet.

‘That should make sitting down pretty uncomfortable for a day or so,’ thought Katharine.

“That was an excellent performance Katharine,” said the Head. “And well taken Susan.”

“You have removed any doubts about your competence,” said the Head. “I will place you on the list of staff qualified to cane pupils forthwith and may I welcome you to this select number.

There was a new member of staff, an Alice Simmonds, quiet but academically more than competent. She was to be in charge of the Lower Sixth enough of a challenge for anyone, let alone a shy-seeming girl who looked young for her age. She had, in fact, only just finished College where she had done exceptionally well and this encouraged the Headmaster to appoint her.

During the first week, Katharine was made aware that there was a certain amount of noise coming from the Lower Sixth history lesson and wondered how Alice Simmonds was coping. The Headmaster was away for a few days and there was only Katharine and Susan in the School office.

Lessons had been in progress for about 15 minutes when a girl arrived with a Note for the Headmaster.

“He is not here; you had better give it to me,” said Katharine.

The note was headed ‘Report Card’ and went on to say that Rebecca Jameson had been a Persistent Disruptive influence in Class. It was signed by Alice Simmonds.

Katharine typed the girl’s name in the computer and noted that she had been in trouble before, a number of times in fact, having received the cane once already this term.

“So you are Rebecca Jameson,” she said pleasantly.

“What if I am?” Retorted the girl. “Old Smithy’s not here then?”

“If you are referring to Mr Smithson, the Headmaster, he is away and will be back on Thursday.”

“I thought I was in trouble there for a moment,” said Rebecca.

“You are in trouble,” said Katharine. “And I have no hesitation in telling you that you are in for six strokes of the cane, the four strokes you had last time for the same offence not, apparently, having had any lasting effect.

Rebecca continued to look truculent and uncooperative. She was about average height with not a bad figure but her aggressive manner and stance made her seem short and pugnacious.

“So I will have to wait until he gets back, will I?”

“No, you won’t.” Katharine retorted. “I will cane you myself.”

“You!” Said Rebecca in disgust. “That’s not allowed.”

“Look at the Notice Board behind you. You will see that I am one of four people in the school authorised to administer corporal punishment, including, I may add, bare bottom canings.”

“I don’t believe it,” said Rebecca, not willing to give an inch.

“Go and look,” said Katharine. “It is the notice on the right and signed by the Headmaster.”

Rebecca went to read the notice and after some time Katharine said: “So you see I am allowed to cane you and that is exactly what I intend to do.”

“No, I will not accept it,” rasped Rebecca.

“Sit here,” ordered Katharine. “See that clock? It is now 11.25. At 11.40 I want you to accept that you will receive six strokes of the cane from me. If at that time you do not cooperate the punishment will be increased to 9 strokes and, if necessary, I will request the presence of two members of staff to hold you down while I cane you. It is up to you.” Katharine recognised that this was a clash of wills that she could not afford to lose.

The minutes slowly ticked by until 11.39. Rebecca got to her feet and stood in front of Katharine’s desk and mumbled her acceptance.

“Susan,” called Katharine. “The Senior cane and punishment book please.”

Susan brought them in.

“Prepare Rebecca for a caning please,” said Katharine.

Susan bent Rebecca over the back of the chair and told her to hold on tight. She then lifted Rebecca’s skirt revealing white knickers somewhat too small for her burgeoning bottom. Two bulges of white bottom were showing beneath her knickers, making an irresistible target. Katharine swished the cane a few times noting with pleasure the twitches of dread from Rebecca.

She started her caning making the strokes harder than she had given before but wanting to make this girl suffer more. She was rewarded with gasps and shrieks after only two, the third stroke was even harder and neatly cover the bulges of escaped flesh.

Rebecca screamed. The next, again hard, was delivered on her crease, again causing her to scream. The fifth, which was even harder, was delivered dead centre; although that was only five strokes.

Katharine told Rebecca to get up.

“That’s all, for now,” she added. “Now come with me,” she said, still holding the senior cane.

They made their way back to Alice Simmonds’s form room where Katharine knocked and, having received a ‘come in’, she entered with Rebecca and Susan in tow.

“I am sorry Rebecca has been giving you trouble” said Katharine I have almost completed giving her a sound thrashing but before I do Rebecca has something to say to you, over to you Rebecca.”

“I am truly sorry for the problems I have caused you, Miss Simmonds. It was rude and immature of me and I have been well caned for it.” Her red rimmed eyes and blotchy face were an adequate testament to the pain she had endured.

“Now Miss Simmonds, are there any other girls who are causing you problems? It’s best to get it out in the open, here and now,” said Katharine kindly.

“The three girls at the back,” said Alice. “Dawn Feather, Jean Mower and Jane Cartwright; I considered sending them along with Rebecca Jameson but did not want to send too many,” she added, rather weakly.

“You three, come up to the front,” ordered Katharine sharply. “Stand there,” she pointed.

“Now Rebecca, you have one stroke to go and I want this delivered in front of your class and, importantly, in front of Miss Simmonds. “Susan, please prepare her.”

Susan made Rebecca face the blackboard with her back to the class.

“Bend over and lift your skirt, hold on to your ankles,” ordered Susan.

There was a gasp from the class as Rebecca’s bottom showed evidence of her caning; two livid marks looking very sore and painful were clearly in evidence. Rebecca kept her bottom well presented for the final stroke. Katharine had broken her rebellious streak and she was docile and obedient. Katharine delivered the last stroke and was rewarded by some frantic squirming and shrieks but Rebecca remained in position, her bottom perfectly presented for further punishment.

“You can get up now,” said Katharine.

Rebecca did so, rubbing her bottom. “Thank you for my caning, Miss,” she said.

“That’s Rebecca dealt with, now you three girls,” said Katharine, turning to the three very apprehensive girls. “Dawn Feather, come here and bend over. You are all to receive four strokes of my cane.”

Dawn displayed a well rounded bottom tightly encased in white knickers ready to receive four well laid on strokes of the senior cane; she squealed at each one and screamed as the last one bit into her soft bottom.

“Up you get,” said Katharine. “Now thank me.”

“Thank you miss for caning me so well,” stammered Dawn.

“Now apologise to Miss Simmonds, quickly now.”

Dawn approached her youthful teacher. “I am really sorry for the problems I have caused you,” she said. “I hope seeing me caned has put this right.”

Jean Mower soon followed Dawn and displayed a charming expanse of pink knickered bottom. Katherine thrashed her well and the girl loudly squealed as each stroke bit into her bottom. She thanked Katharine and made a very pretty apology to Miss Simmonds.

Jane Cartwright was the last in line and nervously bent over displaying thin and tight yellow knickers. She shrieked as each stroke bit into her appealing bottom, tears were running down her cheeks as she thanked Katharine and then apologised to Miss Simmonds.

The lesson had already ended and the pupils reluctantly left the class room, four of them rubbing their bottoms ruefully.

“I am so grateful Katharine,” said Alice. “You certainly taught those girls a lesson. I am sure I will have no further trouble from anyone in my class.”

“If you do, do not hesitate just send them to me and I will make them sorry,” said Katharine. “Come on Susan it is time we were on our way.”

Later that day the two girls arrived back at Katharine’s home and relaxed with a gin and tonic. Katharine was very well pleased with the day and felt that they had both acquitted themselves well. She was especially pleased that she had won the ‘battle of wills’ with Rebecca Jameson.

Susan had been most impressed by Katharine’s firm and decisive manner and mentioned that the school grapevine would soon bear the news that the new School Secretary delivered a really sound thrashing.

The End