Another in the New Lady of the Manor Series, with maid Maisie gaining a promotion.

By Duncan Wade

Maisie Edwards couldn’t have been happier as she pulled up to the front entrance of the Manor House where had worked for nearly 3 years. She had just been promoted to be the new Lady of the Manor’s Personal Assistant, having previously been her Ladyship’s maid since Lady Sarah Huntingdon-Smith arrived after marrying his lordship, Simon Huntingdon-Smith, 6 months ago.

Maisie was an attractive 20 year old with long dark brown hair, large brown eyes and a gym-toned body. She had quite thick straight eyebrows that she could move independently and make everyone around her laugh. She liked wearing quite vivid lipstick and nail polish, and liked to dress to impress on her days off, but today she arrived at her new post wearing a new dark grey suit with a straight pencil skirt and a white blouse, black high-heeled court shoes, black hold-up stockings, all bought with a clothing allowance from Lady Sarah. Her good luck didn’t end there. She was also moving in to her very own staff apartment, located behind the main Manor House.

“Morning, Miss Edwards,” Captain Sweeting smiled as he looked at the newly transformed Maisie. “Please leave your car and follow me. I’ve got some things for you to sign.

“Yes, of course, Captain,” replied Maisie as she stepped from her battered 15-year-old Mini, giving the middle-aged head of Security a view of her stocking tops as she did so. She followed the short but well-dressed Captain to His LED screen-lined office, aware of the other staff nudging one another and pointing at her.

“Just a few housekeeping forms for you, Miss Edwards, and your new security tag now that you are part of the Management Staff. There’s also a new Parking Permit so you can park on site outside your staff quarters. If you could just sign here and here, Miss Edwards, please.”

Maisie quickly signed the paper work and placed the new tag round her neck. “Thank you, Captain Sweeting,” she replied as she handed the documents back to him.

“Good luck in your new position, Miss Edwards,” he smiled, all the time thinking of the positions he would like to get her in.

After parking in her new designated parking space outside Flat 2, Maisie grabbed her large handbag, took a deep breath and headed to Lady Sarah’s study on the first floor of the Manor House, her new place of work.

“Look at you,” gasped Lady Sarah on seeing Maisie in her new outfit. “Gosh, you look so different, so all grown up.”

“Thank you, M’Lady,” Maisie replied. “I’m really pleased with the suit; it feels so different to wearing my old maids uniform. Thank you again for your faith in me. I’m really pleased with the flat and everything.”

“It’s a pleasure, Maisie. You are a great help to me, and now you are My official Personal Assistant we can really get down to business together. When do you move into the staff flat?” gushed Lady Sarah.

“First night tonight. My Mum helped me move over the weekend, and I filled my car up with the rest of my stuff this morning, M’Lady,” Maise replied.

“Wonderful. Now, just a word of warning. I’m sure it’s not necessary, but I have had to really sell this idea to His Lordship, who thinks you are too young for this responsible job and too young to be trusted in a staff flat. However, I have assured him that you are a very sensible young woman and that I have every faith in you, so please don’t let me down, Maisie.” Lady Sarah wagged her finger as she replied and tried to look as stern as she could. What she did not reveal to her new PA was that her husband had added that if Masie did mess up, Lady Sarah would face, as he put it, ‘Consequences’.

No further explanation was forthcoming from her Member of Parliament husband, but Lady Sarah was hoping that her husband intended to take her over his knee. So far, her subtle hints to her distracted and often absent new husband that she would consent to a martial spanking had so far fallen on stony ground. However, her interest and need to be traditionally disciplined had not been ignored. She had inadvertently stumbled across her husband’s PA and manager of the on-site Equestrian Centre, Lisa Jones, administering a sound over the knee spanking to the Head Groom, Anna Olson, a few weeks previously. Lisa had also given Her Ladyship her first ever spanking, and an introduction to the paddle that had lit up Her Ladyship’s bare bottom.

Lisa Jones had explained to Lady Sarah that she and the Swedish Anna had, as she put it, an ‘arrangement ‘ that entailed the 25-year-old groom being spanked whenever her job performance fell below Lisa’s exacting standards. It worked well, as Anna had gone from being in danger of being let go to being promoted, and was now tipped for a directorship in the not too distant future. Lady Sarah’s introduction to spanking had left her bottom very sore, but hoping for more, particularly from her husband.

Maisie made copious notes during her two hour meeting with Lady Sarah, and her head was in a spin as she headed to her new flat for the first time for a quick lunch break. As she approached the low rise modern complex of six self-contained one-bedroom flats, Anna Olson, the Head Groom, pulled up in her red Porsche next to her Mini.

“Hello, new neighbour!” Anna called to Maisie.

Anna was all the boys’ favourite. She was tall with lots of blonde hair that was either piled on top of her head or crammed into a long pony tail. She had very large blue eyes and a slim but curvy figure that her tight riding clothes showed off well. Anna was very friendly and very well off, thanks to a family trust fund that had no doubt paid for the Porsche.

Anna, dressed in tight white jodhpurs and a black riding jacket, bounded over to greet Maisie. “Have you moved in yet, Maise?” she asked, adding: “Only, I stayed at my aunt’s place in London this weekend.”

“Yes, I moved in over the weekend. My mum helped Me. It’s my first night here on my own tonight,” replied Maisie, slightly overwhelmed by the glamorous Swede.

“Great!” Shouted Anna. “I’ve got a present for you. I’ll pop it round about 7.00 tonight. Fancy Pizza? My ‘moving in’ treat?”

“Thank you. Yes, that would be lovely,” was all Maisie could think to say.


Lady Sarah finished her hour-long riding lesson with Anna Olson at 5.00 pm and walked the short distance from the Equestrian Centre to Lisa Jones’s tied cottage in the grounds of the Manor House. ‘Cottage’ was not a very accurate description of the large 4-bedroom house that also served as a safe place for Lady Sarah to escape from the sometimes oppressive atmosphere of the Manor House, and where she could just relax with Lisa and Anna. It was also where she had been introduced to the world of spanking by Lisa, and she was keen to discuss continuing her ‘education’ in the matter.

“Hi, come in and let’s get some wine opened,” beamed Lisa as she opened her red front door to Lady Sarah.

“Sounds like a plan,” Lady Sarah smiled back at the tall dark-haired 20-something Lisa.

It was the first time they had been on their own together since Lisa had taken Lady Sarah over her knee and spanked her bare bottom, then put over her over her desk for an introduction to the paddle. Until then, Lisa had only used it on Anna, so there was some awkwardness between them, but that soon disappeared once the wine was opened. After a long gulp, Lisa brought the spankings into the conversation.

“So, no ill effects from the other evening, I take it?” Lisa ventured.

“No,” blushed Lady Sarah. She sat opposite Lisa in the large living room. “It did sting for a while, but my head was in a spin for a few days. Was I supposed to like it? It’s hard to explain, but I’ll try. It was almost like I could forget about being Lady Sarah for a while.”

Lisa sipped her wine, pleased with how this evening was going.

“I do feel like I should be experiencing this with my husband though,” Lady Sarah continued. “But, at the same time, I don’t want him to laugh at me or, worse, think I’m some sort of pervert.”

“Well,” said Lisa. “It’s up to you, of course, but can I suggest you hold off on speaking to His Lordship until you have explored a bit further? In my case, I didn’t know anything about spanking until I had a girlfriend that wanted to spank me. It was quite big with our gay friends, but not with me up until then. We gave it a try, and that’s when I discovered that I liked doing the spanking better than being on the receiving end, so to speak. The same might be true for you. Who knows?”

Lady Sarah sat back in the chesterfield sofa, deep in thought, while Lisa topped up her glass again. Then, Lady Sarah leaned forward and spoke softly.

“I was thinking that, well, maybe I could have a go at doing the spanking, but then again, I’m not sure.”

The awkwardness returned again to the room as the two women sat in silence for a few moments.

After a short while, Lisa drained her glass, stood up and went over to the seated Lady Sarah.

“I think you should fully explore your options before you make your mind up where you want this to go, don’t you? Shall we?”

Lisa led Lady Sarah to her upstairs study as she had done a few weeks previously.

Meanwhile, Anna and Maisie were having a take-away pizza together in Maisie’s new flat, and they were also sharing a bottle of wine. Anna was giving Maisie some advice about living in the staff quarters.

“Oh yes, don’t use the communal washing line out the back.”

“Why not?” asked Maisie as she served up the large vegetarian pizza that Anna had delivered.

“I lost some really nice underwear from that line;.all my best stuff that I saved for dates. I’m sure it was Captain Sweeting that took it. He’s a real pervert, so be careful around him. If you need to dry any washing, you can use my tumble drier.”

“I’ll remember that. Thanks, Anna. And about Captain Sweeting. I know what you mean about him. He was always ogling Lady Sarah at every opportunity. It’s like he’s got eyes everywhere.”

“Well, she is rather gorgeous, isn’t she? What is she like to work for?” asked Anna with a mouthful of pizza.

“Yes, she is lovely, and she has been wonderful to me. Thanks to her, I’ve got this flat and a pay rise. Thank you for your wonderful present,” replied Maisie as she looked over to the large hamper from Harrods that Anna had given her as a house-warming present. It must have cost a fortune.”

“My pleasure, Maisie. I’m so pleased you’ve moved in. Cook, who was here before, was always moaning about me making too much noise, coming in late at night and waking her up. I’m glad to have you next door!”

Maisie smiled. She loved being in Anna’s company. She was so happy she was now part of the ‘live-in’ set.

Meanwhile, back at Lisa’s cottage, Lady Sarah was seated in the upstairs study, listening to Lisa as she introduced various spanking implements to the wide-eyed Sarah.

“So, I think you will remember the paddle from the other week, M’Lady,” smiled Lisa as she held up the black leather paddle she had applied vigorously to Lady Sarah’s bare bottom, and had also used with some considerable effect on Anna’s pale Scandinavian bottom on a number of occasions.

“I most certainly do remember,” blushed Lady Sarah.

“Yes, well, moving on, as you can see, I’ve also got this old-fashioned school cane.”

Lisa picked up the cane and waved it about, making a whooshing sound that filled the study, and caused Lady Sarah to become suddenly very aware of her bottom.

“And this riding crop.”

Lisa took a few steps towards Lady Sarah, who was dressed in riding clothes consisting of white jodhpurs, a soft grey cashmere roll-neck jumper, and black knee high riding boots with a tan-coloured top. Lisa tapped the riding crop into the palm of her left hand.

“This, M’lady, was the second implement that I used on Anna. I can safely say that it helped her to be much more considerate to Cook, who had complained to Captain Sweeting several times about the late night noise from her flat. That had been all to no avail until I gave Anna six of the best with this. Only then did she take heed and make less noise. I can assure you that while she was being disciplined she was extremely noisy!”

Lady Sarah began to feel slightly uneasy as to where this lecture was leading, and so just smiled and stood up.

“Well, thank you, Lisa. That was all very interesting, I must say, but as I said downstairs, it’s something that I feel I should be exploring with my husband.” Looking at the gold watch on her wrist, she exclaimed: “Goodness, is that the time? I really must be getting back and out of these clothes.”

As Lady Sarah turned towards the door, Lisa continued to tap the riding crop into her hand.

“It’s Maisie, isn’t it Sarah?”

Lady Sarah stopped and turned back to face Lisa. “Maisie? What do you mean, Lisa? What has she got to do with all of this?” Lady Sarah was blushing deeply, her cheeks quite red, almost matching her red lipstick.

“I think you want to introduce the same arrangement with Maisie that Anna and I have. That’s why you have promoted her to be your PA and moved her into Cook’s flat. That’s right, isn’t it, M’Lady?” Lisa replied in an almost sarcastic way, adding: “And in truth, I can’t blame you. She certainly filled out the back of her new pencil skirt today, don’t you think?”

Lady Sarah took the few steps back to Lisa and hissed: “I’ve never heard anything so preposterous. She is just a child.”

“So, if she was older, you would consider it? And by the way, she is 20,” Lisa snapped back.

Lady Sarah realised Lisa was ahead of her, and, after a long few moments looking at the floor, she said: “OK, I did think that. Maybe, yes, I could spank her bottom, given time, but I’m still not sure that I know what I want.”

After another long pause, Lisa placed the end of her riding crop under Lady Sarah’s chin, tipping her head back, and said: “I do.”


Back at Maisie’s new flat, the girls had opened a second bottle of wine and were engrossed in conversation about Lady Sarah and her husband.

“So, I heard they don’t sleep together. Is that right?” Asked Anna, as she took a gulp of wine.

“Well, of course I shouldn’t say,” replied Maisie, already more than slightly drunk. “But of course they have their separate bedrooms and dressing rooms, like most aristocracy.”

“She’s not aristocracy!” gasped Anna. “She comes from Essex!”

“Anyway,” shrugged Maisie. “When he is home, he always sleeps with her, always in her bed, never in his own, and when in the past I’ve gone in with Her Ladyship’s coffee, he has always got up and gone back to his own bedroom.”

“Weird,” Anna replied.

“But, he has been away so much, it does make me wonder if everything is OK with them. She is so lovely and so ladylike,” Maisie smiled wistfully. “I can only imagine what it would be like to be in her position.”


Over at Lisa’s cottage, Lady Sarah was in a very un-ladylike position. Lisa had already given her a warm-up, as she described it, taking the Lady Sarah over her knee and administering a sound hand-spanking to the seat of her Ladyship’s drum-tight jodhpurs. Now Lisa was barking instructions to the somewhat dishevelled and moist- eyed Lady of the Manor.

“So, My Lady, now that your bottom has been warmed up, shall we proceed with your rather steep learning curve?”

Lady Sarah stopped rubbing her bottom, ran her fingers through her short blonde hair and just nodded.

“Right then, let’s get started, shall we? Take your jodhpurs down and bend over my desk, please,” came the not unexpected order from Lisa.

Lady Sarah pulled up her grey jumper and reached for the side fastening of her white jodhpurs, unclipped them and pulled the short zip down. Then she stepped over to Lisa’s desk and pushed them down to the tops of her boots as she bent over, revealing her bright white ‘Boy Short’ style knickers. She stretched her arms out in front of her and took hold of the other side of the desk, waiting for Lisa to speak.

“Good! Now, M’Lady, I’m going to administer six of the best to your bare bottom with the riding crop.”

Before Lady Sarah could even groan, Lisa stepped forward, placed both hands in the waistband of Sarah’s knickers and pulled them sharply down to join her jodhpurs. Lady Sarah adjusted her position, moving her feet slightly apart.

Lisa flexed her arm and practised a few stokes through the slightly chilly air of her study as Lady Sarah closed her eyes in anticipation of the first blow. When it came, Lady Sarah shrieked a long Aaaaagh! But before she could take a breath, Lisa delivered the second of the promised and traditional six strokes. Lady Sarah gulped a lung full of air and let out another Aaaagh! Then she stood back up clutching her striped bottom.

“I am not finished, Madam. Bend over or I will add more stokes,” glared Lisa at the distressed Lady Sarah. Not wishing to receive more than the remaining four strokes, Lady Sarah quickly bent over Lisa’s desk again.

The air in Lisa’s upstairs study was now filled with Lady Sarah’s distinctive perfume, a clever mix of High Street and designer perfume that she learned in her modelling days. The whoop of four more strokes landing on the upturned bottom of the New Lady of the Manor soon followed, culminating in a long and loud “Ouch” from Her Ladyship.

“You can get up now, Madam,” said Lisa as she surveyed her handwork, pleased she had been able to deliver six evenly spaced stinging red stripes to Her Ladyship’s spoiled bottom. Lady Sarah slowly got up and turned round. Her large green eyes were brimming with tears and her cheeks were almost as red as her bottom. She stood for a while clutching her sore bottom.

Lisa worried she might have gone too far, but then Lady Sarah brushed away her tears, smiled and said: “Thank you for that demonstration, Lisa. I must say that was a very severe lesson, one that I won’t forget in a hurry.”

“More Wine?” asked a grinning Lisa.

“Brandy!” smiled Lady Sarah as she pulled her knickers and jodhpurs up over her smarting bottom.

The next couple of weeks went by in a blur for everyone at the Manor House. Lord Simon came home both weekends to a waiting Lady Sarah and a house empty of staff, apart from the ever present and helpful Maisie who did everything from helping cook dinner to helping Lady Sarah with her hair, and she even took the rubbish out. She was fast becoming indispensable, and her confidence was growing every day.

This growing confidence didn’t go unnoticed, especially by Lisa. At the end of a formal meeting with Lady Sarah, Lisa, when asked if there was anything else to discuss, replied: “I just wondered if you had noticed the change in Maisie lately.”

“She is noticeably more confident, but that’s a good thing, isn’t it?” Lady Sarah already had an idea where this was heading. “I hear she is getting on very well with Anna, and that she has been out for a drink with the two of you. Why? What were you thinking?” replied Lady Sarah blushing slightly.

“I’m thinking she has had a few run-ins with Captain Sweeting lately. Nothing serious, mind, but she seems to be behaving like Anna, with loud music, driving too fast on the estate, some unauthorized visitors in her flat, that sort of thing.” Lisa raised her eyebrows, adding: “And I am her line manager.”

“If you’re thinking what I think you’re thinking, I’d ask you to think what would happen if she went to the press or a solicitor, or both.”

“I don’t think she would, Sarah,” hissed Lisa. “She has her dream job here. I think that bottom is right for a spanking.”

Lady Sarah thought for a moment, composed herself, and said simply: “Proceed with caution.”

Lisa didn’t have to wait long before she got an opportunity to ‘proceed with caution’.

At exactly 2.00 am the following Sunday morning, the phone in Lisa’s bedroom rang loudly, shattering her dream about her favourite film actress. Lisa knocked over a glass of water that was on her bedside table as she punched on a side-table lamp.

She picked up the phone. “Yes? Yes, what is it?”

“Begging your pardon, Miss Jones, but it’s Arthur at the main gate. We have got a bit of a situation, I’m afraid.” Arthur was a nervous-sounding young, recently employed, security guard.

Lisa swung her long legs out of bed and grabbed a pair of jeans to pull on.

“What’s the problem, Arthur?” Lisa spoke more calmly, concerned as to what the emergency was.

“It’s Miss Edwards. She is here at the front gate with about 10 other locals from the village. She says they are her friends and she wants me to let them all in so they can have a drink in her flat, Miss,” replied a clearly rattled Arthur.

“She wants to do what?” shrieked Lisa. Then she heard Maisie berating the young Arthur in the most appalling and foul-mouthed way.

Now wide awake and very annoyed, Lisa pulled up her jeans and a threw on a jumper, grabbed some shoes and a riding jacket, and marched down to the front gate. When she got there, all hell seemed to be breaking loose, just as Arthur had said. Around ten young people, all very drunk, were on the other side of the large wrought iron gates. The slightly built Arthur was trying to hush everyone, but in the middle of the crowd Lisa could see Maisie who was by far and away the drunkest and loudest of the lot of them.

Lisa hurtled into the security office and out the door the other side into the throng of people. She soon found Maisie, who was singing at the top of her voice.

“Maisie! What in God’s name is going on?” Lisa shouted at the top of her voice.

The arrival of Lisa was a signal for people to disperse, and slowly the drunken mob drifted away to calls of: “See ya, Maisie,” and: “Another time, Mais’.”

Within a few moments, Maisie’s new friends had abandoned her to face the music on her own. Lisa took her inside the Security Office and in the bright lights Lisa could see Maisie was indeed very drunk and could barely stand.

The noise had also woken Anna, who had arrived back only a few minutes earlier and still had on a short evening dress, high heels, and a hastily found wax jacket draped around her shoulders.

Maisie was barely recognisable from the sharp-suited PA she had become, now dressed in black fishnet tights, large black DM boots, a ripped black t-shirt and a sleeveless denim jacket. She was wearing black lipstick and her long hair, normally groomed and plaited, was stiff with grease and dyed jet black.

Anna couldn’t believe the sight of her normally quiet and responsible friend, who seemed suddenly unaware of where she was.

“I don’t think we should leave her on her own, do you, Lisa?” Anna gasped in the cold night air.

“No, let’s get her back to the cottage. She can sleep it off in the spare room,” replied a concerned Lisa. “Start back with her, while I speak to Arthur.”

Arthur was apologetic. “I’m sorry, Miss Jones. I didn’t know what else to do, not with them all coming at me.”

“Arthur, you did the right thing in calling me. Miss Olson and I will look after Miss Edwards tonight. You did well,” replied Lisa, trying to reassure him. “Thanks again, and I don’t think there’s any need to let Captain Sweeting know, do you? It will only mean we have to fill in lots of forms, eh?” Smiled Lisa, hoping he would agree.

“That’s fine, Miss Jones. No harm done. I don’t like forms, not that good at all that stuff,” shuffled Arthur, suddenly shocked at Lisa smiling at him.

Lisa ran to catch up with Anna who was struggling to hold Maisie up. The two of them took an arm each and got her to the cottage, up the stairs, and into Lisa’s spare bedroom. After cleaning Maisie up as best they could, they undressed her and put her into bed in a spare pair of Lisa’s pyjamas. They then kept the bedroom door open and sat down together on Lisa’s big bed.

“What on earth has she been up to?” Lisa looked to Anna for an answer.

“Don’t blame me! I was out on a date and only just got back myself. All she said was she was going out with some friends to see a punk band in town,” Anna scowled back.

“I’m not blaming you, stupid. I’m just trying to find out what happened,” Lisa hissed back at Anna.

Despite sniping at one another, both Lisa and Anna were worried about Maisie and both felt responsible for her. so they were almost relived when they heard Maisie get up and rush to the bathroom. Lisa and Anna reassured Maisie they would look after her and that they would sort everything out in the morning.

Maisie’s last words before falling asleep were: “You won’t tell Lady Sarah will you?”

Lisa and Anna returned to Lisa’s bedroom.

“It’s 3.30 am, and I was in the middle of a fantastic dream,” exclaimed Lisa as she stepped out of her jeans and pulled the jumper off over her head.

“I had a terrible date in town,” replied Anna as she unzipped her short evening dress.

“Are you staying?” smiled Anna.

“Yes, if you don’t mind. You may need a hand with Maisie,” replied Anna as she pulled back the duvet and got into bed. “Keep your hands to yourself, though.”

After doing the same and switching the bedroom light out, Lisa said quietly: “Can’t promise.”

Lisa told Maisie to take Monday off and not to return to work until she felt better.

A few days later, Lady Sarah again called in to see Lisa after her riding lesson with Anna. As they sipped tea, Lady Sarah asked: “How’s Maisie?”

“Mortified that you are going to be cross with her, and that you are going to dismiss her,” replied Lisa.

“Really? No way would I do that. It sounds to me like her drink was spiked, don’t you think?” Lady Sarah replied, shaking her head.

“That’s what I think as well, but the torrent of abuse that I heard her spout off to young Arthur was unforgivable, in my opinion.”

Both Ladies looked at one another, both knowing what the other was thinking.

Lady Sarah spoke first.

“I think it best if you have a word with young Maisie on my behalf, Miss Jones. Tell her His Lordship and I are sympathetic to what happened, but we do not want anything like this to happen again. After you have spoken with her, I expect to hear she has apologised to Arthur in person.”

“Of course, your Ladyship. In fact, I have asked Miss Edwards to come and see me tomorrow afternoon at 6.30 pm.”

After another tea-sipping pause, Lady Sarah said quietly: “Do you think you will be able to make an impression on her?”

“Definitely, M’Lady,” smiled Lisa, adding: “I’ll be making an impression on her in my study!”

Lisa could see Sarah’s mind working overtime.

“So that we are not overheard, I’ll leave some music playing and the front door will be unlocked, just in case you want to drop in, M’Lady.”

Both ladies abandoned their tea, and Lisa opened a bottle of wine.

Next day, at exactly 6.30 pm, Maisie rang Lisa’s door bell. Lisa was distinctly cool with her as she opened the door and showed the nervous Maisie up to her study. Remembering to not quite close the front door behind her, Lisa pointed to a seat and then sat behind her desk. She looked sternly at the forlorn PA, but spoke softly.

“How are you feeling today, Maisie?”

“I’m fine now, thanks Lisa, er, Miss Jones.”

“Good. You have been a very silly girl, as I’m sure you know. Anything could have happened to you that night, and you put a great many people to a lot of trouble. You brought the whole of the Estate into disrepute. What have you got to say for yourself?”

“I’m very sorry, Miss Jones. This will never happen again. I’m very, very sorry,” replied a crestfallen Maisie.

“If it does, you can kiss goodbye to this job and your cosy flat. Do you hear me, Miss Edwards?” Lisa said loudly.

Before Maisie could answer, Lisa continued: “Now, what to do about this, Maisie. I can’t let you off without there being some penalty.”

“I understand, Miss Jones,” Maise replied, calmer now, knowing she was keeping her job and flat.

Lisa let the tension build a little more before she spoke.

“I’m sure you don’t want this unfortunate incident to blemish an otherwise perfect record here, do you, Miss Edwards?”

“No, not if that can be avoided, Miss Jones,” replied the increasingly hopeful Maisie.

After an even longer pause, when Maisie was hoping she was going to be told she was free to go, Lisa stood up and walked round to the seated Maisie.

“OK, here’s what’s on offer, Miss Edwards. We deal with this incident here and now. We then tell everyone that your drink was spiked at the punk band performance and you have had a few days off to recover. You are lucky that Lady Sarah and Lord Simon slept through the whole thing. Otherwise, my job of smoothing things over would be immeasurably more difficult. Do I make myself clear, Miss Edwards?”

“Yes, I understand, Miss Jones. Thank you,” smiled Maisie as she got up to leave.

“Where do you think you are going?” snapped Lisa.

“I thought we were done,” replied a confused Maisie.

“I said we will deal with the matter now, if you agree. We haven’t dealt with the matter yet. Sit back down.”

Maisie suddenly felt nervous again, not sure now where this was leading. If the rumours about Lisa were true, she had a vague idea what was coming next.

“I suggest we deal with this matter in a traditional manner, Miss Edwards. Do you agree?” Lisa said calmly, trying not to smile. She waited for the penny to drop.

Downstairs, Lady Sarah was tip-toeing along the hallway of the cottage, straining to hear what was happening upstairs. All she could hear was the local radio station playing away to itself in the kitchen. Then Maisie spoke, and Lady Sarah froze at the foot of Lisa’s stairs.

“When you say, ‘dealt with traditionally’, I take it you mean corporal punishment, Miss Jones?”

“I most certainly do, Miss Edwards,” came Lisa’s reply.

“OK, I agree, as long as Lady Sarah knows nothing of this and we never speak about it again.”

Lady Sarah winced at Maisie’s reply and held her breath.

“Good! I’m glad we understand one another, Maisie. Can you stand up, please?”

Lisa took the armless chair that Maisie had been seated on and moved it back and to one side from her desk.

Looking back at Maisie, Lisa said: “Right, Miss Edwards, shall we get this over with?”

Before Maisie could reply, Lady Sarah started up the stairs, one step at a time and as quietly as she could. By the time her head was level with the upstairs landing, she had not heard Maisie reply. She dare not look. She again froze on the stairs, straining her ears, and then she was rewarded with the now familiar sound of Lisa spanking a bottom,

Lady Sarah climbed one more step and could now see directly into Lisa’s study. Lisa was seated on the office chair with her back to the doorway. Maisie was lying across Lisa’s lap, supporting herself with her hands. Lisa’s arm was rising and falling as she spanked Maisie who was making no sound even though the spanks were hard and fast.

Lisa spoke as she spanked away.

“And how you spoke to Arthur that night was disgusting, Maisie. I didn’t know that you knew such words. Disgraceful!”

With Maisie now being more vocal as the spanks rained down on her bottom, Lady Sarah took the opportunity to quietly climb the remaining stairs and hide in the darkness of the landing outside the study door. From here, she got a much better view of the proceedings.

Maisie was wearing a short black tweed-like skirt with black tights, some flat black patent shoes and a dusty pink sweatshirt. Her head bobbed up and down and Lady Sarah could see Maisie was wearing her hair, now back to its normal colour, in two long bunches high up on her head in a slightly schoolgirl look which, given the position she was now in, seemed appropriate.

Lady Sarah held her breath as Lisa spoke.

“Right, Miss Edwards, let’s get to the bottom of this, shall we?”

Lisa then pulled up Maisie’s short skirt. What Lady Sarah thought were tights turned out to be hold-up stockings. Lisa took hold of the waistband of Maisie’s bright pink knickers and pulled them down to her knees, taking a moment to survey Maisie’s bare bottom. Lisa felt pleased. She had admired Maisie’s bottom for a while, and now here it was in all its glory for her to spank.

Lady Sarah was also impressed with Maisie’s bottom, and wondered if Lisa was comparing it with hers and Anna’s.

Maisie made even more noise as Lisa’s hand repeatedly revisited her upturned and completely bare bottom.

After a few very hard spanks, Lisa stopped and helped Maisie to her feet. Lady Sarah, anticipating that the show was almost over, had already made her way downstairs and out the front door.

“Well, Maisie, that’s you dealt with.” Lisa smiled and then held out her hand to the red-faced Maisie. “No hard feelings?”

“None, Lisa,” replied Maisie. “Can I go now?”

“Yes, of course. Unless you fancy a glass of wine?” replied a hopeful Lisa.

“No, thank you. I think I’ll be staying off the wine for a while.”

Maisie then made her way downstairs. As she did so, she couldn’t help noticing the very distinctive smell of Lady Sarah’s perfume. As she made her way back to her flat, Maisie began to think that maybe knowing Lady Sarah had almost certainly witnessed her spanking could prove very useful.

The End

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